Birthday Fun with Twins - part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tilly and Elsie get hot and sweaty with their adoptive father

My fingers still in my twin's pussy, Tilly began wriggling against me once more, clearly turned on as she watched our 'dad' fondle me. I pulled my fingers out from my twin's pussy spun her around so her tits were against the wall. Sliding my hand down her front, I pinched her erect nipples before reaching her pulsing clit. I slowly stroked her clit, occasionally plunging my fingers further down her slit, whilst our 'father's' hands continued to squeeze my own tits.

I became painfully aware of my 'dad's' cock against my back when he started leaking precum down my soft body. "Oh daddy," I moaned, "You feel so huge."

Suddenly, I found myself being thrown onto the sofa, my 'dad' standing imposingly above me. His dick was enormous, standing tall at least 8 inches, and I could not take my eyes off of it. Without warning, 'dad' crouched over my tits and shoved his cock into my mouth. I took it willingly, but found myself gagging against it. 'Dad' didn't seem to care though, and thrusted long and hard strokes in and out of my mouth. I sucked on him hard, relishing the taste of his dick.

'Father' withdrew from my mouth and called Tilly over, with far more authority than I could ever have imagined. She raced in front of him, where he shoved my twin to her knees before pushing his cock into her mouth. I watched him fuck my twin's mouth with pleasure, and didn't even realise that I had started finger myself until I was about to orgasm.

"Don't you dare cum," 'Dad' shouted, and I realised that he and Tilly had been watching me fuck myself. He grabbed me by the shoulders, throwing me against the wall before bending me over the nearby table once more. "Count."

I didn't understand what he meant until he thwacked the ping pong bat down on my ass cheeks. I let out a mighty scream - he hit far harder than my twin - only to be treated with another hard spank for not following his orders. Through teary eyes, I started counting, and when we finally reached ten I let out a huge sigh.

"Next time I won't be so kind," 'Dad' told me as he helped me stand. He ordered Tilly kneel on the floor doggy style, which she did without hesitation, and then ordered me to crouch in front of her. The moment my pussy was within reach of her mouth, Tilly began licking me and I pushed her head further between my legs.

I watched as 'dad' shoved his cock into her ass without warning, and felt Tilly's shock when she bit down on one of my folds. I let out a squeal and our 'father' spanked her ass forcefully. My twin licked up all my juices, but I was producing more than she could cope with as I watched our 'dad's' thick cock pumping in and out of her ass. I began grinding my hips against Tilly's mouth and threw me head back in pleasure. I was vaguely aware of 'dad's' moaning and when he came in my twin's ass hole he let out a loud groan.

"Ah fuck," he yelled. "Elsie, clean up this mess." He pulled me up from beneath Tilly and threw me down at her ass where I happily licked up all of his juices from her butt crack. My twin wreathed under the attention of my tongue, and when I was convinced I had sucked up all of 'dad's' juices I pulled away, looking up at him eagerly for my next instruction.

One look at his huge cock, however, drove me crazy and I stumbled over to where he had been standing watching us and I got on my knees in a praying position. "Please daddy, please fuck me." 

In one move he had pulled us on to the sofa, my legs around his waist, and was holding me up so the tip of his dick was right at my pussy entrance. Taking a nipple in his mouth, he dropped me down onto his dick and bit hard onto my erect nipple simultaneously. He let go of my back, and I fell backwards so my head was resting against his feet whilst I was now arched for perfect access to my g spot. 'Dad' called Tilly over and she sat next to 'father' who immediately began sucking and biting her tits whilst still taking long strokes into my pussy.

The blood had started rushing to my head just as I felt my pussy clench for another round of orgasm. I didn't have the energy to hold this on back, so just let it flow over me. I screamed in pleasure and found that my clenching pussy was milking my 'father's' cum into me. He groaned against Tilly's boobs and I heard her squeal too. Obviously 'dad' had been fingering her as he fucked me. The three of us slumped down and I closed my eyes, having now twisted so I was laying on the ground.

"Happy birthday girls," 'dad' said slowly, his voice still husky with lust.

"Thanks daddy," we chimed in unison.

After a long rest on the floor, I finally got up and sat on the sofa with my 'father' and my twin. A silence fell over us, and Tilly and I closed our eyes, heads resting on one another's shoulders. When we woke up we found our 'dad' was gone, but within minutes he returned back into the room. He stood in front of us, fully clothed again, and looked down on us. The fierce look in his eye scared me.

"Daddy..." I said slowly, and I could feel Tilly was tense beside me. "What is it?"

"I have friends from work coming around tomorrow night."

I looked at Tilly, and it was clear that she understood 'dad's' tone. She jumped up to face him, seemingly forgetting that she was still naked, and whispered, "What are you trying to say?"

Rising to stand behind my twin, I added, "I hope you aren't trying to suggest what I think you are."

"Now girls. Look at it from my way. I need a promotion to pay for everything that you want, and this party is the best way to prove I have what it takes to run the business. You were ever so willing earlier."

Both mine and my twin's mouths dropped wide open. Getting there before me, Tilly screamed, "Are you fucking crazy? There is no way I am sleep with your bosses so you can get promoted!" Tilly turned to storm away, but with lightening speed 'dad' had grabbed her arm. She tried to pull away but it was in vain.

"Do you have anything to say Elsie?" He looked at me furiously. "You were both such good fun. You need only play with them. They won't hurt you."

I hoped that my look showed my disgust. "You must be fucking joking right?"

"My dear Elsie, twins such as yourself do not play with each other and then ever so willingly fuck the man of the house if they are not little sluts. Now that I know your secret, you belong to me. So when I say you play with my bosses to get me promoted you do it. How hard is it for a slut like you to understand?"

I opened my mouth to reply but he slapped me with his free hand. "Listen both of you. If I have to tie you up and keep you down here then I will. Either way, you are going to be here for the meeting tomorrow. Alright?"

I resisted the urge to tell him that this was not alright and I nodded, my cheek still stinging. "Fine. We will do it. Won't we Tilly," I looked at her, trying to pass a secret message along to her. She nodded obediently. "Now can we please go upstairs and wash? We need to get ready for Sammy's get together tonight."

'Dad' nodded and released Tilly's now red wrist. We hurried upstairs and once in our room I hugged Tilly. "I am so sorry, Tilly. I didn't know he would ask that. I thought it would be fun."

"Els, please tell me you have a plan." There was a need in her eyes, a hope that I would have a plan.

"Of course I do Tilly. I always have a plan. Pack some bags. I know somewhere we can go and hide."

Submitted: December 09, 2014

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