Birthday Fun with Twins - part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tilly and Elsie are twins celebrating their 18th birthday with a bit of naughty fun

"Happy birthday Tilly!" I squealed. My twin threw her arms around my neck and squealed back into my ear, "Happy birthday Elsie!"

We jumped around our bedroom excitedly, both highly aware of our tits rubbing against the others through our thin silk night gowns. Finally we sat back down on the bed, legs crossed facing each other, and pulled out our neatly wrapped presents. "For my twin, my best friend," I announced proudly, "I hope your 18th year will be the best yet."

I handed her a long rectangular box and grinned. Gently Tilly pulled on the wrapping paper, before descending into giggles and ripping it off in one go. She examined the box and then pulled me in to a bear hug. Pulling away, I placed my finger on my lips and whispered, "Shh, don't tell mummy or daddy."

In actual fact, our parents had died when we were very young and we had been living with Greg and Suzanna for many years - so long now that we referred to them as our natural parents. They couldn't have kids, so were more than happy to take us in over 15 years ago.

"Elsie!" Tilly whispered excitedly, "Where on Earth am I going to hide this?"

A guilty look crossed my face. "Well... There might be a little bit more to be hiding..."

"Elsie!" Tilly exclaimed again, an enormous and devilish grin spread across her face. "Right, my go," she said, handing me a box. I ripped the paper off and squealed. We were so obviously twins. She had gifted me exactly the same thing as I had her - a thick black dildo.

Excitedly we opened all of our other presents and found that we had gifted all manner of toys including, but not limited to: soft furry handcuffs, 'pocket' vibrators for on the go, many pairs of sexy thongs and matching bras along with a range of butt plugs and various tubes of lube and lotions.

"We are so naughty," Tilly giggled as we surveyed our gifts to one another. "Daddy would never believe it of his little girls. I can't wait to try them all out!" She picked up a lacy pink and black thong and waved it around. Standing up, Tilly slid them up her legs and put them on under her night gown, flashing me her perfectly rounded (and I supposed an exact image of my perfectly rounded) ass cheeks. Tilly pulled her night gown over her head to expose her large soft tits, my eyes settling on her erect nipples, and she grabbed a matching bra. "Now, now, Elsie, eyes upwards please," she grinned, covering her breasts with the skimpy fabric that pushed her tits up. "How do I look?"

I stood up and grabbed a red lace thong, putting it on in front of Tilly as she had done for me. "I would say that you look just like me!" We danced around in front of our full length mirror, admiring our curves and the way our long blonde flowed down our backs. I stopped dancing and studied my reflection. "It is such a shame that we don't have a man to admire all of this," I mused. "Strange, since most men are always wanting to share."

Tilly raised her eyebrows and slid her arms around my waist. "I am sure that no man would treat you the way that I do, twin." I felt Tilly's hands slide down my flat stomach and toy with the top of my thong. Her fingers delved beneath the fabric and quickly found my already pulsing clit, as she had many times before. "Elsie, you are so naughty."

My legs were already trembling as my twin gently stroked my clit, and she laughed in my ear when she felt the wetness growing between my legs. Tilly's other hand was cupping my breast, squeezing it gently and releasing it from the bra. I started grinding my ass against her pussy, throwing my arms around the back of my head to her neck. "Mmm, I am only getting started, Tilly, my dear."

A knock on the door brought us back to reality. "Girls, breakfast is on the table."

Untangling ourselves, Tilly and I quickly put our nightgowns back on and hurried downstairs. We were both now amazingly aroused, and kept sending dirty glances to one another across the breakfast table - not ever pancakes being enough to distract us. I noticed that 'dad' kept taking sideways glances at us, and when I raised my eyebrows as I caught him looking he quickly left the room, busying himself elsewhere.

When we had finished eating our parents dumped a box full of presents on the table and, after a kiss on the cheek, 'mum' disappeared off to work. Tilly and I ripped our way through the gifts, which ranged from new clothes and shoes to make up and expensive gadgets. In perfect unison we threw our arms around our adoptive father, thanking him for the gifts. He smiled and disappeared downstairs to his 'man den'.

Once we were alone, my twin turned to me and said, "Elsie, did dad seem a little distant to you this morning?"

"Actually, I think he was all too aware of us, Tilly. He kept giving you the eye. Honest! I caught him looking at your ass. I'm pretty sure he was quite excited when we hugged him too."

"Elsie!" She whispered. "You can't say things like that! Anyway, he is going grey!"

I raised my eyebrows. "He's not our biological father, Tilly. I think grey is hot, don't you?"

Tilly was standing right in front of me now, our tits were touching again. My hands slid around my twin's waist and I squeezed her firm ass cheeks. I placed a gentle kiss on her lips as she began teasing my still wet pussy through my silky thong from behind. "Elsie..." she moaned against my lips, "Let's go back upstairs."

Hands intertwined by our sides, we skipped up the stairs and flopped onto my bed, kicking the door shut behind us. We explored each other's bodies, our nightgowns lying forgotten on the ground. Tilly started squeezing my tits again, and pulled them out of the lacy bra before taking my left nipple in her mouth. She sucked gently on it, rolling it around in between her teeth. My other breast was being fondly fondled in one of Tilly's hands while her other arm was draped over the edge of the bed.

"What you looking for?" I asked, my fingers tangled in her hair. I pulled on her hair so she was looking up at me, and I repeated my question.

My nipple still caught between her teeth, Tilly replied, "Just looking for something to play with."

I rolled us on to our sides and clambered over my twin to drag the box of toys over towards us. I grabbed one of the pairs of handcuffs and, as I pulled myself back onto the bed, I gripped Tilly's wrists and clipped her to the bed post. "You are such a naughty girl. I think you need to be taught a lesson, don't you?"

Tilly grinned and mock pleaded, "Oh no, please don't punish me."

I grabbed 3 pair of handcuffs and clipped her other wrist and ankles to the opposite bed posts. From the box, I also picked up a vibrator and some lube. Spread out and helpless my twin gleamed at me, the twinkle in her eyes telling me she was ready.

Clambering on top of my twin, I spread my legs so my wet pussy was resting over Tilly's big tits. I put the dildo in my mouth and slowly sucked on the end. When I was sure it was covered in my spit I began tracing it over my twin's face. I told my twin to open her mouth, which she did so eagerly and she began sucking on the vibrator. I slowly pushed the vibrator further into her mouth and switched it on to its lowest setting.

Tilly grinned, the dildo stretching her mouth wide open. When I pulled it from her mouth, a trail of saliva spilled from her lips. I traced the wet vibrator down her neck and started circling it around her nipples, which were becoming increasingly erect by the second, and I could feel the vibrations in my pussy which still hovered above Tilly's chest.

I slid down Tilly's body, planting kisses down her stomach until my face was over her thong. The vibrator followed my train of kisses and I ran it along the edge of her underwear. I took part of the lace in my teeth and pulled her thong down to around her knees. I returned to her now exposed pussy and let her feel my warm breath over her clit, whilst the vibrator continued humming around her naval.

I switched the dildo up a level, but still held it just above Tilly's clit. She let out a deep breath and I could see her juices glittering before my eyes. Lightly I tapped her throbbing clit with the end of the dildo, holding it on there long enough for a few waves of vibrations flow through her body before taking it away. I repeated this a handful of times, and each time made Tilly shake more.

"Oh God," Tilly moaned as I held the vibrator down for longer. "Please Elsie... Please just do it..."

Her eyes were closed and she was starting to shake. I pulled the vibrator away until the trembling had subsided and then planted a kiss onto her erect clit. I sucked on it lightly, and she started thrusting her hips up against my mouth. I drew away and whispered, "Tut tut, you naughty girl. Do you want this in you?"

"Yes..." Tilly moaned. "Yes!" She repeated louder when questioned again. "Please!"

I obliged and gently slid the vibrator into her dripping pussy. She was so wet that it slid right in to her tight pussy. As it forced its way into her, Tilly let out a great moan. I slowly started fucking her with the dildo, each thrust going deeper into my twin's pussy. Tilly started grinding her hips against the vibrator to make it go further in, so I turned up the vibration level until it was the highest level. Within seconds Tilly was writhing on my bed in orgasm, her juices soaking my bed sheets through.

"Oh fuck Elsie," she groaned. "That felt great. Undo these fucking handcuffs."

I unlocked my twin's handcuffs and her hand immediately went down to her pussy where she collected her juices on her fingers before sucking them dry. "God Elsie, that was fucking awesome. Best orgasm ever. Sorry about your bed though," She said grinning. "I think I need to repay the favour though. Bend over the bed."

Obeying my twin I bent over my bed, my face buried in the sheets wet with her juices. As I savoured the smell, I felt Tilly pull my thong aside and she shoved in a huge butt plug. I couldn't help it, I let out a scream. It filled my ass hole up completely, but it hadn't hurt as much as it could have done as Tilly had coated it with lube.

My twin spanked my ass, and reminded me that our 'father' was down stairs. I stood up to face her and replied, "Well who cares! Oh come on Tilly! Let's go play with him. You know he wants it."

Submitted: December 08, 2014

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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Yep I agree with benawriter ;) it made me cream too ;)

Tue, December 9th, 2014 4:40pm


Glad you enjoyed! xxx

Tue, December 9th, 2014 9:00am

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