A Holiday Bet - Day 2

A Holiday Bet - Day 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Phoebe can no longer afford her rent, so comes up with a bet with her landlord James. She will spend a whole week working around the house, completely naked, in return for writing off the debt she owes. But, if James touches her once, she will win 6 months free living in the house. Who will cave in first?


Phoebe can no longer afford her rent, so comes up with a bet with her landlord James. She will spend a whole week working around the house, completely naked, in return for writing off the debt she owes. But, if James touches her once, she will win 6 months free living in the house. Who will cave in first?


Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015



Last night was one of the hardest of my life - and certainly one of the hardest of James'. I spent the evening slaving away in the kitchen, taking every possible opportunity to flash him a look at my pussy. I even went as far as cleaning the floor, waving my perky ass in the air as I did so. I know that James loved every single second of it, he knew that I was trying my damned most to make him touch me - after all, if he did, it would mean that I would win myself six months free rent.

I even followed James into his room and sat there as he watched porn to work off the hard on that he'd gotten from watching me mess around all evening. I perched myself on the bed next to him, careful not to touch him - for that would have meant I lost a whole week off my free rent (assuming of course that I won the bet, which I was almost certain that I would) - and imitated the ridiculous actions of the girls in the porn film. Much of it was just fingering myself, an experience I found surprisingly more rewarding knowing that James was masturbating to me rather than the actresses on screen.

The sad part of the night was that James kicked me out of his room before I got to watch him cum. He said it quietly, almost a whisper as the grip of his hand tightened around the base of his penis, but some deep part of my brain knew better than to stay. He wouldn't have forced me to leave, wouldn't have shouted if I had stayed but something in his voice made me leave. I can't say what it was. I simply don't know, but it left a slightly sour taste.

When I woke up this morning, I felt slightly disheartened. What was I doing? I was playing a stupid game, one that I was no longer sure I could win. James clearly had a lot more self control than I did. He wasn't going to give in to his base desires. After all, he spent all of the previous day managing not to touch me even as I flaunted myself for him.

Trying to wipe it all from my mind, I jumped into my shower to clean myself up. I had felt so tired last night after spending practically all of my day masturbating for James that I hadn't cared about my cum-covered body but now I wanted nothing more than to get myself clean. Normally in the shower I would let my hands run over my damp body, rubbing the scented lotion onto every inch of my skin. Sliding my hand between my legs... Slipping my fingers into my slit, enjoying the gentle warm feeling spreading through my body as I explored my pussy.

But today, it just didn't feel right. It was as if I was just going through the motions. Instead, I focused on the relaxing patter of the warm water on the tiles, its comforting flow relaxing my muscles and cleaning my skin. As I stepped out of the shower, the cold winter air in my bedroom a shock to the system, I carefully dried myself off before heading over to my wardrobe. I started to pick out an outfit before remembering my deal with James. I sighed, no longer as interested as I had been yesterday, and found a christmas hat from the back of the cupboard.

I headed to the kitchen, finding myself relieved that James was not up yet. I made myself pancakes, something I hadn't done in years. They didn't taste great - I managed to burn all but one of them - but somehow they managed to improve my mood. As I looked out the window into the garden I saw little patches of snow on the ground and then took a seat on the central island to watch as the snow continued to fall. It hadn't snowed here for years, and I always found myself fascinated by the phenomena when it occurred. It made me smile.

It had to be atleast ten minutes before I realised that James was standing in the door watching me. He stood lazily against the door frame, wearing only a tight pair of boxer shorts. His morning wood stood proud but it failed to hold my interest. "Good morning," James said sleepily. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, it was fine," I said, almost nonchalently. I returned my gaze to the world outside and found myself drifting away as I watched the individual snow flakes fall. I didn't mean to be rude to James, but I just couldn't bring myself to be any more enthusiastic. "Did you want anything to eat?"

He started to answer, saying something about a fry up, but suddenly stopped mid sentence. It took me a few seconds to realise that James wasn't talking, and I jumped almost a mile high when I turned to see him standing right next to me. He went to put an arm around my shoulder, as he so often would whenever I was in a bad mood, but stopped himself. Clearly he didn't think comforting me over whatever he thought I was sulking about was worth giving up six months free rent. I almost rolled my eyes. Surely he didn't think this was a trick.

I pushed myself off of the island and walked into the living room without a word to James. He didn't join me for a long time, and it felt like the longest hour of my life. When he finally did join me, he was dressed in tight jeans again and holding a blanket. Saying nothing, he placed the blanket over me and perched on the edge of the sofa, not entirely sure how to proceed. Eventually deciding on the words to use, he said carefully, "We can call it quits, Phoebe. Just drop the whole thing."

"I can't afford the rent, James."

It took James a while to choose his words. He was clearly very conscious of upsetting me, but finally said, "Let's bring it down then. Get through til Monday and I'll keep my word and write the past few weeks off. I'll even give you til new year for free rent - my christmas present to you."

I opened my mouth to argue, but James held up a hand, finally returning to his semi-authoritative self. "Don't argue, Phoebe. I get this is making you miserable. Whatever is going on in your head is none of my business but it's christmas and I can't bare seeing you this depressed. I'm sorry that seeing me naked made you so sad."

Despite myself, I let out a laugh. I finally lifted my eyes to his and realised he truly hated seeing me sad. I sat myself up, not bothering to pick up the blanket as it fell around my waist and exposed my breasts. Without a second thought about the "penalty" for touching him, I took his hand in mine and squeezed it tightly. I was surprised by the small electric charge it sent through my body. Still, I brought it up to my lips and placed a gentle kiss on his fingers.

He gave me a smile and jumped up from the sofa, pulling me up with him. He didn't release my hand as he played with the stereo system. Suddenly christmas music was blaring from the speakers and James slipped his free arm around my waist, pulling me against his body. We swayed in time to the beat before James started pulling me around the room in some kind of bizarre polka when an ubeat song came on.

I soon descended into fits of laughter and collapsed in a heap on the floor. I pulled James down with me and wrapped my arms around him. Christmas music continued to blare out the speakers around us, but I could barely hear them over the thumping of my heart. Whether it was from the overly energetic polka or the feel of James' body by mine, the fast beating of my heart caused me to breathe deeply. James watched as my chest heaved against his and he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Right now, I think I would agree to anything you asked," James whispered against my head. His deep voice reverberated through my entire being and despite the warmth of his body I saw goosebumps appearing across my skin. He had never held me this close for so long before and it stirred up all sorts of emotions within me. Surprisingly, none were as dark as what I had felt earlier that morning. The light within me had been reawakened and I found a new vigour inside of me, one that screamed out for me to win this bet. After all, this was James. I had seen his resolve slip before and there was a very thin line between him staying in control and losing it completely.

"A week," I whispered into his chest. He pulled back slightly and lifted my head up so I was looking at him. He had a cute look on his face, one that I had seen only a few times before, and it was almost enough for me to forget what I was going to say. With a little smile, I said again, "A week. Original terms still apply. This lapse doesn't count though. Obviously."

An almost incredulous look passed across James' face before that cute expression returned. Rolling his eyes dramatically, his fingers brushing the side of my face, he said, "You aren't going to give up, are you? Fine, I accept, but I don't want you to be miserable again. I want it in the terms that hugs don't count. On either party's part. Deal?"

As an answer, I pulled him closer and squeezed him tightly. I had no words to say how much I appreciated the ammendment to the terms. If I was going to suffer through torment at not being able to touch James, at least a hug would do something to alleviate the tension. Although, the more I thought about it, the more dangerous I thought a hug would be. After all, right now, I could feel James' dick getting harder against my naked pussy.

Having decided that staying too close to James would cause a further lapse for us both, I jumped up and pulled him up. "I want to go out in the snow. Before it all melts. Please?"

"You will freeze!" James exclaimed. It took almost an hour of begging on my part for James to agree, although the bargaining only became harder as the snow fall increased. Finally we agreed that I could go outside so long as the moment I got cold we returned inside. "Wear some shoes though, Phoebe. And I'd much prefer you wore a hat and scarf.... And clothes outside."

"But that wasn't the agreement," I moaned, unsure why I was so desperate to go outside and possibly meet death by hypothermia. Despite my groaning, James handed me a pair of snowboots and wrapped my long woolen coat around me. He smiled as he looked at me, and it was clear he thought I was totally insane. Wrapping up warm himself, with a scarf, hat, mittens and even thermal socks, he took my hand and walked outside with me.

"This doesn't count," James grinned, his eyes fixed on our conjoined hands. "Since technically, my glove is touching you and I am not."

"That is a little bit pedantic, James." Still, I was glad for the comforting touch. The moment we crossed the threshold of his door and stepped into the snowy covered back garden, I almost debating going back inside. However, the allure of the freshly covered snow was too much to bear. I released James' hand and started running through the thick layer of snow like a child. I immediately bent down and started making a snowball, painfully aware of how the strong wind was blowing my coat around and almost certainly flashing my ass for the world to see. It made the heat between my legs grow stronger, a surprisingly great feeling against the cold.

I turned around and hurled the snowball at James, who was too concerned with staring at my ass to expect the sudden ambush. What followed was near madness. We used up nearly all of the snow making defense walls on opposite sides of the garden and what was left was immediately then used to create our weapons. My aim was shocking, however, so James started demolishing his defenses to use against me. By the end of our war, I was soaked through (both my coat and between my legs) whilst James had somehow remained dry and warm.

I collapsed on the ground with laughter, my coat rumpling around my waist, and James appeared by my side soon after. The snow was, as should be expected, freezing against my bare ass but it sent rather pleasant chills through my core. I closed my eyes and just sank into the snow, wiggling my nose as fresh snowflakes landed on my face. Occasionally, James would brush the snow from my face but apart from that we just lay there in silence.

It was when my fingers started to turn purple that James decided enough was enough. He lifted me up without warning, his leather gloves sliding under my coat and resting on my hips, then he carried me inside. I spent the few steps from the garden into the kitchen complaining that I wasn't cold at all but as soon as we crossed into the house, and the heat sent huge tingles across all of my skin, I finally accepted I was freezing.

James placed me on the sofa nearest the fire in the living room and wrapped me up in almost every blanket we had in the house. He took a seat on the edge of the sofa, rubbing my numb toes through the many layers of blankets, and said with a grin, "You know, I heard that when people have hypothermia the best way to heat them up is for them to have an orgasm."

"Is that so?" I asked, my teeth chattering. "And how do they manage that when they are so cold that they can't move their bodies?"

"I guess they always have help," James answered, his hands moving up my body. As he rubbed my body, the many layers of blankets rubbing against eachother created a lot of heat and I was sure that given time I would warm up but the thought of an orgasm lingered at the forefront of my mind. As James' hands got to my chest, he looked into my eyes and said, "So what do you think of it?"

"It is an interesting theory," I managed to get out with a gasp as suddenly trapped my body beneath his. His hips rested against mine, the pressure against my clit causing me to shake. "I suppose it is an idea worth exploring..."

To be honest, I had expected James to react more urgently than he did. Instead, he just lay above me, resting all his weight on the arms that sat either side of my body, so our bodies barely touched - not that the blankets would have allowed such a thing anyway. James brought his head up to my shoulders, his lips millimeters from my earlobes. The feel of his breath against my still freezing skin drove me crazy.

He said nothing but kept his lips close to my neck. It was agonising, the wait for something to happen. When he finally moved, much to my sadness, it was off of me. He stood up gracefully and asked whether I had thawed out or not. I brought my hands out from under the blankets, glad to see that my fingers were no longer blue. James took my hand in his and said with mock sadness, "It's a shame you aren't suffering from hypothermia anymore. I would love to have seen if an orgasm would have saved you."

"You don't necessarily have to stop because I'm not in mortal danger anymore..." I said slowly, almost begging. I stood up so I was as close against him as possible without our bodies touching, the smell of my juices swirling around us. I placed my hand on James' arm and gently pushed him in the direction of the sofa. He sat with me kneeling before him and I let my hands drop to his lap.

I slowly started rubbing his cock through his trousers as he had done whilst warming me up. I ran my thumbs around in circles, applying varying degrees of pressure to his quickly hardening cock. Looking up at James, seeing his eyes closed and hands by his sides, I unzipped his trousers and saw his dick pressing against his boxer shorts. I began working his member through the tight cotton and watched as James' breathing became heavy.

With both hands I started rubbing his cock, squeezing, twisting and massaging the skin as I moved up and down its length. The fabric around the tip of his dick started to change colour as his precum soaked into the cotton and I wrapped my mouth around him. The fabric held the taste of James' cum and I sucked on it longingly. He was so hard and I found myself amazed at the thickness of his cock.

I stood up and climbed into James' lap. Slowly I lowered myself onto his cock and began riding him. I threw my head backwards, the feeling of James' large dick inside me driving me crazy. My tits bounced around in front of James' face but he somehow managed to restrain himself from touching me. I could feel my juices leaking from my pussy onto his boxer shorts and we moaned together as my pussy started to clench around his cock.

Suddenly I found myself pinned to the sofa, James above me, his hands either side of my head once again. I let out a scream as orgasm racked through me. James was pounding my pussy with all of his strength throughout my ecstatic release, which only made the experience stronger. He came moments later and pulled out of me, rolling off of me before collapsing on the fluffy carpet.

"So what are your conclusions?" James asked from the floor, his breathing still heavy. "Would an orgasm help save someone from hypothermia?"

"Not sure..." I sighed, unable to completely collect my thoughts due to the flow of natural chemicals around my body. "I suppose it would certainly help one forget about their impending doom..."

Finally able to move without shaking, I sat up and then slid down to the floor beside James. "Now that we've tested that theory out, is there anything else I can do around the house for you? It looks like you need a load of laundry doing..."

"I think that this mess is your fault, Phoebe... I guess if your offering, food would be good. Although, I would quite like to take you out for dinner tonight."

"James, that isn't necessary," I said. I didn't know exactly why he was offering but I didn't want to shake up our bizarre relationship any further. Plus, there was something else on my mind. "Plus, most restaurants don't alow their customers to be naked."

"Oh, I don't know. If you know the right people, anything is possible."

I wasn't entirely convinced, but the look on James' face told me that soon I'd be changing my mind.

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