Sara McNeil: True Confessions of a Teenage Lesbian

Sara McNeil: True Confessions of a Teenage Lesbian

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sara is your average teenage girl who just had her 18th birthday. While out celebrating with her friends she’s seduced by a girl whom she has been fantasying about throughout high school. She wasn’t prepared for the erotic night ahead and the days that followed. Her life couldn’t get any better until one day she has a run in with her new lover’s ex-girlfriend.


Sara is your average teenage girl who just had her 18th birthday. While out celebrating with her friends she’s seduced by a girl whom she has been fantasying about throughout high school. She wasn’t prepared for the erotic night ahead and the days that followed. Her life couldn’t get any better until one day she has a run in with her new lover’s ex-girlfriend.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sara McNeil: True Confessions of a Teenage Lesbian

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Sara is your average teenage girl who just had her 18th birthday. While out celebrating with her friends she’s seduced by a girl whom she has been fantasying about throughout high school. She wasn’t prepared for the erotic night ahead and the days that followed. Her life couldn’t get any better until one day she has a run in with her new lover’s ex-girlfriend.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2012




My name is Sara. There is no H in my name. High school for me was a disaster. I never fit in. I wasn’t exactly a beauty queen. I wasn’t ugly or nerdy. I have a cute body. That’s the problem I guess. I was always considered cute at best. I’m five foot five with shoulder length dirty blonde hair that frizzes up like the scarecrow.

I was that girl who sort of hung out with the popular girls but never really fit in. I was sort of a side kick. Anytime we went out to the mall or anywhere, I always sat in the back squished in the middle. That all changed on my eighteenth birthday.

My friends and I went out to Skylight. That’s one of those under twenty one clubs that doesn’t sell alcohol. They just charge you five bucks for a glass of ice with a drizzle of soda. I get most of my drinks paid for because my friend Charlotte is so hot guys usually bribe me just to get a chance to meet her. They buy me a drink as a way of following me back to our table. They fain attention in me until Charlotte comes along. She usually shoots them down, but that’s their problem not mine.

I’ve never really been any good at dating. I just never really got into it I guess. I’ve been out with the typical jocks, but they are all after one thing. I tend to loose interest in them soon and just break things off. My mother says I just haven’t found Mr. Right.

We were at Skylight mainly because Tiffany’s boyfriend’s band was playing there and the doorman has the hots for Charlotte so we got in for free. Personally I think Tiffany’s boyfriend’s band sucks. I’m not even sure Tiffany likes the band. I think she just like being able to say that she’s with the band. I mean he draws a descent crowd and all. They are just not my cup of tea. The name of their band is lame, The Gophers.  I guess the Chipmunks were taken. I mean even his name was dumb, Karl. Not Carl with a C. But Karl with a K, like Karl Marx. Who does that to a kid?

I was sitting at our table nursing my drink from Charlotte’s latest victim to be. She was on the dance floor with him. She usually milks a few drinks out of them before she cuts them loose. The really hard up ones end up buy hors d’oeuvres for us. This one was a real looser. We got hot wings and potatoes skins out of him.

Tiffany had disappeared for a while. She finally made her way back over to our table. She was walking funny. She stood up next to her empty seat and grabbed a handful of potato skins and started eating. It was strange that she wasn’t sitting.

I knew I shouldn’t ask, but curiosity got the best of me, “Are you alright? You are walking funny?”

Tiffany looked around quickly and then lifted her dress and lowers it after a few seconds. She had the ends of two drum sticks shoved deep inside of her pussy. The girl lost her mind. I had to ask, “Why?”

“Karl says it brings him luck.”

“You need serious mental help and Karl is an idiot.”

Of course at that very moment Karl walks up. I wonder if he heard what I said. I really don’t care. I’m sure he knows he’s an idiot. I just have a problem of talking too loud. He rolled his eyes as he passes me, so I quiet sure he heard.

He walked over to Tiffany, kisses her and reaches under her dress and retrieved his drum sticks, “Thanks babe.” He then strutted off with his dumb walk, as if he had a pair of drum sticks up his ass.

“Oh gross, is he chewing on a potato skin he took from your mouth?”

Tiffany sat down and scooted her chair closer to mine. She leaned in close, “It was so hot.”

“Someone sticks his tongue down your throat and pulls out food and you think that’s hot?”

I don’t think she heard a word I said. She just continued, “He took me out back and we made passionate love. He pinned me against the wall with a strong passionate kiss and ripped off my panties. He fucked me so hard he lifted me off my feet several times.”

“Someone fucks you next to a Dempsey Dumpster in a dark dirty alley and you think that’s romantic?”

“It was, spur of the moment. He swept me off my feet.”

“He fucked you in an alley. You put on a live sex show for hobos.”

“Maybe you should get fucked in an alley. It may do you some good.” She got up and stormed off.

I didn’t mean to upset her. But really, who does that? I was going to go after her, but she disappeared quickly into the crowd. I took another sip from my drink. I wanted to have some potato skins, but now it just all seemed so wrong.

A soft voice came from behind me, “Mind if I sit for a while?”

I turned around to the longest and smoothest pair of golden brown legs I’ve ever seen in my life, “Sure.”

“My name is Yvonne,” she holds out her hand palm down as she sits in the seat next to me.

I take her hand and give it a quick shake, “I’m Sara.” I’ve always thought Hispanic girls were cute, but Yvonne was hot. Her large brown eyes just seemed to draw me in.

“Thanks, I’ve been on my feet all night. So, are you enjoying yourself?”

“It’s not how I imagined spending my eighteenth birthday, but I guess I’m having a good enough time.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when Yvonne reached over and placed her hand on my bare knee. My initial reaction didn’t seem to faze Yvonne a bit. She just looked into my eyes, “Just good enough? Your birthday should never be just good enough. A birthday should be special.”

I know I should have moved her hand. I mean if she was a guy I would have thrown my drink in her face. I’m not much for slapping. I’m sort of a coward. Besides the worse a guy can do if you throw your drink on him is to throw his back on you. But what got me was that I sort of got excited. I looked around quickly in a panic to see if anyone was watching. Of course no one could see. The club was dark.

The band started playing a fast song. Yvonne started dancing in her seat, “Want to dance?”

I never had a girl ask me to dance before, it caught me by surprise. “Excuse me.”

“I love this song.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

Yvonne points to a group of girls on the dance floor. “There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll dance over there with that group of girls dancing with each other. No one will even notice us.”

Before I could answer, she slides her up my thigh and brushed her hand against my crotch. She took my breath away. I instinctively slammed my legs shut, but she forced her entire hand on my crotch, forcing my legs apart and rubbing me through my panties.

I jumped to my feet. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look up. I adjusted my skirt and my hair. I have never gotten so wet so fast. Before I knew it Yvonne was leading me by the hand to the dance floor. Soon we were in the middle of that pack of girls dancing. She was right about one thing; no one seemed to notice us, not even my friends.

Yvonne wasn’t the best dancer I’ve ever seen. But she had a way of moving that made you want to watch every movement. She even did that thing where you toss you hair. I’ve seen my friends do it with guys they were dancing with. Until now I never got it, but Yvonne looked hot.

I’ve always knew I was lesbian since I was thirteen. I had a crush on my gym teacher, Coach Leslie. I’ve just never had the courage to actually act on it. So I tried t fit in as best I could. There were a few girls at my high school that didn’t hide their lesbianism. They were teased and harassed by everyone. I never teased them, but I never stood up and tried to stop it either.

The next song was a slow one. I turned to leave; she grabbed me by my arm and pulled me close to her. She put her left arm around my waist and her right hand on my ass.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “If you want we can go back to my place. I can make this a birthday to remember.”

Her hair smelled so sweet, “What about my friends?” I whispered back faintly.

“If you think they would want to join us, sure why not. I just didn’t think you were ready for a round robin yet.”

“What? No … I didn’t mean that.” I felt so embarrassed. “I don’t even know what that is.” Of course I did know, but I wasn’t going to admit that to her.

Yvonne rubbed my back slowly and patted by ass lightly as she giggled softly in my ear. “You are so cute. I was just joking.” She turns so I could see Tiffany and Charlotte as they were leaving the club with two guys. “I don’t think your friends will miss you,” she whispered.

“Okay,” I whispered back. I have no idea why we were whispering. No one was listening to us, at least not anyone of any importance.

My heart raced a mile a minute as she led me through the crowd and out the front door. We had to walk about two blocks to get to her car. It wasn’t much to look at. I mean it wasn’t a Junker or anything. But somehow I pictured her in a convertible or some sort of sports car. It was a blue compact. To this day I couldn’t tell you who made the car. I’m not good at that I guess. Other than being a little dirty, it was cute.

I tried to break up the butterflies in my stomach with small talk during the drive. “How will we get past your parents? Won’t they ask who I am or why I’m over so late?”

“I don’t live with my parents. I live alone.”

“Oh so you moved out right after graduation?”

“Something like that, I use to live in the dorms until I got caught with a girl in my room. They made a big deal out of it. I almost lost my scholarship. I agreed to live off campus. You know what they say, out of sight out of mind.”

“Now I remember you. You’re Yvonne Gutierrez. You were on our varsity girls’ soccer team two years ago. I thought you went to some college out of state. That makes you about twenty.”

Yvonne looked over at me briefly and then back at the road. “Is that a problem for you?”

“Nope, in fact I find it sort of exciting and flattering. I’ve always thought you were such a great athlete.” I couldn’t believe how much I was gushing. I looked up as we past the local university. “Do you go here?”

“Yes. My apartment is a few block away.”

“I’m starting there in the fall. Maybe I’ll see you on campus.” Okay that sounded lame, as soon as it came out of my mouth. I sounded like some infatuated schoolgirl gushing over a jock.

Yvonne just looked over at me and smiled, “I hope so.”

We turned into the parking area just outside her apartment. She held me close to her with her arm wrapped around my waist as we walked down the hallway. When we got to the door I waited for her to open it. Instead of taking her keys from her purse, she turned and kissed me full on the lips, right in the middle of the hallway where anyone could see. I don’t know of many people roaming the hallways one in the morning, but you never know.

My first impulse was to pull away. But she was very aggressive. She pinned me against her neighbor’s door directly across from her apartment. I could feel her tongue invade my mouth as I parted my lips slightly to breathe. After a few moments I was getting into it.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. She reached up and pulled my panties down to my knees in one movement. Before I could protest she had her hand between my legs forcing them apart while she rubbed my crotch. My common sense wanted her to stop, but my pussy wanted her to continue. I mean what if someone walked by or her neighbor opened their door.

Yvonne ordered me, “Spread your legs.”

I didn’t think about it, I just did as I was told. I was totally under her spell. I went weak in the knees as her thumb pressed against my exposed clit and two fingers slide deep inside my soaked pussy. She finger fucked me hard and fast right there. At times it was as if she was lifting me off my feet. I had to bit my lower lip so not to cry out.

She brought me to the edge of ecstasy and then stopped. She pressed her fingers soaked in my pussy juices against me lips and then slowly pushed them in my mouth. She forced me to lick my own juices from her fingers. I was in such a frenzy I didn’t resist. It didn’t taste bad at all. In fact there wasn’t much of a taste to it. Some how I expected it to taste bitter or something.

Yvonne walked across the hall and unlocked her door. My panties have come off. I bent over to pick them up. Yvonne took them from me before I could even lift my leg to put them back on.

“You aren’t going to put those back on are you?”

I didn’t know what to say, how embarrassing. “Of course not, they were just on the floor.”

Yvonne hung them on the neighbor’s door knob. “You will never have a need for panties around me. I like my girls bare and ready for action.”

Now she was sounding like some overly hormone jock and when did I become Her Girl? It was exciting in a twisted way I guess. I followed her quietly into her apartment. I couldn’t help but to think, what will her neighbors think when they opened the door and found a pair of white cotton French cut briefs on their door knob?

As soon as the door closed she was all over me. She pinned me against her door. She traced my lips with her fingers, “Happy birthday.”

It would have been romantic, if it weren’t for the door knob poking me in my back. Somehow I don’t think she was going for romance. In fact the look in her eyes as she shoved her two middle fingers deep inside of me told me she was only interested in fucking me.

“Take off your blouse and bra,” Yvonne’s voice was soft but commanding. Her kiss was electrifying. I could feel it radiate throughout my body as she pressed her lips against mine.

I couldn’t help but brush against her breasts as I unfastened my blouse. She pressed against my clit so hard with her thumb I thought she was going to push it back inside of me. This time her kiss was different, it was wet and sloppy.

Before my bra hit the ground, she had a firm grip on both of my breasts. She squeezed them so hard I swear they were going to pop. My breasts aren’t large. I’m barely a C cup. My nipples were more sensitive than they have ever been. When she alternated between my breasts sucking them until they were two thirds of the way into her mouth, I must have cum each time her tongue flickered across my nipples.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I reached back and unzipped her dress. Yvonne scooted back just enough to allow it to fall to the ground. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. Her breasts were very firm. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, but I was a bit surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties as well. Yvonne didn’t say a word. She just took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

The walk to her bedroom seemed long, but exhilarating. This would be my first time with a girl. Actually it would be my first time with anyone. Her slender golden body slinked as she walked. It was very erotic to watch. Every movement flowed into the next.

Her room was immaculate, but smaller than I expected. I don’t know why I thought it would have been larger. I guess I just idolized her so much I had this fantasy built up in my head. While most girls in my school swooned over the captain of the varsity football team, I secretly swooned over the captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize her back at the club. I guess it was dark and I haven’t seen her for a while.

I even remember masturbating to her year book photo, a few times. There was this full page color photo of her just after she scored. She was pumped. You could see the intensity in her face. Just thinking about it makes me hot, even now. There were of course other girls I secretly fantasized about, including a few female teachers.

Yvonne didn’t waste anytime. She pushed me backwards unto her bed. She knelt down between my legs and lifted up my dress. She lifted my legs up and placed my feet on the edge of her bed. I realized that I still had my shoes and socks on.

I started to sit up, but she pushed me back down. She removed my shoes and socks slowly, almost seductively. As she removed each sock she kissed the top of my feet and spread my legs shoulders length apart. My stomach quivered as she kissed slowly up my legs, alternating back and forth, and up the fleshy parts of my inner thigh. My breath grew shallower and more rapid with every kiss.

She parted my legs slightly further apart and gently blew her breath into my aching crotch. I thought I was going to loose it right there. I looked down just as she peeked up. She slowly crept up from between my legs and crawled towards me very seductively, gently kissing her way up from the center of my stomach and up to my neck until she reached my chin.

I could feel her right knee pressing against my wet sticky pussy as she leaned forward and we embraced in a deep passionate kiss. This time I pushed my tongue forward into her mouth. Our tongues caressed each other as she pressed her body down upon mine.

I turned my head to catch my breath and I caught a glimpse of our intertwined bodies in her dresser mirror. Her golden skin pressed against my milky white skin made me even more excited. I wrapped my legs around her waist.

I noticed I still had my skirt on. I reached down to unfasten it, but she grabbed both my wrists and pinned them above my head on the bed.

Her lips lightly touched mine as she whispered, “Leave it on. I think it looks sexy.”

I’ve never had anyone call me sexy before. At that moment for the first time in my life I actually felt sexy. When she kissed me again it was like she was trying to devour me. I moved my hips as she rubbed her leg against my pussy.

She sat up and slid down off me. She pulled my legs up and pinned them back to my shoulders. I never knew I was so flexible. She looked into my eyes briefly, and then lowered her head between my thighs. Her hot breath blowing through my thick pubic hairs, against my exposed clit sent shivers through my body.

When her tongue pierced my pussy lips I almost past out from the sheer pleasure, I wasn’t prepared for such intense feelings. Her tongue probed my inner walls completely. She has a way of flicking her tongue up, while inside me, that drives me crazy. I get wet just thinking about it.

The intensity was almost more than I could stand. The more I reacted the more determined she became to drive me over the edge. Until that moment I never had a real orgasm. I thought I have a few times while masturbating, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My entire body went into convulsions.

When I was totally spent and my body went limp she slithered her way up my body. She planted a deep sticky kiss on me. I could feel my sticky juices cling between our lips as we repeatedly kissed. Soon my face was smeared with my own juices.

Yvonne lifted up and looked softly into my eyes and smiled. She raised her body and straddled my face and slowly lowered her pussy over me. It was weird tasting another woman for the first time. Her clean shaven pussy fit perfectly over my mouth.

I had no idea what to do. Well, I did have an idea, I just never actually done it before. It was strange when I first stuck my tongue into her. I expected her to be moist, but it was like silk. She was warm and very tight. I could feel her muscles contract against my tongue.

I found her clit by accident. That’s when she really started grinding into my face. I had to keep readjusting my face so I could breathe. I couldn’t believe how wet I was becoming again. I so wanted to reach down and masturbate, but my arms were pinned down under Yvonne’s legs. So, the hornier I became the more I focused on her.

I thought my orgasm was intense. When Yvonne cum, she squeezed my head so hard between her legs I thought she was going to pop me like a grape. The power in her thighs was inhuman. After what seemed like forever, she slowly lifted herself from my face and slide down besides me. She turned my body towards her and we gently kissed. We feel asleep in each others embrace. I have never felt so complete in my life.

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