Manzilian for me?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: CFNM

Tame, TL CFNM stories of getting waxed by professionals

I mentioned a Manzilian in a story here, and a fan said he wished he had the courage to get one.  (It's the male equivalent of a Brazilian bikini wax, where they take off all pubic hair, and that from around your ass...)  By way of encouraging him and others to try it, here are a couple of tame stories of my experiences.  It's a safe, easy way to try CFNM.


This one started oddly.  A co-worker, who's not particularly a friend, but who teases me at work, came over to me at lunch.  A couple of the girls in her department came with her.  She said she'd seen that my birthday was coming up, and she had a present for me.  I opened the card, and saw that it was a gift certificate for a Brazilian wax from a local spa!  She and the girls giggled, and someone said they were sure I'd never use  it!  I smiled, thanked her, and said they didn't know me all that well...  They seemed disappointed at my minimal response, and left quickly when their break was up.


The spa was a pretty ritzy one,and they were giving out gift certiificates to people who'd volunteer to come in and be waxed by a trainee.  All I was supposed to pay for was a tip - so a $100 service became a $20 adventure.  I'd wondered about them, and I love safe CFNM, and I can't resist a dare, so I made an appointment.


I made an appointment with Chelsea, a young (early 20's) blonde I saw on their site.  I got all cleaned up, and went to the appointment early.  Chelsea was there, and I introduced myself as her 1:00 appointment.  She looked puzzled,and said she had me down for an appointment with Rhea.  No problem...and then the gods of CFNM smiled on me.  She told me she was a trainee, and  asked if it would be okay if she observed Rhea as she worked.  I'd like to think I played it cool, as I replied 'Yes.  Yes, I think that would be okay...'


Then Rhea came out to greet me.  She as in her 30's, and a stunning beauty, with long, curly black hair, a full sleeve tattoo, and a kind of horseshoe piercing through her nasal septum.  She repeated the question - was it okay if Chelsea observed?  I was a little confused - I thought that was the point of the gift card, but figured they weren't expecting a man to come in with the card.  I assured her it was fine.  I'm a massage therapist, and we practiced on each other all the time when we were students.  Turns out that Chelsea wasn't sure if she wanted to go into massage or management, so we had lots to talk about.


Oddly enough, the ladies didn't leave the room as I undressed - everything off from the waist down, but you can leave your socks on.  There was a hitch with the sliding wooden door to the room.  No problem,


Rhea instructed me to lie on my back, with my right knee bent, and my foot flat on the edge of the table. .  My left leg was bent, and out to the side, with my knee on the cushion, so I was fuly exposed.  The women put on purple gloves, and we began.  The wax was hot, but not uncomfortable, and it didn't sting badly when she ripped it off.  We talked about massage careers, and it was a friendly, casual atmosphere.  Originally, I pulled my penis to one side or the other, as Rhea directed, but I guess she figured I was harmless, and wound up holding my shaft as she worked.  She had Chelsea tap the wax as it cooled, to show her how to tell when it was set. I only flinched three times, when she used tweezers to pull leftover hairs from my shaft.  That made us all laugh, and I started to get erect.  Rhea said 'That'll happen, and it actually makes it easier to find these last hairs.  I said 'Happy to oblige!' and we all laughed again.


Money was tight, so it was months before I went back.  They sent me an email, offering the same deal - free waxing if done by a supervised trainee.  I jumped at the chance.


The trainee was a cute little thing, with blonde hair cut short in almost a pompadour.  Her trainer  was a very beautiful, very pregnant, mixed race woman with skin like cafe au lait, and light eyes - very striking.  This time was very different, and much more painful.  The trainee did most of the work, and had to be shown how to use the off hand to stabliize loose skin.  Before they worked that out, she yanked my poor scrotum around mercilessly...


The funniest moment came when she waxed the underside of the shaft of my penis.  The was only millimeters  from my frenulum.  As the wax hardened, she tapped at it, close, indeed to the most sensitive part of my penis.  Taptaptap.  Taptaptap.  Taptaptaptaptap.  Tap...


I got harder and harder, which was awkward, indeed, with the wax hardening, too.  As I passed 7 inches, I said 'Ummm,' the instructor said 'Ummm,' and the blonde blushed, and said 'Oh my!'  We all laughed.

Submitted: August 16, 2020

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easy to read and I got a laugh out of it.

Mon, August 17th, 2020 2:59am


Glad you laughed. Sexy is funny.

At least the way I do it...

Mon, August 17th, 2020 8:49am


Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.

Mon, August 17th, 2020 5:51am


Dan. Now I want one more than ever if there is going to be more than one girl in the room

Wed, August 19th, 2020 10:35am

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