Bad Girl Gone Badder !

Bad Girl Gone Badder !

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Meet Lala a very Sassy , beautiful girl , but dont let her look fool you , she is as hood as a project! Meet Jigga he is a ladies man . Let see what happens when Lala move to hi ide of town .


Meet Lala a very Sassy , beautiful girl , but dont let her look fool you , she is as hood as a project! Meet Jigga he is a ladies man . Let see what happens when Lala move to hi ide of town .

Chapter1 (v.1) - Bad Girl Gone Badder !

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Meet Lala a very Sassy , beautiful girl , but dont let her look fool you , she is as hood as a project! Meet Jigga he is a ladies man . Let see what happens when Lala move to hi ide of town .

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 12, 2012



JUNE ,20TH ,2012 The first day of summer has just began , every body in jersey city was out on their porch enjoying the heat . The fire Hydrant was on , kids where playing running around getting wet . Everybody knew to enjoy daylight while it was , because after the son go down thats when the shooting began .Jersey city was a ruff place to grow up , alot of people complained but didnt move its either they have no money , or sometimes jersey city is all some people knew . Everybody loved chilling on Real street.Real street was full of the action , from pretty girls to the hood ratz to th sluts even the church girls , hood niggas , stayed on the corner of that block .This summer it was a new girl on the block .She was stunning gorgeous.She was brownskin , short , pretty brown eyes, nice shoulder length , she looked as if she was str8 out of beverly hills .

'' she pretty as hell'' Xay said as he passed the L to JayJay.Xay was a short , handsome light skin fella with braids down to his shoulder

'' hell yea , shawty got it '' jayjay said as he smoke the loud , jayjay was tall , spanish and had a little fro .

'' Xay you dont see me sitting here ?'' Destiny , xay's girlfriend said giving him the eye.Destiny was also pretty , she was half spanish ,half black , she had a accicent that xay was inlove with , she was a fighter and always was ready to kill for xay .

'' she iight , i look better '' Nayja said out of jeliousy .Nayja was a cool chick just never like anygirl that try to come between her n her crew, besides Desting , and imani.

'' you just jelious'' Jah said mushing her head, Jah was the goofy one out the crew he always cracked jokes n turned the mood upside down

'' im gonna go say wass up '' Imani said as she got up and headed across the street.

'' wass sup im Mani , i live couple blocks away , but i be across the street ''

'' my name Lala''

'' what made you move out here ?'' Imani asked

'' get on my bad side and youll find out ''

'' thats a threat?'' she quizzed fencing up an attitude

'' take it how you want ma , im just being me ''

Imani notice right then and there that thats just her personality , she wasnt what they all thought she was they thought she was gonna be a stuck up , girl who let anyone say anything to them they took her pretty for weakness

'' i see might just end up to like you , but come let me introduce you to the block ''

She took her across the street

" and last but not least this is our goof ball jah '' she introuduced everybody .

'' where you from shawty ?'' jah shawty

'' Detroit '' she answer

'' ooh so you left the hood and came to a new one ''

'' if thats what you wanna say'' she replied looking at him

'' so what type of guys you into ?'' xay asked

'' Make me smack you Xavier'' Destiny said giving him the eye

'' chill bay im asking her so i can hook her up with somebody'' he replied

'' he lieing '' jah said as him and imani busted out laughing

'' who this bitch ?'' A tall , brownskin , handsome looking guy with waves said as he apporched the crew

'' bitch ??'' Lala said as her eye brawls got arched

'' chill Jig , thats shawty from acros the street '' xay smiled as he told his boy.

'' i dont give a fuck if she from around the way , who is she ?'' he said just being his normal rude self . Jigga was very blunt he spared noone feelings as rude as he was he was a ladies man .

'' let me go finish my unpacking , before i catch a body '' Lala said as she was about to walk off

'' a body ? bitch you aint even about that ma '' Jig said as Jah busted out laughing

'' chill bra she cool as hell ''

'' push me , and youll see what im about '' she said as she walked back across the street

'' who the fuck was she ?'' he asked as he sat down

'' new girl from across the street ''Jah answerd

'' she bad as fuck '' jig answerd as they all chilled .

Past 2 weeks Lala been adjusting , a little she havent really been out .One night she walked across the street only jah , xay , and jigga was on the porch .

'' yall know where a walgreens at around here ?'' she asked

'' yea, its one on west side '' Xay answerd

'' how im suppose to know where West side at ?'' she laughed , as she notice Jig was looking at her , as if he was studying her.

'' come on well walk you '' Jah said as him and xay got up.

'' the shit my hommie do for pussy , i aint walking that bitch nowhere she got leggs''

'' you have to excuse him , he was born that way , lets go jig'' jah stated.

'' where yall going'' Imani said as she walked up

'' they walking me to walgreens'' Lala answerd

They all walked to walgreens , Imani and Lala walked in the front , while Jig ,xay , and Jay walked slowly in the back.Jig was examing Lala backside she had every curve he loved .

'' u rude as fuck my g'' Xay said to jig

'' hell yea, shawty cool as hell'' jah replied

'' yall dont even know the bitch and yall head over heels walking her places , yall dont know if she setting yall up or anything ''

'' so why you walking with us''

'' cause yall know imma always ride 4 yall , yall gonna remember bitches slimmey these days , pussy will kill a nigga , thats why you cant have sympthy for noone now and days'' Jig stated as he boys nod he was right.

'' so how you like it s far ?'' Imani asked

'' its iight i just wanna go out and party , do something , besides being cooped up in that house ''

'' word , here ill take you out saturday''

'' just us two , cause i aint off all that female shit ''

'' girl cool it , my girls are cool''

They got inside walgreens .

'' girl what the hell you need from walgreens anyway ?'' Jah asked as he was sitting on caces of water

'' pregnacy test , thats what all the hoes come here for'' Jig answerd being a jerk

'' cake mix '' she answerd

'' whatttttttt you had us walk all the way here for some damn cake mix ?'' Jah said as he started craking jokes .

'' yes , im hungry '' she laughed

After that night they started chilling with Lala heavy she was cool as hell , but Jig was still off his evil shit.It didnt bother her that much . One night they all went out to MASHIKA'S CLUB.The music was right , Imani , Destiny , and Lala was on the dance floor dancing .JIg sat their watching Lala dance , he loved how her dress hugged her body showing every curve in her body .

'' you feeling her '' Xay said busting Jig thoughts.

'' naw she iight, just tryna see what her insides about '' he replied

'' Jah should of came , with his too cool ass''

'' word ''

A slow jam played , Imani was dancing with some guy , Destiny grabbed xay and they started dancing .Lala walked up to Jiq.

'' i hope you aint bring ya annoying ass up here to dance with me ''

'' i been watching you all night'' she joked

'' well take ya ass back and keep watching'' he replied .

'' come on loosing up and come dance '' said grabbing his hand

'' naw i dont want to ''

'' i know what you want'' she said as she started to sit on his lap , she started giving him a lap dance , past 5 minutes the slow jamz was still playing she had him hard , and gripping her tight , as she gave him the lap dance of his life . He looked at her while she did her thing .

Afetr the club they all headed to the alley .Jah met them there . As well as two other boys .

'' This Lala , Lala this Trey , and shine'' Jah introduced.The girls was bowling first .

'' damn shawty got it '' Shine said as they all looked at her .

'' she iight'' Jig joked

'' you wasnt saying that when she had ya shit on rocky mountain at the club'' Xay laughed

'' you fucked her ?'' Shine asked

'' not yet ''' Jig replied

'' what i miss '' Jah asked

'' she gave JIg a lap dance at the club ''

The girls walked over

'' what yall talking about ?'' Destiny asked

'' none ya buisness'' Xay said with a crunched up face

'' dont show time '' she replied

That night they all got drunk and high.

'' im about to be out yall '' Jig said as he got up to leave

'' can you drop me off home ?'' she asked

'' come on '' he replied

They got in the car .Lala was laughing at everything , she was so high she couldnt help it .

'' you aggy as hell ''

'' why you gotta be such a dick in the ass '' she replied

'' you wanna learn ya way home on the bus ?'' he replied

'' you wont put me out '' she replied knowing he wasnt that cold hearted to put her out at 2:09 am

'' keep talking youll find out ''

That night he got her home safe.One night while they was chilling , a guy was walking down the street walking as if he was drunk.

'' yo if he come around here one more time yall already know somethings up '' jig warned

'' we know the drill'' Destiny said as her , and imani went in the building.

'' come on '' Imani said as she brought lala in the building with them .

Just as Jig warned , the guy came back around with two more niggas they started shooting , jig , xay, and Jah busted back , they started dipping and doge&. Jig ,and jah got in the car thinking xay was in the car , when they turned around they realized he was still out there just as Xay gun jammed and one dude was aiming for a head shot .POP , POP , POP 3 shots went off all where head shots , ol boy body dropped .

'' lets go '' Jig yelled as xay grabbed Lala and they got in the car and went to atlantic city to be out of any view.

'' yo La , where you from yo ?'' Jah said in shock

'' damn you saved my life , good looking yo ''

'' where you get a strap from'' they where asking her back to back questions because they where shock .Destiny kept them informed if they where suspects in anything so far no .

'' i fucks with yall , yall wlecomed me in with open arms , so imma always make sure yall good'' she replied

When they got to atlantic city all 3 of them shared a room .

'' dont try no freaky shit '' she laughed as she layed next to jah

'' naw i wont you like a sis to me '' Jah replied as he looked at Jig who was quiet .

'' ill be back im going to the snack machine '' she said as she walked out.

'' wass on ya mind bra'' xay said to jig

'' yo shawty got aim '' he answerd

'' she had our back Jig'' jah answerd

'' yea she loyal , she bust her guns , shit all these years ive never seen Destiny or Imani do no shit like that''

'' word , but you know they got us , they just not bout that ''

Xay replied

'' jah you better not try fucking her'' Jig said as they laughed

'' i knew you liked her '' he laughed

'' naw , she iight not my type ''Jig lied

'' sure'' xay,and Jah laughed.

That night Jig layed next to Lala, she woke up in the middle of the night , she caught him looking at her sleep.She looked up at him smiled and opend his arms and layed in his arms, he didnt push her away , he held her .

past a week they where back on the block , cops didnt know anything . A short , pretty light skin girl walked up .

''why you not answering ya phone ?" she said standing infront of Jig .

'' my bad i aint here it ''

'' bay come on we gotta go handle some buisness'' she said .

When she said bay Lala looked away as if she wasnt paying attention.

'' ill catch yall later '' he said as he glanced as Lala who wasnt looking at him.

2 weeks later . it was started raining.

'' come on yall can come in my crib''

They cilled in Lala crib , Jig wasnt there .

'' yo all this time i aint know you lived alone'' jah said as he fixed him something to eat

'' who you thought i lived with ?''

'' ya momz or something''

'' naw'' she replied.

They all chilled watching movies.

'' aye La i got chu a date go upstairs get ready '' Imani stated

'' a date who said i need one?''

'' well im going on one n i told him to bring a friend so lets go '' Imani said as they got ready

That night Lala enjoyed her tall , darkskin , handsome date name shawn.When she got back home They were across the street .She went to greet the . Jig couldnt take his eye off her, she had on some 10 inch hills , her pencil black dress , and her hair down she looked stunning.

'' how ya date go'' xay asked

'' it was actualy good''

'' where Mani?''

'' she went home''

'' let me use ya bathroom'' jig said as he got up

'' come on '' she said as she lead him inside and showed him the bathroom.She was in her room.

'' Can you help me '' She yelled out to Jig as he walked upstairs to her bed room.

'' my zipper stuck '' she said as he went behind her and unzipperd her dress , she turned around facing him , they eyes locked for a minute , Jig really liked her , he never felt this way but he wasnt letting her know that at all he kept his rude act up.She kissed him , and he kissed her back they started kissing , he pulled her dress over her head .she pushed him on the bed and unzipperd his pants pulled out his thick hard dick , place a magnum and sat her wet pussy on it and fucked him like it was her job , he gripped her so tight , he was all caught in it , the whole time she looked him in his eyes she knew she had him , he flipped her ass over and showed her that he knew he had her .When they where finish she was sleep .

'' took ya ass long enough at the bathroom'' Jah stated

'' yall fucked ?'' xay asked

'' naw she wouldnt let me, she had me fixing some stupid curtains''' Jig lied

'' ha you got no ass '' Jah and Xay laughed

Next day they all chilled as usual .Jig and Lala acted as if nothing happend .They was texting eachother but noone noticed.

'' so wass up ?'' Lala texted him

'' what you mean ?'' he replied

'' come on jig stop playing like you aint feeling me'' she sent

'' im not , it was just pussy and thats that'' he replied

Lala didnt even text back she sat their stuck for a minute , he glanced at her and realized she was a little botherd by the text but he wasnt about to show her no soft side

'' Lala shawn and Jae said come over''

'' come on '' she said just wanting to get away from jig , she was kinda hurt.

That night Imani came back alone.

'' where Lala?'' Jig asked

'' she said she going for a walk''

That night they all went in, Jig didnt he sat across the street waiting for Lala to get in .

2:40 am hit , Lala strolled down the block she had her head phones on , she looked across the street , and saw Jig and kept it moving .He knew he hurted her feeling , but he wasnt ready to get his hurt , well thats what h thought.

They all took a 3 week trip to atlantic city, Jig notice Lala havent even looked at him once , or said anything to him she enjoyed her time with everybody else ,they all had fun .Desting brought her two sisters , Imani brought her 4 cousins, and Jah & them brought about 7 guys .They went in the hotel and played sex dice ..The bottle spinned on Imani cousin Trina , and Jig , she had to give him a hickey , and she did, then the bottle landed on One of jah boys mike he had to suck Imani chest , they all got drunk , and enjoyed they night . Lala had a little to much to drink she was throwing up and passing out all over the place but everybody was busy doing them.Jig picked her up and brought her inhis hotel room , he made her warm to to let her stomach sit .He took off her clothes and layed her in the bed while he rubbed her back , he sat next to her to make sure she went to sleep , she did. Xay came in the room.

'' you care about her bra'' said said on some real shit

'' naw just tryna make sure she good''

'' excatly if you didnt give a fuck you would of treared her like the rest of them bitches , you wouldnt be in here making sure she ok , if you care for her let her know bra dont keep treating her like shit cause she will move on ''Xay said speaking some real shit

Next morning she woke up throwing up , and he was right there holding her hair , and handing her tissue.

'' yo you cant be drinking like this nomore''

'' why you care '' she replied while gagging .

That morning they left the hotel before everybody and went and had breakfast .

'' take ya damn sun glasses off '' he said as they sat at the breakfast table

'' no my eyes look like i had to many drinks''

'' bitch you did'' he laughed

'' why i gotta be a bitch ?''

'' cause thats what you are''

'' yo what is ya fucking problems , im sick of this mix signal shit , one minute u nice to me the next im a bitch one minute we cool , one minute you hate me , yo just stop fucking with me period'' She snapped as she got up and walked away .

The rest of the trip , she treated him as if he wasnt there , even when they where back on the block chilling she payed him no attention what so ever .

One night a group of girls came around ready to fight Imani . Destiny showed her tru colors , She wasnt tryna say nothing she kept quiet as if she was scared.

'' fuck this bitch , i got chu mani lets go '' Lala said as she got off the porch opend the fence yall not jumping her which ever one said they wanted to fight her lets go .

Jah ,Jig,and Xay stayed close so nothing wont go wrong .

Imani and this big girl started going ham blow to blow untill a bigger girl jumped in , thats when Lala jumped in and layed her big ass out . Jig and them was shock that such this pretty girl had so much street in her , After the cops came and everybody left . Everything cooled off .Lala went straight up to Destiny and punched her in her face , she jumped up and swung back on Lala , Lala started giving her to her untill xay grabbed her .

'' fuck you swing on her for'' Xay snapped at Lala

'' for being disloyal'' she yelled

'' who the fuck are you to hit her'' Xay said defending his girl

'' fuck that bitch she aint riding , so i popped her ass''

Xay mushed her , thats when Jig bud in

'' dont put your hands on her , you need to be worrying about that disloyal bitch'' Jig said snapping

'' man so you taking up for this bitch cause you fucking her ?'' Xay stated

'' yo yall chill'' Jah said pulled them apart.

'' dont ever put ya hands on me '' Lala said as she snuffed xay right in his face

That night was crazy , next day nobody came out. The block was quiet for some time .One night Xay rung her bell .she gave him a what you want look.

'' yo La , im so sorry yo , i lost it , i aint mean to come at you or put my hands on you , it wont happen again thats my word''

'' yo got it , i just dont like that shit xay i dont like someone who has no loyalty , where im from loyalty represents you '' she replied accepting his apology

'' shit where you from compton ?' he joked as they laughed

One late night Imani called Lala trying to convince her to go to Jig party but she wasnt going .She stayed home watching movies.

That night around 3am , she woke up to heavy knocking on her door , she grabbed her gun , untill she looked in the peep hole and saw a formila face .

'' why you aint come'' Jig said as he made his was in , he was drunk , and high.

'' why do you care ?' she said as she closed her door

'' shut up with that caring shit''

'' yo why the fuck do you feel the need to come here why yo ?'' she snapped .

'' yo you think i dont care , i do care ,i actualy do , but i really dont want to Alexis '' he snapped using her real name as he held her face while looking in her eyes.she smelled the lq , and weed on his tounge.

'' im not asking you to , im asking you to show me some fucking respect ''

'' i care about you La , shit i think i love you , idont know why but im scared you might set me up to , yo i trusted a bitch before and the bitch str8 up set me up ,almost killed me'' he said letting the lq have him tell why he so uptight.

'' im not that bitch Jig , im not shit you saw me bust my guns , you saw me ride for yall more than anyone , shit you should already know if yall go down , they taking my ass with yall ,im not that girl jig , you gotta trust me , and if you cant atleast respect me for who i am''she replied.

''man let me lay down my head spinning '' he said

she let him lay in her bed , they layed their she rolled over and thought about what was going on was this really happeing .

''how you get this?'' Jig said as he felt a thick mark on her back neck.

'' i got stabbed'' she replied with out turning around.He than began examing her lifting up her shirt and realizing she had a couple of cuts and bruises on her back .

''damn what happen'' he asked he he started massaging her back .

she took a deep breathe and started talking to him.

'' my boyfriend , was in so much shit he had people all over him , but me being me i had his back to the end , we moved one night about 6 guys broke in our house first the shot him dead , then they took my daughter held a gun to her head , they made me give them my password to our safe, they took everything i got i told them they can kill me but let my daughter go , they told me i was gonna pay for what he did , they stabbed my my daughter up ,she was still alive , the tourcherd her , and also me , i snatched the gun and made sure i aimed for my daughter heart and head so that she was instantly dead , i didnt want her to suffer no longer , they stabbed me more than 100 times and shot me in my stomach and legg told me they where gonna leave me to die , i sat there close to a day and watched my boyfriend and our daughter , i really thought i was gonna die, thats what i really wanted i wasnt strong enough to live with out them , but i took the last stregthn i had in me , and pulled my body to the phone dailed 911 and woke up a year later out of a coma '' she said as tears rolled down .Jig teared up to.

'' how old was your daughter''

'' two , she was everything a mother could ask for , Jig she was my everything ''

'' she in a better place''

'' naw the best place for her is in my arms '' she replied.

'' damn La''

'' what happen to your parents?''

'' my mom and dad died in a car crash , me and my sister survived and went to forester care, they split us our last year when we was 17,bout to hit 18 ,havent heard from her since''


'' i aint leave town either , if i was gonna die then i was gonna die , i came out here i had nothing left there , but i didnt wanna move to no subburn place where i would be misrable even more, i came here to because my heart fit in then when i met xay n them i felt so comfortable , then with you , you just always made me feel bad like i was the bad person ,and when Destiny did that shit no lie i was going to kill her , i hate disloyal people , i live like i have nothing to lose , truth be told i lost what i was living for '' she confessed.

That night he held her and promised her hell be by her side .

Past few months the block was still tight but they where starting to handle things at home.

Jig and Lala was kicking it heavy on a daily base, One night he invited her to his house . When she walked in she realized he didnt have it so easy , his mother was what she least expected her to be.

'' you got something for me ?'' his mother said as she sniffed rubbed her fingers acrossed her nose , grabbing him .

'' no ma move'' he said pushing her and taking Lala to his room.

'' how long she been on it ?'' Lala asked being straight forward.

'' none of your buisness'' he snapped out of embarrasment

'' i apologize''

'' my bad La , she been like that since i was about 7 when my popz left the mother in her did to , she turnd to crack''

'' you gotta leave her''

'' leave her , girl thats my mother i aint leaving her for noone '' he replied

'' Jig by you staying is not helping her you have to let her get herself together , and you mean everything to her if her loosing you willl make her open her eyes , give it a try , come stay with me''

'' naw im not leaving her''

'' ok ''

They chilled in his room , watching movies

'' La you love me ?'' he asked out of the blue

'' where is this coming from ?'' she asked not looking at him

'' answer it ''

'' i care about you alot'' she replied

'' yo what are we doing?''

'' i dont know , tell me '' she replied looking at him.

'' lets stay friends'' he said just to see what she would say

'' ok'' she said just to see his reacton

'' stop playing with me , girl you know you mine''He said kissing her.They heard fighting nose downstairs.Jig ran down stairs notice a guy hitting his mom , he started beating him up ,Lala grabbed his mother, that night he went straight up in his room , Lala stayed and comfort his mother untill she fell asleep , then she went upstairs , he was layed down in his bed .

'' you ok ?'' she asked as she sat next to him

'' yea im good , she gotta get her shit together''

'' you gotta leave , and force her to be strong,its either u or the drugs , she figure she got both so its nothing to lose''

Past 5 months he moved in with Lala , they enjoyed eachother company so much .Xay , jah ,and Imani came over.

'' i knew yall two was gonna hook up'' jah said

'' naw , Jig was extra mean to you ''

'' forreal he was''

One morning around 6 am , the door bell constantly rung .

'' im coming im coming '' she said hald asleep , when she opend the door she froze as if she was looking directly in the mirror , she hugged her twin sister so tight as tears streamed down both their faces.Jig ran down stairs to see what was all the crying going on he stood at shock when he saw not one beautiful Lala but 2 .

Past 3 weeks Lala and her sister been bonding .One night Lala came home from hanging with her sister when she got home she saw Jig in tears , his eyes was blood shot red she never saw him like this.

'' bay whats wrong''? she said dropping her bag and walking fast to him

'' you stupid bitch why i listen to you , you had me leavem mother and now she dead , she fucking dead Alexis dead'' he said with pain in his eyes.Alexis stood their trying to hold him but he was way to pisted .

''its your fault yo , why i listen to you stupid fucking bitch yo'' he was saying thoes things out of anger.

'' bay you did the right thing dont blame me or yourself for your mother actions'' Alexis replied sounding harsh but all she knew was telling the truth no matter how it came out she was just like that.

''get the fuck away from me yo'' he said as he pushed her and walked out.

Past 3days .It was the day of the funeral , Jig didnt call her or nothing but she put that aside and showed up at the funeral , he layed his head on her shoulder and cried . Past couple months of him getting thru it she stuck by his side , but as they say when an angel take , that angel also gives.Lala had news to tell but didnt know how to .

'' im pregnant'' she shouted to her sister Asia , and Imani.

That night she waited for him to come home, 1 oclock hit, 2 oclock 3, for and 5 , she called no answer .

He finaly walked in hald drunk and high ,

'' bay you had me worried''

'' im good bay ''he said kissing all over her .she smelled the lq on his breath

'' go lay down , you drunk daddy '' she said helping him to the bed.As she help him take his stuff off his phone went off it was a text from ''Linda'' ''hope you got home safe bay , love you thansk for tonight'' As any female her heart melted knowing he was sleeping around. She placed her hair in a pony tail .

''who the fuck is linda''

'' my bitch , she give good head '' he said just letting the tea spill because he was drunk

'' ya bitch ?, word thats how you living ?''

'' man i need two lives''

'' so im not enought for you ?''

'' you could be when you start paying more attention to me''

'' where is this coming from '' she snapped knowing a drunk body speaks a sober mind.

'' chill ma ,chill ma ,chill chill'' he replied slurring over his wrords.

Lala been trying to keep a side of her from him and everybody else but that temper, explode , she went and grabbed her gun and pointed right at him .His eys got widden but the lq still took over.

'' bitch i knew ya screws werent to tight '' he laughed

'' dont push me i will do it '' she said letting her emotions get the best of her.

'' bitch put the damn gun down'' he said starting to get mad

'' bitch ?'' she replied as she hit him with the but of the gun , he snatched it and they went off fighting she was getting her ass kicked but she was giving him hits he never thought a girl could swing , she finaly gave him once he chocked her down to the bed .

'can't breathe'' she gasped trying to get him off her .

'' calm the fuck down '' he yelled letting his grip lose.

'' you fucking around let me find linda i promise she dead '' she said meaning her threat .Lala had a temper she couldnt control when she was mad she went to the extreme .she picked up a glass and thru it directly at him , he ducked in time , that just ticked him off , he grabbed her trying not to hurt her , he then notice Lala helded her past in so long it damaged her mentaly when she got upset .

''CALM DOWN'he yelled griping her down , she started throwing blows again .

Next day she woke up on a man hunt tryna find Trina , she was on every block looking for Trina, Jig knew she would kill Trina if she saw her so instead of putting her real name in his phone whick was jasmine he put Trina to throw her off.

She than left it alone , she had her own issues she was worried about . She started egtting sick , Jig was barley coming around , and she didnt chase him , and thats what kept him so attached to her that she wasnt on him like the rest of the girls. He started noticing the change . He came home one morning just as she was about to leave she didnt say anything to him .

'' where you going ?'

'' out'' she replied as she zipperd up her jacket

'' you better not be seein no nigga'' he stated

'' i do what the fuck i want''

'' make me fuck you up''

'' Bye Jig '' she replied as she was about to walk out .He grabbed her by her neck and slammed her to the wall.

'' keep playing with me ''he said gripping her neck.

'' get of me , i dont have the energy to kick ya ass today''she replied

'' yo you pushing me''

'' you the one seein other people and im pushing you'' she laughed , causing him to get mad.

He began chocking her untill she lost consious, she dropped .

'' you not going no where kep testing me Alexis'' .He then knew something was up when she went to lay down instead of fight him .

He than went thru her purse and saw the sonogram.His heart grew a smile , then his guilt felt bad for putting hands on her. She woke up two hours later , he sat in the kicthen watching her and looking at her belly .He loved Lala alot he just knew she was his perfect match she took no shit from himor anyone else.He watch her open the fridge and get something to eat .She barley finished her food , she went upstairs and layed down.He felt so bad because he knew she was stressing because of him .Jig was stilll stubborn. he couldnt show his soft side.He went upstairs and start packing his stuff .

''you leaving me'' she said as her eyes teard up ....He couldnt evenlook at her because he knew he would be more hurt than he was , he didnt know why he was doing this he was just a different person once his mother died.

'' yup'' he said being stubborn

'' why , Jig , matter fact go , i dont need you '' she siad letting tears fall as she walked out the room.They both was hurt, but they both was very stubborn. Past a month they havent spoken to eachother , she was still pregnant and really sick .Her sister was on vacation with Xay , they where dating , JJah and Imani went as well.Lala was alone.

She went out to dinner alone. Jig came over but he realize she wasnt home , so he left. They both wanted to call eachother but they both wher to stubborn . One night she woke up screamingg she was in so much pain she didnt know what was going on , she barley could make it to the phone.Past 1week she been in the hospital getting surgery , but noone one because she didnt call noone , Jig was worried sick.He slept in her bed hoping she came home .the hospital released her 6am on a monday , when she got home he jumped up straight force choking her.

'' yo you had us worried , what nigga you was with swear to god imma kill him '' He then let go knowing she been crying.

'' who touched you , what happen ? you ok ? why you didnt call me'' he asked changing his mood , she just walked away and went upstairs in her bed.He watch her lay down ,he knew he had to let his feelings show because he will soon lose her if he kept acting stubborn.Next morning he woke up went upstairs to check on her , she was gone , his nerves began going off.When she got bck he was gone.She was carrying things she wasnt suppose to but she wasnt waiting around for nobody .She was getting her son room ready. She sent him a long text.

'' I cared about you , i never knew you was such a heartless person i figure you would change but isee i got what i asked for , you dont have to worry about me nomore im out your way , you live ya lufe and imma live mine ,you good my g '' she sent .When he read that he was hurt , but his pride as usual was in the way . He stop coming around and it hurted her more because she thought the text would have him open his eyes. 7 months past she was huge .Jah and the crew stayed out of Jig and Lala buisness.Lala and Jig havent seen eachother eversince.One night she was knocked out sleep , she heard foot steps walking up the stairs she reached for her gun and started walking towards the foot step , she always told herself never let it get you first , you get whats coming to you first.

'' dont bust La its me '' Jig said turning on the light

'' you saying that like thats suppose to mean something'' she repiled as she let her gun down and placed it on safe mode and back under her pillow

He wasnt the best to her but he made every wrong right , he became a good father , and a good boyfrind to her.



Asia and xay where still dating , Asia had that same mentailty like her sister.

They went out that night , with jah and Imani.

'' come on bay lets go dance'' Asia said pulling him up

'' girl i dont dont real niggas sit''

'' ok so thats exactly why you should be dancing'' she joked as they laughed

'' yea iight '' he replied as he took her and showed her a good time , they was grinding on eachother enjoying theirself.

'' bay i wanna fuck'' she whisperd in his ear

'' iight wait till we get home''

'' naw i cant wait that long'' she replied as xay cracked up

'' comeone lets go in the car''

'' yo you and ya sister are crazy , she giving lap dance ,and you wanna fuck in the club, i wish i met yall mother'' he joked

'' lets go ''

They went in the car and she rode him gently , and just their luck red,white,and blue lights flashed behind them

'' this cant be happening '' xay said zippering up his manhood.

'' what are you two doing '' Cop asked as xay rolled down the window.

'' we was fucking officer , untill you interupted'' she replied with her i dont give a fuck attitude.

'' excuse me?''

'' she drunk officer , we was waiting on friends their in the club''

'' im letting yall off with a waringing''

'' well let me warn you to , next time you see this car bouncing up and down keep it moving she replied in the passenger seat

Next Day around 3pm Xay woke up to worried calls from Lala

'' naw sis we was sleep all day we didnt pick him up'' Xay answerd , as Asia got up looking .

'' whats wrong?'' she asked

'' Lala said the day care told her you picked lil jig up ''

'' WHATTTTTT ?'' Asia yelled

Cops where all around her house taking pictures ,notes anything about 6month old Jarrett jr., the daycare was shut down , Lala was on complete silence she didnt move or talk .They where all over the news about the missing baby ..Jig was hurt he wanted to make sure she never go thru what she went thru.3am detectives where downstairs knocking on the door .Before they got to talk Lala began screaming and crying she already knew.

''mam we found your son body , in the hudson river'' detective said .

The funeral was sad .Past 2 years Things where going ok jig and Lala where still together, so where xay and Asia.One night they all went to a club.

'' hey Lala , how are you long time no see ''

'' im Asia Lala is over there '' she replied to the girl

''hello to you to destiny'' . Destiny froze seeing that they where twins.

'' wait your a twin? '' Destiny asked

'' yup''

'' so you and Xay not dating?''

'' no bicth im not unloyal like you''

'' wow , so you and xay dating , sorry about what happen to yall baby' she said to Asia

'' yes where dating , and it was my newphew '' Asia replied.

That night Lala and Jig was sleep untill she woke out her sleep.

'' oh my god Jig Destiny killed lil mans'' she said waking him up

'' what?''

'' yes,its all starting to make since, she thought Asia was me and that me and xay had a baby, out to hurt me she killed our lil mans thinking it was me and xay baby'' Lala said as she slid on her all black clothes and grabed her gun.

'' lets go handle our buisness'' Jig said as he loaded his gun

'' we outside'' Asia said

'' what?'' Lala asked looking confused

'' girl im ya twin , i caught on at the club, lets go yall know me and xay down''

They got outside got in the car , xay and Asia was all blacked out ready to roll.They pulled up to her house .Xay went in first and left the door unlocked.

'' why you here i thought you had some one'' Destiny said as her and xay sat on her bed

'' naw i love you yo i fucked up ,Asia aint got shit on you ''

'' i knew you would come back '' she said feeling herself.

'' yea , but i bet you didnt think i would '' Lala said as she waked in with her gun straight staring for a head shot.Destiny face froze , when xay pulled his gun out to , and in walked Asia and Jig ,with their strap.

'' i went out my way to make sure i brought a silencer, so when i shoot you you up the neighbors wont hear the shots , but you would feel it ''

'' what i do '' Destiny cried trying to find something

'' bitch dont play with me'' Asia said as she walked from behind Lala and busted her in the face with the butt of the gun.Jig and Xay stood back and let the girls do they thing.hours of painful treatment they shot her , stabbed her, burned her, and even started cutting her body parts up , they wanted to make sure she felt every bit of pain they felt.After that night Jig,Lala,Xay , and Asia where unstopable , they hit licks, and did other crazy shit.Jah and Imani had settled down and had a baby .Lala and Asia spoiled that baby rotten. One night they all went out to dinner.At the table Xay gave Asia that look , he saw a nigga walk in that ,look he gave Asia ment go flirt with the guy and get his number , and later on well set his ass up.It got under Xay skin alot how good of a flirt she was but he knew at the end of the day that was his rock , his rider his down for anything thing.

'' yall starting yall shit already we suppose to be having a dinner'' Imani laughed

'' word'' Jig laughed .Asia got up and walked over to him .

'' can i have some?'' Asia said to the guy as she walked up to him.

'' have some of what beautiful?'' He sayed checking her out

'' this '' she said as she rubbed her hand across his dick , while looking at him with the most sexiest smile

'' what ?'' he said as he looked around as if she was joking or something.

'' look its been a minute , my man is in the navy a girl need some dick , so wass sup ?''she said leaning in towards him.

She got his number that day , but the plan was they would talk a little then set him up , it would be to ovious to do it so soon.That night her and Xay was home chilling , he got out the shower .He got on the bed and layed on top of her , he made his way inside her they was making love then he stopped and looked at her .

''Asia , you be fucking other niggas?'' he said just letting jeliousy take his mind over , thinking about how good of a flirt she was.

'' whatttttt ? '' she said as she try to not look like she was enjoying the dick.

'' you heard me''

'' nigga you got you long thick dick inside of me and you want me to answer you '' she said still in the mood .He shoved his dick inside her so hard she felt that he was serious .

'' bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy '' she moaned out loud

'' answer me''

'' yess , yess , yess '' she moaned . He quickly got up and started going off.

'' bitch whatttt ???'' he snapped ready to fuck her up

She finaly snapped out the mood.

'' Bay whats wrong ?'' she asked

'' you just told me you fucking someone else''

'' what , come on now xavier , you already know im not even that type , shit why cheat on you when i can just leave you ?'' she said as she got up folding sheets.Xay then felt stupid he knew she wasnt lieing.

'' my bad bay'' he said sitting on the bed with his dick sticking back up

'' i heard'' she replied as she got a pillow

'' so we gonna finish up?''

'' yea , you and ya hands can go finish up on the couch''she said as she handed him the sheets and pillow to go lay on the couch .

Over at Jig and Lala house .Jig was smoking his L.

'' so what if i just snatch that and flush it '' she said as she stood infront him

'' ill fuck you up'' he said with his eyes low looking at her.

'' chill bay , but yo we gotta get outta here '' she said as she sat next to him , taking the L and smoking it with him.

''what you mean''

'' bay we gotta leave , we gotta go get our life together , we cant keep living like this , shit soon the cops will be on our ass''

'' stop talking like that ma''

'' bay on some real shit , like we robbing ppl , killing people ,just so we can survive''

'' bay we do what people would do to us , what i always tell you , you cant give to people who wanna get you , you cant back out on me now '' he said as he looked at her who was staring blank

'' daddy , im here im never backing down ,i just wanna be happy yo i been thru hell, i lost my daughter , our son , my mother , my father , i just found my sister , i got you , xay , mani , and Jah yall my family , i want to keep this good, idont want no more heart aches bay '' She said staring blank

'' i got chu ma '' he said as he kissed her on her cheek.

One night Xay and Jig went out to the strip club .

'' man Asia ass pregnant ?'' Xay said out the blue with a smile

'' word , congrats my boy ''

'' i hope its a a boy''

'' word , a lil nephew''

'' word , cant have a girl cause she gonna be a hot head like her mother and aunt, them two mentaly crazy yo'' xay laughed

'' hell yea , on some real shit , yo i been trying so hard to get Lala ass pregnant , shit its like her damn vagina aint letting my shits in '' he laughed as , they both started cracking up.

'' isnt she on birth control'' xay replied

'' naw i dont think so , why you say that tho?''

'' cause that time her and Asia brought them loui bags i thought i was going in Asia bag , but i was in lala bag and i saw it said birth control pills '' he answerd

''how you know it was Lala's''

'' nigga it said Alexis Jones on it'' xay answerd as he took a sip.

'' word ?, she aint tell me this shit , thats why her ass aint getting pregnant , let me find them pills im flushing them shits''.

Just his luck he found them and did so , One day he saw Her looking.

'' what you looking for ma?'' he said playing dumb

'' nothingg'' she lied as she kept looking

'' come ma'' he said he he grabbed her hand and led her to the bed.She layed back as he unzipperd her pants , and for the first time he please her with every inch of his tounge shit she was worth it , she enjoyed everybit , he then finaly lifeted his head and made his way inside her , she was so inlove his sex game that was her soft side .

'' ready for this '' he said as he stroked harder

'' yess '' she moaned just caught in the mood.

'' so why the fuck you on birth control'' he snapped as he pulled out and cut his mood completely off . She layed there for some time untill she realized what was going on.

'' hold on why the fuck you touching my shit '' she replied as she sat up.

'' iight so this what we doing ?''

'' bet'' she replied

Past 2 weeks they been on their bs, not fucking barley talking really on a lets see who crack first type shit.Imani and the rest came over .

'' hii aunty baby '' Lala said as she played with Imani and Jah daughter.

'' yea thats the only baby aunty will be able to call baby '' Jig added as he fixed them all some drinks.

'' yall beefing '' they all laughed

'' how far are you Asia'' Jah asked as he rubbed her belly

'' 3 months '' she said as she plopped on the couch.

'' aye girl ya phone'' Jig said as he handed Lala her phone that was ringing.

She took the phone call outside it was an unformila person. After the call she sat on the porch in shock and tears a little.She sat out their for 5 minutes untill Asia came out and sat nextto her.

'' whats wrong sis ?'' she askked.

'' i might have a baby out there'' she said with a tear and a smile.

'' what ?''

'' they saying i had twins and it was a mistake at the hospital , i have to go monday to take a test'' she replied

That monday came , she went and did whats he had to , she didnt tell Jig anything. The next day the test came back that positive ,she then told jig , The next day they went to meet her 6 year old daughter , when she saw her she began crying she hugged her so tight she looked exactly like her daughter that died .Past 2 months she she got to know her daughter a little , she slept by her , she didnt leave that little girl side , she made sure she had every and anything she asked for. Jig helped out as well he saw how happy She was , but then he got a little jelious because he felt he wasnt getting her attention anymore . One night she came home and saw he was packed.

'' where you going ?'' she asked

'' you dont need me '' he replied

'' Jig , you kidding me right''she said as she put her shopping bags down

'' yo im glad your happy , im glad lil mamas is here , but you forgetting that im here so why stay where im not visable '' he said letting his feelings out

'' wow , yo , i really see the bitch in you , man you wanna go go ahead yo , youll be back''

'' well see '' he said as he left

'' mommy are you ok'' Natile said as she sat on Lala bed

'' yes mamas mommy is just fine ''

Past a 6 she moved away to a quiet place , only an hour away she moved to south jersey started working and doing right by her daughter. Its been a while since she saw the crew, One evening all them besides Jah came over .They where surprised when the saw her pregnant belly .

'' bitc you kept this from me '' Imani yelled in excitement

'' me and mommy having a boy'' Natile happily answerd

'' damn my boy know '' xay aksed

'' i dont know'' she lied knowing that Jig didnt know.

''damn you living nice'' Jah said as he looked around her place .

That night they enjoyed theirself .

One Lala woke up in so much pain .Natile woke up and checked on her mother.

'' whats wrong mommy ?'' she said as she held her hand.

'' i dont know i might be having the baby early''

'' ok relax , im going to call the ambulance '' Natile stuck by her mother side , Lala was surprise for her age her daughter knew alot , she held her mother hand , kept a wash cloth on her face,kept checking if the baby was coming , got her dress decent to go to the hospital , she even called Jig . She waited in the waiting room because she was to young to go in.Jig ,Asia,Xay,Imani,and Jah ran in only Jig got to go in , Lala was shock to see him they didnt say much Jig helped her thru the labor.After she gave birth to two 6 ponds , 11 ounce twin boys . She was released 3 days later .Jig left without saying a word.

'' girl he up to something you know he not gonna just up and leave you with two newborns''Imani said as she heled one twin.

'' yea , im withh Mani on this one''Asia agreed

The door bell rung , in walked a tal , darkskin , loud mouth girl.

'' omg my gosh you finally had them'' she yelled as she alked to the twin

'' who this bitch ?'' Asia asked with a screwd up face

'' this is my neighbor Tammy''Lala greeted

Tammy came across as always being so happy , and she was loud.

'' oh my their so handsome'' she said playing with the other twin

'' thanks Tam''

The bell rung , Lala went to answer it , when she did she stood their . It was jig he had a moving crew with him , he had brought 2 big beautifil blue cribs , tubs, toys , alot of expensive stuff , he even brought Natile few thiings.

'' thought i was gonna leave you stinking baby girl '' he whisperd in her ears as he opend the door wide so the movers could move the stuff in.That night everybody but Jig went home.

'' how you like being a big sister Nat ?'' jig asked

'' i always been a big sister , but i like it better now because iknow im really their sister , and im going to make sure they fine'' she said as she helped Jig fix up her rrom.

'' thats wasssup''

'' are you and mommy gonna make it work again?'' she asked

Jig took a while to answer.

'' i hope so Nat , i missed yall alot''

'' yall ok in here '' Lala asked as she checked up on them, and sat with them for a few

'' yes mommy, how did you two meet ''Natile asked.Jig , and Lala looked at eachother and laughed

'' i was the new girl on the block and he was a hater'' she smile

'' naw ya mother was stuck up,thinking she ran stuff''Jig replied

'' how ? you never gave me a chance you called me a bitch the first secone you saw me'' she laughed going down memory lane.

'' naw'' he lied knowing she was right.

'' ok im going to lay down im tierd''she said as she left out.

She went and fell asleep , Jig and Nat stayed up watching movies .Jig loved Natile like that was his blood daughter .Then when she fell asleep , he put her in her bed , then he creeped up in Lala's bed .She was sleep.He took his clothes off.He slid under the cover and slid her panties oof and started pleasing her pussy with his tounge , she woke out of he sleep pulled the covers back and enjoyed it as he was giving it to her , after a good 15 minutes he finally got on top of her . He loved looking at the face expressions she made , he smiled while looking at her he knew his sex game was off the charts .He than turned her over for back shots , he rubbed his hand down her back to make sure everything was how he left it , he marked her down to the T , he knew every part of her body.When he rubbed the back of her neck he felt a print , he couldnt see it because it waas dark , he knew it was a tat.He kept pumping but he flicked the night light on , he gripped her hair in a pony tail n saw the tat said J E R M A I N E in bold letters , his smile got so wide , to know she tatted his real name.She than took control and made love to him. The next morning she woke up smiling she was in his arms .She rolled over to face him.

'' you made love to me like you were gonna lose me '' he said while keeping eye to eye contact

'' knowing you i just might''

'' what you mean by that ?''

'' jig you always just up and leave me ''she said , thoes words actualy took him for a seconde.

'' ive never left ya side nomatter how hard things got'' she continued talking.He started to think about her ,Natile, the twins, without him.

'' what if One day , you pop back up and me , and the kids settled down with someone else'' she said

'' man we aint even bout to start this''

'' Jig if you still wanna be in the streets go right ahead, we dont need you'' she said starting to get upset.

'' yall dont need me? Word say that '' he said out of hurt , he got out the bed , and started putting his clothes on.

'' so you leaving again?'' she asked as she sat up. he didnt answer.

'' you know what , dont come back , im sick of this shit jig , one minute we cool , next you out'' she cried , letting her feelings out.

'' La i got a daughter '' he said out the blue as if he was holding it on his chest for a long time.

'' what ?'' she said paused

'' i wanted to tell you , just didnt know how to shell be 8 tomarrow'' he said without looking at her .She didnt say a word she just sat on the edge of the bed starring blank .She was hurt and just fed up .He got up and walked infront of her he saw how he hurted her , her eyes where full of tears , she wasnt looking at him.

'' im sorry , La''

'' so what about her mother you still with her ? , dont lie to me please '' she begged

'' this was before you , i should of told you but everything with us was so right''

'' you still with her ?'' she repeated

'' i love you La'' he answerd ignoring her question

'' answer me please'' she replied

'' she pregnant now'' he confessed

'' WOW'' she cried , with a crack voice , she was beyond hurt .Jig knew he hurted her .

'' so thats where you want to be ? , she got your heart , is that your family ? , so i guess im just you baby mother , what about the twins ? and my daughter she loves you she look at you like a father , shit what about me jig i had your back thru everything , im just the chick on the side'' she cried so hard she never been this hurt .Jig cried a little because he knew she was hurt.

'' you crossed me JERMAINE , you DISLOYAL''she said as she got up to walk away .

He left knowing he was wrong , she cried so bad , she almost lost herself in her tears , Natile stood by her mother side .

'' mommy you have to be strong for me and the twins we need you mommy'' Natile said .Thoes words struck her and she knew her daughter was right.

'' im sorry baby , mommy so sorry'' she said as she kissed her. Jig called all day , and sent text but he got no reply.

'' mommy can you please take me to go visit my other family '' she asked

'' your other family?'' Lala quizzed

'' yes Momma Netta'' she replied

She took her to see the family that raised her , the hospital made a mistake and gave Natile to them.Natile had a good life. The mother who had her was ghetto as hell but she tre

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