The Bargain II

The Bargain  II The Bargain II

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Emma had misgivings when her fiance took a job with a mysterious businessman and that was before she discovered his intention...what will she do when she finds out?


Emma had misgivings when her fiance took a job with a mysterious businessman and that was before she discovered his intention...what will she do when she finds out?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Bargain II

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Emma had misgivings when her fiance took a job with a mysterious businessman and that was before she discovered his intention...what will she do when she finds out?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 09, 2011



The moment he saw her, he knew he had to have her.

She looked over at him from across the room and smiled. Her brunette hair spilling over her shoulders like spun silk and her eyes bright, flirtatious even…and her lips full, as they curved into that smile that warmed him. The blue dress that skimmed above her knees molded her to perfection, from where the neckline flattered her breasts to where it slit just above the knee.

It was her first company party since her boyfriend had begun working at the importing firm, as a lowly courier. He had gotten the job out of college after graduating with a bachelors in business economics and entering into a recessive market, but he had brought his resume to Stefan and promised to work in any position he chose and in return, he had been given a generous salary, use of the corporate jet and a bonus large enough to pay for an MBA from Stanford University.

The boyfriend of the woman who stood across from him now had taken the job and moved into the pad that came with it. A luxurious condo inside a gated community with all the fixings…inside their residence and all around it…and he felt grateful for finding a job at all let alone one with a future.

The only problem was that he traveled a lot and his girlfriend of five years stayed behind in San Francisco to finish school. And right before he had promised his girlfriend the weekend at an exclusive resort, Stefan had called him into the office telling him he needed to fly to New York City to deliver templates for a new product.

So the boyfriend had boarded the Lear Jet stocked with a wet bar and a plasma screen where he could watch movies in a luxurious cabin.

But his girlfriend had stayed behind and Stefan had included her on the list to his latest party and watched her as she mingled mostly with people she had only seen in passing. The world she occupied differed greatly from that of her boyfriend without much overlap between them.

Stefan had made sure that she had been taken care of…plenty of food to eat, wine to drink…to help her relax in an unfamiliar environment. She was a classic beauty but shy and studious and she seemed a bit intimidated by him. Stefan stood a solid six feet tall and had built his muscular frame through being trained by the toughest bodyguards in the world to make him less of a target for hostile takeouts or kidnappings for ransom.

He wore Armani now and had attracted the eyes of many women in attendance but he only had eyes for Emma…standing by herself looking at the books in his library. Watching her, he knew a secret about herself that she didn't know…and another that she did. Her boyfriend had been most helpful to Stefan about answering his questions about her when sealing the deal on his brand new career. Because for all the things that Stefan had offered the boyfriend as part of the exciting new job, he had wanted something in return.

And now she stood there right in front of him.

Across the room, Emma had seen him standing there, Phil's new boss, Stefan…something. He had been featured in many magazines including in People as one of the sexiest men alive until his engagement to the daughter of another prominent family…they were to be married in some huge splashy affair, the merger of two major families in the…importing business.

Another word for some sort of illicit syndicate she guessed but Phil had reassured her that his new job was legit. That had been when he had shown her around their opulent new residence, a far cry from the apartment with the leaky roof where he had lived when they had met at a coffee shop. He had traded in his broken down car for a Mercedes…top of the line…and other toys…the kind that powerful men like to play with when not out conquering the world. He had reassured her over a candlelight dinner at the hotel that housed him during his interview process of the things he could buy her, the place they could go…and then he had proposed marriage.

She had tearfully accepted but the wedding date had been put off on the future. He had tried to get her to take him into her bed but she had demurred, being an old fashioned girl who had wanted to save herself for her husband on their marital night.

He had sighed, had released the opulent breast that he had been caressing and had gone into his separate bedroom after kissing her goodnight. She had lain in her own bed marveling at the sparkle on her finger, before she had fallen asleep.

And it was while at the hotel that she had the visions while she slept that filled her waking hours…

Night met her with dreams of making love…only she hadn't been wearing any clothes and neither had he…their bodies were intertwined in the way that only lovers know and she had felt him thrusting inside of her where no man had ever been. She had looked around her and saw candles burning, their flames flickering together. She had been happy because at first she thought it was her future husband making love with her, filling her with sensations that stirred the deepest part of her.

The pleasure that threatened to consume her, licked at her body like fire and she had arched her back under him. He had pressed her against the bed again and had consumed her with his mouth as he pumped inside of her.

The whispers of ancient words filled her ears…and then she saw his face…

Stefan…and he arched his own back and howled as he shook her body with his orgasm.

As she lay in her own bed, her fiancé in the other room asleep, she felt shame fill her, replacing the exhilaration that had filled her earlier. Her breasts also ached as did her pussy and her panties felt damp. But then again, it had seemed so real.

But she kept telling herself during the day between dreams that she only loved Phil…would only give herself to her husband and that the dreams meant nothing except perhaps stemming from idle curiosity about her husband's new employer.

Now she looked at him and knew embarrassment but also a sense of wonder at why she had dreamed of him. But no, she couldn't think about him that way…not with her fiancé away on a business trip…though that's mostly what he seemed to be doing lately.

Stefan seemed nothing more than a generous host and solicitous of every need, but he probably had been used to hosting such soirees. She found it quite stuffy really, not her scene at all. But he had made small conversation with her as he filled her wine glass with the most succulent liquor. It felt sweet and slightly tart on her tongue and pleasantly warmed her throat as she swallowed it.

And it relaxed her…allowed her mind to flow freely. She missed Phil, but she missed the way he had touched her when they'd been fooling around right up to…when she had to remind him that she wasn't that type of girl. She had been raised by strict parents to believe that if a woman didn't save herself for her husband then she was a harlot.

That indoctrination had defined her life…but looking at Stefan now across the room…the thoughts that filled her suddenly made her feel less like the pure vessel she was to be for her husband and more like well…a harlot. She thought her cheeks would burn as they usually did when she woke up from one of those dreams and realized that she had sinned in her sleep.

But she felt aroused…and it was funny because she had been anything but when her fiancé announced this morning that he suddenly had been called away on business, canceling their planned trip to Monterey to stay in a bungalow and she had been thinking just maybe…maybe she would give in to him not easily but by the end of vacation. After all, if they were going to get married…

The reservations had been given rain check status and she had once again unpacked her bags, putting her clothes away. But just before she was going to put away the white lingerie set she had bought for him, she decided to wear it beneath her more sensible party dress to the soiree. It made her feel more than just a little bit wicked…a secret she kept for herself from the more conservative guests around her. She sipped her wine which became even more delicious, more heady with each sip…she hadn't planned to drink at all but she had taken a flute from her host to be polite…but she sipped it again, picking up another flavor besides the tang from the vintage grapes.

And she felt a pleasurable sensation fill her, like…she tried to figure it out like…she did when Phil had looked at her a certain way…and like a certain man had made her feel in her dreams that she kept tucked away safely in her mind, away from her fiancé.

He watched her sip the wine he had brought her and he smiled…she looked beautiful in the light as she did in the silhouette of darkness. That dress, no doubt felt silky smooth against her body and the length flattered what appeared to be an incredible pair of legs. He had seen her before in his dreams…only there she had those legs wrapped around his hips as he thrust into her moist center…her panting loud in his ears.

How she wanted him, only him.

And he felt the familiar tightness in his pants at the sight of her standing there admiring the books in the library as she sipped the wine. It had been a while since…except for the woman he had married to seal an alliance between the two families…that he had enjoyed the company of a woman. But they hadn't been like the woman standing in front of him, so beautiful, so young…

So pure.

He knew she was a virgin. He knew she had no intention of changing that status until she and her fiancé, her employee were married. Her fiancé had been the one who had told him that during the final job interview. Stefan hadn't seen Emma then…but he had later on at a restaurant where he had taken them both to celebrate sealing the deal with Phil as his newest courier.

The man was ambitious, and he was bright and so far he had been the model employee. He had done what Phil asked without question, had gone on these business trips at the drop of a dime. Stefan knew the young man had dreams of getting ahead, of going as far up in the business as he could and Stefan said he would help him.

But there would be a price.

He thought about that conversation with a smile as he gazed at the woman ahead of him, her head bent as she flipped through the pages of the book in her hand. Her luscious hair fell over her face but not enough to cover the curve of a smile on her face.

The sight intoxicated him, his blood began to race…his heart pounded. His hearing became more acute, his sight infallible…all his senses finally honed as he had grown towards maturity and had worked his way up to the highest levels of his family.

But one thing remained.

His hands clenched at his side, betraying his aura of impeccable control only slightly. He watched her intently as the time ticked away, watched her like a predator…

And she had no idea that she was his prey.

Instinct and wisdom told him that it was time to do what predators did to prepare. Time to separate her from the herd…to get her alone…

Slowly, gently so she wouldn't know that anything was amiss until it was too late.

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