Last minute

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A Business meeting leads to a passionate encounter. Hopefully that leads to a new sexual adventure

Last Minute


The rain beat against the windows of the conference center. My feet ached, I was cold and tired and bored. I had been chosen by my Manager to attend and represent the Company at this Devon Business forum. It was supposed to be a chance for forward thinking businesses to share ideas and network. I was getting the impression that like most candidates, it was a chance for me to get out of the office for the day.

Only fifteen minutes left as I listened to the closing speech of the day. The guy droned on about what a success the day had been and how through linking together we had grown. What a load of crap!

I was stirred from my melancholy by the sharp aroma of Lemons… no it was Citrus but not lemons, and it had something else Vanilla. It smelt wonderful so refreshing. Who was giving off this alluring scent? There was a hint of Musk as well so it had to be a guy’s aftershave. I casually checked around me. The guy next to me smelt of Coffee and mints, and the guys in front weren’t it either. The woman to my right was obviously out so I looked behind me as nonchalantly as I could.

Yep! There he was a real stunning guy, and the aftershave was definitely his. He looked like he had just arrived rather than attending all day. His business suit was sharp and un-creased and was well fitted, so was probably made to measure rather than off the peg.  

He coughed and looked straight at me, damn I had been caught checking him out. I smiled and started to blush. I refocused on the guy at the podium but my thoughts were Citrus guys piercing eyes. I could still feel them on me or was that just wishful thinking.

It was over, we filed out into the lobby of the Hotel and I stepped aside from the general exodus to send a message home. At just after five traffic was going to be a nightmare, I texted my Husband. “Take your time” was the response.

“Was today a success?” the voice said. I spun around to see Citrus guy standing before me. It was definitely his aftershave, a woody citrus scent that was subtle but stayed in the air. It was a perfect match for him. Just short of six foot and medium built, he was out of the box handsome.

He coughed again, damn that’s twice I got lost checking him out.

“Hi, I am Simon” he extended a hand. I exchanged handshake noting the wedding ring. Like the rest of him it fitted into his look as if he was packaged this way rather than mismatching that most guys managed when putting on clothes.

“Could I buy you a drink?” he offered. “It’s been a long day and I need something refreshing”

The traffic would clear in about an hour and it made little difference whether I was sat in my car or sat in the Hotel, I would still arrive home at the same time.

“That would be great” I said and we walked the short distance to the bar area.

I hadn’t taken too much notice of the Hotel before, but it was one of the best. Probably a five star. The bar area was classy rather than the cheap bar fittings that most hotels seemed to install.

We sat near the Windows which looked out onto the Cathedral green, people were running to avoid the rain. The sky was a crazy black, which I always took as meaning this rain was in for the night.

There were no menu’s which was unusual and I was about to go looking for some when a waiter appeared. Again this place was showing its class, a waiter in a Bar!

“Can we have two glasses of Champagne”. He got the order in, whilst I was still thinking about asking for a menu. “if that’s OK, with You ?” he asked.

Our drinks arrived and he offers a toast and leans forward to instigate one of those air kisses. He’s obviously not from Devon as they haven’t taken to this ridiculous form of greeting!

“To a mind numbing day” He says, as I lean in to air kiss his cheek. The aftershave is quite intoxicating this close.

He sharply moves his head and our lips touch, oh wow he has the sexiest luscious lips they are soft and firm. I let our lips embrace longer than they really should and then sit back in my chair. He smiles.

I take an unladylike gulp of Champagne and the waiter reappears from nowhere. Simon orders two more glasses.  We talk about general work issues, but its water cooler chat nothing that’s going to solve any huge business problems. I figure that the traffic should have cleared a little and consider making my exit.

The rain bangs against the Window and breaks my train of thought. This is very relaxing, sipping Champagne with a very handsome man. I wish I could end every work day this way.

I stare into Simon’s eyes they are so brilliantly clear and sharp, he moves forward again and so do I. The kiss is straight on the lips this time and feels electric and so nice. He gently places his hand on my leg and gently squeezes.

“You’re a great kisser!”

I smile, it helps that he is so damned sexy, otherwise I would be driving through traffic and he would be wearing the Champagne.

I excuse myself and go to the ladies, more to get my head straight than any urgent need to pee. What am I doing? Nothing I quickly add. I have had two drinks with a charming guy who I kissed, hardly breaking the marital law. But that voice is starting to awaken in the back of my head. The one that said it was Ok to fuck Neville. Oh wouldn’t a repeat of that night be fantastic.

But I can’t I have School night and Dinner and family stuff. Snap out of it and get a grip. This guy might be the real gent and he’s married too. He can’t be the cheating type. But the two kisses tell me otherwise.

 I re-apply my lipstick and walk back into the bar. The place has emptied as people escape into the rain on their way home. I reach the table and see that Simon has brought two more glasses. Much more and I won’t be legal to drive and besides how much does this stuff cost in here? But the Voice in the back of my head shouts at me..

“He’s keen, see where it goes?” it purrs. But I don’t feel sexy. I am in my business suit and sensible shoes and feel like I smell of old conference and coffee. Hardly sex kitten.

I sit down and note that he’s moved his chair closer to mine. I sip my bubbly and he leans to whisper in my ear.

“I would love to kiss you more…… in my room?” his warm breath tickles my ear and sends a shiver down my back. The voice in my head screams so loud I am surprised he doesn’t hear it.

“Yes, we’re going to fuck!”

I consider saying no for a micro second, but my inner desire has won and it’s useless to deny it. I smile and agree so he goes to pay the bill. Whilst he does that, I shoot another message home to say I have decided to head back to the office rather than fight traffic and I will be home later. I feel guilt …. Here I am the cheating wife again. But it’s not me, I am someone else now and I need this. I need the sex! I am feeling alive again, the same feelings the night I fucked Neville. 

We take the lift to his room, where Simon holds the door open. The room is fantastic, so luxurious. And big, I could fit our flat into the whole floor space. There is a huge bath in the corner of the bedroom, very decadent. The bed is equally as huge.

I put my handbag on the dresser and Simon beckons me over to the Window, the view is stunning. I can see right across the city and have a bird’s eye view of the cathedral.

I feel Simon gently kiss the back of my neck, It sends a tingle down my spine and my knees feel weaker. I turn around and kiss him, oh yes. I feel my pussy tingle. I feel the warmth spread from between my legs over the rest of my body. I feel the urges intensify. His kisses are electric.

I tell him I need the bathroom and he points me in the right direction. I look at myself in the vanity mirror. I really don’t look sexy at all, my hair is a mess and this suit just hangs. I remove my jacket and see that the blouse is creased and has a coffee stain. I decide to remove that as well. Thankfully the bra I chose to wear today cups my breasts nicely and looks half decent. I do remember, however that my panties don’t match so remove them.

This is not a great look standing in my bra and skirt with hold-ups and no panties. Playboy it isn’t but it’s the best I can offer. Besides hopefully he wants what’s in the clothes?

I open the bedroom door and go back to the main room. Simon turns to look.

“Wow, you look great, your tits are wonderful” he says as his eyes remain fixed on my chest. I walk over to him and we kiss again, I let him slide is tongue into my mouth and can still taste the traces of the champagne. He gently lowers me onto the bed, his hands gently touching me. He reaches around and unclips my bra and my breasts fall free. I am aroused, so my nipples stand erect and hot. He smiles and gently rubs my tits, teasing the nipples between soft fingers. I orgasm and I have forgotten how fucking great this feels. He cups my tits and licks each one gently, nibbling each nipple in turn. It drives me fucking wild!

His hand gently moves down my body as we kiss and I feel it gently reach my leg and make its way up to my puss.

“oh, yes!” he whispers as he finds my hot wet pussy, panty free. His fingers dance around my clit. I hope he likes sticky fingers as I am flooding with excitement. He kisses me again and slips a finger past my swollen lips and into my puss, then another. It makes me gasp.

“Are you ok?” he asks. “oh, yes” I moan.

Simon is so gentle, his fingers caress the inside of my puss gently pushing on the walls and flicking my clit. This is amazing, 14 years married and here I am with a strangers fingers covered in my sex juice. It couldn’t get better, well hopefully it does when he finally gets his cock in there!.

I tell him to remove his trousers. He removes his wet fingers and I stand and remove my skirt, leaving me naked apart from the lacy top hold ups. I needn’t have worried about the lack of sexy lingerie, I can see by the effect I am having on his cock.

I move close to him and kiss him pushing my tongue passionately into his mouth, whilst I gently take his cock in my hands. I slide them up and down the thick shaft and feel how hot it feels. I orgasm again and am pleased to be hanging onto him to steady myself. I lower myself onto my knees and gaze at the erection pushing towards me. I take it deep in my mouth, stiff and hard, so hot. Simon gasps and it makes me smile inside. He pushes his cock in deeper and I run my tongue around the bottom of his shaft, then pull out to the tip and rub my tongue around the ridge of its throbbing head. I hope I can make him shoot his hot come in my mouth, a long forgotten desire.

But he pulls himself out and helps me to stand before pushing me back onto the bed. He lowers himself on top of me. “this is it” my horny voice shouts. We start kissing again and I feel his rigid cock rubbing the outside of my pussy.

This is so fucking amazing I start to think only to be stopped in my thoughts as his cock gently pushes into my wetness. “fuckme!” I orgasm, he feels huge and he’s only just started to screw me. I want this all night!

He slowly starts pumping in and out, he’s making me wetter than ever. I can feel his hot hardness rubbing against my lips and his tip banging against the pussy walls. I feel like screaming but can only manage a moan.

He lifts my legs as he raises my legs to above his shoulders, his pace quickens and I am being rammed deeper and deeper. I shudder and feel like am going to pass out as two orgasms hit me one after the other.

He start to slow down, please don't say that he's finished. But he is far from done yet. He slows to an almost stop, teasing his cock gently so it's almost out before gently sliding it back ever so slowly. it drives me nut's. He manages to hold this rythum for a while without coming all the time rubbing my clit and making my back arch.

His hands grab my tits and squeeze, I wish he would suck and bite my nipples but playing with my tits obviously has a good affect as he is moving quickly now, bucking back and forth as he rams his cock into me. My sex juice is all over my legs and feels red hot.

Simon starts to moan, as I feel his cock start to quiver. “It’s coming” horny voice says. And then I feel it, the head of his cock grows huge and then fires his hot spunk in me, he feels like he is filling my puss up. He lowers himself onto me and I wrap my arms around him as my pussy fires off orgasm after orgasm, my legs are completely useless.

He gently pulls himself out of my puss which causes another salvo of intense pleasure, the hot spunk mixing with my own juice leaks onto the bed and my legs. I guess it’s too late for a condom!

We lay in each other’s arms catching our breaths, just a naked couple starring into the others eyes and having private thoughts.  We kiss gently as if the other might break.

My pussy is still tingling, but I need a pee. So rise and excuse myself. When I return he has partly dressed, I gather my clothes and retreat to the bathroom to get dressed.

He comes down to the lobby and walks me to my car. We kiss passionately again.

“Can I see you again?” he asks. In my mind the answer is no but the horny voice agrees, so we swap numbers.

Later in the evening as I sit watching TV with my husband, my pussy still gently pulses with the night’s earlier passion.  I receive a text message from Simon. He can’t focus on his work, he can’t stop thinking of the sex he’s just had.

I smile, Tonight was the start and I haven’t even begun to unleash the passion on him yet! I gently orgasmed again…

Submitted: November 23, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Maryan Ross. All rights reserved.

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Good read, you write very well and I like your believable style.

Sun, November 23rd, 2014 4:46pm

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