A New life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A surprise invite to an after work drink, leads two married colleagues into a night of erotic surprise and lust. Memoirs from yesteryear.

A new life

It’s funny how after a while all hotels start to look the same; the same cheap furniture and the same cheap beds. Anywhere in the world and all look the same. This one at Heathrow is no exception.

Airline crews always seem to be partying, it’s no secret. As soon as the wheels touch down, then the bottles come out and the dancing begins. The trick is to get invited, most crews are a tight crowd and won’t let anybody join. Not even members of ground crew, so it was a surprise when I found myself at the Hotel on the edge of the airport. Neville and I had always said "Hi"

plus a little small talk. It’s the same conversation said in airports every day, “ How was the flight, how many drunks, How many sick, when you flying out and goodbye?”

The room they had gathered in had a low slung cloud of smoke that mixed with the aftershave and perfume from all the aircrew, it was making me feel light headed and nauseous. I was already on edge as I was trying to quit smoking and here I was breathing in second hand nicotine… I couldn’t decide if I loved it or loathed it. I can’t be the only one as one of the crew suggests going for some air. At last!

The bottle of wine and the early shift that I just finished is combining to make my head spin and my brain woozy. A small group of us head for the car park, where the April night air clears my head somewhat. I text home to reassure my Husband that I am ok and will be home around midnight, he knows I have a shift off so isn’t worried about the late hour.

Neville is very attentive and charming towards me, his airline manner never really turns off and he asks if I am enjoying myself and escorts me back from the car park to the room. Several hours go by in the blink of an eye, how can these people stay sane with so little sleep. Around 11 the party finally starts to wind down, I thank everyone and wish them a great flight back in the morning, knowing that I will still be asleep, deep within my duvet.

Neville offers to get me out the car park without paying but needs to drop off his laptop first, so we divert to his room. He invites me inside to wait.He puts on some music and hangs his uniform and fusses with his flight case.

 I feel light headed but great, I know this from past experience is the result of being overtired. Your body wants to sleep but you push through and then you’re into raw adrenalin, it only lasts about an hour and then tiredness wins and your dead on your feet. .

I start swaying to the music, I would say dance but know that my movements are more shuffle than rhythmic, he joins me swaying comically in time to my own moves. He smells of expensive aftershave and I find it a heady aroma. He is shorter than me, although not by much if I take off my heels, he is quite athletic looking and obviously the long flights and erratic hours don’t affect him physically.

He moves forward and kisses me gently… Wow that was nice and unexpected! It’s been a long time since another man kissed me, His lips linger on mine and I kiss him back but with more force. His hands move around to gently cup my bottom and as we continue to kiss they slide around to rest on my breasts.

I feel like someone has just thrown a switch inside, I am alive and glowing and yet panicking. What the hell am I doing, we are both married. “Stop this now!” a part of my mind screams, however the largest voice I hear is the one telling me how horny I feel… something I haven’t felt in a long time and I love it.

His caresses are driving me wild, my chest heaves with excitement. If he can’t feel my heart pounding through my thin jumper then he at least should feel my nipples which have gone very hot…

We stop kissing and without a thought I reach down and pull up my jumper, he eyes my bra approvingly and puts his hands back on me, sliding them down till the reach my jeans. He unclips them as I wrestle with his shirt. The rest of our clothes hit the floor in quick succession.

I am naked in front of a man from Sri Lanka who I have only really got to know tonight, he is bronzed and young and fit but most of all my eyes are drawn to his huge erection. This can’t be right I think for all of two seconds, I keep on thinking that I will stop this silliness and put my clothes on and leave. It’s not too late I haven’t done anything but kiss!

But I don’t instead I let him lead me to the bed and lay down, whilst I have been battling with my conscious he has slid on a condom. He kisses me again and lays on top of me, my heart is going to seize … “am I going to let him fuck me, I can’t possibly, It shouldn’t happen, but I want him too!”

 These questions are answered in the next second as I feel him gently push into me. My brains explode as I orgasm almost instantly.

 I don’t even know what he is doing, my mind is somewhere else .. It’s in a land of joy; heat, light, cold, sun and fireworks all at the same time. I return to concentrate as he gently slides his cock in and out giving me wave after wave of pleasure. His hands are gently gripping my breasts as his tongue flips my nipples and tenderly bites them. He comes to kiss me and we lock eyes… I immediately orgasm again… those eyes and the feelings his cock are giving me make me want to shout.

He builds rhythm and picks up pace. Damn the Condom all I can feel is the unfeeling plastic and my own wetness… he arches his back and I can see from his face that the moment is over… he gently lowers himself on top of me…

“How did that happen and why am I feeling so great?”, these questions fight for attention with the waves of pleasure that ripple through me. Gently he pulls himself out and rolls over onto his side.

I feel guilty and he must sense my thoughts. “We shouldn’t have done that” he whispers…” I am a married man with children!” I add that I have both a husband and children too. “It was very good” he smiles…I can’t help but smile too as I consider the great sex I just had. I get and up and go to the bathroom, I need to pee and collect my thoughts, then I need to get dressed and get the hell out of there!

I finish in the bathroom and walk back to the bedroom, Neville is standing waiting for me to come out, and I am aware that his cock has grown stiff and erect again.. He comes towards me and gently kisses me, his cock rubbing into my thigh, stiff and hot.

“What happened to getting out of here” I wonder for all of two seconds. As his hands once again tease my nipples. He gently turns me around and bends me towards the wall mounted mirror. My head spins again as I feel his condom less cock easily enter me, I pause to think about pregnancy, how will I be able to explain a Sri Lankan baby to an English Husband?

But the thought is quickly wiped away as my legs go too jelly and I feel I am going to fall but his strong arms grip my waist, he gently raises me so that I am almost upright and I can see our reflection in the Mirror. My breasts swing back and forth as he gently eases in and out, this time I can feel his hardness and the heat of his hot cock. It’s like having a hot poker inside. I am able to steady myself and push back on him so he goes deeper, my brain explodes and I come. I don’t notice his hand drop to between my legs but in an instance feel his fingers tease my clit, working my wet lips delicately pushing onto my wetness and causing shivers to race around my body. I look into the mirror, my brain can’t quite take it in. But I find the sight of us locked together a huge turn on and another wave of orgasm rips from my body. I have haven’t had multiple orgasms before and realize that it’s fucking great!

 I groan as quietly as I can which is probably loud. With the heat of the moment he slips out which causes me to yelp… but I am glad of the chance to catch my breath. I turn around and hold him, we kiss again passionately. He backs me over to the wall and tries to pick me up whilst entering me, it’s a disaster due to the difference in our height.

 I take his hand and guide him back to the bed.. I motion for him to lay down… I need time to regain some energy, so lay on top of him gently and we kiss passionately. I kiss his chest so naked and hairless and so strong. It makes me quiver. I move further down and feel his cock erect and proudly pointing up. I take the tip in my mouth and gently swirl my tongue around the end. I can taste our combined juices so sweet and warm.

I am breaking so many firsts tonight, my first married one night stand, my first fuck with a colored guy and here I am hoping he will come in my mouth, something I don’t even do for my Husband but my boundaries are falling fast and want to break as many rules as I can.… The feelings of doubt and guilt are gone they have been replaced by need and passion, and I need sex and lots of it.

Neville groans as I slide my mouth up and down his shaft, licking and gently letting my tongue rest on all the sensitive parts. He raises my head and smiles. I move back up and we kiss, tongues intertwined, our sex juices swirling around our mouths. He doesn’t seem keen on coming in my mouth.. shame!

He grips my shoulders and pushes me into an upright position his still erect cock standing guard just in front of my pussy. I raise myself up and move his manhood so the tip rubs at my hot wet lips, this makes me moan again, but I keep control and lower myself …. Little by little his cock enters me, the tip forcing apart my lips and entering me followed by the thick hot shaft. “Oh my god how deep has he gone!”, I can feel his tip pushing on the upper wall of my pussy and it makes me want to faint. Slowly I rock back and forth, whilst Neville raises and lowers his groin.. Its making my head spin, the bright lights are back and my ears are ringing. The whole hotel must be hearing us screwing. We are going at a steady pace and he slips out as I rock back too far… the vacuum and sudden departure from my puss makes me gasp. I collapse onto the bed beside him and like a caged animal he is upon me. Once again his Cock enters easily and he builds up pace back and forth, whilst gripping my breasts.


This time I can feel his cock pulse, he’s about to come and I am going to experience and enjoy every second… he speeds up yet again and then his body trembles as I feel the head of his cock explode inside me, the hot fluid seems to spray all the sensitive spots inside my puss… then escape and run warmly down my leg.. That was fantastic… my body is buzzing with energy but at the same time feels a fuzzy sort of tired. It’s time to go this time. I must!


I get up and go to the bathroom, I should shower. I smell of aftershave; sweat and sex, it’s a heady sweet smell. I bet it’s the world’s best aphrodisiac. I am tired but the pulses coming from my puss continue and I feel more alert and alive than I have in years. I also find I am smiling. I better get home before the Husband really starts to get worried. Can I get away with pretending nothing has happened? I can only hope he’s asleep, i stink of sex.

Neville walks into the bathroom to pee, so I take this as my chance to get dressed. I slip on my panties and clip up my bra, I swear my breasts are bigger than they’ve ever been. My nipples are huge and feel like I have been breastfeeding. I slip one leg into my jeans as the bathroom door opens and he comes into the main room. I am sitting on one of the office chairs, where most of my clothes got thrown.  I smile and ask if he’s ok?

He kneels before me, “ I have to go..!” I add. He gazes into my eyes as I try to explain why I need to leave. He leans forward and our lips meet again, tongues dart back and forth. I feel his fingers gently hook the sides of my panties and pull them down to my ankles.

“ I really have to go!” I try to protest, but he’s gently running his fingers up and down my pussy lips, I quiver and orgasm again. He gently lifts my legs onto his shoulders and pulls me to the edge of the chair. I look as he slides his cock in me again, loving every moment as I can feel it push into me, but loving being able to see him fuck me even more.

 He unclips my bra and frees my huge hot breasts, my nipples are aching and red. I pull his head towards them and guide his lips to suck and lick them. I arch my back to push my boobs further into his face and he responds by pumping me faster and faster.

I am physically shaking, I have lost all control and feel I have lost my mind too. Married 11 years and not caring if my Husband walked in right now! I am having the best sex ever and want to scream out loud, I want to stay all night and be fucked over and over again.

I am lost in my sexual euphoria, the constant wave of orgasms, the smell and the feel of his hands on my body and of him being inside me. The desire that has been hidden for all these long years, the wanting, the passion. The aching and the joy. It’s overloading my senses.

He speeds up once again and for the 3rd time this evening he comes inside, the pulsing as his cock explodes makes me sway with each and every pulse.

He rests his head on my chest and our arms close the bond between us. Neville eventually stands and walks over to the bed. I stand and quickly dress, I can still feel hot juices leaking from me. Damn! I really hope my Husband is asleep?

I walk over to the bed and kiss him good bye, he tries to start undressing me again but it’s halfhearted. The flights and passion have taken their toll and he is moments from sleep.  We kiss like the parting lovers we are. I stand and walk out the door.

When I reach the car, I stop to consider what has happened. Do I feel guilty, maybe a little and maybe come the hard light of day the guilt may increase. Can I look into my Husbands eyes without showing shame or wrong doing? Can I let him make love to me and still put on the act? I push these thoughts aside and start the engine.

Tonight I am alive and I can feel every nerve and cell in my body sing, a huge smile soon replaces the doubt on my face.

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Maryan Ross. All rights reserved.

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Nicely paced, well written, and very sexy. Good Job!

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Aww. Thank you..

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