Wedding Shop Of Horror

Wedding Shop Of Horror

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa rules a small Kingdom there is no government her word is law. Queen Teresa uses this power to have sadistic sex with any woman or women she likes. Teresa doesn’t use the threat of prison to force women to have sex with her, she has a much simpler method. The woman after being asked for sex can say no. However, this would cause their home’s to be taken by the crown also the bank would freeze their money leaving them homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman or women ever says no to sex with Teresa. The wedding shop as usual was full of excited women with their female family members. The brides to be smiling and laughing as they tried on different wedding dresses. All of them looking for the perfect dress for their special day. That is until Teresa and her friends from the high families walked past.


Queen Teresa rules a small Kingdom there is no government her word is law. Queen Teresa uses this power to have sadistic sex with any woman or women she likes. Teresa doesn’t use the threat of prison to force women to have sex with her, she has a much simpler method. The woman after being asked for sex can say no. However, this would cause their home’s to be taken by the crown also the bank would freeze their money leaving them homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman or women ever says no to sex with Teresa.

The wedding shop as usual was full of excited women with their female family members. The brides to be smiling and laughing as they tried on different wedding dresses. All of them looking for the perfect dress for their special day. That is until Teresa and her friends from the high families walked past.


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By Marquis

This story contains sadistic sex acts and sadism. All characters are adults’ pictures by my wife (none sexual). Models are my wife, her sister and my wife’s friend.

Queen Teresa rules a small Kingdom there is no government her word is law. Queen Teresa uses this power to have sadistic sex with any woman or women she likes. Teresa doesn’t use the threat of prison to force women to have sex with her, she has a much simpler method. The woman after being asked for sex can say no. However, this would cause their home’s to be taken by the crown also the bank would freeze their money leaving them homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman or women ever says no to sex with Teresa.

The wedding shop as usual was full of excited women with their female family members. The brides to be smiling and laughing as they tried on different wedding dresses. All of them looking for the perfect dress for their special day. That is until Teresa and her friends from the high families walked past. The kingdom is split between the high family’s which are of royal blood and the lower normal everyday people. The high family’s view the lower people as being just there to be used for their amusement.

Jodie and her daughter, members of a royal high family were walking along with Teresa wearing their fur coats, fur coats being the custom for high families. Jodie stopping hanging back from her daughter Leanne and Teresa, who were still walking on. “My Queen can we go in the wedding shop”, Teresa now stopped looking puzzled.

“Whatever for Jodie not planning on leaving your husband are you”, Teresa walking back as she joked with Jodie. The three women stood next to the shop window all wearing ankle length fur coats. With their large fur hoods pulled up covering most of their face. On their feet, all three were wearing knee length suede boots with a high heel.

“No, not just yet. There to the right the young beauty with the long black hair. I would love to play with her.”

“Why not Jodie I’ll have a look at the sluts myself”, everyone inside looked up and the shop silenced as the free women entered followed by Teresa’s attendants. Attendants are young women from high family’s that Teresa has chosen to live with her at the palace. No high family ever declines the request for their daughter to become an attendant. They can only wear ankle length fur coats and heavy suede thigh boots with a very high heel. Attendants wear their fur coats open showing their nude body’s, their fur hoods always up.

“Oh. I’m off to play my Queen”, Jodie heading slowly towards the young woman she so wanted to play with.

“Yes, let’s play, oh yes lets”, Jodie’s daughter Leanne becoming excited whilst her eyes scanned the women who were standing silent. Moments before they were happy and laughing brides to be choosing dresses with their Mothers and other family. Now they stood wishing they had shopped at another location. Jodie now standing next to the young woman she wanted, who only had a silk robe around her due to her having been trying on dresses.

“Which is your dress slut and what’s your name”, the young bride to be picked up an ankle length satin dress before answering.

“I’m Holly my Lady, this is the dress I will be wearing along with this red satin cape. I also have these satin gloves”, Jodie had been running her hand through Holly’s long black hair whilst she was talking. Taking hold of the wedding dress Jodie pulled it from Holly’s hands. Throwing the dress to the floor Jodie then grabbing the hood of the cape chucked it on top off the dress.

“You bitch with me now”, Jodie after ordering one of Teresa’s assistants over to her pulled down her fur hood then slipped off her fur coat. Holly surprised that Jodie only had her under wear on under her fur coat, which was a red satin corset and pants. Holly stood watching in her robe wondering what was happening. She soon found out as Jodie shouted further orders to the assistant. “Put me in the dress bitch now”, Holly watched in horror as Jodie stepped into the satin dress then the assistant pulled it up lacing Jodie up at the back. The satin wedding dress came to the floor on Jodie which would cause it to gather up, causing Jodie to step on it as she walked. Next the red satin cape was placed round Jodie. Finally, the satin gloves were pulled up Jodie’s arms and she began walking towards Holly. A brief time ago Holly was trying on her dream dress, happy with her family. Now she was watching Jodie wearing it her floor length cape covering the dress. “I love the feel of your dress Holly and the lovely feel of the heavy satin cape. I’m going to keep the dress and cape as part of my fetish costume collection. It would be nice to play a virgin bride sex game.”

“No please my lady my family hasn’t the money for another dress. Please don’t, no please”, Holly’s begging plus the knowledge she was wrecking Holly’s wedding turned Jodie on. Jodie began to laugh as she pulled the cape’s large hood up.

“Dress the bitch”, the attendant quickly carried out her orders pulling the robe off Holly leaving her nude. Two long rubber gloves were then produced

which Holly was forced to pull up her arms. The last thing the attendant then did was hand Jodie a long wipe. As Holly stood nude but for the rubber gloves Jodie moved slowly to her the cape dragging on the floor. Pulling her arm back Jodie brought the whip down on Holly’s nude buttocks causing her to scream. Over and over as Holly was whipped on her buttocks and back. “Come on slut jump I want to see up jump”, Jodie laughing as she shouted her orders. Each time the whip hit Holly’s body she jumped upwards screaming. Causing her breasts to bounce causing her extra pain. The whip was designed not to cause bleeding just pain. That way her toys lasted longer.

Jodie laughed from inside the large satin hood as she slowly followed Holly who was jumping round he shop crying out in pain her buttocks now red. Jodie stepping in front of her living sex toy the whip hitting Holly’s cunt. Time after time Jodie whipped without slowing she loved the knowledge that she was wearing a young bride’s dress destroying her wedding. Enjoying the sound of her scream’s and watching her jump into the air nude but for the rubber gloves. Holly could do nothing to protect herself. If she didn’t let Jodie play with her body her family house would be taken. All she could do was jump as the whip hit her cunt causing her to double over as she jumped. Then her breasts would be next the whip hitting both. Holly screamed and jumped with what strength she had not knowing which part of her body would be next. Sometimes the whip would hit her buttocks, cunt and breasts at random. The only thing that was the same was Holly’s scream.

Jodie didn’t need to stop she was used to whipping women it was her favourite fetish. Turned on by the feel of the capes heavy hood encasing her head, knowing Holly would be distraught seeing someone else wearing her wedding outfit. Also, Holly’s streams and her body reacting to the whip as it hit her cunt, which was Jodie’s main target now. She loved the way Holly double in over as she Jumped the whip hitting her cunt faster and faster.

Holly had never been in so much pain her body involuntary doubling over as she jumped high as possible. Her long black hair falling over her face then back down her back. Humiliated at the thought her family were watching her whipped nude. The whole shop could see her Holly didn’t know how longer she could stand having her cunt rapidly whipped. It came as some relief when Jodie began whipping her buttocks. Holly streaming as she jumped trying to keep her family home. Holly suddenly realised she wasn’t being whipped any longer and now found herself standing facing the woman from the high family who was laughing from within her capes large hood. Standing breathing deeply facing her tormenter, breast’s in her hands red from being whipped she waited in hope of getting her dress back. Holly could see the worried look on her Mother’s and sister’s faces at that point she knew it wasn’t over.

Jodie dropping the whip was walking towards Holly the dress and cape sliding along the floor.

Until the wedding dress and cape were pressing against Holley’s nude body. Jodie began to slowly remove the rubber gloves from Holly’s arms, “As you know slut you will not be getting the wedding outfit back I’m having it just because I can. However, I will now give you something to wear in place of it.” Jodie pointed her satin glove covered hand towards a woman in her late thirty’s. “You slut throw your boots over here now, I said now move bitch”, The woman quickly removed her knee length leather black boots. Throwing them across the shop towards Holly, one almost hitting her. “Get them on slut there all you are going to wear on your wedding day put them on slut now”, Holly pushed her feet into the leather boots which were two sizes big for her. Pulling up the boot zips the fact that she would be nude on her wedding day was just sinking in. She stood in front of Jodie now nude with the leather boots on. The she could feel something so large enter her cunt that she chucked her head backwards moaning.

A few moments earlier

Jodie held both full length rubber gloves in one hand and pushed them hard into Holly’s cunt. So far up only one was now showing, just the hand area of one hanging down from Holly’s cunt the rubber fingers moving about as Holly walked. “Oh yes slut that’s how you will wear the gloves on your wedding day up your fucking cunt. Oh, I just love the way you’re having to bend your knees. Jump go on fucking jump clapping your hands together above your head”, Holly acted at once jumping up and clapping her hands above her head. Holly never knowing something so big in her. It was feeling like her whole cunt was about to split open as she jumped moaning and clapping. Jodie laughed and moaned with sexual pleasure from inside the capes large hood. Looking from inside the hood Jodie loved watching the humiliation of her toy. Coupled with knowing how much she was wrecking her life by wearing and keeping her dress. To Jodie Holly was an object of fun nothing more. Jumping up clapping her hands above her head, humiliated in front of the whole shop. Jodie planned to keep her jumping longer she loved the look of humiliation on her face. Enjoying watching how she couldn't close her legs and the way Holly’s breast’s bounced. Plus, Jodie loved the heavy satin hood restricting her head. However, just looking at Holly’s young body soon become no longer sexually satisfying for Jodie.

“Jump against me I want you wrapped fucking round me”, Jodie placed her back next to the wall the cape dragging along the floor as she walked. Holly instantly understood what to do and began running the best she could with the gloves inside her having to keep bending her knees. Placing her arms round the back of the satin hood that she expected to cover her head. Then jumping Holly wrapped her legs round Jodie’s body pressing against her, Jodie taking a step backwards leaning against the wall. Holly was now face to face with Jodie their breasts pressed against each other’s. Jodie now against the wall facing the shop all that could be seen of Holly was her nude back and buttocks, her long black hair falling down her back. Keeping herself in place using her legs and gripping what was once her satin wedding dress. Her face pressed against the side of what was once her cape’s hood. Thoughts of her wedding day now gone her main objective now, just get through the humiliation and keep the family home.

Jodie now extremely turned on placed her satin gloved hands on Holly’s buttocks. Squeezing them as she moved her hands slowly over them. “Move your fucking body against me slut”, Jodie squeezed her toys buttocks as she moaned her orders. Holly began slowly moving her nude body up and down, gripping Jodie with her legs and thighs. Jodie moaned with sexual pleasure feeling Holly’s young body moving against her loving the way Holly’s body moved the dress. The heavy dress and cape restricting her movement and the heavy hood of the cape pressing on her head appealed to the bondage trait in Jodie. Pushing her head forward Jodie pressed her lips against her sex toy kissing and licking her. Whilst she enjoyed the feel of her toys buttocks and Holly’s body sliding against her. Her tongue now inside Holly’s mouth both moaning Jodie with extreme pleasure, Holly with total humiliation. Jodie giving Holly random slaps on her buttocks, loving the feel of Holly’s buttocks. Finding she had to slap hard to feel Holly’s buttocks because of Jodie’s thick long satin gloves. The cape’s heavy hood covered Jodie’s face and so now had fallen half of down because of them kissing each other.

Queen Teresa amused at Holly’s humiliation walked through the brides running her hands over their bodies. Until she came across a young bride to be, in her early twenties with long blond hair held up on top of her head. She was wearing a traditional style wedding dress which was unlaced at the back showing her flesh.

Teresa knew she had found her amusement and walked over to where her victim was sitting. Teresa never spoke a word she simple placed her hand down the woman’s dress running her hand over her lower belly. Teresa’s other hand fondling the woman’s breasts from the outside of her dress. “On your fucking knees, move down on the floor”, the young woman stood up and lowered herself onto her knees. Finding it difficult in her full length heavy dress. Teresa looked around her until she found herself another woman’s life to ruin for her sadistic pleasure. “You with the shoulder length black hair in the dress with the corset style top. Yes, fucking you over to me.”, the woman Teresa had been shouting at slowly made her way towards her. Her dress was laced up the corset style top holding her breasts in place. The very wide bottom half of her dress staying just clear of the floor as she walked. The woman herself was not as thin as the blond more average for someone in their early 30’s.

“Next to this slut on your knees next to her, what the fuck are you waiting for slut down”, just like the other bride to be already on her knees. The older woman didn’t want her home taken so quickly lowered herself next to the young blond. The two women now kneeling side by side in their full wedding dresses, so close to each other their bodies touched. Both with an expression of fear on their faces wondering what Teresa had install for them. It wasn’t going to be long before they found out. Many things went through the two bride’s minds but nothing’s prepared them for what was coming. Teresa lifted the back of the older woman’s dress up whilst ordering her to lower her upper body. Until she was on her hands and knees with the bottom of her dress folded over her back. Once Teresa had one toy in place she shouted for the younger blond to get into the same position. Once the nervous young blond had assumed the position Teresa lifted her dress over her back. Both brides now on their hands and knees side by side. Their dresses lifted over their backs showing their underwear.

Slowly lowering herself Teresa was ready to play with her living sex toys. Placing her hands up the older woman’s dress first Teresa began pulling off her blue silk pants. No sooner had Teresa’s removed her toys pants, her hands were sliding up the young blonds wedding dress. Pulling off her red pants causing them to moan with surprise and horror. Both women now had the same look of humiliation on their faces, both their family’s watching as they waited next to each other. One of Teresa’s attendants handed her a pair of pink rubber gloves, not the style of glove that was currently hanging out of Holley’s cunt, who was still moving her body up and down Jodie. These were shorter and thicker, more the style used for washing dishes.

Teresa opened her ankle length fur coat showing her nude body. After pulling on the rubber gloves Teresa pulled down her fur hood showing her black spiked up hair.

“Ok bitches let us see how far I can get up your fucking buttocks. Which one of you can I push inside the most”, Teresa laughing with excitement whist speaking. The two women just waiting with blank expressions on their faces. Moving closer now on her knees behind her toys Teresa placed her fingers on the younger woman’s buttocks. Using her other hand, she did the same to the older woman slowly working her fingers inside their buttocks. Once her hands were in place Teresa pushed her fingers as hard as possible up inside their buttocks. Her living sex toys let out a scream as Teresa kept on pushing all her finders now inside them. Their scream only excited Teresa who continued pushing until half of both hands were now up each woman’s buttocks. The women simple held themselves in place on their hands and knees. Their eyes wide open the skin on their faces now red as Teresa’s hands pushed inside them. Each one not wanting to say no or to displease Teresa in anyway, their homes and futures depended on Teresa enjoying herself. Teresa screamed with pleasure her hands now almost inside her toys buttocks. Teresa loved the feel of their buttocks turning her hands round and moving her fingers, listing to the moans of her toys.

“Kiss each other until I tell you to stop. Go on do it fucking scum”, Teresa having to moan her orders due to the pleasure of having most her hands now up inside her toys buttocks. Slowly moving her rubber covered fingers Teresa loved the feel of their buttocks and the way their body’s trembled. Obeying the two women began kissing each other nether pulling their lips away. The two women continually kissed whilst moaning due to their now widened buttocks. Teresa laughing and moaning with sexual pleasure pushing her hands inwards enjoying their humiliation of being forced to kiss each other. Pushing her hands ever more into her toys buttocks Teresa moaned now with her face pressed into the young blondes’ dress. Running the side of her face through the thick white satin, slowly licking it. Enjoying not just the feel of the dress and her toy’s buttocks but also the knowledge that she was reducing her victim’s wedding dress to nothing more than a sex toy, just like their body’s existing only for her pleasure. Teresa had now pushed both hands as hard as possible, almost completely now inside their buttocks. The two women came into the shop looking forward to a happy future. Now they had Teresa’s hand up their buttocks. Whilst feeling the discomfort from it, force to kiss each other for nothing more than Teresa’s sadistic pleasure. The two humiliated brides to be were crying out but followed their orders and didn’t stop kissing. reducing their cries to a deep moaning.

“Oh, my Queen what a wonderful way to play with the filth”, Leanne Jodie’s daughter now standing in front of Teresa’s playthings watching them kiss and moan. Leanne was still wearing her white fur coat it’s large hood still up.

As she stood watching the two women kiss Leanne slowly opened her fur coat. Only wearing underwear beneath it, a black bra and a small pair of black pants. “Can I play with them also my Queen their humiliation is such a turn on.”

“Of course, my sweet do with them as you like”, Teresa moaning as she answered Teresa still running her face through the satin dress. Her tongue moving over the satin loving every moment of the sensation. Leanne wasted no time, picking up the two women’s pants which Teresa had discarded. Leanne let out a laugh as she placed the pants upside down on the women’s heads. Leanne had now completed their humiliation by placing the pants on the wrong heads intentionally. The helpless brides to be now had each other’s pants on their head’s. Leanne chose the young blond bride to play with. Leanne pulled down her fur hood, her ginger hair falling down her back inside her fur coat. Then slowly run her hands inside the blonde’s unlaced dress gently squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples. Leanne twisting more brutal the more excited she became. All the blond could do was continue kissing her face showing her discomfort.

Teresa lifted her head releasing a long moan, pulling her hand out of the blond woman’s buttocks causing her body to tremble amusing Leanne. “Leanne find me something to insert into this fucking bitch.”

“At once my Queen”, removing her hands out her living toys dress Leanne began to look round the shop. It only took her a few seconds to find an item for Teresa, “Fetch me that hair brush now.” An attendant walked over to were another bride to be and her family had been trying on dresses, coming back with the large hair brush. Which Leanne held in front of the young blond woman’s face after pulling her head away from the older woman’s lips,” have a guess where this is going slut.” She could still feel the discomfort of Teresa’s hand in her buttocks now her mind was trying to process the hair brush held in front of her eyes horrified knowing where it was most likely to be going. Leanne run the hair brush over the blonde’s face her other hand gripping her blond hair. Laughing as she continued to ask her to guess where it was going.

“No please my lady no more. No don’t use the”, her begging was cut short with a scream her whole back and head shaking. Whilst the young woman was in the middle of her sentence Leanne had handed the hairbrush to Teresa. Who gripped the handle pushing the brush hard up the blonde’s buttocks. The brush end disappearing completely out of sight, Teresa continuing to push hard throwing her head back and laughing. Loving the young blond moaning and pleading. Teresa’s other hand still in the older woman’s buttocks. Teresa moving her rubber covered hand and fingers inside her plaything. With her other hand Teresa found It was more enjoyable to move the brush quicker and quicker inside the blond. Laughing and shouting out with pleasure. Teresa was experiencing an extreme sexual thrill from playing with their buttocks.

Leanne still gripping the blonde’s hair pressed her body against the young woman’s face, which was red from crying out due to the hair brush. “Remove my underwear with your mouth then lick me bitch”, finding it hard to control her head and body due to Teresa moving the brush inside her buttocks. The young blond did what Leanne had ordered and slowly used her teeth to pull Leanne’s underwear down to her knees. Then slowly used her tongue on Leanne’s cunt her face an expression revulsion but she needed to keep her family home. Leanne moaned whilst removing the blonde’s hair pins allowing her long blond hair to fall free. Which Leanne now gripped with both hands whilst her cunt was licked. Because Leanne’s hood was down and her fur coat open the sides of the fur coat now fell over the blonde’s face, hiding it from view. Leanne stood moaning pulling her toy’s hair hard with both hands. Enjoying the feel of her tongue, pulling her toy’s hair so hard some of it was coming free as Leanne moaned with sadistic pleasure. Not just from her toys tongue against her cunt Leanne enjoyed watching Teresa play with the hair brush.

Standing up Teresa’s hands now out of the women’s buttocks; the hair brush was left deep inside the blond. Pulling the rubber gloves off, handing them to an attendant Teresa walked to the front of the women. Standing next to Leanne Teresa loved what she was seeing. The two women whose day had begun so joyful now were on their hands and knees. Their buttocks feeling twice the normal size aching from being played with, the blonde’s buttocks still pushed open by the brush. Both their wedding dresses ruined due to being folded over their backs and pulled out of shape at the front. Neither woman had enough money for another one which amused Leanne and Teresa.

Joining Leanne, Teresa pushed her nude body against the older bride and ordered her to lick. When Teresa began feeling the older woman’s tongue she let out a cry of pleasure. All that could be seen off the two brides’ to be by their families was their buttocks exposed and widened. Their faces disappearing into Leanne’s and Teresa’s open fur coats. Teresa whilst being licked pushed her hand through the fur coats so she could run her hand over Leanne’s breast. Teresa pulled down Leanne’s bra gently squeezing her breasts.

As they stood in front of their humiliated toy’s enjoying the feel of their tongues. Leanne twisted her top half towards Teresa. This allowed Teresa to lick and kiss Leanne’s breast and body. Both moaning, sometimes screaming in sexual pleasure. Holding Leanne’s breast in her hand Teresa run her tongue round Leanne’s nipple. Leanne enjoying the sexual experience from both parts of her body. Teresa not stopping until every part of Leanne’s breast was wet from her tongue. Leanne moaning crying out for more as Teresa kissed her neck and upper body. Teresa’s other hand in the older bride’s hair pulling her head forward.

Holly’s nude body but for a pair of leather boots was still wrapped round Jodie, the long rubber gloves still hanging from her cunt. Jodie had run her satin gloved hands over most of Holly’s buttocks and back enjoying the feel of her young toy. Using her hands and body strength Jodie pushed her nude toy off. Holly’s thigh’s losing their grip her buttocks hitting the floor hard causing Jodie some amusement. Jodie moved towards her laughing pulling the red satin capes hood up again, covering her face. Jodie stepped onto Jodie’s cunt with both feet which were hidden by the long wedding dress. Holly let out a cry which mixed with Jodie’s laughing, the dress ripping under Jodie’s feet. Walking slowly forward Jodie moved up Holly’s body until she was standing on Holly’s breasts. Her whole body pressing down on them. Unable to see Holly because of her head being encased inside the heavy satin hood of the cape. Jodie had to feel her way over Holly’s breasts. Feeling them press inwards as her feet moved slowly over them. Holly’s cried and moaned so loud that it helped Jodie position herself, her vision restricted by the capes hood. Jodie stepped on and off her toys breast’s feeling them press into her body the slowly expand again. Listening to Holly moan in time with her feet movement. All Holly could do was lie with her legs open a helpless plaything for Jodie.

It was becoming more difficult for Jodie to balance on Holly’s body due to the heavy wedding dress and the long satin cape. However, this only tuned on Jodie more appealing to the bondage fetish within her. She loved the way Holly’s wedding outfit restricted her body feeling heavier on her as time went on. Also, Jodie was having a huge sadistic thrill knowing Holly was looking up at what was once her cherished wedding outfit. Watching someone else wearing it and watching the bottom of the dress ripping as Jodie walked.

Standing on Holly’s open legs enjoying the feel of Holly’s leather boots on her feet. Jodie opened out her arms then allowed her body to fall onto her toy. Jodie loved the impact of their bodies it was quick and painful. Allowing the heavy dress to pull her forward Jodie’s body soon fell forward. Because of her satin hood she only had a few seconds to see Holly before they slammed into each other the satin dress moving over Jodie’s body. Their breast’s pressing together causing them both to moan. When the capes hood hit Holly’s face it was pushed half down allowing Jodie to kiss and lick Holly. Reaching up with one hand Jodie took hold of Holly’s long hair pulling it with her satin gloved hand. Only the red satin cape could be seen the sides of it spreading out over the floor each side of them. Placing her body so her face was now over Holly’s breast’s Jodie bit one of them, laughing as Holly cried out. Jodie didn’t press her teeth deep so to cause blood she just loved the feel of breasts, pressing in her teeth in over and over. Holly turned her head to the side gasping for air as Jodie used her breasts for play things. Jodie love the feel of Holly’s body through the wedding dress as she slowly moved downwards. Licking and using her teeth, loving how the wedding dress and cape made it hard for her to move. Jodie loved anything that restricted her body.

Teresa and Leanne still having their cunts licked were now kissing each other. To the point that Teresa had her arm’s round Leanne’s neck pulling her face towards her. Until they were finally facing each other their toys no longer able to lick them. Pushing Leanne’s head away but still holding it in her hands Teresa breathed deeply, “I want you to come back to the palace with me.”

“Yes, of course my Queen I would love to”, once she had finished speaking Teresa released her hands from Leanne’s face who started to pull up her underwear.

“No Leanne leave them off and your coat open with your hood up”, Leanne did the only thing she could. Kicking of her pants Leanne pulled up her fur hood Leanne’s long ginger hair hidden inside. Her coat open showing her nude body.

“Oh, before we go my Queen can I destroy their wedding day”, Leanne speaking in a high excited voice.

“Of course, my lovely humiliated the sluts anyway you like.”

Leanne faced the two women who now had empty expressions on their faces. “Oh yes my Queen I will humiliate them”, all the women could do was to remain on the floor knowing whatever orders here coming they would have no choice but to follow. Their family home not only depended on pleasing Teresa but the high family members also.

“Ok sluts on your wedding day you will only wear your gloves and those pants you have on your head now will be on your head’s all your wedding day. You will crawl into the hall on your belly’s. Remain on your belly’s all the way through and crawl out again. For the remaining of you wedding day unless you are sitting down you will crawl on your belly’s”, Leanne laughing as the women’s faces turn to shock.

“That’s not everything sluts, you will be marring each other’s boyfriend. You will have public sex with them after you crawl out of the hall. How fucking wonderfully funny look at your faces”, the two women tried to process in their minds what they had just been told. They never expected that after Teresa and the high family were finished with them it could get crueller. Not only were they having to be married to a stranger. They also to keep their family homes were going to have to fuck him in front of everyone.

Teresa and Leanne walked away leaving the brush up the young blond, their toys lives destroyed. When they reached Jodie all they could see was Holly moaning twisting her head from side to side. The satin capes hood covered Holly’s cunt Teresa and Leanne Knowing Jodie was playing with it. “Leave your toy’s cunt I wish to take your daughter to the palace bedroom”, Jodie lifted her head causing the capes hood to come down. Taking Jodie’s arm Leanne help her Mother to her feet who in turn pulled Holly to her feet by her long black hair now falling down her back, Leanne and her Mother standing laughing at Holly. As she stood unable to close her legs having to keep her knees bending because of the gloves pushed up her cunt.

“I’m going to keep your fucking cape and gloves as part of my fetish costume collection.

You will wear only the knee length leather boots you have on now and the pink gloves up your cunt on your wedding day.”

“Oh, how amusing let’s do that to her”, Leanne loving what her Mother had just done to Holly. Jodie pulled up the cape’s large satin hood laughing at Holly has she stood helpless with an expression of shock and pain on her face. “You slut bring my Mother’s fur”, Leanne ordering an attendant to pick up Jodie’s fur coat. Who intended to wear the wedding dress and cape on the way home for a thrill, amused it was a sluts wedding outfit. As they walked outside Teresa placed both arms round Leanne’s neck and kissed her. Both moaning with pleasure as they touched each other’s bodies, their fur hoods pressing together.

Teresa pulled back a short distance her hands still on Leanne’s body.

“As you know Leanne I’m taking you to the palace now. You are aware of the women I force to stand in erotic positions all day. Then hang them above my bed by their arms all night, well that’s what I doing to you.”

“No please don’t do it to me please”, until know Leanne had assumed she was going to be a guest not a plaything. Teresa simply laughed placing her arm round Leanne walking her towards the palace Teresa pleased but not sexual fulfilled. The sluts at the palace would soon end that problem once she arrived.

My wife's friend below

Ny wife's sister (the one with face showing) who helped and likes bondage.

Queen Teresa


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