The Human Gift

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Annabelle had come of age and was to be presented at the palace. This normally under the law required the Mother and daughter to stand in front of the Queen a few words would be exchanged and it would be over all the top family's had to. However Annabelle lived in a small kingdom with no government the Queen's word was law. Queen Teresa used her power to make any woman she wanted when she wanted have sex with her. The woman could say no when Queen Teresa asked her for sex but that answer would result in her house being taken by the crown, the banks freezing her money the woman's life gone. Until she said yes and gave herself to Teresa then she could have her home and life back. It worked very well for Teresa no one said no to sex. This was Annabelle's problem because when Mother's presented their daughter's to Teresa if she liked them the few words exchange would be a request for sex.

The Human Gift

by Marquis

This is a work of fiction which has mild bondage and spanking within the story. It is mild bondage no one is killed or permanently has their body changed by the bondage. The story also has sexual blackmail within it.There is no sexual aggression. Pictures by my wife (none sexual).

This was an important day for Julie for today her daughter Annabelle had come of age and was to be presented at the palace. This normally under the law required the Mother and daughter to stand in front of the Queen a few words would be exchanged and it would be over all the top family's had to. However Julie lived in a small kingdom with no government the Queen's word was law. Queen Teresa used her power to make any woman she wanted when she wanted have sex with her. The woman could say no when Queen Teresa asked her for sex but that answer would result in her house being taken by the crown, the banks freezing her money the woman's life gone. Until she said yes and gave herself to Teresa then she could have her home and life back. It worked very well for Teresa no one said no to sex. This was Julie's problem because when Mother's presented their daughter's to Teresa if she liked them the few words exchange would be a request for sex. The daughter's presented just had to hope Teresa didn't want them.

Julie in her velvet robe was waiting for Annabelle to come in the master bedroom. Julie had shoulder length curly black hair and brown eyes. She wasn't a thin woman but not fat, well built maybe the best description. When Annabelle finally walked in she was nude her long black hair in a pony tail down her back she had brown eyes like her Mother. Unlike her Mother Annabelle was thin but with a lovely pale skin. Julie began to tie a red satin corset on Annabelle. "Oh Mother more loose please", Julie pulling it as hard as possible.

"Look hopefully you will be coming home with me but if Teresa does want you believe me you want to look your best."

"Don't say things like that why must I wear it", Annabelle holding her breast's in her hands.

"Look if asked a no answer will lose us our house I've explained it over and over because of your age Teresa can now ask you", Annabelle decided to just stand in silence now as her Mother finished off the corset. After pulling up her red satin knickers it was time for Annabelle's dress. Like the other Mother's presenting their daughter's Julie didn't want to dress Annabelle sexy but on the other hand the dress had to be good quality for the palace. Annabelle's dress was dark blue satin, close fitting at the top changing to a full skirt below her belly. Julie zipped the dress up holding Annabelle's hair out of the way. Finally Julie placed dark blue satin shoes on Annabelle and her daughter was ready to be presented, that's what worried them both. Julie dropped her robe and dressed in a black corset and knickers, a black satin dress and black very high heel shoes. Julie's dress was very close fitting round her breast's she was planning to place Teresa's interest on her not Annabelle. After final checks on their clothing they both climbed in the transport and left for the palace.

The grand hall of the palace had every female member of the top family's in it not just those presenting their daughters their attendance required as this was a top royal occasion. The grand hall walls were lined with gold leaf the pillars lined with gold. The floor a white marble which echoed to the sound of high heels. Julie and Annabelle on entering the grand hall began talking to friends. Everyone dress up for the occasion in velvet or satin dresses and gold necklaces. This was Annabelle's first time in the palace and she just followed her Mother not speaking. She was trying to remember her Mother's words, keep smiling and if asked for sex say yes or our house will be gone. As Annabelle's mind drifted she was grabbed by her Mother and told to stand still, face front Teresa had arrived. Queen Teresa was nude all but for an ankle length fur coat and blacked suede shoes. Teresa was wearing the coat open with its large fur hood pulled up. Teresa had her attendants with her, women chosen from the top family's to live at the palace. Normally Teresa's attendants would only wear a fur coat and suede thigh boots with a large heel. That is unless they were Teresa's special ones then they would be dressed in a different outfit.

When Teresa was sitting on her throne the names of those to be presented were read out. One at a time Mother and daughter would walk forward to Teresa. Whilst Annabelle listen for her name Mary and her Mother who she knew well walked back from being presented. Annabelle wanted to speak to Mary but stopped herself after noticing Mary was holding her dress. The only thing Mary had on was her white fur coat. Annabelle knew that Mary had been picked to sleep with Teresa, how many more of them would be.

"The lady Julie and daughter Annabelle", Julie held Annabelle's hand and they began the long walk to Teresa.

"Now remember smile then put and keep your head down and don't do anything unless Teresa tells you", Annabelle and Julie arrived at the throne and lowered to their knees. Teresa had her attendants standing each side of her. To her right was Holly the nearest Teresa had to a girlfriend. Holly was known as Teresa's pin bitch because of her outfit. Holly as normal was wearing an above the knee red heavy corduroy skirt which had pins pushed from the inside so the sharp end was sticking out of the skirt. Holly used a corduroy skirt as it was best for holding pins, you didn't want to be hugged by Holly. On her feet suede knee boots with a large heel. Holly was topless her only other clothing was a red hair slide which had pins sticking out of it. Holly was Teresa's pin bitch and loved using them on people for Teresa's sexual entertainment. The other side of Teresa was another of Teresa's favourite attendants Stacey. Who was wearing a very short beige corduroy skirt that buttoned up the front, open toe backless shoes and nothing else. Stacey was dressed like this as Teresa hoped it would humiliate Stacey.

"Stand up and come closer Annabelle", Julie tried not to look worried has she watched her daughter stand and walk to Teresa. Annabelle felt Teresa's hands on her buttocks but remembered her Mother's words and kept smiling. "I love your long hair the way it ends just above your fucking lovely buttocks. Have you ever been fucked"

"No my Queen never", Annabelle somehow keeping smiling.

"Well would you like to stay and fuck with me", Annabelle didn't really have a choice she didn't want her family's house and money taken. Speaking in a low voice Annabelle told Teresa she would like to.

"You will let me do whatever I want with your body and carry out any sex act I want."

"Yes my Queen I'd love to do that", Teresa smiled and dismissed them and they turned and walked back.

"Before you say anything it could have been as bad as Mary Teresa didn't make you strip. I'll be with you Teresa likes the Mother's to watch", Julie trying to make Annabelle feel better as they walked back to their place in the grand hall. Annabelle trying to think what Teresa may do to her and what she may have to do to Teresa.

The female members of the top family's had been gone for some time only the daughters picked were left. Annabelle and her Mother were standing in the hall outside Teresa's bedroom along with the others picked. Annabelle could see Mary and her Mother also another Woman and her daughter she didn't know. Annabelle was hoping that more than three of them would be there because the more picked the better her chances of not being picked for sex. The gold door to the royal bedroom opened and an attendant wearing only a fur coat and suede thigh boots ordered them in. The royal bedroom was nothing like Annabelle had thought it would be. The four poster bed was in the middle of the large room. Round the walls bondage toys hung, ropes, chains, the other things Annabelle didn't know what they were. Attendants were standing against the walls their ankle length fur coats open but with the hoods up. The doors closed once Teresa entered wearing her fur coat open with the hood up showing her body like her attendants, Holly and Stacey walking with her. Teresa walked past them touching their breast's, buttocks and kissing them. "Welcome to my play room thank you for saying yes and playing with me and agreeing to let me do whatever I want to your body's. You are all fucking sexy but I think we will start with Mary, walk the fuck over to me", Mary walked slowly up to Teresa Annabelle was feeling glad it wasn't her and tried to keep a smile on her face.

Teresa unbuttoned Mary's fur coat whilst kissing her then pulled the coat down until it fell of Mary. She now stood in front of Teresa nude but for her high heel shoes. Mary's very long blond hair held up on top of her head. Teresa kissed Mary's neck and touched Mary's breasts before slapping her buttocks. "Mary you have fucking lovely hair it's time to play with it", Stacey and Holly gripped each of Mary's arms and walked her against the wall in front of Mary was a thin pole. Three ropes were pulled down each with a hook at the end. The ropes were hooked into Mary's hair then Holly removed Mary's shoes. "Mary it's simple the ropes will now pull your hair up so climb the pole to keep up with your hair", the ropes pulled when Teresa finished talking. On feeling the ropes pulling her hair Mary jumped on the pole placing her legs round it. She pulled her nude body up the pole just keeping up with the ropes. When Mary reached the top the ropes pulled on a small way before stopping forcing Mary's hair up. Teresa laughed as Mary's hair pins began falling out as her hair was pulled up. Mary's long hair could manage to be pulled the length the ropes had stopped at but her head was back making it harder to grip the pole. As Mary gripped the pole nude with her arms and legs Teresa walked under her, the poles length was made so Teresa could just walk under who was on it. Picking up a spanker paddle made of satin Teresa began spanking Mary's buttocks, the spanking being soft didn't make Mary bleed but that didn't stop Teresa's fun.

"Your fucking buttocks have been asking for this, how is your fucking hair", Teresa was switching from spanking Mary to licking her cunt and back to spanking again. Mary gripped the pole her head tilted back as the ropes pull against her hair forcing her to look upwards. The pole was Teresa's best sex toy and she was loving Mary on it. Teresa screamed out with sexual pleasure each time the paddle hit Mary's buttocks causing Mary's body to shake. When Teresa licked Mary's cunt they both moaned, Teresa's fur hood pressed between Mary's legs. Teresa slowly run her tongue over Mary's cunt her hands running over Mary's legs. Teresa pulled her head out and pushed her fingers in Mary's cunt and used the other hand to use the spanker. Teresa looked up laughing and moaning watching Mary's hair on the ropes her body holding the pole. Whilst enjoying the feel of her cunt as Teresa moved her fingers and pushed more in. Teresa played with Mary for some time moving her fingers inside her cunt, Mary's buttocks now a little red from the satin spanker paddle. Her Mother was standing alongside the other Mother's having no choice but to watch.

Whilst Teresa was playing with Mary Annabelle's Mother let out a cry. She was pushed face first against the wall by Holly. Who had her body against Julie the pins on her corduroy skirt pressing into Julie's satin covered buttocks and lower back. The pins didn't cut Julie or break her skin they were designed to cause discomfort. Teresa ordered one of her attendants to lick Mary's cunt. The attendant's fur hood pressed against Mary's cunt hiding the attendants face as she carried out her order and licked. Teresa and Stacey walked over to Holly who by now had ripped down Julie's black satin dress and corset to her belly exposing her breasts. "Having fun by pin bitch", Teresa kissed and licked Holly's neck. Holly moved her body which in turn moved the pins over Julie's dress. Then With Stacey's help Holly turned Julie round facing the room keeping the pins on her corduroy skirt pressed on Julie. "I'll let you play my pin bitch we will have another of my toy's", after kissing Holly Teresa walked to the Mother and daughter Annabelle didn't know leaving Holly pressing herself up the back of Julie. "I'll play with you next Jay", Jay was the third daughter picked in the grand hall. She was thin like the others with brown hair and eyes. Wearing a brown satin dress with buttons down the back, long brown satin gloves and brown suede shoes with a low heel. Stacey held her by the arm and walked her to the same wall Mary was held. After Stacey ordered Jay to hold her arms up she was handcuffed to chains so her arms were held up but angled away from her body. Then Stacey parted Jay's legs and chained her ankles to the floor. Teresa and Stacy then unbuttoned Jay's dress whilst kissing each other. When the buttons were open they laughed and pulled the dress ripping it from Jay's body. Teresa removed Jay's bra kissing and licking her nipples whilst Stacey pulled down and ripped off Jay's knickers pushed her fingers in Jay. Jay was chained up nude but for her gloves and shoes Teresa licking and sucking her nipples whilst Stacey moved her fingers inside her cunt.

Teresa place a red satin hood over Jay completely covering her head and after Stacey had removed her fingers the chains moved pulling Jay's body backwards so much that if it wasn't for the chains she would have fallen backwards to the floor. Attendants then carried in dishes of warm chocolate and fruit cream. Teresa chucked a dish of fruit cream down Jay's nude body it was hot but not too hot. Not because she cared about the toy she was chucking it over. Teresa could want the toy back again, simply for her own reasons. The cream run over Jay's breast down her belly finally over her cunt. Jay moaning and moving her chained body with no idea what was covering her. Teresa dropped her fur coat to the floor and removed her shoes, nude for the first time her short black hair spiked up. She licked the cream off whilst attendants chucked more cream over Jay the chocolate mixing in with the fruit. Teresa began licking the cream off Jay's now red breasts. Moving her tongue round them and over Jay's nipples moaning with pleasure as she licked faster and faster Jay's skin now covered in hot cream. Stacey had removed her corduroy skirt and shoes so to lick cream of Jay's cunt and legs.

Teresa shouted for the cream to be chucked faster as she run her tongue over Jay's breasts. Moving her tongue downwards Teresa loved the way Jay's belly twisted as she licked over it. Some of the cream splashed onto Teresa's breast's and belly turning her on more. Teresa now began eating the cream as Jay moaned and turned her body. Placing her mouth over one of Jay's breast's Teresa slowly sucked and licked placing as much of Jay's breast in her mouth as Teresa could. Before moving her mouth back over Jay's cream covered belly running her tongue round Jay's belly button. Teresa sometimes being hit in the breasts as Jay's body jumped and twisted. Stacey was licking and eating the cream of Jay's cunt and legs. Stacey run her tongue over Jay's cunt loving the way it was twitching and jumping against her mouth as the cream fell over it. When she run her tongue over Jay's legs Stacey used her fingers on Jay's cunt, moving them in and out of the cream covering it. Jay stood chained her head covered trying to work out what was running over her, she knew she was being licked but the hood made it hard to work out what was happening. Her skin was covered with falling cream as the attendants kept chucking it. Teresa and Stacey worked at different ends of her loving eating the cream listening to Jay moaning as they moaned themselves. Mary still had her arms and legs round the pole the hooks in her hair. The attendant still standing under her licking her cunt. Holly was still pushing the pins on her corduroy skirt into Annabelle's Mothers buttocks. This was Teresa's play time.

When the cream run out Teresa stood enjoying looking at Jay's hot sticky body as Teresa's attendant's cleaned her. Then placed Teresa's shoes and her fur coat back on Teresa pulling the large fur hood up. Once again hiding Teresa face which is how she loved it sex with her head coved by a heavy fur hood. Stacey had slipped on her shoes and whilst she placed her short corduroy skirt round her and buttoned it Teresa kissed her and licked her breasts. Stacey moaned with pleasure because she and Holly were the few people who did want sex with Teresa. "Well only one gift left for me now. Come on Annabelle time to play", Annabelle had been watching and hoping Teresa would be happy just with Mary and Jay. Annabelle felt someone take her arm. Looking round Holly had walked next to her leaving her Mother standing with her dress ripped down to her belly, her hair pulled down and pin holes all over her dress. Annabelle looked at her Mother wanting to say something but Holly pulled her arm walking her towards Teresa's bed. "Sweet Annabelle I've left you to last because you are fucking sexy, so fucking sexy"

"Thank you, yes thank you my Queen", Annabelle not knowing what answer would please Teresa. Her Mother's last words were keep her happy because keeping our house depends on you.

"Good now let Holly strip you and put you in your nightdress", the word nightdress Annabelle didn't expect she thought she would be chained up then she realized she still could be. Holly began unzipping Annabelle's dress then slowly pulled the dark blue satin dress down ordering Annabelle to step out of it. Annabelle then felt her corset become loose then it fell off her she quickly put her hands over her breasts. As Holly pulled down her knickers Annabelle's hands were moved off her breast's by Stacey. Annabelle was standing nude but for her shoes the first time anyone but her parents and her lady's maid had seen her body. She could feel her face burn red as Teresa looked her over. "Fucking lovely I'm going to enjoy you. Get your fucking shoes off and hold your arms up", after Annabelle had removed her satin shoes she raised her arms expecting to be chained. However she felt satin sliding down her arms then over her head. Annabelle thought a hood had been put on her until she could see daylight again. A red satin knee length night dress had been placed on her by Stacey. Lowering her arms she could see it was very thick satin and felt nice against her skin which is not what Annabelle expected to feel, nice. Teresa walked round her running her hand over Annabelle's buttocks. Stacey whispered to her that she was looking forward to watching what Teresa had planned for her. This unnerved Annabelle and she started looking at all Teresa's bondage chains wondering which was for her. "Stand on the fucking bed you lovely slut", Annabelle walked towards the four poster bed trying to keep a smile on her face. She quickly looked to her Mother who was standing half stripped. She looked at Jay chained cream still on her body her head covered by the satin hood and Mary holding the pole ropes in her hair and an attendant licking her cunt, trying to guess what Teresa would do to her.

Climbing on the bed's fur cover which had red satin sheets and pillows under it Annabelle waited. Then what Annabelle was fearing happened Stacey chained Annabelle's arms above her head. The chains were connected to the top of the four poster. Then she felt her arms pull and her feet lift off the bed. Annabelle found herself hanging just above the sheets, looking down Teresa wearing her ankle length fur coat with its heavy fur hood up and Stacey wearing only her shoes and corduroy skirt were on the bed kissing and touching each other. Stacey's head was inside Teresa's open fur coat licking and sucking her breasts. Teresa had her hand up Stacey's corduroy skirt both moaning with pleasure their body's moving against each other. As Annabelle looked down they were only just below her feet sometimes touching them. Annabelle hung watching them fuck until her view was blocked by Holly standing on the bed. Holly had removed her suede knee length boots and was standing in front of Annabelle just in her corduroy skirt and hair slide. Smiling at Annabelle Holly jumped up placing her arms round Annabelle's neck and her legs round Annabelle's body. Annabelle was glad of the thick satin nightdress when she felt the pins on Holly's corduroy skirt press into her body. After the pins pressing into her the next thing she felt was Holly kissing and licking her. Teresa and Stacey began laughing and their body's moved faster, seeing Holly wrapped round Annabelle turned them on.

Annabelle not only could feel Holly's pins but her toes and feet were now being sucked and licked. She couldn't see who by because Holly's was kissing and licking her face. Annabelle hung listening to moaning and laughing from the bed until Holly began talking to her, "I'm not going to let you go fucking home I've always wanted to have and keep you. We are the same age but for a year I've been fucking waiting, well fucking say something slut."

"Thank you Holly, oh fuck oh shit", Annabelle not only didn't know what to say but talking with the pins pressing she found hard.

"Thank you is that fucking it I want you at the palace to fuck and that's all you can say. Do you fucking want to be used like Mary and Jay, well", Holly now shouting and moving her body forward pressing the pins harder.

"Of course I'm pleased you want me it's just hard talking like this", Annabelle thinking quickly also trying to understand what Holly had just said. Hoping Holly wasn't saying she wasn't going home again. Whilst she was trying to think Holly pushed her tongue into her mouth her hands touching Annabelle's neck and the back of the nightdress. Annabelle then felt her feet touch the bed then her body falling forward. She understood Holly had unchained her as she landed on the bed with Holly under her. The pins on Holly's corduroy skirt pressed in her cunt and belly causing Annabelle to moan. Annabelle thinking the pins would be in her for some time found herself being turned over on her back by Holly. Annabelle was face up on Teresa with Holly sitting on her, which was better for Annabelle as the pins were no longer in her. Teresa's fur covered arm came round her neck as Holly who now had her legs each side of Annabelle began squeezing and slapping Annabelle's breast's. Annabelle decided to just remain still not really knowing what else to do. She had gone from not having any contact with sex to lying on Teresa, Holly on top of her with Stacey on the bed to her left. As Holly played with her breast's she could feel Teresa's fur coat move against her nightdress as Teresa and Stacy touched each other.

"So now the pins are out what to you think to being my girlfriend well fucking answer do you want the pins back."

" Yes I would like to it very much but I would still like to see me family", Annabelle not wanting to become an attendant had made a big error.

"You'll fucking like it with me at the fucking palace I'll get Teresa to make you", Holly climbed off the bed pulling Annabelle with her. Taking hold of Annabelle's ponytail pulled her up so she was facing Teresa and Stacey, Annabelle moaning as Holly pulled her long hair. "My Queen this living gift will not stay at the palace with me", Teresa who was under Stacey grabbed hold of Annabelle's satin nightdress pulling her down so her face went inside Teresa's large fur hood.

"Annabelle do you want your parents home taken by the crown. Now do you fucking want to stay as an attendant when Mary and Jay go home", Teresa licked Annabelle's face after speaking and Holly had lifted Annabelle's legs onto the bed.

"Yes I'll stay my Queen I would like to", Annabelle could feel Teresa's fur coat under her because she was lying next to Teresa's body. Her nightdress was pulled up her back the next thing Annabelle felt was Holly on top of her running her hands over her back.

"I'm so glad you are staying as my girlfriend we will fuck most of the day, it's ok I've taken my corduroy skirt off there will be no pins. You will still see your parents Annabelle", Annabelle for the first time this evening was glad about something, the pins and still seeing her parents. She had her head turn towards Teresa watching her have sex with Stacey. She could feel Stacey's corduroy skirt running along the side of her body whilst Stacey licked Teresa's breast's. Annabelle could feel Holly running her hand over her buttocks followed by a few spanks. Annabelle moaned each time holly's hand spanked her nude buttocks. She was thankful when Holly started to kiss her neck and whispering in her ear how sexy she was. Annabelle was lying face down Holly sitting nude on her upper back kissing and licking Annabelle’s neck her red satin nightdress had been pulled up by Holly. Stacey moved down the bed touching Annabelle between the legs and running her tongue over Annabelle’s buttocks. Teresa had turned her body sideways facing Annabelle pushing her breast’s into her. When Holly left Annabelle’s neck and began kissing Teresa Annabelle was able to turn her head. She could see Mary still clinging onto the pole and Jay chained and hooded. Her Mother mouthed the word smile, remembering her Mother’s advice to please Teresa to all cost she held a false smile. She was just turning back when Annabelle felt a pain between her legs. She didn't understood what it was until Stacey ordered her onto her knees then she could feel Stacey's fingers in her cunt. Whilst Stacey moved her fingers in her Annabelle moaned her face pressed into Teresa’s fur coat. Holly had her face inside Teresa’s fur hood as they kissed Annabelle’s head now pushed downwards by Holly. Unable now to move her head Annabelle was lying with her face pushed in Teresa’s fur coat whilst Holly was moving her cunt over her back and Stacey pushed her fingers up her cunt. The three of them moaned with pleasure as they fucked each of them moving over each other, licking and kissing all moaning and crying out with pleasure. Annabelle's moans were not of pleasure but as Teresa pushed Annabelle's breast's into her fur and Stacey fingers move inside her she kept up the false smile.

As Teresa climbed on top of Annabelle Holly climbed off understand Teresa is in charge of group sex at all times. Teresa began running her hands over Annabelle's back and buttocks. Holly now off the bed kissing Stacey who was still touching Annabelle's cunt. Annabelle turned her head into the room when Teresa ordered Mary removed from the pole. The ropes hooked into Mary's hair began to lower. "Climbed down the fucking pole slut now", a nude Holly shouting her order to a confused Mary who slowly slide down the pole. "Move Teresa wants you but keep your fucking head still if you want your hair", Holly walked Mary holding her by the arm up to the bed. The ropes had lowered but only so Mary could just place her feet on the ground her neck pulled backwards. Whilst Mary stood naked three ropes hooked in her hair Teresa touched her between the legs. Teresa laughing as Mary moaned. Annabelle could feel that Stacey had removed her fingers then Teresa's arms came round her neck lifting Annabelle's head off the bed. Teresa whispered how sexy she was and how much she turned her on as she licked her face. Then Teresa turning away from Annabelle shouted for Mary's Mother to stand next to her daughter. Mary's Mother like her daughter had long blond hair held up with hair pins. She was wearing a light blue satin ankle length dress that zipped half way up her back. The top of the dress was held up by a thin strip of satin going up from the zip and round her neck. Her shoes were black shoes with very high heels that made a noise as she walked across the stone floor. Stacey climbed off the bed finding it hard in her short corduroy skirt and placed her arm round Mary's Mother.

"Look at your fucking daughter I think she is having a bad hair day", Teresa whilst sitting on Annabelle was loving looking at Mary nude with ropes hooked in her hair and her Mother next to her smiling. "Both of you bark like dogs fucking go on", Mary her head pulled backwards by the ropes was first to follow Teresa's orders. Then her Mother joined in both of them standing making barking noises. Teresa let go of Annabelle's neck and sucked one of Mary's breast's whilst she barked. Stacey slowly placed her hand down Mary's Mother's dress enjoying Mother and daughter standing barking. With her other hand she unbuttoned the satin round her neck allowing the dress to fall off her breasts. Stacey soon had her bra off and was squeezing and sucking her breast's Holly finished pulling Mary's Mother's dress and knickers down then pushed her face into her cunt and licked. Mary's Mother just about managed to carry on barking as Stacey squeezed and slapped her breasts at the same time as Holly licked her cunt. Mary's Mothers body twisted and her legs widened as she was touched. Teresa loved what she was seeing and listening to as she sucked Mary. Holly now had her fingers in Mary's Mothers cunt her other hand running other her buttocks. Stacey was still squeezing her breast's but now was also running her tongue round one. This cause Mary's Mother to moan before quickly barking again. Mary stood barking Teresa's large fur hood completely covering her breast's whilst she was having them sucked. Teresa looking up for a short time to enjoy the view before climbing off the bed pulling Annabelle to her feet next to her. Annabelle's red satin nightdress fell down covering her again.

Holly removed her fingers and quickly run to Annabelle maker her suck her fingers clean. "Dress me when you have finished, I'm so glad Teresa's off you I can play with would you would you like that."

"Yes very much Holly I'll just dress you", Annabelle now getting used to giving the reply people want whilst holding a false smile. Her cunt hurt as she walked to pick up Holly's corduroy skirt and suede boots. Seeing Mary's Mother barking and being touched by Teresa and Stacey she quickly walked back wondering what was next for her. She began placing the corduroy skirt round Holly carefully keeping her hands away from the pins and buttoned it up the front. Holly moaned and as she was dressed shouting out in pleasure when Annabelle touched her feet. Sliding on Holly's suede knee length boot's Annabelle pulled the zips up then got to her feet.

"I could get used to you fucking dressing me come on lets go, oh I just love that fucking nightdress", Holly kissed Annabelle then placed her arm round her as they walked over to Mary and her Mother.

"Good now we are all together lets go and have more fun we will bring Mary with us you can both stop barking", After stopping them barking Teresa called over two attendants and whispered some orders. Dress in their uniform of only an ankle length fur coat left open with the hood up and suede thigh boots with a large heel they carried out their orders. Stacey removed her hands off Mary's Mothers breast's allowing the attendants to bend her body face up over the bed. Mary's Mother was now lying face up on the beds fur cover her feet still on the stone floor. Once in place the attendants acted quickly one sitting on her licking and sucking her breasts the other licking her cunt. Mary's Mothers breast's were now covered by the attendants large fur hood and her cunt covered by the other attendant's large fur hood. Their faces hidden whilst they carried out the sex acts because Teresa loved just to see the fur hoods. Mary's Mothers head moving from side to side as she moaned. "Well I think we can leave her like that for the evening", Teresa walked towards where Jay was chain. The ropes hooked in May's hair allowed her to walk with them all but her head was still pulled backwards.

After Stacey removed the satin hood covering her head Jay looked round. Her face flushed cream still clinging to her skin. "Hello again Jay ready for some more. I won't be including your Mother she is too ugly", Jay's Mother smiled and for the first time in her life was glad to be very over weight but had also been hoping her daughter was finished with. "Unchain her and saddle her", Jay was trying to work out what was happening whilst she was being unchained and her cream filled gloves removed. Holly shouted for her to get down on all fours which she found difficult after being chained for so long. Stacey walked across the bedroom with a full size leather saddle and placed it on Jay's back. "Annabelle because you are my new attendant you can ride Jay."

"Thank you me Queen very much", Annabelle wearing a false smile pulled her red satin nightdress up her belly placed her leg over the saddle then place her nude buttocks on it. Annabelle could see Jay's head and neck in front of her. Then she felt her own head move as Holly removed her hair pins and Annabelle's hair came out of its ponytail falling free down her back.

"Go on tell your horse to move, fucking ride her.", Annabelle was now worried she had displeased Teresa.

"Move Horse go on fucking move", Jay moved forward on all fours whilst Annabelle was shouting for her horse to go faster. Annabelle could feel her cunt move as Jay moved forwards and she was shocked that it turned her on. She past her Mother still with her dress pulled down breast's exposed. She looked away quickly Annabelle didn't want to look at Jay's Mother as she was now moaning with pleasure. Moaning not to please Teresa but because she did like sitting on the saddle. For the second time tonight she was turned on, the first was when she was on the bed and Holly was sitting on her. Annabelle feeling Holly climb on turned her head quickly.

"It's ok Annabelle I will not use the pins on you I have pulled my corduroy skirt up to get on. I just want to touch you."

"Thank you I'm glad you are here Holly please touch me", Holly kissed Annabelle keeping the pins away. Annabelle was not just kissing back but had her hand on Holly's nipple. They both moaned as Holly pulled Annabelle's nightdress off over her head both now feeling their cunts move on the saddle. Teresa ordered them to face forward and to ride the horse. Annabelle didn't want to turn away she was having a wonderful sexual pleasure but she knew she must. Holding her nightdress between her legs she turned forward. Whilst she was facing forward Holly placed her arms round Annabelle touching her nipples both of them moaning, Annabelle also shouting to her horse in order to please Teresa. Stacey was bending over as she walked touching Jays breast's. Stacey found it difficult in her very short thick heavy corduroy skirt that had been chosen for her by Teresa. Who found it funny she had to wear it and loved watching her try to bend. Annabelle was enjoying Holly's hands on her so much she stopped feeling sorry for Jay. Also Annabelle didn't care that Teresa had pulled down her large fur hood and was licking her other nipple. As long as Annabelle could feel Holly touching her nipple she didn't care who had the other. Looking down Annabelle kissed Holly's arms the only part of her she could. Whilst feeling the saddle move the satin nightdress between her legs. It was only when Teresa began Pushing her fingers in Mary's cunt who was walking with them that Annabelle could finally turn. She pulled Holly's head forward and kissed her. Touching each other's breasts then slowly moving their hands down each other. Each forgetting about Jay who was still moving along on all fours Stacey bending down touching her breasts and cunt. Teresa was enjoying Mary's body too much to see Annabelle had turned round.

When they reached the bed Teresa order Jay to stop, Annabelle turning forward before Teresa noticed. Teresa pulling her large fur hood up again whilst walking over to the bed. The attendants were still sucking Mary's Mothers breast and cunt. They hadn't stopped all the time Jay was on all fours the attendants fur hoods pressed against Mary's Mothers body. "Looks like your fucking enjoying yourself. Release Mary's head let her fucking see forward", Stacey unhooked the ropes from Mary's hair walking her to the bed. "Well as you can see your Mother is enjoying my attendants", Teresa placed her arm round Mary who was trying to hold a false smile. "I'm going to send these attendants to your house once every week so she can enjoying them on her bed I'll leave you to tell her", Mary smiled understanding fully what Teresa was saying. Every week Her Mother would be face up on her own bed with an attendant sucking or licking her breast's another licking her cunt. Their large fur hoods pressed against her Mother's body hiding the attendants face's whilst they performed the sex acts. Her Mother would have to hold a false smile because the attendants always reported back to Teresa.

Whilst Teresa and Stacey were looking at Mary's Mother Annabelle could wait no longer. "Holly I want your fingers in me now please"

"What about the pins I'm in my corduroy skirt", Annabelle climbed off the saddle on Jay's body placed her arms round Holly's belly pulling her up. Then unbuttoned her corduroy skirt letting it fall to the floor. Placing their arms round each other they fell to the floor both nude but for Holly's knee length suede boots. First Holly was on top then Annabelle they didn't care where they were. Annabelle let out a cry as Holly pushed her fingers in her cunt she lifted her knees off the floor begging Holly to carry on. Annabelle twisted her own nipples her head back mouth open moaning and screaming. Holly removed her fingers slowly kissing her way up Annabelle then once again placed their arms and legs round each other. Annabelle turn herself round placing her head between Holly's legs touching her cunt. Holly's head now between Annabelle's legs both of them moaning their faces in each other's cunts. Teresa looked down at them and seeing the wonderful time they were having left them. Teresa walked off shouting to Jay she could remove the saddle of her. Holly and Annabelle had now gone from sex to love as their body's turned one way then the other. Touching and licking each other the most places possible enjoying each other's body. Now facing and kissing their hands on each other's breast's. Holly would move up allowing her nipples to be sucked and after a while they would change and Annabelle would be sucking Holly's.

Teresa enjoyed the moaning coming from Holly and Annabelle whilst she looked over Jay nude now sitting on the floor. "Over fucking here now", Teresa ordered Annabelle's Mother to her side. Julie her black satin dress and underwear still pulled below her breast's had until now been watching her daughter hoping Annabelle wouldn't have to live at the palace. "Would you do something for me Julie"

"Yes my Queen what do you want me to do", the only answer Julie really could give

"Help Jay to her feet then lick from her face to her cunt. Do not go too fast", Julie smiling picked Jay up and began to very slowly lick her. Teresa watched for a while touching herself before turning away ordering Holly and Annabelle to their feet. After they had removed their arms and legs from each other Holly quickly wrapped here corduroy skirt round her and buttoned it. Annabelle at the same time was pulling the red satin nightdress back on. "My pin bitch use your corduroy skirt on Julie", Holly walked behind Julie who was still licking her way down Jay and pressed her corduroy skirt in Julies buttocks. Julie let out moan when Holly's corduroy skirt touched her satin covered buttocks before composing herself and licked Jay's body again. Teresa walked behind Jay placing her hand between Jay's legs running the other down her legs. Julie was finding it difficult to lick Jay while Holly was pushing her forward. Annabelle stood watching the attendants still with Mary's Mother on the bed and Teresa, Holly and her Mother now in a three way sex act. Then she could see Teresa was now walking towards her. Annabelle then could feel Teresa's body pressing against her from behind. She could see Teresa's open fur coat each side of her then Teresa's fingers moved over her nipples. Annabelle stood listening to Mary's Mother moaning on the bed and moaning from Mary herself who was now at the side of her with Stacey's fingers in her cunt. Stacey's other hand was over Mary's buttocks. Annabelle prepared herself for the same. However Teresa simple placed her arm round her neck. "Holly and I are going to love you living with us you will still see you parents many times a week."

"Yes my Queen thank you very much", Holly not giving the answer Teresa wanted but the truth her smile not false.

" I'll make you a pin wearing bitch like Holly. A corduroy skirt with pins like Holly has but now it's bed time", Stacey removed her fingers from Mary's cunt and follow Teresa to the middle of the room. Teresa shouted all sex acts to stop and everyone in the room acted together which is what Teresa was used to all her life. The attendants pulled Mary's Mother off the bed walking her to Teresa and Holly walked Julie and Jay over to her. "I'm now sending the Mother's home Annabelle is already staying the whole night I would like Mary and Jay also", Mary and Jay smile and agreed, both their Mother's were hoping to take their daughter's home. "You can go home now I'm not turned on by you", Teresa gave her orders to Jay's Mother who had been standing silent the whole time. Glad for the first time in her life she was overweight and Teresa didn't want her body. Also again for the first time found herself wishing Jay was overweight. "But wear only a fur coat with the hood up and knee length boots inside and out until told different my attendant's will check. Oh and please keep the fur coat closed no one wants to see your body, it's going to be a big fur coat to go round you", Teresa laughed as Jay's Mother walk out turning now to Mary and her Mother.

"Before I send you home I'm going to dress both of you", Teresa whispered to Stacey causing both of them to laugh and touch each other. One of the attendants that had been on the bed with Mary's Mother walked forward with some clothing. The attendant stopped in front of Mary's Mother first handing her a pair of suede thigh boots with a large heel, full length blue satin gloves and a pair of blue satin knickers. Mary's Mother dressed herself in them thinking she would now be sent home. Her face turned from a smile to shock when a chain was attached to the knickers pulled up the front of her nude body and then round her neck like a necklace. Two more chains then were attached from each glove and then round the nearest breast like the one round her neck. Then the attendant walked to Mary and handed her clothing over. A thin blue knee length dress that when Mary slipped it on was completely see through. Her shoes were a pair of blue open toe high heel shoes that were also open at the back showing her heels. Mary pulled on a pair of full length blue satin gloves whilst she was trying to become used to the very thin thigh heels of her shoes. "Fucking lovely Mary all that is needed now is your coat. How do you both feel about your clothing gift", Teresa touching Stacey whilst she spoke both of them becoming more turned on as Teresa watched them dress.

"Oh my Queen we love our fetish outfits , yes we love them", both Mary and her Mother smiling as they answered trying to block out that family and friends were going to see them like this.

Stacey's hand slipped between Teresa's legs. Teresa already had her hand up Stacey's corduroy skirt running her finger over Stacey's cunt. Teresa moaning with pleasure and shouted for her attendants to place Mary in her coat. One of the attendants step forward holding what to Mary looked like a long sheet. It was only when the attendant was in front of Mary that she could see it was a very long dark blue satin coat. The attendant now standing behind Mary held it whilst she slipped her arms in the coat. The coat was too big for Mary and came to the floor also being made of dark blue satin was heavy to wear. "You are to wear it open it all times, oh Mary did you mind having those hooks pulling in your hair", Teresa hardly able to finish speaking she was in so much sexual pleasure. Stacey was now pressing herself against Teresa. Teresa now with one arm round Stacey's neck the other over Stacey's corduroy covered buttocks.

"No my Queen I didn't have a problem with the hooks anything to please you", Mary smiling and putting aside the discomfort of the hooks that had been in her most of the night.

"Good because I've had some put in your fucking hood I hope you enjoy your new coat", Teresa and Stacey laughed as the attendant pulled up Mary's hood. The hood had three hooks in its lining, smaller than the hooks on the ropes. As the hood was pulled up the attendant made sure each hook went into her hair. It was a large heavy hood and when up covered most of Mary's face. The hooks didn't cause any pain but when Mary moved her head they pulled against her hair.

Her Mother standing beside her looked on helpless as two chains were attached to each side of the satin hood. Each then attached to Mary's breasts so when she moved her head not only did the hooks pull but the chains also pulled Mary's breast's. "Lovely a nice easy hood for you to wear", Teresa was now walking up to Mary still touching and kissing Stacey. "Like your Mother you will dress like that until told different. You must wear the coat with the hood up when out you can only remove it in your own house nowhere else. You will go to bed with us dressed like that Mary."

"Yes my Queen however you want me to", Teresa with her arm round Stacey was running her other hand down Mary's dress ordered Mary's Mother to go. Mary's Mother gave one last look at her daughter only able to see the satin coat before walking out of the bedroom finding it difficult to walk in her suede thigh boots.

"Ok it's just you Julie get the fuck over here", Annabelle until now had been enjoying Holly touching her nipples whilst she kissed Holly's neck and face. Now she stopped fearing what was going to happen. She Watched as her Mother was stripped by attendants and walked in front of Teresa. "Because you daughter has pleased me so much I'm going make it easy for you.", and attendant was now holding out an ankle length fur coat. "The fur coat is your new outfit you will wear nothing else and you can go"

"Yes my Queen", Julie placed her arms in the coat and pulled up the hood thinking how lucky she had been compared with the others and began to walk away.

"Stop did I tell you to wear the fucking coat remove it now", Julie quickly pulled her arms out of the fur coat not understanding what she had done wrong. "You are it hold the coat in front of you not wear it. Your breast's are to go in the hood and on her feet knee length boots, now go". Julie held the fur coat over her body placing her breast's into its large hood. As Julie walked away trying to hold the heavy fur coat in front of her she understood what Teresa had done. Horror came over her face when Julie thought about the back of her body nude. She was going to have to walk round with her nude buttocks showing.

"Ok everyone in the fucking bed", Teresa jumped on her large four poster bed wearing her fur coat with the hood up followed by Stacey still wearing her corduroy skirt and shoes. Holly taking Annabelle by the hand whispered to her that it was going to be ok and to trust her. Running they Jumped landing on Teresa and Stacey. Holly's pins in her corduroy skirt exciting Teresa. Arms, legs body's twisted together all four of them loving the touch of each other's body. Annabelle wearing her red satin nightdress was loving it she didn't care who's hands were touching her. Then feet hit Annabelle on the head. Annabelle looked up to see two women nude in ankle length fur coats with their large fur hoods up. The women were hanging by their arms from the top of the bed over them. Holly whispered to her that Teresa loved the feel of fur whilst having sex. So she always had two women from top family's in fur coats where she could watch them all night and touch them. The women were asked if they wanted to hang just in a fur coat, Holly now laughing told Annabelle they always said yes.

"Oh Mary and Jay you are finally here welcome to my bed", Mary wearing her full outfit and Jay still nude were now standing at the bottom of the bed. "Jay we can't have you nude give her Mary's fur coat", Jay was handed Mary's ankle length white fur coat and she quickly pulled it on and knowing Teresa's fetish for fur pulled its large hood up. "No Jay put the satin hood over your head like when we were licking the cream.", Jay acted quickly and a few seconds later her head was covered by the satin hood and Mary had helped her pull the large fur hood back up. "You don't mind Jay having your fur coat do you Mary."

"No my Queen not at all", Mary smiling at Teresa trying to keep her head still because of the hooks and chains in her satin hood.

"Good because I'm going to let Holly and my new toy Annabelle go to your house and have any clothing they like", Mary just smiled there was nothing else for her to do. Teresa hadn't done this for a while. If Teresa liked an attendant as Teresa did Annabelle she would let them take what they wanted from the clothing of a top family in this case Mary's clothing. Saying no to letting them wasn't possible for Mary her whole family house would have been taken by Teresa.

"Thank you my Queen we will love having some new fur coats and shoes. I'm going to have all your furs Mary", Holly was smiling at Mary whilst speaking her body still on Teresa. Annabelle was thinking about being in Mary's bedroom trying on her clothing and became turned on.

"Mary in the bed face up and Jay face down on Mary and fucking touch Mary", Mary climbed on the bed between the bodies Jay climbed face down on top of Mary helped by an attendant because Jay could no longer see. Once Jay felt herself on Mary she did what Teresa told her and felt her way inside Mary's dress. Then began to touch and squeeze Mary's breast's which moved the chains on them. Mary found it impossible from stopping her hood moving which caused the hooks to pull her hair. Mary's knew it wasn't going to be a fun night in her outfit as Jay's hand went under the dress towards Mary's breast's. Teresa and Stacey were next to each other. Holly and Annabelle were over the top of them. Holly and Stacey's hands both up Annabelle's nightdress with Mary and Jay over the top of them all. Mary's outfit turning Teresa on the most as Jay pressed her body onto Mary. All their bodies were moving over and under each other. Touching each other, every one having sex with whoever they liked. The two women in fur coats hanging above them were having their toes sucked, their feet licked and fingers pushed in their cunts. The two women moaned unable to see who was touching what part of them. Everybody was touching them when they wanted as Teresa and her friend's body's moved round under them. Mary could feel Jay's mouth on her breast's someone was pushing their fingers up her cunt Mary couldn't see who. As much as she tried to keep her large satin hood still the chains on her breast's moved it and Mary could then feel the hooks move. Mary just kept hoping her time as a living gift would just be for one night. Teresa moaned and screamed with sexual pleasure as different hands touched her. Teresa had a bed full of toys Teresa also had two toys hanging in fur coats which was just a normal night.


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