The Birthday Party From Hell

The Birthday Party From Hell

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom, there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to make any woman or women have sex with her. The women can say no they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money leaving the homeless and without money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa agreeing to any sadistic sex act she wanted to hand out then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no one ever said no. Tonight a family preparing for their daughter's birthday party were about to have Teresa as an uninvited guest and their daughter would be having the birthday party from hell.


Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom, there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to make any woman or women have sex with her. The women can say no they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money leaving the homeless and without money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa agreeing to any sadistic sex act she wanted to hand out then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no one ever said no. Tonight a family preparing for their daughter's birthday party were about to have Teresa as an uninvited guest and their daughter would be having the birthday party from hell.


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Submitted: February 01, 2017



The Birthday Party From Hell

by Marquis

This story includes sadism and mild sadistic sex acts within it. Pictures are by my wife (none sexual).

Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom, there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to make any woman or women have sex with her. The women can say no they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money leaving the homeless and without money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa agreeing to any sadistic sex act she wanted to hand out then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no one ever said no. Tonight a family preparing for their daughter's birthday party were about to have Teresa as an uninvited guest and their daughter would be having the birthday party from hell.

Lady Heather had been planning her daughter's birthday party for some time because being one of the top family's in the kingdom it was important to show your money and place in the kingdom. It was to start in their largest room but for now the guests were standing in a side room waiting for the birthday girl. Amber finally appeared in the doorway to shouts of happy birthday from the guests. Amber was slim build with long red hair down her back. She was wearing a thick red velvet ankle length dress that was corset style waste up, laced up at the back. Below the waste the dress widened into a loose style to make walking practical. Amber was also wearing red satin gloves and red satin shoes. The thick velvet dress was heavy to wear and the corset pressed into her nipples but it was the dress code for the top family's and tonight Heather wanted everything correct for her daughter's birthday. Heather had black hair with loose curls which came to her shoulders. Heather's thick velvet ankle length dress was dark blue with dark blue satin gloves and shoes. Lady Heather placed her arm round Amber and walked her into the room. Her older sister Nita was the first to kiss her and tell her how wonderful she looked. Followed by her friend's and a long line of important family's Heather had made sure were there. It was a relaxed mood Amber was opening expensive gifts and chatting with her friend's until a maid run up to Heather and whispered something to her. Whatever the maid had said changed Heather's body language from relaxed to horror, sending the maid away Heather shouted for the room to fall silent. Amber and most everyone who knew Heather could see something was very wrong. Heather with the calmest voice she could manage told the room that Queen Teresa had just arrived. At this point most of the female guests wanted to leave however if seen it would be an insult to Teresa. So they all remained still and silent Heather hoping Teresa had just come to wish Amber happy birthday because they were a top family. However Heather deep down knew Teresa hadn't come all the way from the palace for that.

The doors opened and Teresa walked in followed by her attendants. The whole room lowered onto one knee their head lowered. Teresa lowered her large fur hood

displaying her short black hair which she had spiked up. Then after looking over the room finally gave the order for the to stand. All that could be heard was the moving of velvet dresses. The dresses being so heavy the women and their daughters were being helped up by their fathers, brothers or husbands whichever men were nearby. The room fell silent when they were all standing. No one could speak not even Heather without Teresa addressing them first.

“I thought I would stop and wish your daughter a happy birthday. Heather this is her coming of age is it not.” Heather now thrown by the arrival of Teresa paused finding it difficult to answer.

“Thank you my Queen it's an honor and a privilege to have you here. Amber’s coming of age was last year my Queen", Heather was still finding it hard to talk to Teresa whilst moving Amber into Teresa’s view. Not something she wanted but it was expected. Teresa slowly walked up to Amber and Heather the guests moving clearing Teresa’s path.

“Well I'm only a year out and I do have a gift”, Amber smiled whilst Teresa was speaking Heather’s face held a nervous false smile. She knew Teresa better than her daughter and was hoping she just did have a gift. Teresa run her hand over the lower end of Amber’s dress allowing her fingers to grip the velvet. Moving slowly up the front stopping on the corset. Teresa now running her fingers over Amber's left nipple, Amber was no longer smiling or enjoying her birthday. "Amber my gift is I'm going to let you come to the palace and sleep with me."

"No not my daughter I will go", Heather forgetting herself and speaking due to her panic. Teresa's answer was to slap Heather round the face.

"Are you saying no to my gift to your daughter Heather, is that what you are telling my." Teresa slapped Heather again causing Teresa's attendants to laugh. Amber knew that a no to Teresa would leave her family on the streets with no money. She Quickly gave the reply Teresa wanted.

"My Queen I would love to come to the palace yes please I'll do anything."

"Oh good you wonderful slut now Heather you are going to come also and watch. I think I will also take with me your other daughter where is the slut", Heather's night had just turn into a nightmare Teresa was taking both her daughter's and all she could do was smile. Heather's older daughter Nita walked and stood next to Amber. Nita didn't look like her sister she was not so thin but not what you could describe as over weight. Nita had sort black hair and like her sister was wearing a thick velvet dress, hers was light pink with the satin gloves and shoes to match. "There you are slut I would like you to come to the place also is that fine with you", Nita simple nodded her head.
Teresa now looked towards the guests who had backed off towards the far end of the room. "I don't want Amber to miss out on her birthday so I'm going to let all of her female guest come also. If you don't want to come simply tell an attendant", they knew that wasn't an option all the female gusts would be going. Teresa called her attendants forward.

Attendants were woman from top family's who had been picked to live at the palace. They were all dressed in a black ankle length fur coat it's large fur hood up covering their faces and on their feet black suede thigh heel shoes. Teresa ordered them to call for transport to move the female guests to the palace. "Now then you three sluts can travel with me, move."

"Yes my Queen", Heather and her daughter's speaking together. As they followed Teresa out of their home the female guest were being moved by the attendants. The female guests who had a daughter or daughters with them had their arms round them as they walked. All of them wishing they had never come not knowing what was going to happen.

Arriving at the palace Heather expected to be taken into one of it's many halls. However she and her daughter's followed Teresa to a room of the palace she had never seen. The walls were gold and hanging on them pictures of sadistic sex acts between women. In the middle was a large pit with a set of stairs running down the side of one of the pit walls to the bottom. The only other entrance was two golden doors at the bottom of the pit. The pit floor was cover with golden tiles it's walls had had pictures of group sex acts between women. A small wall run round the top edge of the pit for safety. Walking round the edge of the pit Teresa finally stopped next to a large bed cover with red satin sheets and pillows. Turning to face them Teresa pulled her large fur hood up then opened the buttons of her fur coat letting it fall open.

Teresa was nude under it but for her black satin high heel shoes. All Teresa's attendants had done the same their fur coats now open showing their nude body's and like Teresa they still had their large fur hoods up. "Your daughter's will now be taken away and placed in outfits. Amber your outfit is part of your birthday present from me go and wear them", one of the attendants walked them through a golden door next to the bed. Both Amber and Nita now had looks of fear on their faces. "In the chair Heather I want you to have a good view", The chair Heather had been ordered in was facing the bed not far from it. Once sitting Heather tried one last time to save her daughter's from Teresa's sadistic lust.

"My Queen I am more skilled in sex than my daughter's Amber hasn't even had a boyfriend I will be more fun for you", Heather had just said the worst thing she could for her daughter's. Teresa touch her cunt and moaned as she turned towards Heather. "Never had a lover I will be the first to have Amber oh fuck yes this is going to be fun. I will be the first to have her innocent body fuck how wonderful", Heather knew she had just made it worse for Amber all she could hope for is that Teresa would just fuck her and stop there.

“Why we wait for your sluts to change and the guests to arrive let me show you one of my pets”, Teresa giving a sigh to an attendant as she spoke. The attendant walked towards them holding a gold chain and it wasn't until Heather had a good view she could see the other end was round the neck of a nude female. She was around the age of Amber with long blond hair down to her buttocks. “There you are pined pet. This slut is Heather play with her”, Teresa unchained the female who was now smiling at Heather.

“Hello Heather I’m Holly the pin slut”, still smiling Holly wrapped a corduroy skirt round her and slowly closed the buttons which run up its front.

The corduroy skirt had small pins sticking out of it, the whole corduroy skirt was covered in pins. Teresa had chosen a corduroy skirt for Holly as it held the pins well. Holly now nude but for the corduroy skirt walked and placed her buttocks on Heather’s lap. Her thick velvet dress was no protection the pins pressed against Heather’s skin. Teresa loved the way Heather shouted out, Holly now moving over Heather’s lap. Teresa unlaced Heather’s dress ripping it down along with her underwear. Holly knew what Teresa wanted she lifted herself up and pressed her pin covered buttocks onto Heather’s now exposed breasts. Moving most of her corduroy skirt as possible over them. Teresa moaned and touched her cunt as she listened to Heather cry out watching Holly press her buttock on Heather’s breasts. The pins didn't enter Heather's skin they run across it pressing in, Teresa didn't want her toys broken. Teresa had her other had on Holly’s nipples, twisting and pulling them. Holly let out a short moan before Teresa's tongue slipped into her mouth. The three of them moaned, Heather because of the pins on Holly's corduroy skirt, Holly bending over pressing her buttocks into Heather's breast slowly moving her buttocks up and down. Teresa kissing and licking Holly's whilst twisting Holly's nipples. Teresa and her toys moaned, Teresa the only one moaning with pleasure.

The sound of the door opening caused Teresa to release her hold on Holly's nipples. As Teresa turned Holly went back to sitting on Heather's lap the pins once more pressing through the velvet. "Oh look Heather your two sluts are ready", Holly moved her head to one side allowing Heather to see her daughter's, her face turning from pain to Horror. Amber was wearing a red see thru nightdress that came just below her cunt. On her feet were a pair of red high heel shoes which were open at all sides. The only thing keeping them on her feet was a thin fur bar Ambers toes slipped under, her toes showing at the front. Her sister Nita was not so lucky she was wearing a heart shaped pair of thick satin knickers. They covered her cunt but showed most her buttocks. Nita moaned as she walked her face showing discomfort. "Amber my lovely slut you look wonderful."

"Thank you my Queen", Amber whilst speaking was watching Holly sitting on her Mother playing with her now red breasts.

"Nita how to you like you new knickers", Teresa's hand running over them caused Nita to cry out before speaking.

"They oh fucking, yes my Queen they oh fuck oh, yes I like them", Nita moaned her reply finding it impossible to talk."

"Heather if you are wondering why your slut is moaning her knickers have pins in them like Holly's corduroy skirt. However your sluts pins are facing inwards.", Heather now understood her daughter's knickers were full of pins. Every time she moved the pins would press in. Heather's wanted to help her daughter but was powerless unless she wanted her daughters to loose everything. Attendants walked forward placing ropes round both of Nita's ankles. Nita cried out as the ropes pulled her legs from under her. Her face only just touch the floor when the ropes moved again lifting her upside down. Nita was now hanging by her ankles over Teresa's bed. Teresa laughed her hand now running over Amber's red hair. Finally Nita's body became still her head above the pillows. "Holly strip the slut then you can join me and Amber", Teresa walked amber to the bed ordering her to climb on, Teresa following both of the lying under Nita. Holly had followed Teresa's orders and had ripped Heather's dress of her leaving her sitting in just her satin gloves, satin shoes and a white pair of silk knickers. Holly then jumped onto the bed, walked over Amber's face then stood behind Nita's upside down body. Slowly running her hands over Nita's heart shaped knickers, laughing as the pin pressed in causing Nita to cry out and moan. "You are a lovely pair of toys, don't stop Holly play with Nita", as Teresa gave her orders Amber could feel Teresa pressed against her back. Placing her fur hood against the back of Amber's head Teresa whispered that she should look into the pit.

Whilst Holly touched Nita causing her to constantly moan Amber climbed to her knees allowing a view of the pit. Teresa had done the same pressing her body against Amber's back, placing her fur covered arm round Amber's body. When the attendants could see Teresa was ready the doors to the pit opened. Amber was surprised to see all her female guests walk into the pit still wearing their velvet dresses. Teresa kissed Amber and whispered to her that she didn't want her to be without her guests. Amber looked down to a pit filling with women of different ages all with the same expression of Terror. "Ok sluts if you have daughters send them to the front now", female guest around Amber's age began walking to the pit wall by the bed, the other women standing behind them. Teresa placing her and on Amber's nipples whispered to her again, "This is going to be such a thrill I hope you enjoy their humiliation as much as I do." The only other sound was Nita moaning as Holly run her hand over her knickers Holly's tongue slowly running over Nita's legs.

Teresa pulled down her fur hood and looked into the pit, dozens off worried faces looked upwards. “You are going to play a game for myself and Amber’s amusement. When I drop my hand you sluts at the back will choose someone else's daughter, you can't have your own. You will run to them and after ripping off their dress by force run with it back to the far wall.”

“My Queen some of my guest are friends of my Mother and don't have a daughter down there”, Amber not sure if she should have spoken until Teresa smiled and kissed her.

“Oh good too few daughters to go round that will leave the older sluts battling each other for the dresses. Fighting each other as they rip off the younger sluts velvet dresses I'm going to enjoy this", Teresa now running her body up and down Amber's back becoming more and more excited. "Listen sluts you don't want to be the last one at the far wall with a dress.", Teresa raised her hand and whilst laughing dropped it. The older woman run forward as fast as their dresses would allow, some removing their shoes. The daughters at the front all screamed falling to the ground as the older women began pulling them out of their velvet dresses. Some had one of the Mothers pulling them to the ground by their neck others fell to the ground when one of the Mothers jumped onto their backs pulling at their corsets. Once they had the daughters on the floor some of the Mothers were attacking dresses from the bottom trying pull it over a daughters head using their foot to hold the younger woman's head down. Some Mothers were attacking a daughter's dresses from the top pushing their satin gloved hands down the front of their dresses ripping open the corsets. Running off with the dress in their hands leaving another woman's daughters face down in her ripped underwear.

Teresa was loving the show all those young women having their dresses ripped of them by force. She moaned with pleasure sliding her hand under Amber's nightdress. Slowly pushing her fingers in Amber's cunt. Amber moaned her red hair moving over Teresa's fur coat as her body twisted. Teresa pressed hard against Amber's back the sides of Teresa's fur coat hanging round Amber. Teresa moved her fingers loving the feel of Amber's cunt. Teresa moved her body so Amber's long hair was running over her breast's. Both of them were now moaning their body's against each other. "You feel lovely Amber I'm going to enjoy you."

"Thank you fuck oh thank you My Queen, oh fuck", Amber knew she had to give the answer Teresa wanted to save the family home but was finding it difficult with Teresa's fingers pushed hard inside her.

"Look in the pit Amber I'm so glad there are too many older women than young, look Amber they are having to double up and fight for your young friends dresses." Teresa whispering to Amber as she moved her fingers enjoying Amber's cunt. Teresa was now running her other hand down the front of Amber's nightdress twisting her nipples. Whilst watching the young women being stripped in the pit. Teresa loved watching the woman who were battling over the same dress. Two older women were lying on top of their victim both with their hands down the front of the dress they were ripping off. At the same time trying to push or kick each other away. All the females around Amber's age were on the floor their dresses almost off the sound of velvet ripping and the daughter's crying out filling the pit. It then came down to one younger woman left with to women on top of her fighting for the last velvet dress. The two women were ripping the corset off the dress down so violently that one of their victims breast became exposed. One of the women fighting for the dress was on top pulling at the corset lacing with her teeth, the other had her hands down the front of the dress.

Above on the bed Teresa watched with extreme pleasure moving her fingers in Amber's cunt faster than ever, the battle below turning her on. Amber was now wrapped inside Teresa's fur coat her head pressed against Teresa's breast. Teresa loved the feel of her young toy as she watched the two women in the pit fight for the dress. Teresa had difficulty seeing with her large fur hood up but Teresa loved wearing fur coats for sex. The feel of the fur coats heavy fur hood encasing her head along with the ability to encase her toy in the fur coat was how Teresa loved playing. From inside her fur coat Teresa laughed and moaned with sexual pleasure as she watched her toys humiliate themselves for her. Thrusting her fingers faster and faster as the final dress was slowly ripped off. Teresa's other hand now gripped Amber's nightdress twisting her nipple. Amber moaning her head turn upwards her view only of fur.

The final dress had now been ripped off and in the hands of both the older women. The young woman who it once covered was lying nude but for ripped underwear. The two women now both held the dress until on kicked her opponents leg from under her then run with the dress to the far wall. The other woman gave chase but it was too late an attendant shouted the game had finished. All the younger females were now sitting on the floor now just in their underwear and satin gloves their shoes had been lost whilst being striped. Teresa pulled her fingers from Amber's cunt still keeping Amber's hair against her breast's. "You have lost slut you are the last to strip a younger slut", Teresa speaking from inside her large fur hood which covered most of her face. The losing woman was standing in the middle of the pit with no dress, the others backed against the far wall all gripping one. There had been more older woman than young so those of them who had been fighting over one dress had got to the far wall both still holding it. Now this one woman stood with a look of fear on her face and no dress, she had lost. "Do you have a daughter in the pit slut", after the woman nodded Teresa order her daughter to stand. A thin blond haired female around Amber's age slowly stood. Her blond hair was held up by the last remaining hair pin. She only had on a white silk corset which was ripped exposing her nipples and a pair of white silk knickers. "Because you lost your daughter will now be a play thing in my palace she will put her shoes on and come up the stairs slut", Teresa run her hands over Amber's nightdress whilst she watched the young female place a pair of white satin shoes on her feet and begin to walk up the stairs towards Teresa. The losing woman could only stand in the pit watching her daughter walk away not knowing when her daughter would be allowed home, days, weeks or even months. It all depended on how quickly Teresa wanted her replaced.

After climbing the stairs the young female walked up to Teresa's bed and stood next to the chair Heather was sitting still only wearing her satin gloves and satin knickers watching helplessly whilst her daughter's were played with . "Because your Mother lost the game I want you as a plaything, what's your name slut".

"Carla My Queen I will do anything you ask", Carla speaking in a low soft voice.

"Good the first thing I want you to do is help Amber with her chocolate birthday cake. But let me just sort the sluts in the pit first", Teresa after speaking turn herself and Amber round on the bed facing the pit again, both still on their knees Teresa pressing herself against Amber's back. Running one hand over Amber's cunt the other through her long red hair. Then she gave more humiliating orders to the women in the pit, "ok sluts all the Mothers lying down on the floor face up, move." They all moved at once the women that were Mothers were now lying down in their ankle length velvet dresses. "Next you young sluts pick someone else's Mother and stand by her, it can't be your own Mother". Teresa waited until all the daughters had found and slipped back on their suede shoes. Then had walked up to one of the women lying down. "Now you young sluts place your head up their velvet dresses and lick their cunts", the daughters dropped to their knees and crawled up the velvet dress of the woman they had chosen until their heads were no longer visible. All the Mothers began to cry out their body's and heads turning as the daughter under their dresses began licking. Next it was the women left over's turn, the few women who didn't bring a daughter to the party. “You sluts left pick one of the daughters and spank them”, Without pausing they walked over to one of the daughter's slowly pulling their knickers down their legs and spanked them.

Teresa cried out placing both hands between Amber's legs as she watched her toys amuse her. Tthe Mothers were lying twisting from side to side moaning. At the bottom of their dress someone else's daughter was on her knees with her head up their dress so only their lower back was showing. The daughters running their young tongues over their cunts. Some of the daughter's were now having their buttocks spanked whilst they licked. Teresa watched some of the daughters heads lift up under the velvet as their buttocks began to be spanked then they soon remembered their orders lowering back down. Listing to the moaning and spanking turned Teresa on so much she screamed with pleasure. The whole of Teresa's body was shaking against Amber. Once Teresa’s body was calm again she began laughing at the women in the pit whilst touching and kissing Amber. Holly was still running her hand over Nita’s pin filled knickers whilst Nita hung upside down over the bed. As Teresa’s toys licked and spanked each other in the pit she turn herself and Amber round to face Heather and Carla again. The attendants had placed a table next to Carla with a dish of soft chocolate on it. "Carla would you help Amber with her chocolate cake please whilst your slut of a Mother is in my pit."

"Yes my Queen of course I will I'd be happy to", Carla trying to answer in a happy voice."

"Good take of your underwear and bend face down over the table next to the cake", Carla quickly removed her ripped satin corset and satin knickers and lowered herself over the table. As she waited now just wearing her satin shoes and gloves Carla thought her back was going to be Teresa's table. "Heather take hold of the slut's arms and hold her", Heather stood and held of Carla's satin gloved arms, gripping and pulling them cause Carla's belly to press against the table. "Now Amber climb down with me and I'll show you how to eat your cake", Amber climbed from the bed her nightdress falling back down just covering her cunt. Teresa followed still leaving her fur coat open and her large fur hood up. Teresa run her fingers through the soft chocolate then push her chocolate covered fingers up Carla's cunt. Carla screamed her body moving from side to side, Heather pulling her arms to keep her down on the table. Laughing Teresa slowly pulled her fingers out most of the chocolate still on them. Then Sucked her fingers clean of the chocolate. Teresa moaning and running her over hand over Carla's wide open legs. "Your turn now my lovely pet", Amber never though her birthday party would come to this she had known Carla all her life. Amber whilst holding a false smile coped Teresa. When Amber thrust her fingers in Carla's cunt she made of false moan to please Teresa.

They went in turns from then on Carla's moaning her face now red her eyes closed. Teresa's chocolate covered fingers followed by Ambers would be placed up Carla's cunt. Amber was surprised when her fingers didn't taste as bad as she expected. As Teresa and Amber placed their fingers in Carla's cunt in turn Carla moaned and cried out her body moving on the table. Heather had her family home to think of so was gripping Carla's arms keeping her over the table. As Teresa and Amber used Carla's cunt to eat the cake Holly jumped off the bed and pressed herself up Heather's back grapping both her breast's. The pins on Holly's corduroy skirt pressing into Heather's nude buttocks. The pins didn't enter skin they just run along it turning Heathers buttocks red. Whilst Holly moved her corduroy skirt over Heather she squeezed both Heather's breasts and bounced them in her hands. The other side of the table Teresa and Amber were still eating the cake, pushing their chocolate fingers up Carla's cunt. Amber could see her Mother standing the other side of the table moaning and crying out as she gripped Carla's hands. The only part of Holly Amber could see were her hands squeezing and bouncing her Mother's breast's.

Whilst Amber's fingers were pushed in Carla Teresa run her hand through Carla's hair pulling her head back with it to kiss her. Sometimes Teresa would slap Carla's buttocks before taking her turn with the chocolate. Amber tried not to look at her Mother as she pushed her fingers in Carla, thinking to herself how she could face Carla after tonight. Carla moaned lower as more and more of the chocolate cake was pushed into her. Teresa encouraged Amber to push more of her fingers in causing Carla's body to twist on the table more violently. Amber put as much chocolate on her fingers as possible, not because she was enjoying it Amber wanted it over quicker. However this only increased the enjoyment for Teresa as she watched Carla's face and body as Amber thrust her fingers inside Carla's cunt. Teresa was having a wonderful time eating the chocolate that had been inside Carla, kissing her and spanking her buttocks when it was Amber's turn. Also having the bonus of watching Heather hold Carla down whilst being touched and played with by Holly. The pins on the corduroy skirt still pressed against Heathers buttocks, Holly's hands bouncing her breast's. However Teresa was finding it harder and harder to keep her hands off Amber. Until Teresa couldn't wait for Amber's body any longer. Pushing Amber onto the bed Teresa jumped on top of her Teresa being taller and wearing her heavy fur coat covered Amber.

Amber found herself in darkness feeling Teresa move over her. When she could finally see her head was next to her sisters, Nita still hanging upside down by her ankles her face red. The sisters didn't have long to exchange looks because Amber found her face covered in fur. It was then that Amber began feeling pressure on her face that made it difficult to get air. Teresa loved the feel of Amber's face under her fur covered buttocks. After moving her legs in place Teresa lifted Nita's head up, Nita's top half of her body swinging upwards with it as she hung from the ropes. Teresa began to kiss and lick Nita's face moaning with pleasure. Teresa's fur hood covered so much of her face she had to pull Nita's face into the hood for her to tongue to run over her toy. As Teresa moved her fur covered buttocks Amber had the chance to take air in before the fur covered her face once more.

Whilst Teresa played on the bed Holly moved off Heather's body letting go of her Breast's. Taking hold of Carla's hair Holly pushed Carla's face into the remaining chocolate. Then lifting her out ordered Heather to like it off. Heather now had the humiliating task of running her tongue slowly over Carla's face. Not only had she known Carla all her life but Heather had also known Carla's Mother since childhood. She listened to both her own daughter's moaning unable to see them. Only guessing what Teresa was doing to them whilst she was beginning to lick Carla's face for the third time. Holly pressing Cara's face back into the chocolate again and again. What she could see was Holly undoing the buttons that run up the front of her corduroy skirt holding it together. Holly allowed the corduroy skirt to fall off her then holding it in one hand used it like a whip on Heather's buttocks. Heather somehow managed to cry out and lick at the same time not wanted to displease Teresa. After Holly had whipped Heather's buttocks a few time the pins hitting and running over her skin. Holly switched to Nita who was skill being kissed and touched by Teresa. Holly Whipped Nita's buttocks with her corduroy skirt whilst she hung by her ankles. The pins on Holly's corduroy skirt causing Nita to moan as Teresa kissed her. Holly switched from whipping Nita to whipping Heathers buttock her thick heavy corduroy skirt crashing against their body's. The pins pressing in causing Mother and daughter to moan, their body's twisting and turning.

Teresa released Nita's head so she could begin twisting Nita's nipples enjoying the feel of Amber's face under her fur covered buttocks. Teresa's vision was limited when her fur hood was up but that is how she loved it. A fur coat against her nude body with her head encased in a heavy fur coat. If Teresa pulled one side of her fur hood back she could see into the pit. The Mothers in their velvet dresses still lying face up with someone else's daughter's head under their dress licking their cunts. The woman left over spanking the daughter's buttocks. Teresa watched her toys in the pit whilst sitting on Amber's face and twisting one of Nita's nipples. "Go on Holly my pined slut whip them, whip them faster", Teresa encouraging Holly, turned on by the moaning of Mother and daughter. Pulling her fur hood back the other side Teresa could see Heather nude licking Carla's face whilst Holly whipped her buttocks. Teresa pulled her fur hood back the pit side to order new humiliation, "change over sluts. Strip out of your velvet dresses then you lick the daughter, do it fucking move." Teresa's orders were acted on at once. The Mothers stood and with the help of the daughter that had been licking their cunt stripped to only their shoes and velvet gloves. The daughters dropped face up on the floor the older women then began to lick their cunts. Whilst the woman licked the young cunt of someone's daughter they had the knowledge that their own daughter was having hers licked. It was the turn of the daughters to moan and twist their body's. Most of them with their eyes shut their head turn to one side. "You sluts left over you will be given soft ropes to whip the sluts buttocks", the attendants handed the women who didn't have a daughter in the pit a rope each and they began to walk round whipping the buttocks of the Mother's whilst they were on their knees licking cunts. The only protection the Mothers had were their satin knickers as the ropes hit their upward facing buttocks. The Mothers crying out before licking someone's daughter's cunt again. Teresa was happy with the sexual entertainment. Older women on their knees just in their shoes and satin gloves licking the cunt of a younger female also only in her shoes and satin gloves. Other nude women whipping buttocks at random. Teresa had found a new game and she was going to play it on other nights.

Teresa stood up of Amber's face placing her feet each side of Amber and pressed her body against Nita's. Because Nita was hanging upside down her face was level with Teresa's cunt. Teresa just said one word, "lick." When Nita's tongue touched Teresa's cunt she let out a cry of pleasure. More so when Holly's corduroy skirt hit Nita causing her upside down boy to swing into her. The sides of Teresa's fur coat hiding Nita's body. Teresa whilst being licked run her hand over Nita's heart shaped Knickers the pins in the knickers pressing into Nita's cunt. This caused Nita's body to twist her head hitting Teresa's cunt. "Whip this slut only Holly fucking whip her", Teresa was so  turned on she could hardly say her words. Holly loved whipping Heather the best but she had lived in the palace that long she knew all sex acts were for Teresa's pleasure only. Holly climbed on the bed the other side of Nita facing Teresa and began hitting Nita with her corduroy skirt sending Nita's face hard into Teresa's cunt, Nita moaning and still trying to lick Teresa. Who was now in so much sexual pleasure her head was turned upwards into the inside of her fur hood. Holly repeatedly hit Nita the pins in the corduroy skirt pressing against her skin Nita's knickers not protecting much of her buttocks. Holly watch the pit as she hit Nita laughing at the woman down in it. Holly knew some of the daughters who were still on their knees licking cunts. She shouted to the woman holding the ropes, directing them to whip those daughter's buttocks.

"Go on whip the fucking sluts whip them", Holly taking pleasure in having those young females she knew whipped. Holly hit her corduroy skirt against Nita whilst watching the women in the pit humiliate themselves. Teresa moans had now turn into screams of pleasure as Nita's tongue run over her cunt, Nita's head hitting into Teresa as Holly whipped her. Teresa let out one last scream and fell down onto the bed her body covering Amber. Teresa was still for some time Heather couldn't see Amber and was just hoping her daughter could get some air. When Teresa did move she turn her body so she was face to face with Amber.

"Holly leave Nita and bring me Heather and Carla", Holly was pleased as she like Heather and was hoping to touch her again.

"Yes my Queen at once I will fetch the sluts", Holly quickly placed her corduroy skirt round her fastening the buttons up the front that held it together. Jumping off the bed she pulled Heather and Carla by their hair to the bed. Both of them nude but for their shoes and satin gloves.

"Carla let your hair down and climb up next to Amber", Carla removed her remaining hair pin allowing her blond hair to fall down most of her back. Then climbed up lying so her head was next to Ambers who Teresa was still lying on. When Carla was lying down Teresa turn over so she was lying face up on top of both young women. Amber and Carla both having to turn their heads to the side to get some air. "Heather get the fuck up here. Slowly crawl up me licking, fucking move slut", Heather climbed on the bottom of the bed lying her body face down by Teresa's feet. Who was lying with her fur coat open exposing her nude body. Heather for the first time was pleased most of her youngest daughter was coved she didn't want her to see this. Looking up the bed she could see Nita hanging upside down her by her ankles. Her oldest daughter would have a full view of the sex act she was about to perform. Heather lowered her head so she didn't have to watch her daughter hanging then began to crawl up Teresa running her tongue over Teresa's legs.
As Heather moved up Teresa she tried not to move too fast trying to give the most sexual pleasure. Teresa could feel her toy's tongue moving closer to her cunt. She moaned not just from the feel of Heather's tongue but the two toys she was lying on. Teresa loved the way Amber and Carla tried to move under her. Teresa also knew Nita was hanging upside down close to her but because of her fur hood couldn't see her. Inside the large heavy fur hood that encased her head Teresa listened to the moaning from the pit, taking enjoyment from their humiliation. Then Heather's tongue run over her cunt. Teresa cried out loving the feel of her toys on and under her body giving Teresa such sexual pleasure. Heather repeatedly licked Teresa's cunt causing her to moan and her body to begin twisting Teresa's heavy fur coat couldn't keep her body still. As she moved over Amber and Carl they were moaning themselves not from pleasure but from the heavy bodies of Teresa and now Heathers on them. Heather slowly moved up Teresa turning her head from side to side so her tongue didn't miss any of Teresa's belly. Amber and Carla's faces now pushing out each side of Teresa, their only way of getting air. Teresa moved her head round inside her fur hood as she could feel Heather moving upwards. She could now also feel the movement of Heather's breasts pressed against her.

Whilst Heather crawled her way nude up Teresa Holly had seen Carla's face sticking out from under Teresa and was now pressing her lips against Carla's. Holly began switching from Carla's lips to Nita's loving trying to kiss Nita's upside down face as she hung above Teresa. As she moved between toys Holly looked down into the pit to make sure the daughters were still on their knees licking the older woman's cunt. The pit was designed to allow the moaning of the toys below to reach the bed, Teresa had designed the pit herself. Heather was now running her tongue round Teresa's nipples Heathers whole body now lying on Teresa, the pressure on Carla and Amber turning their faces red. Teresa now loving the movement of their body's under her as much as Heather's tongue. "Get you fucking hands on them, a want you sitting up", Teresa shouting her order to Heather her voice displaying the extreme sexual pleasure she was in. Heather lifted herself up sitting just below Teresa's breasts. Heather was now face to face with her daughter as she hung upside down. She watched Holly pressing her daughter's pin filled heart shape knickers knowing there was no way of helping her. Heather chose to look into the pit whilst running her hands over Teresa's breasts. It was better for her to watch other people humiliated and whipped than to look at her daughter. Heather couldn't see Amber but knew she was under them both. So Heather tried to shift her body towards the side of Teresa Carla was lying under whilst running her hands over Teresa's breasts. "Holly help me to sit fucking now, move slut", Heather moved backwards off Teresa and with Holly's help Teresa was now sitting. "You two sluts get the fuck up", Amber and Carla for the first time that evening were glad to be given an order. Each of them trying to move their body's stiff from the pressure of two bodies being on them. Holly placed two red satin pillows on the back of the bed for Teresa to place her body against. Her open fur coat hanging open to its sides Teresa still had her fur hood up she always only pulled it down when she absolutely needed to. Teresa loved her fur hood restricting her view when having sex. "Did you enjoy my fur over you."

"Yes my Queen, oh yes very much", Amber and Carla speaking together their body's now almost out from under Teresa.

"Amber against my body move, Carla you also I haven't had the pleasure of your blond hair against me", Amber placed her back against Teresa's nude body Teresa moan as she moved into place. Carla moved next to Amber both of their heads against Teresa's breasts. Teresa moan remining still for a while her young toys bodies pressed against her. Teresa loving the feel of Carla's and Amber's long hair over her breasts and belly. "Heather come closer to your sluts of daughters", Heather crawled up the bed closer to Amber and Nita's hanging body. Until she was sitting on Teresa facing Amber and Carla, still sitting with their backs against Teresa. "Nita come here slut", Teresa now pulling Nita's upside down head forward kissing and licking her neck. Heather was sitting nude helpless to defend her daughter's from Teresa. Her only hope as she watched Nita kissed and Amber now with Teresa's hand up her night dress was that Teresa was almost finished. It was a common fact Teresa always placed her body in this way when she was ready for sleep. Teresa released Nita's head letting her body swing and began touching both Amber and Carla's cunts both of them moaning their eyes shut. Kissing Nita once more Teresa turn her thoughts to the pit.

"My Queen could I have Heather to play with please", Holly asking in the sexy voice that almost got her anything. Heather's face turned to horror as she remembered the corduroy skirt.

"Of course my pin slut, Heather climb down and do whatever Holly wants", Heather had no sooner climbed off Teresa when Holly pushed her to the pit edge. Then Heather could feel the pins from Holly's corduroy skirt in her nude buttocks. Followed by Holly's hands on her breast's. Holly moved herself over Heather's buttocks and squeezed her breasts watching the young females on their knees licking older women's cunts in the pit, other women whipping the younger women's buttocks. Teresa pulled down her fur hood and placed her hands back on Amber and Carla's cunts. "Look at your Mother Amber look at the slut bending nude other the pit. Are you ready to humiliate your friends in the pit."

"Yes, Yes of course", Amber trying to smile not wanting to look at her Mother also wondering if Nita was still hanging by her ankles.

"Stop licking and stand all of you stand you fucking sluts", Teresa had began to change how her toys down in the pit were to be humiliated. Teresa's hands now running all over Amber and Carla's body's twisting their nipples and running through their long hair. The women in the pit were now all standing just wearing their shoes and satin gloves, hoping Teresa was finished with them. "All of you sluts that are friends of Ambers stay where you are. Those of you that are their mothers move to the far wall", The women organized themselves. In the middle stood young females around Amber's age and against the far wall stood their Mother's. "The ones of you that don't have a daughter down there stand by an attendant", Once the women that didn't have a daughter were standing by one the attendants they found themselves pushed against the wall. The attendants all only wearing a fur coat left open with the fur hood up and black suede high heel shoes pushed their fingers hard into the women's cunts. Whilst the women moaned and cried out their backs against the wall of the pit the attendants pressing against them. Teresa turned her attention to the daughters in the middle of the pit.

"Move into groups of four, now sluts", Whilst the daughters in the pit followed her orders Teresa pulled Amber's nightdress off leaving her just wearing her fur shoes. "Now sluts in your groups two of you push your fingers in each others cunts. The two remaining push your tongues inside the others buttocks and lick, fucking do it sluts", Teresa pulled Amber and Carla's hair back so she could run her hands through it. As Teresa moaned her hands running in her toys long hair she viewed with pleasure the pit. The daughters were in their groups of four and had began to follow Teresa's orders. Because Amber was a member of a top family her guest list for the birthday party had been long. As because of this there were over 40 young females in the pit just wearing their shoes and satin gloves. Within all the groups of daughters the first two were standing facing each other legs apart. Slowly each of them pushed their satin gloved fingers inside the others ones cunt. The pit was filled with their loud moans as they moved their fingers faster on Teresa's orders. Falling against each over as they tried to stand their breasts pressing together Teresa turned on by the looks of humiliation on their faces. Teresa ordered Carla to suck one of her breast. Amber had to simply keep her long red hair next to Teresa's face whilst Teresa watched the toys in the pit. The young females down in it were now carrying out the final order.

As the young women faced each other trying to open their legs making the presence of the other young females fingers less unpleasant in their cunts. Hands grabbed their legs followed by the feeling of something wet and smooth being inserted into their buttocks. The faces of the second two in the groups couldn't be seen because they were pushed against the buttocks of the ones standings. So they could run their tongues deep into their buttocks. Teresa moaned watching her toys and listening to the different sounds. The moaning of her toys feeling each others cunts and the strange moaning of her toys whom were on their knees faces pressed against another daughter's buttocks. Pushing their tongues deep inside licking. Teresa placed one hand between Amber's legs and pulling Amber's head back whispered to her, "Look at my toys humiliate themselves for me, look at the ones kneeling their faces pressed into buttocks imagine what there tongues must feel like". Teresa laughed as she whispered to Amber her other hand now switching over to Carla's cunt, "I will not make you go in the pit my special play thing. You will live in the palace just for me."

"Thank you my Queen that's lovely I look forward to sexually pleasing you", Amber's words came out in a false happy voice. As she was wondered when she would be allowed home. Amber knew at all cost she must please Teresa to save her family home.

"I think it's time we released your slut of a sister", after pulling Nita's head forward to kiss her Teresa gave the order to an attendant who released Nita's ankles. She fell behind the bed on to the stone floor the pins in her satin heart shaped knickers pressing in causing her to moan, "come here slut fucking move". Nita climbed to her feet the attendant pulling Nita by her short black hair to the side of Teresa's bed. "I just loved you hanging in those knickers I'm going to let you stay at the palace until you are no longer amusing me. I won't hang you up tomorrow I'll think of other ways you can entertain me", Nita didn't answer she no longer had the strength she simply held a false smile on her face. Heather who was still pushed against the wall of the pit with Holly still touching her the pins in Holly's corduroy skirt moving over her skin. Held a look of horror on her face not because of Holly it was for her daughter's. In the early evening she was hosting a larger birthday party for Amber. Now she was listening to her daughters being made sexual playthings. She could only see Amber from the neck up Teresa's red satin sheets now covering her. However she had a full view of Nita wondering when Teresa would allow her to remove her heart shape knickers, how long they would have to stay at the palace as sex toys. Teresa had been know to keep daughters of top family's in the palace for years.

Whilst the moans from the pit filled the bedroom Teresa ordered Carla to climb out of the bed and touch Nita's cunt. Teresa kissed Amber running her hand through her long red hair whilst Carla just in her shoes and satin gloves run her hand over Nita's cunt. Nita's moaning and the redness of her face excited Teresa causing her to run her hands over Amber quicker. "Give Nita the scissors", Nita and Carla were now wondering why such and order had been given, Carla now also terrified. "Carla I love your long blond hair it feels lovely next to my body Cut it all off Nita", Carla scream as Nita began to cut. At Carla's feet a large pile of blond hair was forming. Nita kept cutting until only a an uneven layer of thin hair covered Carla's head. The attendant removed the scissors and handed Carla a red satin bag. "Pick it up slut and bring it to me, now slut", Carla quickly gathered up her own hair from the floor filling the bag with it. Then run with it up to the bed were Teresa was touching Amber's body under the red satin sheets turned on by Carla's humiliation. "Thank you slut for your lovely hair go and look into the pit", Teresa moving Amber to one side of the bed placing one of her breast's into the bag of hair. Teresa then went back to kissing and touching Amber again, "Don't worry my slut I'm not going to have your lovely red hair cut. You will be with me for a long time".

"Thank you my Queen for letting me keep my hair", Amber held as false smile as Teresa run her hand through her hair. Her breast still in the bag of Carla's.

"Carla's Mother show yourself", down in the pit the daughters were still in groups of four moaning, humiliating themselves for Teresa's pleasure. In the group of older women standing against the far wall one of them held up her hand. "Take a look at your fucking daughter", Carla found her body pushed forward against the pit wall by an attendant. Now visible to the pit Carla's Mother held her hands over her head then screamed. Teresa pushed the bag of hair completely over her breast her other hand running over Amber's body. Enjoying the knowledge it would take months for Carla to have normal hair back. "Go and join the daughter's in the pit Carla. Find a group and press your nude hairless body into them", Teresa finding the word hairless amusing plus Carla's Mothers screaming. Carla walked slowly across to the pit stairs and disappeared down them. Once in the pit Carla walked to one of the groups of daughters pressing her nude body against them. Most of Carla's body was over the two standing. Teresa emptied some of the hair out of the bag over her and amber's body before placing her breast back into it. Teresa moaned loving the feel of the hair. Amber knew if she was to get through being a sex toy she had to keep Teresa turned on. Amber moaned and whilst kissing Teresa's neck played with Carla's hair against her own nipples.
Holly left Heather against the pit wall running over to the bed, "my Queen can I have Nita in bed with me tonight."

"Yes my pin slut you can have Nita, you have pleased me tonight", Holly smiled and run off. Which confused Heather who was trying to see what was happening to her daughter's. Holly soon came running back still only wearing her pin covered corduroy skirt but holding a short red rope. Nita cried out when she felt her left nipple pinched. Looking down to see that the rope had meatal clips at each end one of which was now clipped to her nipple. Nita moaned her body shook as Nita's other nipple became home to the second clip. The rope now running between Nita's nipples. Holly stood laughing her hands over Nita's heart shaped pin filled knickers.

"Good night my Queen", Holly to Heather's horror gripped the rope and pulled Nita along by her nipples Nita trying to keep up with Holly the pins in her knickers pressing into her cunt, falling once and being pulled up again by Holly. Nita was dragged through the door Heather and her daughter's had enter at the start of the evening and disappeared. Heather knew her daughter was in for an unpleasant night in bed with Holly whishing she had never held such a large birthday party for Amber. Heather's thoughts of Nita were broken with the sound of Teresa shouting.

"You older sluts against the far wall can go your daughter's will carry out the sex acts in the pit all night. I love to fuck with the sound of moaning from the pit, go. "The Mothers began to be pushed by attendants out of the pit forbidden to take their velvet dresses. As they left the pit only in their shoes and satin gloves all of them tried to have a last look at their humiliated daughter's. The last view they had of their daughters were of them sucking and licking breasts or of them pushing their tongues into buttocks. Teresa then ordered her attendants to bring forward the women pressed against the wall. The attendants walked the women forward but kept their fingers in them. This amused and turned on Teresa as the women tried to walk legs apart with an attendants fingers thrust into their cunts. "You sluts remaining find a group of four and suck their feet", the women remaining were the ones with no daughters at the party and all night had regretted going. They all moaned at once as the attendants removed their fingers from inside them. Still finding it hard to walk they all went to one of the groups of daughters. Some lifted up a legs of the daughters that were standing and began sucking their toes. Some chose the ones that were kneeling licking buttocks. Lifting up one of their legs to suck their toes. Teresa was pleased with the way she had setup the pit and ordered the lights down. The pit was suddenly in darkness only the shapes of the people in it visible and the sound of their moaning.

Teresa for the first time slipped off her fur coat, an attendant taking it from her. Another attendant lowered the red satin pillows Teresa and Amber now lying under the red satin sheets. Amber moaning as Teresa slowly twisted her nipples and run her other hand over her body. Then after placing some more of Carla's hair on Amber she moved over her. Once Teresa was on top of her toy she kissed Amber and licked her neck. Teresa had waited for Amber a long time now and as she moved her body over the top of Amber the feel of Carla's hair between them was a wonderful bonus. Heather still standing nude tried to see Amber but with the light down it was impossible. She had just seen one of her daughter's taken as a toy now she was force to listen as Teresa and Amber fucked. She knew her daughter's were doing it to save the family house. Saying no to Teresa wasn't an option but that didn't make Heather feel much better. "Heather get the fuck oh shit, Heather here now, fuck yes slut", Teresa screamed her order unable to control her voice. As Heather slowly approached to her horror she could see why. Amber was completely under the sheets and by the look on Teresa's face and her screams Heather knew her daughter was performing sex acts on Teresa's cunt. Heather stood watching the sheets move around the only way she knew where her daughter was. "Your fucking slut is good, fuck oh stop Amber stop", Teresa rested her head on the satin pillow and few moments later Amber's head came from under the sheets. "Say good night to your slut of a Mother then get back on my cunt."

"Good night Mother see you later.", Amber hoping that she would.

"Good night my sweet", Heather knowing it could be some time until she spoke to her daughter again. Mother and daughter looked at each other, each not knowing what else to say as the moans from the pit filled the bedroom.

"You can go now Heather I only want your daughter's body's. You will leave dressed as you are. You will dress just in satin high heels and satin gloves all the time wherever you are. My attendants will carry out random checks. Now you back under the fucking sheet", Heather watched her daughter disappear then Teresa cried out again pushing her head into the pillow. Heather turn and walked towards the main doors held open by two attendants. She didn't care about her own nude body now to be on show Heather was thinking of Nita with clips on her nipples now Holly's toy. Hoping Holly would not wear her corduroy skirt in bed. Also Amber forced to spend the night in Teresa's bed pleasing her to keep the family from being homeless. The two golden doors were slammed shut behind Heather blocking out the moaning from the pit and the moaning and screaming from Teresa as Amber pleasured her.

Heather entered the cold night air one hand trying to cover her breast's the other coving her cunt. The top family's all had their house close to the palace, as it had been for hundreds of years. Heather was feeling guilty knowing she was walking back to her home leaving her daughter's with Teresa as sex toys. The cold had taken away the pain of Holly's pins on her buttocks and replaced it with numbness. The Mother's who Teresa had turned out of the pit came into Heather's view she soon realized they were waiting for her. Like her only wearing satin shoes and satin gloves, now all walking towards her.

"You fucking bitch my daughters in the pit all night because of your lavish party. This is all your fucking fault", they walked with Heather circling her like a pack of wolves. All of them shouting abuse, deep down they knew Teresa would have taken Amber party or not but the were all thinking of their daughter's spending the whole night in the pit. Whilst Heather tried to walk home they followed her shouting abuse.

"My daughters spending the night with her tongue in someone's buttocks. I hope Nita and Amber are in the palace for fucking years."

"I hope Amber is fucked chained up I hope Teresa keep your daughter's as humiliated as my daughter is."

"Your fucking daughters deserve all they fucking get my daughter's are in the fucking pit you slut, I hope they have their hair cut off like my daughter", the abuse continued Heather and the other Mothers all trying to walk using their hands to cover their breast's and cunt's. They Mothers were unable to shout their frustrations at Teresa that would have been the end to their homes. Unfortunately for Heather she was their safest target and would be for some time. Heather finally to her relief enter her family homes large gates. Making the long walk up the drive Heather was wondering how she was going to tell her husband she had lost both daughters to Teresa's sexual lust.

All the lights in Teresa's bedroom had now been lowered only a few on the gold covered wall remained on full. The attendants on night duty needing to see the shapes of the toys in the pit. Teresa placed her nude boy on top of Amber running her tongue over her nipples. Amber knowing she had to please Teresa was moaning with false pleasure and kissing Teresa's passionately. As Amber moaned listening to her friends moaning in the pit her birthday party in her family home, her friends dressed in their velvet dresses seemed just a faded memory. Teresa began moving under the sheets Amber guessing Teresa was heading for her cunt. Amber knew it was going to be a long night for her and Nita both of them toys for Teresa for as long as their humiliation was a sexual thrill.

Thanks to my wife's sister for helping with the photos and for using some of her clothing along with my wife's. Wife's sister below.


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