Special Day Horror

Special Day Horror

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A brides wedding day should be her special day the most happy of her life. However Debbie was full of fear as her special day moved closer. Not because she didn't want to be married she loved Dan he was the most important person in her life. No the feeling of fear was because Debbie lived in a small kingdom ruled by Queen Teresa. It had no government Teresa's word was law and she used this to get sex from any woman she wanted. The woman could say no when Queen Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be put in prison or killed nothing like that. Their house would be taken by the crown, banks would freeze their money, their life gone until they said yes. Then they could have their life back when they had slept with Teresa. This is what Debbie feared because she belonged to of one of the top family's Teresa may attend her wedding. Teresa had a history of asking brides for sex.


A brides wedding day should be her special day the most happy of her life. However Debbie was full of fear as her special day moved closer. Not because she didn't want to be married she loved Dan he was the most important person in her life. No the feeling of fear was because Debbie lived in a small kingdom ruled by Queen Teresa. It had no government Teresa's word was law and she used this to get sex from any woman she wanted. The woman could say no when Queen Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be put in prison or killed nothing like that. Their house would be taken by the crown, banks would freeze their money, their life gone until they said yes. Then they could have their life back when they had slept with Teresa. This is what Debbie feared because she belonged to of one of the top family's Teresa may attend her wedding. Teresa had a history of asking brides for sex.


Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016




by Marquis

This story contains sexual blackmail but does NOT include any sexual aggression. However it does include sex acts. Pictures by my wife (none sexual).

A brides wedding day should be her special day the most happy of her life. However Debbie was full of fear as her special day moved closer. Not because she didn't want to be married she loved Dan he was the most important person in her life. No the feeling of fear was because Debbie lived in a small kingdom ruled by Queen Teresa. It had no government Teresa's word was law and she used this to get sex from any woman she wanted. The woman could say no when Queen Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be put in prison or killed nothing like that. Their house would be taken by the crown, banks would freeze their money, their life gone until they said yes. Then they could have their life back when they had slept with Teresa. This is what Debbie feared because she belonged to of one of the top family's Teresa may attend her wedding. Teresa had a history of asking brides for sex not somewhere discreet but in front of all the guests. Debbie like other brides hoped Queen Teresa wouldn't attend her wedding. The fear of Teresa asking her for sex in the middle of the service the humiliation of it. All Debbie could do was wait and see if Teresa would attend. All she could do was wait and fear.

Debbie was sitting in front of her mirror the last of her hair pins being pushed in by her Mother. Holding her long black hair up at the back of her head. Debbie had lost count of how any people had come and gone from her bedroom the house was a frantic collection of family all wanting to see her. The normally silent house was a mixture of voices but Debbie wasn't listening she was too worried a guest no one wanted at their wedding would come. All morning everyone had kept off the subject but Debbie couldn't kept it out of her mind. When her wedding dress was carried in Debbie knew the next few hours of her life would be the happiest or she would be having sex with Teresa. Slipping out of her robe Debbie pulled on her silk knickers followed by her silk corset. Debbie's breasts began to hurt as her Mother tied the corset. Debbie being told to keep still as her Mother's knee pressed in her body as the corset was tied. Next Debbie placed he legs into her white satin dress so it could be pulled up and tied at the back. The dress was a corset style at the top with a very wide heavy ankle length skirt which was very hard for Debbie to walk in. Debbie's high heel satin shoes were placed on her feet followed by her full length satin gloves. Then the time had come to walk down stairs and for the day to start. Debbie's two bridesmaids were wearing matching dark blue satin dresses and dark blue satin shoes. Standing at the back of Debbie they picked up the back of the skirt allowing her to walk. Once she was down stairs everyone was saying how lovely she looked as Debbie's Mother helped her on with her red ankle length satin coat. As her Mother did up the toggles closing the coat Debbie couldn't keep off the subject any longer. "There is a good chance Teresa will show up isn't there. If so does I'll have to do."

"That's it Debbie your wedding will be wonderful", Debbie's Mother cutting her off before she could finish saying what her Mother also deep down was fearing, Teresa attending.

"That's ok to say Mother but look what Teresa did to Katherine undressed out of her dress in front of everyone then she had to", Debbie's Mother placed a finger over Debbie's mouth before finishing with the coat toggles. Debbie wanted to speak again but the transport had arrived the bridesmaids had already picked up the back of the dress again. Debbie's mother pulled up the red satin coat's large hood before picking up her own ankle length fur coat and heading out.

Debbie's Mothers fur coat wasn't part of her outfit she hoped she never had to wear it. Queen Teresa had a fetish for fur coats with large fur hoods. Because of this Teresa had made it law that if she attended anything hosted by a top family, not just a wedding. All the adult women must be wearing a fur coat with the hood up, brides and bridesmaids exempt from the law. Having to wear a fur coat with a heavy hood up all day is not easy. So female guests always hold their fur coat only slipping it on if Teresa attends.

The grand hall is where all the top family's are married if they don't want a religious wedding, both Debbie and Dan didn't want a church wedding. Debbie walked into the hall past family and friends stopping next to Dan. After her coat hood had been pulled down by a bridesmaid the wedding began. Debbie was so happy standing by Dan smiling at him until she knew something was wrong. The guests began talking in low voices Debbie just knew it had to be Teresa. Debbie turned and the guests near her were all slipping into their fur coats and pulling their fur hoods up. She turned back and kept looking forward hoping it wasn't going to happen to her as the wedding carried on. Then Debbie knew when one of Teresa's attendants began shouting.

"Get your fucking fur coats on fucking hoods up now, too slow fucking hoods up", Teresa's attendants lived at the palace and were only allowed to wear fur coats left open with the hood up their nude body's showing and suede thigh boots with a large heel. Debbie listened to the attendant in shock unable to turn round. Debbie's satin hood was pulled up again covering most of her face followed by the feeling of someone running their hand over it. A few seconds later Teresa was standing in front of her wearing one of her many ankle length fur coats it's fur hood pulled up.

"I just love the feel of your coat Debbie the satin is lovely such a lovely hood", the wedding had stopped no one talked when Teresa was speaking. Debbie stood in fear just looking forward whilst Teresa run her hands all over her coat. "Debbie you look so sexy in your wedding outfit whilst your wedding continues may I have sex with you", it had happened what Debbie had feared. Teresa was asking but a no answer would have their house taken by the crown and their money frozen.

"Yes of course you can my Queen that would be lovely", Debbie talking in a calm voice smiling. After ordering the wedding to carry on Teresa opened the front of Debbie's coat letting it fall open, Debbie still with a smile on her face. The smile was harder to hold when Teresa told a bridesmaid to lift up the front of Debbie's dress. Whilst Debbie was standing with her knickers exposed Teresa went down on her knees ordering the dress dropped back over her. Debbie was now standing with the front of her wedding dress over Teresa. She wanted to whisper something to Dan but all Debbie did was cry out and moan.

Teresa still had her heavy fur hood up the wedding dress pressing down, she was loving the pressure on her head and the darkness. It was turning her on before Teresa placed her hands inside Debbie's knickers to touch her cunt. Pulling down the silk knickers Teresa pushed her face against Debbie's cunt and licked. Her large fur hood was pressed against Debbie encasing Teresa in darkness. As she used her tongue she listened to Debbie moaning feeling Debbie's legs tremble. Switching from her tongue Teresa slowly pushed her fingers in Debbie's cunt. Teresa loved the way Debbie almost fell the moaning changing to a cry out. This only added to the thrill as she pushed her fingers in running the other hand over Debbie's legs. Teresa now moaning pushing her finger as far as possible.

Debbie’s head was turned upwards, face turned sideways inside the satin hood her eyes closed. When it came to saying her vows all she could do was moan them. The front of Debbie’s dress was bulging forwards Teresa’s fur coat visible under it. Debbie’s Mother wearing her fur coat with the fur hood up could only look on as her daughter moaned and tried to stand. Teresa was loving hearing Debbie try and say her vows as she moved her fingers Teresa's other hand now had found Debbie’s buttocks. Finally Teresa removed her fingers before standing, her head pushing the satin dress up into Debbie before falling to her ankles. Once standing Teresa gained pleasure from showing the guests she was holding Debbie’s knickers which she then chucked into the seating area. Pulling Debbie's head towards her by gripping her satin hood Teresa began kissing her causing the wedding to stop. Teresa after failing to push her hand down Debbie’s dress placed her hands on the front of the wedding dress to squeeze Debbie’s breasts. Everyone in the hall just watched in silence as Teresa's fur hood and Debbie's satin hood pressed together hiding both their faces. Inside the hoods Teresa kissed Debbie whilst enjoying the feel of Debbie's satin dress as she continued squeezing her breasts. Teresa didn't care how long the wedding was stopped she was used to people running their lives round her. Only stopping and pulling away from Debbie when she was finished allowing the wedding to restart. Debbie was glad her hood was up it was hiding the blank expression on her flushed face. She could feel Teresa pressing her breasts Debbie didn't want to look at Dan her head remained forward. Her view was the side of Teresa's fur coat as she could feel her body being touched.

"Your daughter's dress feels lovely I just love the coat also a nice choice", Teresa smiling in the direction of Debbie's Mother.

"Oh thank you my Queen it's nice of you to say", Debbie's Mother forcing a smile not really knowing how to respond.

"You two take her coat off and loosen the back of the of the dress", Debbie tried to keep her face relaxed as her two bridesmaids step forward pulling down her hood then removing her coat. Allowing them to unlace the back of Debbie's dress a little way. "Ok now put her fucking coat back on hood up", after the bridesmaids had followed their orders Teresa pushed her hand down the now loose front of Debbie's dress. Teresa began by just running her hand over Debbie's breast then her hand went deeper down. The only hint something different was happing was from Debbie, her eyes opened wide. Teresa had began to open the top of Debbie's corset which was easy for Teresa as it's lace was at the front. This allowing her to pull both the corset and the dress down. Once Debbie's breast's were exposed Teresa placed her hand on one and run her tongue round the other. Debbie once again began moaning. All Debbie could see was the top of Teresa's fur hood as she tried to keep her voice normal for her vows. This she found impossible whilst having her breast's touched and licked.

"I take you Dan to be oh, oh shit fuck no. I take you Dan to shit oh fuck oh", Debbie almost shouted as she felt Teresa's teeth press into her breast. Her skin wasn't broken it was more shock that made her cry out. The wedding continued with Teresa licking Debbie's breasts sometimes kissing Debbie before going back to her breasts. Debbie when she wasn't being kissed kept her head back trying to block out this was happening in front of everyone. After the exchange of rings the wedding was finished, Debbie holding her arm round Teresa's body to receive her ring. Debbie was now expecting to walk past all the guests to the ball room. Usually the most romantic part and Debbie was hopeful when Teresa stepped away from her body. Debbie and Dan turned to walk Debbie attempting to pull her dress back over her breast's when Teresa's hand came across pulling it back keeping hold of the dress stopping them.

"I've seen you exercise Debbie you like to keep your body in shape don't you", Debbie now lost as to why Teresa was asking. Before Debbie could answer Teresa turned to towards her Mother. "Do you think your daughter is able to save my shoes and carry me."

"I don't know my Queen", Debbie's Mother know understanding why Teresa was asking. A question her daughter couldn't really say no to.

"If it's ok with you Debbie get ready to carry me.", Debbie didn't speak but she was thinking whilst bending her knees why the fuck my wedding. Teresa had opened her fur coat showing she was nude under it. Once ready she jumped on Debbie's back gripping with her legs her arms round Debbie's neck. "Fuck your coat feels good on my cunt go", Debbie now standing walked down the hall with Teresa on her back. She listened to Teresa moaning feeling Teresa's hands on her breasts. Debbie was glad the hood was up it stopped her from having to look the guests in the face as she tried not to fall, trying just to get it over with. Teresa on the other hand didn't want it to end the feel of the satin coat on her cunt the way the coat moved over her skin. Teresa had been on many women's back but never against satin. Teresa's suede shoes which had come off her feet and had been picked up be one of the attendants. The bridesmaids were then ordered to lick the bottom of Teresa's feet. The feel of the satin against her body as Debbie walked and the feel of a tongues on the bottom of her feet. Teresa moaned licking the top of Debbie's hood and touching her breasts shouting for Debbie to go faster. The female guests didn't look not wanting to be noticed by Teresa as Debbie walked past with Teresa on her back followed by the bridesmaids who were trying to carry the dress and lick Teresa's feet.

Debbie was finding it more and more difficult to walk faster Teresa's heavy fur coat didn't help. She couldn't believe this was happing to her Teresa on her back, her breast's touched and exposed. Then the hood pressed against the top of her head follow by the feeling of Teresa's tongue moving over the hood. She was glad her hood was up looking family and friends in the eye now was something Debbie didn't want to do. Teresa moaning as she touched and licked Debbie's body the bridesmaids trying to keep up still licking Teresa's feet. Debbie was almost in the ball room when she fell pulling the bridesmaids with her. Teresa now on top of Debbie kept her hand down the dress her other arm now round Debbie's neck. When Debbie's Mother walked into the ball room with the other guests she could only see her daughter's clothing. Her daughter was still in them but as Debbie was still on the floor her body was hidden by the coat and Teresa. The only sounds were them both moaning she tried to look at her daughters face but the hood was covering it. This was not how she had imagined her daughter to be on her wedding day being touched by Teresa all over her upper body as they lay flat on the floor. The two bridesmaids were on their knees licking the bottom of Teresa's feet as they hadn't been told to stop.

When Teresa did allow them to stand it was only because she wanted to play another way. Placing her shoes back on Teresa walked with Debbie to the top table. Debbie's hood now out of shape and her dress ripped round the top. Debbie waited for her satin coat to be removed by her bridesmaids before sitting next to Dan, hands placed over her breasts. “I had to say yes Dan if I hadn't our house, money our future would have been taken. She will probably leave or ask another guest for sex, oh shit she is fucking coming over”, Debbie on seeing Teresa made a false smile and became silent.

“Don't mind if I use your lap for a chair Debbie”, Teresa still had her fur coat open showing her body with one hand between her legs.

“No of course not my Queen help yourself”, whilst Debbie was still smiling Teresa lowered herself onto her lap. Teresa moved Debbie's hands exposing her breast’s again and after ripping the wedding dress down more run her tongue round Debbie's nipples. Teresa for the first time pulled down her fur hood showing her short black spiked up hair. Teresa’s hands went down the front of Debbie’ dress opening her corset. Teresa was having to feel her way down her face being pressed against Debbie’s breasts. Most of her mouth over one sucking, licking moaning with pleasure. Debbie trying not to moan but it became impossible for her when Teresa had most of her corset open and was biting her breast. Whilst the guests tried to carry on as normal in the hall Debbie looked over the top of Teresa moaning. Teresa pulled a hand from in the dress grabbing hold of Debbie’s other breast her mouth still on the other. The other guest at the top table not looking only Debbie's Mother watching her daughter wanting to do something.

Teresa pulling her head back and her hand out of the dress kissing Debbie whilst standing. “Come on Debbie I want to play on the hall floor.”

“Yes of course that would be lovely my Queen”, Debbie smiling stood up and walk from the table with Teresa. Holding her dress up Teresa’s arms had ripped the lacing open at the back.

“No with your coat on”, Debbie looked back at her bridesmaids who walked out and helped her on with it. Teresa kissed Debbie as she pulled her satin wedding coats large hood up. “We need help let's have a look at your bridesmaids”, Teresa walked round them touching their buttocks. They were both close friends of Debbie's and as Teresa touched them were regretting taking the role. The youngest of the two was Cathy just 22 years old, long blond hair held up and blue eyes. Teresa pulled the hair pins out of Cathy's hair causing it to fall down her back asking her if she would like to play. Cathy simple nodded her head nervously. Teresa smile and slapped Cathy's buttocks "Ok Debbie on your knees Cathy strip to your shoes", Teresa was enjoying the view and touching herself. Cathy slipped out of her blue satin dress and underwear as Debbie drooped on to her knees.

"Debbie get on all four bend over, Cathy expose her buttocks then get on her facing backwards", they couldn't think what Teresa was going to do they just did as they were old. Whilst Debbie was her knees hands on the floor Cathy folded the back of the satin coat over Debbie's back followed by the back of the dress. This left Debbie on all fours with her buttocks exposed. Cathy then placed a leg each side of Debbie and used her as a chair face backwards. "Now Debbie it's time for the wedding cake", the cake was made up of five different sized cakes and Teresa was holding one. Which she pressed hard into Debbie's buttocks then run the cake over them, Debbie crying out as she didn't see it coming. Finally Teresa pushed Cathy's head down then press it onto Debbie's cake covered buttocks.

"Lick Cathy get your tongue round and in those buttocks eat the cake and Debbie moved forward it's time to greet your guests", Debbie moved forward on all fours Cathy using her legs to push her body backwards keeping herself on Debbie's back. Whilst they were moving Cathy was bent over Debbie her face pressed against Debbie's buttocks her tongue running over them. Teresa walked at the side of them touching Cathy's breasts and buttocks. Sometimes giving Cathy a few playful spanks on them. Teresa made them move round the hall whilst touching Cathy and licking her neck telling Debbie to keep the speed up.

Debbie couldn't see much the hood covering most of her face as she tried to move forward. Her long satin dress and heavy satin coat making it difficult. Plus Cathy on her back and the feel of her tongue round and in her buttocks. This wasn't the type of sex act she had planned for her wedding day, Debbie just hoping she was pleasing Teresa. Then what little view Debbie had became nothing when something soft hit her face it. It didn't take Debbie long to work out Teresa had just pushed one of the other cakes in her face. Teresa's tongue was the next thing Debbie felt on her face she was being liked at both ends. Teresa having covered Debbie's face in cake pulled Debbie's head upwards and licked her face. Teresa was so turned on licking the cake of Debbie's face, watching Cathy on Debbie's back licking cake off her buttocks and enjoying watching Debbie trying to move on all fours. She sometimes switched from Debbie's face to touching Cathy's breasts and buttocks. Moaning with pleasure as she played with them. Teresa finally ordered Debbie to stop moving then walked towards a table leaving Cathy bending over licking. A family were sitting at the table and when Teresa began taking an interest in them. The other gusts in the hall feared Teresa was possible now on one of her sexual rampages.

"Lovely fur coats very sexy ", Teresa's comments directed towards the Mother and adult daughter of the family. "If you would like to play with us pleas step forward", The Mother and daughter smiled and walked from the table. The daughter's fur coat was white with a black fur trim on its large hood. The Mother's fur coat like her daughter's was ankle length but black. Teresa was more sexually interested in the daughter pulling down her white fur hood which allowed her brown hair to fall down. Without speaking Teresa undressed her, opening the side zip on the daughter's red velvet dress. Once it had fallen to her feet Teresa removed her bra and pulled down her knickers. It was at this point the daughter let out her first moan. "Step out of them leave your coat on move", pulling her feet out of her dress and knickers the daughter was left nude in her white fur coat trying to smile. Teresa's attendants who had been standing silent until now walked forward both nude in fur coats hanging open, the large fur hoods covering their faces. Heavy suede thigh boots with a large heel their only other clothing. "One of you get me any type of cake", one of them followed her Queens orders returning holding cake in both her hands "Fill her fucking hood with it", the daughter now knew why Teresa had pulled her hood down. She remained calm as her hood was filled with cake. Teresa after checking the daughter's hood walked up to the Mother. "What's fucking left in her hood", She pulled down her black fur hood for it to be filled.

Teresa then pulled it back up the cake hitting the back of the Mother's hair and being forced down the sides of her face. Teresa and her attendants laughed while the cake dropped off the Mother's face down her black dress.

Teresa pushed Cathy off Debbie sending her onto the hall floor then climbed on Debbie's back facing forward. "Climb on in front of me keeping your hood down and don't let any cake fall fucking out", Teresa looking at the daughter's nude body whilst speaking. Walking forward holding the sides of her hood the daughter climbed on Debbie in front of Teresa. The bottom of her hair had dipped into the cake filled hood. Teresa ordered the Daughter to take hold of Debbie's hood. Then playfully slapped Debbie's buttocks lifted her feet off the floor forcing Debbie to hold Teresa up.

"Come on Debbie move your hood will be pulled the way I want you to go. Come on get those knees and hands moving", Teresa giving Debbie's buttocks soft spanks and telling the daughter to choose a direction and pull. Then she began eating the cake from the daughter's fur hood as Debbie tried to move the way the top of her hood was being pulled. Teresa had her face in the daughter's hood eating the cake her hand touching one of the daughter's breast's. Moaning enjoying the feel of the satin coat on her cunt the sexual thrill of eating from a fur hood for the first time, it wouldn't be the last she was so turned on. Debbie would not forget her wedding day on all fours buttocks exposed moving round the hall with a guest and Teresa sitting on her. Teresa was switching from eating cake from the fur hood to playfully spanking Debbie's buttocks shouting at her to move faster before switching back to the fur hood. The daughter's Mother walking at the side of them blank faced watching her daughter's breasts being touched. Teresa had a hand on each squeezing them, bouncing them up and down and slapping them. Teresa moaning from inside her daughter's hood as she licked the cake. The cake in the Mother's hood was falling round the sides of her face covering it giving Teresa a sexual thrill each time she look up. Teresa was lost in the sexual thrill of it all, food from a toys fur hood and the feel of her lovely breasts as she bounced them. The feel of the satin coat moving on her cunt and buttocks to spank. Teresa felt wonderful the hood was still half full but Debbie finally fell face first on the floor then her body rolled over taking Teresa and the daughter with her. Teresa wasn't displeased she let out a cry of pleasure pulling Debbie on top of her. Teresa found herself face to face with Debbie the daughter at the side. Wasting no time in ordering her to turn round so Debbie's head was between Teresa's legs.

"When you are round use your tongue on my cunt fucking Debbie. Come on move round, fuck yes Debbie", Teresa was loving it not just Debbie's tongue on her cunt but her face was covered by the bottom of Debbie's dress. Thick satin was covering her face Teresa moved her head sideways for air then back under again. All the guests could see was Debbie's hood between Teresa's legs her body covering Teresa who was moaning and crying out for Debbie to lick The daughter was now sitting on the floor cake still in her hood. Debbie's Mother had to try and do something she had to save something of her daughter's wedding day. She couldn't watch her daughter any longer. She walked from the top table towards her daughter and Teresa.

"My Queen I would like to exchange myself for my daughter I'll do whatever you want", Teresa looked out from under the wedding dress Debbie also looked up towards her mother. On Seeing Debbie's Mother standing by her Teresa order Debbie up so she could stand herself. Debbie's Mother like Debbie had long black hair which came to the bottom of her back. She was wearing a knee length skirt, an ivory silk top and black suede shoes with a large heel. Her ankle length fur coat was black. Teresa walked up to her and placed both hands on Debbie's Mother's breasts.

"Well your breast's are bigger than your daughter's you are not bad looking. Yes I would like to have sex with you", Debbie's Mother smiled and was glad she had saved her daughter from more sex acts. "But I still want to have sex with Debbie, oh not both of you at the same time . You still want to play don't you Debbie".

"Yes my Queen of course I do", Debbie's Mother now had a false smile on her face her plan backfired on her. Teresa ordered Cathy to strip Debbie out of her wedding clothing. Teresa began to unbutton Debbie's Mother's top.

"I'm going to put you in the wedding dress and coat it will be a thrill to fuck you in your daughter's clothing, get your skirt, knickers and shoes off do it move. Cathy leave Debbie her in the satin gloves", whilst Debbie was being stripped by Cathy her Mother was undressing whilst Teresa touched her breasts. Cathy herself only in her shoes carried the wedding outfit over to Teresa. Debbie was now nude but for her satin gloves trying to keep smiling. Trying not to look at the guest, the female guests not looking not wanting to look Teresa in the eye.

"My Queen I'm a smaller shoes size than my daughter I can't wear the wedding shoes, Cathy now trying to dress Debbie's Mother.

"Then you are going to have trouble walking, Cather hurry up I want her." Cathy put the now ripped wedding dress on her lacing it the best she could, followed by the shoes and the satin coat which Teresa ordered left open but the hood pulled up. Debbie's Mother trying to block out she was dressed in clothing her daughter should have on for her special day. As soon as Cathy was finished Teresa pushed Debbie's Mother on her back over a table. Pulling the wedding dress up Teresa pushed her finger's in Debbie's Mothers cunt. "Remind me what's your fucking name. Lady Tessa yes I remember now, well enjoy this Tessa you look a turn on in your daughters dress and coat." Tessa was crying out turning her head as Teresa felt her cunt her other hand running over Tessa's body. "Cathy get your fingers in me I want to feel them in my cunt now", Cathy wearing nothing but her shoes walked up behind Teresa pushing her fingers in her. Teresa let out a cry then moaned, shouting for Cathy to use more fingers. Teresa was enjoying it so much feeling Tessa's cunt turned on that she was in her daughter's wedding outfit. Teresa also loved the feel of Cathy's fingers moving inside her and the feel of Cathy's body press against her back. Teresa tried to move her legs lost balance falling onto Tessa. Teresa's fingers sliding out of Tessa's cunt as she fell. Teresa landed face to face with Tessa, Cathy bending over to keep her fingers in Teresa.

Teresa loved how she had fallen between two of her toys. Teresa now on top of Tessa kissing and licking her face and feeling Tessa's body. Cathy's nude body bending over Teresa her breast's pushed flat against Teresa's fur coat. Cathy's arm moving the bottom of Teresa's fur coat so she could keep her fingers in Teresa's cunt. Debbie standing nude but for her satin gloves was this morning hoping to feel romantic in her dress and coat. Now she was watching her Mother having sex with Teresa in her wedding outfit. She watched as Teresa ripped the dress down touching her Mother whilst kissing her. Teresa's large fur hood had slipped up covering her face now pressed against the satin hood of Debbie's coat. The two hoods now hiding Teresa and Tessa's faces, both moaning from under the hoods. As her dress was being ripped she watched Cathy's arm moving inside the coat. Cathy was the only one of the three silent a blank expression on her face whilst feeling Teresa. This was not the special day Debbie had dreamed of but yes was the only answer to give. As the three way sex act continued Teresa gave a long scream then lifted up pushed Cathy off her.

"You get the fuck over here and touch me fucking now. I want to eat the cake in your fucking hood", Teresa ordering the Mother who's fur hood had the cake in forward. Smiling she walked to Teresa the cake falling out of her hood down her face. Passing her daughter who was still sitting on the floor her hood still holding cake. Teresa pulling the Mother against her placing both hands on her buttocks and licked the guest's cake filled face. "I've had cake out of your daughter's hood now it's your turn, touch me whilst a lick you." She responding by touching Teresa's cunt and buttocks. Teresa moaned with pleasure as she licked the cake and touched the guest's buttocks. Teresa pulled away to press the back of the guest's fur hood sending more cake over her face. "You and your daughter have been wonderful. Until you are told different when you or your daughter leave home you are to wear fur coats with the hood up. The fur hoods must be half filled with cake at all times. I'm going to have such a thrill thinking of you both walking with cake in your fucking fur hoods", Teresa then walked away leaving both their hoods heavy with cake. Teresa laughing and touching herself as she watched the daughter pull up her hood the cake hitting her hair. "Oh fucking wonderful fur hoods full of cake I'm going to think of that having sex tonight", Teresa touching her cunt as the two women held their hoods trying to keep the cake in.

Debbie's Mother was still face up over the table where Teresa had left her. The out of shape satin hood covering half her face. "Come fucking to me and drop the dress it's too ripped", Debbie's Mother got to her feet the wedding dress was so ripped open at the back she was able to just let it drop to her feet.

Debbie's Mother then tried her best to walk in shoes the wrong size nude but for the open satin coat. The hood covering half her face making it harder still. "I was planning on sitting on your back again but you'll never do it in those shoes. I'll just watch you try and walk in them it will be a thrill.", Teresa walking round her touching the satin coat whilst speaking. Then Teresa walked to the table next to them.

"I want to have the sexual thrill of being carried to the transport would take me sitting on your back", Teresa had her hand on the fur hood of a female guest. The guest was in her thirty's wearing a black fur coat over a black dress. Her shoulder length black hair hidden under her fur hood.

"Of course I will carry you to the transport my Queen it will be a pleasure" , the guest taken back at first before composing herself to answer.

"Oh wonderful it will be such a thrill I'll give you some time to remove your dress and underwear. You did understand you would be carrying me at the palace also and being fucked all night didn't you", Teresa running her hand over the guest's fur hood Teresa's other hand running down the side of the coat.

"Yes, yes of course I did my Queen", Teresa after kissing the guest walked away. The guest turned to her husband cutting him off before he could speak, "what the fuck did you want me to say I had to think about our home, our child's home. I thought I would just carry her outside what the fuck was I to say when she wanted to sleep with me," she had already removed her dress whilst speaking and was now having her silk corset unlaced by another woman at their table. Once the corset had fallen away she slipped her silk knickers down. "All the fucking women in fur coats and I get picked shit how long will I be kept, oh fuck", she had placed her arms back in her fur coat whilst speaking. Pulling the fur hood back up she walk towards Teresa smiling. The fur coat open showing her body the only other clothing her black high heel shoes.

"Ok I want to leave do any of you mind coming to the palace", all of them stayed silent giving Teresa the yes she wanted. "Debbie I don't expect you to share a bed with your Mother. You will be dancing wearing your Mother's fur coat at the bottom of the bed. I'll swap you and your Mother over who's in bed wears the satin coat, satin gloves and satin shoes, who isn't dances in the fur coat." Debbie's Mother was hoping her daughter wouldn't have to go to the palace however it was a bonus they wouldn't have to sleep together. "Cathy I'm going to let you be one of my attendants at the palace climb on Debbie's back put your hands on her breast's", Cathy didn't like the idea of being an attendant, living at the palace with Teresa but she just smiled. When Debbie was bending her knees Cathy jumped on her back placing her legs round Debbie's body taking told of Debbie's breast's. Cathy's heels pressed into Debbie's skin causing Debbie to moan as she lifted back up.

"Now look at you what a fucking body oh yes you will do.", the female guest that was to carry Teresa was now standing next to her. "Dance go on let's see you turn me on", the woman started to dance as erotic as she could, using her hands to move or bounce her breasts. Teresa stood in front of her whilst she danced also touching the woman's breasts. Teresa slowly moved her hands down the woman's body. Teresa's fingers sliding over the woman's belly whilst she danced only stopping as they passed over her cunt. The woman found it hard to control her face and let out a moan when Teresa's fingers moved over her cunt. Teresa pressed her body against the woman's feeling her body move against her their fur hoods pressing together. Teresa placed her lips against the woman's face and talked in a whisper "I'm going to have your fur coat hung by its hood and arms over my bed so I can look at it whilst having sex, you will be fucking wearing it", The woman's face showed shock for a few seconds before the false smile came back. "I'm going to love touching your legs and playing with your feet as you hang above me. I love someone in a fur coat above me", Teresa kissed her before walking away leaving her still dancing. Teresa laughed as she walked towards Debbie still standing with Cathy on her back.

"Ok everyone what about Dan we can't leave him without sex. Do any guests want to have Dan for the night then speak up.", Two women put their hands up and were ordered to come forward. The first around mid twenty's with brown hair the other late thirty's with short red hair. "Take him to his home he is all yours for the whole night but you must fuck just in your fur coats hoods up and in Debbie's underwear, you will be checked on."The two women's smiles from under their fur hoods were not false as they walked Dan out holding his hands. Debbie like the others going to the palace had a false smile but she was worried that Dan may enjoy fucking the women. She found it hard smiling whilst thinking about the two bitch's fucking Dan in their bed wearing her underwear.

"There you are Debbie he will not be alone. One more thing Debbie whenever you go out just wear the satin coat with the hood up not even underwear. Also your wedding shoes and satin gloves", All Debbie could do was smile whilst Teresa gave her orders. Under the smile Debbie was thinking of her life nude under the satin coat with the hood up. Debbie's Mother was now wishing she had never chosen that coat wishing she had been given the dress code not her daughter. Teresa was now ready to go and ordered her ride to stop dancing. The woman who was to carry Teresa was already breathing deeply due to the dancing now she had have Teresa on her back. The deep breathing turned Teresa who jumped on her back gripping with her legs and both hands squeezing the woman's breasts. "Slut with the cake filled hood I want to eat at the palace. Your fucking daughter now", The daughter stood slowly then walked towards Teresa. " I'm going to eat out of your fucking hood in bed slut.", the daughter stood in front of Teresa holding the sides of her hood waiting for the order to walk.

Teresa ordered her attendants to lick her feet and they acted together. The nearest removed Teresa's high heel shoes and carried them. Then they both began using their tongues on her feet. Almost screaming with pleasure Teresa told everyone to walk. The female guest not involved today trying not to look pleased under their fur hoods. Teresa moaned with pleasure licking the woman's fur hood. Whilst watching Debbie's Mother nude in the satin coat the misshaped hood half across her face, trying to walk in her daughter's high heel satin shoes that were too big for her. Her fur coat in her arms for Debbie to dance in for Teresa. To the side of her was Debbie wearing only her satin gloves holding a nude Cathy on her back walking from her special day over her ripped up dress made for her wedding. Cathy's heels pressing into her skin and Cathy's hands on her breasts. The other side the daughter with the cake filled hood. Holding the sides of her heavy fur hood, nude the coat open. Teresa moaned with pleasure as she watched her toys. Feeling the woman's fur coat against her body, the feel of her breast's as Teresa squeezed them. Then the feel of her attendants tongues running on Teresa's toes. Teresa moaned and shouted out in pleasure as Teresa headed out into the night with her play things.


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