Sexual Rampage

Sexual Rampage

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. She used this power to force any woman or women into having sex, all the women knew Teresa loved sadistic sex humiliating who ever Teresa had chosen. Teresa when wanting sex with a woman didn’t use force or the threat of prison the women could say no. However, that would cause the crown to take her house and the banks to freeze her money leaving them and their family homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. Teresa found it was perfect no Woman said no to sex when or where she wanted it. The cinema was filling up as tonight a newly released film was showing. However unknown to the women in the cinema their night out was about to become one they would never forget. Queen Teresa was not interested in watching the film tonight. Tonight, the women in the cinema were going to be subjected to one of Teresa’s sexual rampages. They were all going to be humiliated.


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. She used this power to force any woman or women into having sex, all the women knew Teresa loved sadistic sex humiliating who ever Teresa had chosen. Teresa when wanting sex with a woman didn’t use force or the threat of prison the women could say no. However, that would cause the crown to take her house and the banks to freeze her money leaving them and their family homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. Teresa found it was perfect no Woman said no to sex when or where she wanted it.

The cinema was filling up as tonight a newly released film was showing. However unknown to the women in the cinema their night out was about to become one they would never forget. Queen Teresa was not interested in watching the film tonight. Tonight, the women in the cinema were going to be subjected to one of Teresa’s sexual rampages. They were all going to be humiliated.


Submitted: March 11, 2018

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Submitted: March 11, 2018




by Marquis

This story includes descriptions of sadistic sex acts. All the characters within the story are adults or young adults. Pictures are by my wife (none sexual). Some of the pictures have their lighting increased as one of my wife’s sisters didn’t want her face show.

Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. She used this power to force any woman or women into having sex, all the women knew Teresa loved sadistic sex humiliating who ever Teresa had chosen. Teresa when wanting sex with a woman didn’t use force or the threat of prison the women could say no. However, that would cause the crown to take her house and the banks to freeze her money leaving them and their family homeless and with no money. That is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. Teresa found it was perfect no Woman said no to sex when or where she wanted it.

The cinema was filling up as tonight a newly released film was showing. The seating was sectioned off as to where you belonged within the kingdom. The normal public in the lower sitting area above them in the upper area where the people who helped run the kingdom. The high families which were families with titles and families of lower royal blood. This being the largest cinema many high families where present. High families unlike the public had a dress code set by Queen Teresa. All females when they come of age had to where a velvet dress and gloves if out for the evening. Also, they had to wear an ankle length hooded for coat whatever time of day they went out. High above them all was the royal box with it’s blacked out windows only allowing people within the box to see out, no one could see in. The royal box had chairs along the window behind them a large room with a private bar.

As everyone settled down for the movie none of them knew Queen Teresa had arrived in the royal box. This wasn’t going to be the night out any of them expected or the film they expected to watch. When the lights dimmed a voice came over the sound system, “On the orders of Queen Teresa tonight’s film has been change.” An erotic lesbian themed film then began leaving the viewers with two choices. If they left it would be an insult towards Teresa so there was only one choice any of them had, stay and be a Teresa’s mercy. Luckily the original film’s certificate was for people who had come of age. No one moved none of them wanted to anger Teresa.
Within the royal box Teresa stood looking out of the glass, both at the film and at the women within the cinema. Teresa was wearing her usual clothing, an ankle length fur coat it’s large fur hood covering her face, under which she was nude and on her feet black suede high heel evening shoes. Teresa was accompanied with lady Heather and her daughter Gemma. Both wearing ankle length fur coats their large fur hoods also up. As the film continued Teresa became more turned on opening the buttons on her coat allowing it to fall open showing her nude body. Heather and Gemma began moaning whilst watching the film touching their fur covered breast’s. Teresa called over one of her attendants and whispered some orders whilst she touch herself between the legs.
Attendants are daughters of high families who have just come of age that Teresa has picked to live at the palace with her. Attendants all dress the same, an ankle length fur coat which they must wear open with the hood up showing their nude body’s and suede high heel thigh boots. After Teresa had whispered her orders the attendant walked to the sound system pulling one side of her fur hood away from her face allowing her to speak into it.

“Seat number B35 get yourself up to the fucking royal box now. Wear you fur and bring your daughter.”

“Shit I don’t fucking believe it shit of all the people I get picked”, Jenny making her shock vocal. As a member of a high family she was wearing a black velvet dress, black velvet full length gloves and black high heel shoes. Jenny had a slim build and black shoulder length hair which her fur coat was about to hide. Whilst slipping her arms into her ankle length fur coat she remained vocal, “We shouldn’t have fucking come of all the people in the cinema and I get fucking picked. I didn’t even want to watch the fucking film.” Her last comments directed towards her husband before pulling her fur hood up. “Get you fucking fur coat on quick follow me and don’t forget to put your hood up.”, Jenny’s angry at her daughter who had only just pulled on her ankle length fur coat and whose hood was still down. Her fur coat unlike her Mother’s black one was white with black strips. Both women left their seats and walked up the stairs to the royal box both leaving their fur coats open but their large fur hoods up. On entering the royal box, they went down on their knees facing Teresa. Turning towards them Teresa smiled removing her hand from between her legs. Teresa began running one hand over Jenny’s fur hood the other over Jenny’s daughter’s fur hood.

“Up sluts”, on being given the order by Teresa they both slowly stood their large fur hoods covering most of their faces. Teresa slowly pushed Jenny’s hood down then pushed the coat of her allowing it to fall to the floor. Jenny now without her fur coat stood in her heavy velvet dress, close fitting over her breasts and belly then flowing out wide over her legs her long gloves made of the same velvet. Jenny’s black hair combed backwards. “That’s more like it I can see more of my play thing now you and your daughter do want to play”, It was a question that Jenny could only answer yes unless she wanted to lose the family house.
“We would love to play my Queen”, Jenny holding a false smile on her face as she answered. Knowing that a normal night out was now ending with her being fucked by Teresa. Jenny decided she would try and let her mind go blank. But facing Teresa, she couldn’t stop thinking what her body was going to be used for.
“Good, face up on the floor slut now”, Jenny slowly lowered to the floor her heavy velvet dress not making it easy. As she placed her body face up what worried Jenny most was that her daughter was going to watch.

“Throw your Mother’s coat over her body, but I want the hood between her legs. Well move slut”, Teresa’s orders were directed at Jenny’s daughter Amber. Having just come of age this was the first time Amber had been out dressed in velvet and a fur coat. Bending down as best she could in her velvet dress and fur coat Amber picked up her Mother’s fur coat letting it fall over Jenny. Teresa laughed touching her breasts as her sex toy disappeared underneath fur. Jenny’s fur coat was now lying face up over her all that could be seen of Jenny was her shoes. The bottom of the fur coat was over Jenny’s head, the hood was now by her shoes. “Lovely fucking wonderful. Her I come slut”, Teresa lowered her fur hood whilst speaking then allowed her fur coat to fall to the floor Amber acting quickly taking hold of it, trying to do the right thing. Teresa now nude but for her high heel shoes began to crawl under the large fur hood of Jenny’s fur coat. Sliding over Jenny’s legs until Teresa was also completely under the fur coat.
Under her own fur coat Jenny could see nothing the fur coat pressing down on her face. Then she could feel something over her legs. She didn’t understand until there was pressure on her belly then Jenny realised Teresa was crawling up her. Her mind had been racing trying to think what Teresa would do to her but being nude under her fur coat wasn’t one of them. Jenny moaned when Teresa’s hands touched her.

Teresa loved sex in fur coats the feel of the fur against her nude body turned her on. Teresa loved the thrill of watching women in them but tonight she was trying something new. Teresa was going to fuck her fully dressed sex toy under a fur coat in a room full of people. Teresa crawled up Jenny’s satin covered body stopping when her head was over Jenny’s breast. Teresa run her hands slowly over them. The feel of having Jenny’s breasts in her hands plus the total darkness that being under Jenny’s long fur coat was thrilling for Teresa on. Clutching Jenny’s velvet covered breasts whilst sliding her nude body over Jenny excited Teresa to a point where she lost control. Pushing her hand down Jenny’s dress Teresa began ripping Jenny’s velvet dress off. Pulling it down her bra coming off with the dress exposing Jenny’s breast’s, Teresa pressed her teeth into one, not breaking the skin but skill causing Jenny to cry out. Her hand still ripping the dress down. Placing her legs round her toy Teresa pulled Jenny onto her side keeping her mouth on Jenny’s breast. This allowed her other hand to tear the zip open on the back of Jenny’s dress. Teresa moved her body over her toy her tongue now slowly running over Jenny’s breast’s her other hand running down Jenny’s back the velvet dress now completely open at the back. In the darkness Jenny’s face was an expression of total humiliation as Teresa played with her body. Teresa moved her body upwards kissing and licking Jenny’s face and neck. Teresa now using her legs to push Jenny’s dress down hoping it would completely come off her.

“Touch me you slut, fucking touch me let me feel you on me and in me”, Jenny followed Teresa’s orders running her hands over Teresa’s back and neck, the only parts Jenny could touch as their bodies were now pressed together Jenny’s breast’s pressing into Teresa’s. Kissing and licking Jenny’s neck whilst feeling Jenny’s velvet covered hands running over her body caused Teresa to moan with pleasure whilst she moved her body over her humiliated sex toy. Her movement becoming faster as Jenny’s body excited her. Teresa moved herself quickly up wards her body running over Jenny’s face, “feel me slut fucking do it now.” Teresa moaning her orders finding it difficult to speak. Her moans turned into a cry of pleasure when she began feeling Jenny’s fingers enter her cunt. Jenny now with her head tuned sideways so to get air began moving her fingers inside Teresa’s cunt listing to Teresa’s moans and cries of pleasure. When she pulled on her velvet gloves a few hours age she had no idea in her worst nightmares what she would be using them for. Running her other hand slowly over Teresa’s body trying to please her. Trying to do whatever possible to keep her family a home.  Tonight, Jenny was going to say yes to anything Teresa wanted to please her sexual sadism.

Lifting her body upwards Teresa let out a scream simultaneously pushing Jenny face up on her back. To Jenny’s daughter Amber and everyone else watching all that could be seen was bulges in the fur coat, Teresa and Jenny’s feet in view moving around the hood area of Jenny’s fur coat. From under the fur coat came Teresa’s and Jenny’s moans. Amber knew her Mothers were false she was acting how Teresa wanted. Lady Heather and Her daughter Gemma who always enjoyed accompanying Teresa on her nights out were enjoying both the film and the show taking place on the floor. Both laughing from under their heavy fur hoods whilst drinking substantial amounts of wine.
Under the fur coat Teresa moved her body over Jenny who still had her fingers in Teresa’s cunt. Teresa placed her body so she could push her head down into Jenny’s lower body licking and pressing her teeth in her toy. Teresa’s face now red her body trembling with pleasure from the feel of Jenny’s fingers inside her cunt. Their bodies now once more pressed together. Jenny’s body jumping in response to the feel of Teresa’s teeth. Jenny’s head now facing upwards her fur coat pressing against it whilst she moaned and cried out trying to get air the heavy fur coat making it difficult.

Lady Heather stood laughing whilst the two unseen bodies moved and moaned. Lady Heather’s daughter Gemma was no longer satisfied with watching. Gemma walked over to the window that looked out onto the screen which was showing an adult only film. Gemma however was more interested in the monitor which showed camera footage of the audience. Using the touch screen to move the camera she zoomed in on a thin young blond in the normal public area. Using the sound system, she ordered the young woman up to the royal box, “yes you the fucking sexy blond in the white top move your lovely fucking body. You two sluts with red hair two rows in font, you also move sluts”, the young women with red hair where two sisters both with the same long hair hanging down their backs. The young blond had already left her boyfriend and was on her way to the box, the Mother of the two sisters could only watch helplessly as her daughters walk away from her a look of fear on her face wondering what was going to happening to them. The young blond entered the box first because she was a member of the normal public like the sisters following she didn’t have a dress code. Gemma watching as the blond was told to walk over to her by one of Teresa’s attendants. Gemma stood in silence whilst the blond approached wearing a casual white top and jeans her blond hair held up on top of her head. After a few seconds Gemma slowly lowered her fur hood showing her fair hair running down her back inside her fur coat, “Hi slut I’m going to fuck you”, Gemma smiling whilst speaking her hand slapping the young blond across the face causing her to cry out. Once she had composed herself from being slapped the young blond smiled at Gemma, she knew any objection to becoming Gemma’s play thing and Teresa would take her home.

The two sisters had arrived and where being directed over to Gemma both with the same blank expression on their faces. They were dressed in pink cotton tops and jeans. The only difference their footwear, one wearing brown suede knee length boots the other black knee length leather boots. “You two sluts aren’t as good looking as my blond toy but you will do”, Gemma now running her hands through the sisters red hair.

“My darling what a lovely set of toys you have picked do have fun”, Heather shouting to her daughter whilst she stood watching Teresa and Jenny move under the fur coat. Gemma simply smiled back at her Mother before turning back to her toys. Ripping open the buttons on the young blond woman’s top slapping her across the face once more.

“Open my coat slowly slut”, standing with her top ripped open exposing her bra the blond slowly opened Gemma’s ankle length fur coat. When it fell open Gemma like Teresa nude on her feet black suede high heel shoes. Pulling the blonds head into her breast Gemma moaned with pleasure. The two sisters standing waiting for their sexual humiliation to begin. They also were giving themselves to Gemma as they knew their family home could be taken if they behaved wrong. The last thing their Mother had told them was do whatever you must or we will be homeless. “What are you two waiting for strip now everything off the put your boots back on, fucking move you sluts.” Gemma moaning her orders to the sisters the young blonde’s face pressed into her breasts.

She enjoyed watching the sisters strip then slip back on their knee length boots humiliation showing in their faces. Pushed the young bond away ripping at her bra until her toy was topless Gemma shouted at her to strip, slapping her across the face once more before watching the young blond quickly pull off her Jeans, pants and leather knee length boots. Once her toys were ready the young blond nude the sister’s nude but for their boots their long red hair loose down their backs. An attendant was now next to Gemma holding a shoulder bag. The three young women’s faces turn to horror when Gemma was handed a long chain. Another attendant pushed the sisters each side of the young blond positioning them so there was a gap between the three young women. The sisters were then given each end of the chain to hold. “Well now that we are ready I will explain the rules of the game. You two red haired sluts must jump as high as possible gripping the chain. That’s all just keep jumping. You my lovely blond play thing must stand still your feet can not leave the floor”, the young blond was wondering why her task was so simple when a wave of pain run through her breast causing her to cry out. Looking down she could see that Gemma had attached the chain to one of her nipples with a clamp another clamp was quickly attached to her other breast. The young blond screaming her hands under her breasts supporting them. The chain now running from one sisters hand, attached to both the young blonde’s nipples over to the other sister holding the other end. The young blonde’s face now showing pain from the nipple clamps stood between two taller red heads her hands under her breasts supporting them due to the clamps.

“Jump begin you red head sluts as high as young can or you will take her place go now”, The sister’s nude but for their knee length boots followed Gemma’s orders. Taking a good grip of the chain, they began jumping as high as they could over and over. As they jumped upwards the chain pulled on the young blonde’s nipples so hard her breasts where pulled in the direction of the chains. All she could do was cry out and support her breast with her hands. “Higher come on sluts jump”, Gemma laughed watching the sisters jumping their breast’s bouncing whilst their long red hair was thrown away from their backs. Gemma enjoyed watching the sisters as much as seeing her blond toy standing, face red head tilted backwards moaning and crying out as the chain pulled her nipples. Gemma slowly run her fingers over the blonde’s cunt her other hand now running over her blond toys breast’s, red from the clamps pulling on them. Gemma loved feeling them move as the chain pulled on them listing to her toy cry out. Pressing herself against the blond feeling her body tremble as the sisters jumped. The young blond encased by the sides of Gemma’s open fur coat.
Gemma’s Mother lady Heather turned on by the moans coming from under the fur coat and from her daughter’s play things unbuttoned her ankle length fur coat. Like her daughter, Heather was nude but for suede high heel shoes.

Walking to the sound system Heather pulled back her fur hood,” all women of age and under 40 I would like you topless”. There wasn’t a woman who didn’t want to anger the royal box. Within a brief time, all of them were topless sitting humiliated, “Now bounce your breast’s. Go on I don’t want to see you stop until told.” Heather moaned with pleasure watching them bounce their breasts with their hands. All of them looking forward to humiliated to look at their husbands or boyfriends. Heather was now so turned on she needed sex and she needed it now. Pulling her fur hood back up Heather knew where to find it. Jenny’s daughter Amber had been looking out of the window her face covered by her fur hood. She wasn’t interested in the film but it was better them watcher her Mother under the fur coat with Teresa. Heather had always found her attractive and didn’t waste any time. Grabbing hold of Amber’s fur hood Heather pulled her round facing her.
“On your knees bitch get her tongue on my cunt. Go you lovely slut”, Amber slowly dropped to her knees. Heather pushing Amber’s fur hood against her body. Then Heather screamed with pleasure when Amber’s tongue began running over her cunt. Nothing could be seen of Amber’s body her fur coat covering it, Amber’s fur hood pressed against Heather’s cunt hiding her face. Mother and daughter were in extreme sexual pleaser Heather moaning as she held Amber’s fur hood against her body her daughter Gemma touching herself and laughing whilst the sisters jumped pulling the blonde’s breasts with them. Causing her to cry out her hands trying to support then. The sisters finding it harder and harder to jump not only because of having to pull the chain with them but the heels on their knee length boots making it difficult.

Teresa and Jenny were now lying face to face under Jenny’s fur coat both no longer had any strength left. After licking Jenny’s face one last time Teresa slide her nude body out of the fur coat. The fur coat was the other way around to their body’s. The fur hood was by their legs and the bottom covering their heads, so Teresa was now crawling out from the bottom of the fur coat.

Teresa crawled out as far as her belly then gripped the bottom of the fur coat. As she climbed to her feet Teresa draped the bottom of the fur coat around her legs and cunt holding it together with both hands.

Teresa walked away pulling the fur coat with her the bottom of the fur coat sliding of Jenny, the sides and finally the hood.

Until Jenny was lying nude but for her shoes and velvet gloves. As Teresa walked away dragging the middle, arms and hood of the fur coat behind her Jenny could see her daughter. Jenny looked on helpless watching Amber’s head pressed into Heather’s body.
Teresa loved the feel of Jenny’s fur coat around her. Finding it difficult to walk having to pull most of the fur coat lying on the floor behind, just turned Teresa on more.

Teresa also loved that she was reducing Jenny’s best fur coat to a towel. Walking past Heather who was moaning with pleasure Teresa run her hand over Amber’s fur hood, which was still pressed against Heather’s cunt hiding Amber’s face. Teresa loved the young blond who was crying out as the nipple clamps pulled. “Oh, Gemma what a wonderful erotic game. Use a whip on the two red heads they will jump better”, Teresa running her hand over Gemma’s cunt whilst speaking. Her other hand holding the fur coat round her. Gemma shouted for a whip and the attendant with the bag quickly walked over and handed her one. The whip was made of soft rope so not to break the skin, Gemma didn’t want her toys broken. She wanted them to last so she could listen to the sound of them cry out. Walking behind the three sex toys Gemma pulled her arm back as far as her fur coat would allow and whipped one sister on the buttocks then the next causing them to scream.

“Jump you sluts jump, come on fucking jump”. Gemma whipping the sister’s nude buttocks over and over. Gemma and Teresa loving the sound of their screams, Teresa being proven correct the whip hitting their buttocks caused the sisters to find new energy as they jumped high once again. The young blonde’s breasts once again pulled hard by the chain. Teresa pushed her fingers hard up the young blonde’s cunt and licked her breasts now very red due to the clamps pulled them. The young blond stood her legs open as far as possible her hands under her breasts moaning. Teresa moving her fingers inside the blonde’s cunt turned on by the sound of the whip striking and the feel of the blonde’s body. Gemma now moaning with pleasure as she whipped all three of her toys in turn. Pulling her fur covered arm back whipping them as hard as possible, crying out with sexual pleasure each time the whip landed on nude buttocks. Teresa liked the way the blond trembled and screamed when the whip hit her. Teresa pushed her fingers upwards in time with the whip making contact.
Whilst playing with the blonde’s cunt Teresa could see the monitor showing the camera feed of the people forced to watch the change of film. Whilst she moved her fingers inside the blond listening to her moan. Teresa ordered an attendant to bring her Amber. Heather was disappointed at losing her sex toy but no one displeased Teresa. An attendant pulled Amber over to Teresa dragging Amber by her large fur hood. “Oh, Amber I wish to play with you.”
“Of course, my Queen anything you like”, not only was it the only answer that would keep the family home but Amber was happy to be way from Heather. However, her happiness was about to be very short lived.

“Good, now slut walk down to the normal public seating area find a man older then yourself who has his wife with him, then let him fuck you”, Teresa burst into laughter pushing her fingers in the blond harder than ever. Inside her fur hood Amber’s eyes widened with shock as she listened to Teresa’s orders. Teresa then simply turn her attention back to the blond kissing her neck and moving her fingers inside her toys cunt. The young blond looked upwards her breast’s feeling as if they were going to detach her buttocks new losing the ability to feel pain. The sound of the whip and the heels of the sister’s boots hitting the floor as they jumped turned Teresa on as she watched Amber on the large camera screen showing the audience.
Jenny watched her daughter leave the royal box horrified at the orders Teresa had just given. Still lying on the floor nude but for her shoes and gloves. When her daughter had gone she placed her head back onto the floor trying to block out what Amber was about to do. Then she could feel her high heel shoes being removed. Heather appeared over her holding them her fur coat still hanging open her fur hood still up. “Well I’ve lost my play thing so now I’m going to have her Mother, knees up slut”. Jenny lifted her knees off the floor then cried out.
Heather walked down to Jenny’s legs and lowered herself. Then with on thrust pushed one of the shoes toe end first up Jenny’s cunt. Heather laughed and moaned with please watching Jenny’s body move listening to her cry out. Slowly Heather crawled up Jenny, over her legs which were now wide open. When level with Jenny’s belly Heather licked her toy as she moved slowly upwards their body’s now touching. Heather maintained a steady crawl but Jenny even with Heather on top still moved her legs and lower body. She had never experienced anything so large in her cunt. Jenny’s cries had now silenced to a low moan as her strength left. Stopping level with Jenny’s breasts Heather pressed her fur hood over them running her longue round them moaning with pleasure.
“Gemma help me get this bitch into the hanging corset”, Teresa removing her fingers from the blond whilst shouting her orders. Gemma dropped the whip and walked round the front of the three young sex toys picking up a red satin corset off the floor. After ordering the sisters to stop jumping Teresa released the nipple clamps off the blond, who was still supporting her breasts with her hands. Gemma immediately began pulling the corset on the blond placing her knee in the back of the young sex toy whilst lacing her in it.

“Oh, look at the slut that is so fucking funny, look at he’s wife’s face”, Teresa now ordering everyone to look at the camera screen. Amber was in the seating stairway standing with her back against the wall, her white and black fur coat open. A man older then herself was standing in front of her his dick already erect. The man’s wife, a dark-haired woman in her 40’s was standing topless next to her husband. Still bouncing her breasts with a look of humiliation on her face. Amber slowly pulled up her velvet dress then cried out as the man began fucking her. Amber knowing if she had said no to Teresa’s orders she and her parents would be homeless. She had seen how her Mother let herself be humiliated to keep their home. Amber knew she had to make the same sacrifices for her family as she allowed a stranger to fuck her, with no birth control. Heather climbed off Jenny joining Teresa by the larger camera screen, both laughing at amber’s humiliation. “Over her now slut come and look at her daughter”, Teresa moaning her orders to Jenny. Who had to climb to her feet with her shoe still pushed up her cunt.
Teresa still holding Jenny’s fur coat round her legs and cunt dragging most of it including the large hood behind her.

Walked with Heather to the glass window which looked out into the cinema. They both laughed at the entertainment Amber was providing whilst Jenny slowly walked to them. Trying her best to walk with her legs apart because of the shoe up her cunt. When she finally stood next to them the pain on her face turned to horror on seeing her daughter. Amber had her legs around the man her body moving against the wall whilst they fucked. “Look at your slut of a daughter Jenny look at her fuck a stranger. Oh, let my help you with that shoe Jenny come here”, after Teresa had finished tormenting Jenny she walked behind her. Taking hold of the shoe up Jenny’s cunt Teresa turned it round causing her to cry. Jenny held the glass her legs as far apart as she could get them her face pressed against glass. Teresa screamed with sexual pleasure as she man came inside Amber enjoying her humiliation.
“Now use your tongue on his dick slut”, Teresa laughing whilst speaker over the sound system. Amber dropped to her knees and allowed the man to push his dick into her mouth Amber’s fur hood pressing against the man’s body. Teresa and Heather enjoyed their toys humiliation in front of the whole cinema.
“My Queen the slut is in the corset for you”, Gemma now had the blond in the corset which was attached to the ceiling by a chain. The Corset was made of very thick blue satin, so heavy was the corset it couldn’t be used under a dress as normal. It was too heavy to walk in the blond having trouble just to stand. It was Teresa’s own design, inside it had small thorns that pressed into the body of whoever was in it. The thorns were placed so they pressed mainly into the breast and cunt area. The blond was now holding one of the sisters to stand who were standing each side of her nude but for their boots.

“My coat my fucking coat sluts”, one of the attendants quickly carried out Teresa’s orders. Running too her holding Teresa’s fur coat. Teresa slipping on her fur coat no longer needed Jenny’s fur coat as a towel. Dropping it to the floor Teresa walked over it her high heels leaving indents. Teresa moving away from the glass left her fur coat open but pulled up her large fur hood. Turn on because her head was now encased in her heavy fur hood restricting her vision. Heather followed Teresa over to where Gemma was helping the blond stand in the satin corset. Jenny ordered to remain watching her daughter’s humiliation the shoe still pushed up her cunt her legs wide open. “You do look lovely in the corset my young slut. Gemma will now show you how it works, now Gemma do it.” Gemma pressed a switch causing the chain to pull the young blond a small way off her feet. The thorns now pressing hard into her skin. A few seconds later the Gemma pulled on the corset turning it upside down. The young blond now upside down her head a short distance off the floor. The thorns now pressing harder into her. As the blond hung upside down moaning her legs were chained holding them upwards and apart. Teresa and Heather were now standing with their faces over their playing cunt. Their heads so close that their fur hoods pressed together as Teresa slowly pushing a meatal tube into the blonde’s cunt. Causing her to cry out the thorns pressing into her breasts and cunt as her body twisted in the satin corset. All three of them stood round their upside-down plaything laughing and moan with pleasure.

“Can I have the slut my Queen at the end of the evening.”, Gemma finding it difficult to speak to her Queen she was so sexually excited.

“Of course, you can Gemma she is yours to take home for as long as you want her. You don’t mind being Gemma’s sex slave do you slut”, the blond thought her night couldn’t become more of a nightmare. The corset’s thorns pressing in her breast’s which had been had only just been unchained. The metal tube pushed deeper than anything had ever been in her cunt. Now she had no choice but to give herself to Gemma in order save her home from being taken. By not answering she was giving a yes. Although the young blond couldn’t have spoken if she wanted. The satin corset and the tube only allowing her to cry out her body now twisting violently her face red, eyes wide open.
Gemma simply laughed and gently swung the corset enjoying her toys moans. Dropping to her knees Gemma pushed her fur hood against the blonde’s face kissing her. Pulling away for a short rime to slap her toy round the face for fun. Teresa and Heather were now standing running their hands over the living sex toys legs, twisting the metal tube. Both their large fur hoods pressing together. Allowing Teresa and Heather to kiss and lick each other laughing form under their hoods. The blond moaned as she swung about in the corset her mind racing trying to take in she had just given her body away for an indefinite time. The young blond whose day to the cinema began so nice was now encased in darkness. Gemma’s fur hood stopping her seeing the room sounds were her only reference. Her Mother moaning, Teresa laughing, the feel of Gemma’s lips and tongue. Then there was the tube Teresa was moving inside her cunt never had anything so large been in her. She didn’t know until tonight her cunt could take something so large. The young woman hoping it would be the last time as she hung in the satin corset.

Gemma pulling her head away from her toy running her hands through the blonde’s hair gripping the back of it. Pulling the blonde’s head back before using her other hand to slap her toy several times. “It’s time for us to get a little closer bitch”, after slapping her again Gemma climbed to her feet removing her high heel shoes. After opening her fur coat and taking time to make sure her fur hood was up placed her hands around the corset. Then jumped up Gemma rapped her legs around the blond holding herself in place. The pressure of Gemma’s body caused the thorns to push hard into her living toys skin. Whilst the blond cried out Gemma was using her body to swing the corset turn on by the feel of the satin next to her nude body. Gemma laughing as their body’s now lock together twisted round on the chain. “Lick my cunt bitch fucking lick it”, the blond lifted her head towards Gemma’s open fur coat. Finding it difficult to coordinate due to being upside down and twisting. Gemma let out a scream of sexual pleasure as they moved together. Not only from the feel of her toys tongue but Gemma could feel her breast’s pressing against the satin corset. The blonde’s head no longer visible the sides of Gemma’s fur coat hiding it. Gemma’s ankle length fur coat covering her body all but her legs, which were around the blond. Gemma’s head cover by her fur hood screams of extreme pleasure coming out of it. Gemma was finding it difficult to hold on due to her fur coat being extremely heavy. Loving the feel of the satin corset and the trembling of her toy within it. The blond moaned much softer now her strength taken by the night of sadistic sex she had been subjected to. Even the tube thrust in her cunt could only produce a soft moan. Her body was not physically injured but mentally she had nothing left to cry out with. Gemma on the other had a large sex drive and screamed then laughed as she held her play thing. Whilst she was swinging Gemma moved her upper body over the satin loving the feel of it against her. The two young women now locked to together but Gemma finding it difficult to hold on her fur coat causing her body to slip. Gemma ordered an attendant to run around behind her holding Gemma’s fur cover buttocks. Thus, allowing her to swing round with her toy for as long as Gemma wanted to perform sadistic sex acts on her.

Whilst Gemma played with her toy Teresa and Heather had once again moved to the front of the royal box. Kissing and touching each other. Enjoying the lesbian film but most of all the view from the large monitor which allowed them to view the audience. In the normal public area women were still sitting topless bounce their breast’s, none of them wanting to lose their house by displeasing Teresa. “My Queen let us play with the normal public dirt let us humiliate them more”, Heather whispering her request into Teresa’s fur hood which she knew would turn her on.

“Oh, yes lets they have had it too easy so far”, Teresa walking towards the sound system whilst answering Heather. Pulling one side of her fur hood away from her head Teresa let out a deep laugh before speaking into it the sound system, “Listen very carefully scum I want to play a new game with you.” The normal public knew scum was directed at them and they nervously waited for Teresa’s orders. All of them knowing not letting Teresa play with them by leaving would cost them their house and money.

“Now scum, all women that are here tonight with their boyfriend or husband climb into the row in front. Then fuck the first man you find that is a stranger to you. Whilst you are fucking the stranger keep looking at you boyfriend or husband”, Teresa held her breast moaning deeply as he lifted her head looking out into the cinema releasing her fur hood.

“Oh, how amusing my Queen their marriages will not last the night out. The women committing adultery in full view of their partners.”, Heather laughing whilst speaking her hands running over Teresa’s cunt. Both for them looked out into the cinema their moaning becoming louder as they waited for the entertainment. In the normal public area women who had come with a boyfriend or husband had already begun climbing into the row of seats in front. In the very last row of seats nearest the screen the women had no strangers to climb to and fuck. Accordingly, they were counting themselves very lucky. Then moaning began so many women moaning that Teresa and Heather could listen to it from behind the glass. The woman who be climbed a row forward had chosen men they had no connection with. The men after unzipping themselves lowered down in their seats. The women after lowering their clothing mounted the men their arms round the man’s neck. Once they were penetrated they began moving their bodies at a steady pace. As they fucked with the men all the women looked at their boyfriends or husbands as ordered. Totally humiliated each thinking how to save their relationships. However, some women were also humiliated and angered. Because they not only had to fucked a stranger but had to watch their husbands or boyfriends fucking a woman. Who had climbed from the row behind, their partner clearly not finding this a problem unlike their humiliated wives or girlfriends.

Teresa and Heather were loving the entertainment running their fingers of each other’s cunts enjoying the look of humiliation on the women’s faces as they fucked. The sound of them moaning filling the cinema,” faster you sluts fuck them harder.” Teresa gasping her orders into the sound system. The women please her moving on the men’s dicks at a greater speed. Until finally Teresa could tell from the women’s faces that the men were coming.

“Oh, Look Heather the sluts are having their bellies filled”, After speaking Teresa experienced extrema sexual pleasure screaming out from under her fur hood. Caused from the feel of Heather’s fingers inside her cunt but mainly from the humiliation on the women’s faces as strangers come flowed into their cunt’s. Teresa’s head turn inside her fur hood her eyes rolled upwards her body trembling in total ecstasy. The woman and Teresa’s moans filling the cinema until finally it fell silent. Teresa had both her hands on the glass Heather’s fingers now removed from her cunt but her arm still round Teresa. All the men had now finished. The women remaining on the men too fearful to move without permission. The film had finished and for the first time the whole building was in silence no one wanting to move with Teresa watching. “Look how many relationships and marriages with have destroyed tonight Heather”, Teresa smile pleased with the entertainment her toys had given.”

“Yes, my Queen the women have committed adultery and some have committed adultery whilst watching their husbands fuck another woman. It’s so funny now please let’s do something to the high families”, Heather wanted to humiliate some of the high family’s due to feuds her family had with some of them present tonight. Teresa didn’t need asking twice, lowering her body towards the sound system pulling one side of her fur hood away once more. Heather moved her body with Teresa their body’s facing each other but their head turned towards the sound system, fur hoods pressing together. Then came the turn of the top families who until now assumed they were protected because of their blood connection.

Teresa moaned orders over the sound system turned on by what she was planning to do, “All female members of high families who are of age strip then put your fur coats on”. Teresa knew all of them were of age due to the original film that night being an adult thriller. The woman of the high families immediately began removing their velvet dresses and underwear dropping them to the floor. Teresa and Heather loving every moment of it as the nude women slowly pulled on their fur coats.

“Now with your fur coats open run down to the bottom seats and pick a woman, oh and fur hoods up move run”. The bottom seats were the last row with no seating in front. Which contained the normal public women who had escaped having to fuck a stranger.

Standing up the high family woman opened their fur coat exposing their nude bodies then removed their high heel shoes, enabling them to run. Holding their shoes in one hand and pulling their large fur hoods up with the other they began. Each of them running down the cinema stairways, breasts bouncing. The humiliation on their faces hidden by their large fur hoods. As they run towards the bottom seats they had hoped until now they had escaped Teresa’s sexual rampage. On arriving they each picked a woman to stand by. The women in the seats faces were a mixture of humiliation and fear not knowing what was going to happen.
“The films finish it’s time for you to fuck off sluts. You will return home sitting on your chosen sluts back. You will sleep tonight wearing you fur coats open with the hood up. With your chosen sluts under you”, after giving her final orders to the high family women Teresa let out a scream her body trembling. Both hands on Heather’s breast’s Heather’s had her hands now on Teresa’s cunt. Enjoying each other whilst they played with their toys. Teresa continued screaming with sexual pleasure watching the high family women take hold of their chosen woman’s hair pulling them out of the seats. The topless women bending their knees allowing the high family women to jump onto their backs. Heather then began to cry out with pleasure running her fingers over Teresa. Herself and Teresa watching with pleasure as topless women came running back up the stairways with a high family women on their backs. The high family women’s bodies bouncing as the woman they were sitting on run. The high family women finding it difficult to hold on due to their ankle length fur coats. The sides of their fur coats falling down the bodies of the women holding them. Their heads encased in a heavy fur hood limiting their view. The women they were sitting on finding it hard to run also because of the fur coats. Each of them running as quick as possible their breasts bouncing causing discomfort. Arriving at the top of the stairs they run into the ticket area then continued into the street. Which had a heavy layer of snow on it with fresh snow falling. The high family women began shouting directions towards their homes from inside their fur hoods. The breasts of all the woman turning blue in the cold. Each high family woman would sleep exactly as Teresa ordered because Teresa always sent her attendants on random checks.
Teresa was now watching the large screen showing a live feed of outside. Laughing as she watched the high family women humiliate themselves. As the women run out of view carrying the high family women on their backs it was now time for the remaining people. Teresa pulled the side of Heather’s hood away and whispered to her. Causing Heather began laughing, “Oh, yes what a wonderful idea my Queen their marriages and relationships will never survive that.” Heather continued laughing out of control whilst Teresa moved towards the sound system.

“The rest of you can now leave however under the following rules. The sluts that fucked a man will return home with that man and fuck him in your bed. Your husbands or boyfriends will watch alongside any daughter’s you have that have home of age. If you have a daughter of age, after your belly has been filled you will all leave the room but for your daughter. Your daughter will then fuck him but your daughter will be on top. Oh, and you will do this nightly for a month with no birth control”, the cinema began to empty the women who the orders affected walking out with their husbands and the the man they had to fuck, blank looks of disbelief on their faces. They also knowing attendants would be carrying out random checks. Most of the women not finding the stranger attractive which appealed to Teresa’s sadistic humour.
“My fucking boots now”, attendants quickly removed Teresa’s black high heel shoes zipping her in knee length suede boots. Whilst another attendant was doing the same to Heather. “Time to go honey you can play with her all night at home”, Teresa trying to get Gemma’s attention who was still holding on to the blonde’s body. Heather having to take hold of her daughter pulling her off the blond. Attendants removed the tube from the blonde’s cunt then the chain that was holding the blond upside down. Causing her to it the floor hard to Gemma’s amusement, who stood waiting for her boots. Gemma found sexual pleasure telling the blond exactly what sex acts she had planned for her. Whilst attendants changed Gemma into suede thigh boots with a high heel.

“Close my fucking fur coat slut”, the blond crawled to Gemma the thorns in the corset running against her skin. Once the young blond had closed the buttons on Gemma’s fur coat her face was slapped. Then a chain was placed round the blonde’s neck pulling her to the floor. It came to no surprise that Gemma was holding the other end. The blond having to crawl on all fours due to the heavy satin corset. Moaning whilst she crawled trying to keep up with the chain. Gemma laughing from under her fur hood as she pulled along her toy. Heather closing her coat followed her daughter whilst spanking the blond who would never forget her visit to the cinema.
Standing by Jenny who still had her nude body against the glass, Teresa pulled the shoe from Jenny’s coat causing a low moan. “If you’re wondering about your slut of a daughter my attendants are looking after her. Amber has gone home with a man twice her age to fuck him every night until I don’t find it funny anymore,” Jenny pulled away from the glass Teresa laughing at Jenny’s horror.

“I’m riding you to the palace it will be more fun than using my transport. Your fur coat will make a lovely addition to my collection”, Teresa waited until Jenny lowered her body them mounted her. Teresa’s fur coat falling down the side of Jenny’s nude body. Jenny began running to the palace the freezing air causing Jenny’s body to shake which Teresa loved holding Jenny by her breasts. The other high family women could now be seen sitting on women’s backs. Trying to hold on in their heavy fur coats. Teresa becoming turned on by their humiliation twisting Jenny’s nipples as she carried her along. The blond now also crawling on all fours in the snow beginning losing the feeling in her legs. Gemma laughing from under her fur hood pulling the chain hard. Heather randomly would run one of her boot heels over the corset. Causing the blond to cry out to Mother and daughters sexual pleasure. Heather wishing, she had the blond as a toy. In between playing with the blond Heather whipped one of red haired sisters on her nude buttocks. The other sister was being pulled along by their long red hair. The sisters wrongly thought they had been forgotten and would just leave. Heather had always intended to take them home for the night, or longer. Teresa had loved the night at the cinema but for most the women in the audience it had been a night of horror and humiliation. Teresa would forget them by morning but for the women in the cinema tonight their lives would never be the same again.

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