Pregnant Terror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom where there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to have sex with any woman she wants and humiliate them. The woman could say no to sex when asked she wouldn’t be placed in prison nothing like that. The woman’s home would be taken by the crown, banks would freeze her money her life would be gone. Until she said yes to sex then she could have her life back. For Teresa it worked very well. If she asked for sex with a woman or women they would have to say yes no matter where they were. Julie was heavily pregnant in her late 20’s and about to find out how much Queen Teresa liked pregnant women.

Pregnant Terror

by Marquis

This story includes sexual blackmail and mild bondage. Pictures by my wife (none sexual).

Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom where there is no government her word is law. Teresa uses this power to have sex with any woman she wants and humiliate them. The woman could say no to sex when asked she wouldn’t be placed in prison nothing like that. The woman’s home would be taken by the crown, banks would freeze her money her life would be gone. Until she said yes to sex then she could have her life back. For Teresa it worked very well. If she asked for sex with a woman or women they would have to say yes no matter where they were.

Julie was heavily pregnant in her late 20’s with short black hair. She walked nude round her bedroom her hands supporting her large bump. When her husband shouted if she was ready for the fourth time Julie shouted down would he like to have a belly the size of hers. Taking one of her maternity corduroy overalls out the closet Julie dropped it to the floor. Slowly slipping her legs in then pulling them up over her bump, finally up over the rest of her nude body. Closing the buttons on the corduroy overalls sides then buttoning the back straps to the front bib. The corduroy overalls Julie was wearing were the type that begin at the legs but cover the whole body. Buttons at the side hold them up at the waste and over the belly whilst straps come over the shoulders pulling them up her back. A front bib comes over her breasts and buttons onto the straps holding up the corduroy overalls.

Wearing corduroy overalls and being nude under them wasn’t Julie’s idea. Like all pregnant women she disliked them. However Queen Teresa had passed a law ordering all pregnant woman to wear them nude along with suede thigh boots with a large heel. This was because Teresa loved thigh boots and loved watching pregnant women trying to walk in them. Making them wear corduroy overalls gave Teresa easy access to their body and it humiliated the pregnant women.

After finally buttoning herself in the corduroy overalls Julie joined her husband ignoring him pointing to his watch. “I hate wearing these fucking boots where ever I go the fucking heels are impossible”, Julie was talking to herself whilst she was sitting pulling on her brown suede thigh boots, zipping her legs in them. The offer from her husband to get her a coffee on the way put Julie in a better mood as they headed out Julie trying her best to walk in the boots. The coffee shop wasn’t very full and Julie found a table whilst waiting for her husband to get the drinks. Drinking her coffee Julie became happy forgetting what she was wearing whilst they talked of the future. Julie was just describing the last few things she wanted for the baby’s room when she noticed the look on her husband’s face. When Julie looked were his head was turned she could see Queen Teresa entering the coffee shop. “What the fuck is Queen Teresa doing in a normal coffee shop. Why would Queen Teresa be in a fucking coffee shop”, Julie’s husband held his finger up for Julie to stop talking. Teresa wearing nothing but an ankle length fur coat with its large fur hood up and suede thigh boots began walking towards Julie’s table.

Teresa walked past the other tables stopping when she got to Julie’s smiling at her. Teresa placed her hand on Julies large belly and began to run her hand over it, “What a lovely large belly I just love touching a pregnant woman’s bump what’s your name.”

“Julie my Queen”, Julie was just sitting looked ahead hoping Teresa would move on to someone else. Julie’s hopes were about to be crushed.

“I stopped my transport and came in the coffee shop when I spotted you Julie so to touch your belly, I love pregnant belly’s. Will you play sex games with me Julie”, Julie’s question of what Queen Teresa was doing in the coffee shop was now answered, now she had to answer Teresa’s question. To say no would leave them with no home and money so Julie gave the only answer she could.

“Yes my Queen I would love to play sex games with you.” Julie was now looking at Teresa knowing she was going to touch her trying to think what she would have to do.

“Good I’m so glad when did you last have sex with your husband.”

“Oh not for some time my Queen”, Teresa’s question had knocked Julie off balance she couldn’t understand why Teresa wanted to know.

“Well we can’t have that get up and come with me”, Teresa walked over to a man in his 30’s sitting at another table with his wife. Julie got up and walked over to Teresa not wanted to look at her husband. “Give him and erection Julie”, Julie’s face turned to horror before she composed herself. She had her home to think of Julie knew she had to keep Teresa happy. Julie began unzipping the man but Teresa pulled her head to one side and whispered in her ear, “I want you to tell him he is bigger than your husband. Everything you do tell him he is bigger fucking get on with it”, Teresa now laughing as she watched. Julie pulled the man’s dick out placing her hands round it.

“Oh you are much bigger than my husband yours is the biggest I’ve ever fucking seen”, as Julie run both her hand over it he didn’t take long to become erect. His wife was told to watch by Teresa who was enjoying the show. “Oh fuck look at the size of it my husband’s isn’t as big as yours. Yours is so fucking big”, Julie was now thinking how she was going to explain all this to her husband sitting behind her.

“Strip Julie and fuck him”, Julie knew she had no option but to do it.

“Yes my Queen of course”, Julie removed her thigh boots then began unbuttoning her corduroy overalls. Trying to block out what her husband was about to see her do. The corduroy overalls fell to Julie’s feet and she stepped out of them now totally naked in front of everyone. Julie with both hands under her large bump stood over the man who had lowered his trousers. Julie placed her arms round his neck and lowered herself onto his dick. As Julie moved herself she remembered Teresa’s instructions. “Oh yes you are so bigger than my husband oh fuck yes fuck yes”, Julie picked up speed her breast’s now hurting as they bounced up and down. She had never had that problem before however they were larger now. “Oh yes come on baby fuck me your so better than my husband fuck me baby”, Julie now finding and even speed on his dick. Teresa was touching herself as she watched Julie move on his dick, Julie’s large breast’s bouncing was turning Teresa on. “Oh fuck oh fuck yes baby you are the biggest I’ve ever, shit oh fucking shit oh shit fuck oh”, Julie’s words went out of control when she felt his come flood into her. She hadn’t had another man inside her for years Julie until today had been faithful. Julie was glad in one way he had come she could get off him but also she knew her husband had just watched and listened to her. Would she be able to save her marriage after this. When Julie could feel he had finished she moved off him. Walking was difficult for her hands now back under her belly.

“Oh I enjoyed watching that did you like fucking him”, Julie still nude pregnant and full of another man’s come had to play with Teresa

“Yes thank you my Queen he was much better than my husband”, Julie saying the words Teresa wanted whilst picking up her corduroy overalls holding them in front of her body with one hand holding her thigh boots in the other.

“Oh we must not leave his wife out of the fun Julie let her suck your breasts”, Teresa was laughing hand touching the wife. The man’s wife was also in her 30’s with long brown hair. Julie still holding her corduroy overalls over her front dropped her thigh boots and lowered herself onto the woman’s lap. Julie exposed one of her breasts and the woman carried out Teresa’s orders and sucked it. Julie had one hand under her belly the other holding her corduroy overalls up. Julie moaned as the woman sucked her breast she had most of her mouth round it as she slowly sucked. Julie then felt Teresa touching her belly followed by Teresa licking her face. Julie had given up hoping it was going to be over quick as the woman sucked her breast she could feel Teresa’s hand now under her corduroy overalls. Teresa was moaning and telling her how sexy she found pregnant women and that Julie was now hers whilst she touched Julie’s bump. Julie tried to switch off from what was happening. From simply having a coffee with her husband she had fucked a stranger and now had the man’s wife’s mouth on her breast plus Teresa touching her. As Julie was sitting on the woman’s lap she looked in front with a look of humiliation on her face, she didn’t know this was turning Teresa on more. Teresa kissed Julie now touching her other breast. Julie couldn’t stop herself from crying out as Teresa twisted her nipple. Most of her body was now being played with the woman was still sucking her breast and Teresa was touching her belly and playing with her other breast. All Julie could think of was that her husband had watched her fuck and was watching her now.

After what to Julie lasted a lift time Teresa ordered her to stand up. Julie once again held her corduroy overalls in front of her covering her as best she could. Teresa placed her arm round the woman touching her breasts. “Now that your husband has fucked Julie it’s your turn. That man go and fuck him”, the woman knew her home was in danger if she didn’t please Teresa. She smiled and walked over to a man in his 40’s Teresa had pointed to. Pulled her jeans down and lowered herself face up on the table. Teresa laughed and touched Julie between the legs, “Now that I have had the fun of watching both of you filled with come from someone you don’t now get dressed we are leaving, fucking do it. ”Julie pulled back on her corduroy overalls and buttoned them. The slipped on her suede thigh boots. Teresa held Julie’s hand as they walked out of the coffee shop. Julie didn’t look at her husband she couldn’t think what she was going to say to him when Teresa let her go home. As they were leaving the woman let out a cry as the man came into her. “That’s both of you enjoyed yourself”, Teresa laughing her hand on Julie’s belly.

Julie found herself sitting in Teresa’s transport next to another heavily pregnant woman, she also because of the law was wearing corduroy overalls and suede thigh boots. “Julie this is Fiona like you she is going to play with us. We are going to Fiona’s house it’s closer than the palace and I can’t wait”. Fiona was older than Julie she was in her mid 30’s with blue eyes and long blond hair down her back. Both of them sitting in silence whilst Teresa touch their large bumps. Both of them wondering what was going to happen. They were both having their bumps and breast’s felt whenever Teresa wanted to all they could do was let Teresa. Arriving at Fiona’s house they were ordered out of the transport, “Up the stairs into Fiona’s bedroom move sluts.” They knew they had to keep Teresa happy in order to keep their houses and money. They both smile and walked up stairs as best they could in the thigh boots. The suede thigh boots not only had a large heel but were very heavy to wear. Teresa had two of her attendants with her. Teresa’s attendants were picked from the top family’s and only allowed to wear ankle length fur coats left open with the hood up and suede thigh boots. When they got to the top of the stairs Julie could see an empty child’s bedroom.

“Do you have other children”, Julie could safely whispered to Fiona as Teresa was now in the bedroom.

“Yes a girl six but she isn’t here Teresa has sent my husband and daughter away”, Fiona also whispering back as they entered Fiona’s bedroom. Teresa still only in her fur coat and thigh boots began walking round them slowly running her hand over their bumps, kissing them and touching them between the legs.

“Fiona unzip Julie’s boots with your teeth, now”, Fiona holding her large belly dropped to her knees. Then placing her belly gently on the floor pulled Julies thigh boot zips down with her teeth. Whilst she was on her knees Teresa run her hands over Fiona’s buttocks sometimes giving them a slap with her had. “Now pull them off her feet do it slut”, Fiona held one boot then the other allowing Julie to lift her feet out, Teresa still slapping Fiona’s buttocks. “Now Fiona strip her”, Fiona got to her feet having to hold on to Julie because of her boots which Teresa found amusing. Fiona them unbuttoned Julie’s corduroy overalls slowly pulling them of her belly to the floor. “What a fucking lovely pregnant body your belly turns me on. Put your fucking boots back on”, Julie slipped back into her thigh boots and zipped them up holding the wall to balance. “That’s better nude in thigh boots, let’s see how fast you can move in them”, Julie didn’t understand what Teresa wanted her to do but she worried about the idea of moving fast in her heavy thigh boots. “Fiona pick up Julie’s corduroy overalls and throw them as far as possible out of the door. Julie you then run and bring them back”, Fiona had just pick them up when Teresa stopped her, “Oh Julie if you are not quick I will punish you so fucking move after them.” Fiona chucked the corduroy overalls out of the bedroom door out into the upstairs hall. Which was difficult for Fiona as the corduroy was thick and heavy forcing her to keep the other hand over her belly. Julie run after them as fast as she could the heavy suede thigh boots making it difficult. Julie run on the large heels as fast as possible one hand under her belly. Julie’s large breasts bounced up and down whilst she run making it more hard for her to keep up speed. Teresa was loving it running her hand over Fiona’s belly her other hand over Fiona’s breast’s and kissing round Fiona’s neck.

When Julie returned with them Teresa informed her she had been too slow. Whilst Julie was standing out of breath Teresa ordered Fiona to lick Julie’s nude belly. Holding her own corduroy covered large belly Fiona bent her knees so her face was level with Julie’s large pregnant belly and slowly licked it. Teresa spanked Julie not to harm her just to make her buttocks red. Teresa loved watching Fiona lick Julie on the belly. For some time she had found pregnant women erotic and loved playing with them. Teresa sometimes spent days having sex with pregnant women touching there bumps in bed, the more pregnant women's bumps the better. Today Teresa loved the moaning coming from Julie as she was licked and Teresa slowly spanked her. “Ok time to try again Julie this time do it faster”, Fiona now standing picked up Julie’s corduroy overalls and with her other hand under her belly chucked them out of the door. Bringing her arm back to send them as far she could down the upstairs hall. Julie again run after them hand on her belly her breast’s bouncing. She lost her balance and fell against the wall before running again. This amused Teresa who place her hand down the front bib of Fiona’s corduroy overalls touching her breasts. “Run slut run”, Teresa now had her hand as far down Fiona’s front bib as possible whilst Julie run back to them. Holding the corduroy overalls in her hand Julie was trying to lift her legs to run in the heavy suede thigh boots. Julie had to let her breast’s bounce up and down her other hand needed under her belly. Dropping her corduroy overalls on the floor Julie was trying to stand totally out of breath. “Too slow again Julie”, Teresa walked behind Julie pushing her fingers into Julie’s cunt. Julie moaned whilst opening her legs as Teresa pushed them in as far as possible. Moving them up and down her other hand running over Julie’s belly. Julie stood and moaned holding her breast’s which were in pain after all the bouncing they had done. Julie couldn’t open her legs any more. All she could do was hope Teresa wouldn’t be long. If she wanted to keep her house Julie knew she had to keep Teresa happy and play her sex games and say yes to everything.

Teresa was loving Julie’s cunt she moaned and pressed herself up Julie’s back running her hand over her belly, “do you fucking like this”.

“Oh yes oh shit oh yes my Queen, oh”, Julie finding it hard to give the answer Teresa wanted. First sex with a stranger in front of her husband and now Teresa’s fingers in her. This wasn’t how Julie had expected being pregnant was going to be like.

“Good I’m glad you like it come fucking closer both of you”, Fiona walked towards Julie whilst Julie tried to move towards Fiona which was difficult with Teresa’s fingers in her cunt. Keeping her legs apart she moved as best she could Teresa pushing her fingers up harder whilst laughing. When their pregnant large bellies were almost touching Teresa pulled open the buttons on the side of Fiona’s corduroy overalls. This allowed her to place her arm in the side of them and touch her belly. “Lovely pregnant toys are you fucking enjoying it as much as I am.”

“Oh yes, oh yes”, both answered together Julie finding it more difficult because of Teresa’s fingers in her. Teresa moaned one hand up Julies cunt the other inside Fiona’s corduroy overalls touching her belly and cunt. Both women moaned and tried to keep false smiles on their faces. Fiona had it easier Teresa's hand was inside her corduroy overalls touching her but Teresa didn't have her fingers inside her. Fiona watched Julie have Teresa feel her cunt whilst hoping Teresa was only going to run her hand over the outside of her. Teresa finally stopped the sex acts with both women and walked to the side of them.

“Fiona lick my fingers clean and Julie strip Fiona, do it”, Both of them acted at once Fiona placed Teresa’s hand in her mouth sucking and licking Teresa’s fingers. Julie Slowly went to her knees unzipping then removing Fiona’s thigh boots. After standing again which she found hard because of her belly she began unbuttoning Fiona’s front bib. Once it had fell away exposing her breast’s Teresa Squeezed then hard and twisted her nipples. As Fiona moan and cried out Julie opened the remaining buttons causing the corduroy overalls to fall down. “Put your fucking boots back on Fiona”, she did the only thing she could what she was told. After stepping out of her corduroy overalls Fiona pulled on her suede thigh boots and zipped them up. Both pregnant woman now faced each other nude but for their suede thigh boots.

Teresa pulled down her fur hood showing her short black spiked hair and then dropped her fur coat to the floor. One of Teresa’s attendants placed a pair of pink rubber gloves on Teresa

and handed her a small tube, “ok girls this is glue very fucking strong glue so let’s fucking play”. Julie and Fiona began feeling something cold on their belly. Looking down both their faces turned from a false smile to horror as Teresa began covering both their pregnant bellies with glue. Teresa coved their bumps with the thick glue then with one push of Julie’s back their bellies touched. Teresa still wearing the pink rubber gloves touched their buttocks and licked their faces in turn. “It’s ok the glue only lasts for around 72 hours sometimes a little longer. Have fucking fun trying to piss”, Teresa pulled off the rubber gloves throwing them and the tube back to her attendant. Then placed her hands under both woman’s cunt’s. Fiona and Julies faces were blank as they were taking in what they had just been told. Teresa had stuck their bumps together for hours. Whilst Teresa run her hands slowly between their legs she ordered them to kiss. They both kissed the other using their tongues in each other’s mouth. Whilst Fiona and Julie kissed Teresa pushed her fingers hard up their cunt. Both of them moaned but continued kissing, not wanted to displease Teresa. The glue was now dry both woman’s bumps were now stuck firm. Teresa knowing it was now safe pressed herself against them moving her fingers inside their cunts. Teresa was pleased with what she had done to her toys and now wanted to play. Teresa felt their cunts for a little longer watching them kiss. When she did remove her fingers one of her attendants licked them clean then another helped Teresa back into her fur coat and pulled its large fur hood up for her. Teresa loved sex in a fur coat with her head encased in its heavy fur hood. “Ok sluts walk go on Julie go backwards do it and keep kissing”, they moved as best they could. Julie found it difficult to walk in her thigh boots normally but going backwards her belly stuck to Fiona’s was almost impossible for her. They walked slowly Fiona finding it more easy as she was going forwards. Teresa laughed and pressed her body against them only able to touch their faces and buttocks because of their bellies being joined. Until Julie lost her footing and fell to her knees pulling Fiona with her. Both women ending up on the floor Teresa found this a turn on letting her body fall on them both. Fiona and Julie now had Teresa on top of them her fur coat hanging over them. Teresa pressed fur large fur hood into them licking any part of them she could, Teresa also being turned on by the feel of her fur hood.

“Up fucking up now”, Teresa now standing watched with pleasure as Fiona and Julie tried to stand. Twice they failed falling back to the floor before getting back on their thigh boot heels bringing their joined bodies standing. “Go on walk and fucking kiss, don’t fucking fall.” They at once began walking and kissing Julie the one moving backwards. Moving round the bedroom was made harder when Teresa pushed her finger in both their cunts. Fiona and Julie now walked legs as wide as they could whilst Teresa moved her finger in them. Teresa enjoyed feeling and licking her toys whilst watching them try and walk. Teresa could only touch the sides of their large bumps but did like looking at them stuck together. The way the two bumps moved was quickly turning her on as she pushed her finger up more. Teresa pressed herself against them telling them how erotic they looked joined wearing only their thigh boots. When Fiona and Julie fell again Teresa still had her fingers in them. Both women cried out as Teresa’s fingers left their cunt’s. Teresa watched them sitting on their buttocks against the wall before placing her fur covered arms round their neck’s. When Teresa had pulled them onto the bedroom floor she lowered herself over them. Teresa now on top of them the sides of her fur coat covering Fiona and Julie. “Hello sluts isn’t this nice touch me the best you can”, Teresa moved her body over them her breasts and cunt running over their nude body’s whilst they tried to touch Teresa. Julie could just get one of her hands on Teresa’s cunt whilst Fiona touched Teresa’s breast’s. Teresa turned Fiona’s head kissing and licking her Teresa loving the darkness of the inside of her fur hood. Her hood was pressed against Fiona’s body cutting out all light which was a bonus for Teresa. She could feel her toys touching her but as Teresa moved her body over them she didn’t know which one she was over. Two pregnant women joined together under her their hands on her. Teresa moaned with sexual pleasure whilst moving over them. Teresa could feel the sides of their pregnant bellies, their hands touching her she let out a cry of pleasure lifting her head at the same time. Climbing off them Teresa ordered them to stand and enjoyed watching them having the same problem as before. She was just about to order them on the bed when one of her attendants stopped her.

“Sorry my Queen but I must speak to you at once”, The attendant like the others was just wearing a fur coat open with its hood up and suede thigh boots. However standing next to her was an heavily pregnant woman totally nude no footwear. The pregnant woman was in her late 20’s with long black hair held up on the back of her head with hair pins. She was a little smaller then Fiona and Julie with a thin body. Which made her belly look bigger almost as if it could pull her over.

“You have you stopped me fucking this had better be good.”

“Oh it is my Queen this slut hasn’t been wearing corduroy overalls. When I checked her house she was in other clothing so I stripped her at once. After questioning she admitted to breaking the law and only wearing her corduroy overalls outside”, Teresa walked up to the pregnant woman placing her hand the woman's belly.

“Let me guess you thought no one would find out as long as you were wearing your corduroy overalls and suede thigh boots outside, well.” Teresa stood waiting before the woman finally nodded.

“I’m very sorry my Queen it will not happen again.”

“No it will not you didn’t think my attendant’s would be entering houses of pregnant sluts checking they were in corduroy overalls did you”, the woman simples mouthed no.

“When I made the law forcing pregnant woman to wear corduroy overalls I also made sure they would be by sending attendants into their houses.” Teresa now placed her other hand in the woman’s hair pressing her fur coat against the woman’s body. “When I made the law for pregnant woman to wear nothing but corduroy overalls and thigh boots it was to humiliate them. You decided you would not face humiliation”, Teresa now walked back to where Fiona and Julie were and touched their buttocks. “You will be punished I will make an example of you to all pregnant woman to wear their corduroy overalls. What is your name.”, the woman now standing in fear as Teresa slowly played with Fiona’s and Julie’s buttocks. Giving them a few spanks whilst running her hands over them.

“Tracey My Queen I’m so sorry I will not do it again”, Tracey now understanding what trouble she was in. Fiona moan as Teresa pushed her fingers in her cunt Teresa's other and still on Julie’s buttocks.

“Silence, tomorrow Tracey five heavily pregnant women will be chosen and come to your house along with me and my belly joined toys”, Teresa still pushing her fingers in Fiona making her moan her other hand now on Julie's breast's. “The pregnant sluts will be let into your house to take from it whatever they can carry starting with the upstairs. You will be forced to go in and watch”, Tracey now standing with her mouth wide open. Teresa thought the five pregnant woman would tell their family. They would all tell someone else then no other pregnant woman would do what Tracey had and not wear corduroy overalls inside. “As you don’t want to wear corduroy overalls you will now only wear your suede thigh boots and nothing else whilst you are pregnant. As you walk in public nude you will wish you had been wearing your corduroy overalls”, Teresa ordered her attendant to give Tracey the pink rubber gloves, "You will also wear those gloves at all times, oh and when you move inside it will always be on your hands and knees". Tracey stood her face in horror whilst listening to Teresa. When Teresa finally dismissed Tracey she ordered that an attendant should stay in Tracey's house all night to fuck her. Tracey pulled on the pink rubber gloves then dropped on all fours and crawled out of the bedroom. Down the stairs her large pregnant belly hanging under her only standing when she was outside knowing that she would be on all fours as soon as she was in her house.

Teresa turned on by watching Tracey ordered Fiona and Julie onto the bed. Fiona had to walk with Teresa’s fingers still in her parting her legs as best she could. When Julie’s legs touched the bed she fell backwards onto it their joined bellies pulling Fiona on top, Teresa’s fingers leaving Fiona’s cunt as she fell. Fiona using her arms to stop her body pressing down onto Julie and as they were lying their joined belly to belly they waited. Teresa climbed onto the bed and touched Fiona’s neck running her fingers over it. From Fiona’s neck Teresa moved her fingers down her back Fiona still keeping her body off Julie using her arms. Teresa run her fingers up and down Fiona’s back whilst kissing her neck telling them both how sexy she found them joined. Teresa placed her leg over Fiona and lowered herself onto her. Teresa using her legs to support her body allowing Fiona to keep off Julie, who could only look into Fiona’s face not knowing what Teresa was doing. Teresa began running her cunt on Fiona’s back her fur coat hanging down each side of Fiona and Julie. As she run her cunt over Fiona’s back Teresa placed both her hands on Fiona’s breast’s and squeezed them. Teresa moaned with pleasure ordering both of them to kiss. Teresa moved her body slowly over Fiona’s back squeezing her breast’s whilst enjoying watching them kiss. As she run her fingers over Fiona’s breast’s Teresa’s heavy fur coat was making it difficult for her to move. Her large fur hood was making it difficult to move her head. Teresa loved it for her there was no better way to fuck than in a fur coat with the fur hood up. She couldn’t see their faces because of her fur hood but Teresa could feel their bodies under her. Teresa could feel herself becoming more turned on until she looked upwards and let out a cry of sexual pleasure. Fiona and Julie could only feel and listen to Teresa whilst they kissed. It seemed to them they had been kissing for ages Julie could see Teresa’s hands on Fiona’s breast’s, nothing more.

Teresa taking hold of Fiona’s hair pulled it hard and using her legs made her joined toys fall sideways onto the bed. Whilst Fiona and Julie were lying there Teresa fell on top of them her body out flat. Teresa after reminding them they should be kissing began moving her breast’s over their joined large bumps. Also moving up and down their body's running herself over as much of their joined pregnant bodies as possible listening to them moan. Teresa’s fur coat was lying over Fiona and Julie covering them. Teresa’s fur coat hood hiding her head as it pressed against her toys skins. Teresa moved upwards level with their faces and told them to look to her. Teresa kissed them in turn and licked them Teresa’s fur hood pressing against them. All of them now moaning, Teresa with pleasure Fiona and Julie making the false moaning Teresa wanted. Teresa switched from kissing them to making them kiss each other all the time moving her body over them. Running her body of each belly in turn loving the feel of her pregnant toys under her sometimes crying out with pleasure. Teresa touching any part of them her hand could find. Teresa loved her fur hood encasing her in darkness only being able to feel them was such a thrill.

Finally Teresa pushed herself face up at the side of them and was finished for now. Turning her body to face them Teresa placed her hand on the nearest belly it didn’t matter to her which. “I’m going to leave you now for tonight I have more pregnant woman waiting at the palace who need fucking”, Teresa climbed off the bed and stood at the side of them. “The glue will hold you all night I’ll collect you tomorrow to watch Tracey’s punishment. I’m sure you’ll work out how to piss”, Teresa laughing as she thought of them trying to use the bathroom joined at the belly. "Julie your husband will just be told you are sleeping with someone else tonight. Fiona your husband and daughter will be sleeping somewhere else, don't give a fuck where", When Teresa left with her attendant Fiona and Julie were lying on the bed bumps joined with a look of horror on their faces. At the same time pleased Teresa had gone and their sexual humiliation had saved their homes for today.


Fiona and Julie almost fell out of the transport not finding it easy to move their bellies still joined, to Teresa’s sexual pleasure. Teresa as normal was just in one of her ankle length fur coats left open her nude body showing its large fur hood up and a pair of suede thigh boots. Her attendants were dressed the same and today Teresa had more than normal. Tracey was standing in shock holding her belly nude but for a pair of suede thigh boots and the pink rubber gloves. Her hair was now loose down her back because the attendant who fucked her wanted it down .Tracey had just been removed from her house on Teresa’s arrival and had a look of humiliation on her face. Where Tracey was standing were five heavily pregnant woman all wearing corduroy overalls and suede thigh boots with a large heel. Each of them holding a large shoulder bag as they had been told when Teresa ordered them there. Why all this was happening Fiona and Julie still joined by their bumps were trying their best to walk. Fiona was walking forward Julie having the harder task of moving backwards. Both of them found it hard in their boots heels and at one point they fell up the house wall. Teresa finding this funny shouting for them to keep up.

Standing facing the five pregnant women Teresa kissed Tracey and run her hands over her breasts and belly. Finally slipping her finger between Tracey’s legs before speaking. “You know why you are here today. This slut didn’t wear corduroy overalls so she is to be punished”, Teresa now slipping her fingers up Tracey’s cunt causing her to moan Teresa using her other hand to feel Tracey’s belly slowly running her fingers over it. Tracey trying to stand her head tilted back as she moaned. “When I give the order go in the sluts house and take anything you want. When your bag is full you can take anything you can carry, begin with the bedrooms”, Teresa walked Tracey into the downstairs rooms. As soon as Tracey was inside she dropped on her hands and knees, Teresa allowing her fingers to slip out of Tracey's cunt. Teresa finding Tracey’s belly and breasts erotic whilst watching her crawl along on her and knees up her stairs and into her bedroom. Teresa didn't order Fiona and Julie to join them in the bedroom. Teresa had given orders for attendants to touch them both and to feel their cunts. Teresa now bending down touching Tracey's breast's gave the order for the women to begin. The five women walk up Tracey’s stairs as quickly as their boots would let them, each wanting to be the first up. Teresa pressed her fur hood against the side of Tracey's face her hands still touching, squeezing and slapping Tracey's breast's. The five women began going through Tracey's clothing closet. Looking at her clothing and filling their bags all of them talking excited.

“Oh look at these fucking evening dresses there lovely", the women began taking clothing and quickly filling their bags. All of them trying to pull at the same clothing.

“You can’t have all the fucking coats give me some pull the clothing out on the floor so we can all se it", Teresa became turned on watching them also loving that Tracey was watching them on her hands and knees . Two of the women were trying to have the same coat whilst Tracey watched helpless.

"Look at them Tracy they are taking your clothing you should have done what you were told", Teresa still had her fur hood pressed against the side of Tracey's face so she could talk to her. Teresa was still running her hands over Tracey's breast's but slapping them more. One of the women was holding a velvet evening dresses against her. One was sitting on the bed trying on a pair of Tracey's knee length boots.

“Oh fuck her footwear is my size I’m having it knee length boots just what I need. They are my size also fucking wonderful”, Two woman talked at once in excited voices. Whilst the woman on the bed tried on the knee boots another began pulling footwear out of the closet into her bag not looking what type it was.

“Look at this fucking satin corset I'm fucking having it for when I can fit in it.”, she held it over her bump turning Teresa on. She squeezed Tracey's nipples and pressed her body against her.

“You lucky bitch where did you find it pull it all on the floor, pull her fucking underwear out", two of the when were now pulling Tracey's underwear on to the floor picking the knickers they wanted one also with a corset in her hand. Teresa pressed her fingers into Tracey's breast's turned on watching pregnant women with hands full of underwear.

“Look at the sluts they are touching your underwear taking what they want”, Teresa turned over lying face up on the floor. "Use your fucking tongue on my cunt slut", Tracey moved over Teresa's legs lowering her head onto Teresa's cunt. Teresa let out a cry of sexual pleasure Teresa's head twisting inside her fur hood. Teresa also listened to the women stripping the bedroom and she loved it.

“I’m having the fucking bed sheets find your own, oh I was going to have that fucking satin nightdress", as Teresa enjoyed Tracey's tongue she could see the pregnant women walking past holding clothing, one holding bed sheets. Teresa touched their suede thigh boots as they past whilst she moaned with pleasure.

“Oh I’ve found clothing in another room I’m having these fucking sheets. I’ve found some ankle length coats lovely.”

"Oh this fucking room is full of clothing she didn't wear corduroy overalls it's her own fault lets fucking have it.", the women now left for the other rooms.

“I’ve found her breast pump downstairs I was thinking of having one, oh there are some other things too, I’m having them all”, The women began looking round the down stairs taking their bags with them. Teresa still lying on the bedroom floor was having a wonderful time. Tracey's tongue used on her cunt whilst she was in fur. Teresa came letting out a scream her head moving inside the fur hood. Pushing Tracey off with her legs Teresa stood as best she could ordering Tracey downstairs. Walking behind her as she crawled watching her belly hang down Teresa still wanted sex. Teresa's sex drive was always high all she wanted to do from morning to night was fuck women. When in the downstairs hall Teresa made Tracey stop and watch the women. The five woman walked quickly round them looking in the downstairs rooms. Teresa pushed her fingers in Tracey's hard causing them both to moan and cry out. Tracey forced to watch the women take what they wanted.

"There are coats and shoes in the kitchen I'm fucking having them", Teresa moved her fingers loving Tracey one her hands and knees moaning. One of the women came out of the downstairs room holding a rug rolled up under her arm. Another came out of the kitchen holding coats, shoes and a pair of thick padded gloves for holding hot food, "I've done the kitchen anything I wanted." The woman from the kitchen showing the other what she had, both of them laughing. Teresa now so turned on placed her other hand under Tracey trying to touch her belly. Teresa made the two pregnant women in the hall stop whilst she slowly licked their corduroy cover bumps. Both women smiling wanting to please Teresa. When they were sent away the front of their corduroy overalls were damp from Teresa's tongue.

When the five pregnant women had finished Teresa ordered everyone outside. Teresa removed her fingers allowing Tracey to stand as she went through the door. Having to walk holding her belly in the pink rubber gloves her large breast's now red. Fiona and Julie walked outside slowly Julie the one going backwards after being the sex toy of an attendant the whole time. Teresa enjoying watching Fiona and Julie trying to walk bumps joined whilst she touched Tracey. The five women had lined up as they had done before. “In turn walk up to this slut and tell her the best things you are taking. You must tell her in an erotic voice then kiss her”, the women didn't like the thought of kissing Tracey but it was a price they were all happy to pay after having such a lovely time in Tracey's house. Teresa moved behind Tracey touching her belly. Fiona and Julie doing their best to stand when Teresa began touching their breast's in turn with her other hand. Teresa had all three of her toys pushed together her hands running over them. Teresa enjoying them all moaning now wishing she had glued Tracey to them. Teresa turned Tracey's head outwards and the women began doing what Teresa had ordered in turn. Each using an erotic voice to talk to Tracey before kissing her. Whilst they kissed Teresa pulled open the buttons on their corduroy overalls pushing her arm in. Teresa ordered the woman to moan whilst they kissed, Teresa touching as much of their bumps as possible. All the women went through this finally walking back to the line all but two. They were told to stand by Teresa. One a woman in her 20's with blond hair the other in her mid 30's with shoulder length black hair. The woman thought they were in trouble but it was not the case.

“You two turned me on the most there will now be a reward. You will in turn dance holding the best clothing you have taken then kiss me.", both women now smiling again knowing they were not in trouble. "The one that turns me on the most will be given Tracey's house."

"No please my Queen", Tracy now with a look of complete horror on her face. Whilst the women were smiling dropping the things they were holding to the floor then their bags

"However I will give the winner a dress code for a period of time, do a want to continue.", both of them told Teresa they did

The woman in her mid 30's with black hair went first."I'm the one going to be fucking in this satin nightdress when I can fit into it and I will be wearing your fucking knickers.," the woman talking in a deep whisper trying to turn Teresa on. She danced holding a satin nightdress in front of her running it over her belly. Teresa touching all three of her toys as she watched the show. The woman run the nightdress over her body as she danced. Turning round to show Teresa her buttocks before slowly dancing round to face her again. She dance up to Teresa and kissed her. Holding the side of Teresa's fur hood with one hand. Teresa run one of her hands over the night dress still held over the woman's belly. The woman knowing she had to make this dance good stopped kissing and run the satin nightdress over Teresa's face and breast's whilst she danced. The woman knew she was doing well when she felt a hand over her buttocks and then between her legs, running back up over her belly. She moaned and whispered when talking because Teresa was going to give a house away and she wanted it . Teresa pushed her hand down the woman's front bib felling her breast's whilst the woman moved her body. Teresa's other hand running slowly over her bump whilst the woman danced as erotic as she could.

"Fucking lovely slut now let's have you", the woman in her 20's with blond hair walked in front of Teresa holding a ankle length coat in front of her.

"I'm never fucking going to be without a coat you fucking are slut and I'm the one going to be using the breast pump", she danced better than the first woman. Teresa could tell she was used to erotic dancing the way she move her hands over her body whilst holding the ankle length coat in front of her was turning Teresa on. Whilst dancing she pulled open one of the buttons on her corduroy overalls. It was only one button but it allowed half her front bib to fall away exposing one of her breasts. Whilst dancing she playfully placed her breast into the hood of the coat before dancing towards Teresa squeezing the hood over her breast. When the young woman kissed Teresa she used her tongue pressing her face into Teresa's fur hood. Teresa loved the feel of her tongue her pregnant belly moving over her body whilst she danced. When the woman stopped kissing Teresa pulled the coat hood off the woman's breast slowly licked it. She had to move round the side of the woman so her belly wasn't in Teresa's way. Now she could fill her mouth with the woman's breast Teresa could also feel the woman's body as she danced. Teresa could feel the breast move in her mouth as the woman dance, her fur hood blocking out all light. Pulling her head back just a little Teresa run her tongue over the breast ending with the nipple as Teresa pulled her head away. As the woman danced her breast still exposed holding the coat in front of her Teresa run her hand over her belly and buttocks before stopping her.

Both the women now standing back together picking up their things from Tracey's house, their bags back on their shoulders. Teresa walked up to them placing her hands on their bumps and talking to the young blond first," That was a fucking lovely sexy dance and the way you used your tongue was wonderful. However the satin nightdress was more wonderful on my body". Teresa had now turned her head towards the woman in her mid 30's. "What you did with the nightdress and your deep sexy whisper as got you the house."

"Oh thank you my Queen, thank you oh it's got more bedrooms than my house. Oh my family will love it thank you my Queen", the woman in her mid 30's laughing out as she thanked Teresa.

"Now you will be given your dress code wear it for the time I tell your or you will have the house taken, I will check.", the winning pregnant woman told Teresa she would wear the dress code still laughing out as she was speaking to Teresa. Her hand under her belly she was laughing so much.

"You are the slut who went in Tracey's kitchen for the coats and shoes. The padded gloves for using with hot food put them on," the woman stopped laughing not understanding why. However she at once pulled them out of her bag and slipped them on.

"Good if you want to keep the house wear them at all times when you go out leave your new home for two years. What wonderful humiliation for you.", Teresa was enjoying thinking of her having to go out in the gloves at all times whilst she run her hand over the woman's breast's on belly. Teresa kissed and playfully pulled the woman's black hair before walking up to the younger blond.

"As for you the dance was very erotic but the satin nightdress the other slut used on my body got her the house. I'm going to give you a dress code also found not wearing it and well you have everything taken", the young woman waited her face holding a false smile whilst Teresa touched her. "The suede knee boots you have taken from Tracey's house they will be your dress code", The woman like all the other's had a bag over one arm and what she could carry over the other. The young blond had Tracey's breast pump and two pairs of knee boots over her arm, Teresa had seen the boots. "You will hold the middle of the suede knee boot in your mouth so the top and heel hang down each side of your face, go on do it slut", placing the other boots and breast pump down the young woman place one of the suede knee boots in her mouth. Teresa moaned placing her hand between the woman's legs. Being a knee length boot it was heavy for her to hold as she pressed her mouth into the boot. "That is you new dress code the boot in your mouth at all times when you are not home. Also I'm going to let you be one of my attendant living at the palace you can have one day a week with your family", she almost dropped the boot from her mouth whilst listening she was to become a sex toy. Teresa loved her work a pregnant woman with a knee boot in her mouth. Teresa moaned whilst touching the young woman.

The two women thought Teresa was walking away but Teresa stopped again in front of the pregnant woman in her mid 30's. Placing her hand between the woman's legs her other hand on the woman's belly, "Once or twice a week I would like you at the palace for sex is that ok".

"Yes of course my Queen how lovely", she gave the only answer she could holding a false smile.

"Good after you have given birth I still want you to wear your corduroy overalls and suede thigh boots when coming for sex", the woman smiled as Teresa walked back to Tracey and her belly joined toys. Teresa kissed Tracey running her hand over her nude belly, "Tracey you will only wear boots and the pink rubber gloves until you have given birth, you will be on your hands and knees in side. Then for the next twenty years you will wear nothing but corduroy overalls, suede thigh boots and the pink rubber gloves. However you can walk in side after giving birth but back on your hands and knees when your child is two.” Tracey stood her face blank even when Teresa gave two slaps on her nude buttocks. Teresa placed her arms round Fiona’s and Julie’s necks, “It’s been fun sluts I’ve finished with you now. Fiona your house is best for you both it’s not much of a walk and in a few days will be able to pull apart.” Teresa run her hand over them one last time shouting that the pregnant women could go home also. Fiona and Julie had looks of horror and humiliation on their faces. Both now understanding Teresa was leaving them to walk nude but for their suede thigh boots bumps stuck together. The three pregnant woman that hadn't danced walked quickly away showing each other what they had taken. All of them laughing and pulling their tongues out at Tracey. Teresa knowing Tracey's punishment given today would insure that all pregnant woman would wear corduroy overalls at all times.

Teresa kissed Tracey and licked both her nipples and pulled her long black hair ,"When you are asked to the palace I'm going to love watching crawl on all fours in my bedroom". Teresa walked away after a lovely day fucking and humiliating. Teresa's new attendant following with a boot in her mouth Teresa laughing whilst touching her. Fiona just had to wait for them to part Julie when finally getting home had to face her husband. Julie couldn’t begin to think what she was going to say because of what Teresa had made her do for sexual pleasure.

The wife's helper (face blacked out) and wife's sister (she wanted her face to show). The rubber gloves are my wife's sisters. She is into sadism in a big way, handing it out.


Submitted: August 28, 2016

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