Dinner Sex Party

Dinner Sex Party

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom where there is no government, her word is law. Queen Teresa forces any woman or women she wants to have sadistic sex with her. Whenever she wants it where she wants it. In theory, the woman or women can say no they wouldn’t be placed in prison Teresa has a better method. Their homes would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Leaving the women with no home and no money, that is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman said no to Teresa’s sexual demands. To many people a night having dinner with friends would be very normal but nothing was normal in Teresa’s life. Just having an evening dinner with friends had laws involving Teresa’s sex life. Tonight’s dinner at the palace was going to be no different.


Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom where there is no government, her word is law. Queen Teresa forces any woman or women she wants to have sadistic sex with her. Whenever she wants it where she wants it. In theory, the woman or women can say no they wouldn’t be placed in prison Teresa has a better method. Their homes would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Leaving the women with no home and no money, that is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman said no to Teresa’s sexual demands. To many people a night having dinner with friends would be very normal but nothing was normal in Teresa’s life. Just having an evening dinner with friends had laws involving Teresa’s sex life. Tonight’s dinner at the palace was going to be no different.


Submitted: July 24, 2018

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Submitted: July 24, 2018



Dinner Sex Party

by Marquis

This erotic story contains bondage and sadism all characters are of adult age. Pictures by my wife (none sexual).

Queen Teresa rules a small kingdom where there is no government, her word is law. Queen Teresa forces any woman or women she wants to have sadistic sex with her. Whenever she wants it where she wants it. In theory, the woman or women can say no they wouldn’t be placed in prison Teresa has a better method. Their homes would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Leaving the women with no home and no money, that is until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they can have their life back. No woman said no to Teresa’s sexual demands.

Teresa went about her life doing what she wanted when she wanted to any woman from when she came of age. If she wanted something in her life she just made it the law and Teresa with her high sadistic sex drive had made numerous laws to humiliate her adult female subjects. To many people a night having dinner with friends would be very normal but nothing was normal in Teresa’s life. Just having an evening dinner with friends had laws involving Teresa’s sex life. Tonight’s dinner at the palace was going to be no different. A few women and their adult daughters from high families were invited and as usual none of them said no. The kingdom was split between the high families who helped Teresa rule and the low families, the everyday people who to Teresa were just objects to play with.

The high family females going to the dinner were required under the law to attend nude but for an ankle length fur coat with a large hood and a pair of black suede high heel evening shoes. They could button up the fur coat and have their fur hoods up until told different. Every dinner had entertainment for Teresa and her guests, in the form of the sexual humiliation of women from low family’s. The planning that went into finding the lower women worked smoothly Teresa used the same system each time. A postal area code would be chosen at random then pickers would bring females from that area. Pickers were low family women who had the task of collecting the women for the dinner. Each picker had to bring one woman each then stay to help control her.

Carrie was such a picker, not by choice she was chosen by the palace just like all the others. Walking into her daughter’s room Carrie’s thin body was fresh from the shower covered only by her bath robe. “Ok honey just because I’m not going to be here doesn’t give you permission to run wild. When your dad says music and internet off you do it and go to bed”, Carrie’s Teenage daughter simple looked up and without speaking her eyes went back to Facebook. Carrie used to this behaviour kissed her then headed back to the master bedroom. Dropping her robe Carrie removed a pair of Corduroy overalls from her clothing cupboard and slipped into them. Pickers had a uniform designed to humiliate them, for Teresa’s enjoyment. Made to wear nothing but corduroy overalls and boots achieved that.

Corduroy overalls are an item of clothing that you place your legs in like normal jeans. A front bib is pulled up covering the belly and breast area. Two straps are then pulled over the shoulders from the back, attaching to the front bib holding it up. The straps also pull corduroy up the back so the front and back of Carrie are covered.

After buttoning herself in the corduroy overalls Carrie’s placed her very long blond hair in a ponytail which hung down the outside of the corduroy overalls almost to the bottom of her back. Then walked quickly down stairs, “I’ve got to go know darling it’s going to be so difficult tonight the post area is this one. I’m going to be picking people I know”, Carrie’s arm was round her husband’s neck and she couldn’t resist kissing him for a short while. After saying goodbye Carrie pulled on a pair of brown high heel suede knee boots zipping them up. Then picked up a large shoulder bag and headed out all ready to pick.

Walking through the icy roads Carrie took longer than normal to choose a house, she had known most the families that lived in them since her daughter was small. Looking at her watch as she walked Carrie knew she was running out of time. Standing for a moment Carrie finally walked up to a house and knocked. A woman around Carrie’s age opened it, dressed in a red top and jeans her black hair coming down to her shoulders. “Hi Carrie, come on in out of the cold,” Debbie had known Carrie all her life and thought nothing of asking her in. “Do want a coffee or hot chocolate.”

“Debbie do you think I’m wearing these Corduroy overalls for pleasure”, Carrie stood facing Debbie who had finally realized why Carrie was in her house.

“Oh, come on no Carrie. Fuck no bitch not here come on please”, Carrie silenced Debbie with a slap round the face.

“What the fuck was that for”, Debbie holding her face which know held an expression of confusion.

“Because I can, now do the fuck you’re told or I’ll report you to Teresa,’ Carrie repeatedly slapping Debbie’s face whilst talking. Walking into the kitchen Carrie placed food items into her bag still talking to Debbie in a dominant tone. “Why you Debbie, all the history between us all the names you have called me.”, Debbie pleaded with Carrie as they walked upstairs. The only response was Carrie laughing. “Come on Debbie we have disliked each other for years,” Carrie talking in a low calm voice both women now on the upper level.

“That was fucking years ago before we were married, fuck before we even come of age please no”, Debbie now panicking knowing she was helpless. Anyone not cooperating with a picker lost her house and money. Carrie ignoring her pleas lifted Debbie’s top squeezing both Debbie’s breasts.

“It’s not you I’ve come for let’s go and find your slut of a daughter.”

“No please take me, fuck not my daughter you are fucking bitch no please,” Debbie now had a look of total fear on her face as she stood helpless whilst Carrie played with her exposed breast’s slapping one of them before going to find Debbie’s daughter. Holly who had come of age two years ago was sitting on her bed. She was very thin her light brown hair had blond streaks dyed into it and was shoulder length but held up on her head by hair pins. Looking up she didn’t have time to speak, Carrie pulled her off the bed by her arm, Holly like her Mother could see Carrie was picking. She just stood in front of Carrie her blue eyes wide open with panic. The white top Holly was wearing was pulled up by Carrie so it was now round her neck. As Debbie walked in her face turned to horror on seeing her daughter. “Nice breasts yes you’re going to be very popular tonight”, Carrie standing behind Holly feeling her breasts and laughing at Debbie. “Me and your Mother go back a long way and I’m going to pick you for Teresa. Simply because I don’t like your fucking slut of a Mother, do I Debbie”, Carrie now really enjoying both women’s fears.

“Please Carrie fucking take me please leave Holly out of our past please.”, Debbie now red faced her voice now more forceful. Carrie simply slapped Debbie round the face and spit at her.

“Now Holly you lovely slut get your clothing off come on strip now”, Holly quickly removed her top, bra, jeans and knickers quickly as she could. “Now slut I’ve got a skirt for you to wear that’s too small, good luck walking and bending in it.” Carrie pulled a red corduroy skirt out of her bag and chucked it to Holly. Then slowly began running her tongue of Debbie’s nipple causing her to cry out then whimper. Carrie had chosen corduroy because from her experience dressing as a picker she knew corduroy clothing was heavy to wear. Whilst Holly placed the corduroy skirt over her buttocks, wrapped it round her and began closing the buttons which ran up the front of it.

Carrie sucked Debbie’s nipple and run her hand slowly over Debbie’s cunt. Loving the difficulty Holly was having buttoning the very short corduroy skirt, because of it being small on her.

Once Holly was standing nude but for the corduroy skirt Carrie released Debbie’s nipple from her mouth. Ordering them to follow her into Debbie’s bedroom, Holly walking the best she could in the corduroy skirt. Carrie calmly pulled Debbie’s clothing out of the closet onto the bedroom floor then did the same with her footwear. Pulling the food items, she had taken from the kitchen out of her shoulder bag. Carrie used the bag of flower first, chucking it over Debbie’s bed, floor and clothing. Then doing the same with the milk, laughing as all Debbie’s coats had their hoods filled with flower and milk followed by Debbie’s footwear. “oh, fuck you dirty fucking bitch look at my bedroom. You bitch fuck it’s all in my fucking shoes. Oh, shit it’s every wear oh fuck.” Carrie laughed as she trashed Debbie’s bedroom. Once the bedroom and clothing were covered in flower and milk Carrie opened Debbie’s jeans and poured the rest of the milk down them. Carrie laughing as it ran out the legs of Debbie’s jeans, poring the remaining flower over Debbie’s head. “Well that about makes up for the names you have called me when we were in our school years. Now me and your slut of a daughter are running late for a dinner.”

“No please not Holly, oh fuck just look at me. We were at fucking school did you have to do this to us now”, Debbie’s screams went unanswered Carrie was already pulling Holly down the stairs by her hair. Who was nude but for the corduroy skirt.

Carrie pulled Holly by her hair along the road towards the palace transport. Holly bending forward as she walked both hands over her breasts finding it painful to walk because of the small size of the corduroy skirt.

Carrie had done this many times before so being in the palace had become normal but as she pulled Holly down the palace corridors she had the bonus that Debbie was back home helpless to save Holly. Arriving at the dining hall Carrie pulled Holly over to the picker area and stood in her place. The other pickers just like Carrie also held a woman by her hair forcing their victims to stand bent over. After a moment Teresa and her all female guests walked in only wearing fur coats and suede high heels, their fur coats open showing their bodies.

All of them had their large fur hoods pulled up hiding most of their face. Finding their chairs, they lowered their fur covered buttocks into them. In the palace dining hall Teresa’s guests were at two long tables that facing each other with a large floor space in between. A third gold table placed between them was reserved for Teresa and top royals. Teresa and her guest were talking as the serving women entered with the food a stood in the floor space. Carrie along with all the other pickers pulled the women they had picked into the middle floor space. The guests and Teresa began to point at pickers, this was an order to walk to them. Carrie pulled Holly up to a guest in her late 30’s her black her hidden by her large fur hood. The women holding the food were now standing by the tables also.

Teresa gave permission for the meal to begin but it wasn’t the women with the food who acted first it was the pickers. Carrie after pulling Holly up, ripped open the buttons on her corduroy skirt leaving her nude. “On the table now fucking on”, Carrie forced Holly onto the table pushing her body so she was lying face up her legs hanging down the sides. Just like all the other pickers had done with their women. Teresa on her guests slipped out of their fur coats now nude but for their high heels.

The women with the food now wearing padded oven gloves poured the food over the helpless women. All Teresa’s dinner toys cried out at once as the guests began eating the food off them. Holly like all the others was now a human dish. More than one guest was eating off her, one was eating off her breast’s another woman of her belly and cunt. The food was mainly sweet items such as chocolate, cream and sauce. Holly closed her eyes and moaned as the guest’s tongues slowly move over her breast’s whilst another tongue run over her cunt and belly. Holly’s body had now disappeared under food apart from her neck up. As the guests licked more food was poured on Holly who was now screaming as a guest pushed her fingers up Holly’s cunt, pushing food inside her. Carrie stood like she had many nights before. However, this time was experiencing pleasure knowing she had finally paid Debbie back. All round the hall women were lying on the tables having food licked off them. The sound of them crying out filled the hall as food was pushed up their cunts. Their legs hanging down and shaking as the food was slowly pushed in them. The gusts moaning with pleasure, enjoying their human dishes. The guest licking Holly’s breasts was filling her mouth with food then spitting it down Holly’s mouth. Who then at to spit it back in the woman’s face causing her to cry out with sexual pleasure. Her breasts now pressed against Holly’s the food now on the guest too.

All round the hall Teresa’s guests were now climbing on their human dishes. Sliding their nude bodies over them, coving themselves with food. Holly was no different she now had the guest that had chosen her at the beginning was now lying on Holly pressing her food covered breasts into Holly’s face forcing her to lick them. The woman screamed with sexual pleasure as Holly slowly sucked the woman’s nipples. The guest lifted her head up and down between her moans of pleasure shouted at Carrie to lift Holly’s legs. Carrie was used to such orders and calmly pulled on a pair of thick oven gloves.

Picking up a leg in turn Carrie lifted them over the nude guest. Once both Holly’s legs were over the nude guest’s body she screamed and slowly moved down Holly’s. The second guest that started the evening eating off Holly’s belly had her face next to Holly’s cunt. She was now licking not just Holly’s cunt but also the other guest’s. The guest’s moved over Holly’s body in turn, licking as they moved downwards. The one that was standing kissed Holly spitting food down her mouth both guest’s moaning with pleasure. Holly lying covered in food having it push up her cunt and spit down her mouth tried to switch off. Placing her mind elsewhere any wear but the hall. Carrie simple had to help the two women on and off Holly hoping for a large tip when the dinner ended. Bowl after bowl was chucked over the woman, only their head and necks remaining free. All round the hall the picked women moaned and screamed whilst food covered bodies crawled slowly over them.

A serving woman whispered into Carrie’s ear causing her to lift the guests head who was currently lying on Holly, “sorry my lady but Queen Teresa has been watching Holly and now wants her.” The guest jumped off Holly and after listening to Carrie’s news the other guest also moving away. The front of their bodies still covered in food. Licking and kissing Holly’s face one last time they both walked away climbing on another table. Holly cried out as Carrie pulled her off the table with her hair. Holly tried to balance, her legs apart because of the food up her cunt. Suddenly she was hit with freezing water from a hose Carrie was now holding. Making sure the water didn’t hit Holly’s hair Carrie laughed as she slowly washed off the food. Holly’s face and expression of shock as the freezing water hit her with force. Once clean Carrie pulling off the oven gloves she was wearing placed the short corduroy skirt round Holly closing the buttons that run up its front, Holly’s body still dripping with icy water her body now freezing. The corduroy skirt made walking harder due to it being too small for her and now wet. Which caused it to become heavy.

Teresa was seated at the top table and was being dried by her royal attendants after having food washed off her, not with the freezing water used on the human dishes. Carrie pulled Holly by her hair up to Teresa dropping to one knee when arriving. Pulling Holly’s head down her body double over. Teresa slipped back into her ankle length fur coat leaving it open pulling its large hood up hiding her face. “Bring the slut to me”, after receiving Teresa’s command Carrie stood pulling Holly up to Teresa’s table. Standing Teresa ordered Holly onto her knees laughing as she watched Holly trying to bend her body the corduroy skirt making too difficult. Once on her knees in front of Teresa Holly was gasping for breath after being pulled. Which caused her breasts to move rapidly which turned Teresa on

“Well look at you the youngest slut tonight all wet and in your little corduroy skirt. All helpless and waiting for me”, Teresa taking hold of Holly’s hair pushed Holly’s face into her cunt. “Use for tongue slut, fucking now”, Teresa creamed with sexual pleasure from inside her fur hood as Holly carried out her orders. Teresa’s head moved from side to side inside her large fur hood one hand holding Holly’s hair the other Teresa was running over her own nipples. Carrie standing a little way back was pleased because she knew if Teresa liked her pick this much she would be rewarded.

Holly was slowly pulled up Teresa’s body by her hair forced to lick as she moved upwards having difficulties standing up because her corduroy skirt which was now completely wet. Giving wonderful amusement to Teresa. Once her face was level with Teresa’s breast’s she was made to suck and lick them. Teresa screamed her body trembling with sexual gratification her hands now on Holly’s buttocks, who was now half standing her body pushed against Teresa. Once Teresa’s body had calmed she grabbed Holly’s hair pulling her up so to kiss her, Holly’s head disappearing inside Teresa’s large fur hood.

“Move up and down me bitch I want to feel your body. Press her breasts against me you are fucking nothing slut”, Inside her fur hood Teresa watched Holly’s face disappear. Teresa loved her fur hood encasing her head limiting her view and the feel of a heavy fur coat on her body. ever since she come of age she never fucked without wearing fur. Teresa enjoyed the feel of Holly’s breast’s pressing against her, the feel of Holly’s legs wrapped round her and best of all her fur hood restricting her view pressing down on her head.

Carrie standing a little back from them watched as Holly tried to move sliding up and down Teresa. Carrie please she had put her in the corduroy skirt. At first, she had put Holly in it to make Debbie sorry watching her daughter humiliated. However, Teresa was now enjoying her humiliation also. A double bonus for Carrie who was now wishing Debbie could see her daughter. Legs wrapped round Teresa trying to move up and down her body. Teresa shout insults to her sex toy from inside her fur hood.

Teresa then screamed with pleasure once Holly slowly sucked her breast. Pulling Holly’s head back to slap her across the face whenever Teresa wanted. Then pushing her toy back onto her breasts. After a while of this Teresa didn’t want Holly off her breasts. So, she slapped her toy now without pulling Holly’s head away. Holly now had to keep her mouth over Teresa’s nipple whilst the force of Teresa’s hand repeatedly hit the side of her face.

When Teresa had finished with her toy she pushed Holly away the corduroy skirt cushioning her buttocks when she hit the floor. Teresa laughing loving the sound of Holly crying out when she landed on her buttocks, Holly now sitting at Teresa’s feet her face and expression of fear wondering what was going to happen next. She knew whatever Teresa wanted she would have to do or her family would lose their home.

“Prepare the spikes I want the spikes next”, Holly was now sitting in horror at the word spikes. Looking round her, she could see everyone climbing off the tables. The guests having the food cleaned off with warm water poured on them by the serving women. The women the pickers collected were having he food cleaned of them but with having freezing water screaming when the water shot into their buttocks. Once everyone was cleaned the guest were the only ones dried off before sliding back into their ankle length fur coats. Leaving them open but pulling their fur hoods up whilst laughing at the women the pickers had collected. Who were shivering their hair dripping with icy water.

Whilst all this was happening Carrie along with all the other pickers was pulling off her knee length boot’s. Reaching into her shoulder bag Carrie removed a pair of suede thigh boots and began placing her leg into one of them. The thigh boots were made of thick heavy suede causing Carrie to bend one knee too allow her to pull the zip. Carrie slowly stood pulling up the boot zip as she raised her body.

Once in the thigh boot Carrie pulled on the second boot the same but this time it was harder for her. Due to bending her knee with one of the suede thigh boots on that leg. The thick suede didn’t allow for easy movement causing Carrie to take longer zipping her leg into the second boot, almost falling several times. Carrie was finally wearing both heavy suede thigh boots which had a high heel but more importantly there was spikes sticking out the bottom of the thigh boots. All the pickers thigh boots had spikes coming out of the bottom of them causing a metallic sound when the pickers walked. “On you fucking feet”, Carrie like all the other pickers was ordering the women they had come with to stand. Holly slowly picked herself up still wet the corduroy skirt now harder to wear than ever too small and now too heavy due to the water. Teresa sitting back in her chair her face covered by her large fur hood, shouted begin. Holly looked round wondering what was happening, then she could feel Carrie’s suede thigh boot.

Carrie walked towards Holly making slow progress in the heavy suede thigh boots. Carrie composed herself then roared like an animal whilst jumping up to be able to kick Holly in her buttocks. Again, and again Carrie jumped up lifting one leg kicking Holly’s body, roaring each time. All over the hall women were being kicked by their picker, the spikes were designed to cause pain but not break the skin Teresa never wanted her toys broken she could want them for another day. Teresa touched her nude body watching all the pickers kicking for her sexual entertainment.

Falling to the floor didn’t help Holly as Carrie continued to kick her. The spikes hitting her breasts then her cunt causing her to cry out. Carrie ordering Holly up then still roaring beginning kicking again. Not caring where the spikes hit she knew she had to please Teresa. Carrie after a fleeting time began to lose strength the suede thigh boots making it heavy to lift her leg. Carrie continued to kick the spikes hitting helpless Holly’s breast’s, cunt and buttocks depending on how Holly was trying the shield herself. The hall was filled with a multitude of sounds, the women being kick crying out mixed in with the roaring as the pickers lifted a thigh boot and kicked. Last of all were the moans of sexual pleasure from Teresa and all her guest’s. As they touched their bodies or touched each other if they were not related to the next guest. Wearing their fur coats open exposing their nude bodies their large fur hoods covering their faces.

Teresa was now standing, “Bring those two sluts to me now.” Teresa was pointing to holly and another woman being kicked. Carrie was pleased to stop and regain her energy whilst pulling holly by her hair up to Teresa. The discomfort of having her hair pulled had only just stopped when Holly’s neck was placed in a heavy red collar which was attached to a chain, which itself was attached to the ceiling of the hall. The other woman placed in a collar was in her thirties her long black hair falling down her back, unlike Holly she was completely nude. Both women now standing with their legs apart which was hard for Holly in the corduroy skirt. Their necks pulled forward by the collar making it possible for them to breath but not easily. Teresa holding both chains in her hands pulled the women forward until their faces pressed against her breasts, “Like and suck them sluts and you two kick the fucking sluts hard.” The last order was for Carrie and the other kicker a woman around the same age as Carrie. They both acted at once jumping up and kicking Holly and the other woman, who were now licking and sucking Teresa’s breasts. When the boots hit their buttocks Holly and the other woman moaned as their buttocks were pushed forward the collar causing as much discomfort as the spikes. Neither of their mouths coming of Teresa’s body even as their buttocks were continually hit hard by the spikes.

Teresa loved the feel of their mouths all over her breasts more so when they were kicked. This caused their bodies to be pushed into her. Teresa held the chains which controlled her sex toys heads loving the feel of their tongues running over her breasts whilst her heavy fur hood encasing her head. Using the chains Teresa lowered her toys heads down to her cunt ordering them to continue using their tongues. Holly was finding it impossible to kneel in her corduroy skirt however Carrie acted quickly, not wanting to displease Teresa. It didn’t take Carrie long to open the buttons running up the front of the corduroy skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. Holly and the other woman now on their knees heads pressed together both licking Teresa’s cunt. The collars causing them more distress as the chain was it it’s full distance from the ceiling causing their heads to be pulled upwards. The two collared women struggled to sexual please Teresa who was now screaming in pleasure. Her head turned sideways inside her large fur hood loving the feeling of her toys tongues. Carrie was pleased with the toys now on their knees kicking Holly was now very easy. With now no need to jump up Carrie easily lifted her suede thigh boots bringing the spikes down on Holly’s nude buttocks. Also, Carrie run her thigh boots slowly over Holly’s back. Whilst Teresa moaned with pleaser Carrie and the other kicker roared and kicked in time with each other when aiming at their victim’s buttocks. Teresa loved this as both her toys bodies pressing into her at the same time cause Teresa to move her open legs to balance. Her collared toys moaning their faces pushed in Teresa’s cunt as they were kicked.

“Stop kicking them. You two collared sluts oh shit fuck. Your fucking fingers in me now, fucking do It now”, Teresa moaned her orders findings it difficult to talk. Her kickers stood still waiting for orders but Teresa was only interested in her toys. She suddenly cried out turned on by the feel of her toys moving their fingers inside her cunt. Pulling on the chains just to listen to her toys moan as the collars pulled their necks hard. Up then down, side to side any direction Teresa wanted. Teresa looking down from inside her fur hood laughing. All round the hall Teresa’s guest wearing only their ankle length fur coat with their large fur hoods up also played. The women the pickers had come with were now being used like Holly, viewed as nothing more than toys. Most of them were crying out as pickers around the hall used their spiked suede thigh boots on them. Like with Teresa whilst they were being kicked they had to perform on the guest any sex act they were ordered.

Carrie stood with the other kicker pleased to be able to regain strength. The front bib on her corduroy overalls moving in and out quickly as Carrie breathed deeply. The spikes were difficult to stand in but Carrie had always been grateful she had been chosen to be a picker. As the sexual rampage taking place around the hall didn’t surprise her all Teresa’s dinner parties were like this. Carrie understood from her first dinner it was best to be the picker. Best to be the one humiliating and Carrie was prepared to do that not to displease Teresa. Carrie and the picker next to her stood and watched Teresa play. Slowly pulling on the chains Teresa would pull her toys up her body. Holly and the other toy kissing and licking Teresa as the collars pulled them up. Teresa would release the chains, her two toys hitting the ground hard. Both could quickly place their fingers back in Teresa not wanting to displease her. After a brief time, Teresa would pull the chains again. Both her toy’s necks now red from the collar their faces an expression of horror.

Carrie lost track of time it was only when she could see to the side of her guests begin to leave their places she knew the dinner was ending. Teresa had now released the chains crying out with sexual pleasure,” thank you I was pleased this evening with the sluts you picked. As a gift on my authority you can each pick a slut in the street and do whatever you want with her until morning. Give them one last kick and you can leave.”

“Thank you, my Queen”, Carrie and the other picker answering together both pleased with the gift Teresa had just given them. Then roaring they both kicked Teresa’s toys nude buttocks one last time. Carrie lowered her body next to Holly and began to unzip one of her thigh boots,

Teresa was now talking and laughing with her guest’s. Once Carrie had pulled down the long zip she placed her face next to Holly’s, “Something I didn’t tell you Holly you aren’t coming home with me. When the royal dinners are over the women we have picked stay the night at the palace with a guest. So, have fun in Teresa’s bed it will be more degrading for you than the meal.” Holly just remained on her knees her face blank for a few moments before speaking.

“Did you have to pick me you bitch you could have picked anyone,” Holly speaking with anger in her voice for the first time.

“When I was told to pick in my own area anyone I picked would have been known to me. However, your Mother and I have a long history. So, picking her daughter for a sex toy seemed like wonderful pay back,” Carrie laughing whilst speaking now removing the unzipped thigh boot. Which wasn’t easy due to it being heavy. Standing then lowering her other knee Carrie slowly unzipped the other suede thigh boot. “You probably will not be in Teresa’s bed all night. They exchange toys through the night so you will be fucked by many guests.” Carrie now in a full belly laugh after explaining palace nights. Holly didn’t say anything this time she just remained on her knees looking at the floor. Carrie continued laughing as she removed the other thigh boot, zipping herself back in the knee length suede boots she arrived in once standing. Carrie holding the thigh boots in one hand picked up the corduroy skirt with the other. “I’ll just have this back Holly I need it so I can cause discomfort to the next woman I pick, it pleases the guests. Have a nice night slut I’ll enjoy telling Debbie where her slut of a daughter is”, Carrie walked away with a smile on her face placing the suede thigh boots back in her shoulder bag still holding the corduroy skirt in her hand. Please how it had cause Holly discomfort.

Holly and the other toy remained nude and on their knees now with looks of terror on their faces. It wasn’t long before Teresa returned pulling both women towards the royal bed chamber. Holly and the other sex toy now on their feet but bending their knees as they attempted to keep up with Teresa. “Come on my toys time for you to fuck me and a few friends”, Teresa gripping her toys hair in each hand left the hall, a sign to all the dinner was over.

Once outside Carrie didn’t use the palace transport but made a phone call instead. “Oh, I honey I’ve got to stay in the palace tonight. I have got to help moving the picked women between guest beds, I’ll see you in the morning. Yes, love you too honey bye”, after lying to her husband Carrie headed towards the main street to be unfaithful once again. When seeing a woman dressed in corduroy overalls at night the female public know they are pickers leaving the palace and try to avoid them. Knowing some of them like Carrie will have the authority from Teresa to have any woman.

Walking slowly down the main street Carrie past a group of people. One of them, a woman in her twenties with black hair coming half way down her back. Wearing a knee length velvet blue dress under an ankle length coat, found Carrie blocking her way. As both women stood facing each other Carrie held the unbuttoned corduroy skirt round the woman,” yes it looks like it will be almost impossible for you to wear. Do you have a house you can get to easy”, The woman nodded looking confused.

“Good because I’m going to use you as my gift from Teresa. I’m going to make you wear the sexiest night clothing you have. Then when you are in bed I’m going to turn off the light and join you. I’ll be wearing just a pair of suede thigh boots I have with me. When I place me legs round you the boots will give you a surprise”, Carrie grabbed the woman’s hair pulling her head back. “However first I will have your wedding ring.” Carrie pulled off the woman’s wedding ring placing it on her own finger. Laughing at the woman whilst Carrie twirled the ring on her own finger in front of the woman’s face. Then slowly walked in the direction of the woman’s home, Carrie pulling her gift by her hair. Who was crying out and finding it difficult to walk. Bending over in her velvet dress and ankle length coat. Carrie disappeared within the people on the main street. Looking forward to using her reward from Teresa all night.

The End

Below my wife's sister and my wife's friend(face blacked) They put the clothing on for the pictures. My wife's sister loves her rubber gloves!

Above is Queen Teresa

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