A Night To Forget

A Night To Forget

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom, there was no government her word was law whatever she ordered happened and whatever she wanted Teresa got. She used her power to make any woman she wanted have sex with her. The woman or women she asked for sex could say no they wouldn't be place in prison, Teresa had a better way than that. Their house would be taken by the crown and their money would be frozen by the banks leaving them and their family with nothing. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa and happily submit to Teresa's sadism then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no woman ever said no to sex with her. A family of three, husband wife and daughter and a young married couple were about to have their lives changed.


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom, there was no government her word was law whatever she ordered happened and whatever she wanted Teresa got. She used her power to make any woman she wanted have sex with her. The woman or women she asked for sex could say no they wouldn't be place in prison, Teresa had a better way than that. Their house would be taken by the crown and their money would be frozen by the banks leaving them and their family with nothing. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa and happily submit to Teresa's sadism then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no woman ever said no to sex with her. A family of three, husband wife and daughter and a young married couple were about to have their lives changed.


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Submitted: November 12, 2016



A Night To Forget

By Marquis

This story has sadism and sexual blackmail in it. The story has a family in it but the family members DO NOT have sex with each other. Pictures by my wife (none sexual)

Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom, there was no government her word was law whatever she ordered happened and whatever she wanted Teresa got. She used her power to make any woman she wanted have sex with her. The woman or women she asked for sex could say no they wouldn't be place in prison, Teresa had a better way than that. Their house would be taken by the crown and their money would be frozen by the banks leaving them and their family with nothing. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa and happily submit to Teresa's sadism then they could have their life back. It worked well for Teresa no woman ever said no to sex with her. A family of three, husband wife and daughter and a young married couple were about to have their lives changed. They were all about to be Teresa's sexual fun for the evening and find out how far Teresa's sadism went.

Queen Teresa and her attendants walked out of the club into the freezing snow covered roads of her kingdom quickly pulling up the large hoods on their fur coats. Teresa as normal was wearing an ankle length fur coat with a large fur hood and suede knee boots. She loved being nude under her fur coats even on a cold night because being Queen she went out of a building into her transport. Teresa's attendants were young women picked from the highest family's to live with Teresa. They also could only wear ankle length fur coats and sued knee boots. The only difference was they had to wear their coats open with their large fur hoods up. So Teresa could see their nude body's at all times even when they slept with her. The two young attendants stood in the deep snow their fur coats open. This always amused Teresa as she stood in her closed fur coat the fur hood covering her face. Teresa had left the club before she had drunk too much she always wanted to be in control of herself to sexual humiliate woman, playing with her toys Teresa called it. Wanting to play now Teresa walked past the transport down the road in search of toys, her attendants following in their black fur coats. "You two come to me move scum", Teresa shouted her orders at a young couple in their early twenties. Scum was what the royal and highest family's called normal every day people. The couple walked over to Teresa their faces full of horror. As they got closer Teresa could see from their rings they were married. Which turned Teresa on as her head filled with ideas to humiliate, "names, well come on."

"David My Queen", the man had brown hair and was wearing a padded coat and jeans

"I'm Andrea my Queen", Andrea was slim with long black hair held up at the back so it came no lower than her neck, she had brown eyes. She was wearing a knee length sheep skin coat, Jeans and knee length sheep skin boots that buttoned up the sides.

"Well David and Andrea I would like you both to come with me and have sex, well", there was a short pause before Andrea gave the only answer that would stop Teresa taking their new home. Plus leaving them with no money. She gave her husband a quick look before speaking."

"Yes my Queen we would love to join you in sex, yes of course", Andre speaking in a false happy voice trying to please Teresa. David and Andrea were ordered to follow Teresa and her attendants which they did holding hands. Teresa continued to walk the young couple walked behind with blank expressions on their faces. The two attendants had expected to walk to the transport not down the cold street. Their suede knee boots protecting their feet from the cold nothing could keep the cold off their nude body's. Teresa's attendants always had to have their fur coats open as they walked causing them to shiver more and more the only other protection they had was from their fur hoods. The cold they felt was the last thing Teresa was caring about she was loving walking in the snow just in fur, her coat closed. Teresa looked out of the heavy fur hood that encased her head becoming more and more turned on. However the cold was now becoming a discomfort for her also. Finally Teresa stopped waiting for her shivering attendants, “go down the street and find me an occupied house, move I’m cold.” The attendants quickly walk off knocking on doors. It wasn’t long before one of the attendants waved her hand and Teresa walked towards her followed by the young couple.

Teresa just walked through the house door and into the main living room without saying a word. Teresa all her life had been used to going where she wanted when she wanted. The people the house belonged to where a married couple in their early to mid 40’s. The man had fair hair which had gone grey in parts and was wearing a shirt and jeans. The woman didn't look in her 40's more mid to late 30's. She had shoulder length black curly hair, brown eyes. She was wearing a white bathrobe and soft indoor open back shoes. They were sitting next to each other trying to take in that Queen Teresa had just walked in their home. They didn't know why but they both knew It was bad for them. "I want to use your small home for sex games", what Teresa had called a small home was a large four bedroom house on one of the kingdoms main streets. However to Teresa and the high family's it was small compared to the royal palaces.

"Yes of course you can my Queen", the woman had come out of shock first to give the only answer she could.

"Good who the fuck are you", Teresa speaking to them as if they were nothing because to Teresa they were.

"I'm Claudia and this is my husband Dan", Claudia had worked out that David and Andrea were going to be Teresa's sex toys so she and Dan were safe, just say nothing and let Teresa play with them. Which made Claudia calm until Teresa began to run her hand through her hair then she wasn't so sure the night was going to be so pleasant for her. Claudia felt Teresa squeeze both her breasts and her whole body stiffened up.

"You are not bad looking for your age Claudia and you have wonderful hair I think we are going to have a fun night. This is David and Andrea would you two like to play also", Claudia's face almost showed her horror before changing to a false smile.

"Yes of course my Queen", both Dan and Claudia answering together.

"Good It's going to be fun, Claudia that photo of you and Dan the bitch with you must be your daughter you look alike is she here", Teresa had noticed a family photo on the wall.

"No my Queen she has gone out for the evening with her friends."

"Well Claudia would be please get her back here", Claudia was now in a state of terror her hands shaking as she made the phone call telling her daughter to come home. Claudia didn't want her daughter home but not making the call would cost the family everything. Teresa ordered one of her attendants to wait for the daughter to come home then ordered Claudia to show the way to the main bedroom. Dan, Claudia, David and Andrea walked up stairs to the bedroom in silence Teresa and the other attendant behind them. Once they were all in the bedroom Teresa opened her fur coat showing her nude body but leaving her fur hood up. "Well this is nice isn't it, well let's begin to have some fun." Teresa began looking through Claudia's clothing, pulling clothing out onto the floor. After some time Teresa let out a laugh and walked back to Claudia holding a red satin corset and a pair of red satin knickers.

Standing in front of Claudia Teresa held the corset up in front of Claudia’s face. “Were you saving this for a special night. Going to give Dan a turn on by wearing it”, Teresa’s arm now round a red faced Claudia. Teresa’s fur hood pressing against Claudia’s face as Teresa still had her hood up. “Well let's not waste the corset why shouldn’t your husband have the thrill of it”, Teresa walked over to Andrea and told her to strip. With a blank look on her face Andrea dropped her sheep skin coat to the floor, unbuttoned her boots and pulled them off. “Faster get them fucking off”, Teresa’s anger caused Andrea to pull off her clothing until in a matter of seconds she was nude. Teresa stood behind Andrea placing the corset on her. Teresa finding it funny that Andrea’s breast’s were too big for the corset, laughing as she placed her knee in Andrea’s back to tie it. When she was finally in the satin corset she was given the satin knickers to wear. Teresa laughed to herself then placed her arm round Andrea, “ok Andrea now you are in Claudia’s corset suck Claudia’s husbands dick.” Both Andrea and Claudia had shocked looks on their faces. Andrea knew she could do only one thing.

Slowly dropping to her knees in front of Claudia’s husband she unzipped him pulling out his dick with both hands. Andrea slowly began to place his dick in her mouth but a push in the back of her head by Teresa forced it in. With Teresa standing behind her Andrea began to suck slowly moving her mouth over it. “Look at your wife David look at her sucking another man’s dick”, Teresa laughing as she talked enjoying Andrea’s humiliation. Andrea moved her tongue as she sucked her mouth wide open. Claudia's husband didn't want to show he was enjoying a young woman sucking his dick but it became impossible for him. When he came he let out be moan and Andrea's eyes came wide open. "Swallow don't spit, don't fucking spit swallow it all", Teresa touched herself as Andrea was forced to swallow Dan's come. Andrea pushed her head forward making sure she drank all his come only pulling her mouth off when he had finished. Andrea remained on her knees a small amount of come running out of her mouth. Teresa was loving her humiliation, "Look at your unfaithful wife David she was just swallowed another man's come. Claudia lick her face clean then kiss her." Claudia dropped to her knees and licked the come off Andrea's face before kissing her. Whilst the two women kissed Teresa touched Andrea's breasts causing Andrea t moan as she kissed Claudia.

Claudia could feel her hair being pulled so hard she had to stand then her bath robe opened and fell to the floor, she waited nude wondering what Teresa was going to do next. What did happen Claudia wasn't expecting. Teresa order her attendant to give Claudia her fur coat, the attendant quickly slipped her fur coat off whilst walking across the bedroom. The attendant was in her early 20's with shoulder length red hair now nude but for her knee length suede boots. She helped Claudia on with the black ankle length fur coat then walk back and stood nude against the bedroom wall. "That's better now take your shoes off and pull the hood up, now", she followed Teresa's orders kicking off her shoes and pulling the heavy fur hood up. "Do you like being in fur slut."

"Yes my Queen it's a lovely fur coat I fell wonderful, oh fuck oh." Whilst Claudia was speaking Teresa placed as many fingers she could up Claudia's cunt. Teresa moved her fingers inside Claudia whilst sucking one of her breasts. Teresa's fur hood was so large it pressed against Claudia hiding Teresa's face. Teresa moved her fingers listening to Claudia moaning whilst she enjoyed her fur hood encasing her in darkness. Claudia shouted out as Teresa pressed her teeth into her breast before switching to licking. Claudia now knew what it was like to be one of Teresa's toys. She had her thighs apart as Teresa's fingers moved faster. All she could see was Teresa's fur hood on her body as her breast were played with. Then Teresa's fur hood moved upwards and Claudia found herself with Teresa's tongue in her mouth. Teresa moan as she kissed and licked Claudia's face her fingers now out of Claudia's cunt. Teresa loved sex just wearing fur coats and was now running her hands over the fur coat Claudia was wearing. Teresa pressed her body against Claudia's whilst she licked her neck then slowly moved down Claudia. Moving her tongue over Claudia's breast's and belly before finally licking her cunt. The fur coat Claudia had been forced to wear had a fur hood so large that when she turned her head it didn't move. This allowed her to turn and press her face into the inside of her hood moaning as Teresa licked her cunt. Claudia had gone from a peaceful night to being nude in a open fur coat having her cunt licked. The only thing she was pleased about is the didn't have to look at her husband, her face press into the hood moaning and crying out. Teresa's face couldn't be seen her fur hood was pressed against Claudia's body. Again Teresa enjoying the darkness whilst she slowly moved her tongue over her toys cunt. She loved listening to her toy moan and crying out and feeling her toys legs shaking. Teresa moved her hands over any part of Claudia's body she could find in the darkness until it was Teresa's turn to scream. Pulling her head back Teresa screamed with sexual pleasure. Both her hands running over Claudia's fur coat Teresa's head now pressed into her fur hood.

Using Claudia's fur coat to help her Teresa pulled herself back up, Claudia's face changing from humiliation to a false smile as Teresa came face to face with her. "Claudia I want you on the bed, on your knees", Claudia climbed on her bed the fur coat not making it easy. She waited on her knees the fur coat hanging open at her sides. Teresa's pulled Claudia's hood down a run her hand through Claudia's hair, "Now bend over but keep your body off the bed using your arms", as Claudia was bending over onto all fours her hood fell up over her head again. Everyone was expecting Teresa to have sex with Claudia again as she waited on hands and knees the fur coat hanging down the sides of her body her face hidden by the fur hood. "Andrea fold the fur coat back of Claudia's buttocks and tell your husband to fuck her from behind", under her hood Claudia's face was an expression of horror but wanting to keep her home she remained still. Andrea still wearing the corset and knickers walked over and folded the fur coat over Claudia's back exposing her nude buttocks.

"David fuck Claudia from behind", Andrea trying to keep her voice and face normal whilst she told her husband to fuck another woman. Andrea's husband undressed and climbed on top of Claudia most of her body still covered by the fur coat.

"Keep your body up with your arms slut", Teresa was still standing at the side of the bed by Claudia's hood. Andrea's husband began moving his body and Claudia let out a cry as his dick entered her. "Come on faster fuck the slut faster", he did as Teresa ordered both his and Claudia's body moved together. An erection wasn't a problem for him which Claudia was finding out. Moaning and crying out from under her fur hood trying to keep her body up with her arms. Teresa began running her hand over Claudia's hood, pulling the side of it back to look at her face. "Sex in fur is such a thrill isn't it Claudia, well it is for me watching you", Teresa was loving watching her toys so much she ordered Andrea to feel her cunt. Andrea now had to watch her husband have sex with another woman and feel Teresa. She walked behind Teresa placed her hand inside Teresa's fur coat pushed her fingers inside Teresa who let out a cry of her own. She loved Andrea inside her cunt her fur coat added to the thrill. As Teresa looked out of her large fur hood she had the added sexual thrill of watching Claudia being fucked in fur. David's body over the top of her their body's moving together, only the sides of Claudia's fur coat and her fur hood could be seen. Teresa grabbed hold of Claudia's hood trying to feel the fur whilst shouting to Andrea to move her fingers faster. Teresa loved the sounds coming from inside Claudia's hood, "Fuck the oh shit, fuck her faster, oh", Teresa tried to get her orders out but found it hard with fingers in her cunt. She just moaned feeling Claudia's fur coat watching Claudia fucked hard. All Claudia could see out of her hood was the bed as she felt David inside her. Each thrust moved her body and made her cry out. Then she felt his come flood into her Claudia's face now pressed into the bed as she screamed.

David's body was now still on top of Claudia her fur hood pushed into the bed. David didn't want to move until told. Teresa order Andrea's fingers out and place her hood down by Claudia's, "David off the bed move. Did you enjoy that fuck in fur slut."

"Yes thank you my Queen", Claudia now able to lift her top half up and was now sitting on her knees, her face blank.

"Good I'll maybe order you fucked later", Teresa now enjoying the look on Claudia's face her total humiliation. Teresa climbed on the bed and push Claudia face down on the bed then Teresa climbed on top but with her head between Claudia's legs, her own legs by Claudia's face. Teresa pushed herself backwards so the bottom of her fur coat was now over Claudia's face. "Andrea I want Claudia's husband to fuck you against the wall. Claudia fucking touch me slut", her toys followed their orders without question. Teresa could feel her legs and cunt being touch as she pressed her own fur hood against Claudia's body. Teresa moaned with pleasure as she used her tongue on Claudia's cunt and from the pleasure Claudia's tongue was giving her cunt.

Whilst Teresa and Claudia were locked in the sex act Andrea pulled off her satin knickers and stood against the wall, "Well come on then I don't want to have my home taken let's get it fucking over with, try and be quick." Claudia's husband removed his jeans and press himself against Andrea who placed her arms round his neck. Then placed her legs round him allowing Dan to hold Andrea off the floor before entering her. Andrea let out a cry her body moving up and down as Dan's dick moved in her Andrea's body still pressed against the wall their heads pressed together. Teresa listened to Andrea's moaning from with within her large fur hood. She lifted her head up and watched them, moaning herself as Claudia continued to lick her cunt. She enjoyed the look on Andrea's face placing her head on Claudia's legs to watch them fuck. Andrea's body bounced up and down faster until Andrea let out a cry then a long moan, Teresa knew Dan had come and laughed at them. Teresa climbed off Andrea turning her body round so their heads were now side by side. Andrea dropped off Dan's body her legs still apart breathing fast and deep. The corset was now become almost impossible to wear.

"Andrea get the fuck on the bed with us, move slut", when Teresa shouted the order any hope Andrea had that Teresa had finished with her faded away. Doing her best to walk Andrea climbed on the bed with them Teresa now in the middle. Teresa turned her body towards Andrea and unlaced the corset. Once it had fallen off Teresa pushed her head into Andrea's breasts sucking and licking them. Teresa's hands running over Andrea. Teresa pulled her mouth away and ordered Claudia to touch her before placing her mouth back on Andrea's breast. Claudia turned her body and pressed it against Teresa's back placing one of her legs over Teresa. Then began running her hands over Teresa's breast's and moving her cunt against Teresa's back. The three of them were locked together Claudia pressed against Teresa her body hidden by her fur coat the fur hood hiding her face. Only her hands showing as she touched Teresa. Andrea and Teresa were facing each other, Teresa now had moved her head up kissing Andrea's face and neck. Andrea wanting to please Teresa and keep her house so was kissing and licking Teresa back pressing her body against her trying to turn Teresa on. Teresa turned her body round to face Claudia then back to face Andrea switching between her toys as she pleased. All three of them moaning locked together, arms and legs moving over each other. Teresa licking and kissing the face and breast's of whichever toy she was facing. She loved turning her body between toys in her fur coat her head encased in a heavy her hood. Which made it difficult to see but feeling her toys in the darkness of her fur hood made it more exciting for Teresa. She was touching any part of her toys body's Teresa's hands and legs could find. The three of them had moved over each other so much Teresa could only tell which toy she had by the feel of their body's. If she could feel fur Teresa knew she was licking, sucking and feeling Claudia's breast's. Teresa's hands running over Claudia's fur coat. It was Andrea's breast's Teresa liked the best being much larger. She would pressing her teeth into them listening to Andrea cry out. Teresa slowly moved over each toy in turn pressing her face into them, Teresa moving her cunt against their body's. Whoever Teresa wasn't on was order to lick or touch her cunt. Sending a wave of pleasure up Teresa's body.

Finally finding it too difficult to move in her fur coat Teresa order Andrea and Claudia off the bid. Teresa slowly climbed of the bed her sexual needs still not satisfied. She had just began touching Andrea's cunt when the attendant Teresa order to stay downstairs informed her that Dan and Claudia's daughter had arrived. "Oh wonderful Dan, David both of you get dress and fuck off out of the house I don't give a shit where", as Dan and David were getting dressed Teresa turned to the attendant who had given Teresa the good news, "you go down and send the daughter up nude".

"Oh please not my daughter have me again", Claudia now in a state of panic but that only pleased Teresa who had the perfect answer.

"When I take this house and everything in it and the bank freezes your money who will I give it to."

"No please my Queen my daughter will do whatever you want we all will", Claudia now knowing she couldn't save her daughter from Teresa's lust. Claudia's daughter made a timely arrival in the bedroom, nude. Unlike Claudia's black curly hair her daughter's was blond held up by hair pins on top of her head. Her skin was paler then her Mother’s but strangely you could tell they were Mother and daughter. She stood in silence looking confused not knowing what to do. Teresa walked to the side of her running one of her fingers round Claudia’s daughters nipple whilst speaking, “let me explain why your Mother is nude in a fur coat. She has been fucking with a man that you don’t know, I’ll let your slut of a Mother explain that one. This is Andrea how has been playing sex games with us.” Teresa pointing towards the nude Andrea Teresa’s other hand still on Claudia’s daughter’s body. “Your Mother has already said you will join in with our sex games so slut what’s your name.”

“Jenny my Queen and yes I’ll do whatever you want”, Jenny could see the worry on her Mother’s face also Jenny knew what Teresa did to people who said no, leaving her with only one answer to give.

“Wonderful well let us start having fun, bring the toy bag”, Teresa’s last order was to the attendant who had come up with Jenny, who was still wearing her fur coat her fur hood up as Teresa liked. Teresa pulled out of the bag a large pink rubber tube and began running it over Jenny’s face, “just showing you Jenny the sides are not smooth now down on your hands and knees.” Whilst Jenny slowly dropped down Claudia and Andrea were placed sitting together on the bed facing Jenny, Teresa wanted Claudia to watch. Without warning the attendant placed a chain loose round Jenny’s neck whilst holding the other end. Teresa smiled at Jenny then walked behind her, "Lift the back of your body slut, that's it stay on all fours like that.", Once Teresa had Jenny's body how she wanted she pushed the rubber tube as far as possible into Jenny's buttocks. She let out a cry the attendant now holding the chain with both hands to stop Jenny moving. Teresa push and moved the rubber tube whilst touching Jenny's now wide buttocks with her other hand. Laughing completely turned on by the sounds Jenny was making. All Claudia could do was watch Teresa play was her daughter who's face turned red, her mouth wide open as she moaned from having the tube in her buttocks.

After ordering the attendant in the fur coat to take over the tube Teresa walked in front of Jenny pushing her cunt onto her face and taking hold of Jenny's hair with both hands," lick me slut fucking lick me." Jenny found it difficult to use her tongue on Teresa as she couldn't stop moaning and crying out from having the tube in her buttocks. When Teresa felt Jenny's tongue touch her she looked upwards now moaning herself. Teresa pulled at Jenny's hair enjoying the feel of her tongue and the noises she was making. Teresa felt her legs tremble her whole body was in extreme sexual pleasure. "Andrea lick, oh fuck yes, Andrea lick me buttocks oh fuck Jenny yes", Teresa was by now finding it difficult to give orders. Andrea stood up from the bed and walked behind Teresa her face now expressionless. Dropping to her knees she lifted the back of Teresa's fur coat and pushed her head up inside. Allowing the coat to fall on her back hiding her head and neck. Once inside the coat she pulled open Teresa's buttocks slowly pushing her tongue inside. Teresa let out a cry of pleasure her eyes shut felling the two tongues enter her. The attendant in the fur coat still pushing and moving the tube now help by the nude attendant. Andrea still up inside Teresa's coat, Teresa herself moan pulling Jenny by her hair. Claudia alone on the bed wanting to turn her head into her fur hood as she watched her daughter played with. Teresa's legs finally gave way and she fell backwards onto Andrea. She used Andrea as a chair for some time enjoying the look on Jenny's face knowing Claudia had a good view, Teresa taking the time to think of another humiliating sex act for her toys.

Ordering her Attendants to remove the tube and turn Jenny onto her back Teresa stood up off Andrea and after taking hold of the rubber tube pushed it up Jenny's cunt. Jenny screamed bringing her knees off the floor. "Andrea bounce up and down on Jenny's face, face yourself towards the bed", Andrea to Teresa's amusement lowered her nude body on Jenny's face and bounce up and down on it as high as possible, holding a false smile. Teresa placed herself down next to Claudia watching Jenny lying her knees up moaning. The end of the tube visible between her legs but what Teresa licked most was Andrea bouncing on Jenny's face. Andrea was using her legs to bounce as high as she could her buttocks coming back down hard on Jenny's face. Andrea's breast's bouncing in time with her body causing her pain. "Look at your daughter Claudia, look at the slut having a nice look at Andrea's buttocks", whilst tormenting Claudia making her watch Teresa slipped her hand down between Claudia's legs. "Stand up, open your legs slut", once Claudia was standing Teresa pushed her fingers inside Claudia's cunt. For the first time that evening Teresa slipped down her fur hood showing her short black hair, which she had spiked up. Running her face along the side of Claudia's fur coat, pushing her fingers inside Claudia cunt. Teresa moan with pleasure watching Andrea and Jenny. Claudia was standing with her knees bent moaning and crying out hoping Teresa would leave her daughter along as she was forced to watch.

The attendant wearing the fur coat was pushing and twisting the tube in Jenny's cunt the other nude attendant was pulling the chain round Jenny's neck whilst Andrea's buttocks hit her face. Teresa looked on moving her fingers inside Claudia her face pressed against Claudia's fur coat. Teresa without warning stood up and walked towards Jenny. She kept her fingers inside Claudia who tried her best to walk, legs still bent at the knees. Teresa stood Claudia next to her daughter then pushed her down on all fours her fingers still in Claudia's cunt. "Time for you to have a Mother and daughter moment", Teresa laughing and after given her fingers one last push causing Claudia to scream removed them, holding them put for the nude attendant to lick clean. "Turn over on your back slut legs apart, Andrea you can stop bouncing", the women did what they had done all evening what they were told at once. Andrea stood of Jenny's face holding her breast's breathing deeply. Claudia turn onto her back her head next to her daughter's who was still moaning as the attendant turned the tube. Standing over them Teresa looked down at them running her suede knee length boots over their breast's. "Change the tube over let her Mother have at turn", after pulling the tube out of Jenny the attendant pushed it hard into Claudia's cunt causing her to scream and her knees to come up. Teresa twisted her heel over Claudia's breast's whilst pulling Jenny up with the chain. Teresa loved how her toy looked, legs unable to close, red faced, a chain round her neck and her lovely breast's now also red because of Teresa's suede boots. Leaving Claudia moaning Teresa pulled up her heavy fur hood and squeezed both Jenny's breast's. "I'd like you to come to the palace with me not as an attendant I don't have low scum attendants. I just want to fuck you."

"Yes, oh yes my Queen I would love that", Jenny giving the only reply she could not knowing what Teresa was going to do.

"Good find your Mother's longest boots and put them on", the attendant holding the chain pulled her over to the clothing closet, Jenny hardly able to walk. Teresa lowered onto her knees and kissed Claudia, who moaned whilst being kissed. Their fur hoods pressing together Teresa's touched Claudia's breast's slapping and squeezing them.

"My Queen I have the slut in the longest boots", the attendant was standing with Jenny who was now wearing her Mother's knee length leather boots with a high heel, which were too big for Jenny. Slowly standing Teresa turned and touched Jenny between the legs.

"Lovely boots Jenny, oh what I will do to you at the palace you slut." Teresa now faced the nude attendant, " Get you fucking fur coat back from Claudia", she walked over to where Claudia was lying and pulled at the fur coat. Claudia's body moved from side to side the tube still in her cunt until she was lying nude. The attendant pulled on her fur coat that Claudia had been wearing most the night pulling her fur hood up the attendant held Jenny again by the chain. Jenny finding it difficult to walk in high heel boots two sizes too big for her still unable to close her legs. Teresa seeing the look of horror on Claudia's face walked to her and touched her breasts, "I don't know when I will give your daughter back a week, six months." Teresa kissing Claudia's neck whilst talking Claudia's face changing from a false smile to a look of horror. Then without warning Teresa walked to Andrea who was expecting to be touched. However Teresa simply pulled Andrea's wedding ring off her finger dropping it to the floor. "How long have you been married Andrea."

"Just over a year my Queen", Andrea looking to where her ring had fallen.

"Well because you fucked another man and sucked his dick in view of your new husband I'm going to order the hall of records to end your marriage. You will never contact your ex husband again.", Teresa laughed and touched Andrea's breast's whilst ordering an attendant to send the order ending the marriage.

"My Queen please let me stay married I will do anything", Teresa wasn't in the mood to be nice to her toys she had made her mind up. Teresa simply run one hand through Andrea's hair whilst squeezing and slapping her breasts with the other.

"Oh don't worry about your Ex husband I'll choose him a new wife. Now dress in only your sheep skin coat and boots, leave you coat open I love your breasts", Andrea slowly slipped on her boots and coat knowing there was no changing Teresa's mind. Teresa gave Andrea's buttock's a slap as the other attendant slipped a chain round Andrea's neck. "You will be joining Jenny at the place until I'm finished with you both. I will have you chained each side of my bed", Teresa feeling Andrea's cunt whilst speaking. Claudia still on the floor moaning was ordered to stand leaving the tube in her cunt. Teresa enjoyed watching her holding the wall unable to close her legs, her knees still bending. Teresa found it such a thrill to slowly pull the rubber tube out placing it in Claudia's mouth to be licked clean. Teresa placing her hood against Claudia's face watching her tongue move over the tube. Taking hold of Claudia's hair Teresa's pulled her head back allowing an attendant to remove the tube. "I want you to do one last thing for me slut", Teresa still pulling Claudia's head back with her hair.

"Yes of course anything you want my Queen", Claudia in no place to say different.

"Good I'm going to enjoy doing this to you", Teresa began looking through Claudia's clothing. Finally Teresa walked towards her holding a pair of brown suede boots.

Dropping them to the floor and order Claudia to wear them. As she was sliding her feet into them and pulling up the zips Claudia was wondering what sex act Teresa was planning next, trying to keep a false smile on her face. Standing nude now wearing the boots Claudia waited to be fucked again. "How old are you can you still have children", Teresa's hand now on Claudia's breast the other running through her hair.

"I'm forty two my Queen and yes I can still have children", Claudia more concerned about the question than Teresa's fingers running over her.

"Good every morning Andrea's ex husband will come to the house. You will be on the bed just wearing the suede boots I've chosen so he can fuck you. Your husband and if returned daughter will watch", Teresa laughing now pushing her fingers inside Claudia's cunt. "You will be fucked every morning until you are pregnant", Claudia couldn't hide her horror which turned Teresa on more. "Checks will be carried out to make sure it's Andrea's ex husbands child do you understand."

"Yes of course my Queen I will do it oh yes", Claudia's voice also displaying her shock.

"Good Claudia I'm going to have such a turn on thinking of you walking round in front of your husband and daughter only wearing the suede boots. Your hands holding your large pregnant belly ,your belly holding Andrea's ex husbands child. It will also be amusing thinking of you explaining your large pregnant belly to other people ", Teresa pushed and moved her fingers one last time before pulling them out. After kissing Claudia Teresa headed out of the bedroom but stopped turning back to face Claudia laughing, "When you have given birth Claudia you don't have to walk round nude in the boots. For two years you will twirl one above your head to remind everyone how you got fucked pregnant". Teresa turned and walked out of the bedroom laughing with her attendants who were pulling Andrea and Jenny on neck chains behind them. Leaving Claudia nude in a state of shock thinking what her life was to become and also thinking of her daughter being used as a play thing. Wondering how long her daughter would be gone being used for sex at the palace.


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