A Mothers Nightmare

A Mothers Nightmare

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. Queen Teresa used this power to force any woman or women to have sex with her. Wherever the women were or what they were doing they let Teresa commit her sadistic sex acts on them. The women or woman could say no when Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better method. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. For Teresa it worked well no woman ever said no. On a normal day shopping heavily pregnant Carla was going to find out just how much a large pregnant belly turned Teresa on, how much Teresa loved to sexually humiliate pregnant women. This was going to be a day Carla would never forget. The day Carla became Teresa's sex toy and faced a day of sexual sadistic humiliation.


Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. Queen Teresa used this power to force any woman or women to have sex with her. Wherever the women were or what they were doing they let Teresa commit her sadistic sex acts on them. The women or woman could say no when Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better method. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. For Teresa it worked well no woman ever said no. On a normal day shopping heavily pregnant Carla was going to find out just how much a large pregnant belly turned Teresa on, how much Teresa loved to sexually humiliate pregnant women. This was going to be a day Carla would never forget. The day Carla became Teresa's sex toy and faced a day of sexual sadistic humiliation.


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Submitted: April 09, 2017



A Mothers Nightnare

by Marquis

This story includes sadism and sexual humiliation. Pictures by my wife (none sexual).

Queen Teresa ruled a small kingdom there was no government her word was law. Queen Teresa used this power to force any woman or women to have sex with her. Wherever the women were or what they were doing they let Teresa commit her sadistic sex acts on them. The women or woman could say no when Teresa asked for sex they wouldn't be placed in prison Teresa had a much better method. Their house would be taken by the crown and the banks would freeze their money. Until they said yes to sex with Teresa then they could have their life back. For Teresa it worked well no woman ever said no. On a normal day shopping heavily pregnant Carla was going to find out just how much a large pregnant belly turned Teresa on, how much Teresa loved to sexually humiliate pregnant women. This was going to be a day Carla would never forget. The day Carla became Teresa's sex toy and faced a day of sexual sadistic humiliation. 

Carla had just finished a happy mornings shopping in the mall with her husband and now was enjoying a meal. Carla was in her late twenties with black hair tied up at the back, brown eyes but with a light skin. She was wearing what Teresa had ordered all pregnant women to wear, clothing that would humiliate them. Carla like all pregnant women was wearing corduroy overalls, an all in one outfit covering all her body. The overalls came up her legs to her belly then button at the sides. The corduroy overalls then went up her back and two straps came over her shoulders to button up the front bib. The front bib came up over her large belly and over her chest where it buttoned onto the two straps. Carla like all pregnant woman was nude under the corduroy overalls.

For footwear Carla again was following Teresa's orders and was wearing a pair of brown suede thigh boots with a large heel. Because the boots were made of thick heavy suede with a large heel they were hard to walk in for a pregnant woman. Teresa had ordered the wearing of the corduroy overalls and thigh boots to humiliate pregnant women. It work Carla had a feeling of complete humiliation every time she left her home but was determined to live her life. A decision she was later to regret for in the mall the security cameras were pointing towards her. 

Teresa was sitting in her transport watching ten computer screens all linked to the kingdoms security cameras. Teresa normally left the palace in nothing but a fur coat but for this sex game things were different. Teresa loved to leave the palace in normal looking transport wearing every day clothing. So when she had found a victim on the cameras she could walk up to the woman and completely surprise her, she loved the shock in their faces. Teresa was wearing a pair of jeans, black suede high heel shoes and a red wool coat. Her eyes fixed on the screens in front of her the whole transport in silence. 

"The second screen zoom in fucking zoom in and hold it", the operator follow her orders and zoomed the camera. "Look at that pregnant bitch look at her wonderful large belly, zoom in on her", the camera zoomed in until there was a large image of Carla and her Husband enjoying their meal. "That pregnant slut I want her I want her larger belly and breasts now." 

The transport stopped at the entrance to the mall. Teresa pulled her coats large hood up hiding most of her face before she stepped out. Teresa was followed by her girlfriend Stacey who had blond hair which was naturally curly. Stacy was holding a small satin top over her breast's, a short corduroy skirt which wrapped around her and buttoned in the middle and a pair of low heel open toe shoes. Stacey dressed this way because Teresa wanted it. Last out where Teresa's attendants who were wearing normal clothing as not to give Teresa away. Attendants were women chosen from the top family's of the kingdom to live at the palace with Teresa, sleeping with her when ordered. 

As Teresa walked up the stairs of the mall followed by Stacey and her attendants the camera operator was giving them updates from the malls cameras. Teresa finally reach the bar and as Teresa slowly walked in nobody looked at her because  of her coat hood. Stopping next to Carla and her husbands table Teresa pulled down her hood showing her short black hair which she had spiked up. At the same time Stacy removed her satin top as Teresa liked her topless in her corduroy skirt. Teresa always enjoyed the shock on people's faces when she dropped the hood and Carla was no different. The whole bar began to drop to their knees before Teresa stopped them. 

"No get back up carry on drinking and enjoying your meals. Anyone who doesn't want to play can leave now,"Nobody moved because sometimes Teresa would let them go other times she would take it as an insult. None of them were prepared to risk their homes. Teresa opened her coat showing she was topless under it. Her coat open exposing her breast's but still wearing her jeans and suede high heels Teresa began running her hand over Carla's large pregnant belly. "Oh fuck I love the feel of your belly oh your bump is fucking turning me on", Carla was sitting still there was nothing she could do but let Teresa touch her belly. What had started out as a normal days shopping had turned into a nightmare for Carla. "Are you having your first child slut and is this your husband." 

"Yes my Queen I'm married and no I have a small daughter at home with my sister", Carla speaking in a happy tone hoping Teresa would move on to one of the many other women in the bar. 

"I'm pleased your child isn't here she wouldn't want to see this." Teresa unbuttoned one of the straps on Carla's corduroy overalls allowing one side of the front bib to fall away exposing one of Carla's breast's. "You do want to play with me don't you. What's your name slut." 

Carla was sitting next to her husband Teresa still touching her belly the whole bar able to see Carla's breast. She wanted it just to end but if she wanted to keep their new home Carla knew what she had to say, "of course I want to play with you my Queen I'm happy to, my name is Carla." 

"Good Carla and because no one has left the bar you all are happy to play, wonderful", knowing everyone in the bar was now her play thing Teresa smiled and walked away from Carla's table. Teresa slowly walked over to a group of people sitting at another table and without speaking got hold of one of the women by her hair and began pulling her back towards Carla. The woman in her early twenties cried out as she got up from her chair and tried to keep up with Teresa who had a handful of her long black hair. Teresa found it easy to pull the woman as her black hair was very long coming down the length of her back. The young woman walked next to Teresa, her red high heel shoes and red knee length skirt not making it easy. Teresa pulled the young woman so hard she walked doubled over her head down Teresa's hand had such a hard grip of her hair. Teresa walked as fast as she could pulling her toy behind her enjoying listening to her cry out. 

On arriving back at Carla's table Stacey still topless but wearing her corduroy skirt and shoes, pushed the young woman onto Carla’s lap. Teresa still having hold of her hair pushed the woman’s mouth onto Carla’s exposed breast. “Place it in your fucking mouth and suck. Suck her breast slut”, the woman like everyone else in the bar had no choice but to follow Teresa’s orders. Placing her mouth over Carla's breast the woman began it suck. Teresa and Stacey laughed enjoying the look of sexual humiliation on Carla’s face and the sound of Carla and the woman moaning. Whilst the woman was sitting sucking Teresa unzipped the back of her red skirt. This allowed Teresa to push her hand down the front of the now loose skirt and into her knickers. The woman moaned louder as Teresa began to touch her. “Oh yes you fucking slut I’m enjoying this. I’m going to like fucking you”, Teresa run her hand inside the woman’s knickers whilst Stacey kiss and licked Carla’s face and neck. 

Still with her hand in the woman’s knickers Teresa spoke to the whole bar, “who is with this slut what's her name.” 

“I am her husband my Queen her name is Jay”, a man around the woman’s age nervously answered. 

“Jay an unusual name. Well Jay keep sucking but move your buttocks just off Carla’s lap”, Jay lifted slightly and Teresa lost no time in pushing her fingers inside Jay’s cunt. She let out a high pitch moan then a higher one as Teresa’s moved her fingers. Both Teresa and Stacey were loving Jay moaning whilst still sucking Carla’s breast. Whilst Teresa move her fingers in Jay's cunt her other hand was pushing Jay's head onto Carla's exposed beast. Stacey ripped open the satin top Jay was wearing pulling it down her back. After which Stacey pulled off her bra but was unable to touch Jay's breast as her body was against Carla's bump. Stacey just enjoyed watching Jay's breasts move whilst she touched and kissed Carla. Jay was forced to suck Carla's breast whilst having Teresa's fingers pushed in her for some time her body moving as Teresa pushed her fingers in harder. Carla was sitting next to her husband her breast being sucked whilst Stacey kissed and licked her face and touched her other corduroy covered breast. 

Finally Teresa removed her fingers and pulled Jay's head of Carla, both women hoping their time as sex toys was finished. "Carla stand up slut move", Jay removed herself from over Carla's lap allowing her to stand. Stacey pulled off what was left of Jay's top leaving her topless, Jay having to hold up her unzipped skirt up whilst she stood totally humiliated. Once Jay was standing Teresa and Stacey began to strip Carla, first undoing the other strap causing the front panel of her corduroy overalls to fall down showing both breasts and her nude large belly to the whole bar. Pulling at the buttons on each side of the corduroy overalls they soon fell to the floor. "thigh boots and corduroy overalls fucking off now", Carla quickly did as she was told it was the only way to keep her house and her life. Placing one foot at a time on her chair Carla unzipped and pulled of her suede thigh boots then stepped out of the corduroy overalls. Now fully nude Carla placed her hands under her heavily pregnant belly for support.

Then to her horror Stacey’s hand began touching her cunt. Carla moan as Stacey's fingers moved slowly over her cunt then Stacey’s other hand run over her legs. Keeping her head away from her husband's direction Carla was too humiliated to look at him. 

Teresa ordered Carla to put her suede thigh boots back on. She used the same method as when she removed them except this time Stacey's hand was touching her cunt. With some difficulty Carla zipped herself back into her boots, Stacey's fingers moving over her cunt as she was standing nude in them. "Ok slut get on that table, fucking move slut." Teresa had pointed to an unused table which Carla walked towards pleased Stacey was no longer touching her but terrified of what was to come. Using a chair Carla climbed onto the table keeping one of her hands under her large belly. "It's playtime slut I'm fucking going to love this. Prepare her now", Teresa's last order was to her attendants who all began moving at once. Stacey climbed onto the table behind Carla and placed a red satin face mask on her which only covered Carla’s eyes. Carla's hands were next Stacey tied them together with a rope the other end was attached to a beam on the bars ceiling. Pulling Carla's arms up behind her body as far as possible. The attendants were now also on the table and began placing two other ropes over Carla's pregnant belly, round the side of her body and finally attaching them to the beam. 

"Oh fuck what are you doing to me", Carla's could only feel the ropes over her belly and she was terrified what was going to happen to her belly. Teresa touched herself enjoying Carla's terror. 

"Carla you have two ropes tied around your sexy bump which are then attached to the ceiling. As long as you stay standing they will not cause your belly any damage but you must stay standing. 

"Yes my Queen I understand", Carla did understand she could feel how the ropes pressing and her belly. Carla knew she could deal with the discomfort the ropes were causing but what worried her was her footwear. The suede thigh boots pregnant women had to wear were extremely heavy and had a high heel. Carla was hoping she could stand in her heavy suede boots, hoping she could balance herself on her high heels wondering what was going to happen. All she could do was wait with ropes tied around her belly her arms pulled behind her. Unable to see knowing she was nude but for her boots the whole bar watching. 

Teresa was the last to climb onto the table and then whispered to an attendant who walk off and spoke to the female bar staff. Who all went into the kitchen and came out with a ice cream, cream, and cream cakes and place the food onto the table. Teresa pulled her coat hood back up still leaving the coat open showing her breast's. Then Slowly choosing a small cream cake Teresa pushed it hard into Carla's cunt. Carla screamed as the soft cold cake entered her unable to understand what it was her eyes being covered. Teresa waited until the cream started to fall back out of Carla's cunt them pushed her fingers in pulling what was left of the cake out. Then moaned with sexual pleasure as she placed the cake into her own mouth. 

Carla stood the face mask stopping her seeing what was being done to her body. She had just had something soft and cold pushed up her cunt. Carla could also feel the ropes on her belly, knowing she had stand whatever Teresa did to her. The suede boots were designed to be hard to walk in normal life. But with Carla's hands pulled behind her it was going to be difficult to stay on her heavy suede thigh boots heels. Carla then had another object wet and cold pushed up her cunt, she cried out trying to keep her balance. Knowing she had to let Teresa do want she wanted to keep her home. 

Teresa was on her knees under Carla's cunt holding a large cream cake. Which she pushed hard into Carla's cunt. Carla's head  moved backwards as she let out a cry of shock, a look of horror on her face. Teresa laughed holding the cake up Carla's cunt before slowly pulling it out with her fingers. Teresa's mouth was now between Carla's legs so she could eat cake as it left Carla's body. Teresa push cake after cake loving the way the cream run out of her toys cunt and down her toys legs. Placing her mouth under her sex toys cunt ready to eat the cake as she pulled them out. 

Stacey was not going to be left out of the sexual fun. Standing on the table in front of Carla just wearing her corduroy skirt and shoes she began to play. Stacey emptied a tube of ice cream over Carla's large belly then began it slowly lick it off. Moaning with pleasure Stacey slowly moved her tongue over Carla's pregnant belly. Attendants were ordered to poor more ice cream Carla's belly was now covered and Stacey loved it. Moving her tongue slowly up and down Carla loving the feel of her belly as she licked the ice cream off it. Shouting for more ice cream to be emptied over Carla's belly Stacey became more turned on as she moved her tongue faster over Carla's belly. 

Teresa unbuttoned then unzipped her jeans allowing them to fall open showing she had no knickers on her cunt exposed. "Jay get the fuck over to me and strip", Jay who had hoped her part in the sex games had finished walked to the table and dropped her skirt, knickers and removed her high heel shoes. Teresa was now sitting with her legs hanging over the table picking a large cake she pushed to hard into Carla's cunt, "use your fucking tongue on my cunt, fucking do it slut". Teresa held the cake up Carla's cunt loving how she moaned. Whilst Jay lowered herself level with Teresa's cunt and began to use her tongue. Teresa let out a cry of pleasure gripping Jay's hair with one hand pushing the cake up Carla's cunt with the other. Teresa's head now backwards her eyes rolled upwards. She cried out from the double sexual pleasure, Carla moaning with a cake held in her cunt and the feel of Jay's tongue on her cunt. Teresa finally let the cake fall from Carla's cunt placing her head back between her toys legs eating the cake as it fell from Carla.Teresa's whole body experienced a wave of sexual pleasure causing her to stream out, holding one of Carla's legs to hold herself up. "Fucking lick Jay more slut more lick me. Fucking cakes now, cakes you sluts", the female bar staff quickly refilled the table with cream cakes. Teresa sitting with her legs still over the side of the table pushed large cakes up Carla's cunt holding them for a while then pulling them back out with her fingers. Her other hand pushing Jay's head against her cunt so Jay could use her tongue on her. 

In front of Carla Stacey was licking her large belly both Stacey's hands now on Carla's breast's twisting her nipples. Both Stacey and Teresa loving the moaning coming from Carla as she stood helpless, their plaything. "I can't take anymore of your lovely tongue off slut", Teresa pulled Jay's head off her cunt as she held a cake up Carla's cunt with her other hand. "Jay get me your fucking shoes", Teresa giving her orders over Carla crying out and moaning. Jay picked up her red high heels shoes walked back to Teresa with them nude and placed them on the table. After running her hands over them Teresa picked one up and pushed it toe end first up Carla's buttocks. The shoe didn't go in very far most of it still sticking out of Carla's buttocks. However it had the effect Teresa wanted, Carla's whole body trembled which please Stacey who's tongue was still running over Carla's belly. Her face turned red as she let out a loud cry trying to stand with cake up her cunt and a shoe sticking out of her buttocks. Teresa and Stacey both moaning with pleasure as they played with their sex toy. Teresa pushing more cake the ever in Carla whilst Stacey was running her tongue over Carla's belly, twisting her nipples and spanking her breast's. 

Teresa moved her head from under Carla and decided Jay was being wasted, "Carla's corduroy overalls put them on Jay, well fucking move slut". Jay was confused as to why Teresa wanted her in them but did as Teresa told her. Placing her legs into them

Jay pulled them up over the top of her body buttoning them up along the way. Because they were maternity corduroy overalls they hung loose over Jay's belly. "Well we can't have them loose can we. What we need is something to fill the loose belly area", Teresa whispered orders to one of her attendants who walked off and pulled together the female bar staff with their hair. 

"No please my Queen please no, oh shit oh fuck. No don’t oh no don't", Jay shouted out as the female bar staff in turn pushed large cakes down the top of the corduroy overalls front bib.

The food fell down inside until it stopped at Jay's belly. The cake didn't fall down Jay's legs it stayed in her belly area pushing the corduroy overalls out giving the impression she was pregnant. 

"I want to see your belly over to me now", Jay walked to the table the food moving about in her now pregnant looking belly. "Well the food does really make you look pregnant it didn't think it would work so well", Teresa pressing Jay's pregnant looking belly which made some of the food come out the top of the front bib hitting Jay's face. Teresa had just found a new way to humiliate her toys. Pressing it again more food came out the top of the front bib hitting Jay's face. Teresa didn't hesitate she began to lick Jay's face her had on Jay's belly pressing more food upwards. Teresa found if she pressed gently the food would slowly move up recover what she had licked off Jay's face. Teresa's tongue moved quickly over Jay's cake covered face. With one hand one Jay's belly the other holding a cake up Carla's cunt Teresa and Stacey were in sexual ecstasy. Stacey had now moved up licking and sucking Carla's breast loving the way her body moved as the cakes were pushed deeper into her. Carla tried to keep standing whilst her breast's were suck, cakes were repeatedly pushed up her cunt and a shoes was in her buttocks. 

Teresa stopped licking Jay and ordered her to take a few steps backwards, "stand there and keep jumping as high as you can, well do it." As soon as Jay jumped up she understood why Teresa had ordered her to. The food that was inside the belly area of the corduroy overalls came flying out the top of the front bib hitting her in the face and neck. Every time she jumped more would come out the front bib hitting her and Teresa was loving it. "Jump you fucking slut jump higher you slut", Whilst Teresa pushed cakes in Carla's cunt listing to her moan feeling her legs tremble. Jay jumped as high as she could again and again the food flying out of the front bib completely covering her face.  "Lower the ropes I want the slut on her knees", whilst Jay was jumping food covering her face her belly area slowly emptying. The ropes round Carla's belly began to lower pushing her downwards. "Carla go on your knees slut ", as the ropes lowered Carla began to lower herself to her knees. Halfway down Teresa pushed a large cake up Carla's cunt. So when Carla was finally on her knees it remained in her. The ropes that held Carla's arms didn't move which kept her arms pulled upwards behind her. This caused Carla to be on her knees but with her body in a normal sitting position. Carla screamed as the shoe pushed in her buttocks before falling out sideways as Carla's buttocks pressed down on the table. 

"Stop jumping slut and come to me", Jay finally glad to be able to stop walk back to Teresa. "Stacey watch this I can make her look pregnant", Teresa ordered the female bar staff to fill the corduroy overalls with food again. Teresa and Stacey stood at the front of Carla touching each others  breast’s whilst food was pushed once again down the top of Jay's front bib, some of it hitting her face. Jay stood as cake after cake was pushed down into the belly area. The corduroy overalls once again expanding to make her look pregnant. 

"Oh fuck Teresa she looks pregnant. The slut looks like she has a pregnant bump", Stacey becoming more turned on has she watch. 

"That's not all Stacey now they have filled her watch this", Teresa kicked Jay in the belly sending food shooting out the top of the corduroy overalls front bib covering her face. 

"Oh fucking wonderful let my have the slut", Stacy repeatedly kicked Carla's belly crying out with sexual pressure as Jay's face became covered in food. Stacey then began slowly running her tongue over Jay's face licking the food. Whilst also placing her hand down Jay's front bib pulling out food then covering Jay's long black hair with it. Cake and cream was now completely covering Jay's head and hair whilst Stacey's tongue run over her face and neck. Stacey was loving the moaning Jay was making from under the food causing to become more excited moving her tongue quicker and pushing more food through Jay's hair. 

Leaving Stacey to play Teresa turned towards Carla still on her knees held by ropes unable to see anything. Trying to understand what was cold and wet in her cunt also what had been in her buttocks. Teresa still with her Jeans open began to run her cunt over Carla's belly. "Your large pregnant belly fucking turns me on, oh yes you fucking slut. I've fucked many pregnant sluts but your belly is the fucking largest and it's my sex toy now", Whilst Teresa talked she slowly moved her cunt faster over Carla's belly. Teresa's hands on both Carla's breast’s squeezing them. Teresa moved her knees up and down making sure her cunt run over all her toys belly. Carla's body bending backwards only the ropes now keeping her in place such was the force Teresa's cunt had on her. Standing up Teresa was able to now move her cunt over Carla's breast. Teresa pressing her cunt against her as hard as possible pressing them inwards. Carla held her head back moaning loudly not understanding what was against her body. Pulling Carla's head forward Teresa began it kiss her whilst keeping body pressing against Carla. 

"Kiss me back slut don't you like it", Carla now realized it was Teresa pressing against her and she had displeased her. Carla quickly began kissing Teresa back the best she could, Carla had now lost all sense of direction her eyes had been cover so long. Cala could then feel Teresa's tongue enter her mouth. Carla let out a false moan of pleasure hoping to please Teresa. Carla hoping she wouldn't give Teresa cause to take her house. 

Teresa moaned as she move are tongue inside Carla's mouth pressing her body against Carla. Removing her tongue Teresa slowly run it over Carla's face before slowly running her tongue all round Carla's neck. Teresa loving the feel of Carla's belly and breast's against her cunt as she moved her tongue round the sides of her neck. Pulling Carla’s hair to position her head where Teresa wanted it moaning with pleasure as her tongue moved over the back of Carla’s neck. With one movement of Teresa’s hand she pushed Carla’s head backwards. Her tongue now moved slowly over her sex toys face then down the front of Carla’s neck. Teresa still quietly moaning began sliding her body downwards running her tongue over Carla’s breasts and nipples. Stopping when she was level with Carla’s belly. Teresa was pleased Stacey had left some Ice cream on for her and began to lick. Carla moaned has Teresa moved her tongue over her ice cream covered pregnant belly Teresa enjoying the way Carla moaned and tried to move. As her sex toy kneeled before her Teresa very slowly licked the remaining ice cream off. In the background Teresa could hear Stacey eating food from Jay’s face which added to her pleasure. 

Standing Teresa run her hand over her cunt whilst watching Stacey wait until the female staff had pushed more food down Jays front bib. As soon as there was no more room and the food once again pushed the corduroy overalls out making her look pregnant Stacey kicked her in the belly sending the food up out of the front bib covering Jay’s face again. Stacey immediately pressed herself against Jay eating the food from her face. Stacey finding that if she pressed Jay’s cunt hard her mouth would open causing it to fill with food, Stacey would then kiss her forcing Jay eat the food. 

Carla's belly was now free of ice cream but that didn't stop Teresa enjoying her toy. Taking hold of both Carla's nipples she twisted them whilst whispering to her, "I like you I'm going to call you to the palace whenever I want. Your are going to join the other pregnant sluts in my bed.” Carla crying out as Teresa twisted her nipples and spanked her breasts was turning Teresa on. Pressing her head next to Carla’s Teresa continued to humiliate her, "You no longer own your corduroy overalls I've given them to jay. You will be walking nude from now", Carla thought her day couldn't get any worse until Teresa’s last order now her mind was blank with horror. “I think it's time for different footwear slut”, Carla was confused by that comment and though Teresa was talking about her suede thigh boots. Teresa however had noticed a woman sitting at one of the tables wearing high heel shoes with a wide front. Whilst Teresa continued twisting Carla's nipples the woman was removing her shoes and handing them to an attendant. Leaving Carla's nipples Teresa waited for the attendant to bring her the shoes. Taking hold of one Teresa pushed the wide front of the shoe into Carla's mouth. "There slut a new shoe for you", Teresa laughed and touched Carla's breast's. Carla to her horror was forced to hold the shoe in her mouth the front of the shoe filling it, The middle and back sticking out of Carla’s mouth. Teresa was loving Carla trying to move the shoe with her mouth the wide front forcing Carla’s mouth open. Loving that Carla like Jay was humiliated in front of the whole bar and their husbands. 

Stacey had just watched Jay's front bib filled with food again making her look pregnant but this time she pulled Jay with her cream cover long hair to the table. Once Stacey had climbed up she placed her arms round Teresa's neck and they began to kiss. Stacey placed her hand down Teresa's jeans, Teresa already had her hand up Stacey's corduroy skirt. Both of them moaning whilst they kissed enjoying each others body. "Teresa I've had a wonderful time with my toy look at her belly she looks pregnant. You can't see the food until you kick the slut's belly before that she looks pregnant", Stacey moaning her words as they touched each other. 

"I'm glad you had fun because now I've found a method of making women look pregnant I'm going to do it to any slut I like", Teresa and Stacey laughing as they kissed and touched each other. Stacey reached out pulling the mask of Carla's eyes. For the first time Carla could see the back half of the shoes sticking out of her mouth. Moving her head she could also see the ropes her face now a mixture of horror and pain from having a shoe in her buttocks so long. "Release the slut", the attendants released Carla from the ropes. Unable to feel her arms Carla fell forwards just able to keep her belly off the table the shoe still sticking out of her mouth. "Up  slut now", Teresa spanking one of Carla's buttocks as she shouting her order. Slowly Carla pushed her body into a sitting position the shoes still firmly in her mouth. "Now stand slut on your fucking feet", Teresa after giving her orders went back to enjoying Stacey's body. Her hand still up Stacey's skirt and her mouth on one of Stacey's breast. Sucking and licking slowly but much gentler than she did with her toys. 

Carla had slowly stood up finding it hard because of the heavy suede high boots. The high heels also making it difficult. Teresa and Stacey stopped kissing  each others body's and faced Carla and Jay. Teresa keeping her hand up Stacey's corduroy skirt, Stacey gently touching Teresa's breast's. "I really love your belly Jay you can't tell your not pregnant until the food is pressed out", Teresa half speaking half moaning. 

"Oh yes my Queen I've enjoyed kicking the food out of her pregnant looking body. I can't wait to do the same to other sluts.", Stacey placing her hand down the front bib of Jay's corduroy overalls eating the food." 

"Oh we will do it Stacey to any slut we want, oh yes we will", Teresa becoming excited as she looked at her two humiliated toys. Teresa was now ready to make them remain humiliated, "Jay you look wonderful with a pregnant looking belly. You will keep those corduroy overalls and you will wear them with food in them making you look pregnant every day." Jay's face a look of horror knowing she would have to go everywhere like she was dressed her belly full of cake and cream. Having to explain her belly to family and friends. Jay couldn't believe the order she had just been given. 

“Oh how funny my Queen every were she goes she will be humiliated”, Stacey almost shouting with sexual excitement. 

“Wait to see what I'm going to do to her now Stacey”, Teresa run her hand over Stacey’s cunt her other hand playing with her own nipples whilst their helpless toys wondered what Teresa was going to do. “Jay every day you will bring back a man you do not know. Whilst your husband looks on cover his dick with food from your corduroy overalls front bib. Then slowly lick it off until he comes into your face. You will do it a second time, again making sure he comes over your face. Then he can leave but you will leave the come you. To drip down your face and neck, something for your husband to watch. “ Teresa laughed and moaned so sexual exited she could hardly speak. She and Stacey were now kissing and touching each other. Enjoying the look of horror on the sex toys face. Stacey slowly placed her hand down Teresa's jeans whilst kissing her breasts. Teresa slowly kissing Stacey’s neck. Both of them used to playing with their toys lives. 

"Teresa lets do something to the other toy I want to humiliate the slut, oh fuck yes". Stacey also in so much sexual pleasure she was finding it hard to speak. 

"Oh yes Stacey yes lets play with Carla", Teresa turned and looked in Carla's direction whilst speaking. "Carla every day you will go out and bring a man home you don't know. You will take him to bed whilst her husband watches. When he comes it will be over your pregnant belly the come will be left dripping down your body." Teresa and Stacey still touching each other whilst laughing a Carla. 

Teresa pulling her head off Stacey's nipples turned back to Carla she moaned more orders," after you have given birth you will be sent an ankle length fur coat. Every night wearing nothing but the fur coat with it's hood up at all times and a pair of high heel shoes.

You will go out to bars with your husband, you will be holding the coat together it will never be buttoned. You will find a man and ask him to go somewhere discrete outside with you. Then open the fur coat and let him fuck you. Telling him how bigger he is than your husband.

You will then got back to the bars and do the same with a second. The third man you will fuck in you own bed, still wearing the fur coat with it's hood up. Oh and you husband will be watching at all times." Teresa and Stacey were now locked together as they touched each other. Teresa now running one hand over Stacey's buttock the other over her cunt. Stacey's hands both squeezing Teresa's breast's. Having and extreme sexual thrill knowing their sex toys married lives would never be the same. 

"Carla during the day you will hang the fur coat over a chair in your main living room as a reminder of your adultery. Now both of you sluts listen my attendants will be checking on random days you are fucking men, oh just one more little detail. You will follow my orders for the next five years have fun sluts", Carla and Jay stood with blank faces trying to take in that Teresa had just changed their lives. Behind the blank faces they were thinking of the sex acts they were going to have to perform to keep their houses. Carla knew she had to keep her house at all cost for her daughter and her child to come. Jay also had no choice but to humiliate herself so not to loose their house and savings. 

Teresa placed her legs round Stacey she was loving the feel of Stacey's hand on her cunt so much. It was clear that both of them they wanted each others body, "Lets go to the palace with the pregnant toy Stacey". 

"Oh yes Teresa lets fuck with her in the bed", Stacey removed her hand from Teresa's jeans zipping them up for her. They both jumped from the table Stacey ordering Carla down. Who used a chair to climb down almost falling because of her thigh boots high heels. Stacey began pulling Carla along with them by her hair. 

"I'm taking your wife you can have her back tomorrow", Teresa not even looking at Carla's husband as they passed. Stacey gave Jay's belly one last kick sending food over her face before leaving the bar. Stacey kissed and touched Teresa whilst pulling Carla with them so fast her body was bending over. Carla was having to hold her belly with both hands, nude but for her thigh boots the shoe still in her mouth. In the bar Jay had cleaned her face the corduroy overalls where still full of cakes making her look pregnant. Her mind thinking of Teresa's orders for five years she would be licking strangers dicks in front of her husband. Slowly tuning to look at him Jay couldn't think of anything to say. She wondered how long her marriage would last whilst he watched her humiliate herself. 

Carla could only see the shoe sticking out of her mouth and the floor as Stacey pulled her along by her hair. Knowing she was going to be fucked all night at the palace. She was also thinking of having to fuck different men in front of her husband every night. Carla knew her marriage was strong she just hoped it could last five years of her committing adultery. In front of her Teresa and Stacey kissed turned on by the pregnant toy they were about to fuck. Also Teresa turned on thinking of the two sex toys humiliating themselves. Teresa when in bed was going to enjoy thinking of her toys fucking strangers. Teresa would imagine the looks of humiliation on their faces as the performed sex acts on men. Teresa had a sexually exciting and wonderful time in the bar and now just wanted to fuck. 

Waiting until Teresa was clear of the mall Jay and her husband left the cafe. To everyone in the mall Jay looked pregnant. They walked in silence Jay trying to get used to her large belly and the food moving whilst she walked. Also knowing she now was one of Teresa's sex toys to be humiliated at her pleasure.


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