The Lost Battle

The Lost Battle

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The following is a work of pure erotic fiction. It contain subject matter than may be upsetting to some readers. Themes include sexual violence, mild incest, domination, and more. Any similarities to any persons, locations, or events both real and fictional is unintentional. Summery: After a long and bloody battle, Two bitter rivals meet and one must accept defeat.


The following is a work of pure erotic fiction. It contain subject matter than may be upsetting to some readers. Themes include sexual violence, mild incest, domination, and more. Any similarities to any persons, locations, or events both real and fictional is unintentional.

Summery: After a long and bloody battle, Two bitter rivals meet and one must accept defeat.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2017



The battle was over. The city was in ruins and the bodies of soldiers littered the war torn streets. It was a narrow victory, but it was a victory none the less for the enemy had been captured. Nearly all of the Alliances forces had been destroyed, leaving only a handful of soldiers and their leader. She was a tall fierce proud woman with dark hair and an hour glass figure. Both Alliance and Union soldiers agreed that she was the most beautiful soldier fighting in the war. But she was a deadly woman with rumors of her kill count being in the hundreds, no one dared to cross her. Everyone also knew that she was immensely loyal to her soldiers, one report claimed that she refused to sleep in a tent because the Alliance hadn’t supplied enough for all her men to sleep under.

She was lead through the streets with an armed guard towards the leader of the Union’s tent. Handcuffed, defeated, and still in her dirty tattered uniform; she still had a cold strong look but everyone could see the hurt in her eyes. The lead her through the entrance and stand her before him. The tall blonde man with blue eyes and a chiseled chin. His tall muscular force was barely contained by the gray military uniform he wore. He was known for his looks and his charm, but respected for his skill on the battlefield. It was said that there was only on other person that matched his tactical prowess and she was now standing before him. The leader of the Union Army stood up and grinned at his rival “Well, Ma’am to the Union. You certainly gave me quite the run out there, you are as smart as you are beautiful.”

He chuckled at his comment and moved closer, studying her face for a response. She remained silent, a stoic look on her face. But he could see it, shimmering in her eyes, a fire of hate and rage and that satisfied him. “Now, my dear, you have choice…”

He spoke with a calm voice and slowly paced around her. She watched him move with her eyes, but remained motionless. With a smirk he admired her body, noting her cuffed hands forming tight fists. “You can either kneel and swear your allegiance to me and the Union, or…” he gives a slight chuckle “You will be executed for treachery”

He stopped in front of her waiting for some sort of response. She looked him in the eyes and with a strong steady voice told him “It will be execu-“

“No, im sorry. Im changing your choices.” He interrupted, she could tell he was expecting this response. “You can either join me, or your Soldiers will be executed”

Her eyes widened slightly and a frown formed on her lips. He gave a big grin knowing he had hit a nerve. “Yes, Im quite aware of your devotion to your soldiers. I suspect that you are rather fond of the group dragged with you. Let me guess, you tried to ease their fear of surrendering by telling them we treat our prisoners well?” He gave a genuinely humored laugh “You mustve tried hard to keep the truth from everyone. We don’t have prisoners here in the Union. Everyone does their job… or they don’t”

The leader gestured to his men to follow him and to bring his rival with him. They stepped out of the tent and she gave a faint gasp as the sight she saw. The last twelve of her soldier. Eight men and four women. They were the ones who had been with her since the beginning of the war. They wernt just her soldier, they were her family. Her heart broke to see them bruised, on their knees, hand cuffed, and a rifle pointed at each of their heads. “Yes, the fearsome twelve is what they call you all, right?”

The man walked over and lifted the chin of one man towards him. “Yes quite the team you all are. How sad that you have come so low” He pushed the man away and walked over and close to the woman. “They will all die regardless of if you join me or not”

She could see the fear in their eyes, the despair that filled their entire bodies. “But there is a way you can save them, my dear.” She turned her head towards him quickly and saw the flash of an evil grin. “Become mine… and they will be spared…”

“..what?” she spat at him

“Swear yourself only to me, to be my personal… pet” He grinned as he stood closer to her. “You will serve me in in any way I want” he hissed into her ear “That all you have to do. Become mine, and they will be kept safe and allowed to return home…”

I stared at him, the flame of rage growing into an inferno. She read his face, trying to read if what he said would be the truth. Thoughts swirled through her head. She knew what he would do to her, she would be sacrificing her freedom her… honor. Turning her head to see her broken men, they wanted to live. They had lives back home… But she didn’t have anything. Her life was the war, there wasn’t a plan for what happened after for her. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she thought through the hardest and worst decision of her life.

“f-fine…” she coughed at him, trying to hold back her tears.

“Fine… what?” He sneered at her, their faces almost touching

“I will… be…. Y-yours…” She wanted to be sick as she coughed up the words, the wall between her breaking down was weakening. But she had to be strong, but it was hard once he started laughing loudly. He stood in front of her and gave his sickening smirk.

“Show me… pet!” He grinned at her. She looked at him unsure of what he wanted. She followed his gaze as it drifted slowly down to his crotch as he slowly unzipped his fly. “Prove to me, infront of everyone that you are mine! Use that beautiful mouth of yours to… worship… me” He gave a sinister chuckle. She wanted to refuse, but she knew what the punishment would be. She stared him in his eyes, making sure he knew just how much she hated him. “Don’t test me patience… shoot the m-“

“No! Please Ill… Ill obey….” She said through streaming tears as she very slowly dropped to her knees. She could hear the woman who was her second in command sobbing openly. She knew how painful it would be to watch their own leader pleasure the enemy, but she had no choice. With shaking hands she reached up, her heart dying quickly as she reached in and pulled out her enemies large hardening cock.

It was warmer than she expected, and it didn’t have a odor. It was clean and cut, she would expect nothing else from an officer. But this wasn’t like the penis of a man she would meet in a bar between battles. This was larger, heavier, and connected to the worst man in history. Her breath was heavy and her heart pounded out of her chest. She could feel every eye on her a she gently gripped the cock and opened her mouth. She could feel everyone holding their breath, awaiting her next move with with dread or excitement. The nobel leader gulped, pushed down her pride, tried to focus on her men’s lives as she slowly and reluctantly began to take her rival into her mouth.

The air was filled with the sound of amused chuckled and muttered statements of disbelief. The sob of her soldiers became louder as they turned away hearts broken. The heavy hands of the winner gently say on the back of her head. The world seemed to fade away into despair and all she felt was his hands, his warm cock sliding in and out of her wet mouth. She could only hear his moan and groan of pleasure pushing from his body. No matter what she tried, she couldn’t ignore the over whelming taste of the cock. It was salty and slightly sweet pair with a faint aroma of sex. Time seemed to slow down as every passing minute felt like hours. She had no idea how long she had been pleasuring this man, but it was all that consumed her thoughts.

She felt the warm watery dribble of precum leaking out of the fat head of her enemies’ cock. She wanted to be sick and started to gag as she felt the slick fluid trickle down her throat. He began to groan and moan louder and grip her hair tightly. His body tightened and suddenly without warning her mouth was filled with the intense heat of the semen. It was like runnier jelly that tasted surprisingly sweet. He held her down on his cock as pulse and pulse of cum leaked into her mouth. She felt the last squirt out and he let her go. She coughed and gasped and was about to spit the disgusting fluid out, but was stopped by the sound of his dreaded. “Swallow, slut!”

She refused to look at him, the cum sat in her mouth for what felt like eternity. She focused hard to will herself and suppress her gag reflex. Then… she swallowed what felt like the most painful feat of her entire life. Her mascara running down her face as she coughs and sobs, collapsing onto all fours. Weakened, humiliated, and exhausted from everything she just laid on the dirty destroyed street. Her tired stare focused on her defeated men as they are pulled to their feet and taken away.

“That was very good, pet!” He victor leaned down after putting his dick away, petting her hair “You were born to be a slut, wernt you?” He laughs and helped her onto her feet. Weakly he lead her back into the tent and laid her down onto his cot. “I must say, I always wondered what it would tke to truly bring you to you knees. I guess all it took was your pathetic loyalty and my fat cock!” He laughed as he tucked his prize in. “Now rest, you have a long day tomorrow pet.”

The man stood up and walked out of the tent, but she could hear he didn’t go to far away. She could hear him and his men laughing. He bragged about turing such a warrior into a cock sucker. Weak and out of tears, her body finally gives in and the Alliance military champion passed out from exhaustion.







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