The Boss

The Boss

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The following is a work of pure erotic fiction. It contains themes such as Office Romance, Seduction, Oral Sex, BDSM, Dom & Sub, and many more. Any similarities to any persons, locations, or events both real and fictional is unintentional. Summery: A young sexy CEO is in the mood for something new, thanks to a young desperate intern, she is about to have alot more fun!


The following is a work of pure erotic fiction. It contains themes such as Office Romance, Seduction, Oral Sex, BDSM, Dom & Sub, and many more. Any similarities to any persons, locations, or events both real and fictional is unintentional.

Summery: A young sexy CEO is in the mood for something new, thanks to a young desperate intern, she is about to have alot more fun!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One - Just A Taste

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Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2017



She sat behind her enormous black desk, the soft relaxing sounds of classical music floating in the air of her office. Taking a break from her computer, she slowly spins around in her chair with a glass of wine, sipping it as she watches the sun setting over the city below. A smilie forms on her red lips as she pushes a lock of her red wavy hair out of her face. Maria was proud of this view because to her ti was a symbol of her success, of her wealth, of her power. At only twenty-four years old, she was one of the youngest women to become the CEO of such a powerful company. Unlike most young people like her, she didn’t inherit the company she worked her way up to the top and took over.

Maria shifts in her leather desk chair, crossing her long legs taking a brief moment to admire her leopard print heels. She needed a break, this proposal she was working was stressing her out. Without another sip of her red wine, Maria knew what she wanted to do and spun back around picking up her phone.

“Jeanette” she spoke with a soft gentle voice

“Yes, Ma’am” the eager voice replied

“Can you bring me a snack” Maria said, a sly smirk on her face

“Of course, Ma’am” The voice sounded slightly hesitant “Should I bring you the usual?”

Maria chuckled slightly “No, Im in the mood for something… fresh…”

“I see…” the sound of keys tapping could be heard on the other end “Yes, I believe I can get something for you. Ill send it up right away.”

“Thank you, Jeanette. As usual you do no disappoint”

“Thank you ma’am”

Maria hung up the phone and stood up and straightened her tight black dress. The clicking of her heels on the cold floor filled the room as she walks over and refilled her glass. It wasn’t long until there was a knock on her large double doors.

“Come in!” Maria beckons as the door are pushed open. A tall slender man walks in and looks at her. “You wanted to see me ma’am”

The beautiful CEO crossed the room and stood in front of the man. He was clean shaven, and clearly young but not too young. “Yes, Eric, is it?”

“Yes, Ma’am” he said nervously, he had no idea what he was doing in the office of his bosses boss.

“You are an intern for the logistics department, right?” she looked him up and subtle and smiled liking what she saw.

“That is correct, ive been working there for the last year” he shifted his stance, trying to look confident.

“A year? Don’t you have school or something you have to do?” She walked away from her and back to her liquor cabinet.

He cleared his throat “No. I graduated last may and started interning here, waiting for a paying position to open up.”

“Graduated?” she refills her glass and pours a second for Eric “Well congrats, but that must be tough. I know our internship programs doesn’t pay well, how are you supporting yourself?”

“I… uhh… work two other jobs, Ma’am” Eric was worried, he knew this was in direct violation of his internship agreement. “But I have to, I cant support myself I this city with this internship alone, ma’am”

She chuckles as she offers him and glass and gestures for him to take a seat infront of her desk. “Don’t worry, Eric. Im not upset about that I fully understand your position.” She sit in her leather chair and crosses her legs “I was once in your position. Do you know why I called you up here, Eric?”

The man takes small sip of the expensive wine and shakes his head “I thought I did, but im not so sure any more, ma’am”

“I called you here because I have a position, and I think you would be a perfect fit.” She grinned at him. Her soft face and green eyes staring at him made Eric nervous and aroused

“A… position?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing

“Yes. This position calls for someone young. How old are you Eric?”

“Twenty-two, Ma’am”

“And you are clearly loyal to the company, or else you wouldn’t be struggling so much to keep your internship. But the ideal candidate is also willing to work late night, travel, and devote himself completely. Do you have any family, Eric?”

The black haired man looked down at the glass of wine in his hands “No… Im an orphan, ma’am”

“I am very sorry to hear that, Eric. But that does help you get this position.” She kept smiling at him and he looked up at her, still very confused.

“Ma’am, may I ask what the position is?” He asked slowly

“You would become my personal… assistant” she smirked at him. “You would work directly with me, ensuring that I am happy and relaxed. It sounds like a simple job, but trust me it is a… physically demanding job.”

“An… assistant? Are you sure this position is ideal for me?” Eric asked confused as why someone with his skills would be just an assistant.

“I truly do, Eric.” She moved and wrote something on a piece of paper and slide it over to him “That would be your monthly salary, plus you would be provided with housing, complete health benefits, and bonuses if you do a good job”

He stared at the number, it was larger than would ever expect an assistant at any level to make. Eric took a long sip of the wine and looked up at Maria. “Are you… serious?”

“Completely” she said with an intense look, her green eyes staring into his brown eyes “There is just one condition that you must absolutely follow.”

Eric stared back at her, trying to decide what he should do. With a gulp and asked “What is it?”

“You belong to be, you dedicate yourself completely to me. If you accept this offer, then you must follow that condition all the time. If you refuse and order, if you anger me, if you disappoint me, I will make sure you never work in this industry again.” Her warm smile returned to her pretty face. “So… what will it be?”

His heart began to race “Can.. I think about it and decide in a few days?”

“No.” she said without delay “You must decide now.” Maria opened a drawer and pulled out a small sheet of paper and pushed to Eric “Sign if you want the position, or get out of my office. No hard feelings. If you choose to deny this offer, you will be allowed to continue to work here. But you will never receive a better job offer than this.”

Eric took another long sip of the wine. He wasn’t sure if he wanted the job, but he knew she was right. There wouldn’t be any job offer better than this. The pay and the benefits would might be worth whatever she had him do. It would just be getting coffee and keeping track of her schedule right? He looked at her face trying to see what she was thinking. Her smile made him relaxed and Eric could see the excitement of the deal on her face. But her eyes, there was something flickering, something sinister in her eyes. Looking back at the paper, he read the terms and conditions, they matched everything she had told him. His mind raced, his heart pounded, sweat began to form on his brow. With a deep breath, Eric slowly picked up the pen and signed the document before him.

“That makes me very happy, Eric. Very happy indeed” Maria said as the paper was pushed back to her. She signed it herself before filing it away in her desk. The beautiful redhead stood up and Eric immediately stood up too. “You are now my personal assistant, you now belong to me.”

The woman moved close to Eric and to his surprise she put her hands on his shoulders. “Now, why don’t we get started? Show me what you got?”

“Ma’am?” Eric asked confused. But she didn’t respond, only she began to push his shoulders down until he was kneeling infront of her. She pulled his chin to look up at her as she bend over “Show me what you can do, Eric” she whispered before standing straight up, spreading her legs, and lifting the tight skirt of her dress.

His eyes widen at the sight of Maria’s exposed pussy, there wasn’t any sign that she had been wearing panties. Her soft pink lips leaking with excitement, a small trimmed patch of ginger hair sitting above it. He looked up in her green eyes and could see this is what he had agreed to. It all made sense now, but what should he do. He agreed to this, he had to do what she wanted or else he would be fired already.

With another deep breath and leaned forward, inhaling the sweet intoxicating smell of her womanhood. He couldn’t deny how arousing this was to him, he loved doing this for his exes in the past. He started by kissed either side of her sex, teasing her lips with his. Slowly his tounge came out of his mouth and began to taste and explore. Gently his tongue slipped in, starting from the bottom and slowly feeling its way up. Maria moaned softly and played his hair as he kissed her. She tasted salty and sweet and Eric absolutely loved it. His redhead boss gave a loud and sharp gasp as he found her clit, his tounge teasing, tasting, playing with it. He could feel the waves of intense pleasure rushing through her body with every flick of tounge. Eric’s hand reach around and felt the soft amazing cheeks of his bosses ass. Gently squeezing, spreading, grasping at the round sexy ass of his boss as he showed her how much he loved the company.

He moaned and groaned with enjoyment into her, which only excited Maria every more. Her moans of pleasure becoming louder and more passionate. She eventually slowly shifted and moved over to her desk where he sat on the edge, spreading her legs farther and moaning as Eric began to taste deeper. Maria gasped phrases like “Oh yes” and “mmm that’s good” as she began to massage her own large breasts through her tight dress.

A grin began to form on Erics face as he could feel Maria’s body begin to tense more and more. Her gasps becoming sharper, her moans louder and deeper. She gripped the back of his head and uncontrollably pushed him into her crotch. The redhead took a sharp deep breath and held it, juices started to gush out of her. Maria moaned loudly as her orgasm rushed out of her crotch, onto Eric’s face and into his open mouth. She held him here as wave after wave flowed out, and Eric had no choice but to swallow his bosses juice. Finally she let him go and he leaned back, gasping and panting for air. A feeling of immense satisfaction filled his body as he saw how relaxed Maria was. She panted, trying to catch her breath before standing up and straightening her dress again. Her hair was a mess and nothing she did could calm the fiery mess.

“That, was very good Eric” She closed eyes and a big grin formed on her face “Very good indeed”

He gasped “T-thank… you..!”

She had him stand up and she tried to straighten his short black hair. “That will be all for tonight.” She caressed his cheek “Tonight I want you to go home, and start to pack. I will send movers to your apartment to take you to mine.”

“Y-yours?” He asked, his mind full of bliss and pride.

“well yes, I want my ‘assistant’ with me all the time” she giggled “Now go, I have work to do. And you have packing”

“Y-yes Maria” He nodded but was surprised when his smile was met with her glare “It is either Ma’am or Mistress. Understood?!”

Eric immediately regretted addressing his boss by her first name “Yes, Ma’am”

“Very good, now go home. Get some rest too. Have plans for you tomorrow” She giggled mischievously as she led her new assistant to the door. Maria kissed his cheek before he left, which left him clearly flustered. As she poured herself a new glass of wine, she grinned happily to herself. She couldn’t wait to start playing with her new toy!

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