A Rainy Day to be Abducted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Molly is planning a cozy weekend in when a stranger pulls her into his car with his own naughty intentions.

It was a rainy day, the kind that made a person want to eat and curl up in blankets indoors. The dark canopy of clouds hung from the sky. Raindrops hit Molly as she scurried between buildings to take out trash.

A car was parked in the alley. Someone else was taking out their garbage. Molly instinctively waited for them to finish their business and drive away before entering the enclosed, concrete space.

Molly hummed to herself as she sorted her glass, cardboard, and garbage into their appropriate receptacles. I will be socially responsible. She smiled to herself.

A shadow passed over her as the sky darkened. The sound of wheels on wet pavement gained her attention.

When she turned, she only saw a chest clothed in a blue button-up shirt. Arms wrapped around her and a cloth bag was lowered over her head. She let out a muffled plea for help and felt her body being hoisted from the ground.

This isn’t happening. Her shock faded and she began kicking and squirming against the stranger. “Please don’t,” she cried. “I’m being kidnapped!”

She was shoved onto a car seat and she felt him leaning over her. “Please be quiet,” he asked. His voice took her by surprise. She could swear she knew it.

He crawled over her and she heard the door slam behind him. Immediately he tied her wrists together, and then her ankles. He lifted the hood and replaced it with a blindfold in the same movement, which he secured behind her head.

As he pushed a ball gag into her mouth, his scent filled her nose and sent her mind whirling. I know that smell. Her breathing paced faster. I can’t believe he would do this.

“Wait here for just a while,” he murmured into her ear. She felt cold when his warm breath moved away, and she quickly missed his familiar voice.

It’s really him! Her heart thrummed in her chest. She had an unbearable crush on him.

He exited the back of the car and she heard him step into the driver’s seat.

The car pulled backward and she felt them move, presumably, away from the alley.

He drove in silence as she mentally recounted her interactions with the person she was sure had kidnapped her. He had seemed mildly friendly, but always reserved.

She had admitted to friends her attraction to him, but she had never expected anything to happen.

After several minutes, they parked and the engine turned off.

“Were you having a relaxing evening in?” he asked, scooping her out of the car. Small raindrops fell on her cheeks and she pushed her face against his chest, nodding. She had always caught a whiff of his smell in small intervals, but now she could immerse herself in it.

“Are you smelling me?”

Molly shook her head, but it was too late. He laughed as he opened a door and carried her inside. Molly was placed on a soft bed and he disappeared for a minute. When she became restless, his hands appeared on her wrists, guiding them above her head.

“Hold still,” he urged. She had started squirming the instant she felt her bound wrists being tied to a headboard. Warm lips caressed her cheek as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Uuhhg,” she moaned. His lips were soft and brought her nerves to attention as they slid to her neck. Something about the blindfold and the gag took her shame away. Her skin sizzled where his hands roamed, and her stomach flexed under his touch. My god, she thought. His fingers feel so good on me.

“I might be mistaken, but I almost think you like this,” he said.

“Mmm-mm,” she shook her head and pulled at her bonds, savoring the feeling of her restraints pressing sharply into her wrists.

After a while, her arms felt exhausted by her efforts, which had a strangely exciting effect on the rest of her body.

He trailed a finger over the cotton of her shirt, down to her pelvis. “What has me curious is whether you are more excited by the idea of a stranger doing this, or me in particular.”

Molly held her breath.

“That must be right. You can tell who I am, right?” He removed the gag from her lips and his mouth hovered over hers. “If you know who I am, say so.”

“Markus,” she whispered.

His lips pressed into hers, soft and firm at the same time. Molly’s back arched into him as he lowered his weight on her, pinning her groin to the bed with his hips centered on her.

The sound of raindrops echoed in a chorus around the building. Combined with the sounds of his moans, the ambience comforted her so intensely that she melted into the bed.

She mentally sized him up, noting that his stomach felt the way she had imagined when she accidentally peeked. Why would he lift his arms like that, she had thought. She had always turned her face away.

When he pulled away she opened her mouth. “Why won’t you take this blindfold off?” she asked as he shuffled around on a nightstand.

He laughed. “It’s not that I don’t want you to know who I am. It’s that I think you’re shy without it.”

That was sort of true. She would have never said anything, and she wouldn’t be as confident about moaning and writhing this soon into any intimate encounter.

Markus’s fingers slipped under her pants and found her pussy. Molly moaned at his touch, but his fingers quickly slipped out. “Very nice, but you could be wetter.”

He quickly sat up and pulled her pants and underwear off, baring her to the warm air. A heater was whirring somewhere in the room, and the white noise was pleasant to her ears.

“Spread your legs and hold them, just like that.” The second she opened her thighs, his fingers moved around her labia. Her pressed two fingers into the muscle around her opening, spreading her open without touching her directly.

Her clit throbbed as it sat untouched in plain sight. “You know how to excite a girl,” she admitted. Instead of a vocal answer, she felt a hard tube being pressed around her folds. “What is this?” she gasped.

“Just hold still,” he said gently. One hand held the tube to her while he pumped something with his other hand. Molly felt her clitoris being sucked into the chamber.

“Ooh, can we talk about this first?”

“No,” he said. The gentle tone of his voice was jarring, considering the content. Her stomach tightened as she remembered that she didn’t have a say in this.

“Just take the blindfold off, and show me what you’re doing,” she asked.

His hand left the tube, and she found that it had sucked tight enough to stick to her. Her clitoris felt tingly.

When she tried to dislodge it by moving her legs, he pressed his legs over hers, his crotch pressing against her pelvis. Somehow, the position subdued her movement. “Shhh,” his hand clamped over her mouth. “You won’t complain once you see the effects of this. I’m just pumping you up to get the blood flowing a little.”

Markus held her under his weight as she adjusted to the strong sensation. He breathed on her cheek and moved his lips along her ear.

“I think that should do it,” he finally said, releasing the suction pressure from the tube. “Keep your legs open,” he said, shifting away from her on the bed.

His fingers pressed to her cunt, and an almost stinging pleasure coursed through her. Molly pressed her legs closed and she heard a pained sigh.

Markus responded by bending her legs up to her chest and spanking her harshly. His palm landed on her cheeks several times before it slapped at her tender pussy, and the shock nearly pulled her up to a climax.

“Now, keep your legs open,” he said again. Somehow, she built up the willpower to spread herself for him, and Markus resumed running his fingers up and down her slit. “That’s much nicer. You’re soaked.”

Molly’s face burned with embarrassment as he played with her private parts, but her need burned stronger. Inside her, an ache was stoked by the rumble of his voice. She was sure only he could reach her where she needed to be satisfied.

Markus dipped two fingers inside and stroked, before moving them suddenly to her back hole. “N-no!” she stammered, as one finger pushed past her ring of muscle.

“Relax,” he said. “Try pushing your muscles against me so I can open you up back here.”

“Please, can’t we do this normally?”

“No,” he answered.

“Please!” she pleaded. “Not back there!”

Markus slipped his finger from her and lifted her legs up to expose her sore ass cheeks. “Wait-“

Without pause he smacked her ass cheeks over and over, until she writhed and attempted to escape. Molly pulled on the rope around her wrists and her skin seemed to burn all over.

He finally stopped, and he flipped her over onto her stomach, leaving her gasping for breath as he pressed his clothed erection against her ass. “Ooh, god,” she moaned, squirming as heat radiated from her ass and her pussy pressed into the sheets.

Molly heard a zipper being undone, followed by the shuffling of clothing.

Suddenly, she felt the tip of his penis against her cunt, as hot and silky as she imagined. He slid into her with one sharp movement, the round head slipping directly to her g-spot. Molly heard a bottle open, and felt his lubricated fingers returning to her asshole.

She sighed, giving up. He had hammered her resistance out by spanking her, and she found that each of the sensations amplified her pleasure.

“I would have never guess you were like this,” she murmured.

“From your responses, I would guess that this is good?”

“Yes,” she said honestly. This is perfect.

Markus wiggled in a second finger through the ring of her ass as he dug his cock into her channel. Each stroke pressed her closer to bursting. Pressure coiled and churned in her core to show it.

Just as she was about to come, Markus pulled out and pressed his cock into her ass, her muscles burning as his girth popped past the sphincter. Molly groaned as he pushed deeper, whispering encouragement and advice to her as she was forced to accommodate him in her tight hole.

“My god, this feels amazing,” he exclaimed behind her head. “Your little butthole is so snug and grippy. It is practically sucking me in.” He groaned as he slowly rocked into her, pressing her slippery, swollen clit into the sheets.

“Go slower,” she said, wincing and struggling to adjust. Markus pulled her hair back and soothed her as he gave her time to stretch and relax. “How generous of you,” she joked.

Markus pulled out before thrusting in his entire length, making her insides burn. “Do you prefer when I’m mean?” he asked, picking up his pace. The burning spread to hit the ache she had inside, and the pain subsided with the sound of his voice.

“Yes,” she moaned, pushing her hips back against him and digging her fingers into the bedsheet as the skin on his rod rubbed against her tight insides. Markus wrapped a hand around her neck and pressed his face against her cheek as he ground her into the bed.

Molly’s muscles stiffened as she approached the peak. Markus hit something deep inside her dark passage that ignited every nerve in Molly’s body.

Her stomach plummeted as she felt as if the ground was dropping away from her. She felt like the raindrops outside had fallen on her in a gentle curtain, sweeping from her head to her toes as all the stress washed from her body.

Markus groaned as she gripped him harshly with her ass. Within seconds, he came undone, his body stiffening as he drew in and out with ragged thrusts. He grunted as he filled her asshole.

He lay on top of her, both of them breathing heavily as the rain hit the roof above them. Markus finally rolled to her side and removed her blindfold.

She was relieved to see him finally. He had an attractive face, with expressions that usually made me mind go blank. Now, his cheeks were pink and his wide eyes were completely intent on her. Molly could feel his gaze on her, and she squirmed.

“Would you prefer if I kept you all weekend?” he asked.

She smiled, feeling a mixture of absolute physical satisfaction mixed with excitement over spending time with him. “Yes, please,” she said. “Please keep me as long as you like.”

Markus smiled brilliantly and kissed her, dipping his tongue into her mouth and stroking her hair. “We can clean up and have some dinner, and if you’re ready we can play some more. Or I could tie you up and cuddle you on the couch.”

“I’ll try a little of everything,” she said, kissing him back. “I always wondered what it would be like to do this with you. I couldn’t have guessed how wonderful you would be.”

“Let me get you out of those ropes. We have a long weekend ahead of us.” Her heart hammered as his eyes sparkled at her.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Marie Suiter. All rights reserved.

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Hmm So great! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it :D

Sun, December 9th, 2018 2:04am

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