Coming Home Wolf Style

Coming Home Wolf Style Coming Home Wolf Style

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Its a love story between two werewolves. Ella and Sam love each other, no doubt, but do they love each other enough to make it work? Ella is the Alpha of the packs daughter. She has seen throughout the course of her life how trying it can be to be the Alpha. She doesn't know if she has what it takes. Sam and her have been mated. It was in the stars. Destiny wanted them together. He wants to be Alpha but he needs Ella standing beside him before he can be. Will he be able to convince her he loves her for her, not just the Alpha status?


Its a love story between two werewolves. Ella and Sam love each other, no doubt, but do they love each other enough to make it work?
Ella is the Alpha of the packs daughter. She has seen throughout the course of her life how trying it can be to be the Alpha. She doesn't know if she has what it takes.
Sam and her have been mated. It was in the stars. Destiny wanted them together.
He wants to be Alpha but he needs Ella standing beside him before he can be. Will he be able to convince her he loves her for her, not just the Alpha status?


Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Her feet hurt.  She just wanted to sit with her feet up and enjoy a big glass of wine while she relaxed.  Maybe Ryan would call and offer to come rub them.  The thought made Ellie sigh dreamily as she hit the lock button on the inside of her car before slamming the door. 

She lived in a pretty decent neighborhood.  She knew the neighbors to the left were the Parkers.  They had a little girl who was always walking her little dog.  She was adorable.  And across the street were the Forman’s.  They were an old retired couple.  They enjoyed puttering in the garden.  And the house on the right was empty with the Harlow’s just moving out.  They were having a baby and Melissa, wanted something bigger to raise a family in. 

No, all in all she didn’t mind it here in the cute little house.  As she walked up the front steps she noticed her flower beds needed weeding.  But she would get to it tomorrow.  It was 2a.m. after all.

Ellie slid her key into the lock and walked inside.  The kitchen light was on.  That was strange.  She knew she hadn’t left it on. 

She shrugged it off and kicked off her shoes, three inch stilettos, and relocked the door.  She took a deep breath and froze.  Her eyes narrowed to slits.  “Son of a bitch!”

Ella stomped into the kitchen and sure enough, Sam was digging through her fridge. 

“Trespassers get shot, you know.” She informed him.  She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

Sam, all 6’3 inches of him, popped an olive into his mouth and backed up to lean on the counter.  He cocked one hip lazily and flashed a grin.  “Nice to see you too Kitten.”

“Don’t call me that!” Ellie snapped.  “Why are you here?  And half naked?  In my kitchen?” 

Okay, Ellie had to admit, even if Sam wasn’t her favorite person, he was still nice to look at.  All tall and lanky, with washboard abs, long lean legs, thick black hair, startlingly gray eyes, a strong chin, and smooth firm lips. 

“It smells like a male in here.” Apparently was his way of answering her. 

Ellie jutted out her chin.  “Yeah, so what?”

He growled and pushed away from the counter. 

Ellie took a step back.  “Look Sam, you can’t-“

“And look at the way you’re dressed.  Your breasts are about to fall out.  I can see your stomach and if you bent over your ass cheeks would show.” He advanced on her.


They both froze as there was a knock on the door. 

“Who is it?”  Ellie cried out, already knowing who it was.

Sam did too.

“Ryan.  C’mon Ellie, open up.” Ryan called through the locked door.

Sam changed direction and stalked to the door.  After turning the lock he yanked it open.

To say Ryan was surprised, well pretty much covered it.  He stared up at Sam, and then tried to peer around him.  “Ellie, are you okay?”

Ellie tuck her head around Sam’s body.  “Yes Ryan I’m fine.  This is-“

“Who are you?” Sam interrupted.

“Ryan.  I’m Ellie’s boyfriend.” Ryan puffed up.

Sam sneered, “Did Ellie tell you she was married?”

“Married?” Ryan squeaked.  “To you?”

Sam nodded.

Ellie knew better than to argue.  She didn’t want Ryan to get hurt.  He was definitely no match for Sam. 

“Sorry dude, I didn’t know.” Ryan stepped down.  “I-“

He was interrupted by the door slamming in his face. 



Sam once again locked the door.  He turned and caught Ellie around the waist before she could run.  He pulled her roughly against her body.

Ellie whimpered at the contact.  She lifted her face up, waiting for him to kiss her., but it didn’t come.  Instead she felt his hands move over her body, cupping her breasts, his thumbs grazing her nipples.  They moved slowly down her ribs to her waist, leaving a trail of fire as they went.  His hands reached down to cup her ass, pulling her up, until her legs wrapped around his waist. 

She hated that he could do this to her.  With one touch she was burning for him.  She craved him with every fiber of her being. 

“Say it, Ellie.  Say your mine.” His lips skimmed her jaw and nibbled at her neck. 

“No.” she moaned it even as she threw back her head, giving him better access.

Sam growled and carried her into the bedroom.  He tossed her onto the bed, and then lowered his body to hers.  His fingers explored the cleavage her shirt exposed.  He tugged but the shirt was caught so he ripped it.  The material gave so easily beneath his powerful hands.  Next he reached for her bra, not wanting that bit of cloth between him and his woman.  He was going to give it the same treatment the shirt had received but Ellie stopped him.

“It clasps in the front.” With shaky fingers she showed him.

Dipping his head he feathered his lips along her breasts.  Her skin was like satin and warm golden honey.  With his fingers he teased her nipples into hard points then fastened his mouth on the closest one. 

Ellie cried out and dug her fingers into his hair, holding him ever closer.  She arched her back offering more.

Sam sat up and looked into her eyes.  They were so blue.  And right now they were clouded with passion.  For him.  “Say it.”

By now she was quivering.  She needed him like a drug addict needed their next fix.  “Sam.”

His own eyes clouded with pain and he bent his head to lay it upon her stomach.  “I love you Ella.” 

“Oh Sam,” now her eyes misted with tears.  “I love you too.”

That was all he needed.  He jumped up to his feet and shed his jeans.  Without a qualm he reached for her skirt and tore it off.  Her panties followed quickly.  He lowered his body over hers once again and finally took her mouth in a kiss.  Lips rubbed and tongues dueled. 

With one hand he reached down between her thighs to where she was already wet, wanting him.  Her lips broke free from his when his fingers brushed her clitoris.

“I’m sorry baby.” Sam murmured, shoving her knees wider.  “I need you.” And with one thrust he was in. 

Ellie came instantly, the pleasure rolling in gushes.  Then the pressure started building again as he began to move.  Ellie moved underneath him, wrapping her legs around his waist and meeting him thrust for thrust.  This time they came together with Ellie screaming and Sam stiffening before slumping over.

When she could think coherently again she murmured “Oh Sam.” And kissed his sweaty shoulder. 

He sat up on his elbows to look down at her.  He gently pushed the hair out of her face and kissed her softly on the lips.  He gently prodded her underneath the covers and pulled her against his side.  “Go to sleep.”


It was always different the morning after.  Especially when he wasn’t lying beside her.  Ellie swept her hand over the bed beside her and found it cold.  That meant he had been gone for some time.  That bastard!  Who did he think he was?  Coming into her home, seducing her, and then leaving…she didn’t think so.

Ellie jumped up from the bed, not bothering to wrap herself in the sheet or throw on some clothes.  Instead she stalked through the house naked.  She wasn’t exactly shy.

She was only a little surprised to find him at her kitchen counter enjoying a cup of coffee.  He grinned up at her as she stomped in.

“Looking for me Kitten?” he patted his leg.  “Come sit with me.”

Ellie rolled her eyes and ignored him.  How could he look so sexy so early in the morning?  She reached up and grabbed a mug out of the cupboard.  She stiffened as she felt his body press into hers.  His fingers brushed hers as he easily grasped the cup. 

“Sam, you never told me why you’re here.” She bumped into him so she could have some breathing room.  She hated that he could turn her legs into jelly. 

She watched his smile slide from his face.  “You need to come home.”

Worry immediately clutched her.  “Why?  What's wrong?”

“It’s your father.”

Somehow she knew he was going to say that.  She knew her Dad wasn’t as strong as he could be when she left.  “I-is he dying?”

Sam shook his head, his black hair falling into his eyes as he did.  He pushed it back impatiently.  “I’m not sure.  He is passing the Alpha on before he does though.  And he needs you.”

“I’ve told him over and over Sam, I don’t want to be Alpha.” Ella took a deep breath.  That had been the whole reason she had left the pack in the first place.  She didn’t want it.  Didn’t think she had it in her to be the Alpha of the pack. 

“I can’t be Alpha without you Ella, you know that.  I need you.” He reached out for her hand.

She pulled away and crossed the room.  Putting distance between them.  This was another problem.  Her thinking he “loved” her only because he couldn’t be Alpha without her as his mate.  They were a mated pair, nothing would ever change that.  They had been born that way.  And Sam had been destined to rule.  Ella didn’t think she was. 

“You don’t need me Sam.  You can be Alpha without me.  Better yet, find a new mate.” And with that she stomped back into the bedroom.  She needed to get dressed and get out of this house. 

Sam followed behind her.  He moved silently through the house.  “Ella,” he began.

“No Sam.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I just want you to leave.  If it’ll make everyone happy I’ll go see Dad.  But then I’m coming right back here.  This is my home now.”  She dug threw her dresser looking for something to wear.

She didn’t get too far when she felt herself go flying through the air and landed with a thud on the bed.  It stole her breath for a minute and by the time she got it back there was a 200 pound male lying on top of her.

“Fine.  We won’t talk.” His lips roved over her upturned face.

Ella reared back her fist to punch him, but Sam caught it effortlessly.  Using one hand he stretched both her arms over her head and held them easily.  He laughed into her out raged face.  With his free hand he ran it over her body, teasing his palm over her already hardened nipple.  She gasped as much in outrage as pleasure. 

“Sam I swear,” Ellie threatened from beneath him as she tried to buck him off. 

“Oh Ellie, we both know you love it.” He skirted fingertips over her belly, making it quiver. 

That just pissed her off more and she bucked harder.  He chuckled before catching her mouth in a mind numbing kiss.  His lips moved over hers so softly at first then got rougher and more consuming. 

Ellie moaned, she couldn’t help it, the man could kiss!  His free hand twisted in her hair and tugged her head back, making it easier for his mouth to ravage hers.  His tongue darting in repeatedly to mate with hers and she arched to get closer to him. 

His hand wandered down her body again, cupping her full breast while his fingers grazed her nipple.  She whimpered into his mouth trying to get closer to him. 

Then, with surprising strength, she pulled free and instantly had him on his back underneath her.

Sam stared up at her, incredulous for a moment.  Then he grinned and whispered, “There’s my girl.” 

Ellie smiled back down at him before traveling down the length of his body.  She latched onto the waist of his jeans and effortlessly shredded them off his body.On the way back up she nipped at his thigh and ran her tongue along the length of his hard shaft.  He shuddered under her touch.  Ella nibbled at his belly and flicked her tongue over his nipple and giggled when he caught his breath. 

In a blur Sam had her around her waist and shoved up against the wall where he melded his mouth to hers.  His lips roved from her lips to feather kisses along her jaw and down her neck before he clamped down in a bite.  Ella screamed in pleasure.

Not being able to take anymore he shoved himself into her hot wet passage and had her climaxing instantly.  She screamed his name as she tightened around him.

“Again Ella, now.” And Sam plunged into her again and again.  He pinned her arms above her on the wall and bent his head to her breasts where he sucked on a ripe hard nipple.  “Now Ellie!” he commanded.  And she did, coming as he did. 

Sam staggered back towards the bed and collapsed on the surface with a grunt.  He gave Ella’s ass a firm pat before he nudged her off of him.  He didn’t let her get far however, before he had her pulled up next to him.

Ella conceded and rested her head on his chest.  She almost hated how much she loved him.  Because to her it wasn’t just about the Alpha status.She loved who he was.  They had grown up together.  Just like any adolescent boy he had been annoyed that she had followed him and his friends around, pestering them to let her play.  As the teenage years progressed it was she who had had him annoyed when she would flirt and tease all the other boys. 

“I need to get in the shower before we go.” She pulled away from him and headed toward her bathroom.  Sam followed behind her, but she slapped a hand on his chest.  “No funny business.  Showering only.”

He grinned all innocent, “Yes dear.”

Other than kissing her senseless they made it out of the shower without incident.  Ella went pulled out a pair of jeans and a t shirt and found her bra on the floor and quickly got dressed.  She caught her long blonde hair and quickly braided it so it hung down her back then turned to Sam who was sitting on her bed.  She cocked a brow at him.  “Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

“I would, but you tore my jeans, Kitten.” He chuckled.  “I didn’t exactly pack any clothes.  I stole those off your neighbor’s line.”

Ella scowled at him.  “Did you run here?”

Sam shrugged.  “I had to vent some frustration.”

She rolled her eyes at him then went to her dresser again and threw him a pair of jeans and a white t shirt. 

Sam brought them to his noise then held them away in disgust.  “I can’t wear these.  These are his.”

By his he meant Ryan’s.  Ella turned her back on him before he could see the amusement on her face.  “Fine, don’t wear them.  Run home.  Or ride naked.  It doesn’t matter to me either way.”

Grudgingly Sam pulled the jeans on and slipped into the shirt. 

Throwing some more clothes into an overnight bag and calling into work for a few days, they headed out. 


“So how is everyone else?  Mandy?  And Shane?”Mandy had been her best friend growing up and Shane was her little brother.  He was actually her cousin, but his parents had been killed, so they had been raised together.

Sam shrugged, “Mandy is-” there was a hesitation, “Fine and Shane is good.”

Ella waited for more detail but when no more was forthcoming she mumbled, “Sheesh, don’t be such a chatter box.”

He grinned.  “Shane is probably home by now too.  He’s been away at college.”

“Really?” Ella was shocked.  Whenever she and Shane had talked about it, he had always been adamant that he was never going to college.  That he would never leave Chase’s Lake.  “What did he go for?”

Ella missed her brother.  Since she had broken from the pack it was forbidden of any of them to talk to her.  If she had been away on assignment or college, well that was different, but she had gotten mad and left.  And when she left she had left all her friends and family.Over the last 2 years she hadn’t let herself think about them and she was realizing just now how much she missed them.  Especially Shane and her parents.  Mandy too, they had been almost inseparable growing up. 

 “There might be something I should tell you about Shane.” Sam reached for her hand and rubbed her palm with his fingers. 

That made her nervous, “What?” 

“Well he brought home a friend, a special friend, and your father isn’t very happy about it.”

Ella frowned, “Why?  He hasn’t mated with anyone has he?”

“No, but the problem is the friend he brought home is a guy.” Sam watched her face.

“Did Shane tell dad to get over it?  And are you sure it’s not just because he’s an outsider?  You know how dad hates outsiders.”  Ella rolled her eyes.  Her dad could be so close minded.

“Well it’s probably both but the guy thing really bothers him.” Sam shrugged.

They rode together in silence for a while.  Chase’s Lake wasn’t that far away.  Soon enough they were passing the sign saying they had entered the small town.

Ella rolled down the windows and took a deep breath.  If she hadn’t been driving she would have closed her eyes in ecstasy.  It smelled so good here, like pine trees and dirt.  Maybe to a normal person the combination wouldn’t exactly be appealing, but to her it was amazing.  She could also smell the wildness in the air.  It was so thick she could taste it.  She felt her skin quiver in answer.

Sam could smell it too.  He glanced over at her sharply.  “Control it Ella.”

Ella firmly pushed the urge away, but it was hard.  Extremely hard.  Even when she felt she was under control her skin still quivered.

Sam sat up straighter in his seat, ready to take the wheel of the car if Ella couldn’t control herself.  Sure enough she pulled over to the side of the road.  Luckily it was in front of the gas station, which was closed for the day, with it being Sunday.

She climbed out of the car and headed toward the forest quickly.  Sam jumped out following her.  There was no need to lock the car.  No one, well from Chase’s Lake anyway, would dare bother it.

“Ella?” Sam asked her anxiously.

“Dammit, I like this shirt too.” She was muttering to herself.

“Ella!” Sam shouted it now. 

With her attention on Sam, Ella paused. 

“When was the last time you changed?” Sam asked her.

Ella grinned saucily.“Two years.”

 And with that her clothes shredded into pieces.  She was on all fours and in the time it took for Sam to shed his jeans she was a wolf.  He stared at her in wondrous amazement.  Even as a wolf she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Unlike the rest of them who were dark gray and white grizzled, or brown, Ella was a startlingly pure white.  Her fur glistened like snow.  She stared at him with her gorgeous blue eyes and her mouth lolled open in a wolfy grin.

With the sun setting low in the west, Ella threw back her head and let out a long mournful howl.

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