To Start A Fire

To Start A Fire To Start A Fire

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Stacy is a 18 year old girl with very limited sexual experience but an unexpected encounter with a family friend has changed all that and ignited a spark that has changed her life.


Stacy is a 18 year old girl with very limited sexual experience but an unexpected encounter with a family friend has changed all that and ignited a spark that has changed her life.


Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



"Hi Mr. James", I said as I entered his work space. 

"Hi Stacey", he replied.  "How was your day? "he asked.  Our usual casual and easy going intro.  Mr. James is basically a family friend of sorts. Easy-going and very pleasant with a warm smile that went straight to his eyes, eyes that never betrayed any inappropriate thoughts. He continued on his task humming to himself.  I watched for a few minutes, mindlessly and innocent to the mechanisms that were probably at work in his head, a conversation started about some incident or the other earlier in the day.In case you forgot, Mr. James is a teacher in my school, not one of my teachers though. 

It was the end of my freshman year so I had some visiting time to spare. I stood and watch him for a few minutes, he bagan packing up his paraphernalia and said nonchalantly, "Stacey, let me show you something I came across in my office".  I followed him to the area at the back of the building where a few other closed office spaces where located wondering what the find was.  As I entered the room he offered me a chair and began search the area directly behind my chair, suddenly a felt a hand on my shoulder which startled me, Mr. James has never touched me before. He seemed to have realized the affect his touched had and quickly apologized.  His search ended with him behind the office door which caused him to close the door with all his rambling. All this I watched wondering a bit a all the commotions then he threw his hands in the air looking quite annoyed. 

"I don't know what I did with it" he said.

"No worries, I'll find it for you but I won't tell you what it is".

 "Hmmm", I replied. At this point, he was still standing at the door as I stood to leave. He didn't seem to notice so we ended up standing face to face or rather face to chest since he was taller than my 4'9" frame. I paused to reach around him to open the door but he held my hand which startled me again and I looked up hesitantly he smiled, 

 "Can I hold your hand?" He asked. I nodded my head not sure what else to do.

"Look Stacey, I know that this is wrong but I like you a lot".

With some measure of unsureness, I replied, "Ok".  Now don't get me wrong, innocent doesn't mean stupid. At this point I started to see where this was going and was too nervous to react. 

That "ok" struck the spark.

Roving hands and exploring mouth jolted me back to present.  Of course, I just stood there while he ravished my mouth, he took my hands and wrapped them around his waist and told me not to be afraid to touch him. I just shook my head.

I must admit it felt pleasantly nice, at this point in my life I had only experienced a few unmastered sexual encounters with my boyfriend, this new experience was more passionate, more caressing more everything.  My skin felt on fire my body hummed with every pull on lips as if my lips had a string that was anchored to different areas of my body.  He pulled away from my lips and confessed his desire for me. I had my ear filled with praises of my body, how he liked to see ass, how I taste so sweet and fresh, how my tits feel in his hands and his desire to taste them.  It was too much to take in all at once and I was so afraid.

Since I didn't mention before.... Mr. James is married!

I did not visit Mr. James for the rest of the week for reasons you could imagine.  I just could not bring myself to let this "old man" possess me, touch taste me.

The weekend was one of reflection, I could not take the images and feeling out of my mind it was too overwhelming, my body's betrayal of its new found experience had me masturbating in overdrive. I made out with my 21 year old boyfriend but it did not feel the same. His hands were too rough, his mouth was too tight.  I needed more.

Monday afternoon met me standing at the doorway of Mr. James's workarea. Noticeably, we were not as easy with our conversation as before but I guess that was expected. After much stalling he asked me if I was ok and how worried he was after I didn't come by again. I shrugged.he asked me if I would like to go into his office and I shrugged again so he walked off leading the way, I guess, so I followed.  

In his office again. He was perched on the edge of his desk with his arms folded as I entered his space, I was not offered a chair this time but was told to come to him. I proceeded shyly with uncertain steps.  OMG! I needed encouragement, I was not in a comfortable situation, he pulled me in to him and forced me to look at him.

"Stacey, are you alright with this? I need to know that I am not forcing myself on you I want you to enjoy this as much as I", he explained.

I nodded.

Gently he pulled me closer and held me by my face, kissing me tenderly and purposefully.  His hands travelled over my body from my neck to my ass and back giving my ass a litttle squeeze on every pass.  I felt wonderful!

After awhile Mr. James inquired wether or not I had a boyfriend, if we were sexual and if we used protection I answered all his questions, I don't remember what I thought about his questions but thinking back on that moment am sure he was more concerned about his well being than mine, just saying.  I could be wrong. He then proceed to expose me enough without removing my clothing, after all our location was not completely secure. There I was was perched on the end of his desk, panties down to my knees, skirt bunched at my waist and blouses unbuttoned, my big tits above my bra which he had managed to work free, heaving with every breathe.  I was his meat on display ready to be devoured.

"Stacey, I want your pussy nice and wet for my cock, I don't want to hurt you". With that he produce the biggest cock I have ever seen up to that point in my life.  It appeared to grow with ever stroke.

He took my hand and guided it to his cock.  "Stroke it Stacey". I did so hesitantly until small beads of precum formed at the tip of his engorged cock.  I watched as he rubbed it along the tip of his cock.  Assuring me that his cock will fit perfectly in my pussy, "I know your pussy will fit tightly around my cock since you haven't had much cock in your little pussy", he declared.

He sat in his chair in front of me and stroked my young body, pressing his fingers in my nipples and stroking my breast from base to tip of my nipples, my panties were wet from my dripping pussy I closed my eyes and savored the sensations this is the first time I had such a reaction to this sort of touch, his lips reached my nipples licking at my sensitive flesh, I quivered.  

A finger entered my pussy, it immediately clenched, trying to hold his finger there as it stroke the inner walls of my pussy. My clit was aflame, trying to get some ease from the pressure I tried to close my legs but he sensed my intent and tried to keep my leg apart.  Finally, he touched my clit with his thumb, I squealed with the sudden contact. My juices were flowing down my legs and his fingers were nice and slick. Finally, he stood still with his fingers in my hot hole and his other hand stroking his cock.

 "Sit on the desk and keep your legs opened".  I did as he requested, he stepped forward, held my face in his hand and ravished my mouth, using both hands he sheathed himself with a condom and entered my eagerly waiting pussy. With slow meaningful strokes he fucked my young pussy.  Mr. James rode my pussy with such expertise I felt him in every corner, length and breathe of my pussy. I never had my pussy so thoroughly fuck. I was stroked everywhere, he opened me up further by spreading my legs hooking his arms around them.  My arms supported my upper body while I took my ultimate pounding in my wet, slushing pussy. My nipples are craving something to touch them but as I said I am mostly inexperienced in these activities so I am not aware that that is something I could do in his presence. As if he read my mind he said, "Lay back and touch your nipples". I did as I was told and I continued to enjoy the sensations in every angle. 

With one leg elevated on his shoulder, Mr. James started to stroke my clit, I felt the energy building in my stomach and make its way to my clit, it would be only moments before I climax. Mr. James started to speak with me in hushed tones inquiring if I enjoyed what I was getting, if I wanted more, would I come back for more; I said yes to all. In a gentle stoke of my forehead, he kissed my lips and said good, slowly pulling back he whispered, "ok, then I will not give you all today, come back for more. 

I felt totally busted but I gained the knowledge of what to expect in our next encounter; what I do with the knowledge is left to be seen.  Mr. James knew he had me hooked line and sinker.

This is definitely just the beginning......



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