All Consuming Need

All Consuming Need All Consuming Need

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A submissive's drive and need for her Dom


A submissive's drive and need for her Dom


Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



All Consuming Need

I want to play I hear a soft whisper say

Shush I coo in my shy reply There is work to be done, no time to fly

In defeat she turns Back to her box she returns

Deep in my conscience lies her tomb

Burried in my mind, a tender womb

A whisper now a voice, her cry a loud croon

Shush now, I say, Our Sir will be here soon

No! She answers, arms folded, lips in a pout

You must wait I chide, in this there is no doubt

Back to your box, off with you now

Soon your time will come, to this I vow

I want it...I Need it! She cries out loud

Her insistent cry hangs as a storm cloud

This cloud of need is ready to burst

This ache inside claws, a never ending thirst

No longer in her box or tightly contained

It is my will and strength that is slowly being drained

The trembles begin

This desire and need will once again win

Clawing, tearing, she breaks free

This ache now completely devours me

On my sex sits a deep throbbing ache

This inner need laughs so cruel as my will finally breaks

This ache now takes full possession

It's laugh rings out so Cruel in its expression

Thoughts of lust and passion flower

This constant attack on my nerves, giving this need too much power

This need and I are now as one

This cruel desire, my soul it has finally won

Together we approach Sir, our body kneeling

Only his touch will settle this feeling

Arms bound and left suspended

This ache, this need, and his touch become blended

His leather strikes again and again

Kind fingers carress this heated skin

Cries and moans soon fill the air

His hands fist tearing at my hair

"Who do you belong to?" he demands

"You Sir," I say as I melt in his hands

Legs, lips, tongues entwine

My submission to him a fated design

He fills my body, heart, and soul

Collapsed and broken in his arms, I am now whole

"Sleep now little Sub, You've pleased me well."

I smile and breathe enfolded securely under his spell

"Thank you Sir, this ache you have healed,

It is only to your domination that this need will yield."

She, this need, smiles sweetly

Gracefully to her box she glides discreetly

I close the door to her tomb

Knowing all to soon, she will return, my soul to consume

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