The Trap Queen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The Trap Queen

Eighteen-year-old Juelle was born and raised in the world of Hip Hop. The daughter of hip-hop superstar, “Divine Right,” she has had a crush on Jerome, a famous R and B singer and her dad’s best friend for the longest time. During an annual vacation, Juelle and Jerome become lovers, despite the fact that he is engaged to be married. What was supposed to be a temporary, secret fling quickly unravels and turns into something else!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

I got hacked recently and someone tried to run off into the sunset with my work. It threw me for a loop. I was devastated. But then, I realized something. The attempted theft was a compliment. If my work on the Side Chicks rule Series is worth stealing, it's worth publishing! So, I'm gonna do that.

As a single black woman with a disabled son, every cent is required to stay off social welfare! I work hard! I enjoy it. But now, its time to put my business hat on before somebody else comes out of the woodwork and runs with what's mine!!

I'd like to thank everyone who gives me props and builds me up on this site!!! I hope you keep supporting me in the future. Because I love entertaining you more than anything.

Madeleine Mitton Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The Trap Queen   Chapter 2   It started and ended with a kiss. That’s how Jerome stopped being uncle Jerome a... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The Trap Queen   Chapter 3   Juelle slid into the outdoor swimming pool and began her laps. This was the only w... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The Trap Queen   Chapter 4   Juelle was incredibly sore when she woke up mid-morning. She’d already missed br... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The Trap Queen   Chapter 5     “I’m telling you right now this is a bad idea!” Adreena declared ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The Trap Queen is selling very, very well! I am surprised and elated. Thank you so much for the support! Read Chapter