The Office Affair

The Office Affair

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A late night romp between Sophia and her boss Marc. Enjoy !


A late night romp between Sophia and her boss Marc. Enjoy !


Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Submitted: March 11, 2014



 The Office Affair

  Sophia pulled her deathly straight mocha colored hair up into a ponytail in irritation of yet another late night Friday at the office. She was 25, she should be out partying, but instead she’s cooped up in her office sober and bored. Money over booze, she decided. She told herself this every time she was stuck at work, it never really motivated her, it only exceeded in annoying the hell out of her. But, being the president of a major corporation had its perks. If you didn’t mind sitting in a high-rise office building with your own office looking over the great city of New York, instead of going out,getting hammered, and taking home some random guy. She’d inadvertently given that life away a long time ago.

 She strained her eyes at the computer screen reading the thousandth journalist’s mediocre work before simply giving up and sending the author a rejection e-mail. Her head piped up at the sound of the elevator stopping on this floor. Peeking out of her slightly open door, she could hear the heavy footsteps and see the tall stature of her boss, Mr. Camden, striding through the office. She bit her lip at the sight of him, his tousled blonde hair and loose tie, his piercing blue eyes and full, plush looking lips. He was the definition of a man with power, and that further turned her on. She never got a chance to know him, he hadn’t even been the one who interviewed her, just the simple “hellos” and “goodbyes” every now and then, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of attraction she held towards him. He handled the actual board meetings, while she sat and admired him shooting down everyone else’s ideas, she just contributed a small portion of marketing strategies, and focused on daily operations within the workplace.

 “Miss Warren, what are you doing here this late?” His voice struck her off guard, deep and seductive. He threw her whole train of thought off track. She met his eyes slowly and she was sure her face was scarlet by now.

 “Uh, I-I uh had some work to ,uh, look over for the ,um, new issue.” She was stuttering like an idiot. This was certainly unusual, she always composed herself with poise, but he had torn down her dominant wall of power, leaving her pretty much defenseless.

“Oh, really? You here every night, or was it just today?” He stuffed his hands in his black slacks, and leaned in the arch of the doorway, seeming utterly interested in what little of a life she actually had.

“Oh, um. No, I mean, this past week I have. It’s-I mean. It’s not like I have a life.” His eyes questioned her. “No, I didn’t mean to say that,” she stated defeatedly, “I must sound like an idiot.”

 “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.” Sophia felt a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth, “I’m sorry but, I don’t think I know your first name, and it feels a little too formal to be calling you Miss Warren.” Sophia met his eyes once again getting lost in the deep emerald green of them. God, would he stop being so damn gorgeous. He made his way over to her desk, until he was standing right in front of her. He was much taller up close.

 “Oh, um, Sophia. Sophia Warren.” She stood and held her hand out to him, seeing as though he was much taller than her and sitting in her swivel chair and stretching her hand out would probably end up in her touching his groin area,and she didn’t want to take that chance.

“You mind if I call you Sophie?” She shook her head, at this point, she’d allow him to call, and do anything he wanted to,and with her. Anything. She caught herself on that thought, he was not arousing her. Yes, he is. She hated to admit it, but he was. Curse his beautiful chiseled face, and entrancing eyes.

 He took her hand graciously and brought it to his mouth where he left a kiss, it sent tingles through her body, more directly, to her core. She felt herself almost dripping as his eyes lingered on hers a second too long making her basically a puddle at his feet.

 “Well, I guess I’ll leave you to your work then.” He smiled and let go of her hand, “Have a nice night Miss Warren.” And he took off with his sensually long stride towards his own personal office. She waited for him to be completely out of sight before she let out her sigh. She was horny now, and would never get any work done. She contemplated getting her rocks off right there at her desk, but what if he came back out of his office. Flustered, Sophie made her way to the restroom and hitched her skirt up. She leaned back against the wall beside the mirror, letting her hands roam down to her panties where she teased herself before pulling them down and off.

She imagined herself as Mr.Camden, running his fingers over her clit and delving his fingers into her wet velvety core. Sophie cried out in ecstasy, this was much better than her regular masturbation sessions. She pumped her fingers diligently in and out of herself, letting her head fall back and closing her eyes.

“Oh, Mr. Camden.” She let her other hand work at her clit, gently massaging it. She felt it rising in her, like a volcano about to erupt. She lifted her leg slightly to get better access of herself and she pumped her fingers more ferociously.

 “Yes, oh, yes. Please, Mr. Camden.” She pleaded to no one, save herself, but she wasn’t thinking about that. She was solely focused on her release. She was so close. She felt something, but it wasn’t her release. She opened her eyes to find Mr. Camden himself standing before her with nothing but lust in his eyes.

 “Mr. Cam-” She started, embarrassed at him finding her. She had already removed her fingers from her still dripping core and pinned her thighs together. She lowered her gaze, hoping that this was just her lucid imagination.

 “No. Don’t stop, please, finish.” She lifted her head at that, looking a little confused. That was the last thing she wanted to do.

“But, Mr.Cam-” She began again, but to no avail.

 “I said, ‘finish’. That’s an order Sophie. Don’t make me have to come and finish you off myself.” He smirked, and her mouth parted slightly at that last part and he held her gaze as she reluctantly parted her legs again and she dipped her fingers back into her still wet core. She closed her eyes again let her head relax against the wall. It seemed that she’d started just where she left off, as she felt herself finally coming to her peak. She tried to imagine that she was by herself, and not pleasuring herself in front of a man, and her boss at that. Sophie moaned and jumped at the feeling of someone unbuttoning her blouse.

“Shh.” He spoke, “Keep going.” And she did. She felt her muscles beginning to clench just as he pushed her bra down revealing her large soft mounds and rosy pink hardened nipples. He took them into his hands and massaged them as she moaned his name cumming around her fingers. He raised her up and pressed her body into the wall as he took one of her buds into his mouth. She locked her legs around him and gasped in response. She couldn’t exactly remember the last time she was touched like this by a man.

Her hands, on their own accord, moved up to grip his short silky hair. He bit down slightly, and went to give the other the same attention, all the while, Sophie was enjoying the sensations flowing through her body. She could feel his hard-on through the fabric of his pants, his hands caressing her body and his mouth suckling on her breast. This was what she was missing out on for the last three years of her life.

He pulled back suddenly and let her down, smiling at her.

“Have a nice night Miss Warren, and get some work done.” He smirked again, before stuffing his hands back into his pockets and striding away. Sophie was as confused as she could ever be.

 “What the hell?” She said to no one. She buttoned her blouse back up, and searched for her panties. They were no where in sight. Bastard must’ve taken them. She thought angrily. How dare he? She pulled her skirt back down and started towards the door, then a wave of fury took over her as she stormed out of the bathroom and towards his office.

She stood right outside and read the label on the door a few times. Marc Camden. She said that a few times in her mind, and decided to barge into his office before her liquid courage ran out. She twisted the door handle and pushed her way through the door. She looked at him, as he slowly raised his gaze from the paper he was reading. Suddenly, she regretted her actions.

“Is there something you want, Miss Warren, or did you barge in here just to stare at me in the doorway?” Marc challenged.

“Actually, yes, there is something I want.” She stepped inside his office and closed the door behind her.

 “Do tell.” He had placed the paper down and was leaning his arms on the desk.

“You,” she started, pointing at him, “are going to come over here and fuck me.” She couldn’t believe her own words. Her mind was reeling, and the words coming out her mouth were clearly from her subconscious mind.

“Oh, am I?” He looked at her with a menacing look in his eyes, but she didn’t care about that. She only wanted to get rid of this burning ache between her legs.

“Yes, you are.” She started for his desk, and grabbed at his tie, pulling him up. In response, he gripped the base of her neck, flexing his fingers around it. For a moment, there was a stare down between the two. Then, solely on impulse, Sophie climbed onto his desk and pressed her mouth to his, moving her hands quickly to remove his tie. She didn’t even notice his pushing of the contents of his desk to the floor until he pushed them onto it. She battled with his tongue for dominance of the situation, but lost indefinitely.

He basically ripped her shirt back open and her bra off, while Sophie worked on his own shirt. When they were both topless, Marc pulled back briefly to unbutton his pants and push them down. He gripped the base of her neck again, and pulled her up as he sunk balls deep into her.

 Sophie cried out, and threw her head back. He stretched her around his shaft and she felt every inch of him. He pounded ferociously into her, so hard that Sophie thought he would send her off the desk with each thrust.  

“Oh, Mr. Camden!” She moaned, closing her eyes to savor the feeling of him. She was gunna cum again. He hit this spot in her that curled her toes, she couldn’t help but yell his name.

“Tell me how it feels.” He growled as Sophie gripped his back and pulled herself to him, she wanted to feel his skin, warm and soft, crushing into her.

“God, it feels so good! Like I’m falling, its a… rush.” She arched her back, and he held her in place. She felt her muscles clench as her mind continued to reel. “Fuck.” She moaned as he forced her to ride out her orgasm. Then, the position changed. Suddenly, her stomach was on the cool surface of his polished wooden desk. As he pushed himself back into her pulsing core, it felt as if there was more of him.

Before she could even fully grasp the feeling of her knees slightly buckling, his hand came crashing down on her ass. She cried out again, and let her head rest on the cool mahogany.

 “That was for barging into my office.” He stated, this was followed by another smack. Sophie yelled again, and reached behind her to soothe her stinging cheeks, but he caught her hands and pinned them to her back. “Now, you’re gunna count out the rest of them, just for that.” Then, his hand came down on her again.

“One.” She counted through gritted teeth. Another smack, “Two.” She could feel herself clenching up with every strike of his hand, and apparently Marc liked it too. He groaned as she tightened herself around him. He made her count them out all the way to twenty, which made her pretty sore and sensitive. Then, he stopped again. He pulled her up as he sat in his chair and pulled her on top of him, slamming himself into her in the process. He kissed her collarbone and let his hot tongue trace all the way up to her ear.

“Now, I want you to fuck me.” He whispered, as if someone would hear them. Sophie bit her lip, deep in thought.

 “I-I’ve never done this before.” She admitted as he continued to kiss her skin.

“Never did what, baby?” He was in the crook of her neck, stealing kisses, and leaving hickies in his path, causing her mind to scatter.


“What? Sex?” He leaned back to look at her.

 “No, I mean, I’ve never led.” She wasn’t exactly sure that was the right term.

“You mean, you’ve never rode anyone?” He stroked her hair, gently.

 “I suppose that’s what you call it.” She leaned herself more into him, wanting more of his touch.

“It’s easy, you ever rode a horse?” She nodded, “It’s just like that, just...ride.” She took his advice, thinking of him as a horse. He raised her hips up and sank back down, moaning during the process. God, this felt wonderful.

 Marc gripped her hips, forcing her to grind with every pump. A groan escaped his chest as he let his eyes close. Sophie took his face in her hands and crushed her mouth to his in an unsettling motion. She managed to multitask, keeping her rhythm of riding him, and kissing the life out of him, which somehow molded together.

 Sophie felt him twitch suddenly inside her, and despite wanting to feel him fill her to the brim, she remembered,s he wasn’t on the pill. She raised herself off of him and fell to her knees, pulling his hard member into her mouth.

 “Fuck.” She felt his hot seed spill into her mouth and swallowed gratefully, she enjoyed tasting him, and draining him for all he’s worth. After she swallowed, she licked him, as if he was an ice cream cone, from the base to the tip. Then, she kissed her way back up to his mouth, where she gingerly sat on his lap as he cradled her.

 Marc kissed her forehead and nestled his head in her hair, breathing in the strawberry scent of it. The room was utterly quiet, save for their labored breathing.

 “You know you can call me Marc now.” He spoke, finally.

“What?” Sophie had nearly fallen asleep in his arms.

 “I said you can call me Marc. I think we’ve done enough to be on a first name basis.” Sophie thought over his words and giggled a little. She turned her head towards him, and met his lips where his tongue did a thorough sweep through of her mouth before biting her bottom lip and pulling away.

 “I guess we should. But, I think I like ‘Mr. Camden’ better.”

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