On the Road

On the Road

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A lot of stories are made driving down the open road. Stories of love, of loss, and discovered treasure. This particular story involves a hitchhiker I picked up and the hot, wet present he gave me in return.


A lot of stories are made driving down the open road. Stories of love, of loss, and discovered treasure. This particular story involves a hitchhiker I picked up and the hot, wet present he gave me in return.


Submitted: February 07, 2016

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Submitted: February 07, 2016



I’ve always made room in my car for hitchhikers. I suppose that comes from once being one myself; I was just some hot-shot punk fresh out of high school, 19 years old and ready to take on the world, and I thought I could get along fine with just my good looks and charm. Reality smacked those notions out of me quick when I found myself broke in the middle of nowhere with no way home, forcing me to swallow my pride and stick out my thumb. Luckily, there were a few good souls who finally opened their car doors for me, and I’ve been paying it forward ever since.

You meet some interesting people on the road, too, and they all have a story or two tell. She’s running away from her deadbeat husband, he’s trying to get back to his beautiful wife, kids who want to make it big in the world and former big-shots who’ve fallen from grace; you hear it all. The best part comes from knowing that, though it may not seem like much to me, to those people I pick up, I’m like an angel sent to answer their prayers; I should know, I felt that way once too. There’s no money it, but they pay you in gratitude, and let me tell you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

One Summer a few years back, when I was driving through Kansas to get back home from my brother’s place in Missouri, I saw this kid thumbing it out on the roadside. It was such a long, lonely stretch of highway, nothing but miles and miles of cornfields and cows in either direction, and I was surprised to see he had gotten this far by himself. My heart went out to him right away because he looked the same age I was when I had hitchhiked, and it was pretty late in the day too, so I flashed him a wave and pulled over.

It took a while to slow to a stop, so he had run a ways to get to where I had stopped on the shoulder. While he jogged over, I studied him in the rear-view mirror. The kid was tall, kinda lanky-looking, which was understandable, since he had been hitchin’ it. Wandering nomads are very rarely fat. His clothes, also usual, were tattered and ripped around the edges, a big green and white flannel shirt billowing out in the wind covering a dirty-white undershirt and torn jeans. His hair was wild, a frayed and frizzy mess of long, dirty-blonde curls that stuck out from his head in all directions. He lugged an old, patched-up duffle bag from one shoulder.

I rolled down the window as he stopped along-side me.

“You need a ride, kid?”

“Yeah”, he panted, red-faced in the blazing sun.

“How far you going’?”

“Salina, if you’re goin’ that way”

“Hop in, I’m going out to Hays, myself.”

The kid smiled the same grateful, stupid smile every hitchhiker gets when he lands a ride, and jumped in like a tired dog.  He threw his bag in the back seat as I got back on the road.

He leaned back, closed his eyes, and basked in my air conditioning like it was the breath of Heaven itself, which to him was probably very nearly the truth.

“Thanks man,” he said, still red and hot from walking in the blazing Midwestern summer.

“No problem, kid. I used to be a road-wanderer myself, so I know what it means to catch a break.”

He smiled and gave a chuckle. “Yeah, well, this wanderer’s finally going home.”

“Tired of seeing this grand ol’ nation of ours up close?”

“Nah.” He opened his eyes and looked at me. He had brilliant eyes, sharp blue, with a mischievous glimmer deep in them. “I’m just tired of running from my past. Time I faced up to it, you know?”

I gave him a heart-felt smile. “I sure do”

Now that he was in my car, I gave him another, more detailed looking-over. He certainly was scrawny from travel, but in a scrappy, muscular kind of way. I figured a couple weeks of good food and rest would make him a real strong kid again. Under his flushed cheeks his skin was tanned a deep, handsome bronze. His face was round and boyish with big eyes. It made you want to see him smile, because you knew when he did, those bright blue eyes would just light up like stars.

I decided not to ask about whatever his home problems were, he’d probably had enough of that in his travels so far, so I kept the conversation simple.

“How’d you get this far out along the road? It’s a long way from the nearest gas station, and too far to walk without some serious gear.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “I was riding with a family of folks for a while back. They were real nice people, driving up from Georgia to see a relative in South Dakota, I think; but I kinda… messed up.”


“Yeah. The parents had their two kids, brother and sister, about my age, with them, and I guess I was feeling either really brave or really stupid, because I started flirting.”

“Ooh, trying to pick yourself a sweet little Georgia peach, eh?”

The boy smiled again, and I caught that mischievous glint glow bright in his eye for a second. “Yeah, something like that. Anyway, I guess I was a little too obvious about it, and they kicked me out to die like a dog on the roadside. And they called me a sinner…”

“I feel ya, pal, you never know what you’re gonna get with this kind of road-side assistance. Don’t worry though, I don’t have a daughter for you to soil with your wicked ways, so we should be good.”

We both laughed at that. I was starting to like the kid, he was a lot like me when I was his age; tough when he had to be, but generally easy-going; once tried to get away from something, but now trying to set things right again.

I reached into the back seat and pulled a coke from the cooler I keep back there for these long trips and handed it to him. “Thirsty?”

The kid took it, but I saw him frown slightly.

“Got any beer?” he asked.

I shrugged and smiled, “Nope, sorry kid, this car stays as dry as a bone as long as I’m driving her. Stay Sober or Get Pulled Over, all that stuff.”

“C’mon, man you’re not that much of a stick-in-the-mud, are you?”

“Well, I wasn’t always, but totaling my car when I was 22 trying to pull a stunt from The Dukes of Hazard sobered me up more than any PSA ever could.”

He really laughed at that, though the young buck had probably never even seen an episode of the show.

“Aw, shit, man, really?”

I placed my hand on my heart, “On my honor! Tried to jump it off a truck’s loading ramp and ended up smashing both vehicles! Took me years to pay off all the damages. I tell ya, I learned my lesson then and there, maybe too well; I don’t even like other people drinking in my baby, makes me nervous.”

The boy smiled gleefully and popped open his soda, taking a long drink.

“Well,” he said, “I guess I can’t blame you after a story like that, but still, it’s a shame you don’t have anything stronger. I’d like to loosen up a bit, you know?”

That mischievous glint shone again, but I couldn’t tell what he meant by it this time.

“What about you, though, you ever make any big mistakes?” I asked, then immediately regretted it, remembering too late that he still had one to fess up to back home.

To my surprise, though, he only laughed a little and answered,

“What me? Nah, man, I’m like an angel, man, angel of the I-70, come to bless you with my presence”

I rolled my eyes. “Sarcasm is a very unusual trait for an angel to have.”

“That’s where you’d be wrong, my son.” His voice became deep in mock-holiness. “You need only look around at the world you live in to see that the Divine has a very strong sense of humor. Where do you think politicians come from?”

I chuckled. “Yeah, well, whatever. Mistakes or not, you’re still young. You’ve got plenty of time to make more on this long road of life.”

“Oh, I plan to,” he said, dropping the act and resuming his normal voice. “I plan to make quite a few mistakes before my time here is up…”

I saw that glimmer again. I still didn’t know what it meant, but I didn’t mind much. Another thing I learned from picking up hitchhikers is that everyone’s got a few secrets they’re entitled to. Far be it from my business to go nosing around in this kid’s personal life.

We drove on for a while in silence as he enjoyed his cold beverage and I concentrated on the road. Before long, the sun was going down in front of us, and the yellow light fell through the windshield into our laps, making us warm despite the air conditioning. Eventually he finished his drink and put the empty can in the empty cup holder. Then he picked it up again, crushed it down into a compact lump, and put it back. He spoke.

“No beer, huh?”

I looked across at him again. In the golden sunlight, his bright blue eyes were sparkling like fireworks.


“Well, you must do something to keep loose while driving? Fight the boredom of the road, you know?”

He was looking squarely at me. I felt a heat spreading in my chest that had nothing to do with the setting sun, and I suddenly realized what that devilish glimmer in his eye had meant.

I responded slowly; “Did you have anything in particular in mind?”

He grinned the widest smile I’d seen from him yet, as if he could tell that I knew what was coming next.

He said, “As a matter of fact…”, and then deftly reached over and laid a hand on the crotch of my jeans, and began to lightly stroke my cock through the denim.

Now, for the record, I’m certainly not adverse to free and easy sex here and there, especially when given so willingly by such a sweet kid, but the fact is he had snuck up on me so stealthily, and sprung his little trap it so quickly, it caught me completely off my guard. So much so I jumped in my seat and the car swerved noticeably.

The kid quickly pulled his hand away, saying, “Aw, jeez, man I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” but stopped when he saw the bulge in my pants slowly rising in response to his touch, and his grin returned.

“Well, well, well!” he said, lowering his hand again to massage my growing member. “It seems this angel’s still got the magic touch!”

By now I had mostly regained my composure, but my face was still blushing and I tried to keep my eyes on the road.

“Kid, not that I’m opposed to the idea, but are you sure you wanna do this? I’m happy to drive you home for free, you don’t have to feel like you need to pay me or anything”

He shook his shaggy blonde head and kept rubbing my cock through my jeans, now using his entire hand to knead the ever-growing lump back and forth. “Don’t think of it as payment,” he said teasingly, “think of it as a gift. You gave me a gift when I needed it most, and now I’m just giving you one in return. Merry Christmas, all around!” I could feel the blood pumping through my cock as it pressed against the inside of my pants, quietly asking for release.

“Okay, just let me pull off somewhere-”

“No! Just keep on driving, I don’t wanna make you any more late getting to wherever you’re going than I already have.”

I looked back at him, those blue eyes and big yellow hair on fire in the dying sunlight. “Kid, I really don’t think-”

“Sshh, just drive, don’t even look at me.” He gently grabbed my chin and pointed it back forward towards the road. “Just leave everything to me.”

He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned down across the gap between the seats and started working my cock, still through the fabric of my jeans, in counter-clockwise circles, until it had swollen nearly to full capacity and was pressing painfully against the inside of my zipper.

“Ooh, and what a big gift it is!” he said, and gave the pulsating lump of denim a good, hard squeeze. The fucking little tease certainly knew what he was doing!

“Can I unwrap it for you?”

I could only grunt out a kind of consent, trying desperately to concentrate on driving and not on the six-foot piece of boy toy currently worshipping my hard cock.

He undid my belt buckle and button and then, slowly, unzipped my fly until the ridge of my stiff prick was expose to the open air. He slid a finger in and, with a gentle tug, popped it out so it stood up, tall and proud and fully erect, behind the wheel.

Now, I’m not usually one to brag, but I think that I can say with only a little vanity that I have, by most standards, a very impressive penis. Eight inches long and over two wide, hard muscle covered in soft, creamy skin and crisscrossed with veins like a road map. Circumcised, unfortunately, but the pink cap sits on top all the more gloriously proud for it, except right then it was almost purple for all the hot blood pumping through it. It’s surrounded by a thick, glossy dark brown bush of hair that I never even think of trimming, and balls the size of walnuts hang low in my sack. Yes, I think I can say that it certainly is a marvelous instrument, and right then it was being hungrily devoured by the electric blue eyes of this hot young hitchhiker I had just picked up.

The boy looked for a long moment at my stiff member in admiration, and then said, “Dude, you’ve got one amazing dick!”

At this, the last of my reservation flew out the window, and I decided that, since we were already there, we better make the most of it.

“Then don’t just stare at it, start servicing it, boy!”

“Yes sir!”

He wrapped his hand around my eager instrument and, feeling my heartbeat shuddering through it, began to slowly pump it up and down with long, deliberate strokes, rotating his wrist slightly back and forth as it steadily moved over the entire length of my dick. It formed into a kind of beat, matching the rhythm of the engine pistons that I could feel vibrating up through the pedals and into my legs, like he was part of the car, a full-service pleasure attachment. His other hand wandered where it would, up and down along my thigh, through my pubic bush, across my abs, but never so far that it got in the way of my driving. I gave the kid credit; he certainly knew when to control himself, even when he wasn’t controlling himself!

To keep things from chaffing, he spat in his palm and kept going, the slippery-smooth hand pumping faster and faster around my swollen prick. By now his left hand had fished out my balls from their denim imprisonment as well and had been fondling and squeezing them playfully, and when spit from the handjob dribbled down onto them he went crazy with them, stretching and slathering over them ever spare drop, letting none of that precious natural lube go to waste.

During all this, I made sure to keep my eyes trained firmly on the road, and most of my focus on driving safely, but it wasn’t easy with the now wet and wild show going on in my nether-regions. The kid knew just what to do and how to do it, and I figured he had probably had experience stroking cocks before. I suddenly guessed the real reason he had lost his last ride.

“I don’t suppose that nice Southern Baptist family kicked you out of their car because you were just flirting with their daughter, did they?”

I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell he was smiling as he spat on my shaft again. “Yeah, well, what can I say? I’ve always had a thing for farm boy hunks with cute southern accents.”

“And after the last ride kicked you to the curb, you thought it’d be a good idea to try that shit with the next one too?”

“Well, man, you gave me a good feeling. And like I said” *spit* “I’ve still got plenty of mistakes left to make!”

I chuckled at that. Some kids never do learn.

Soon I knew I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to move things along to the next level. I placed one hand on the back of kid’s head gently pushed it towards my now-positively-throbbing cock.

“Go on, boy, suck it. Show me how bad you want it”

“You mean, like this?”

Still cradling my dick in one hand, he gave it a long, slow lick from base to tip, tracing my seam with the tip of his tongue. Shivers shot up my spine.

“Yeah, *grunt* that’s a start”

He continued to tease me with his tongue, licking my balls, dancing it across the head, even sticking it down the piss slit, until more pressure from me told him to get serious. He took a long and expectant breath, then suddenly plunged down, pushing my entire eight-inch monster deep into the moist cavern of his mouth.

Jesus!” I exclaimed, swerving a little again. I could feel my cockhead pushing against the soft palate in the back of his throat as he just held it there, letting me fill him up, barely making a gag as forced his face down into my crotch, his tongue held still for once. He then locked his lips tight around the base and slowly drew his head back up, his mouth making a vacuum that seemed to pull even more blood up into my cock as he made the retreat into one long, continuous suck, until the head slipped out of his mouth with an audible *pop*.

Fuck, this kid was good!

He plunged back on it with a vengeance, wolfing down my dick with the greed of a hungry animal, and began sucking and slurping for all he was worth. Spit and pre-cum began to dribble down in a frothy mixture over the hand he kept firmly locked around the base, pumping it in rhythm with his mouth so that no part of my dick ever went without love, and then over my balls and onto the seat between my legs. His tongue was going wild again, ravishing my cock, slathering it with both of our ever-flowing juices, trying to wrap all the way around it like it was giving a long, sensual hug to a new friend. Sometimes, when he had to go up for air, he would turn his head sideways to gnaw playfully on my shaft like a naughty puppy, his ticklish little teeth sinking gently into the rock-hard instrument, making me break out into goosebumps, until he would dive, once more, into the breach.

Despite my best effort to focus on driving, I naturally couldn’t help stealing the occasional glance down as he did his dirty deed, his head bobbing up and down in my shivering lap. I realized that I had left my hand resting on the back of his head and began to gently play with it, running my hands through his golden hair, which was thick and luscious and warm in the sunlight pouring through the windshield. I wanted to close my eyes and just focus on the feelings, his wet mouth on my hard cock, my warm hand in his thick hair, but of course I couldn’t do that. I settled for just watching the monotonous road slip on below me, almost in a trance, and it all felt like the most wonderful and natural thing in the world; his tongue and my dick dancing together as we drove down the highway into the setting sun.

I was broken out of my spell by the feeling of pressure rising deep inside me, and I knew it was almost time to end the show.

“Hold on, boy,” I said, “I’m about to blow a hug load down that pretty fuckin’ throat of yours!”

“Oh yeah!” he practically gargled and he sucked like mad, eager to finally get a taste of my jizz.

 The force became more and more intense, my balls were practically screaming for release, and just as I shouted “Here it comes!”, he suddenly shoved his head all the way down again on my cock and started licking my balls as he deepthroated me.

“FUCK!” I yelled, and my balls retracted at the speed of sound as hot cum shot out of me like a bullet from a gun, straight down the kid’s hungry red throat. Load after load emptied itself into his greedy mouth, and he swallowed it all down like a champ, eagerly trying to pull every last bit of jizz from this stranger’s penis.

The force of the explosion nearly knocked us off the road entirely, but luckily I managed to regain control just in time before we ran off the shoulder. By the time he was squeezing out the last few cum drops from my spent dick, we were driving along safely like nothing had happened.

He finally released his oral clamp from my hose as it started to deflate and sat up, stretching his back and wiping excess fluids off his face. I looked down at my crotch and saw a huge mess, the entire front of my jeans soaked through with spit and jizz. I hoped I could find a few napkins in the car before our next stop.

I looked across at him, and saw his eyes sparkling like a madman’s, his expression exhilarated, wild and breathless. I could tell this experience had been a dream-come-true for him, this gift of free and spontaneous eroticism. I could barely realize it had just happened myself.

“Fuck,” he said at last, rubbing the sore jaw I had given him. “That was hot”

It certainly had been.


We finally reached Salina just after the sun went down. The sky above was dark, but there still lingered a wild red-and-gold glow on the horizon. He directed me to a Greyhound station and hopped out with his bag, saying he could find his way home from there.

“You sure you’re gonna be all right, kid?”

What else could I say? I had grown pretty attached to the kid on our trip together.

“Yeah,” he said, and grinned that sheepish grin again, “I’ll be fine. You’ve done more than enough for me already.” There was that glimmer again, but this time it was soft and friendly.

“All right, you just be careful. I don’t know what kind of problems you have to face up to, but these sorts of things have a habit of biting extra-hard, just when you think you’re ready for it.”

“I got it.”

He hesitated.

“Thanks again, mister. It’s been a real pleasure driving with you”

He stuck out his hand, and I grabbed it, giving it a warm, manly shake.

“No problem boy, and thanks for that ‘gift’. I’ll certainly treasure it for a long time”

His grin now was shining like the sunset all over again.

“You and me both!”

As I drove away into the dark, I looked back at him through the rear-view mirror. He had turned around, and was ambling slowly away into the town. It’s always bittersweet, coming to the end of the rod like this, saying goodbye to someone you’d only just met, but feel like you’d already made a real connection with. Only now did I realize that we hadn’t even exchanged names, but this boy and me had shared a moment of time too precious for mere labels to make much difference. What he and I had shared belonged to a different world altogether from names and titles; the world of the road, the car, the hot Kansas summer, and the golden sunset lighting the sky on fire. A world that’s always changing, and yet, somehow, always stays the same. A world I revisit every time I drive down that long, winding road.

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