Rescued by the Bartender

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hannah wants to have sex with another man while her husband watches: With the rules established, they set out to find the man to do the job right!

He coughed and put the empty shot glass down on the bar, blinking rapidly as the whisky burned its way into his stomach. Shaking his head, he turned and blanched as he watched her at the opposite end of the bar.

Hannah tossed her long blonde curls over a bare shoulder with a laugh, her blood-red dress making her a beacon of beauty that men just couldn’t seem to resist.

Joel slumped onto a barstool as the surreal angel delicately accepted a long-stemmed wineglass from another suitor, and ordered himself a beer from the closest bartender. The young man dropped the cold bottle beside his arm and leaned over, a brow arched.

“Why don’t you buy her a drink, friend? I can take it over myself.”

Joel smiled and shook his head. “No need, bud,” he turned to meet the cheerful brown eyes of the bartender. “That’s my wife.”


The young bartender’s name was Jesse so, and became a good friend of Joel’s as he and Hannah frequented the bar. He told Jesse very little about them, but the bartender came to his own conclusions as Joel drank beer and threw back shots while his wife flirted openly with dozens of men each weekend.

They never left with a man, always arriving and leaving together. No phone numbers were ever exchanged, and Jesse idly began to wonder if it was some weird kink that the couple had going on. He observed them with growing curiosity, and one night he chanced upon just the moment he was seeking.

Joel had been watching, taking more shots than normal, and Hannah was wearing a dress that revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra. A taller black gentleman had been beside her for more than an hour when Joel spied a dark hand sliding between her thighs.

He groaned, dropping his head to the counter with a wave of his hand.

“I think she’s finally found one,” Joel said, sotto voce, answering the younger man’s unasked question with a knowing smile and a double shot of whisky. Joel threw it back quickly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he coughed.

“What’s the deal, Joel?” Jesse propped himself on the edge of the bar, a dark brow rising as he looked over to Hannah and the stranger, who began to kiss noisily only a few seats down the row from her husband.

Joel shrugged and patted his pockets, searching for his cigarettes to distract himself from thoughts as a dark hand slipped inside the gaping neckline of his wife’s dress.

“She’s got this fantasy of screwing another guy while I watch, unable to do anything.” He lit his smoke with a shaking hand as Hannah giggled sexily in response to the man’s overt flirtations. “I agreed she could have it. I just told her I had to watch her pick the guy.”

Jesse nodded, and sat another double on the bar. He shook his head when Joel reached for his wallet. “This one’s on me, amigo. It can’t be easy, watching your wife find a new dick to play with.”

His candor drew a laugh from Joel, who raised the glass in silent toast before tossing it back.

“You got that right!” Joel slumped back into his barstool, trying not to be too obvious about watching his wife being pawed in public. He blinked as he felt his cock stir in his pants, watching the imposing black guy practically finger his wife in the crowded bar.

The man pulled her to her feet, and she hastily shoved the material of her skirt back down over her thighs before she was whisked away into the crowd.

Joel straightened, rising in his seat, and watched as the two started to dance. ‘Sure, if that’s what you call grinding on the dance floor these days,’ he thought, and he asked Jesse for a water.

His head was buzzing pleasantly after several double shots and a few beers, but getting drunk wasn’t his goal tonight. Realizing that Hannah had possibly made her choice was driving him close to the edge, and he was nervous at the prospect of watching the big man ravage his wife.

He turned around, sipping at the water while tapping the ashes off of his cigarette, and lifted his gaze to the TV up in the corner behind the bar. There was never anything good on in a bar, but apparently this one was different, and Joel watched a few minutes of what looked like a televised tattooing competition as he finished his smoke.

An alarm went off on his phone, which he pulled from his breast pocket. Eyes widening, he blinked at the glowing display that said it was almost two in the morning. ‘Jesus!’ he thought, shaking his head. ‘Tonight flew by!’

Someone cried out behind him, and Joel spun around on the barstool as Jesse came over the counter with a baseball bat in hand.

A man growled menacingly, and the people on the dance floor parted quickly at the bartender’s approach. Joel paled when he saw his wife struggling against the black man, her cheeks pink with anger, her upper arm trapped within his firm grip.

“We don’t tolerate violence in the bar, man.” Jesse’s voice was stern, and audible even over the music that poured from the speakers around the room. “You’re being rough with a lady who doesn’t appear willing, so that means you’re out for the night.”

“This little trick?” said the black man, motioning to Hannah, his anger clearly evident. “You don’t even know what this bitch sai-” he continued, only to double over with a sudden grunt as the rounded end of the bat was punched into his stomach.

“I don’t give a shit. There’s no reason to touch a woman in anger, and calling her names might be detrimental to your health.” Jesse practically spit as he swung the bat lazily beside his leg. “Now, I suggest you straighten your sorry ass up, and get it out of my bar.”

Returning to his feet, the stranger glared at Jesse and slowly made his way to the exit while rubbing his stomach. The patrons cheered, many flipping him off as he shoved his way out the door.

“Sorry about the drama, folks!” Jesse raised his voice and waved as lights flickered on throughout the big room. “It’s last call, so get a drink while you can. We close in thirty minutes!”

He leaned down, offering a hand to Hannah, who shakily accepted it before standing and walking over to Joel. She buried her face in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, murmuring soothing words into her soft hair.

A couple of drinks were set beside them as Jesse and the two other bartenders worked behind the bar to fill the rush of orders thrown at them. Hannah lifted the glass of red and orange liquid, raising a brow at the young woman who’d placed it before her.

“It’s a sex on the beach, hon,” the petite brunette smiled, handing her a tall glass. “It’s sweet,” she added, before dashing away with three big bottles toward the trash.


“Hey, don’t you guys worry about leaving, okay?” Jesse used a rag to clean the nozzles on the soda fountain, looking up at Joel and Hannah as bouncers and bartenders alike started moving through the patrons, encouraging them to leave.

“You’re friends of mine, and what with that big guy nearly getting all ‘Hulk smash’ on your wife, I’d feel better if you stay inside.” Jesse sat two more drinks in front of them before continuing his cleaning work behind the bar.

Hannah turned and smiled up at Joel. “So you told him I’m your wife?”

“Of course I did.” Joel sipped at his bourbon and cola. “I made friends with him while we watched you go through prospects.” He laughed as she screwed up her face and slapped his arm, falling against him with a giggle.

“God, I think I’m drunk!” She took a long drink and smacked her lips, smiling over at the young man who worked diligently, laughing and talking with his co-workers. “He’s cute, isn’t he?”

“I’m drunk, too, woman,” Joel stated, “but not that drunk!” He chuckled, but couldn’t help the flash that came to his mind of the darker, tanned skin against his wife’s pale flesh, and coughed a little as he shifted to ease the sudden constriction in his jeans.

Hannah giggled, and came to her feet as Jesse rounded the end of the bar, nearly launching herself at him as he stopped beside Joel.

“My hero!” She stood on her tiptoes as Jesse’s arms came around her, and she pressed her lips to his in a sudden kiss.

Jesse’s eyes widened, meeting Joel’s, who nodded, and he kissed the sauced blonde thoroughly, setting her back on her feet with a laugh.

“Well, you’re welcome, senora. It’s part of my job.” He spun his keys in his hand. “It’s also my job to make sure patrons drink responsibly, and you two are drunk. I’d like to give you a ride home, since that was partly my fault.”

Hannah and Joel accepted, knowing they weren’t fit  to drive, and waited patiently outside by a Jeep as Jesse locked up the bar.

Hannah called shotgun, and Joel climbed into the backseat with a good-natured groan. Within minutes, they were on the road, and Hannah had her bare feet on Jesse’s dash; the wind whipped through the open-air Jeep, making Hannah’s hair fly, and she giggled as she tried to keep her skirt down.

Amid drunken directions, missed turns and careless laughter, they pulled up in their driveway forty minutes later, and the married couple spilled themselves out of the car.

“Won’t you come in?” Hannah flirted, and Jesse swallowed thickly as he stared down at the pretty blonde’s chest. Her nipples were sharp peaks, poking against the bright red dress, and he cast a glance toward Joel, who was unlocking the front door.

Jesse felt his cock twitch, recalling Hannah’s fantasy, and thinking of the look on her face as the stranger had fingered her at the bar. Trying not to appear too eager, he nodded. “Yes, yes I will.”

Hannah’s smile was brilliant as she grabbed his hand, tangling her fingers in his as she headed for the door, dragging the bartender along behind her.

“Joel, dear, Jesse’s gonna hang out with us for a little bit!” She pointed to the couch, and a grinning Jesse obediently took a seat. “I have to go to the little girl’s room, so I’ll be right back!” She laughed and practically skipped down a hallway, pale hair bouncing.

Joel came in from the kitchen holding two beers, and passed one to Jesse before dropping himself into the recliner. He popped the cap off, and took a long pull before looking up at the younger man.

“You know what’s gonna happen, right?”

Jesse nodded.

“She picked you. I knew it as soon as she kissed you in the bar that she wanted you.” Joel took another long drink of his beer, and returned the nod. “I’m okay with this. You’re a good guy, and I’m not as nervous, knowing it’s gonna be you.”

Jesse chugged some of his beer, and wiped a palm down along his thigh. “I think I’m nervous enough for the both of us, really.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, until both men looked up from their beers when they heard Hannah clear her throat.

She was a vision in fuchsia, and the two men stared in anticipation as she did a slow turn, the wispy chemise fluttering to reveal that she wore no panties, and Joel dropped his head back against the couch. Hannah grinned, and sauntered over to stand before Jesse, running her hands from her breasts to the curve of her hips.

“Do you like it?” She blatantly ignored her husband, and Jesse felt his cock filling again, pushing against the tight denim of his jeans as he trailed his eyes up to her breasts.

Dark hair shifted as he nodded, and Hannah giggled before putting her hands on his chest to push him back against the couch. His eyes widened as she straddled his lap, nearly purring as her bare pussy rubbed hard against the bulge of his erection.

He couldn’t help but glance over at Joel, who sat staring at them, draining his beer in one long swallow as he shifted to better take in the sight of his wife riding another man.

“I want you to watch us.” Hannah’s voice was hot, commanding, and Jesse tipped his head back to look up at her. She was staring back at Joel, her lips curled in a strange little smile. “I want you to watch as he fucks he fills me with his hard cock….does things to me only you have ever done....”

Jesse’s cock twitched, and he nearly groaned as Hannah ground down onto it, and pressed her breasts against his face.

Instinctively, his hands went around her hips, cupping her ass and squeezing roughly, pulling her tightly against him as he took one of her pretty nipples into his mouth with a hungry growl.

Joel made a low sound and shifted, his palms itching to smack the round ass that was clutched in Jesse’s hands. He cupped himself over his jeans, rubbing lightly as Hannah’s fingers ran through the younger man’s hair.

He couldn’t believe it would be this hot; didn’t want to believe he’d be so turned on watching another man take his willing wife. He felt disconnected from his own body as the fuchsia nightie he’d bought her for their last anniversary was slipped from her body by someone else.

Hannah wriggled on Jesse’s lap, completely naked, her head tossed back as he nibbled and bit her nipples. His touch was so different from Joel’s, and she looked over at him, saw his hand resting over his cock, and she tutted. “No touching unless I tell you it’s okay.”

She felt more than heard Jesse’s agreeing murmur, and whimpered as the fingers on her ass shifted, one sliding into her aching slit; she pulled lightly at his hair and begged for more.

Joel watched as Jesse smiled in agreement before flipping her off of him, onto her back on the couch. He gripped at the empty beer bottle and searched for his cigarettes while watching Jesse slide to the floor, one hand fumbling at his belt buckle as he knelt on the carpet.

The younger man’s cock seemed to jump into the cool air of the room, and Joel discarded the smoke, almost choking as he stared at a cock thicker than his own.

Jesse tugged on Hannah’s thighs, pulling her hips to the edge of the cushions. She moaned long and low as he opened her wide, his head dipping to lap at her clit as two fingers found their way inside her opening.

She lifted one leg, resting her foot on his back as his mouth worked at her, his tongue fluttering and flicking at the tight nubbin above his moving fingers. She panted low as he twisted, thrusted, curled and flicked inside her body, and in minutes she found her muscles tightening, her back arching.

Joel felt his cock weeping, straining inside his jeans as he watched his wife being fingered and eaten. She was so sexy, sprawled on their couch, whispering breathy profanities to the young Latino feasting on her wet treasure, his fingers fucking her fast and hard. He balled his fists as Hannah’s fingers tightened in Jesse’s dark curls, and he groaned as she cried out in orgasm.

Jesse laughed softly, burying his chuckles in Hannah’s quivering pussy as he continued to slowly lick at her clit. He suckled gently, making her jerk, and he slipped his fingers down, teasing the wet digits against the tight pucker of her asshole.

“Has he taken you there, pretty coño?” His lips brushed her, and his tongue curled over her clit.  Joel sat watching, tense as a bowstring. He’d tried on numerous occasions to get Hannah to experiment with anal sex, but she’d always remained adamant, and moaned quietly while shaking her head.

“Such a shame. A real man pleasures his woman’s every hole.” Neither she nor Joel had time to argue as Jesse pressed and rubbed the tiny hole, and Hannah’s back arched once more when the tip of his finger touched inside her.


It felt so wrong, yet so right, to watch this man take what she had never given him, and Joel rubbed himself through his jeans as he watched Jesse’s dark middle finger disappearing so slowly into his wife’s ass.

Hannah whimpered, hands sliding up her body to squeeze her own breasts when Jesse grabbed her knee with his free hand, pushing her hips up and her leg out; his nose nuzzling her clit made her gasp, and his tongue and lips kissed her pussy before dipping down to drool saliva on his finger, and her ass.

“Keep your legs high, sexy coño, or I’ll be displeased,” Jesse whispered. He drew his other hand down, his thumb strumming her tight little clit as he pulled his head back, watching her holes flex and muscles quiver.

Hannah moaned, and with her eyes shut, managed to say, “Joel, stroke your cock. Watch him take me. No cumming.”

Joel stood and shed his jeans in a flash. Settling back down, he pulled his cock from his boxers while watching Jesse open his hand, a finger sliding inside Hannah’s pussy as his finger wetly worked in and out of her ass.

Within minutes, Hannah was begging, panting, squirming beneath Jesse’s hands, and he flipped her over. He pushed her thighs open wide with his knees, tightly gripping her hips.

“Hmm, I think I like this,” Jesse chuckled, looking over at Joel, sitting with his cock in his fist.  Grinning, he wrapped Hannah’s blonde locks around his hand. “I’ve never had such a pretty little coño on my cock before, especially while her husband was made to watch.”

He pumped his cock slowly, pressing it against Hannah’s opening as she pleaded for him to fuck her, and he met Joel’s eyes. He maintained eye contact, sinking his meat slowly into the blonde’s pussy, chuckling when Joel began to pump himself harder.

Jesse slapped Hannah’s ass hard, his hips pistoning against hers, sharp thrusts that had her gorgeous breasts bouncing, and he looked away from Joel as his fingers tightened against her skin. He fucked her, hard, alternating with hammering at her pussy and taking long, hot thrusts into her soaked cunt.

His dark hand slid down, gripping her knee, drawing it up onto the couch before sliding back down to rub his fingers against her clit. His cock slipped from her, and he used his other hand to press it against her tight pucker.

“It’s time, little one. It’s time to take this sexy little hole,” he murmured, rubbing fast and hard at her clit as he slowly pressed forward. Her lust-filled moans only trebled his excitement, and Jesse had to fight the urge to forcefully thrust inside the tight opening.

Joel groaned, his fist working his cock faster as he watched his wife’s ass slowly taking the bartender’s darker cock. Hannah’s eyes were closed, reflecting each pant and cry. Jesse’s fingers slipped inside her pussy, massaging her while his driving shaft filled her hole.

“You’ve come for me, and soon I’m going to come for you,” Jesse roughly intoned, and froze, groaning as he sank balls-deep into the hot clutch of her asshole. He gave her a few heartbeats to acclimate herself to his entire length, and began a series of rhythmic thrusts with his fingers and cock that soon had Hannah coming again, her pussy squirting to fill his hands and coat his balls.

Watching Hannah’s pussy juice splattering the floor and another man’s balls had Joel’s own balls drawing tight against his body, and as Jesse announced that he was going to cum, they erupted, shooting hot arcs of cum into the air.

Joel watched, his cock leaking over his fingers, while Jesse pulled from Hannah’s ass and pushed his rod deep into her cunt. Accompanying a handful of sharp, hard thrusts, he was growling like a feral wolf, and one fist was tangled in Hannah’s blonde hair, pulling it roughly as he unleashed his load into her.

Hannah was moaning softly, and as soon as Jesse released her hair, her head dropped to the cushion. Her cheek rubbed against the material as she visibly shuddered, her pussy contracting over and over again until a line of creamy cum dribbled out of her.

“You were a bad boy for cumming,” she panted softly, and opened hazy eyes to stare at Joel. Her lips were curled in a sexy smile, cheeks still flushed with pleasure, and the tangled mass of her hair lay against her back and neck, smaller tendrils damp from sweat against her cheeks and forehead.

“And bad boys must pay penance.” Jesse’s voice was low and rough following his anguished release, yet no less commanding. “Now get over here and clean up this mess I’ve made .”

Joel’s jaw dropped, staring agape at them. Hannah returned his blank stare with a teasing smirk..

“You can’t be serious,” he answered, deadpan. He and Hannah had discussed his desire to take her creampie, but he didn’t think she would actually have him do it, and certainly not as part of their “first time” with another man. Grinning to himself, he thought, ‘She never misses a thing. That woman is simply amazing.’

“As serious as a heart attack.” Jesse said, with a sly smile. “This cum won’t clean itself up.”

Hannah nodded again, this time in smug agreement.

Joel returned her nod, and slowly came to his feet to make his way behind his wife. He dropped to his knees and she rolled over; her muscles clenched, pushing out more cum as his hands cupped her inner thighs.

“Mmm, that’s a good lover,” Hannah purred, her hands caressing her ribs as Joel took a deep breath and lowered his head between her thighs.

Jesse’s cum hit his taste buds as his tongue swept out and over her clit. It was salty, but it wasn’t as bad as he’d read in stories on the internet. He’d wanted to be prepared, to know what to expect, but the reality was beyond his fevered imaginings. His tongue slithered out again, slipping and sliding over the cum-coated nexus as Hannah moaned and lifted her feet up onto the couch.

Everything faded except for the sounds of his wife’s arousal as Joel laved her clit, then dipped his tongue into the folds of her pussy, her lips spread with his thumbs. Hannah’s whimpers were music to his ears, and he growled into her heat as her fingers dived into his hair.

He lost himself in pleasuring her, in taking his friend’s cum from her body with his lips and tongue.

His cock was hardening again, and he enjoyed the ache as he lapped up the mingled juices from her cunt. Splaying her lips wide, he dipped his head and swept his tongue wetly over and into her asshole. His cock leapt as she cried out in surprise, and he licked her hole again and again, before taking long swipes from her rosebud to her clit, alternately tongue-fucking both holes.

A strong hand wrapped around his shaft, and he grunted in surprise as Jesse slowly stroked him. Joel couldn’t help but moan as the other man pulled and stroked him while he continued to  feast on Hannah’s bounty.

It was wrong; it should have felt wrong, but if felt so good. He lapped at his wife’s pussy, tasting the other man’s cum, and feeling that man’s hand around his cock, and found himself loving it.

Hannah’s clit was visibly throbbing, and he settled his mouth over it, tongue flicking and circling it as he sucked, and he watched as she played with her own breasts. Her fingers tugged and twisted at her swollen nipples, white teeth biting her lip as she whimpered and squirmed from his ministrations.

Joel heard a strange sound, and jumped as he felt something wet and cool drip onto his ass. He started to pull away from Hannah, but her hands were suddenly in his hair again, holding him to her pussy as he realized what it was.

“You said you wanted to share in everything I experience.” Hannah’s voice was low and soothing, and a warm finger spread silky lotion around his asshole. He moved his hips in instinctual desire of the probing tip even as the fist around his cock tightened and stroked a little faster.

Joel had wondered if she’d remembered this from their fantasy roleplay, but when she’d invited the creampie he should have known that Hannah wouldn’t have forgotten this, either.

He groaned, his cock pulsing in Jesse’s grip.

Suddenly it was becoming difficult to focus on his wife’s pussy; his entire focus was on the warm heat in his cock and balls as Jesse worked his tight hole, pressing the lotion inside him, preparing him.

Joel looked up at his wife, who was smiling the sexiest smile he’d ever seen, and moved to press his fingers into her holes as Jesse’s finger slipped inside his ass.

His body was on fire, and his balls were already tight against his body as the thick digit withdrew, only to push more cool lotion into his anus. He fingered Hannah as Jesse fingered him, and groaned at the burning sensation when another finger slipped into his ass.

Joel almost lost it. He felt himself starting to boil over, but then Jesse stopped, and used his free hand to sweep the cups and magazines from the coffee table.

“Lay on it, pretty girl.”

Hannah obeyed without question, laying over the sturdy, low table, her hips on the edge, and squeezed her breasts as she watched the two men shift around.

“I’m going to use you to fuck your wife,” Jesse explained. He had Joel kneel between Hannah’s spread thighs, and thrust inside her. He watched the couple for a minute, his fingers slowly moving inside of Joel’s ass, before pulling them away and pressing him flush down against her.

Joel froze, and felt the warm, slippery tip of Jesse’s cock against his ass. It settled there, opening him with gentle pressure, and he felt his body go flush and hot as the head began to push into his tight anus.

It felt so different than just a finger, and Joel groaned, kissing Hannah deeply, his tongue mating with hers, his cock deep inside her as the young bartender’s cock invaded his ass for the first time.

He felt his hard nipples against Hannah’s skin, felt her pussy enveloping him, her wetness on his balls as his ass stretched around another man’s throbbing shaft.

In minutes, the three were all panting and sweating from exertion, but Jesse’s cock finally slid the last little bit home, and Joel felt their balls touching as his ass burned.

It was confusing, and so erotic at the same time, but Joel flexed his cock, and heard both Hannah and Jesse groan in response. His body ached, yearned, and he moved a little, matching their groans when Jesse withdrew just a few inches.

The young man thrust, pushing back in, and he chuckled at Joel’s welcoming moan. He focused on the oh-so-tight ass wrapped around his cock, and reached around the older man to pull Hannah’s knees over his arms and mash Joel between them.

No music was playing; the only sounds that could be heard were the cries of passion as Jesse thrust his cock slowly into Joel, who similarly pushed inside Hannah. He slowly picked up the pace, lifting Hannah’s feet to his shoulders, over Joel’s arms, and growled as the blonde began to cry out and grab the coffee table, her breasts, her husband.

Jesse flattened his hands on Joel’s back, pushing him down on top of his wife, and started hammering away at his ass. Their balls slapped together as he thrusted wildly, focusing on that tight heat surrounding his pulsing shaft.

“I want you bitches to come for me.” His growl was rough and low as he fucked them, the thrusts from his cock keeping Joel inside Hannah’s pussy. “You’re both mine now, and I want you to come hard.”

Each word was accompanied by a sharp thrust, and he heard Joel swearing, heard Hannah whimpering, and he moved faster, his concentration more on the fire building in his gut, in his balls, until Joel nearly screamed.

“I’m fucking cumming! God, yes! Oh, holy fuck, yes!” Joel’s body shook as his cock pumped his cum against Hannah’s cervix, her pussy clamping on him in her own orgasm. He’d never cum so much, and felt like his body was going to explode as rope after rope of cum boiled from his balls. His toes curled and he heard Jesse swear loudly, then thrust hard into his ass.

The warmth spread through him, and he shook, his softening cock still buried in Hannah as his anus was filled with the other man’s cum.

It took several moments for them to gather themselves, and for Jesse to pull away from the couple. He stood shakily, and asked for directions to the bathroom. Gathering his clothes, he disappeared down the hallway.

Jesse washed himself quickly, before dressing and returning to the living room.

Joel and Hannah were lying naked on the floor, curled in each other’s arms, blissfully asleep.

With a satisfied grin, Jesse dropped a card with his phone number and address on the coffee table and left the house. His wife was surely going to be mad, but only because she had missed out on all the fun!

Submitted: December 17, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Mabry Michaels. All rights reserved.

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omgggggggggggg loveee youuuu!! idk why i just found this!! omgomgomgg!!!! PLEASEE MORE OF THATTT PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!! NEW YEAR'S PRESENT? :((

Sat, December 27th, 2014 7:57pm


more jessee and joel?? oh i read it again btw and again. and again

Sun, December 28th, 2014 8:53am


Hot hot hot ...

Wed, April 8th, 2015 5:28am


Wow! Very hot.

Mon, May 4th, 2015 7:35pm

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