One Wish

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Detective Trish Ramirez is stuck at an impasse on a case she's working, and utters a wish... the only thing? The answer to her plea comes with a tall, sexy price.

Dark coffee slopped over the side of the wimpy styrofoam cup as Trish banged her fist on her desk.

“God, I can’t seem to make a break on this case,” she groaned. While tangling her fingers in her hair, long tendrils escaped their braid to rest along her forearm as she leaned over the case file.

She’d been working with the police department for two years, and they’d finally given her a “biggie.” ‘Well, if you can call a string of break-ins with the homeowners bound naked in bed with duct tape a “biggie,” then I guess I’m finally in the big time,’’ she laughed ruefully to herself.

It had been a rough few weeks, and she knew she had to earn her way up, but couldn’t there be something a little more interesting than a Duct Tape Robber to help her on her way?

Trish leaned back in her chair, bending back over the top to try and pop her back, before standing and stretching. It was time to go home, but she’d walk around the mostly-empty station for a while before hitting that forty-five minute drive home. If she didn’t, she knew she’d be a cramped mess by the time she got to her little cottage.

Dumping the remains of the tepid coffee in the sink, she pitched the cup into the trash as she made her way down to the old cells. They were all empty; prisoners now were held in the jail across the street in the mechanized cells they controlled with remote access. The old lock-and-key cells were a thing of the past, and the old cots had been traded for more comfortable ones so that the officers could crash in the cells between shifts if they didn’t want to go home.

Trish wandered down the short hallway, idly glancing in each of the cells as she walked past, noting the little things that had been forgotten by other officers. She sighed as her mind automatically took her back to the cluttered break-ins in the file back on her desk.

“Jesus, I just wish I could solve this case already, and move on to something bigger, better!” Sighing again, she bent at the waist to stretch her back, groaning in contentment as the muscles lengthened and gave her some relief.

“I can give you that.”

Flipping around, her hand rested on the butt of her service revolver as she looked for the source of the male voice.

“Who’s there?”

“I am but a humble servant, my sweet. I’d say you could call me a genie, but I’m so much more than that.” The timbre was so deep, and it seemed to echo and vibrate deep inside her, resonating with each word.

“Who are you? Where are you?” She loosened the snap with her thumb, fingers never leaving the casing as she turned.

A soft sound had her turning the opposite direction, and her hand went limply to her side as she took him in.

He--for there was no denying that the creature before her was very male--leaned against the bars of the first cell in the block, wearing nothing but a skimpy red loincloth that did nothing to hide his attributes. It bulged before him, the soft-looking leather not even touching his thighs.

Trish shook her head and blinked rapidly as she realized that the gleaming skin that rippled with muscle wasn’t black, as she’d initially thought, but a deep, marbleized blue. ‘Like the midnight sky,’ she noted, and her eyes moved upwards, taking in the width of his muscled thighs, the breadth of his chest that swelled with each intake of air. Even his neck was lovely, if such a word could be used for a creature like this.

His hair was white, falling beyond his shoulders to caress his chest and back, and his eyes glowed red as he stood staring at her. Each glance she could nearly feel against her skin, and she wondered if he could see through her clothing.

“I am Dorin, a wish-master.” He lifted away from the cell and stepped toward her, the air crackling with his power. “Each time a human being makes a wish, one of us is there to grant it.”

“A wish-master… because I’ve fallen asleep at my desk, right? And now I’m having a delusion about some sexy genie coming to grant my wish and I have to have sex with him for it to happen,” Trish mumbled. She shoved a hand back through her hair again, the braid falling loose as she turned a quick circle, trying to think.

“I’d be sarcastic and ask if you’ve met our kind before, but something tells me you’d shoot me,” Dorin stated, and crossed his arms over his muscled chest, his lips crooking in a smile.

“So you’ll break my case if I have sex with you?” she asked, fixing her smiling green eyes on the strange man in her jail. Inhaling a sharp breath, she realized her body was somehow already responding to him. Her sex had begun to pulse, and she shifted, hoping the pressure would ease the ache.

“No, pretty lady.” The wish-master moved closer, his body moving with fluid grace as he put himself in front of her. “I give you something you want, because I get to fuck you and take my pleasure.”

He backed her against the bars, making her gasp; she whimpered softly when his hands curled around her waist, lifting her so that he could rub the hard length of his cock against her heated sex. Her body flamed, shuddering as her hips rocked instinctively into his, and his eyes glowed a darker red when she ground herself on him.

“So you agree to the terms?” He leaned in close, his lips hovering over the curve of her neck as he shifted her along his shaft, drawing a whimper from her with each teasing stroke.

“I get what I want if I allow you to fuck me…. Yes.” Trish’s voice was clear but almost a whisper, and she cried out as his mouth settled into her flesh, the sharp pain of his bite momentarily  blinding her to the feel of his body against hers.

He growled low in his throat as he pulled back from her, licking her neck to close the wounds from his fangs. “The unspoken part of the bargain, little one. It binds us, and insures that my powers will give you what you want once I’m pleased.”

Dorin stroked her lips, and Trish gasped as she felt the cold iron bars against her naked back. He’d stripped her with his magic and she groaned when she felt the heat of his skin all over her. Her nipples rasped against his smooth chest, and she felt him against her lips as his hips moved in slow thrusts.

“I love those noises you make, little one,” Dorin purred against her neck, biting gently as he pinned her to the bars with his hips. His hands freed, they roamed up and cupped her generous breasts, his thumbs brushing over the tight pink tips peeking through the waterfall of her long hair.

Her head dropped against the bars, and a small groan escaped her lips. As his mouth worked her neck, her hands moved to cup his shoulders.

“Ah, ah, ah, little one. You can’t touch me.” Dorin’s breath washed over her skin, and she suddenly found her hands cuffed to the bars over her head, drawing a whimper from her. She pulled lightly and found she was secured; the realization caused her hips to lurch into his.

He pulled away from her; she felt her weight drop, skin rubbing against the iron bars behind her as she hung there, her toes just barely able to lift her. Trish’s breath came in sharp pants, and she blinked up at him. She squirmed with some unexplained want, hungering for him while he just stood before her.

In a blink, he was against her, his dark blue hands lifting her breasts with his palms, his lips nuzzling against her pink tip as the black nails of one hand teased and flicked the other nipple. His teeth grazed the peak, and her whimper was quick. He bathed it with his tongue before pulling it into his mouth for a strong suck.

Trish’s back bowed as he pinched and tugged, her hips bucking, yearning for him to touch her molten core. “Dorin, please!” she whimpered, squirming.

“This is for me, little one. I’ll please you if I see fit.” His purr was warm against her nipple as he switched his attention to the other, the sudden pinch of his fingers on the damp tip sending shockwaves of pleasure straight to her sex.

Her back arched under his touch, and the sensation of his mouth made her groan as one hand coursed down her body and cupped her. A finger slid easily inside, and her hips thrust forward.

The heaving of her breath mingled with the wet sounds of his finger dipping inside her dripping pussy even as her body trembled against the iron bars. She was panting and begging for more, and he slid another finger into her, his thumb slipping up to rub and caress the throbbing nub of her desire.

Dorin slowly straightened, his other hand gliding down her body, his fingers leaving her to trail wetly over her thigh as he stroked her thighs. He lifted her, opening her wide, and she whimpered her disapproval.

“No… please, I want to come for you!” she pleaded, her head rolled against the bars, dark tendrils of her hair flowing over her shoulders..

“I warned you, little one,” Dorin purred as he settled his throbbing cock against her. “I take my pleasure, I grant your wish.” Baring his teeth in a feral grin, his hips bucked, and he impaled her with a single sharp thrust.

Her cry echoed around them, and her pussy clenched hotly at him as his hands curled beneath her knees. Gripping her, his growl was low and heated; his eyes glowed brighter, the red seeming to burn into her soul as he moved, his body moving fast and hard.

Tightly clenching the bars over her head, Trish felt her hips arching, matching his rhythm. She cried out, sweat beading on their flesh, the wet sounds of sex and the scent of her arousal filling the air as she trembled beneath his onslaught.

“Hmm, I want much more,” he growled, and the air suddenly seemed to snap and sizzle around them.

Her eyes opened wide when she felt his hands caressing her breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples. Her gaze traveled down the deep blue skin glistening with sweat to see another set of arms had sprung from his torso. Feeling a hot wave of pleasure with a sudden added pressure against her ass, her eyes fluttered closed.

Both sets of arms seemed to lift her higher, and the ones gripping her knees slid back to her hips, sliding her legs over his forearms as he angled her hips.

Dorin’s next thrust was slower, and she cried out. She yanked on the cuffs at her wrists as what felt like a second, thicker cock breached the tight ring of her anus, making him groan.

His eyes flashed to white as Trish’s body lurched at the sudden sensation of being filled so completely. Her body slowly accepted the length of both cocks as they pierced her so intimately. The stretching burn sent shivers unlike anything she’d ever known upward from her pussy, scorching a path from her clit to her nipples. Throwing her head back against the bars, a low, wanton moan escaped her throat.

“Fuck me, yes!” Her shout was one of pure pleasure, and she shook in his arms, sweat gliding along her throat between the valley of her heaving breasts as Dorin took up a fast rhythm. His hips lurching against hers, he threw his head back and growled, eyes glowing with an intensity that lit up the entire dim cell block.

“So fucking tight.” His words were nearly unintelligible, but his fingers tightened at her breasts and hips; so tight that some strangely sane part of her brain knew they’d leave bruises on her flesh, but right then she didn’t care.

One hand stroked its way up her leg, lifting it to his shoulder, and dropped between their bodies to massage the aching bud of her clit, causing her to spasm and come on his cock.

He couldn’t take any more and gripped her body even tighter, lifting her higher into his thrusts that grew almost punishing in their roughness as she spasmed around him.

“Come again, little one. Scream for me,” he demanded, and almost howled as his body erupted into hers. Both of his cocks spasmed and jerked, unloading spurts of white-hot cum deep inside her.

Trish trembled and shook in his arms as the room began to dim, her body reeling in aftershocks even while she felt his body changing, slipping back to normal. Shuddering, she felt the cock in her ass withdrawing; his hands stroked along her legs, drawing her down while she purred into his ear.

She barely heard the clink the cuffs made as they opened and fell to the floor. Her body fell languidly against him, her arms dropping limply to their sides. The blood rushing into the numbed digits made her fingers tingle, only seeming to heighten her pleasure.

Low chuckles filled her ears, and she felt herself being lowered to something soft. A cot in one of the cells, some distant part of her brain noted as a blanket was pulled over her body.

“I am well pleased, dear one. I enjoyed fucking you. I shall fight for you should you make another wish.” Dorin’s voice was distant as she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Laughter and the smell of fresh coffee brought Trish awake with a jolt.

Sitting upright, she pushed the blanket away from her legs, slightly startled to find herself dressed. She stood and stretched, noting the way her body was free of aches, even though she knew it should be twinging after her experience with Dorin the night before.

“Hey, Ramirez! You awake yet, lazy?” A uniformed officer poked his head around the cell door, and he grinned at her.

“Stilton just got a look at the case file you left on his desk: Good work in finding the links and clues that finally caught that duct tape freak! He wants you in his office at oh-nine-hundred for a full debriefing on your findings so we can haul that scumbag in.” Norton grinned and held out a cup of coffee.

“My … “ Trish trailed off, blinking as she realized how fast Dorin’s magic worked. “Okay, man. I’ve just gotta hit the ladies’ room and get freshened up before I talk to the Chief. Thanks for letting me know.”

She smiled as she stood and folded the blanket. Heading off to the bathroom, she laughed when she realized she already had all of the answers she’d need for the big guy.

‘Dorin does really thorough work,’ she thought. ‘Now, what do I want to use for my next wish?’

Submitted: May 28, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Mabry Michaels. All rights reserved.

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Very nice :) I liked your story.

Mon, February 16th, 2015 11:50am

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