Her Reward

Her Reward

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She writes erotica for a living, and met him through a publishing site. Now, years later a happily married couple, he decides it's HER turn to get her pleasure her way ... And he'll do whatever it takes to give it to her.


She writes erotica for a living, and met him through a publishing site. Now, years later a happily married couple, he decides it's HER turn to get her pleasure her way ... And he'll do whatever it takes to give it to her.


Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013



He knew that her eyes were burning as she stared at the glowing computer screen. She hated to leave anything unwritten, and he knew she'd stare at that damned monitor all night if he didn't stop her. The Word program reflected off of the lens of her glasses as he walked over and leaned a hip on the desk. "Babygirl?" Not surprisingly, she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, not hearing him, lost in her little writer's world.

Writing. How they'd met, really. One of his favorite little erotica websites, she'd been a newbie coming into a chatroom asking how the scene was there. He remembered how he'd been having a hot conversation with a local submissive, and something about her had him abandoning the easy lay to get to know her better.

Within weeks, they knew they had to be together, even though she was hesitant initially about the age difference. Almost fourteen years between them, and she still blushed like an innocent schoolgirl, even though she was fast approaching thirty. He'd initiated her into the world of Daddy Doms and their Littles, and she ate it up, and now, years later ... it wasn't just a fetish for them, it was their lifestyle.

He was incredibly well-off, and his little girl only worked when she wanted to. Right now, she was working as a lead writer not only for the website they met on, but also for several other online publications; her writing ranging from soft-core erotica all the way up to mid-sized non-erotic stories. He was well aware how deeply she got involved with her work, enough to drown out the noise of the "real world", and it had been so long since he'd snuck up on her writing an erotic piece.

Shaking his head to clear some of the cobwebs, he smiled crookedly and walked quietly up behind her. He slapped his hand hard down on the desk, making her jump and squeal. "Oh, god!" Her hands flew to her chest, heart beating madly, a dark honey curl dropping from her loose ponytail into her face. "You scared the hell out of me!" She shivered and leaned back in the chair as he came around behind her, his laugh rumbling deep in his chest as he pulled her back against him, rubbing her shoulders through the thin material of her tee shirt. "Go ahead, read it. Tell me what you think." She dropped her head back against his chest and closed her eyes as his eyes sought the words of her story. "It should be ready for the website in the next couple of days."

He was quiet, his hands moving with long, slow strokes, and his eyes widened with heat as he read, hands dipping lower to the front of her shoulders. As he read, he felt his erection begin to press against the back of her chair through his sweatpants. Suddenly he cut his eyes away, and leaned down, pressing his lips against the shell of her ear, his teeth scraping the soft skin as he growled, "I think ... I think you're playing with fire, Babygirl."

His grin was slow and hot, seeing the sudden peak of her nipples beneath her top, and he slipped his hands further down, cupping her generous breasts, thumbs teasing the tight peaks with circling caresses as her lips parted on a soft sigh. "Is it gonna burn me, Daddy?"

He could hear the sexy smile in her soft voice and growled once more into her ear as he sharply twisted the hard tips, "Maybe, lovely girl, you'll just have to wait and see what I've got in mind." He loved the breathy little note she got in her voice when she called him Daddy, like even after all this time, she was saying it for the first time.

Straightening, with his teeth still on her ear, she arched, following him upward and out of her chair, and he tugged her nipples again as his teeth released the reddened cartilage. "Kneel in the chair, facing me." She moved slowly, his fingers still holding one nipple as she turned and settled her knees on the cushioned seat.

"Off with the shirt, pretty girl." The deep voice was silky as he tugged the loose pink cotton over her head and dropped it to the floor, his eyes feasting on her soft, pendulous flesh tipped with pink and bronze nipples. "My little goddess." His words were soft whispers as he bent down and latched his lips onto one pink point, hand cupping the heavy flesh and lifting it closer for the ministrations of his lips and tongue.

Her moans were soft in the still air, and she shivered as gooseflesh danced along her skin, her hands lifting, one tangling in his dark hair, the other cupping his neck as her head tipped down, lips brushing lightly against the heavy thread of silver at his temples. "Oh, Daddy..." her own voice was a breathless whimper as his lips opened, as his teeth captured the rosy tip, worrying it softly as his tongue lashed the sensitive flesh, arching her hips as her muscles clenched inside, feeling her lips slick together in anticipation.

Lips and teeth released the throbbing tip, and he straightened, tugging a small handful of her hair with his free hand, roughly squeezing her breast with the other. "Floor, my darling," he murmured, and blinking quickly, she scrambled to obey, kneeling at his feet, hands on her thighs as she stared up at him, her soft breasts heaving, the one nipple he'd loved on glistening with the wetness from his mouth in the light. Hands on his hips, he stood silently, looking down at her with fire in his grey eyes. One hand stretched out, and his fingers rubbed over the high, golden brows on her forehead, tracing down her nose, rubbing along her lips before gliding his hand to the back of her neck, angling her head up.

A moist, pink tongue darted out to run across her lips, and with a soft smile, he unceremoniously shoved the sweats down, freeing his cock, and she obediently kept her eyes on his as he wrapped his fingers around the shaft, stroking himself softly as he glanced down, watching her breasts shaking with her roughened breathing. He knew she longed to lower her eyes and watch the hand dancing expertly along his length, but she also knew what the penalty would be if she did, and still, he lifted his eyes to hers once more. Her eyes flickered and she licked her lips again, her hips squirming as she knelt before him.

His groan was soft as he released her hair, sliding his hand along the side of her neck, and lifted his cock, rubbing the seeping tip against the seam of her damp lips, feeling his balls clench as his precum left a trail, half wishing she'd disobey and flick her tongue out to taste him just so he could spread her out over his lap, and watch her ass warm beneath his palms.

She swallowed thickly, and took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of him, and felt the itching pressure deep in her loins, echoed quickly by the rapid clenching of her inner muscles. 'Please, oh please, let him give me the signal soon ... I can't hardly wait to taste him again.' Her thoughts were quick, and the memories of the way he felt deep inside her mouth made her core molten with want, with need.

His hand dropped--the signal she'd been longing for--and with a hungry sigh, her lips parted and her tongue snaked out to rub wantonly over the dark head of him, her mouth soon slipping down, engulfing him as deep as she could. In some distant part of her mind, she heard his groan of approval, and felt him pull the tie from her hair, burying one hand in the golden tresses, knotting and tightening at her crown, his fist moving her, guiding her mouth up and down his shaft.

After long minutes of her mouth pleasing him, he tightened his hold on her hair, drawing her back from his cock, loving the way she pouted with her eyes, her mouth opening as she looked up at him, "But I wanted you to cum in my mouth, Daddy! I love when you spend yourself inside me that way."

His answering chuckle was soft, and his smile indulgent, as his fingers push back through her hair, "Mmm, such the perfect little girl. You're so good to me." His fingers tightened, and she knew to stand to her feet, pressing her face into his shoulder as his hands dropped to stroke over her back, cupping her ass. "But Daddy so enjoyed your story, and you're such a good little cocksucker, that I wanted to offer you a little reward."

Eyes bright, she pulled back, her green orbs meeting his as a smile lifted her lips. "A present, Daddy?" She practically bounced, she loved getting presents from her Daddy ... she had so many little cute outfits, and jewelry, plus a few toys Daddy bought with her in mind. It was all part of it, though she'd hated the gifts at first. Now, she loved the little surprises, always topped off with a shiny pink ribbon.

His laugh rumbled through his chest, and his hand swatted her bottom lightly through her panties. "Not a present, lovely girl, a reward. You know how Daddy loves the way you please ... But tonight, I wanted to offer you the chance to have your pleasure completely your way." His cock jumped against her thigh, and she squirmed in reaction.

Her eyes widened and mouth opened as she looked up at him, shivers dancing across her spine. "I know just what I want, Daddy! I have the perfect thing in mind. Does it start now?" His nod and grin made her squeal, and she jumped, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him, practically knocking him off his feet with her enthusiasm.

His large hands palmed the generous globes of her ass, squeezing and massaging, and he rubbed her up and down his throbbing cock, the sharp tips of her nipples rubbing his chest as her tongue danced with his. A low growl of want rumbled deep in his chest as she whimpered and ground her pussy down against him. He stepped carefully, kicking his sweats away, inching out of the office doorway, and they stood there, locked together in the hallway as her fingers fisted in his hair as she squirmed against his erection.

He took a large step forward, bouncing her against him, and her lips broke free, moaning out, "Fuck me against the wall, Daddy; make me cum for you, use me like your dirty little slut." Grunting with heated agreement, he pressed her hard against the wall, fingers dipping between them, tearing the flimsy crotch of her panties out of his way. Hands sliding to cup and squeeze her ass, he angled her and thrust deep, the thick head of him stretching her pussy open, tunneling deep as her nails dug into his shoulders as she cried out, "Yes, Daddy, oh fuck me!"

Her eyes rolled back, head dropping back against the wall as his feet braced, hands gripping her ass hard as he began to thrust faster, grunting as the slick sounds of their mating grew louder; the wet slurping of his cock diving deep, the slap of skin on skin, the musk of their sex and sweat filling the narrow space of the hallway.

Her pants and moans, whimpers of sheer pleasure began to grow louder, and his groan was near a cry as one hand dipped, finger pressing to the puckered little star between her cheeks. His teeth caught her earlobe as he fucked into her faster and harder, "Cum for me, baby. Cum all over Daddy's cock like the good slut you are!"

Her scream was almost immediate, and he grunted as her pussy spasmed and tightened around him, milking his cock as her orgasm pounded her in waves, muscles clenching hotly around him as he continued thrusting until his groans of release mingled with hers, his cum jetting out in thick ropes deep inside her body.

She murmured, her head dropping and lolling against his shoulder as she purred. "Bedroom. Take me to our bed." Her chuckle was soft against his chest as he carefully walked down the hall and gently laid her in bed, kissing her forehead as he moved in beside her, grinning as he awaited her next directive.

She lay silently for several moments, and he looked up, wondering if she'd drifted to sleep, and saw her staring at him, a blush staining her cheeks as she chewed on her bottom lip. "I ... dunno how to ask, how to tell." The blush darkened and she rolled her face against his chest, cuddling close.

"Hey, none of that." He gently gripped her chin and forced her to look up at him with a soft tug. "Just tell me what you want, baby, and Daddy will do his level best to please you how you want." She looked uncertain, and then took a deep breath, lashes lowered as the words tumbled out in a jumbled rush, "I want your mouth on me. My pussy, my ass. And then I want you to fuck my ass."

His breath slammed out of him even as his cock leapt to attention, and his eyes grew fiery again, pushing her to her back as his mouth settled on her collar bone, then slid lower. In all of their years, their time together, she'd only shied away from the attention he paid to her ass, and he'd nearly given up hope of one day teaching her about that pleasure. Now, she wasn't denying, she was asking... Oh, fuck, yes.

Face hot with shame and arousal as her Daddy lapped at her stiff nipples, she felt his hands splay her thighs and settle between them. She made a small sound, squirming as the trail of hair leading to his throbbing member brushed against the swollen bud of her clit, making her back arch in response. She shuddered as he shifted lower, his tongue dipping into her navel, his teeth biting at the soft flesh of her groin, making her moan.

Her nipples hardened and her fingers fisted in the sheets as he paused and blew a breath over her moist lower lips, his elbows shifting quickly, opening her wide as his mouth descended, lapping her clit and sucking it into his mouth as a finger slid inside her still-quivering pussy.

"Daddy!" Her shout was hot, and if he hadn't laid one arm over her other leg, she'd have drawn them up over his shoulders. She moaned, hands gliding to cup her breasts to pinch her nipples as his mouth, tongue and teeth worked over her throbbing clit, and she felt her body shuddering as she approached another orgasm.

Her body jerked a little as she felt a gentle pressure further down, and his fingers splayed over her ass cheek, moaning as she felt his thumb rubbing that dark little star she'd finally begged for him to pay attention to. Her whimper was sharp as his mouth lifted from her clit, his tongue rubbing down, fluttering against her opening, and her eyes closed on pleasure as the arm that weighted her down shifted, his thumb circling the nubbin as his tongue dipped in, scooping their cum from her body.

She arched, and her hands fisted in the sheets, eyes flying wide as she felt his cream-covered tongue rubbing against the puckered star of her ass. "Wha- Daddy!" Her cry was stuttered as the tip rimmed and flicked, rubbing moistly against the sensitive tissue, making her pussy clench.

His chuckle sent shivers racing up her body, and his lips moved against the dark bud as he whispered, "I'm not going to just fuck you, I'm going to ready you, first." His tongue dipped again, rubbing flat against her, nose brushing against her lips as she squirmed against him, panting as his finger moved faster against the straining pink bud of her clit.

"Yes, oh please, Daddy!" Her cries grew louder and louder, then a low groan sounded as his slipped his fingertip against the pucker, pressing softly as his tongue delved into her weeping slit. A first finger joined the second at her clit, blurring as he flipped the button mercilessly, his tongue fucking her as his finger slid slowly into her ass, then back out, bit by bit until the long digit was slipping easily in and out of her.

"Are you going to cum for Daddy, since he's giving you what you want?" His voice was a rumble as his mouth centered over her clit, sucking it between his lips, lashing it with his tongue as a second finger met the first to slip into her dark hole, his thumb tucking into her pussy as he felt her hips begin to buck, muscles clenching down around him.

"Oh, fuck... oh Daddy, oh please. God!" Her whimpers escalated into groans, her insides slowly turning to molten lava as he sucked the tiny bundle of nerves, her hands flying to cup her breasts and tweak the nipples as she teetered on the brink of an orgasm she'd never had before. Her hands cupped the heavy flesh of her breasts as she drew one leg up, writhing, and her eyes flew wide on a soft scream as a third finger breached her anus, the stretching burn tipping her over the edge, body exploding in climax.

He drew up, laying beside her, rolling her over him, still shuddering and spasming, and poised her over his aching, hungry cock. "God, baby, you're so fucking hot, cumming for me like that. Put my cock where you want it, princess. Fuck Daddy the way you want to." His voice was hoarse with desire as he watched her tremble, her curvy hips in his hands. Now she was more the wanton sex goddess he'd come to love. His future, his wife, not just his little sex kitten.

Her moan was soft, and she pressed her hands to his stomach, squirming her hips, letting his cock slide back and forth between her tight tunnels, pressing down on each, until she seemed to make up her mind. Her head raised, and she looked at him, sucking her reddened lips between her pearly teeth as she pressed down, moaning as the head of his cock pressed into her newly-stretched anus.

Grinning ferally, his hands withdrew and he tucked them behind his head, flexing his cock slightly, stifling a low groan as her muscles clenched hotly in response. "This is your party, Babygirl. Do what you want. I'll only touch you if you ask me to." His eyes were steely with heat as she whimpered and thrust down, taking him a little deeper, and he pulled his lower lip between his teeth.

His eyes half-closed as she started thrusting atop him, still watching her as her breasts flushed pink, a small bead of sweat running between the valley of her mounds as she slowly worked her little ass further down his thick cock. He clenched his fingers into fists on the pillow beneath him and arched his hips only slightly, making her groan and slip down the last inches in one thrust, seating him completely in her once-virgin ass.

"Show me, Daddy, teach me how to." Her voice trailed off as she looked up, lips red from her teeth, gasping in delight as his hands flew out and cupped her ass, pulling her cheeks apart as he moved her, nipples puckering tightly as the burn slowly faded, replaced with a dark fire spreading from where his cock breached her naughtiest hole, licking at her pussy and clit. She responded with dropping a hand and pushing one finger deep into her pussy, and she threw her head back, entire body quivering at the full sensation.

"Oh, God, baby, Daddy won't last too long if you keep that up!" His hips arched, and he lifted her, pulling out a few inches before dragging her back down, loving the long whimper that slid from her lips as he slid in and out, and she pushed another finger inside her, the other hand dropping to pinch her swollen, abused clit, making her entire body jerk.

"Fuck me, Daddy... Make us both cum!" Her words were a hurried, breathless whisper, and she threw her head back, long waves tumbling down her back, the tips curling against his fingers clenched on her ass. She bounced a little, making him swear, and they both knew that was the instant when things changed.

His hands clamped tight, and he shifted, bracing his feet on the bed, pulling her cheeks wide, he thrust upward, making her squeal as his cock slid hard into her ass, her breasts bouncing as she finger fucked her pussy. He growled when her hands started to leave, "Don't you fucking stop, don't you dare fucking stop touching your pussy for Daddy! You finger yourself until we both cum, you little slut." He growled again, and with an arch and twist, she was on her back before him, and he pushed her thighs wide, hands sliding up under her knees, shoving them up, lifting her ass, and he grunted as he slid his cock home again.

She screamed softly, loving his ferocity, and thrust three fingers rapidly into her soaked pussy, watching his eyes as they were glued desperately on her fingers, and she veed her other fingers over her clit, making the bud pop out from its hiding place. Suddenly one hand left her knees, and she gasped as he leaned over and jerked open the nightstand drawer and pulled out one of her toys. "Finger that clit, baby. Daddy's gonna fuck you so good," he purred, and with a twist, the vibrator buzzed to life.

She withdrew her fingers from her pussy, and as soon as he slid the vibrator into her clenching channel, she began flicking and rolling her clit, making her hips jerk and shake as her eyes rolled back. He drew one of her feet upward, toward his shoulder and gripped the toy again, his hand tightening on her knee. He thrust his hips up and growled as he watched his cock disappear into her ass, matching his thrusts with twists and grinds of the pink toy inside her pussy.

Stars exploded behind her eyes, and she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her, but her Daddy kept thrusting. She cried out, her entire body on fire as he played her like a fine-tuned violin. "Oh, fuck, Daddy! Yes, fuck me, make me cum like your little slut!"

He grunted and slapped lightly at her clit and fingers before toying with her pussy more. "Mmm, baby, Daddy's gonna cum in your little asshole. Want Daddy's cum, slut? Want to feel me cock explode in your ass?" His thrusts grew rougher, and through her cries and whimpers, she called out, "Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass, cum in my ass!"

"Here it comes, baby! Oh, yeah, milk Daddy's cock. You little slut, fucking cum on my cock!" His thrusts became harder, and faster as his balls pulled up tight, and he felt fireworks go off in his groin as his cock lurched and swelled, pumping his cum into her ass as she rippled around his cock with another orgasm, screaming her pleasure at the top of her lungs.

Groaning, his cock twitching inside of her, he slowly pulled the toy from her and tossed it, buzzing onto the bed, and fell to his side, drawing her against him as she spasmed and moaned, gasping to catch her breath. He lovingly pushed sweaty tendrils from her forehead, hand stroking down her back as she rested her head against his chest, listening to their racing hearts.

She murmured sleepily, hand curling over his chest, and thought that she had never been so ecstatic for a reward in her life.

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