Bella Gets Painted, 1

Bella Gets Painted, 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Bella's been a good girl, and her Dom decides that she deserves both a reward and a test to see just how much she trusts him. Bringing four of his closest friends in the Lifestyle over, he binds and blindfolds her in bed as the men take turns lightly teasing her. What will his sexy BBW do when she discovers the multiple men around her naked body?


Bella's been a good girl, and her Dom decides that she deserves both a reward and a test to see just how much she trusts him. Bringing four of his closest friends in the Lifestyle over, he binds and blindfolds her in bed as the men take turns lightly teasing her. What will his sexy BBW do when she discovers the multiple men around her naked body?


Submitted: November 16, 2013

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Submitted: November 16, 2013



Cean rolled his shoulders and sat back in his chair, robe draping open over his wide chest as his fingers drummed on the table. He stared into the hallway leading down to the bedrooms, a smirk on his face as he imagined the look on his Bella's face at what he had planned for the night.

Speaking of his little pet ... He straightened in his chair, leaning over his strong forearms on the table, knowing she was in the bathroom. "Bella!" His voice was firm, and she'd recognize instantly that he was calling her to come to him.

In mere moments, she was stumbling down the hall into the doorway, hair dripping from the shower, a large towel just barely covering the succulent expanse of creamy flesh that he could easily see was still dewy with water. Her breasts rose rapidly, eyes wide as she knelt to the floor, hands curling on her thighs in his favorite position, that of a Gorean pleasure slave.

His smile was quick and wide, very pleased that even so new into their relationship that Bella already knew the ways to respond when he treated her has his pet, not merely his girlfriend. She was a quick study, and it thrilled him that she'd already been well-trained before they'd settled into their relationship.

The training he required was nominal, with him being more of a Daddy than a sadistic Dominant. Though, he was wont to have his darker moments, his girl tended to roll with it when it happened; they'd see tonight if she could handle a little more.

"Pet, I decided to surprise you with something, since you'd been so sweet to me." His voice went soft, and Bella's head lifted, looking into his eyes, a soft smile already on her pink lips. Her glasses were slightly fogged from the cool air after being in the heat in the bathroom, and he watched as a droplet of water left one wet strand of dark hair, traveling down the curve of her jaw and dripping onto the soft pink towel she was half-wrapped in.

Cean purposely kept these towels on hand when she came to visit, hiding away his extra large towels that he knew she'd instinctively prefer, so that her flesh was exposed to his gaze. He loved every single inch of her, each curve and dimple, each soft groove of her body. She was almost painfully shy when she first came to him, a proud plus-sized woman, but still somewhat unsure of showing off the beautiful skin that made her who she was.

Now she knelt, his pretty little Bella, his little slave. Now, how to tell her what he had in mind for her ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bella shivered, the cool air brushing along her wet skin making her flesh rise in goosebumps, and when she looked up at him, her nipples began to harden. He was so lovely to her, her big teddy bear of a Dominant; so sweet and considerate. He'd filled so many of her fantasies since they'd been together, she was shocked at the way he'd made her body respond.

And now she waited, her heart racing, breath shallow, and she raised her face at the touch of one of his fingers. "You'll go to the bedroom, my pet." Leaning forward, He pulled a blindfold from the pocket of his robe, and placed it over her eyes, knotting if firmly behind her head. Placing a soft kiss on her lips, he patted her breast, and told her to go.

She stood, and turned, thinking for a moment to orient herself to avoid crashing into furniture, and walls. She stumbled a little over the dropped towel, and merely reached out a hand to feel about hip-high, to not impale herself on accident. As she approached their bedroom, she was squirming with anticipation with what he had planned, and shivered as she heard him following her down the hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cean's smile was fond, and proud as his Bella made her way to the bed without sight, and his smile changed to a grin as the men gathered silently in the room gave him quiet thumbs up. Each man was a trusted friend of his, and he'd been sure to choose ones that his girl had met on at least two occasions. She had no idea they were here as of yet, and that would soon change as the events he had in store progressed.

Each had brought a token, an item with specific intent that they thought would make a great addition tonight. James had brought a pie-roller, and swore up and down that its use in the bedroom was intense; he'd made a former slave of his scream in pleasure as he'd rolled it over her inner thighs, belly and mound as she laid bound for him. Richard had brought a new pair of nipple clamps, shining silver, and dotted with tiny stones of onyx. This one was Cean's request. Rich had perfect taste when it came to these things, seemed to know in an uncanny way what would work perfectly for each individual woman.

Geoffrey and Lance had both brought what Cean called "ticklers", feather dusters and other light things to work over her sensitive flesh, and with a wave, both men had laid their treasures out on the night stands and dressers.

"Bella, my dear girl, on the bed, please." As she hastily obeyed, hurrying to the center of their king-sized mattress, each man happily watched the jiggle and sway of her flesh as James flipped on the radio. Cean said the music wouldn't only be a mood-enhancer, but it would also quiet those movements the men would make before he was ready to enlighten his Bella to their presence.

Her hips squirmed a little, and Cean leaned down into her ear, his voice a low rasp as he whispers, "Do you trust me?" At her soft, quick nod, he smiled and brushed his lips over her cheek. Leaning up, he grabbed a couple of purple silk ties that he'd thrown over the headboard and sat back on his legs, and trailed the ends of the ties over her torso, brushing lightly against the soft curves of the sides of her breasts.

Her back arched, nipples pebbling slightly at the brush of the cool material, and he trailed them upward, over her collarbone. "How are you feeling, my precious?" His voice was soft as he took her hand in his, stroking the silk along the sensitive crease of her underarm, lips pressing lightly to her palm as the shimmering purple spread itself over her shoulder.

He could see her eyes flitting beneath the blindfold, and her pulse raced beneath the flesh of her wrist as his lips worked up against her fingers. "Nervous, a little nervous," was her breathy response, and he saw the catch in her breathing as he slowly wound the tie around her wrist, lifting it over her head to secure it to the corner post.

He slid away, and she whimpered softly at the sudden absence of his warmth beside her, and moved quietly around the foot of the bed. "I can understand your nervousness, my pet. But I love you, I care deeply for you, and I just want you to be able to fully give yourself over to the pleasure that I can bring you. That's what this night is all about. Exploring and expanding your levels of pleasure." He pressed his weight into the mattress, again rubbing another silk tie over her rib cage. She shivered, and a slight moan escaped her as he sucked lightly at her palm, his fingers tangling momentarily with hers as the silk moved up, this time he allowed the silk to rub over her nipple before gliding up her arm to twine around her wrist.

He tightened the knot, and leaned down to brush across her mouth in a feather-light kiss, tasting the pants that escaped her lips at his touch. "You just need to learn to completely trust me, to fully rely that I'll never do anything to hurt you." He stepped down off the bed, and nodded at James, who turned to the ebony chest beside him and lifted up the spreader bar Cean asked to borrow.

"You're going to be a little frightened, my pet, but I promise you'll enjoy it." He climbed again on the bed, his weight jostling her body, breasts rolling as she shivered in anticipation. With one hand, he smoothed his palm along her thigh, up to her knee, kissing her ankle, watching her breasts flush.

His ears were attuned to his men, his friends, and he looked up to see Lance already rubbing a palm over his erection through his pants, hard from just watching the beginning of their little dance. Geoff's hands were fisted, though his own black pajama bottoms were tented with his own obvious arousal. Each man wore the same thing, excepting Cean. Black satin pajama bottoms, and black leather circlets on their right wrists. He so chose them so that when they joined, Bella wouldn't have a clue there was more than one extra man in the room with them.

"My lovely girl," he murmured, kissing his way up her foot, to her toes, as he brought his other fist up to wrap the leather cuff around her ankle, securing it with a small padlock, and slowly letting it fall to his hip. Rich waited quietly, and slid a length of rope through the open loop on the outside of the cuff, and tied it securely to a hook that was in the baseboard. He moved it, and nodded silently to Cean, letting him know that there was a little bit of slack to give back after Bella was tightened and displayed for the five men. Cean looked over to Geoff, who waited by the other leg for the cuff to attach so he could secure it to the special hook in the other end of the baseboard, and then the night would begin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bella gasped, her hips squirming and she whimpered softly as her lover's hands shifted, bringing another circle of leather around the other ankle. Her fingers splayed, then fisted as she heard the second snick that sounded like a padlock being secured, and she jerked a little as some weight brought both legs down to the blankets.

Her breathing quickened, and she made a little sound of panic and she realized she couldn't move her legs! She squirmed and wriggled, felt the material twist around her ankle, but she wasn't able draw them up or together, and she was about to cry out when she felt the brush of his lips, the tickle of his beard against the soft skin of her inner thigh.

"You're fine, my pet. You need to learn how to just give in, and accept pleasure." She felt rather than heard his movement, and whimpered quietly into the room as his lips pressed into the other thigh. The brush of his warm breath over the exposed lips of her sex had her gasping and arching. "Trust me." The room seemed to swell with the sound of her breathing and the pounding of her heart as she laid there on the bed, splayed and bound, locked into place, blindfolded and left wanting, aching for something that she couldn't define.

Cean moved, his voice sounded from the head of the bed, over by the stereo, and the volume of the music increased. "This night is for you, my dear. To show you what you mean to me, how special you are to me." Bella was so focused on his voice near her head that she almost didn't notice the barest tickle against the sensitive curve of her inner elbow.

Geoffrey leaned idly against the bed, eyes flitting between her face and her breasts as the ran the plume of ostrich feather over her skin, and grinned wickedly as her thighs tensed, trying to close. The gathered men watched in rapt pleasure as her soft nipple crinkled and peaked, tightening at the light touch. Cean moved by Geoff and motioned, eyes lighting as Bella turned her body towards the warmth of the body, and his cock flexed in his pants as Geoff nuzzled his nose against the crease of her underarm, his tongue flicking out to taste the salty essence of her creamy skin. Pulling back, he worked the feather over her breast, teasing the peak, and she let out a strangled gasp, her back arching in relfex at the sensation.

"You doing ok, my lovely?" Cean whispered into her ear as Geoff froze on the bed, his hands flexing against gripping his raging erection as he gazed down on the curvy beauty before him. At her jerky nod, he grinned at Geoff, and the man let out a low chuckle, and all of the men watched as Bella's face turn pale, realizing that she wasn't alone with Cean.

Bella gasped, her body tightening immediately against the ties and cuffs that held her open. Her hips squirmed as Cean laid a hand between her breasts, and she stilled at his words. "My love, there's nothing to be frightened of. You trust me, you said."

Her nod was jerky, even as her breasts rose and fell rapidly, heart hammering nervously against his palm. She lay there and felt the warmth of the stranger's body suddenly leaking into hers, and the unknown of what this other man could do, would do, propelled her to speak without thought.

"But, Sir, please - " Her sudden cry was silenced by his warm palm covering her lips, and Bella fought to keep her body still.

"This night is for you, about us. You'll feel only pleasure tonight, my sweet princess." She felt him lean in close, and moaned into his mouth as he kissed her, his hands cupping her face, then her neck. Her back arched as she felt fingers, other fingers, not his fingers, brushing against her breast, sliding along the curve, and she groaned at the other man's touch. "My lovely, your outburst was unacceptable."

Bella's mind froze, and then took off with a great leap as she felt the cloth at her lips, mouth forced open to receive the small wad of material. Quiet tears leaked from her eyes, dampening the blindfold as he slipped another silk tie around her head, knotted behind her.

Gag secured, Cean patted her face, stroking thumbs along her cheeks, "This way, you can still express your pleasure, but your opinion is not needed, nor required. I have everything planned, and you will enjoy every moment of it."

He crawled from the bed, and stood there, fingers stroking the inside of her elbow as Geoff settled against her. His knees pressed into the softness of her thighs as the still-undiscovered Lance angled himself to flick a feather duster against the soft pink peak that tipped her other breast.

"But, now ... Hmm, let us see. I forgot the most important part of this, aside from the end result: I forgot to ask you about your safe word."

Her body quieted again, and she went soft at his wonderful words. Her way out, even she'd forgotten in her nervous excitement. At Cean's comment, all movement ceased. Bella shuddered as the man withdrew himself away from her body until this one detail was confirmed.

Long fingers stroked along the inside of her arm, his voice soft. "I think ... a knock. Yes, a knock, a sharp knock"

She felt him move, his body stretching against her hand, and she heard a loud rap on their headboard, felt his wrist against hers.

"Go ahead, my dear, give it a try. Just stretch your body a little," he encouraged.

She did, but hers was tentative, the sound a hollow tap, to see if she needed to move farther.

"Try a harder knock, lovely, to make sure you can do it." She obeyed, rapping it sharply enough that her knuckles stung. His chuckle was soft, and he leaned down to kiss the stinging flesh, making Bella's heart melt with the soft gesture.

"One of us will have our eyes checking up here, my love. Always an ear will be bent for that sound. If it's too much, that's all you must do. Are you ready to continue?"

At her ready nod, he grinned, and stroked her face around the blindfold, motioning Geoff back into place beside her. Cean's lips teased the bow of her sweet lips, as the hands of her hidden lover traced along her rib cage.

Geoff leaned down, his right hand cupping her breast from the side, and he licked his tongue over the peak, the tip coming back to lash the tender bud over and over. Yet again, her back bowed, but this time was accompanied by a moan that rumbled in her throat, stifled by her silken gag.

"Yes, my pet, enjoy. I've heard his tongue is talented." Cean let his robe fall open, and idly stroked his cock, uncaring of the men around him as he watched her body arch, moans rumbling against her gag as Geoff began to lightly saw his teeth over the bud in his mouth.

Richard switched his weight from foot to foot as he watched the damp flower between Bella's thighs slowly begin to unfurl, and look impatiently up at Cean, who stood to the side, watching as the man teased his pet... Cean arched an amused brow, then nodded, tapping Geoff, who almost growled with frustration at his turn being disrupted. Moving from the bed and standing, he thrust the band of his pants down, freeing his hardened shaft, and wrapped a palm around it, stroking the hungry flesh with a sigh even as Rich moved to the mattress.

Bella squirmed as her breasts were abandoned, and froze as, too quickly, weight was settling on her left side. Her body jolted, and she groaned into the silk, her head angling to where Cean stood, caressing her arm, and she heard the soft sound of flesh on flesh near her hip. She shook her head, mute, and arched, even as thick, though gentle, fingers gripped each generous mounds of flesh. Two men, her mind screamed. Two strange men were here to witness her depravity, her submission to this man.

She felt her cheeks redden, darkening with the realization that her nipples were hard between his fingers as he rolled the tiny nubs of flesh. She felt him bend down, felt his mouth at her neck, and she shivered in automatic response.

"Such a good girl," she heard her sire say, and she moaned quietly as pleasure slipped through her body as this new stranger's mouth brushed over her collar bone.

His mouth slid to the curve of her breast, and she shuddered in response. God, but she hadn't been raised this way, she thought. But oh, it felt so good. It was naughty and delicious to know that three men surrounded her bound body, even as part of her mind fought it. With a rough little twist of her nipple, Bella whimpered even as her clit throbbed, and she squirmed as he tugged the flesh up, and her entire body thrilled at the sudden stinging bite of something being pinched around the sensitive flesh.

"So pretty," a strange, accented voice purred, and her response was a low groan as the clamp tightened, the tip of her nipple swelling and throbbing at his breath.

Cean chuckled proudly, which was music to Bella's ears. Though she was conflicted, and didn't really want the hands and mouths of these new men on her, she was tolerating it, and she was shocked to realize, even enjoying it a tiny bit. Her body was tight, only slightly so with the newness of these strangers seeing her laid out like this, though, she reasoned internally, they must enjoy what they saw.

Cean looked up to his other friends, and smirked at the display before him. Geoff and Lance both stroking their erections, eyes glued to his Bella, stretched and arching under Rich's mouth and hands. James stood, an image of patience, and one who knew he would be rewarded.

Bella whimpered into the gag as Rich twisted and tugged her other nipple, clamping and then screwing the little piece of jewelry around the puffy pink tip. He growled appreciatively and set his teeth around first one tip, then the other, nipping softly, chuckling at the muffled cry from behind the gag. Her hips squirmed, and he just kept himself from reaching down to test her heat, an internal alarm going off to tell him that it wasn't his, not his place to touch her moist treasure.

With a motion from Cean, Rich sighed, patted her on the belly, and stepped away from the curvy, aroused woman on the bed. For several minutes, each just stood there, watching her body calm, and then begin to squirm in the near-silence.

Quietly taking his place at her side, James shook himself and looked stoically down at luscious Bella's shivering form, the little pie roller glinting in his hand, reflecting the light dully as he lowered it and pressed it lightly into the flesh directly between her breasts, rolling down to where her torso began its slow sweep downward.

Bella squealed against the gag as James moved the roller along her curves, never really allowing it to lose contact with her warm skin, until suddenly, he lifted it away and Bella quietly whimpered. It was heaven, and it was hell packed into this tiny instrument that rolled along her flesh. It was sharp, enough to send her nerves firing delight to the tips of her toes. She squirmed, and Cean motioned Lance to take his place, and with a low groan, the last of her mystery lovers sank to his knees over one of her legs, his bare shaft rubbing along her thigh.

Pieces clicked in her mind, and Bella began to whimper in earnest, realizing there were not just three different men in the room, but four, and she began to shiver, arching and tugging her arms, blindly seeking to find the man she'd trusted with her entire body. He's betrayed me, she raged, hurt beyond belief, and tears began to leak from her eyes.

But wait, a tiny part of her screamed, and she shuddered as she turned inward. He gave you an out, remember? All you have to do is knock on the wood. Yes She could knock, she would knock, the wood was but a stretch away.

Bella's body quaked as she moved, both in intense arousal and fear. Her hands lifted, and she felt the coolness of the lacquered wood against her heated skin. Low, stifled sobs met the gag as she tried arching away from the hand that eased against her thigh, and then, as the roller lowered again, this time edging its way around her bound nipples, the sensation drew a long, tortured whimper of delight from her.

These men, the soft, logical part that had reminded her of the safe knock, they hadn't hurt her. They'd tormented her with pleasure, touched her, but not one of them had hurt her. Even that stinging bite of the clamps that had locked around each nipple had an edge of pleasure to it. Bella sighed, almost inaudibly into her gag, and she realized that the only person she would be cheating anything of would be herself. With a tiny twitch that went through her body, she went limp, and smiled in her mind.

Cean looked up, saw her hands stretched to the wood, and he stiffened, looking down at the men moving closer to the bed. Hard erections in hand, lusty looks on their faces, and then he softened and beamed with pride as he saw her body relax, shuddering with joy, and her hands drop away from the wooden headboard.

She was ready, he saw. His Bella was ready for the night of her life, and with this night, she would realize she belonged to none but him. His heart warmed as he watched his pet, glowing with happiness that tonight, she would become the true submissive that he'd always known she could be.

Bella's hair was quickly gripped in his fist and she gasped with delight, smelling his cinnamon-scented breath as he spoke hoarsely into her ear. His voice rough with a mixture of his lusty arousal and pride at her willingness to open herself, to give herself up for whatever each man gathered had to give her.

"You will take everything I give you. You will joy in the pleasure my men bring your body. This is for you to learn to release, to enjoy, to grow in yourself, my pet." His words washed over her, intensifying her pleasure threefold, and in that moment, Bella determined that she would not only endure and enjoy, but she decided that she would also make him proud to call her his.

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