A Night at the Luau

A Night at the Luau

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Four friends head to a singles' luau, and they get more than they bargained for! This is the story of Jessica's steamy adventure with a sexy Samoan fire dancer, and the first of a four-part series containing all of the friends antics!


Four friends head to a singles' luau, and they get more than they bargained for! This is the story of Jessica's steamy adventure with a sexy Samoan fire dancer, and the first of a four-part series containing all of the friends antics!


Submitted: November 19, 2013

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Submitted: November 19, 2013



The night air was heavy with the sounds of drums, lightened by the flicker of burning lanterns and tiki torches, and voices floated on the air with the scents of roasted pig and fruity cocktails. It all mingled together to create an atmosphere as exotic as the colorful flowers that were centered upon each table in little coconut-bowl vases.

The dried grass bundles hanging from tiki booths and the corners of tables fluttered and rustled as the breeze wound its way through the private courtyard, and Jessica’s eyes rolled back in her head as crushed flower petals clung to her reddened lips.

A rough grunt barely preceded the sharp smack on her ass from a gritty hand coated with damp sand. A low moan escaped her as his palm slid over the generous curve of her ass, thumb pressing tightly to the crinkled pucker of her asshole, his other hand helping him keep her cheeks wide.

Jessica bit her lip, his hips thrusting even faster, and she just knew he was watching his cock disappear into her pussy. Moaning, she dropped to one elbow and dipped her fingers back to rub over her clit. A strangled gasp escaped her lips as his thrusts began to drag her nipples in the warm sand.

With a rough curse, his thumb popped past her tight anal ring, while his cock pistoned into her creamy cunt. Squealing, Jessica popped up and dug her fingers into the sand, back arching as her ass was breached for the first time, and looked around the room with wild eyes.

Nobody was watching as Malaki’s thumb slid into her dark pucker; they were all too focused on their own pleasure. Low groans and moans could be heard across the decorated courtyard, low smacks as bodies connected in the torch-lit darkness as the carefully executed party settled on the baser instincts.

As Jessica’s nipples tightened with her impending orgasm, she moaned and bucked back against the dark Samoan’s cock while she watched one of her other friends getting her face jetted with cum. Yet another was laying back in the sand, dark fingers spearing her own glistening sex as a pale-skinned, tattooed man knelt over her face, fucking her mouth.

Her cry was immediate as she watched her friends be used and pleasured by their strange lovers. Malaki released her hip to grip her breast, twisting and rolling her nipple as his hips slammed into hers, cock twitching inside her, his seed releasing into the grasping slickness of her pussy.

A sharp, almost painful twist of the dark pink tip caused her to scream as she came, her pussy clamping around his jerking cock. With a muffled cry, she sank into the sand with her eyes closing, her heart pounding so hard it seemed ready to escape her chest. Her eyes closed on a moan, body buffeted with intense pleasure, and the earlier events of the day rushed at her….

Jessica sat in her office chair, and blinked at her co-workers with wide blue eyes.

“Are you out of your minds, or what?” Leaning forward, palms on her knees, her whisper was low and intense. One of the other girls peered over the walls of the cubicles to keep an eye out while the four friends had an informal pow-wow during working hours, watching for for “Ol’ Batty,” their not-so-fond nickname for their boss, Oliver Batterman.

“It’s running all weekend! We need some time away, and why not a Girls’ Night Out!” Summer nearly bounced in her chair, wiry red curls popping out of her French braid, green eyes wide behind her glasses.

“Besides, it’s a luau, for crying out loud! It’s not some random theme party. Even the bar hosting it has a tropical theme.” Grace crossed her legs, foot bobbing as she reclined back in her chair. The sole maven of the group, her own dark blond tresses were streaked with silver at the temples, and she was often ogled on her way to lunch. Her deep grey eyes twinkled with some kind of dark mirth, and the other two women shook their heads at her with a small laugh.

“That’s beside the-” Jessica started, and was cut-off by the sharply-hissed words from their lookout.

“Quick, he’s coming!” Shante dropped down from her faux-stretch and hissed at the gathered women, her black hair flying as she dived into a stack of filing, her dark fingers flipping almost hurriedly through the papers.

With a groan and a scatter, the women were all back in their cubicles as Ol’ Batty turned the corner. He glanced into each cubicle on his way down the wide aisle, his blue eyes cold and stern as he watched each of his employees toil away the last bit of their day. He couldn’t see the eyes rolled behind his back, and they all stifled laughs. About fifteen minutes later, the foursome were dashing toward the elevators, purses in hand, as they left their office.

Laughing, the four women exited their building and headed down the block. Only one had a clue of the appealing picture they made, and Grace smiled knowingly at one young man who simply stopped and stared as they passed.

Grace’s long dark hair was un-pinned, the silver threads at her temples catching the light as she looked around them. The eldest of the group, and a divorced mother, she was what her friends laughingly called a “milf”. She personally didn’t care for the term, but she was a mother, and still absolutely fuckable, so she understood its appeal to other gray-haired ladies.

Her large green eyes were sharp, and she didn’t miss the hesitation in Jessica’s voice when they were talking about this luau. She could tell that the youngest in the group was shy about going out, especially to a party geared toward the singles crowd.

“I think we have to go.” Grace’s voice was quiet, and the other three nearly stumbled to a halt, looking at her as if she’d lost her mind. They’d been discussing Ol’ Batty’s end-of-day trolling “walk-through,” and the sudden aside from their friend surprised them.

“Go where?” Jessica arched a brow and drew the fallen purse strap back up onto her shoulder, eyes wide with her thoughts on Grace’s comment.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the taller woman simply stated, “The luau. We have to go.” They continued walking at Grace’s wave. “It’ll be good for all of us. We all really need a serious Girls’ Night Out. It’s been years for most of us. And I don’t think we’ve gone out at all since Jessica joined our little crew.”

She shot a furtive glance over at Jessica, who she knew was hesitant to go the the party. For what reason, she had no clue, but she thought it sounded like a blast.

“I dunno, girl. My only issue is am I gonna be the only woman of color at this sand-tastic affair?” One black brow arched high, even as Shante’s eyes twinkled in mirth. “I dunno how many black people are gonna wanna roll around a beach with a bunch of you light-skinned folks.”

Summer squeaked in feigned outrage, and cried, “Reverse racism, reverse racism!” seconds before Shante playfully swatted her with her shoulder bag.

“I agree. I think it’ll be a great plan. Blow off some steam, maybe meet some men. What could go wrong?” The group of women chuckled and parted ways at the corner, all making plans to talk later that evening to plan where to meet and what to wear.

Jessica slowly warmed to the idea, and even started to get a little excited as she went about dinner. ‘A real girls’ night out!’ she thought, standing by the sink washing her few dishes. ‘What the hell have I really got to lose? Maybe I can even brush up on my flirting!’

With a giggle, she grabbed her cell phone and charger, and disappeared into the bathroom to shower and call Summer.

* * * * *

“Gawd, we’ll be the hottest things there!” Summer’s slow drawl was accompanied by her three friends’ voracious laughter as they crawled out of Grace’s gold Yukon. Her grin grew as she glanced at the ladies present.

Grace, still the tallest, even in a pair of leather flats, wore a simple yellow top and a brown and tan suede skirt that flirted with the tops of her knees. Her dark hair was falling free except for a lock that was pinned back with a silk flower that matched the yellow of her blouse. She wore no rings on her long fingers, but a heavy gold chain swung between breasts that Summer could have sworn were braless.

The dark and lovely Shante was clearly the daring one of the group. Sporting a bright red two-piece bikini, her top was a tankini-style halter that tied behind her neck and caressed her breasts, flaring out beneath her full mounds that wobbled enticingly in rhythm with each step of her matching, strappy three-inch heels.

Her chocolate skin seemed to gleam beside the shiny red material, but it fairly glowed against the mid-thigh length skirt in a shining white, offset only by the red stitching and buttons that rode perilously low on her hips. A jeweled ring glittered in her navel, and small silver hoops dangled from her ears; and if one looked closely enough, they could even distinguish the tiny bumps alongside her prominent nipples that hinted of small barbells piercing the sensitive flesh.

Jessica was a knock-out with her choice of attire for the evening’s festivities; tropical flowers in all colors of the rainbow were flung out across the expanse of the ravishing white wrap dress. It was something Summer had only seen in magazines; akin to a Roman toga, the skirt fell loose and flowing around her legs, but deep slashes on either side rode high, almost to her hips.

The top hung loosely, wrapped from the back, criss-crossing her delectable round breasts from beneath and somehow seeming to flow over her shoulders in a freefall of the bright floral print. She was wearing panties, that much Summer could tell, in a bright blue color, and she could only assume they were strings as the ribbons trailed along Jessica’s flashing upper thighs.

While Summer admired her friends, Grace had to smile and watch her young companion with amusement. The bouncing woman was quite a sexy picture herself in a knee-length pink and white skirt, her feet dancing in pretty wooden wedges. Silver flashed at her ankle and toes, while the curvy redhead’s curls had been scooped and piled almost carelessly atop her head. Diamonds sparkled in her ears and at one nostril while her fingers clutched at a small white purse that contained who-knew-what, and her ever-present emergency lipstick.

The bouncer standing by the door blinked as the fabulous foursome crossed the street, and he accepted their cover-charge after seeing their invitations. Grace smiled, licking her bottom lip with a wink at the tall Latino, who grinned right back and boldly reached down to adjust himself to hide the signs of his very prominent erection, and the door clicked shut behind her.

* * * * *

“Well, Reggie, it looks like you’ve gotten a pretty sizable turnout this year.” Dark, heavily-lined eyes were tipped in amusement as Andrea sipped at the fruity drink held in her hand, standing invisibly behind the mirrored wall of glass that separated the bar office with the courtyard that was decked out in its Hawaiian finery.

“I’m glad. Last year wasn’t a total flop, but only a hundred showed of those invited. And I want my annual party to be the talk of the town; behind closed doors, or course.” Reginald “Reggie” Marshall, owner of The Lounge, laughed and leaned back into the soft leather of his desk chair and watched the sleek woman looking out the privacy glass.

He loved having this woman as his silent assistant, his quiet “wingman” that went out and promoted the private party. Luckily for him, the world was spinning out of moral control, and most every form of debauchery was acceptable, if masked under the right guise.

Enter his annual party. A sex party, to be exact. Public figures faked the single life, and mixed and mingled with the selected groups of genuine singles. Sexual tastes from all walks attended his “singles’ mixer”, and nobody had yet to complain about the party’s “surprise theme” when they all eventually learned the secret.

His mouth widened in a dark grin, eyes glittering as he looked over to the monitors, showing him footage of every single inch of his property. Even the bathrooms were videoed; unethical certainly, yet Reggie didn’t give a damn. it was his bar, and the tapes were for his private use. If nothing interesting happened, each tape was recorded over until someone gave in to their baser urges and got dirty.

Such an instance was happening at that very moment: a spitroast in the men’s room. Reggie had to chuckle as one of his bouncers leaned back against the sink furthest from the door, his dark hand fisted in the hair of a tiny blond with a big ass. Reggie had gotten smart and had very sensitive microphones installed to pick up the nasty audio that came with nasty couplings such as this.

“Yeah, suck that black cock, you dirty little whore.” The sound was slightly tinny, but the girl’s muffled moan was clearly heard, and Andrea swivelled on her stilettos as the volume was turned up on that monitor. They made soft clicks as she drew closer to the opulent desk.

“Such a nasty slut.” A new voice intoned, and midnight-black hands gripped pale hips as a wet splat sounded, and the blond jumped, squealing around the bouncer’s cock as she was roughly taken from behind.

With a soft rustling, Andrea’s skirt was lifted and she moved behind the desk to straddle Reggie, who sat nude, and lowered herself onto the throbbing length of his cock. His own hands weren’t gentle as he tugged her breasts free to twist her nipples, her slender hands bracing her on the desk as her hips began a dance she knew well.

Her eyes never strayed from the monitors; she knew his wouldn’t either, and they both groaned as the blonde was spun around and flipped to her back. The midnight man straddled her chest and thrust his pussy-coated cock into her mouth, nearly doing sit-ups, as the other man held her thighs wide, his own dark meat slowly spearing into a tiny pink asshole.

Both heard the garbled cry, and Reggie withdrew and placed his cockhead against the tight brown star that had begun to wink at him as he watched the girl finger her own clit. “Mmm, she’s a good girl, isn’t she, my dear?”

Hoarsely whispered words didn’t invite a real response, breath warm against her neck as his width slowly spread her dark hole, sinking into the warm recess he fucked at his will. Groaning as her tight sphincter engulfed him, he watch as two of his bouncers began to roughly fuck the tiny woman with abandon.

Grinning at the show, Reggie left his partner to fondle her own tits and gripped her waist almost cruelly, his balls slapping against her pussy as he shot to his feet. His hips began their own quick thrust, his slender associate bent over to increase the driving pleasure.

Almost against her will, the orgasm built, and she started whimpering as his cock fucked into her tight hole in short, pistoning strokes. Her eyes were glued on the screen, her knuckles turning white. Abandoning her grip on the desk, she reached down with shaking fingers to her drenched pussy and aching clit.

The blond on the screen thrashed and bucked in the hands of her dark lovers, and their sounds of climax drove the voyeuristic watchers over the edge, everyone jerking and thrusting; male groans and female squeals and sighs of completion filled the quiet air.

Standing over the panting woman, Reggie’s lips brushed against a sweat-beaded shoulder as he pulled his cock from her. Dropping back into his leather chair, he smiled darkly while he watched his cum dribble from her gaping ass.

“Let the games begin.”

* * * * *

Games! ” Summer’s sudden squeal had them all choking on their drinks, and three sets of eyes narrowed on the perky redhead, who blushed and grinned unabashedly as she dropped into a seat at their table.

“Games?” Shante raised a dark brow. “Aren’t we a little old for games?” She raised her drink, and then smiled widely at a stud she glimpsed by the bar. His sandy hair fell over his eyes, and he grinned crookedly back at her, raising his new beer in silent toast.

“Never! I mean, some games, yeah. You know, like Chutes-n-Ladders and shit, yeah.” Summer’s drawl was honey-smooth and syrupy-sweet, and most everyone fell for her southern charm. “But we’re talkin’ adult games here! Tassle-spinning, you know, like exotic dancers do? And relay-races where you’re not allowed to use your hands! Sexy. For us mingling singles to … well, mingle!”

Grace laughed and drained her glass, then stood. “I’m for another, anybody else?” Laughing at the waves of “no”, she took a few steps, and looked back with a wink. “I’m gonna go check out the sign-up sheet for this tassle-twirling game; Mama’s got some tricks up her sleeve yet!” The remaining three stared after her in surprise, and Jessica was the first to start giggling.

“D-do you think Grace was a… a stripper ?” Her eyes were wide, and she caught herself from slurring just in time as she leaned into the table to take another sip of her sixth drink--or was it seventh?--and giggled.

“And if she was?” Shante’s voice took on an edge, dark eyes narrowed. “It’s a respectable profession. Not all strippers are sluts, you know.”

Her friends gaped at her, and Shante widened her eyes at her slip.

“It wasn’t me.” Her bared shoulders lifted in a shrug. “I was raised in a single-parent home, and Ma did what she had to do to put food on the table. She worked at the diner during the day, and danced at night. Me and my brother were old enough to know all those ones weren’t coming from tips at the local dive where she waited tables.”

Giggling, the two girls reached over the small table and grabbed their friend in a hug.

“No judgement from us, honey!” Summer’s smile stretched across her face and she hopped up. “I’m gonna grab another drink, now, and go check out what other games they have!”

The perpetually bouncy redhead was gone before either of the remaining women could bat an eyelash. Jessica turned and nearly fell off of her seat, the bright skirt slipping down between her thighs to leave her golden legs bare for the hungry eyes of strange men to roam.

Shante chuckled and moved closer to her young friend, quietly shifting the material to cover the tipsy girl’s leg, much to the annoyance of the men near their table. “I think we should take a walk, girl. Maybe go see some of the games they’ve got.” ‘And possibly sober your drunk ass up, too!’ she thought with a chuckle.

Looping their arms together, Shante and Jessica started a slow, slightly stumbling stroll around the giant courtyard, stopping occasionally to chat with a group, or even giggle and talk shoes and dresses with the errant group of females.

It was obvious as soon as they reached their goal: the games. Huge wooden poles carved with random tikis framed a narrow pebble path that was bracketed by bushy palm fronds, red letters bold on the bleached surface of the overhead sign read: THE PLAYGROUND.

Giggling, the two friends stepped up onto the pebbled pathway and brushed their way past the tickling fronds and stopped dead in their tracks, mouths agape.

A veritable Hawaiian version of Carnivale exploded before them: women danced around in dried grass skirts, breasts painted with brightly-colored parrots and other birds of paradise, lanterns flickered overhead, illuminating small padded benches where couples reclined in various states of undress.

Jessica’s eyes went wide as a fire-dancer paused in front of them, his body glistening with sweat in the flashing sweeps of his torches. Steps stomping, swirling, his body a finely-tuned instrument as he moved along with the crashing beat of the drums that seemed to surround them.

She turned, her nipples tightening in response as she watched his sexy body move, hips undulating with the flames spinning around him. Shante tugged on her hand, and they moved forward, Jessica losing sight of one of the sexiest men she’d ever met, and fell down the rabbit hole.

* * * * *

Shante and Jessica decided to stop at the first game they could find, and giggling drunkenly at the mostly-bare breasts that covered the stage. They laughed and clapped through a few of the bountiful boobies that twirled tassles, and within minutes, stood with their mouths open as the curtain rolled back.

It took a moment to recognize Grace, dressed in nothing but a gauzy gold skirt and matching pasties. Their jaws snapped shut as the slow, sensuous music started, and their distinguished girlfriend showed them all that she could strut her stuff.

Her breasts were so ripe and full, her hips moving fluidly with the drums, and they stared at her, then around at the crowd. One couple was grinding together, and another woman had her hand wrapped around a towering blond’s cock. Hardly any were staring at the MILF on stage, but Shante saw a giant hulk of a black man with his eyes glued on their friend.

“Lookit that!” She elbowed Jessica, who promptly started to giggle and tug on her arm.

“C’mon, let’s give her a chance!” She motioned at Grace, who was dancing near the edge of the stage, her eyes on the tall dark knight in the corner. They moved away, and barely heard the lusty applause that was met at the end of Grace’s turn at the game.

It wasn’t too long before the highly social Shante grew tired of babysitting her drunken friend and needed some fun of her own, and wandered off with a peck to the quiet white girl’s cheek.

* * * * *

Jessica grunted and nearly fell on her face, nose scraping along the rough shell of the coconut. ‘Jesus, they made it look so easy in the demonstration!’ was her cursing thought as she kept her face from meeting the sand again. She both hated and appreciated the fact that her hands had been bound behind her back; it kept her from disqualifying herself, but it also kept her from saving face--literally!

Hearing the buzz of the horn signalling the end of the last round, she sniffled and shoved at the oddly-rounded fruit with her nose, cheeks, and even used her lips … and still lost. Most everybody was laughing at making such fools of themselves, and even Jessica had to admit they all must have made a hilarious sight snooting around the coconuts like pigs on the hunt for truffles.

Massaging her wrists, Jessica looked up and saw the lean, shining body of the fire dancer from earlier standing in front of her. Her body prickled in instant awareness, the same as it had earlier.

Her nipples drew tightly to attention, head spinning with the sudden image of him spinning the fire in his hands while completely nude. Her pussy pulsed, clenching as moisture began to seep from her slit. Back arching, kneeling there in the sand at his feet, she unconsciously presented the tightened buds to him.

“Malaki.” One word, that’s all he said, and she held out her hand to find it engulfed in his. Wordlessly, he pulled her to her feet, and his gaze travelled her body, head to toe and back again. With a sharp tug she fell against his chest, and one of his hands buried itself in her hair, tugging her head backwards as he snuffled, sniffed her neck and making her tremble.

“J-Jess..Jessica.” She managed to finally stutter her name out and was rewarded with a sudden latch of his mouth onto the curve of her neck. Her yelp was one of shocked surprise, mixed with arousal as his dextrous hand curved her leg up over his hip.

Permission was neither asked for or needed, and she melted into him. A soft chuckle rumbled in his throat as he lifted and pressed her back against the wide pole that marked the very corner of the courtyard. His hands coursed beneath the material of her skirt, now matted in places with sand, and found her panties. Fingers dipped into the bright blue lace, and with a jerk, he ripped the thin material open, letting it hang against her thigh.

Sliding his big hand beneath her right knee, he pressed her leg upward and outward, opening her to his ministrations, making her cry out. He dragged his leather-covered cock against the moist slit between her thighs, and she whimpered brokenly.

Wordlessly, her hands moved, one dropping to drag the material away from his cock, the other resting just above her clit as he grunted and smiled his pleasure. With a low growl and thrust of his hips, he slid his wide crown into her heat.

Jessica’s head dropped back, and she moaned long and low as his head bent, lapping a nipple through her dress. He took it into his mouth and began to suckle it, her eyes catching on the shimmering colors of a spin-wheel flipping in circles in the trees overhead.

Malaki’s fingers were hard in her flesh as his hips flexed again, burying himself deeper in her sodden slit. Her muscles pulled at him, sucking him deeper until he was hilted balls-deep inside her.

Straightening, he leaned her back against a round boulder and used his teeth to grip the straps of material holding her dress up. Jessica reached up and freed the material, and let it slither from her breasts to her sides. With another growl, he bent and took one tip with his tongue, licking and swirling until she whimpered and rocked her hips against him.

He laughed low and curled his tongue around the tip, sucking it deep into his mouth as her fingers dived into his hair, tangling in the dark strands. She keened and squirmed with the shift of his hands gripping beneath her knees, lifting her legs away from him to open her wide.

Her low moan turned to a stuttering groan as the hips that she’d been imagining earlier started undulating against her, the base of his cock skittered slowly over her clit on each maddening thrust making her eyes roll back in her head.

Hands slipped down, cupping at Malaki’s shoulders, her nails beginning to dig into his flesh as each crush of his hips to hers became faster, harder, making her pants become groans, and then soft keens of pleasure.

A low growl alerted her before he released her knees, and her hands were again tied loosely together. He pulled from her body, making her whimper like a needy whore, only to spin her around and press her knees into the warm sand beneath the rock. She felt him kneel behind her, and wantonly began to writhe, her hips shifting and rolling in want as she felt her pussy opening with the spread of her thighs, aided by his knees.

“Fuuck!” Her cry was instantaneous as his hand clutched her hair, causing the flowers she had pinned there to explode in a rain of tiny petals, and she felt the warmth of his fingers between her hands. Gripping the rope that bound her, he used it as leverage to bury himself to the hilt in her needy little cunt.

Jessica’s eyes nearly crossed as his hand again connected with the soft cheek of her ass, drawing her back into the moment. He withdrew his wide thumb, two fingers replacing it and thrusting slowly, moving in twists as his cock breached her pussy over and over again.

The flames of the torches flickered and spun in her gaze as her world began to tip and turn, pleasure unlike anything she’d ever experienced buffeting her body. The tiny granules of sand rasped and shifted against her breasts, pinpricks of heat flaring from the stimulation making her whimper.

Swirling, shifting, the sand seemed to move beneath her, and she was dimly aware of his withdrawal from her grasping pussy as the orgasm washed over her. Fireworks exploded overhead in a brilliant explosion of color while his cock rubbed against the tiny knot of her asshole; the heat echoed throughout her body as he thrust her into another climax.

Jessica’s scream bounced off of the boulder, the cry shattering the night as his palm slapped against the warm cheek. He began to thrust wildly into the vise-like tunnel of her ass, gripping the flesh tightly.

Her body thrashed beneath him, fingers tangling together, and she could swear he was the deepest he could go. His balls slapped against her pussy, and her fists pressed into the sand. She felt his groan deep inside her, and his hips slammed once, twice, three more times before his cock erupted, spilling his cum deep inside her asshole.

Bodies slumping together, Jessica’s skirt pooled beneath her hips and waist, dirty and ripped in places as Malaki’s cock twitched and flexed in her ass. Her breathing came in pants, and she realized that they were facing away from the rock.

In their fucking, they had spun away from the rock using nothing but their knees and her elbows. With a soft moan, she shifted and looked back at him. His lips lifted in a grin as he patted the reddened flesh of her behind.

“I think I need to give you my number. We should do this again sometime.”

~ ~ ~

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