Revenge on My Husband

Revenge on My Husband Revenge on My Husband

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Paige Thompson is married to her husband who cheated on her with one of her friends. One day, she comes home to find an amateur burglar in her house who she easily takes advantage of. When her husband comes home early from work, Paige has sex with the burglar with her husband nearby.


Paige Thompson is married to her husband who cheated on her with one of her friends. One day, she comes home to find an amateur burglar in her house who she easily takes advantage of. When her husband comes home early from work, Paige has sex with the burglar with her husband nearby.


Submitted: February 21, 2016

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Submitted: February 20, 2016



Paige Thompson was still fuming about her cheating husband as she drove home. She walked into her house to find a few things missing. Hearing noises in her bedroom, she walked in to find a tall man in a mask and black clothing. He was clearly an amateur since there was no visible weapon on him. 

"Honey, I'm home!" Paige heard her husband, Jacob, yell. 

The burglar turned around to find Paige staring at him. He was about to run when Paige pushed him against the wall. 

"If you don't want me to call the police, you're going to stay put and listen to what I say." 

He didn't know how to respond as Paige trailed her hands down his firm body to his bulge that only grew with her touch. She grinned as she got on her knees and unzipped his pants. The burglar was pleasantly surprised and held back her hair as she pulled out his large, veiny cock. 

"Hey, honey. How was work?" Paige called out to her husband. 

She place her mouth around his hard dick as she sucked down on him. The burglar leaned his head back with pleasure as he fought the urge to moan. He bucked as to get further into her sweet mouth as his cock became harder. 

"It was alright. How was yours?" Jacob asked from the living room. 

"Just fine. Hey, can you check the mail for me?" Paige asked, before going back to the burglar's throbbing member. 

The burglar thrusted faster and faster into her throat as she choked from the large size that she was not used to having. She wrapped her hands around his cock as she licked his balls, increasing the pleasure. The burglar bit down on his tongue as he tried not to grunt or make noise. 

"Yeah, sure." Jacob responded. 

Once Paige was sure Jacob had left to grab the mail, she pulled the mask off the burglar and gave him a taste of his cock. The burglar trailed hot kisses down her bare neck as Paige leaned her head back to give him better access. He grasped her heaving breasts as her nipples strained against the thin fabric of her dress. Her pussy was getting wetter and she need him in her. The burglar pulled up the bottom of her dress to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath, making his cock harder. She moaned as he pushed his fingers into her waiting pussy that was dripping with pleasure. 

"God, yes." She cried out as he fucked her with his fingers. 

He rubbed her clit to increase the feeling and she bucked against his fingers. The burglar licked her sex and tasted how wet she was. He was ready to enter her when her husband came back into the house and asked Paige to make him a sandwich. She nodded to the burglar and dragged him out of the bedroom and to the kitchen. Making sure her husband was occupied, she grasped the burglar's sizeable cock and whispered, "Fuck me." Without another word, he plunged into her tight sex as she gripped the countertop and spread her legs to compensate for the large dick that was inside her. She could feel him thrusting further into her as she clenched around his dick. Paige bit her lip and fought the need to moan as she tried to put together a sandwich for her husband. The burglar wrapped his arms around Paige's waist to push further into her body. He reached under her folds and found her clitoris and rubbed it again as he rammed into her. They were both getting close to cumming, so Paige pushed him back and quickly gave the sandwich to her waiting husband. 

"Do you mind getting some milk? We're out." Paige asked her husband. 

He nodded and left, oblivious to her flushed cheeks and chest and her breathlessness. Her legs quivered underneath her from the pleasure and watched her husband leave while touching herself. After he was gone, she quickly grabbed the burglar and pulled his pants down all the way after shrugging out of her dress. Her large breasts and hard nipples were revealed, so the burglar took advantage and gripped one breast as he licked the other nipple. Paige leaned her head back and moaned loudly. 

"What's your name?" She asked, out of breath. 

"Just call me Ben," he replied. 

"Ben, I want you to fuck me so hard that even my husband can hear me cumming." 

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, the whole world will hear you cumming."

She grinned at him as he pushed her against the dining table nearby. He pushed her frontside down onto the table so she could feel the cold wood against her hardened nipples. 

"Fuck! Yes! Right there!" She yelled as he probed her with his large dick. 

He fucked her hard as she wanted and she could feel him all the way inside her. Her pussy glistened from her cum as she felt herself climb higher and higher. Her climax was coming soon and so was Ben's. 

"Oh my god. I'm going to cum!" She screamed as he fucked her over and over. 

He plunged into her as his body slammed into her. His balls slapped her ass while he cupped her sex to make her cum hard. She leaned up from the table and fell in contact with his chest on her back as she turned her head a little to let him kiss her neck. Ben gripped the table to push further into her tiny pussy that was throbbing and clenching on his hard dick. 

"Fuck! Yes!" She screamed as he increased the speed, smacking into her while a blush crept over her body. 

She finally came on his dick while she quivered and her juice slid down her leg and dripped onto the wooden floor underneath her. Paige's legs felt weak as he thrust in and out of her slowly to ride out her climax. She sighed happily while he tweaked her nipples. 

"Get on your knees." He ordered. "I want to cum on your face."

She listened and immediately got on her knees as he grunted, jerking his cock off. Paige wrapped her lips around his cock and held onto his ass as he shoved his dick into her throat. 

"Oh shit. Yes!" He grunted as he felt his dick harden even more and the cum was ready to shoot out onto her face. 

She eaglerly waited as he stroked his dick and finally his cum shot out onto her face and mouth, trailing down to her heavy breasts. Paige swallowed Ben's saltiness and grinned wickedly. Licking her finger with his cum, she looked up at him with his cum all over her face. 

"Almost better than our fuck." 

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