A Dominant Wife


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Submitted: May 18, 2016



The Dominant wife




I am a dominant Mistress and wife . I dearly love to crush the male testosterone out of every male I encounter . I and my current victim , We've been married four years . I'm 59 and Gene is 43 I stand 5'10", measure 54-46-56 in spite of or perhaps because of my measurements I’ve won several contests. Gene is 5'7" and slender, only his money attracts me. And keeps me with him . As a man he is a filthy disgusting worm .

At age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died; He was beyond dispute the tyrant of the Gulf Shrimp fleet . He had money , position , and power the things that attract cougars like me . at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt. With him I would own my own tropical island in the Bahamas . I envisioned myself as empress with my own castle and more servants than a queen could count .

When we dated, and I discovered he could be completely subjugated, I observed how the other women in his life manipulated him out of his money . I decided they should share the wealth .

Convincing Gene to propose was simple persuading him to stop proposing was difficult . Getting him and his money away from his greedy money grubbing aunts, and cousins was a challenge . I would win him and the prize by pretending to be wounded by those vicious women who accused me of being a money grabbing whore . My plan worked marvelously within weeks I had gene turned against every woman who dared look at me with suspicion. Then I turned him against the men in his immediate family . When his older brother offered to buy me off if I would exit Gene‘s life for ever , I again played the wounded girl -friend Gene expressed his disapproval of his brother‘s comments and actions with his superb skill in judo and other martial arts.

Next I would begin building a wedge between Gene and his closest friends . In time he would abandon them of his own free will and devote himself completely to me . Gene needed to feel he was in control ,I allowed him to feel he was the dominant one and I would forever be his submissive and completely at his mercy .

In reality Gene needed a woman, someone who would protect him from his hesitant insecurities . What he needed was a Mother . He needed me to manage his inheritance as his mother with the one hundred fifty thousand he inherited from his grandmother . With all his wealth the man lacked the basic ability to write checks. I would willingly be his personal secretary and handle all his personal and business financial transactions.

Gene never learned he would have to be my slave one tiny insecurity or one frailty at a time he surrendered his power to me . I had unquestioned access and control of his money. I had control of his personal appointments his schedules and his social activities . In was in one of our pre marital counseling sessions Gene relinquished total financial power over to me . When we met with his attorney for the prenuptial agreement Gene relinquished all to me . In the event of a divorce I would walk out of his life with several million and spousal support equal to 120 thousand per year .

Even before the wedding I sought other couples to share fun and games. I found two perfect submissive conjoined marital twins Arthur and Vivian are 31; Deanna and Fred are 30. Each couple socially prominent and dedicated to female domination. Arthur and Vivian would be easily dominated and controlled through blackmail should they unwisely choose to double - cross me . Vivian was once Gene’s love interest she was also his first cousin . This was only one of the dirty secrets she and Gene kept from her husband and their family .

Fred was a business partner with Gene’s brother . He was embezzling funds from his partner as well as the many family owned businesses . Fred was married to Fred and Arthur were big muscular bi -sexual males. Another dirty secret I was sure they prefer I not expose to the public or their wives . Vivian and Deanna are sisters as is April who is married to Gene’s brother Claudius . An additional arsenal of potential blackmail is the past romantic encounters between April and Gene and between April and Vivian Being married into an incestuous family does have a potential financial advantage .

I mock and punish Gene daily, Saturday night he is disgraced and punished by others. We arrive at Vivian’s house about 9 pm. Each wife prepares her slave in a separate room. I know Arthur and Fred will wear rubber jockstraps and be unbound. I make Gene strip, fold his arms up against his back, and with cuffs and short chains I lock his hands to a collar. Naked and helpless, he is marched into the game room to stand at attention near their female superiors.

Arthur and Fred who are at the bar making drinks, pause and run their eyes h over wantonly over Gene's body. The men kneel alongside our chairs while we three girls visit. Soon I designate one of the men to watch Gene and report if he relaxes his attention pose. When he does, Vivian or Dee gives him several hard swats with a sorority paddle .

One of them suggests nipple rings as further punishment. A heavy steel ring is snapped onto the tip of each nipple, and Gene's penis rises and swells instantly. We girls laugh at his slim six inches and I tell him how inept he is as a lover. Then it is swap time. The men are handcuffed, and auctioned off to the highest bid in cash , trade or exchange of favors .

I take Arthur to a bedroom, peel off the jock, and he kneels and eats cunt until I climax. He then lies on his back and I straddle him from above. His thick, long penis feels wonderful inside me and we explode together. He kneels, and while I whip his ass we make a date to be together during the week.

Back in the game room, I see Gene's ass and thighs marked with whip lines and Vivian tells us how he pleaded when she twisted the nipple rings. We all laugh at him. We Auction the men again, and this time I put Fred through his paces. He has a really big cock and enormous staying power, and I ride him hard, using a twelve in strap on , on him at the same time I am spurring and whipping him into the stables with my crop. Then he licks me clean, I get him up again, and while I ride this stud for a second and third time we talk , making fun of Gene We plan a date.

Afterward, the two men are released while Gene, still chained, stands at attention. We have drinks and discuss the slaves' performances; Gene suffers by comparison. I go up to him and twist a nipple ring until he moans. I remind him he is not to speak, so I gag him. His eyes betray his fear.

I ask the girls if their slave would enjoy playing master a while. They agree to permit it. The men kiss our feet in thanks. One picks up a studded leather strap, the other a small whip, and each hook a finger through a nipple ring. I damn near climax with joy watching Gene, naked and helpless, being taken away for an hour by the two big muscular men.

Vivian , Dee and I talk about the men, our love of domination, and make plans for special games next time. Meanwhile, Gene is being put through hell. He's a wonderful, wretched sight when they drag him back. Covered with whip lines, ass swollen and flaming, walking as if his balls were crushed. He must stand before us while the men describe what they did. I cream on myself as the men explain in great detail how they each made my husband their personal bitch .

Finally we go home. Gene rides naked and chained, not knowing if I'll release him at home, or let him sleep chained, or put him through fun and games of my own. Whatever I do, he knows that next week he will have to endure another evening, and that is his role as my slave

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