a bad report card

a bad report card

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


this is an excerpt from the 2nd of a series of maternal discipline sessions with age role play . the story begins with mama, i'm just a boy and continues with a bad report card .


this is an excerpt from the 2nd of a series of maternal discipline sessions with age role play . the story begins with mama, i'm just a boy and continues with a bad report card .


Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



A Bad Report Card

Age role play # 2


Joseph, come here ; We need to have a serious talk about your report card .

Not now mama, the boys are waiting; we have a game.

We will discuss your grades right now ; your game is cancelled until I have satisfactory explanations for each and every failing grade. You are off the team out of all social circles until I see satisfactory results. You will bring your grades up .

Mama, you can’t confine me to the house like a prisoner. That is cruel and unusual punishment . STOP RIGHT THERE YOUNG MAN; If I hear any additional sass from you ; you’ll think prisoner . You’ll think cruel and unusual punishment . I will add hard labor to your sentence .

Son, explain these grades . English F- ; History F -; Social Studies F, Literature C- ; Math F , PE Dropped ; Art A ; Music A , Band A. Son , How do you receive the evaluation of dropped from PE ? Is this some clerical error ? Were you not in class at all this past six weeks ? Help me understand how my son , My athletically inclined ; My sports minded intelligent son can be dropped from Physical Education class.

Mother, I was there for the important stuff . I zoned out on the non important stuff.

What is important to you ?

You know , baseball, football, basket ball, soccer, Team sports .

And what non important “ stuff “ did you Zone out on ?

Health, First Aid, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, aerobics,

Why those subject areas ?

Mama, those are sissy sports ; Why should I care or even want to know about Health , about first Aid, or any girly sports . If the gym teacher had control we’d be doing ballet and square dancing in the gym . I am all male ; I am a man . I need you to understand and allow me the freedom to be a man.

Joseph, health is important ; I want you to know how the systems within your body work. Health will teach you this ; Health helps give you important knowledge to keep your body in good condition so you can enjoy the sports and other things you say are important . You will attend your health classes. You will be attentive, Pay Attention , and you will learn from those responsible for teaching you.

Son, it is important that you know first aid. In your life there will be times when you are injured or maybe a friend is injured . You will have to think fast, respond fast to prevent further injury until medical help is available would you say your coach is a sissy , is he a girl ?

No. way !

Your Coach uses his knowledge of first aid for each and every sports injury . I hope you understand ; these subjects are included in the school curriculum because they are important .


Yes Ma’ am , may I go now ?

What do you think ; Now sit down while you still can .

I think you’re going to tell me how sissy sports are important .

Good, you are intelligent . Yes , gymnastics is an Olympic sports for men as well as women . Maybe , you will not be an Olympic medalist but, your PE classes provide you with the skills and opportunity to explore a variety of sports ; Try it you may find you like it . Many pro football players study ballet . They find it helps them respond quicker to their opponents and other obstacles they encounter on the field . I want you to think about what I’ve said . You will have plenty of time to weigh every option .

Now shall we discuss the core curriculum How did you earn an F in English ? Do you not understand the material ? Is the instruction not clear enough ? Do you require more individualized instruction ? Do you feel you need to be reassigned to a much smaller class such as remedial studies ?

No Mama, don’t have them move me to remedial classes . I am not slow like those students . Please do not ask them to put me in a smaller class ; that would mean leaving my friends behind. Mama please tell me you want do any of those . Please , you can’t . Can you ?

I can and I will unless you provide some assurance these grades will come up and stay at or above a C .

Yes maim .

Joseph go in my bedroom and bring me my hair brush now . Then you and I will spend some quality bonding time in your room over my knee .

Yes Ma’am.

When Joey brings the hair brush his mother is in his room . She sits patiently on the edge of his bed . “ come here . Bare your bottom and get over my knee now . The first lick lands with the sound of thunder across his upturned bottom . Immediately an oval shape mark appears . As subsequent licks follow his mother explains . “ Joey , English is important ; you will learn to speak and write in an educated eloquent manner . Joey yelps in pain as he responds “ Yes Ma’am “ Then she pauses for a moment .

Son, I do not understand how anyone can fail history . In History class you read and remember what you read . I know you can read . I can’t believe this is a memory problem ; the same with social studies and Literature . I promise in the six weeks ahead I will arrange plenty of individual time ; just you ,your books, and solitude . I and your teachers will be available to you for individual tutoring Before and after school. Your free time before school. Is gone . Your breaks now belong to study hall , and your teachers .The free time after school like you ;it belongs to me .

Then she lifts the hair brush to her shoulder and begins to let the punishment SMACKS land like hail stone across Joey’s bare bottom .

Joey for the remainder of this spanking count the licks ; I want to test your attentiveness and math skills .One ma’am SMACK two ma’am and so on until he sobbed and whimpered “ twenty five ma’am.

When the spanking was over mom held Joey in her arms . Son. You are my man-child . I expect you to always do your best . I will never accept less from you . Come to me when you are having trouble ; Together we will find the answers .

Yes ma’am

When you are dressed and composed come join me in the kitchen . We have one more matter to discuss .

Yes Ma’am

Joey quickly dressed and regained his composure . In his mind he questioned what more did his mother have in store for him . She had taken his freedom; all of his freedom . She had scolded and lectured him . What else was there to do ?

Joey , I pay you five dollars for every A, and $ 2 for every B . I do not pay for mediocre work . well beginning to day you will pay me $ 3 for every D and $ 5 dollars for every F Courses such as Art, Music, and band ; those are soft courses ; if you show up ; you earn an A . Based on our new agreement how much do I owe you ?

Nothing Ma’am

And how much do you owe me ?

$ 25 dollars if you count PE

I do,

Until the debt is paid I want your cell phone , your video games. Your game console , and your television .

Mama , I promise I’ll never get another failing grade .

I believe you . But, until the next report card all punishment terms stand .

Yes Ma’am


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