Stranger Danger...

Stranger Danger... Stranger Danger...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Be warned this a horror erotica, imo, it is mildly brutal and I do not accept any responsibility if you are offended by it. This was written in response to a request to write a proper vampire horror story which puts the "bite" back into it after twilight killed it.


Be warned this a horror erotica, imo, it is mildly brutal and I do not accept any responsibility if you are offended by it.

This was written in response to a request to write a proper vampire horror story which puts the "bite" back into it after twilight killed it.


Submitted: November 18, 2013

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Submitted: November 18, 2013



Sitting in the darkest corner of the club, he looks around him; the sneering expression far from being suppressed as his eyes pass from one woman to the next. His hungry eyes finding nothing of interest as he searches.

Whores, every single one of them, do they really think the size zero, no-ass look is sexy?

The thoughts travelling through his mind turn darker as he continues to watch the women grinding up against random guys. Oh how I would love to teach one of these sluts a lesson.

Taking a slow sip from his glass, his eyes linger on one girl; a devilish smile flickering across his lips as he drinks in her real beauty from across the club. His heart skips a beat; or it would if I had one, he thinks and chuckles in response.

She pushes a few loose strands of her blonde hair behind her ears as she laughs off another guy's attempt to hit on her. Confident and beautiful, he licks his lips and continues to watch her as she struggles to keep a straight face. Tilting his head slightly, he guesses she has just delivered the punchline as her friends all throw their heads back and laugh as her face lights up, making her seem even more attractive.

The dark stranger's expression turns menacing as another drunk approaches his woman. Standing, he prepares to make his way across the floor but she turns and slaps the man clean across the face.

Smiling he settles back into his dark corner and runs his eyes over her body. Not an ounce of fat, beautiful round ass, his gaze devours her, lightly muscled legs, hour-glass figure... She's perfect!

Pushing himself to his feet he picks up his glass and in one gulp, finishes the contents off. Excellent, an excuse to talk to her.

Without any conscious thought he makes his way across the club, his muscled body moving lithely underneath the form-fitting dark suit, making it look as if he is gliding across the floor. He runs a hand through his short, jet-black hair; staring coldly back at the admiring glances directed his way by the women – and men – he passes. With an animal-like grace he reaches the bar a few yards from the woman's back. Even more stunning up close, his mind struggles to comprehend his attraction to her.

Turning his back to the bar he sees the drunk guy from before grab her ass again. She swings round, fury creasing her features as she prepares to go on the offensive. The drunk's hand comes up towards her ample chest.

Oh hell no! Rage explodes through him and in two strides – less than a split second - he is there, snatching the drunk's hand out of mid-air and twisting his arm behind his back. The stranger slams the drunk against a nearby pillar, leaning in so close that his close-cropped goatee brushes the drunk's ear.

“OK, McHandsy,” he says, sounding almost bored; as if the effort of restraining the man were nothing. “This nice lady deserves an apology. You have persisted with a sexual assault and I am sorely tempted to tear your throat out. What do you think?”

The stranger absorbs the fear coming from the drunk and revels in it, he pushes his arm up slightly causing the other man to tense in agony.

“OK, OK,” he whimpers.

“What?” the stranger asks softly without relaxing his grip.

The drunk turns his head with difficulty. “I-I'm sorry, I was out of line.”

“Good boy, now fuck off.”

Rubbing his suddenly released arm, the drunk stumbles away as the stranger turns to the woman with a smile. She stares at him in shock and his expression turns apologetic.

“Sorry for that, I hate to see a beautiful woman being hassled,” he watches carefully as she looks at the floor and pushes her hair behind an ear in an attempt to hide her blush at the comment.

Gotcha, he thinks.

She clears her throat. “T-thank you.”

“Would you like a drink?” he asks.

“Shouldn't I be the one offering you one since you, rescued me?”

He shrugs casually, “You, I'm sure, could have handled him yourself. I just have a short fuse and have been watching you since you walked in,” he feigns embarrassment over his admission. “You have to be the most attractive woman I have ever seen.”

He steps in close and her breathing quickens, nervous of her instant, primal attraction to this man. In her mind she knows if he asked her to fuck him right now, in the club, she would. She steps back and coughs, attempting to break the spell between them, it works... sort of.

He reaches out and takes her hand. A thrill runs through her at his touch as he silently and gently pulls her to the bar. Catching the barman's attention, the alluring stranger orders and hands over the money when the drinks arrive. He still hasn't released her hand, she isn't sure she wants him to.

Their hands still entwined, they drink in silence, his dark eyes burrowing into hers. She looks at his eyes, then his lips, and she quickly assesses his body, the suit he's wearing seems to ripple with every move he makes and she imagines the muscles underneath tensing and relaxing. She feels excitement course through her in a wave.

The stranger watches her movements closely and he knows he has her. He finishes his drink and some deep urge encourages her to do the same.

He leans in; his facial hair brushing her cheek, she grinds her thighs together involuntarily and she finds herself silently pleading for his touch.

“Would you like a dance, my love?”

Her heart flutters at his seductive tones but more so at his use of “my love”. She nods, her throat too dry to risk speaking. He leads her to the dance floor and pulls her close, her breasts press against his chest and she shudders as his hands caress her shoulders, run down her spine and settle firmly on her hips. Their lips linger within millimetres and he gives her a smouldering look, a promise of things to come. Her arms wrap around his trunk pulling him close.

“You are mine, forever,” he whispers darkly.

“I am yours.”

“... Master,” he corrects.

She is shocked at first but his pull is too strong.

“I am yours, M-m-Master.”

He smiles, this is easier than I thought.

He slides his right hand down further, past her skirt, rubbing – lingering on her smooth thigh, before he slides his hand up under her skirt and squeezes her ass cheek, she gasps at the pain, she looks in his eyes, tries to tell him to do more. To treat her like his own toy. To violate her, but he stops squeezing, tightens his embrace and for the first time she feels his hardness. It's pressing against her stomach and she soon forgets her disappointment as her mind fills with the anticipation of his organ filling her, splitting her, pounding her.

He deliberately grinds his large cock against her as they dance. She turns around, backs up against him and starts to grind her ass against him. His hands wrap around her stomach pulling her whole body against him. Smiling, he listens and feels her breathing quicken, he gradually pulls her to a darkened corner of the dance floor a step at a time. He leans in and brushes her lips, her passion overwhelms her and she reaches up, crooking her arm and pulling his head in for the deepest, roughest, most wanting kiss he could imagine. He kisses her back smashing his lips against hers, driving his tongue into her mouth and searching for hers.

She moans into his mouth as his assault continues. Reaching down with her spare hand she moves her lower body away for a moment and flips her skirt up, revealing her bare cheeks and the string of her thong. She settles back against him and he feels the warmth of her skin through the thin material of his suit. The woman adjusts her ass so that the shaft of his hard on is pressed between her cheeks. The contact makes her shiver as they continue to kiss.

He breaks the lip contact and begins to nuzzle and kiss her neck, his right hand sliding downwards, he cups her thong-covered pussy and instantly feels the heat and wetness; even through the material. Rubbing the material hard against her opening he feels her tense up and sigh. His left hand comes up - as he nibbles the soft area between her neck and shoulder – and he slips it inside her low cut top, under her bra and with her hardened nipple pushing into his palm, he crushes her breast, clenching and unclenching his grip mercilessly as he roughly abuses her clit through her underwear.

Oh my God, what am I doing? She wonders for a moment before the pain-induced pleasure puts her instincts back in charge. Her hips start to roll of their own accord; pushing her ass against his cock before the movement comes full circle to increase the pressure of his hand against her groin.

Her chest is heaving as her pleasure builds, all inhibitions gone, she wants only one thing and it consumes her every thought.

She wants him inside her.

The stranger feels her body shudder as her orgasm approaches, he redoubles his efforts; grinding his shaft against her so hard her cheeks part and the thong string is pushed against her back entrance. His left hand squeezes harder and longer on her breast as he slips his hand inside her underwear and directly stimulates her button with his thumb.

Upon contact, she jolts like a lightning bolt has hit her and as his multi-pronged assault continues she tenses, whimpers and begins to cum.

He is pleasantly surprised as he feels a jet of warm liquid hit his hand. A squirter? This will be a fun night...

She shudders, bucks, moans, groans and grinds her way through a climax that leaves her feeling drained but unfulfilled; she wants his cock.

His strong arms hold her up easily and as her eyes return from somewhere up in her skull she turns to the dark stranger.

“Take me home and fuck me, please Master, use me. I want you,” she begs.

His devilish smile returns and he supports her as they make for the exit.

“Fix your skirt, Slave,”

She returns her skirt to it's proper positioning and they pass by the bouncers with a smile and a nod.

Guiding her to a taxi cab they climb in and he gives his address, somewhere on the outskirts of town. Her orgasm fogged brain is unable to process most of what is said.


The journey takes half-an-hour and the stranger pays the driver before giving the woman his arm to support her. Minutes later they are behind the closed door of his loft apartment and tearing each other's clothes off. He reaches down after discarding her skirt on the floor, grabs a handful of her thong and twists his hand up in the thin material before a short, sharp jerk removes the underwear from her body.

She forgoes unbuttoning his shirt and with a little more effort than he showed, she rips the shirt open and pushes it from his shoulders. Her eyes devour his toned stomach and chest as they come into view and this fuels her desire as he bites her neck hard.

“Ugggggh!” she moans loudly.

She can't unbuckle his pants fast enough as she desperately searches for what she wants most. He reaches down and does it for her. They fall to the floor and she whimpers in frustration as she pushed his boxers down, inch by aching inch, his cock is revealed. Her pussy clenches in expectation as she finally sees his full girth.

Her bra goes the same way as her thong and she pulls them both back towards the nearest wall. He reaches down and grabbing hold behind her knees, he lifts her up. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, he reaches between them, lines his cock up with her entrance... ramming into her brutally. The edge of her lips feel as if they are tearing apart.

Uggggh fuck! Harder, please Master, rip me up,”

A dark smile animates his lips again and he obliges, standing up slightly straighter he pushes her against the wall proper and grabs her ass in an iron grip, using it as leverage as he starts to pound into her like a jack-hammer. She groans as the pain of her insides being battered mixes with the pleasure of his trimmed pubic hair rubbing her clitoris on the inward thrusts. She starts to match his thrusts with a rhythm of her own as her orgasm begins to boil up through her legs.

He looks down and sees blood streaming down his shaft as he screws her senseless.

“Slave,” he whispers. “Your blood is pouring down my dick.”

“Ugggghhh shit; that's so hot. Make me bleed, ughhhhh, please,”

He ploughs into her harder, tearing and bludgeoning her insides with every thrust as she claws and scratches at his back. He lifts her easily and carries her through the loft to the bedroom. They fall to the bed still entwined, she squeals with delight as his cock is forced deeper inside by the impact with the bed.

The stranger raises his knees up the bed slightly, gaining purchase to begin slamming into her again. She whimpers, wrapping her legs tightly around him as she uses them to draw him further inside her on every down-stroke.

He feels a mixture of her blood and juices coating his shaft and pubic hair as he revels in the depravity of the act. Smiling darkly, he adjusts his thrust slightly so that it contacts her g-spot every time he pushes in and pulls out. Her moans increase along with her already laboured breaths and he feels her begin to approach another orgasm as her cunt muscles contract around his cock.

A quick shift of position and her legs are sandwiched between both their chests and he grins as he sees the pained grimace return to her face. Pummelling her mercilessly he continues to take delight as the flow of blood increases and his groin begins to twitch as her muscles continue to milk his cock.

She feels his cock twitching inside her and uses her legs to keep him thrusting in time with her.

“Cum in me, please, cum inside me,” she begs breathlessly as her orgasm hits its peak.

At her words his testicles clench and he feels his sperm beginning to crawl unbearably slowly up his shaft from the base. She screams and claws at him, hungrily kissing his neck and digging her nails into his back as her own squirting orgasm begins.

The rush of warm liquid hitting him is too much for the stranger... “Ahhhh shit, I'm cumming.”

As she feels her climax hitting and the stranger ejaculating she draws him in, holding him tightly and as he finishes his final few squirts, she rips his throat open with her large incisors and drinks her fill as the blood spills over her in the moonlight coming through the slightly open blinds. Her orgasm continues to intensify as the blood floods into and onto her.

A high pitched scream rents the air as she hits a peak humans could only dream of and feeds on her latest victim. The shock on the stranger's face fuels her pleasure as she sates her hunger on his life-blood.

As her buzz depletes, she pushes the now-very-dead body off of her and stands looking down at the corpse on the blood soaked sheets as she stretches her arms out, the blood coating her body shining blackly in the moonlight filtering through the blinds.

“Fucking “Master” indeed,” she giggles malevolently. “You humans are cattle, nothing more.”

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