Bound, Gagged and Brutally Shagged

Bound, Gagged and Brutally Shagged Bound, Gagged and Brutally Shagged

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My First attempt at this genre. It is for RAB Bradbury's July contest, the theme is "Fear". This story follows the rape of a woman and has a sting in the tale. In my opinion this is pretty graphic, so if you are sensitive to this kind of story then I'd advise not reading. If it offends you then I think you're on the wrong site and I take no responsibility if you ignore this warning.


My First attempt at this genre. It is for RAB Bradbury's July contest, the theme is "Fear".

This story follows the rape of a woman and has a sting in the tale.

In my opinion this is pretty graphic, so if you are sensitive to this kind of story then I'd advise not reading. If it offends you then I think you're on the wrong site and I take no responsibility if you ignore this warning.


Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013



Moving his head slightly, he watches the beautiful woman walk into her bedroom, he watches as she is about to remove her blouse. Struggling to keep his breathing under control, his mind fills with anticipation of what he is about to do. Something catches her attention and she leaves the room, his heart rate slows and he waits again, watching through the gaps between the slats on the door of the walk in closet he is hiding in.

His breathing is heavy but quiet as he awaits the woman. Hearing muffled clattering and cursing from another room, the sound of footsteps echo from the hallway and his heart begins to thump in his chest. She stops at the doorway and swearing under her breath, retreats back up the hallway.

The man hiding is becoming frustrated; he needs release as his hardness strains against his underwear. He feels his pierced cock head tighten and throb at the thoughts running through his mind.

Come on, he thinks, come on, I've waited so long to do this.

Reaching down he strokes his girth through his tracksuit bottoms, the throbbing subsides - momentarily. It had taken weeks of planning; he had to find a way in without her knowing, he watched her, got to know her routine and he had purchased rope, handcuffs, duct tape and all sorts of other tools he'll need for the deed.

The fear courses through him and sends a shiver down his spine; he has never felt so alive. She will be his first; his first lover in this new life that fills him with fear and arousal. He will humiliate her, abuse her, and fill every hole with his sperm. He plans to tear her in two and use her for his own pleasure.

The hand returns to stroking his hard on, his mind picturing her long brown hair, wide blue eyes, sensual lips and strong cheeks. He imagines the fright widened eyes, the lips slackening as her breath comes through them in frightened pants. His shaft throbs, begs for him to grab hold and give him the release he needs.

He holds off.

Making the decision, he leaves the closet quietly. He can hear her in another room. Walking across the bedroom he knocks over an ornament which smashes on the floor. Smiling darkly, he moves behind the bedroom door. As expected, his victim arrives and has her back to him.

He makes his move.

Two steps, two steps are all it takes to reach her. As she half turns he grabs her, wrapping his left arm around her neck hard. She tries to scream but his forearm tightens against her throat, constricting her air and choking off her voice.

She struggles, his arms tightens. Using his free hand he grabs her by her ponytail and wrenches it back.

"Ok whore, you've teased me and tempted me, you've paraded around in those short skirts and tight tops, begging for me to look at you. You asked for this. I am going to turn you into nothing more than a warm cum bucket."

She whimpers in response.

Releasing the ponytail, he tears her blouse down the front. His right hand reaches inside the remains of the garment.

"No bra? You are a dirty little slut, aren't you?"

"Fuck you," she rasps.

"Bad slut, I'm going to have to punish you. Teach you to obey."

He removes the hand from her firm breast and reaches to his pocket. Bringing it back up, he flexes his fingers and she squeals as the peg clamps her hardened nipple. She tries to move her arms to release the pressure on her nipple but the arm round her neck tightens in warning.

She struggles hard to get free. He uses his weight and strength to keep hold.

"I warned you, bitch," the anger in his voice makes her freeze in terror, "... You're going to learn to behave, if you don't I will punish you."

With that, he adds a peg to the other nipple. She screams. He pinches either side of one of the pegs between thumb and forefinger, squeezing, he revels in the pain he causes her as her struggles increase.

The woman slams her head back, smashing it into her attacker's face and stunning him for a few moments. She escapes his clutches and turns but his bulk is blocking her route to the door. She grabs the nearest thing to hand - her hairdryer - and throws it at him.

The man is angry now; he bats away the flying hairdryer and advances toward the woman. Her fight isn't over; she throws more objects, hairbrushes, make-up containers, a phone and more. Until she runs out of things to throw, she looks for an escape route, she has forgotten the pegs clamped to her erect nipples.

The projectiles bounce off of his muscled body as he closes in on her. She makes to jump over the double bed in a bid to escape but he is too quick. Grabbing her by the hair he drags her back towards him, he can feel clumps it tearing and grins sadistically as she screams again.

He pins her down with a large hand on her throat. Her mouth opens in a silent scream as he reaches for his duct tape. Bare feet kick out at him and he swings back, slapping her, brutally across the face, the impact zone flushes red and her expression is one of shock.

"I warned you I'd punish you, bitch," he says as he tightens the grip on her throat and slaps her again.

Trying to scream again, she finds her mouth full of silk as he stuffs a pair of her own panties in her mouth. Then, he wraps the tape around her head and between her lips; holding the panties in.

He increases the pressure on her throat, just enough to disorient her, then releases her as he walks to the cupboard for his bag of tricks.

The fear and anxiety are gone; replaced with intense arousal. His penis throbs again.

"Don't worry son, you'll get a taste of this whore soon enough," he chuckles as he approaches the bed.

Pulling out a length of rope he keeps hold of one end, ties a slip knot loop in it and throws the rest of the coil under the bed. Punching the woman in the stomach - winding her - he fits the loop over her left ankle and tightens it. Round to the other side of the bed, he leans down and grabs the coil of rope. He quickly, deftly makes another slip knot loop and attaches it to her right ankle.

The woman is doubled over gasping for air as he reaches under and slips the slack of the rope around the bed frame before pulling it tight enough to forcibly spread her legs and tying it off to keep them wide open.

She starts to regain her senses and begins to fight again. He slaps her this time across her clamped nipples, she groans and chokes. Her eyes widen in horror as she realises he is going to violate her.

Her body betrays her as she feels herself becoming aroused.

He climbs on and fits a set of handcuffs to each wrist and then closes the unattached ends to the metal headboards.

Climbing off the bed he marvels at the sight of this beautiful woman; bound and gagged, waiting for him to use her in any way he wishes. His balls clench at the thought and he finally strips off. The cool air of the bedroom feels amazing against his feverish skin as he peels off the tracksuit. No fumbling belt buckles, no awkward zips. He had planned this down to the very last detail.

Slipping off his boxer shorts he stands up straight and walks back into visual range for his new fuck toy.

"... like what you see, cunt?" he feels intoxicated, the rush of his arousal as she sees his organ for the first time - and her eyes almost pop out in terror.

His five inches length are not very impressive but he is blessed with an unnaturally wide girth - with the brutal looking horseshoe jewellery looping through the head of his cock. It measures 3 inches across and even the slackest women he has been with struggle to take him in, and this bitch is goin' to be tight.

He lets her fear build, fuelling his excitement as he watches her hyperventilate into the makeshift gag.

Climbing onto the bed he runs his tongue from her ankle to her knee, tasting the fear induced sweat, inhaling her scent and sweet arousal as he gets closer to his goal.

He continues up her inner thigh and feels her tense up as he sticks his nose to the crotch of her thong and sucks in the aroma of her arousal. Her thighs shake under her tension and he feels his balls clench again.

"... Soon," he whispers.

He reaches up and grabs the thong between both hands and with a wrench of his hands, tears the underwear open revealing her to his starving eyes.

His stubble covered face brushes against her as his tongue seeks out her clit. She flinches as his tongue hits it and begins to relentlessly flick at it. Tears stream down her face as her body shudders with a mixture of pain, pleasure and disgust.

He brings his hands play as he slips a finger into her soaking wet, clenching hole. Then two... At three, she is stretched and he continues to roughly tongue her pleasure button. He feels her body tensing involuntarily and her muffled screams become moans.

This is the moment he has waited for, planned for. He rears up as her cunt muscles begin clamping down on his fingers and in one fluid movement slams his cock inside her. Forcing it through the spasming muscles, stretching her, testing the elasticity of her insides to their limit.

She screams at the fleshy invader but can't help her bodily reaction as she passes the point of no return. Her attacker pounds into her mercilessly as her entire body implodes with a pain and fear induced wave of orgasms.

He feels her body shudder again and again and revels in the humiliated look in her eyes as she cums again and again while being pushed to the edge of her endurance. Grinning he watches as her eyes roll back into her head and her body goes limp.

He continues to slam into her unconscious body until the sensations and arousal at this bound, helpless beauty push him to the brink and he slams, deep inside her to unleash the biggest load in his life, into his inert victim's womb.

He collapses next to her and lays there in a stupor until his cock stirs again, reloaded for the next round.


She wakes up and realises her gag has been removed. It must have been a dream, she thinks as she slowly comes around.

There's a sticky substance on her lips and as she tries to move her hands up to wipe it off.

She can't move.

Opening her eyes the fear surges back as she realises she is still bound, it wasn't a dream. Her eyes widen as her grinning rapist comes into view between her legs, which now seem to be tied up somewhere near her head. She tries screaming as she realises she is in the position giving him perfect access to...

"... Hello gorgeous," he says in that sinister, deep voice of his. "I hope you don't mind but I had some fun with your mouth while you were asleep."

His large penis comes into the leg-framed view and he is rubbing something into it. She sees a bottle in his spare hand and her mind reels at the meaning of all this.

He stops stroking his cock and she feels the cold metal of his piercing press against her. She shudders and begins to struggle as her mind registers what is about to happen.

His grin widens as he drinks in her fear and revulsion. With a grunt he pushes against the tiny virgin sphincter and as he applies more pressure the ring of muscle begins to roll over his cockhead. Steadily he pushes his way inside her anal passage forcing her body to accommodate him, centimetre by painful, rippling centimetre.

The muscle snaps over the engorged head and she groans in pain as he continues to stretch her. She watches his facial expression contort and takes some solace from the pain in his face. Bastard, I hope it snaps off, she thinks as she watches him intently, trying to keep the agony from her face as he violates her once again.

After what seems like forever, he bottoms out inside her arse. He enjoys the feeling of her passage rippling and trying to contract as it attempts to expel the intruder.

He pulls out slowly until only the head remains in, and then rams his way back into her. This wouldn't take long; he could feel his orgasm building as he ploughed through the protesting muscles. Grunting he abandons all control and begins to thrust into her brutally - stretching and tearing her.

Her whimpers of pain drive his pounding frenzy as he grips her suspended thighs so hard he leaves hand prints. Releasing one thigh he licks his thumb and locating her swollen, abused clit, he begins to rub it ruthlessly.

Once again her body begins to work against her as the sensation of the massive intruder ripping her insides and the simultaneous molestation of her clitoris drive her body to brink of yet another orgasm. Tears begin to fall as the humiliation of the whole saga hits her again. The orgasm hits her in a rippling explosion beginning in her stinging groin and pulsing its way through her entire body. Surge, after surge, after surge of pleasure hits her and she can't help but moan loudly.

He feels her body tighten and redoubles his efforts as her passage clenches around him. Her moans mixed with whimpers and loud exhalation as he drives his way inside her combine with her body spasms to milk the cum slowly from his balls. He feels it being dragged up his passage slowly and he begins to grunt more and more as it gets agonisingly closer to jetting out.

"Here it comes, spunk bucket, are you ready..." he pants out breathlessly.

She moans and the tears continue to fall down her face as she watches his evil face contort in pleasure.

He collapses over her as his entire load is deposited in her bowels. Pulling out quickly, he stands and watches as spent load dribbles out of her abused, red raw hole.

Making eye contact he grins as she looks at him with undisguised hatred and horror. Lifting his limp cock into view he unleashes a pungent yellow stream of piss. He sprays some near her abused arse and she winces in pain. He then directs the weakening stream at her head as the pressure reduces it to a few spurts and then drops.

"You're mine now, bucket!"

Standing up quickly, he dresses, he has to be home soon and the less suspicion he raises, the better. So, grabbing his bag of tricks, he walks to her and sees she has passed out from all the exertion. He removes the bonds and leaves. Making his way to his car.



The front door opens and the man steps through, he had changed back into his usual work suit and came home.

"Hi Dave honey, how was your day?" yelled his wife from the living room.

"Fuck'n' torture," he sighs darkly in reply.

"Oh that’s good. Dinner's in the oven."


"Daddy," comes the delighted scream from his beautiful daughter as she charges at him and jumps into his waiting arms.

"Hello poppet how was nursery?"

"I drawed you a picture of me and you and mummy."

"Oh that’s clever, tell you what, let me get my dinner and then you can show me."

The four year old nodded happily and he lowered her to the floor as he walked to his wife and kissed her on the cheek. He straightens up but is pulled down; he feels her lips brush his ear.

"... Hit me harder next time," she whispers huskily.

He grins at her and wanders to the kitchen to heat his food up.

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