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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

She clicked send. $400 an hour. God, she hoped he was worth it. They’d decided on a 10 p.m. meet. She cleaned and vacuumed to kill time, remembering to change the sheets on her queen sized bed from white cotton to red satin. A long bath followed, ensuring to shave every hair from her body before dousing her skin in perfume. She then selected a mauve, crepe dress. It brought out her green eyes, her red hair in soft tresses that fell to her shoulders.

After some pacing and fighting off the urge to shred her manicured nails with her teeth in a nervous spate, a glass of cognac did the trick, calming her nerves. The bell chimed at precisely 9.58 and she confidently marched to the front door and threw it open.

He was tall, she noted, and handsome, his suited frame striding into her apartment after they traded perfunctory pleasantries.

She shut the door behind him and turned the key. “Could I get you anything to drink, Sasha?”

“No thanks, Maureen.”

She  blinked. “I don’t recall telling you my name.”

“I’m a professional. I like to know everything about my clients.”

“But the agency–”

“I know.” He took a step closer, his smile stunning. “It’s against agency policy when the client insists on discretion, but I like to break the rules. Will you tell on me, Maureen?”

“Uh–that depends…”

To her surprise, he leaned in and inhaled her neck, sending tingles down her spine. “You went to a lot of trouble for a purchased fuck, didn’t you, Maureen?”

She flinched.

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Flinch when I said fuck?”


His warm lips were on hers, slamming her against the nearest wall, one of his hands snaring both her wrists and holding them above her head while the other lurched on her left breast. She moaned, the press of his hard body igniting a fire that raced down to stir her loins, dampening her panties. He abruptly stepped back and she nearly dropped to the floor but he propped her up in time, laughing softly. “First time, Maureen?”

“Of course not! I’m not-I’m not a…”

“You’re not a what?” he drawled.

She licked her burning lips, realizing that his narrowed eyes were more green than blue, despite what his ad had broadcasted. “A virgin. I’m–I’m not a virgin.”

“No, you’re not. Virgins don’t kiss the way you do. Where’s your kitchen?”

“First door on your left. Why?”

“Don’t move an inch.”

He disappeared before she could respond, praying he wouldn’t turn out to be some psycho killer now that her expensive gourmet knives were perched on one of the marble table tops. The thought had barely formed when he returned and she gasped. Instead of a 7-inch blade, he clutched a plate of last night’s meatloaf, his suit gone. Her eyes drank in his naked flesh, from the dark nipples to the taut stomach muscles before her gaze finally settled on his cock. It was huge, circumcised, getting wetter when she watched it stir to her staring.

“It likes you,” he said, approaching her, and without any warning, snatched her hand and aimed them toward her living room. He abandoned her by the coffee table while he settled in the middle of one of the two black couches and began to devour the sliced meatloaf with his fingers.

“Don’t look so shocked, Maureen. I didn’t have time to eat before coming here. Hope you don’t mind.”

She barely heard a word, taking in his fine form, from the sandy colored hair to that cock, proudly exposed by his man-spread.

“Best I ever had.”

“W-what?” she croaked, struggling to keep her eyes on his face.

“The meatloaf. It’s the best I’ve ever had.”


“You’re very beautiful when you blush.”

“There’s no need for your empty compliments, Sasha. I already know I’m fat. I like my food and I like it good, so…”

“It wasn’t a run-of-the-mill compliment, Maureen,” he said, polishing off the last ration and putting the plate aside. “You’re beautiful and my cock agrees.” He eased back on the couch and slowly began to lick the food remnants from his fingers. “One kiss and it’s already revving to go. Your “fat” or lack thereof didn’t do this. You did.”

She felt like she’d morphed into the twilight zone and after taking one last greedy look at his fully erect penis, she threw up her hands. “I’ve lost it! I’ve truly lost it! I–I made a mistake. Who the hell hires an escort? I’m sorry, but you have to go. I mean… Wha-what do you think you’re doing?”

His right hand had wrapped around his cock’s girth and was now casually stroking its length. “What does it look like I’m doing, Maureen?”

“Stop it!”


“Stop that right now!”

“Make me.”

She swallowed hard.

“Come here and make me stop touching myself, Maureen.”


“You what? Do you have a pathological fear of cocks? When was the last time you had one deep inside you, Maureen? Come…here.”

She took a step back. “You need to–”

“I’m not going anywhere, Maureen. Now come here.”

“Listen, I–I won’t ask for a refund, if that’s what you’re worried about. I–I can’t be this desperate!”

“Then stop watching me jerk myself off.”

She couldn’t, gaping at the skillful way his right hand scaled the length of his meat, teasing its swollen head before easing back down again, a groan escaping that perfect mouth of his. Her throat went dry, the room’s dim lighting not enough to stop her from noticing the pre-cum glistening on the cock’s tip.

“Oh Maureen…” he moaned, shifting further back on the couch, his stroking growing faster, determined. “Come here and touch me…please…oh God!”

She lurched forward, drawn to him like a magnet, her gaze shifting between his closed eyes, that beautiful face and even more incredible cock.

“Maureen…” He gasped, his body stiffening as his pleasure swelled. “It wants you so bad…”

 She stood in front of him and before she knew it, his hands abandoned his cock and raced underneath her mini dress and up her thighs, taking hold of her lace panties. With one tug, he tore them free and she gasped. He smiled, his eyes searing when he brought the fabric’s damp remnants to his nose and inhaled deeply. “You smell so good, Maureen...”

He brought his legs closer together, his cock standing proud and rigid. “Fuck it, Maureen,” he commanded. “Fuck it hard!”

She instantly spread her legs and dropped on top of him, maneuvering the hot cock into her wet cunt. A moan ripped through her, rocking on its hardness, her juices dripping with every downward thrust.

His hands snatched at her dress and raised it over her bare ass, yanking it over her head before he cast it aside. His gaze zeroed in on her breasts, heavy and spilling from a mauve lace bra. “It’s been a while since you’ve had a man, hasn’t it, Maureen?”

“How can you tell?”

“I’m here at your disposal, to do whatever you want me to, yet you won’t touch me.”

She stared at him blankly.

“Touch me, Maureen. Touch any part of me.”

Her palms plastered on his abs, scalded by the heat of his skin, the muscles toned and he grunted, his cock digging deeper into her throbbing cunt. His eyes closed when she explored his chest, her fingers circling his erect nipples much to his mounting moans. Her hands finally lurched onto his shoulders, anchoring her when her cunt took in the last inches of him and they both gasped. He felt so good!

“Fuck me, Maureen!”

She thrust down hard.

“Is that all you’ve got? Fuck me!”

She rose and fell on that thick delicious cock, her knees pressing down on the couch while his palms liberally capped her ass cheeks, his cock plunging furiously into her and she threw back her head and cried out. The bra was ripped from her chest and she held on to his head when his lips and teeth devoured her nipples, groaning at the ripples that scaled her spine, fucking him furiously. His chest tightened as her own clit did and cum shot out of him and flooded her cunt. She shook and shuddered, screaming at the orgasm while he thrust fast and hard, her nails digging into his skin as the passion rode its wave.

She nearly passed out, slumping onto his glistening chest as his thrusts decreased in urgency, their breathing wild. To her surprise, his left hand abandoned its grip of her ass cheek and began to stroke her hair. Talk about value for money! She wanted to tell him to stop, wanted to ask how many women he’d managed to make feel special with the tender gesture, but in that moment, she didn’t give a damn. He smelled so good and her own palm rose and stroked his jaw line. He caught the hand and slipped the fingers between his moist lips, sucking at their tips and her clit tightened, squirming at the spiking desire he aroused.

“You can bet your sweet cunt, Maureen, that this is not the last you’ll be seeing of me.”


Submitted: February 06, 2019

© Copyright 2023 lythia78. All rights reserved.

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Great post! You’ve shown her vulnerability through her actions, I think that’s a hard thing to do.

Wed, February 6th, 2019 9:57pm


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Mon, February 11th, 2019 10:02pm

Colin Pleasant

Well done.

Thu, February 7th, 2019 3:01pm


Thanks Colin!

Mon, February 11th, 2019 10:03pm

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