The Sirius Ways

The Sirius Ways

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Lyra was getting completely and utterly pissed by a ... constallation? Well, this wasn't just any random bunch of stars, no, this was Canis Majoris, main star: Sirius. The 'Dog Star'. Thank Merlin she had Mary or else she would have gone nutters ages ago! And what about her 'furry secret' as she calls it? Meanwhile, Lily is denying her feelings for James, Dorcas has a secret crush on Sirius and Alice's life seems to be just perfect. Screaming and giggling girls, noisy Marauders and wolfie affairs ... rated X for a reason.


Lyra was getting completely and utterly pissed by a ... constallation? Well, this wasn't just any random bunch of stars, no, this was Canis Majoris, main star: Sirius. The 'Dog Star'. Thank Merlin she had Mary or else she would have gone nutters ages ago! And what about her 'furry secret' as she calls it?
Meanwhile, Lily is denying her feelings for James, Dorcas has a secret crush on Sirius and Alice's life seems to be just perfect.
Screaming and giggling girls, noisy Marauders and wolfie affairs ... rated X for a reason.

Chapter1 (v.1) - If life gives you lemons ...

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Lyra was getting completely and utterly pissed by a ... constallation? Well, this wasn't just any random bunch of stars, no, this was Canis Majoris, main star: Sirius. The 'Dog Star'. Thank Merlin she has Mary or else she would have gone nutters ages ago!<br /> Sooo not taking Astronomy on NEWT-level.<br /> Meanwhile, Lily is denying her feelings for James, Dorcas has a secret crush on the socalled 'Sirius' and Alice's life seems to be just perfect.<br /> Screaming and giggling girls, noisy Marauders and wolfie affairs ... rated X for a reason.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 22, 2010



A/N: My first Marauder era fic. It's a Sirius/OC, Remus/Mary and Lily/James story and the plot will form out. Please notice that this story is rated X for a reason. Btw, for their heights I'm using the meter system :)
DISCLAIMER: JKR owns everything. Even most of the plot :b But I own my noticeble OCs :)

1: If life gives you lemons ...

Cauldwell household, September 1:

I was staring at marshmallows in really hot chocolate. The steam was slowly rising from the red mug, and the scent of a little bit of mint hit my nose. I sighed deeply. I slowly lifted the mug and brought it to my lips when the taste of wet dog suddenly hit me ...

What now? A 'riiiriiiriiing' sound disturbed my rather odd dream. I quickly opened my eyes and stared at the old clock, screaming on the table. My fiery red cat, Oluva, was screaming from her little basket. I groaned in frustration. People just don't ruin peoples sleep. Especially when they dream about hot cocoa and marshmallows ... and wet dog ...

I turned of the clock and turned around in my bed, preparing for more sleep. But then I saw the calender.

September 1rst. Wasn't there something happening that day? Something that a sixteen-year old witch would look forward too?

Oh yes, Hogwarts. Today was the day that I returned to the magical school of Hogwarts. I was exited, of course! To see Mary again. And my other dorm mates, even though they had their own little group.

I jumped out of bed and made my way into the hallway, singing loudly of joy.

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy hoggy Hogwarts ..." I sang. Suddenly the door on my left opened and my older brother Eridanus stuck his head out.

"Ssshh Lyra, you're waking Boo and Leo," he hissed. Eridanus was a tall seventeen-year old boy. He was about to start his seventh year at Hogwarts. The two people he had been mentioned were my other brothers, Bootes, who was thirteen,and Leo, who was fifteen. True to the pureblood-traditions we were all named by constallations. I also had two younger sisters named Cassiopeia and Virgo. They were both fourteen and identical twins. My last siblings were Aquila, who was starting her first year, and Cygnus who was only ten.

Eight kids! My parents were busy people.

Anyway, I stopped singing and turned around to glare at him.

"It's september the first, remember? A place called Hogwarts?" I sarcastly asked.

"Ha-ha, veeery funny Lyra." I just smiled and turned swiftly around, only to hear a loud squeel from the room next to mine. Aquila must've seen the date. I was certain I heard her yell "HOGWARTS!" Okay, so I wasn't only 'certain'. I'm pretty sure every member of my enormous family had heard her.

Bootes sprang out of his room, fully dressed and ready for breakfast. Leo groaned as he came out, his hair as messy as ever. The answer to why he was made prefect is still unknown. But, on the other hand some questions just shouldn't be answered.

Cygnus was, together with me, the only Cauldwell who hadn't inherated the trademark honeybrown hair. He and I had instead gotten a weird very dark, almost blackmahogny colour. But I was the only one who didn't have hazel eyes. No, my eyes were icy-blue. I found the colour rather boring, just like I found the rest of myself.

I was very ordinary.

King's Cross station, platform 9 3/4, september 1:

"Aquila Cauldwell, would you calm yourself!" mum demanded. Aquila just sighed. Poor girl; she had alway been my favourite sibling, her and Eridanus. I was sad that this would be his last year and I wouldn't be able to hang around with him for my NEWTs. But I would at least still have Leo, Bootes, Cass, Virgo and Aquila for company. And I was glad that I got to be with Aquila for her two first years which were some of the moost hectic ones.

I scanned the plaform for any famillar faces (Cough, Mary Macdonald, cough), but all I could see was James Potter and Sirius Black both getting hugged by James' mum, Jane Potter. I knew that Sirius' parents had disowned him last Christmas due to his hatred towards them. I glanced over at the spot where Walburga and Orion Black were saying goodbye to Sirius' brother Regulus. They didn't seem to worry about their older son.

This had alsomeant that there were fewerof the socalled SSS, 'The Siriusly Sirius Sralkers' (I had named them that in third year when they began to 'siriusly stalk Sirius').

"The SSS's are fewer this year," Virgo noticed. Cass and I followed her eyes to an open train window where a group of about seven girls from diffrent Houses and years (Even a single Slytherin-girl), who were watching Sirius.

"I reckon it's because he's got no money left," I said.

Mum and dad gave us their hugs, especiallt Aquila was bear hugged since this would be her first year at Hogwarts. Cygnus was crying; he didn't want to walk around all alone in our huge manor all year.

"Lyra!" I suddenly heard a familar voice shout. I turned around to see Mary standing by the train, she looked like she had justed released a hug from her mum.

"Bye mum, bye dad! I'll write as often as possible!" I promised as I started walking towards the train.

"Farewell parents!" Bootes joked. Eridanus waved happily while Leo was a bit more excited to get back to school. Cass was comforting Virgo, who was as usually crying, while I quickly grabbed Aquilas hand and led her towards where Mary was standing.

I helped her get on the train.

"Lyra!" I heard Mary call again.

"Mary!" I happily said. I didn't drop Aquilas hand when I hugged Mary.

"New one?" my best friend asked. I laughed.

"Yeah. Aquila you remember Mary, right?" I asked my sister. She nodded shyly.

"Yes," she muttered.

"You want to sit with us, or do you want me to ask Cass and Vi?"

"I think I'll just find a compartment myself, if that's okay." I smiled down at her and nodded. She turned around and dragged her trunk after her as well as she could. I knew for sure that Eridanus would be waiting somewhere in the train to help her with the rest. Me and my older brother had this pseudo-twin thing that made us good at mutual agreements and such.

"No Slytherins!" I yelled at her. Evert Cauldwell-kid was in Gryffindor except from Leo who had been sorted into Ravenclaw. But it wasn't so weird since my mum, Persephone, had been in that House. My dad Taurus, had been a Gryffindor like almost every one of his kids.

Me and Mary seddled into an empty compartment in the end of the train. We both bumped down by the window, and quickly started up conversation about several of our fellow Gryffindor that we had seen through the summer, or the Slytherins our old enough brothers had offered to hex. Eridanus always used my own hexes. Yes, I make my own spells. He was best friend with Mary's older brother and only sibling, Andrew. I think that's one of the things that made us friends (Besides our weirdness).

"Did ye hear about Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasleys new kid?" she asked with her slight Scottish accent whichmost likely she had gotten from her dad who was full blooded Scott (Seriously, his name was Scott Macdonald). But since her mum was from Sussex and they currently lived in London, her accent was fading.

"Yes. I remember when we were first years and I looked up to Molly like she was a godess." Back then. Molly and Arthur had both been seventh-years and I really admired Molly for her ... Mollyness, for lack of better words.

"Aye, you were following her every move. Still don' know why she let ye," said Mary. I chuckled.

"The world will never know," I said.

"Oh well, me' any interesting bloke this summer?" she asked me. I sighed, thinking about my lovelife. I had had one boyfriend in forth year. But you know, you were forteen, you didn't have real relationships back then.

"Unfortunately no. All the blokes in our area are muggles and even if my family holds no grudge against muggles, I don't like the idea of having to one day tell my bloke that I am a witch," I said.

"Clever move," Mary agreed. "Still don' know why ye parents don' care about all that blood-purity-stuff."

"Sometimes I wonder too. But seriously whar is there to care about? Muggles are people just like us and we should respect them." I used that speech everytime anyone brought up the subject of 'purebloods' and 'mudbloods'.

"Sometimes I wonder if ye're rehersin' that," Mary said and giggled.

"Great brain-gymnastics," I mused.

Suddenlt the compartment-door slid open and a flustere James Potter looked inside. Behind him stood Sirius and Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They were the boys from our year, plus Frank Longbottom, but I guessed he wasn't there. He was probably off, snogging Alice Prewett, one of our doem-mates.

Mary sighed. She was, unlike me, not afraid to talk to people we practically didn't know. I had always been the quiet one, growing up in a huge family. I had only been the youngest for eleven months before Leo came, so I didn't know how that felt like. I actually didn't really know why I was the quiet girl, but I honestly didn't mind it very much.

"No, Lily isna here," Mary said. James' face dropped a bit, but Sirius just rolled his eyes.

"Actually," he said and then I noticed that they were still having their trunks. "We wanted to ask if we could sit in here since evrywhere else is full." My jaw dropped. Was her serious? Oh God, of course he was Sirius.

"Sure, why not? Might end up being interesting," Mary said with a little smile. Mary didn't have that extremely scary height as I did (Seriously, I'm 1 meter and ruddy 64 centimetres while she is only 1,52. I was literally scaring boys away). She also has that pretty black hair and warm chocolate-brown eyes. Her skin was healthly tanned and well, she was perfect!

I also suspected her on having a minor (Major) crush on Remus Lupin. I sent her a betterknowing glance, but she just rolled her eyes as the boys sat down. Sirius, unfortunately, sat down right next to me. Not that I hold any grudges towards him, he just ... freaks me out. He is the school's biggest womanizer, the only girls he hasn't shagged yet must be the younger and then the Slytherins. Well, he was amazingly handsome and he has that seductive smile. But I have found myself immune for his looks.

I actually think he once snogged Mary at a party, but who cares? Nor me, nooo ... too many O's.

"So, how was your summer?" Mary asked the boys after a rather awkward silence.

"Great! Just relaxing, flying lazily around and figuring out new pranks for this year," said James with a huge smile.

"It's going to be grand," Sirius added with exitement.

"Eri should love that," I said quietly. I knew how much Eridanus had enjoyed their pranks through the years.

"Aren't you his sister?" Sirius asked in surprise.

Well, this was irritating.

"If you would care to notice my name is Lyra Cauldwell. If you note further there are seven pupils at this school with that surname. Thise pupils are my siblings, whereof three of them are on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Eridanus is still your captain, and I am usually present at matches and tryouts, so yes, I know Eridanus pretty well." I finished my way to long rambling session with a deep depressed sigh, before returning to staring out the window.

"Oh," he said. Yay, I just adore oh's.

Mary giggled from opposite me. I sent her a mean glare.

"Sorry. It's just too funne," she explained.

"Bloody funny it is," I grumbled.

"I wonder where Lily and the others are," James thought out loud. I, who suddenly felt much more confident, answered him.

"Easy. Lily is avoiding you and Snape, Alice is snogging Frank and Dorcas is holding a meeting with the rest of the SSS, which she might have dragged Lily into, seeing as nobody dares to walk in on them," I answered.

"SSS?" Sirius asked.

"Siriusly Sirius Stalkers. The've increased since Christmas, some even converted to the SJS, even though they aren't as many as the SSS," Mary said.

Sirius and James both laughed at our silly nicknames. I couldn't but notice that Sirius' laughter sounded like a bark (I had a dog when I was four so I think I'd know).

Suddenly I the compartment-door opened again and in the doorway stood our years only redhead, Lilian Evans. She smiled friendly as she saw me and Mary.

"Hey girls," she said. "I just came to fetch Remus. There's a prefects meeting." She ignored James' smirk. Remus stood up and Mary kinda looked like a lost puppy in that second. I let out a little giggle at her.

"See you guys later," Remus said, before leaving the compartment with Lily.

"Hey Lyra, didn't one of your brothers make prefect? Leo or Bootes, I can't remember." Mary had always had a hard time remembering my siblings' names.

"Leo made prefect, he's the only one not in Gryffindor, remember now?"

I didn't find it hard at all to keep track of my family. But on the other hand I had grown up with that lot.

"Constallations," Sirius said.

"What?" I asked him. He just looked at me, like it was obvious.

"You and your siblings are named by stars and constallations," he explained.

"Yes, but I don't ctack up in Astronomy like other people. I mean come on. Canis Majoris and Sirius the Dog Star," I said. Sirius laughed.

"Hey, ye know ye can see Bootes,Cassiopeia and Cygnus on the northern sky right now?" Mary said. This made even me suppress a laugh. Three of my lovely siblings in one month! A record!

"I never listen in that subject anyways," I said.

"Oh bollocks," Mary sarcastly said.

The rest of the train-ride went by pleasently. The boys were actually pretty fun talking to, and I soon found myself laughing at James and Sitius; they were practically brothers, acting just like Eridanus, Bootes and Leo did at times. Sirius was actually a decent fella', but his ego was a tad too nig. The same case with James. I didn't know what could have caused their heads to grow like that, but I suspected it to be Quidditch andfemale attention (Sirius even got male attention, but I rather not mention any names, should I Carlos Madeigal?).

I was reliefed as we entered the Great Hall, my attention quickly went to the Gryffindor-table where there were several of my siblings waving. They were all sitting in a huge group, mixed with their friends. I waved back. I also saw Leo smiling from the Ravenclaw-table.

"I wish that bloke could just have gotten himself sorted into Gryffindor like everybody else," Ithought out loud, just meant for Mary to hear, but of course the boys who were syill with us had heard me.

"I think he fits well with the Ravenclaws," said Remus. "Him and Lily seemed to have a lot to talk about at the prefects' meeting."

Why hadn't Lily mentioned that? We weren't exavtly best friends, but we were dorm-mates.

The boys even joined us at the Gryffindor-table. They sat down opposite us. But I had a feeling that it had something to do with the fact that Lily, Alice and Dorcas were heading our way. Lily looked quite unhappy as she sat down next to me. Alice sat down next to Mary and Dorcas sat down next to Lily (Getting a good glance at Sirius).

The Sorting began.

"Oh, I'm exited to see how many Gryffindors we'll get," said Lily from beside me. I nodded. My eyes were glued on Aquila's little scared face.

"Your sister?" Dorcas asked. I nodded. "She dosen't look like you."

"I know. It's a gene-thing," I whispered back as we saw Adrian Airhandle getting sorted into Slytherin.

"Poor kid," mumbled James.

Right after Amber Bearhunter ("RAVENCLAW!")came Aquila.

"Cauldwell, Aquila!" McGonagall called out. Aquila climbed up on the stool, her entire body shaking. The hat surely took it's time ...

"RAVENCLAW!" it finally shouted. I rose a bit in my chair to get a better wiev, and saw Leo greeting her at the Ravenclaw-table. She sat down next to Amber, who quickly smiled and began chatting to her. I smiled. Aquila was going to be just fine.

"Ravenclaw. I had a feeling, little eagle," I said with a small smile.

A/N:I know it ended very abruptly, but I was pretty busy :) I'll continue as soon as I get some positive response. I'm addicted to comments :D
The Characters Cygnus and Aquila are dedicated to my little sister and best friend. Hailey you are such a tomboy, so I decided that your character should be male. Lol, I hope your summer at dad's is going well :) Then to my BFF: Sierra, you are a nervewrecking, loyal, crazy girl, who loves HP just as much as me. This story is therefore mostly dedicated to you. If there was a female Sirius, that would be you :D

© Copyright 2019 Lyra Cassiopeia. All rights reserved.


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