Before Sleep

Before Sleep Before Sleep

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



I don't know what I am doing.



I don't know what I am doing.


Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



As I pull off her red top, the color sizzling like her cheeks,

And reach around to unsnap her bra,

She sighs in my ear a little ghostly moan,

Like the breath of Aphrodite upon the wavy beach.

Her perky tits bounce in the air, raw

For me, cute and pink and finely toned.

I flick, she gasps, the past forced from our minds

For all that is is right now, as I pull down

Her skirt, all the way to her feet, and breathe

On her neck a warm breath of the most sinful kind.

She wears no panties, no need for that gown

And already she drips, wet, waiting for me.

Fingers slip into a lovely warm hole and dance

A dance of fire and passion deep within

As I remove my garb, expose my soul to her,

And suckle on her breasts, fondle her, enhance

The sensations of a lifetime of waiting for sin,

My cock pressed against her lower lips, enters.

And for the moment, all that is is all that is now

And nothing more and nothing less as she grips me

While I slide in and out of her glistening heat

Pressing my lips to her, we dance a dance of passion

Cupping her breast and her buttocks same, we

Fuck, but gently, sensually, deep within her sweet

Sweet body. And as it comes, as of course it does,

A full crest like a comet high above the earth

I fill her with my love, my warmth, my cum

As she quivers and shakes and shivers, delight,

A fire burning deep, deep inside her chest, her hearth

And within my loins, red as they are, my heart like a drum

We burst together on this bed, this night, having both seen the light,

Our juices flow together, we, entangled, sleep well,

Knowing we’ve sinned delightfully, into sleep we fell.


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