Jake and Amelia

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two longtime friends who never admit they have feelings for each other.



Jake and Amelia Jake and Amelia were longtime friends. They had been through a lot since they met. Some good times and some bad times. Jake had a lot of friends who were girls but Amelia was more than a friend. she was always there for him when times got tough and he was her rock, her person. Everyone around them thought these two were a couple they were so close. Then, Jake started seeing someone. Amelia and Jake grew apart and they lost contact with each other. A few years go by and Jake gets a friend request from Amelia. Jake accepts her friend request. Amelia finds out Jake has moved away but comes back to town often.

One day Amelia gets a text from Jake. He wants to meet for coffee at Starbucks. She's not sure she wants to but decides to go. It's Saturday afternoon and she heads over to starbucks. She walks inside sees Jake but is shy to go over to him. She tries to calm herself before walking over. She pulls out a mirror to check her face and notices she has a huge pimple on the end of her nose. Just great, now everyone is probably staring at me. She quickly heads to the bathroom. She's trying to find something to hide the big ugly pimple but she left her makeup bag at home.

So Amelia texts Jake tells him she isn't feeling well and calls their meeting off. Little does she know he's waiting outside of the bathroom door. She opens the door, Jake sees her and can tell something is wrong. He says Hey, you don't have to hide from me I know something is wrong. It's nothing really, I'm fine. Hey, come on I've known you a longtime I know when something is wrong out with it. I'm embarrassed Jake, there's a huge pimple on my nose I didn't want you to see me. Hmm is that all? I didn't even notice that. But now that you mention it...Amelia punches Jake in the arm.

Hey, I was only kidding you, it's hardly noticeable I promise! They both start laughing. Now that's better, that's the girl I remember. They both head to the front to get inline. Amelia orders a tall caramel frappucino. Jake orders a tall vanilla latte. Jake hands the cashier some money, Amelia tries to stop him. No way, this ones on me! So Amelia hands over her starbucks card. Can you add 2 salted caramel cake pops please?

They find a small table in a corner and both take a seat. So, how much do I owe you for the coffee and cake pop? Nothing! Can't I treat you for once lol. They both laugh and begin sipping on their drinks. Amelia reaches in the bag and pulls out both cake pops. I've never had a cake pop before thanks. So, how is life treating you? Well I hope. I'm working at a movie studio now I'm a cameraman. Oh how exciting that must be! Have you met anyone famous?

Not really, just a few unknowns nobody really famous. So, how about you? I'm great I work at a children's museum. I'm a tour guide. So, you get paid to bore people to death lol. Amelia kicks Jake under the table. I'm kidding, I'm kidding!! So, have you met anyone? There is this guy at the museum I'm friends with, his name is David. He's a security guard. He's really funny and sweet. We've gone out a few times but it's nothing serious. What about you? There must be plenty of girls at the studio. There is this one girl, Emily. Emily is a makeup artist.

Wanna see her picture? I have one on my phone. Amelia takes the phone and says wow she's pretty she reminds me of someone. Yeah she's great. So do you have any photos of the security guard? Yeah this one. He takes her phone, notices a tall handsome guy with a smile. He's amazing he was a security guard for the singer P!nk. All the kids at the museum like him.

I'm very happy for you, Amelia he seems like a great guy. You would really like him Jake I hope you get a chance to meet him. They finish sipping their drinks, and Jake realizes it's getting late. Well, I should probably get back on the road this was fun. We should do this more often. It's been too long Jake let's stay in touch. I know Amelia, I wish we hadn't lost touch with each other.

They both get up and head towards the door. They walk out into the parking lot, he turns to Amelia and hugs her. I miss this. I miss our friendship, I miss you. I miss living here. I'll try and make a trip up and visit you sometime so you can show me around town. I'd like that, I'm a great guide I'll even take you to the studio! Oh Jake that sounds like fun I'd love to! They say their goodbyes and each head off in different directions. Amelia can't stop smiling as she heads out of the parking lot. Jake is in his car on the way back outta town and a song comes on the radio. It was their song. Jake picks up his phone to text Amelia about hearing their song. He takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds. Everything goes black.

Jake hears someone talking but can't figure out who. 2 people who witnessed the accident are trying to open Jakes door and free him. Sir, we called 911 they should be here shortly. Soon after the ambulance pulls up to the scene. They work on freeing Jake and managed to get him out. One of the teenage girls notices a phone on the ground next to jakes car. They dial the last number Jake called, it was Amelia.

Amelia answers, so you miss me already huh? An unfamiliar voice says Jake has been injured in a car accident. Oh my god is Jake alright? Where is he? he's a little banged up they are loading him in an ambulance now. May I speak with the paramedics? Hello, who am I speaking with? I'm a good friend of Jakes is he alright? He's got some bruises and a head injury we are taking him to Armstrong General. I can be there in half an hour!

Amelia hangs up and heads back down south towards the hospital. She pulls up to the emergency entrance, parks and runs inside. Hi excuse me where can I find my friend Jake he was in an accident? Are you family? No, but we are close friends. Well I'm sorry you can't go back there to see him. Have you notified his mom? He's really close with her he's all she has. I have her number in my cell phone.

Amelia heads to a quiet part of the waiting room and dials his mom. Hello miss Becky, this is Amelia Jake's friend Jakes been in an accident he's got some bruises and a head injury. Amelia will they let you see him? No, mam I'm not family. Well I'm on my way to the hospital I should be there in an hour. Amelia hangs up, heads back to the nurses desk and let's her know his mom is on the way.

A little over an hour later his mom arrives. Amelia sees his mom and calls her over. They both head towards the nurses desk. Hi I'm jakes mom can I see him, this is his best friend Amelia. The nurse walks them both back to where they are treating Jake. Hi, you must be Jakes mom and I take this is the Famous Amelia he keeps asking about. Yes that's me. You may go in and see him while I speak with his mom.

Amelia quietly walks over to Jake. Jake has a bandage on his head and bruises on his chest. She whispers Hi, Jake it's me. She places her hand on his and he slowly opens his eyes. He whispers hi. Oh, Jake I've been so worried about you im glad you are alive. I'm ok Amelia just a few bruises but my head hurts. But Jake you could have gotten killed. His mom walks over, oh Jake honey I was so worried when Amelia called me. The doctor says you got some bruised ribs and a concussion they wanna keep you here for a few days to make sure you are gonna be alright.

Amelia sits down on Jakes bed. He tries to slide over but winces in pain. Jake I'm ok I'll sit in that chair. No, come sit next to me. Are you sure Jake I don't want to hurt you. I'm sure you won't. Amelia slowly sits down takes Jakes hand in hers. I was so worried about you I feel like it's my fault you got into this accident. Hey, look at me it was not your fault ok? Ok? Jake leans forward and tries to give her a reassuring hug but he winces.

A nurse walks in, I'm sorry he needs his rest now. Excuse me, can she stay here with me while I sleep? Sure, that will be alright can I get you two anything? I'd like a glass of tea, anything for you miss? I'd also like some tea if it's not any trouble. It's no trouble I'll be right back. The nurse heads down the hallway and stops at her desk. Have you seen those two young people at the end of the hall? They are the sweetest things he is more worried about her than himself.

I wonder how long they've been together says the other nurse. Oh they aren't together atleast I don't think they are. She finishes making tea and heads back to Jakes room. She walks in and notices Amelia has fallen asleep next to Jake. Hi Jake I have your tea ready. Amelia moves a bit and opens her eyes. Oh Jake I'm sorry I didn't mean to dose off like that. Amelia moves off the bed and heads toward the bathroom.

Amelia takes a look at herself in the mirror again and feels embarrassed. There's that pimple on my nose and my makeup is all smeared. She fixes herself up and heads back out. She notices Jake is no longer in the room. She begins to panic, what if Jake fell? She heads to the nurses desk, hi I came back to Jakes room but he's gone can you tell me where he is. Oh Amelia I'm so sorry Jake tried to get out of bed, and slipped on the floor. They are running some tests to see if he made his head injury worse.

Amelia walks back to Jakes room and sits in the chair. She finds herself getting sleepy so she decides to take a nap. A few hours go by, and Amelia is woken by Jakes mom putting a blanket on her. Hi, I didn't want to wake you I could see you were exhausted. How's Jake doing is he alright? Oh, sweetheart he's in a coma. He had some swelling on his brain from the accident.

Amelia stays by jakes bedside everyday hoping he will come out of his coma. 2 weeks go by and Amelia notices Jakes hand move. She whispers his name, Jake it's me, it's Amelia can you hear me. She takes his hand and warms it with hers. She notices him squeeze her hand back. He tries to say something. Jake, what is it? Amelia? Yeah it's me, I've been here everyday with your mom. We were so worried about you. Amelia let's the doctor know Jake is awake and trying to talk. Hi, Jake I'm doctor mike you gave this girl a scare, she's been by your bedside everyday keeping you company. Doc, she's great isn't she? Jake takes Amelia's hand and holds it tight. Yeah, you are lucky to have such a good friend. They both smile. Well, I will be back later to check in on you Jake ok? They both nod.

A few days later Jake is finally released from the hospital. Jake looks around for Amelia. Oh Jake Amelia couldn't come with me today she did write you a note though.

Dear Jake, I'm sorry I couldn't be there today to see you leave the hospital finally. Something came up at work and they needed me. I'll come by your moms house later tonight. Amelia

They pull up in the driveway at Jakes moms. Jake gets out of the truck and heads inside. It's very dark mom lets turn on some lights. His mom turns on a light switch. Amelia and some of their closest friends yell out "Surprise". What's this its not my birthday!! It's your Welcome home party Jake, this was all Amelia's idea. I can't take all the credit your mom helped me!

Jake and Amelia are sitting together on the couch. It's really good to be out of there the food was terrible. Jake notices Amelia has a small gift bag next to her. Hey, what's that? I got you a little something you liked. You didn't have to, but thanks. He opens the bag inside he finds 2 bags of his favorite candy. I hope you still eat them I remembered they were your favorite. Wow where did you find them I haven't been able to find any! I made a few calls and located some in a small shop in town. You really are amazing you know that?

Jake puts his arm around her. And Amelia smiles at him. Amelia asks Jake if he needs anything. Nah, I'm good thanks. Are you sure? Well now that you ask, I could go for a slice of cake. Amelia goes and slices a large piece of cake and takes 2 forks. She's heading back over to Jake but is stopped by her friend Christine. Wow you two seem cozy anything you wanna tell me? No, it's not like that we are just friends that's all. Yeah sure you two have enough sexual tension to power a small town.

Shhh christine he just got out of the hospital he's injured and I'm helping him. Amelia heads back over to Jake but sees another girl she doesn't recognize sitting with him. Hmm that must be the makeup artist Emily he talks about. Hi, Jake I brought the piece of cake its chocolate mocha your favorite. Thanks Amelia i was starving. Hi, you must be Amelia I've heard so much about you, im Emily. So Jake what did you tell her about huh? Oh,how great you are to me and my mom.

Well Jake I better get going, nice to meet you Amelia! Yeah pleasure meeting you too Emily. So that's her huh? She seems sweet. She is isn't she. I'm so glad she doesn't mind us being close friends. Oh we aren't together anymore, we decided we were better as friends than a couple. Oh, I'm sorry Jake. It's ok, there's this other girl I'm interested in though. Yeah but I don't know if she feels the same way. Well you won't know unless you ask her.

Christine walks over to where Amelia and Jake are sitting. Hey Jake mind if I steal Amelia away for a few? Sure I guess but don't be too long! Amelia and Christine walk off towards the bathroom. So, who was that with Jake? Oh that was Emily. Wait, the emily? Yes, but they broke up. Well what are you waiting for? Ask him out!! Christine it's too soon he just got out of the hospital, and besides I don't think he feels the same way.

Oh come on Amelia he so likes you more than a friend. I can really tell. How? The way he looks at you, he misses you when you aren't around, he talks about you to everyone. He does huh? Yeah didn't you tell me he was asking for you at the hospital? Yeah but..can't you see it he likes you he's always liked you. The timing has just never been right for us. And besides he lives out of town.

Jake makes his way over to where amelia and Christine are. Hey you two what's taking so long? Oh nothing just some girl talk. She's all yours Jake. So, what did she mean by that? Oh it's nothing just christine being dramatic. Ah, I see. So, I can't finish all that cake by myself wanna help me? Sure I'd like that. Amelia takes a big bite of cake. Mmm this is yummy. Jake is smiling at her. Hey, you've got some icing on your nose, let me help you. Amelia turns to Jake and kisses him.

Jake kisses back and touches her face. Wow, I've been wanting to do that all night. Ever since we met up that day I can't stop thinking about you. I was too afraid to say anything I wasn't sure you felt the same way. Jake, I was too afraid to say anything too. I didn't wanna ruin our friendship. They both lean forward and he kisses her passionately. He doesn't realize the cake they were sharing is now smushed in his lap. They both stop and say oops.

Jake looks down at the mess and tries to clean up. Uh, I think I better go change clothes. Jake stands up and heads to his old room with Amelia close behind him. Jake tries to pull his shirt over his head. Hey, let me help you Jake. Amelia pulls at the hem of his shirt and pulls it slowly over his head. She notices the bruises from the accident. Oh Jake does that hurt? No, only when I breathe or laugh.

Amelia helps Jake find another shirt. how about this one? She holds up a blue polo shirt. Sure that will do. She walks back over to Jake. He tries to pull it down over his head but can't move much with his injuries. Here, let me help you. She and Jake are now inches apart. So close they could feel each other's body heat. Jake pulls her close to him and starts to kiss her. She kisses back. His hands are resting on her hips. He starts to unbutton her shirt.

But Jake what about the guests, the party, your mom? I don't care about them I just wanna be alone with you. Are you sure? I mean your still bruised up. I'm sure, I'm very sure. He continues unbuttoning her shirt and pulls it off her shoulders. He begins to kiss her along her neck. Jake, are you up to it? I mean you just got out of the hospital. I'll take it slow I promise. He takes the polo shirt and tosses it over his shoulder.

He pulls her close to him and continues removing her shirt. They start to move towards his bed. He lays her down gently and is now ontop of her. Her hands make their way to his belt and she unbuckles it. She unbuttoned the button on his jeans and starts to slide them down his hips he offers to help. He manages to slide them off and onto the floor. Now it's his turn. He starts to unbutton her jeans and slide them down her hips and onto the floor. He notices she's wearing a matching Bra and panty set.

He begins unhooking her bra and planting kisses on her shoulders and her neck. She finishes removing her bra and tosses it aside. He moves his hands up to her breasts giving them some much needed attention. She hooks her fingers in the waist band of his boxers and slides them off. He slides her panties off. Jake i won't hurt you I promise. I love you.

She begins nibbling his earlobe and moving down his neck paying extra attention to his bruises and cuts. Jake, make love to me. He moves and flips them over now he's on top. I've been dreaming of this moment ever since we met up at that day. She hooks her leg around his waist. He starts kissing her more passionately. Her hands are running through his hair, his hands are touching her thighs. After an hour of the most passionate love making they've experienced the two fall asleep. Hours later Amelia wakes up. She notices Jake is still asleep and slides up next to him resting her head on his shoulder. She starts to nibble his ear. She notices Jake is waking up. Well good morning sleepyhead. Am I still dreaming? No silly it really is me here next to you. I'm really glad that wasn't a dream, that was amazing. She places her hand on his chest and he places his hand over hers. He joins their fingers together and kisses the top of her hand.

Guess we should get up get something to eat. But first, he rolls ontop of her passionately kisses her. She runs her fingers through his messy hair. You are so cute in the morning. We should probably get going I need to get a shower first. Oh really? Well I need to get a shower as well. We can shower together that way it will take less time. Are you sure your mom won't hear us? I'm sure she won't trust me.Well then I'll start the shower for us ok?

Jake climbs in first, turns on the water making sure it's not to hot. Amelia sees Jake holding his hand out for her. She stands in front of him facing the shower, he's got his arms around her. He starts making a trail of kisses down her neck sending goosebumps down her body. She turns around to face him and he crashes his lips onto hers. He lifts her up so she can wrap her legs around his waist. See I knew this was a good idea. You are always full of good ideas Amelia. Well what should we do today? I was thinking about getting together with Christine like old times. Is it bad I just you all to myself today? I'm not ready to share you with everyone yet. No that's fine I want you all to myself anyway.

Submitted: April 20, 2015

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