Ready for My Close Up from the book "Room 222"

Ready for My Close Up from the book "Room 222"

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



This short story is from "Room 222", a collection of short, erotic stories about eclectic characters and sexual situations, all taking place in the same room of a run down motel. Available soon on Amazon/Kindle. Ready for My Close Up – before Veronica got with Drew, she didn’t realize that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. But once she got a taste for it, she eagerly embraced her inner porn star. Who knew how good it would feel to do private things in public places? visit for more from this author


This short story is from "Room 222", a collection of short, erotic stories about eclectic characters and sexual situations, all taking place in the same room of a run down motel. Available soon on Amazon/Kindle.

Ready for My Close Up – before Veronica got with Drew, she didn’t realize that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. But once she got a taste for it, she eagerly embraced her inner porn star. Who knew how good it would feel to do private things in public places?

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Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Ready for my Close Up


I sighed in anticipation, forcing myself not to call Drew again. Damn, Veronica, I scolded myself, stop acting so thirstyAfter all, the man already agreed to leave work to meet you at this run-down hotel just because your horny ass got bored at a business meeting.[TJ1]   Give him a chance to get here.

I don’t know what had got into my head. I was sitting there at the weekly staff meeting looking at some boring-ass presentation by the little blond girl who always talked like she was asking a question. And I just got horny. Really horny; shit, I was afraid I was going to leave a stain on the leather executive chair.

Not for her, of course. I might do a woman one day, but she won’t be no bony little white girl. I need someone with something to hold onto. Hips, ass, some tits with some weight to them, the kind that demanded you wear a bra with underwire or risk giving yourself a black eye if you had to unexpectedly make a run for it. Someone like myself.

No, I just felt like having sex. And Drew was the first one to come to my mind.[TJ2] 

He was the first man I would say I’d had sex with in years. I definitely didn’t count my ex—we had finally ended a ten-year disaster during which all I got was missionary position in the dark. It had been so long since I’d been properly fucked, I’d forgotten what it was supposed to feel like. Yet it was my ex’s prematurely ejaculating ass who’d had the nerve to cheat. And get another woman pregnant. And then marry her with no more to offer her than he’d been able to give me. At least I can say I’d been too young to know what a failure he would turn out to be.  She, on the other hand, was a few years older than either of us.  Definitely old enough to know better.

All I can say is there are some mighty thirsty women in this city. They were fucking the game all up. My grandmother used to say modern women didn’t do nothing but devalue the pussy, and I think she’s right. I knew for a fact that he had neither money nor ambition to bring into their marriage.  If my ex was giving that woman the same kind of quick, boring dick he’d been offering me, and she thought that was worth breaking up a family in order to keep it, then she was welcome to it.

It hadn’t been until I started fucking around with Drew that I was finally free to explore my sexuality. He was the first man I’d fucked since my separation, and I was so ready to explode I practically let him full on fuck me right in the middle of a nightclub in some little resort town on the Carolina coast. 

Which was crazy; you can’t fornicate in a club in the heart of the Bible belt.  So I acted like a lady, and made Drew take me back to the hotel we were both staying at. But we were in separate rooms and we each had roommates. So we couldn’t go to our rooms.  And that’s the only reason I ended up letting Drew screw me in the parking lot, on the hood of his car, under a streetlight. 

It was so intoxicating to be free like that, practically naked spread out on the still warm hood of his car. I remember looking up at all the hotel room windows.  I imagined all the people who could be looking down at us, spot lit under the streetlight in the dark parking lot, fucking our brains out.  What if somebody reported us?  Or, even better, recorded us? And put it up on an amateur porn site? 

The possibilities that ran through my head turned me on even more than feeling Drew’s dick running through my cunt. I grabbed onto the poor man savagely, like I was trying to stuff his whole body into my uterus dick first.Not only did I moan Drew’s name, I screamed it out to the warm summer breeze blowing in from the nearby ocean.  Not only did I move under him, I writhed around on the hood of Drew’s car like we were in a king-sized water bed.  And the wilder I acted, the more Drew got into it too.  He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me toward the end of the car, where he had better leverage.  Spreading my legs wide, he stepped onto the little divider that kept the parking spaces apart.  The little added height gave him a perfect angle to harpoon my pussy, and he proceeded to do just that.  Drew pumped into me so hard and deep and fast and long that it was all I could do to hold on and endure it.  His grunts mingled with my moans, so loud in the quiet of the parking lot that there was no way anyone passing by wouldn’t have heard us.  And known exactly what we were doing.

Once Drew woke my pussy up that night on the beach, I did get with other men.  But that experience had changed me, and I found that the idea of being seen, being caught, became almost more arousing than the thought of sex itself. And not everyone was into it like me and Drew.

When I fantasized, it was often about Drew and a nameless, faceless audience, which is where my mind had drifted to during the meeting. And how I came to be in a motel room in the middle of the day instead of at work where I belonged.[TJ3] 

I turned to the door when I finally heard Drew knock. By then I’d worked myself up, and we were running out of time. I didn’t need any romance or foreplay, but I was happy to see he’d stopped off and gotten us something to drink. A good buzz is never a bad thing.

I was so busy getting cups out and filling them up for us that I never even looked at the door. I didn’t see that Drew had slipped the little bolt latch out so that the door wasn’t all the way shut.

Drew took the cup from me and downed the contents in one gulp. I was glad to see we were on the same page, and tried my best to drain my cup too. I didn’t make it though, because he impatiently grabbed it from me and put it on the night stand before throwing me onto the bed.

We didn’t always get naked, but we did when we had a room. So we each stripped ourselves, although Drew was the one to take my hose off because he liked to peel them down my legs. Taking off our own clothes was just more efficient, although I guess it wasn’t very romantic.

But we weren’t there to make love. I said I wanted to fuck. And that was exactly all I did want to do.

Belatedly, Drew smiled at me and said hi after we were both naked and on the bed. I laughed and said hi back, and then he gave me his tongue.

This rendezvous had been my idea, but Drew must have been thinking about it all the way over because he was ready. As soon as he got his tongue in my mouth, his fingers were going into my pussy. Not just rubbing the clit, but penetrating me, long and swift and with no discussion at all.

Of course, I’d been thinking about it as well, and my pussy got immediately wet for him. This turned him on more, and he increased the pressure so that I got completely turned up. With all the friction, Drew had me on my back, legs up in the air, his dick deep inside me within minutes of his entering the room.

I was into it so I don’t know what made me look over Drew’s shoulder at the door. Maybe I saw a little movement? I’m not sure, but I did look.

And I froze for a second. There was definitely someone peeping in the opening caused by the deadbolt he’d left in the door.

I honestly didn’t understand at first. I tapped Drew on his chest as he hovered over my torso, still pumping in and out of me.

“I think we got company,” I whispered to him.

“Oh yeah?” Drew said, not even bothering to look or break his rhythm. “Then we better give them a good show.”

So then I knew he’d done it on purpose; Drew knew they were there. I was the only one who didn’t know what was up.

Even after that realization, I still didn’t really know what was going on. Was that a man or a woman? What had Drew told them? Did they think they could join us? And how did he know they didn’t tell other people, or that other people might not see them looking in and wanted to look too?

Any normal person would have jumped up. Hell, a few years or even months ago, I would have jumped up. That shit was all kinds of dangerous and disrespectful, and a bunch of other things I couldn’t even think of. Because even though I knew it was wrong, a big part of me liked the idea that Drew had decided to surprise me with an audience.

I guess I’d been turned out, or maybe I turned Drew out? Did we just bring out the worst in each other? I guess it depended on how you looked at it.

And apparently, we will let you look if you want to.

Whatever. I didn’t feel like psychoanalyzing myself. What difference did it make anyway? I wanted to be there, under Drew, doing what I was doing. I hadn’t thought to have an audience, but I was excited by the fact that we had one.

So I stopped thinking and just went with it. In fact, I got into it more, just to give them a good show like Drew said. I moved even more, exaggerated my fuck face, moaned, and even screamed his name.

The more I faked it, the more it actually did feel better for both of us. I moaned louder, and Drew fucked me harder and deeper. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, holding on to his arms so I could feel the muscles contracting under my hands, and he grabbed my legs and pulled them up impossibly high. When I couldn’t physically handle that position, he flipped me over onto my stomach and took me that way.

Because he kept up such a frenzied rhythm, it still was a bit much, but I didn’t complain. It didn’t hurt exactly, just made me feel too full. I ended up grabbing the sheets, ripping them off because I was moving so much at the same time. I couldn’t even make sense of what was happening; it felt good and it felt bad, it almost hurt but still I didn’t want Drew to stop. I wasn’t sure I could take any more of him, yet I still hoped he would keep going in deeper and harder and longer.

Before I could actually go crazy from all these feelings, I felt Drew’s orgasm deep in me. I could feel his ejaculation deep inside me, and I contracted my pelvic muscles in response. Then he collapsed on top of me while I was still on my stomach and face down on the questionable mattress. But I was too stunned and tired to care.

Drew just lay there, on top of me. He didn’t even pull out, and all I did was close my legs to help keep his now soft dick from falling out of me completely. I heard our visitor give a satisfied grunt, the hinges creak as the deadbolt latch was moved out of the way, and the soft click as the door to the room was finally closed.[TJ4] 






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