Karma is a Bitch from the book Room 222

Karma is a Bitch from the book Room 222

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This short story is one of the titillating stories featured in the soon to be released "Room 222", a book of short, erotic stories all taking place in the same room of a rundown hotel. Karma is a Bitch - It wasn’t personal…Slinky had to do what Mr. Willie told her to do. Besides, she hated silly little girls like Monica, running around like nothing bad could touch them. The girl had to learn what was real sometime…just like she’d had to. (Trigger alert: contains graphic scenes of sexual violence.) visit www.lusciouslee.com for more from this author


This short story is one of the titillating stories featured in the soon to be released "Room 222", a book of short, erotic stories all taking place in the same room of a rundown hotel.

Karma is a Bitch - It wasn’t personal…Slinky had to do what Mr. Willie told her to do. Besides, she hated silly little girls like Monica, running around like nothing bad could touch them. The girl had to learn what was real sometime…just like she’d had to. (Trigger alert: contains graphic scenes of sexual violence.)

visit www.lusciouslee.com for more from this author


Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Karma is a Bitch


I could feel the nervous energy coming off Monica as I silently willed the young clerk at the desk to hurry up and finish checking us in. She was fairly new and I didn’t remember her name, but I did remember her face, which meant she knew mine, and I wasn’t sure what she was going to say.

Reminding myself that it didn’t matter, that I’d already told Monica how I knew about this place, I tried to take a deep breath and make sure I wasn’t giving off any nervous energy of my own.

I’d told Monica that for this night, her name was Marchee, and to call me Slinky, not Shonita[TJ1] . The plan was simple; I really didn’t see any reason for it to go wrong once we got to the room. Unless Monica lost her nerve and refused to go any further.

The clerk finally gave me the key to room 222 [TJ2] and I quickly took it. To my relief, Max and John seemed completely oblivious to any tension, and simply followed me and Monica out of the lobby to the elevator.

I’d told Monica it was better that we get just one room for her first time, and I think she almost turned around again when she saw there was only one bed too. I’d told her over and over again that the plan was not to really sleep with Max and John; I’d said that we were just going to give them something to drink that would knock them out and then take their wallets. Since they didn’t know our names or where we lived, they would have no way to find us when they woke up in the morning.

I guess Monica remembered that because, after a momentary hesitation, she came on in the room, with Max and John close behind her. They weren’t quite pushing her, but they were crowding her a bit and not giving her a lot of time to think.

It didn’t matter anyway, because as soon as she entered the room, they slammed the door behind her and threw the deadbolt. She jumped and scampered over to me, right as Mr. Willie came out of the bathroom.

Monica looked at me in alarm, still not aware of what was happening. “Shonita?” she asked, forgetting right off the bat not to call me by my real name.

That made it easier for me, because she was so clearly stupid and would have gotten me caught if the plan had been real. Monica hadn’t really done anything to me, but she was too old to be so stupid. Nobody had let me get to be her age and stay so naive. I just hated silly little girls like her.

“You did good, girlie,” Mr. Willie said to me. He came over and grabbed me like he always did, around the waist and a little too roughly. I saw the fear grow in Monica’s eyes, followed by confusion, then a different kind of fear when I just gave a sigh and settled into Mr. Willie’s chest the way I was supposed to.

Monica tried to back up to the door, but Max and John were still there, blocking her way. She started to cry, but no one in the room cared much. In fact, the men began to laugh at her. I laughed too, but not so much at her crying as the way they mimicked her.

One of them, the one we were calling Max, reached out for Monica and shoved her toward the other. John caught her in his arms and told her to shut up. “We haven’t even done anything to you,” he said. “But you should know, the struggle turns me on. Crying will not help you; it may even get you hurt.”

At that, Monica made an effort to stop her tears. But then Max asked Mr. Willie if they could break her all the way in, and she lost it again. She cried and fought, but Max and John were true to their word. The struggle made it more exciting for them, and Monica just made it worse for herself.

I watched, feeling nothing much at all as Max and John got the nod from Mr. Willie to do whatever they wanted to the new girl. “Just don’t mark her face,” was the only instruction he gave them. “Remember, I’m letting you hit this for free, so don’t break it.”

Max was already there, and he ripped Monica’s shirt clear off her body instead of making her take it off. The sound of the material ripping was loud in the room, and made even me flinch.[TJ3] 

That wasn’t the worst of it, of course. Once Max tore Monica’s t-shirt, her young little titties were immediately exposed. I’d told her not to wear a bra, that it would turn the men on even more if they could see her nipples through the fabric, just like Mr. Willie told me to do.

Mr. Willie was the one who’d made me befriend this girl when we’d seen her at the bus station. He took me away from my regular night, gave me a twenty, and told me to buy her a burger and find out her story.

Monica was so naïve; she was the easiest mark I’d ever had to get for Mr. Willie. Or maybe she was just cold, hungry, and scared, because she readily agreed to eat with me and tore into the double cheeseburger like a damn cannibal. I saw she was shivering and ordered coffee, but she wanted hot chocolate instead, and as she drank it she told me her life story without me having to ask.

It was nothing all that memorable, which is probably why I didn’t really remember the details. She was running away; her mother’s boyfriend kept touching her and her mother didn’t believe her. She had no big dreams, or even any idea how she was going to live after she left the bus station. But she knew without a doubt that she would rather die than have another man on top of her ever again in life.

So I did like Mr. Willie taught me, and told her there were other ways to get money from men. You didn’t have to touch them, just make them think you would.

“Maybe you’d have to let them touch you a bit,” I conceded. “Some, but not many, would want to kiss you, and you’d probably have to let them touch your ass or tits or even sometimes take a finger or two, depending on your skills and how fast the drugs worked.”

But I’d told Monica that the drugs were powerful, and most men would accept a drink once you got him to the room. Once he passed out, you just took whatever money or cards he had, plus anything that could be easily pawned.

“Be careful not to use your real name, and try not to go to many popular spots,” I’d instructed Monica. “Don’t touch anything unnecessarily, and don’t go to their house. Go to a public space, like a run-down motel. The point is to be invisible so no one remembers your face and they won’t know your name.

I pretended to have something in my hand. “This is how you palm the shit. They won’t know—just turn your back when you fix his drink and slip it right on in. It’s easy.”

Monica was looking at me like I was crazy, but I could tell she was curious. Somebody had taught her that if something seemed too good to be true, then it probably wasn’t, and I could see her fighting her own skepticism. I was afraid I’d oversold it, so I had to make her defensive.

“Well, maybe you aren’t cut out for this shit. Never mind. I’m probably going to hell for what I’ve done, but I figure I was born into hell. What I’m telling you is what was told to me by someone else when I got here. I was just like you, and she bought me my first meal here just like I’m doing for you.

“It’s not a pretty life, no. But it’s been five years and I’m still alive. Never had to go back, never had to even call home. They don’t know if I’m dead or alive, and I like it like that.”

Just as I’d hoped, Monica looked upset as I spoke. Maybe she was afraid she’d insulted me, that I thought she was judging me. Or maybe she was scared she’d already pissed off the only person who’d been nice to her on her first night there. Her reasons didn’t matter to me. It was enough that she apologized and said she was just scared. What would happen if she did it wrong, or the man found out?

I smiled at Monica and took her hand, giving it a little squeeze like you might do to reassure a frightened child. [TJ4] “Don’t worry, it really is easy. I’ll go with you, make sure you’re okay. But I’m taking a larger cut because I’m spending time helping you and I already know a couple of guys that you can practice on.”

We only had to go down a few blocks to find “Max” and “John.” I talked to them first just to make it look good. Mr. Willie had told me where they would be, and that he was going to give them a freebie for helping to get the girl ready for him. All I had to do was keep her calm, make her think she was in control, and get her to the room.[TJ5] 

It had all worked out as Mr. Willie had said, and I refused to look away from what the two men were doing to the girl on the bed. If I was going to be a part of this, I wasn’t going to be a little bitch about it. I’d been where Monica was, and I knew full well how horrible the next few hours were going to be for her. Some part of me felt that if I at least kept the ability to stand by my actions without giving in to the impulse to look away, I wouldn’t be a complete monster.

After ripping off her shirt, Max and John quickly surrounded Monica on the bed, propping her up between them as she cried and begged them to stop. They roughly grabbed her tits, one on each side, with Max in front, roughly sucking on her left one hard. John was at her back and had to content himself to just grabbing and squeezing the right one.

But John had better access to her pussy, so he took advantage of that. Monica had on a mini skirt, so it was easy for him to reach around her body and reach her pussy. Even as she struggled, John simply ripped the panties off and roughly stuffed his fingers into her tight, dry opening.

Monica screamed, and John laughed. So did Mr. Willie, although he called out a reminder to him not to break her. She would be no good to him if her pussy didn’t work for the next man.

I don’t think either of the men even heard Mr. Willie; they were too busy attacking Monica. She was still crying and begging and fighting. They let her struggle until she blindly struck out and ended up hitting Max in the face, making his nose bleed.  Then he got serious and slapped her, hard. The shock of the blow stunned her, and Monica slumped down, with John’s fingers still in between her legs. He moved back and let her fall, then quickly opened his own pants and mounted her.

I really couldn’t tell if he went up in her pussy or her ass, but she screamed again as he penetrated her. It made no difference; he never stopped pumping away at her. He fucked her hard and long, moving her around and putting her legs into positions I didn’t think her body would endure.

But it did, and by the time John finally came on her chest, Monica had stopped fighting. She never lost consciousness, but it was clear she’d let her mind drift out of her body and wasn’t really there.

When Max’s turn came, he too noticed that she wasn’t responding. He complained to Mr. Willie, saying there was no reason for him to be there, that the girl clearly wasn’t ready for two men.

“I don’t want to fuck a corpse,” Max complained bitterly. “He used her all up. I thought we were better than that.”

Mr. Willie told him he’d just have to wait a little while, that Monica would come around. She was just in shock. But Max reminded him that he had to go to work in an hour and didn’t have time to wait.

“Don’t forget, you are doing this because you owe us. We could have run your ass in. Shit, I could arrest you just for what you’re doing now. I own your ass, just like you own theirs.”

This was news to me. I thought Max and John were just some random tricks; I had no idea they were cops until that moment. I felt the change in Mr. Willie’s posture, and began to feel a little afraid myself.

“What you want me to do, man?” Mr. Willie whined in a tone of voice I’d never heard him use. Shit, he sounded scared, which only increased my fear. I looked over at Monica still spread out on the bed, John’s cum still drying on her chest, and I knew what I was in for. Just like that, I knew that by following orders and giving her up to be initiated by these men, I’d really just turned myself out.

Sure enough, Max looked directly at me and said, “What about her? Why can’t I have that one? Her pussy broke, too?”

Even before Mr. Willie gave me a shove, I’d already made up my mind not to fight it. Max was going to get what he wanted anyway, and I wasn’t going to even get the few dollars I usually got to keep. Maybe Mr. Willie would be in a good mood once Monica started bringing in money, and he’d find a way to pay me back. Either way, it was what it was.  I’d learned long ago that fighting battles I couldn’t win was pointless and only made things worse for me.

But Max did not want me to come willingly. He wanted a fight. When I started taking off my clothes willingly, Mr. Willie stepped back and Max came for me. He grabbed my hands roughly, and ripped my shirt off just as they’d done to Monica.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he growled at John, who got up from the bed where he’d been looking at Monica like he thought they were going to share me too. “You already had yours. This one’s mine. I didn’t want your dick rubbing up against mine anyway.”

John looked over at Mr. Willie, looking like a child trying to get his parent to make the other child share his toys. But Mr. Willie had already checked out of the situation, and did not look up from his phone.

Monica and I were on our own.

“I know how to get Monica up for more,” I told the men. “We just need to get to the bathroom for a few seconds. That way, you’ll both be satisfied.”

They stupidly agreed to that, although Max insisted on stripping me of all my clothes first. There was no way I could get a weapon or surprise him with anything when I left the bathroom.

But I hadn’t been completely lying to Monica; I do sometimes dose men when I think I can get away with robbing them.  And I did have a bit of the knock-out drug hidden in my cheek[TJ6] , wrapped up real well in some plastic wrap. Touching the little bundle quickly with the tip of my tongue, I went over to Monica on the bed. She was just lying there, but her expression changed when she saw me. If she could have, she would have spit in my face.

But she was in no shape, and I didn’t give her a chance to try. I knew I had wronged her, but I was getting mine too. It wasn’t personal; she hadn’t even been a person to me when Mr. Willie had told me to get her.

I pulled Monica up by the arm, trying to tell her without words that I was sorry but we needed to get to the bathroom. We were both in trouble, and may not get out of there alive if we weren’t careful.

That was a lot to say with my eyes to a half-comatose girl who I’d just gotten raped.

Monica slowly and painfully got to her feet, and was careful to look only at the floor instead of the three men in the room. She did flinch a little when Max reached out and stripped her of the mini skirt that John had left bunched up around her waist, but she didn’t make a sound.

Mr. Willie reminded me not to do anything stupid as I led her into the little bathroom and went to shut the door. I asked him what I could possibly do. There was only a toilet and shower in there.

“I’m just trying to revive her,” I said to him with a pleading tone to my voice. “I’m trying to do what you want me to do. I swear.”

Mr. Willie gave a grunt, but didn’t object when I shut the door. I quietly put the toilet lid down and propped Monica up on it. She flinched when her ass made contact with the hard surface, so I put the lid up and let her sit on the toilet seat. The girl had really fought, and I figured she was all torn up inside already. From the blood on her, I knew John had sodomized her; he may have raped her pussy, but he also fucked her in the ass. For her sake, I hoped he’d gone from front to back so she didn’t also get an infection.

I knew there was no way to get all three of those men knocked out. I had nothing to mix the powder in, and there was no way they wouldn’t know what was up anyway. I also didn’t have a lot of time—if I didn’t’ hurry up and get both of our pussies out there, they were going to come in and get it themselves.

My idea was to take some of the drug for myself, and get Monica to take some too. I was familiar with the trick of willing your mind elsewhere while somebody abused your body, but I was also aware of its limitations. In one way or another, it never completely erased the pain or the horror of what was happening. The powder allowed you to be chemically induced into a state of oblivion. You’d feel the pain afterwards though. I didn’t know how to stop that, but you wouldn’t necessarily remember all the details of what had been done to you.

I already had enough things happen to me that I didn’t want to remember. If I could get through whatever they had in mind and not have total recall in the morning, I was determined to give myself that much of a break.

Monica didn’t want to at first, so I gave myself a dose, swallowing it down with a drink of water from the nasty tub. I didn’t really blame her since she had no reason to trust me. Plus, the water came out a nasty, rusty brown color that I didn’t really want in my mouth either. But I knew that wasn’t the worst thing that may be going in my mouth in the next few hours, and I asked Monica if she really wanted to face this sober.

I quickly apologized to her, not even bothering to lie and say I didn’t know what was going to happen once we got to the room.

“But I swear, I didn’t know they were cops. And I had no idea Mr. Willie was being jammed up by them. I’m in just as much trouble as you are now. I do intend to walk out of this room somehow. I’m going to do what I got to do. I ain’t dying here for this bullshit.

“If I was you, I’d take this hit. It’ll just numb you up so you can take what’s coming. These are some sadistic bastards, and they feel entitled to do whatever they want to us. Mr. Willie is not the worst, but he will not help us. He’ll let them do whatever they want to us if it will save his own ass. This is business to him, not personal. He kind of likes me because I don’t give him no problems, but I’m not dumb enough to think that I really mean enough to him that he would put his ass out there to cover mine. And he don’t even know you. If we were dead, it would all be the same to him. He’d just go out and get some other hoes.”

At that moment, Mr. Willie banged on the door and called me by my name, Shonita, not Slinky as we had planned. I knew the game was up and we'd run out of time. At least I was beginning to feel the effects of the drugs, and I knew I'd tried to help Monica. If she decided not to take it, that was her too bad.

I guess Monica decided that too, because she finally snatched the little plastic wrap and downed the powder inside. Cupping her hand under the tub faucet, she quickly followed the powder with a drink of that nasty water.

I opened the door so that Mr. Willie wouldn’t break it down, and was immediately grabbed and thrown onto the bed. I couldn’t really see, but I knew that Monica was getting the same treatment at the other end of the bed.

“I think you better give him a good fight, Shonita.” Mr. Willie advised me from the chair by the door. He sounded almost bored, like two women were not being raped and brutalized on his behalf right in front of him.

Worse, I thought I heard arousal in his voice. The sick motherfucker was getting off on this shit!

The drug kicked in at the same time that Max stuck his dick in me, hard. He’d already bitten me on my breast, then smacked me when I didn’t react strongly enough to the pain of the bite. I tried to fight him, but the drug made it hard to move and I couldn’t really feel the full force of what he was doing to me. But once it became clear that if I didn’t put up a fight Max was going to really hurt me, I did my best.

I scratched at his face as he pulled his upper body up by his arms and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He didn’t bother to block his face, but my acrylic nails couldn’t do any real damage anyway. Max was doing damage to my pussy though, slamming into me over and over and over again.

Even with the drugs numbing me up, I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to take it without passing out. The angle Max had me in bent my neck forward so I could hardly breathe. It hurt my back, too, and I was afraid to let myself go limp for fear he might snap my neck and leave me paralyzed.

So I did all I could to hold my body rigid, which let that man slide deeper and deeper into my shit. I made the required noises and grunts, but it was all for show. I wasn’t really feeling him, and I knew I’d forget a lot of what he was doing to me by the morning. My only goal was to keep him from killing me.

From time to time, I could look past Max and see that John had Monica face down on the foot of the bed, fucking her in the ass again. She was too out of it to cry out, but her body kept inching closer to the edge of the bed every time he slammed into her.

By the time Monica’s head was hanging off the edge of the mattress, Mr. Willie decided he wanted to play too. The two men flipped her over, and John started to fuck her in the pussy while Mr. Willie positioned himself over her face. Her mouth was slack, and I saw him unzip and put his dick near her mouth.

“Don’t you bite me, or I’ll knock your teeth out,” Mr. Willie warned her. So much for him not wanting to damage his merchandise. He stuck his dick in Monica’s mouth, used his hand to close her jaw against his shit a little bit, and then began to pump himself in and out of her that way. He must have gone down her throat, because she began to moan and choke when he came.

I was worried this would give Max ideas of his own.[TJ7] 

I heard Monica choking, but I didn’t see it. Just like I’d feared, after he tired of abusing my pussy, Max decided he wanted me to blow him too. He didn’t even say anything, just pulled himself out of the first opening and moved his dick to my mouth. My juices were mixed with his cum, and he stuck the whole mess in my mouth.

I was wishing that the drug would just knock me out, but no. I was awake for the whole thing. Splitting the dose with Monica meant that neither of us was going to be able to reach the oblivion I’d meant us to.

The men must have taken drugs of their own, because they managed to abuse us for hours. So much for Max needing to go to work, or maybe he’d been on the clock the whole time, so the good tax payers were funding our rapes.

All I know for sure is that they kept switching up, and I ended up with all three: John and Max and Mr. Willie’s shit in my mouth, up my cunt, and running out of my ass.

After a point, they stopped insisting that we fight them back. I guess they could see we were too out of it, or maybe they were too caught up in what was going on. Whatever the reason, they got their rocks off, and we just took it.

I don’t know when I passed out, but when I came to, the men were gone and sunlight was coming into the window. As I expected, my whole body hurt, and one eye was so swollen I could barely open it.

I could see out of my good eye that Monica was sprawled out on the foot of the bed, eyes open and just staring at the ceiling. That scared the shit out of me—I thought they’d killed her and left me there with the body.

But she blinked her eyes when I waved them over her face, so I knew she wasn’t physically dead.

I left her there and limped into the bathroom with some thought to cleaning myself up. I did stand in the shower and let the lukewarm water run over my body, using the motel soap on my arms and legs and torso to get the stickiness off. Not even my outer body could take the scratchiness of those cheap-ass wash cloths, and washing between my legs was out of the question. I did have to pee though, so I endured that stinging pain in the shower and rinsed the urine off with the stream of water.

Afterward, I had to deal with the fact that I had no shirt. They’d ripped both of our tops the night before, but at least I had a bra and my jeans still intact. So I put those on, slowly and carefully, and wrapped a pillow case around myself to make a tube top.

Finally, I fished around Monica’s things until I found her cell phone. I took it with me, and made the call to 911 when I made it to the corner of the street right outside the motel.

I knew Monica would pull through, and that she wasn’t likely to say anything about what had gone on. It would be better if she didn’t remember, but she probably would recall most of what happened. She was young, and as bad as the night had been, the body doesn’t break that easily. It’s the mind that’s fragile. And I’d seen this before.

Her body might make it out of room 222, but her mind had been all but killed by what we’d all done to her that night.[TJ8] 


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