Just Don't Tell Nobody from the book "Room 222"

Just Don't Tell Nobody from the book "Room 222"

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This short story is from "Room 222", a collection of short, erotic stories about eclectic characters and sexual situations, all taking place in the same room of a run down motel. Available soon on Amazon/Kindle. Just Don’t Tell Nobody – MeMe is really feeling Meechie, but she’s long been attracted to his friend Moray. But when the man suggests a three way, she’s shocked. And when Meechie doesn’t object right away, she‘s speechless. Are they gay? Just freaky? Is it a test? Should she do it? visit www.lusciouslee.com for more from this author


This short story is from "Room 222", a collection of short, erotic stories about eclectic characters and sexual situations, all taking place in the same room of a run down motel. Available soon on Amazon/Kindle.

Just Don’t Tell Nobody – MeMe is really feeling Meechie, but she’s long been attracted to his friend Moray. But when the man suggests a three way, she’s shocked. And when Meechie doesn’t object right away, she‘s speechless. Are they gay? Just freaky? Is it a test? Should she do it?

visit www.lusciouslee.com for more from this author


Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017




Just Don’t Tell Nobody


MeMe called him Meechie so much that she had to stop and think when he’d told the girl behind the counter his name was Demetrius. Whatever. She bet he didn’t remember her real name was Amina. When you always used a nickname, it could be hard to remember who knew your government name.

She always thought Moray was a nickname too, maybe a ghetto way of saying Maury. Like, maybe his mother wanted to name him after Maury Povich, but then somebody thought Moray sounded fancier and it just stuck. That was how names came about in her family anyway.

But Meechie had laughed and told her no, Moray was his boy’s real name.

They should call him Hoover, MeMe thought as her man’s friend sucked again on the blunt they were all supposed to share.  Meechie didn’t seem to mind or even notice that his boy was Bogarting the blunt.  But then again, why would he?  He had 40 ounces of malt liquor to keep him occupied.  MeMe didn’t drink that poison, and she had $35.00 on the blunt.  So she wanted her share.

Trying not to think about how wet he might be getting it, she said to Moray, “You sharing that? Pass that shit, damn.”

Moray just smiled lazily at her. He had forgotten MeMe and Meechie were even there. The weed put him in his own world. Besides, they were curled up with each other on the bed while he had to take the chair all by himself.

If that moody bitch Vanessa wasn’t always on her period, maybe he wouldn’t have to be there with the blunt as his only companion.

Trying not to feel sorry for himself, Moray leaned over and passed the blunt to MeMe. She hit it twice, then passed it on to Meechie, who was lying behind her playing with her ass crack where Moray couldn’t see. When he stopped to take the blunt, MeMe found that she missed the touch of his hand.

It didn’t occur to her to feel uncomfortable that she was the only female in the motel room with two guys. Meechie was her man, had been for seven months, and Moray was his boy. When you got Meechie, Moray was always somewhere around and vice versa. Plus, Vanessa was supposed to be there too, but she’d cancelled at the last minute. MeMe didn’t see any reason her plans had to be messed up just because Vanessa had gotten a better offer or whatever. So they’d just gone ahead with the plan to get a room.

But now here they were, in a room with a bed and a buzz. Her man was playing with her ass, it felt damn good, and this shit could be real mellow.

Except for Moray, sitting there in the chair looking dazed. MeMe knew he really wasn’t paying her and Meechie any mind. But he would notice if she turned around and sat on his friend’s face, which was exactly what she wanted to do.

MeMe knew she hadn’t said anything, hadn’t even moved. But Moray suddenly perked up, like he was reading her mind. She thought for a minute that he would have the decency to excuse himself now that he’d smoked up all the weed so she and her man could get a little privacy.

But, no, that wasn’t what he had in mind. “What y’all doing over there?” Moray asked his friend. “I know you ain’t trying to get with this girl while I’m sitting over here by myself. What kind of shit is that?”

Meechie just laughed and reminded his boy that he didn’t make Vanessa leave. It wasn't his fault if Moray had no woman to be with. “What you want me to do?”

“Well, you two could at least invite me to play with you too,” Moray said.

MeMe waited for Meechie to say something. She knew that Moray was likely just playing, and she didn't expect Meechie to go off the way he would have if anybody else had suggested she be shared between them. But she did expect Meechie to tell his friend it wasn’t that kind of party.

But the silence just stretched out. She turned her head, ready to go off, and saw Meechie looking at her with a question on his face: did she want to?

MeMe raised her eyebrows at him, shocked. Did she want to? Did he want her to? She didn’t know what was going on.

She looked over at Moray and saw the same question on his face too. He’d said the dumb shit just playing around, but now that neither of them had said no, he was down if they were.

Neither man had thought through the logistics though. They’d never shared a woman before. The closest they’d come was when about five of them had sex with the same cheerleader one night after a game when they’d been in high school. But she had offered to do each of them separately, so it was more of a train. The only logistics they had to worry about then was who was going first and who had to be the nasty ass to take her last.

Moray knew that even if Meechie would agree to let him hit his girl, he wouldn’t want her to be treated like the whorish cheerleader. It would probably be more of a group bang.

But what if their dicks touched?

He’d been told by a few people that his name sounded feminine, but Moray knew he was not gay. He didn’t even really like it when he had to take showers with his teammates back in high school. As long as he’d known Meechie, he’d never seen the man’s dick and he could happily die without ever seeing it.

But the weed had made Moray horny, and the fact that MeMe had not immediately said no made him curious. It must be some strong ass weed, because he would have sworn she didn’t have that kind of freaky in her.

MeMe would agree with him; she didn’t think she was that freaky either. Except, if she was honest, she'd done some things she wouldn't admit to Meechie even if he put a gun to her head. Even a girl, the one time, but she’d been real drunk and barely remembered it. Besides, the girl had gone down on her; MeMe still had no idea what another woman’s pussy tasted like.

MeMe also had never done two men at once, especially not when one of them was supposed to be her man. If she did this, would Meechie wake up tomorrow and accuse her of cheating on him? Could he do that when he was right there participating?

And what was up with that shit, anyway? Usually, he was the one always on her about what she wore and what guys she was supposedly looking at. Even getting on her when he felt somebody else was looking at her, like she had control over what some random man decided to do. So why all of a sudden was he okay with the idea of her fucking his friend right in front of him?

MeMe also wondered the same thing Moray had, how it would even get done. Would she have to fuck one then the other? Oh, God, what if they fucked each other? She was no homophobe, but her mind was not that open. There was no way in hell she was going to be there watching her man get fucked by his best friend and be okay with that.

Meechie was shocked that MeMe still hadn’t protested. When Moray first made the comment, he’d known the other man was joking. Not that it was funny, but that was just the way Moray was when he got high. You never knew what might come out of his mouth.

Meechie hadn’t said anything right away because he’d wanted to see what MeMe was going to say. Not really a test, exactly, because he never thought she would even consider it. It was more that he liked seeing her go off, especially when it wasn’t directed at him.

But she hadn’t gone off at all. In fact, she hadn’t even said no. True, she hadn’t said yes either, but the silence . . . did that mean she was thinking about it?

Meechie looked past MeMe’s body and made eye contact with Moray. He wondered what the other dude was thinking, what he would do if he and MeMe said yes. Probably leave the room, and tell everybody I wanted to fuck him, even though it was his idea. Meechie could already hear the bullshit he would have to put up with by the time Moray got through twisting this shit around to make him look perverted.

Meechie caught Moray’s eye, and then MeMe’s. He still couldn’t tell what either of them was thinking, so he gave MeMe a little nudge on the bed. And was shocked when she actually got up and went over to the chair. Okay, it was going to be like that, huh?

MeMe felt his nudge, and was so surprised she just got up. She loved Meechie, and if this was what he wanted her to do, then she would. Just this once, though.[TJ1]  She knew it was likely to get out, but then again maybe not. Neither man could tell this story without admitting that they’d basically had sex with each other. And she definitely wouldn’t be telling people that she fucked two men at once. They would all keep it to themselves because they would all look bad if they told.

Meechie caught Moray’s eye again as MeMe stood beside him. “You don’t put your dick in her and for damn sure you better not put your dick on me. In fact, I don’t even want to see your dick. She might give you a hand job if she’s willing, but that’s it.  If you want to eat her pussy, I’ll let you go first. But only I get to fuck her.”

MeMe knew she should have been insulted, gone off on Meechie for talking about her as if she wasn’t even there.  It was like they were negotiating how to share a fucking sex toy or something. But really, she didn’t hear anything in the rules he’d laid down that she objected to. So she let it go.

For Moray, what he heard was it was a go. Shit, he’d never expected this when he woke up that morning. He was glad that Vanessa had bailed on him, because he liked MeMe’s body better anyway. Even with Meechie’s restrictions, he was going to enjoy himself.

Moray was ready to get started, so he reached out and grabbed the luscious ass that was right there practically in his face. He looked over at Meechie to see if he would react. Was it really okay?

MeMe jumped a little and looked at Meechie too. If she saw any anger or jealousy on his face, she was going to put a stop to this. She’d leave the room if she needed to. He wasn’t going to trick her into cheating; she didn’t want to lose him over something he and his friend had come up with.

Deep down, she was curious though. She thought Moray was kind of cute, and would have totally gone for him if she hadn’t met Meechie first. She had no complaints about the way things were with Meechie, but maybe she could at least get a little whiff of what the other man had to offer.

Meechie’s face was unreadable to the other two, so they continued what they’d started. Moray squeezed her butt, and she parted her legs a bit, still standing, so that his hand could go between her legs. He took her up on that and moved the fingers of the hand that was cupping her ass lower so that they played with the seam of her jeans. Back and forth he rubbed her there, lightly, just enough for her to know he was there. And she got wet, more from the situation than the friction he caused.

Meechie had been with MeMe enough times to know how her face looked when she got aroused. He saw that look caused by his best friend, and did not get mad like he thought he would, though he should. Instead, it kind of made him aroused. He could feel his dick twitch. It wasn’t hard, not yet, but it was interested. Meechie leaned over and pulled MeMe’s arm, shifting her body towards him on the bed. Moray got up and followed her rather than remove his hand. MeMe ended up with Meechie in front of her and Moray behind her, all of them on the bed together.

The two men were true to the rules and did not touch each other. Instead, they each picked a part of MeMe, and switched up every so often. Since Moray was already between her legs, Meechie pulled open her blouse and pushed her bra up over her tits. He liked the way that made them compress, so that her nipples stuck out for him whether he’d gotten them hard or not. Meechie leaned up and began to suck on one, and MeMe took his hand and put it on the other one. Moray had better positioning now, so he took his other hand and reached around her front, rubbing her pussy from the back and the front, still outside her jeans.

MeMe knew that would eventually chafe her skin, and wished they’d taken off their clothes. Or that she’d worn a skirt, which would have been a lot less awkward to work with. Or even better, her jean halter-top dress, which snapped all the way down the front. It would have been so dramatic to have one or the both of them rip it open and she would be instantly naked.

Well, she hadn’t known she should dress for a ménage, so she had on all the wrong clothing. But if she was going to do this, it might as well be done right. Since her hands were the only ones free, MeMe unsnapped her own jeans.

Moray helped her pull them down. They were so tight and he was so rough with it that her panties came down too. But he was only interested in freeing her pussy, and stopped worrying about her jeans once he got them to her knees.

Meechie had said Moray couldn’t put his dick in her, but he never said he couldn’t slip a finger in there. So he did, still embracing her from the back. Once again, she opened her legs as wide as she could, considering her jeans were still around her knees, and gave him access to her folds.

MeMe was already wet, and as Moray stroked her she got even wetter. Meechie had said he could eat her pussy, and Moray’s mouth started watering at the idea. His boy knew he liked to eat a girl’s pussy; he didn’t consider it a chore at all. Meechie would do it, but he wasn’t really crazy about it the way Moray was. Moray knew MeMe had probably never been eaten the way she was about to be.

Much as he didn’t really like to go down on any girl, Meechie did like the way MeMe sucked his dick. That was why he really didn’t want to share that[TJ2] . Like when he was a kid, he’d only share some of his toys with his friends, but definitely not his best toy.

Wondering what she would say if she could hear him think of her as his toy, Meechie was the next to pull down his pants. He positioned MeMe between him and Moray so he wasn’t so exposed to the other man.

Meechie was relieved when MeMe seemed to know what he wanted and voluntarily leaned down to take him into her mouth. Moray’s fingers were still in her pussy, and he’d been about to try to stick at least one in her ass when she moved. But he was okay with that, because her bending lower brought her ass up higher. Now her pussy was practically staring him in the face.

It was only because Meechie was his boy that he kept from dropping his pants and sticking his dick into that tight hole. He could smell her, both because she was in his face and because her scent was all over both of his hands. The way MeMe smelled made his mouth water again. She smelled the way a woman should, and Moray thought her natural musky odor was better than some artificial meadow scent[TJ3]  any day.

While MeMe licked around Meechie’s balls the way he liked her to do, Moray spread her ass cheeks so that he had better access to the hole at the base of her pussy. He used his fingers some more, juicing her up, then put his mouth on her.

Moray knew MeMe felt it when she paused in the middle of doing pretty much the same thing to Meechie; she froze while she let herself feel Moray’s tongue skills. And he knew he had skills because he’d been told that more than once by more than one woman. Meechie better hope MeMe didn’t accidentally bite him when Moray made her cum.

But MeMe would never admit Moray’s skills to him because she thought Moray was already a little too conceited. She was not going to be another female to pump his head up, even if she did let him taste her pussy. But he was not wrong about his ability to give head. She felt energized by whatever Moray was doing with his fingers and his tongue, and even more so when Meechie reached up and grabbed her swinging breasts.

Meechie’s efforts brought her attention back to him, and that was enough to get her started on him again.  MeMe slowly let her tongue lick up his shaft. Then she took Meechie back into her mouth and used her cheek muscles to suck on him. He thrust his hips up, gently, and they all met in the middle when his head hit the back of her throat. MeMe had her mouth on Meechie, and she had Moray’s mouth on her. They were nearing climax, but poor Moray still had on all his clothes. It occurred to MeMe that wasn’t really fair, but she was not in a mood or position to help him out there. Meechie had said the other man’s dick was not to go in her, and she had to respect that.

Besides, she could feel Meechie begin to bulge in her mouth, and knew it was too late for him. Just like she knew it was too late for her too; she could feel the pressure building fast as Moray continued to work her pussy from behind. She went in deeper and so did Moray, and she and Meechie achieved orgasm at the same time.

MeMe didn’t mind swallowing; it was much less messy than spitting. She drank Meechie down as Moray licked her a little drier. She wanted Moray to stop because he was messing up her afterglow, but her mouth was too full to tell him so.  So all she could do was give a little grunt in protest and then gently remove herself away from Moray’s greedy tongue.  She hauled herself off the bed on slightly shaky legs and grabbed for her water bottle.  Then she made her way to the little sink in the back of the room to do a quick rinse and gargle.

After MeMe got up to go rinse her mouth out, [TJ4] Meechie threw the spread over his naked lower half rather than pull his pants back up. But Moray wasn’t looking at Meechie anyway; they were both looking at MeMe’s nearly naked body as she walked over to the sink. She wasn’t completely naked; her jeans and underwear were still gathered around her calves, and she still had on her open blouse and her bra. But the bra was pushed up above her tits, and her ass and cunt were on full display with her pants pulled down, so it wasn’t like she was covering anything that mattered.

Fuck it, MeMe thought, and took off the remaining clothing. In reality, she felt less naked when she was naked and not half hanging out of her clothes. The men appreciated it too, although they were careful to only look at MeMe, not each other.

MeMe rinsed her mouth with the water from the bottle that had grown warm in her purse.  She tried not to even look at the nasty, rusty looking stains in the sink as she spit the water out and began to gargle.  Once done, she walked buck naked back to the bed, snatching up the mostly empty 40 ounce as she went.  Figuring Moray might like to splash a little liquid around his mouth for the same reason she had, she offered the bottle to him.  He took it, and downed the remaining liquid instead of spitting it out.  Moray liked the taste of pussy in general, and MeMe’s in particular, so he wasn’t pressed about washing her away.

Meechie still wasn’t hard, as she had pretty much drained him with her mouth. But she was his woman and he hadn’t gotten even a whiff of her yet. So Meechie lazily played around between her legs as they reclined on the bed.

Moray remembered he’d been promised a hand job, but didn’t know how to propose it. Now that they weren’t all touching, it seemed a bit much to just drop his pants and demand MeMe jack him off. She solved that problem for him by patting the mattress on her side, away from Meechie. With his back turned, Meechie couldn’t see MeMe’s hand in Moray’s lap.

They didn’t take Moray’s sweat pants off, just pulled them down a bit. His erection sprang up and MeMe fisted it in her hand without disturbing whatever Meechie wanted to do to her pussy. He couldn’t see what she was doing to his friend, but he could feel the rhythm of her arms as it shook her whole body. Without thinking, he matched her rhythm as he probed in and out of her with two fingers.

Moray was getting off on MeMe’s touch, especially since she was only in contact with his dick. She pulled hard, then soft, and squeezed every time she got near the base of his shaft. He put his hand on hers and encouraged her to jack him harder, and she did. Moray threw his head back and let her do the work to get him there.

Moray tried to be quiet and so did she. But they each let little squeaks and groans come out as they felt what was being done to them. MeMe felt that Moray was close, so she increased the pressure of her hand on his dick, squeezing him tighter and pumping him harder until at last he came.

Meechie was being polite by letting MeMe finish his friend before he claimed her for himself. He wanted all of her attention when he was inside her, so he pulled her away from Moray by putting MeMe on her stomach. He knew from experience that she wouldn’t do anal and didn’t particularly like doggy-style. She would do it, but the position she most liked was to be lying flat on her front, and have him move her hips up just enough to penetrate her pussy from behind. It wasn’t very energetic, but she found Meechie most often hit the right spot for her with his slow, deep strokes the position brought out in him.

MeMe went down on her stomach voluntarily, but the truth was she was getting tired. Her pussy was getting sore from all the friction. She had been on her way when Meechie was just playing with her pussy, but felt herself sliding out of the moment when he removed his fingers to reposition her. She didn’t think she had another orgasm in her that day.

It still felt nice, though, to have Meechie draped across her whole body, his cock deep in her from the back. From [TJ5] this position he was almost constantly on that little spot in her that always liked to be touched. It could just be a little hard to find.

But since he kept rubbing against it, MeMe began to get a new life. She got wet again and felt the pressure begin to build even though she’d thought she was done.

As MeMe began to feel Meechie more and more, she wanted to turn over and get him to hit it from the front. Meechie was happy where he was and didn’t immediately respond to her shifting posture. But when he did notice, he eased out of her so she could flip over.

MeMe went more or less into missionary position, except she bent her knees as she gapped her legs open for her man. She then lifted her hips to meet his pelvis as he pumped away at her. The new position was what put her over the edge. And they both came. Again.

Moray had been sitting on the side of the bed where MeMe had left him, trying not to listen to the couple fucking by his side. He didn’t need to get excited again. He was tired. He really wanted to ask them where the weed was so he could roll a blunt and maybe smoke it in the bathroom until they finished. But it seemed rude for him to interrupt them just to ask that, so he gave Meechie the same consideration that Meechie had given him, and got up only to pull his pants up on his waist.

When she and Meechie finished, MeMe was done. She didn’t want the men to get any more ideas, so she quickly gathered up her clothes and a warm wash cloth and went into the little bathroom. By the time she was as clean as she was going to get under the circumstances and came out to dress, the guys were already clothed. Meechie had found the rest of the sack that MeMe honestly hadn’t been going to share with them. With everything that had ended up happening, she’d forgotten to put it in her purse. Some people would get mad if they’d rolled up their weed without asking. After all, neither man had put a damn thing on that sack. But MeMe wasn’t the petty type, and she did hit the blunt with them a few times, taking long pulls because she wanted to hurry up and burn it out.

There were things MeMe wanted to say, but she didn’t know how to bring them up without opening herself up to other subjects that she never wanted to speak of again. So she decided to just trust both Meechie and Moray to be discreet and not talk about what had gone on in the room. It had been a one-time thing, but she would let them know that if the subject ever came up again.

Once the blunt was smoked down to the filter, they put it out in the rest of the forty-ounce, and left the whole mess on the side table as they left the room.[TJ6] 


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