Having His Cake and Eating Kimmie Too from the book "Room 222"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This short story is from "Room 222", a collection of short, erotic stories about eclectic characters and sexual situations, all taking place in the same room of a run down motel. Available soon on Amazon/Kindle.

Having His Cake and Eating Kimmie Too – Dewey loved Kimmie and craved Cake. Could he actually have both at the same time?

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Dewey looked over at the two girls, barely able to contain himself. He couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen, and happily handed over his credit card to pay for the room. He paid for the whole night too, because he didn’t know if Kimmie would ever give him this chance again.

He knew this was a big stretch for her. She’d been pretty responsive to the new experiences so far. Secretly, he thought all the new sexual positions he’d put her in were the main reason she was still with him.[TJ1] 

Once she’d tried anal and found that that she liked it, she was almost eager to try any of the things he’d suggested they do. Surprisingly[TJ2] , she’d chosen to let him introduce the anal play to their relationship before she would consent to oral. She had a real hang-up about having his dick in her mouth, even letting her conflicted feelings impact whether she was able to cum when he was giving her head. But after he’d made her cum so good that night in the car that she’d consented to kneeling in the grass to bob her head into his lap while he sat in the front seat on the passenger side, she found out he was right. She was gifted at giving head. He told her that the second he saw her lips and heard her speak, he knew she would be. But he never told her why.[TJ3] 

But group sex and sex with another woman; this was far outside Kimmie’s comfort zone[TJ4] . He wouldn’t have coaxed her into it if he hadn’t really believed she would enjoy it, but he knew he was going to eventually reach the end of the line in terms of how much experimentation she was willing to do. He was beginning to feel he loved her enough to respect whatever limits she set, but he wanted a chance to get her to at least try everything before she made up her mind.

Dewey didn’t consider himself a freak exactly, but he did have a very healthy and active libido. He was a lot for one girl to take, and he knew that. So he’d always spread the duties out, keeping several females on deck to help him out.

Women thought all men were like that[TJ5] , players who could easily maintain multiple sex partners and think nothing of it.  And many were. He’d certainly been enjoying himself for years, and couldn’t even begin to name all the women he’d been with in his lifetime. Hell, he couldn’t name all of them he’d been with in the last year, before he met Kimmie.

But for Dewey at least, the truth was that so much sleeping around, just fucking with no connection, had gotten old. He recognized that he might always get the itch for new pussy, which was why he was working so hard to keep variety and openness in his relationship with Kimmie. He never wanted to technically cheat on her now that he’d found her. But he knew in his heart that if he tried to force himself into a traditional, square [TJ6] arrangement, he’d never make it. So he was trying to make sure he and Kimmie could enjoy a varied and exciting sex life together.

For her part, Kimmie was much more nervous than she’ thought she’d be. She honestly had thought she was past the part where she was terrified of all the things Dewey had suggested they do. It had been eight months[TJ7]  since she started sleeping with him, and he’d opened her up so much more sexually than she’d ever been in her entire twenty-six years before she’d met him.

Kimmie had thought she was open sexually just because she was willing to do men she was not in love with, or even in a relationship with. Where she was from, that was a big deal, and only she and her friend Lisa were willing to admit they liked to sleep around. No matter what the small-minded people in their town thought, it didn’t make them sluts[TJ8] .  They were just honest about their sexuality. They didn’t sleep with one another, but they sometimes had sex with the same boy. And that was enough to get them branded as nothing but trashy hoes by all the other girls and some of the boys.

But those same boys had no trouble coming to one or both of them whenever they thought no one was looking. Lisa was the one most likely to get with their classmates; Kimmie couldn’t be bothered. Why should she fuck boys who would just spit on her if she saw them in public? When there were so many more options, grown men who knew what they were doing available to her right outside the school building?

Kimmie used to joke to Lisa that she’d better train those boys right so that they wouldn’t be a waste of her time when they grew up and she gave them a try.

Kimmie rarely thought of Lisa anymore. They used to do everything together, until Billy came along. Lisa fell in love with him and began to change. Not just sexually, but toward Kimmie as well. As far as Kimmie was concerned, their no judging arrangement extended to monogamous relationships too. If her friend was in love and wanted to be with only Billy, why would she care?

But Billy convinced Lisa that a woman is known by the company she keeps, and he considered Kimmie to be a trashy, bad influence. He couldn’t believe that if Lisa went out with her, she wasn’t doing the same things everyone said Kimmie was doing. Even though Lisa knew only about sixty percent [TJ9] of what people said about her and her friend were true, she chose to listen to her new boyfriend and leave her oldest and best friend alone.

It hurt, but Kimmie had accepted it. It had been five years, and she and Lisa spoke only occasionally. From what she’d seen and heard, Lisa and Billy were still very happy. Kimmie had not been invited to their wedding.[TJ10] 

So Kimmie didn’t have very many female friends, and she had been really unsure about this idea of letting Cake into her and Dewey’s bed. She had trained herself not to say “relationship,” since Dewey had flipped out on her when she asked him why that was necessary.

“Who said I wanted her in our relationship?” he’d asked her with that fake patient voice she hated. He had a way of making her feel like a backwards child whenever he wanted her to do something she didn’t want to do. It was manipulation and she knew it, but it always worked. And he knew it.[TJ11] 

“I said maybe it would be fun to have her in our bed. That’s all. I will never bring anybody else into our relationship because I’m completely sure and comfortable about us. That’s your thing—you are the one who talks too much.”

“I just thought Cake would bring a little harmless fun, keep things interesting. She can do some of the things I know you don’t like to do. And who knows, you might like her to do you too.”

So before she knew it, Kimmie found herself standing in the lobby of a run-down motel with this new girl. She supposed the girl looked all right, just a little bit too much like herself for her comfort. They had the same flawless, honey brown complexion and whiskey-colored eyes. Cake even wore her hair in the same style Kimmie had when she’d met Dewey. Anybody looking at them would think they were sisters.

Kimmie was well aware that Dewey had a type, and that he seemed to have no problems finding and bedding women who met his needs.  That was the real reason she was doing this. [TJ12] The real reason she let Dewey get her to do a lot of things she never thought she’d do. She loved him, and she knew him better than he thought. He was pretty open about his sexual appetites, and she knew without him saying so that what she wouldn’t do, another woman would. And that eventually he’d go find what he needed elsewhere if she refused him too much.

Kimmie loved Dewey, and she had made up her mind not to give him a reason to cheat. At least, as long as he was reasonable. She was not doing anything unhygienic—no golden showers or tossing salads. She would not do animals, and she didn’t want to be hit. She didn’t even want to hit him, but he’d never given her any indication that he would be into that anyway.

But she had let him convince her to do it in public, and she’d found that she loved the thrill of fresh air on her naked skin and the idea that they could be caught at any moment even more than he did. She’d been hooked from her very first time, when Dewey had convinced her to let him finger her while they sat in the middle of the back row of a movie theater.  The squishy noises her juices made as Dewey swirled his fingers around inside her pussy were loud to her ears, even though she knew the others weren’t likely to hear them over the sound of the movie.  But surely they could smell her, because by the time Dewey had her squirming and trembling in the movie theater’s reclining seat, the smell of her own sex had overpowered the popcorn aroma that always saturated the movie theater.

After that experience, Kimmie was more often the one who initiated sex in public.  She liked to go out in a skirt with no panties on, and surprise Dewey at odd moments by placing his fingers against her exposed flesh.  So far, her favorite public sexcapades had been when she’d gotten him to finger her to the point of orgasm again while they sat side by side in a booth at a pretty nice restaurant, and the time she’d blown him under cover of a table cloth she’d draped over the kitchen table, and he’d had to fight to keep a straight face while he played cards with some of his friends. 

Whenever they did it in public, Dewey would undo only his pants no matter what they were doing. She always laughed and teased him about that, telling him he was the one who was scared to be free, but she didn’t really blame him. She’d been given a chance to slip back into her clothes before getting out of the car the night a perverted cop busted them for having sex in the park.  But the cop had seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in making Dewey spread his legs and put his hands on his head while his semi-erect dick swung in the breeze.

For Dewey, Kimmie learned to love both oral and anal sex. Even with all her experience, he’d made her see that all she really had were a lot of sex partners. And that “a lot” was a relative expression; it was a lot for her immediate circle but he’d fucked more people in a year than she’d had in her whole sexual career. And he definitely knew about and did more things than she had. But she believed him when he promised that he’d open up a new world of pleasures to her, as long as she trusted him. And he’d stay with her, do his living best to be her man and a good man for her, as they explored that world together.

The first time with Dewey, kneeling next to the front seat of his car, had been her first time sucking dick ever. He’d sworn she did a good job, but now that she had more experience, she knew he had been trying to boost her confidence so she would do it again. The first time, she used her teeth way too much. She admired his ability to endure it without complaint, and she always made sure to suck him off good and proper to make up for her initial inexperience.

She had no such complaints about how she felt when he went down on her for the first time. When she’d told Dewey she wouldn’t be sucking his dick, she let him believe that she’d never been eaten out either.  The idea that she’d never engaged in any kind of oral sex before was the only excuse she could come up with when he challenged her reluctance to blow him.  She had been eaten out before, but she could truthfully say she’d never been eaten like that. Dewey could eat some pussy, doing a little roll with his tongue that she couldn’t describe but that made her damn near cum every time he did it. He would tease her with it, darting his rolled up tongue around her spot, flicking it quickly with just the tip, over and over until she did cum. Eventually. But the real fun was in the torture he put her through on the way to the climax.

Kimmie knew that after having him, most other men would be wasting their time.

Dewey really was the first to break her ass in. That had been one of the things she and Lisa had both agreed they would never do. When they were young and dumb, they’d been convinced that a man who wanted to fuck you in the ass had probably been to prison and had given or received the same treatment there. They weren’t homophobic, but AIDS was a big problem in the neighborhood already, so why go with especially risky behavior?

But she was a few years older when she met Dewey, and the truth was she’d always been curious about having anal sex. He insisted on wearing a condom anyway, at least when he took her from behind. Dewey was very clean, and she knew that his motivation was really to make sure there was lubrication and that none of her shit got on his shaft. But it still provided protection, so they were both happy.

And he made it good for her, patiently using his finger to break her in a bit before he put her on her knees and fully penetrated her. Again, she loved the sensation of being ridden like that. He'd laughed at her reaction and told her he was beginning to think she was playing him. Nobody got off on these experiences the first time out the way she did. She had probably been a pro since she was ten.

But no, she was just easily orgasmic. Always had been. That was why she’d ended up fucking around so much when she was younger; she always needed the variety of new dicks and techniques to keep from getting bored.

Lately, Kimmie had begun to suspect that Dewey was thinking of new things to challenge her with just to find her breaking point. So she wasn’t that surprised when he asked if they could have another girl join them. And she knew that no matter how much he protested, Cake was somebody he’d been with before. She believed it was before they met, and she didn’t know if he’d been sleeping with the girl in the past eight months. But she was absolutely certain he’d been in this pussy before.

If he thought this was going to make her back down and possibly lose him and some of the best dick she'd ever had, he was going to be very much mistaken. She'd never been with a female before, and had never even thought about it. She wasn’t gay, she was sure of that. But if it came down to it, she would grind her pussy into this woman’s face until she choked on her juices.

Cake noticed the resemblance between herself and Dewey’s woman as well. Dewey had told her Kimmie looked like all of his other girls, and Cake had met enough of them to know that she was his type. [TJ13] Dewey was almost sick the way he only got with variations of women who looked like her and Kimmie. Cake had never come across so many women with her coloring and build until she’d started hanging out with Dewey four years before. But since then, she’d met so many girls who could be her sisters that she’d begun to give the side eye to her father.

Dewey had said that Kimmie was down for this, but that she might be skittish. The other woman had Dewey believing this was her first time, but from the energy Cake felt coming from Kimmie, she wasn’t so sure. Dewey was a typical man; once he had a taste for her pussy, a woman could get him to believe anything. But Cake wasn’t buying the little-miss-innocent shit, which suited her fine. She fucked with men; she’d been fucking Dewey for the longest but there were others. But she mostly liked pussy, and she didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. That was what gave her and Dewey the idea, when he’d turned her down after they saw each other at the bar.

Cake had been looking for him for a few months, but Dewey was missing from their usual spot. The bartender told her he’d been MIA for a while, and that he’d met someone who kept him pretty busy. All she knew was that he didn’t meet the new girl in the club, and that she didn’t seem to like the place much the one time Dewey had brought her in.

Cake had been surprised but curious. It wasn’t like Dewey to waste time on females who weren’t in to what he was in to. It also wasn’t like him to be with someone so long and not offer to share her. Cake and Dewey were better than that, she’d thought. And she’d wondered what had happened.

So she wasted no time approaching him when he finally did make an appearance at the club. He was alone, and she thought at first that he and the new girl had broken up. She offered to console him in their favorite room downstairs, but he turned her down flat.

“Kimmie and I are doing fine. Better than fine, actually. She is a bit more reserved, that’s true. But she’s open to learning, and I’m having fun teaching. She’s an excellent student, and I get the chance to show her exactly the way I like things done.

“I think I could love this one, Cake. Like, for real. I don’t even want to be with anybody else without her. I don’t want to risk losing her.”

Cake had been a little hurt, but she’d shaken it off. She liked Dewey as a person, which is why she’d known him for so long. He did seem genuinely happy in a way she’d never seen in the time she’d been hooking up with him.

Besides, the two of them had already had that conversation, and she knew he was right when he’d said she liked girls too much to ever be committed to him. Over the years, she had transitioned from doing Dewey and including another girl to doing her girls and including Dewey. There was a difference, and he was smart enough to recognize it.

She’d asked if she could meet Kimmie. She was only thinking coffee or dinner or something, but he assumed she wanted a ménage. She didn’t object to that, exactly, so she let him run with that thought.

He’d looked excited, but didn’t know if his new girl would go for it. He knew for a fact that she didn’t sleep with women, and he didn’t think she’d ever done group before. She told him that she once did two guys in the same day just to see what it was like, but they didn’t all three get together at once. The way Kimmie described it, it hadn’t even been a train. She’d simply fucked one guy around mid-morning, and then been with another one that night. But she clearly thought that was scandalous, so he played along with her adventurous spirit, telling her what a bad girl she was.

But they’d come a long way since then, and he and Kimmie were due for a new adventure. He felt that she would go for it, if he asked her just right.

So here they were, all three of them, in room 222 of a nothing motel. They were all satisfied with the location because none of them knew anyone in the area, and nothing would likely get back to their real lives. All Kimmie knew about Cake was that she had some kind of connection to Dewey, and that was all Cake knew about her as well. Dewey, of course, knew a bit more about each of the girls, but it didn’t matter. This might just be a one-time thing.

None of them knew how to start once they got to the room. It was a night of firsts for all of them, not just Kimmie. She had never been with a third person during sex, or messed around with a woman, and the idea of sharing her man was definitely new and a little scary. But Dewey had never shared a woman he gave a damn about, so he was nervous too.

And Cake had never been with a real couple, where she knew they cared about each other but she was just there for fun. She was mostly okay with it, but deep down she felt some kind of way[TJ14] , mostly because the man in question was Dewey. It would have been better if she had no connection to either of the members of the couple.

Realizing somebody had to do something, Dewey reached out for both Kimmie and Cake at the same time. He pulled them into a kind of group hug, still standing next to the bed. It freaked him out the way they both relaxed into his body the same way, each giving the same kind of little sigh in his ear. He got the contented purr in stereo sound, their voices blending in perfect harmony.

Kimmie looked up at him and he kissed her deeply, but without letting go of Cake. At the same time he was kissing Kimmie, he lowered his hand until he was cupping Cake’s ass so she didn’t feel left out.

That seemed to go over well, so he reversed the process, kissing Cake but caressing Kimmie. All his pulling on the two girls asses brought their bodies closer together in front of his own, and Cake put out a hand and lightly touched Kimmie’s breast while still kissing Dewey.

Kimmie was up for it, and simply arched her back for the other woman. Feeling the response, both Dewey’s and Cake’s hands found their way to Kimmie’s breasts, the two of them crossing arms as they each grabbed one.

Now turned with her back facing the other two while they fondled her chest, Kimmie reached back and began to massage Dewey’s dick through his loose jogging pants. After a beat, she also reached back and put her hand between Cake’s jean-covered legs. She let her fingers explore while she couldn’t see either of them, marveling at the difference in heat between Dewey’s hardness and Cake’s softness.

A moan escaped both girls, and Dewey again felt the thrill of having them respond so similarly. He was enjoying having both of his girls at the same time.

To keep the momentum up, Dewey tipped the three onto the bed. Kimmie landed first, with Dewey on top of her and Cake on top of him. There was a tangle of hands as they each tried to undress the other. Both Kimmie and Cake made a mental note that skirts would have been easier in this situation, while Dewey was just happy to help both girls out of their tight jeans.

Despite their similarities, the women wore vastly different underwear. Kimmie usually wore a thong, while Cake tended toward boy shorts. Dewey liked them both, and did take note that the two panties were red, his favorite color.

Once the girls were stripped down to their underwear, they began to take off his clothes. But they bumped into each other while they both tried to get him out of his big t-shirt, and he felt them leave off that task. By the time he’d gotten the shirt over his head, the girls had begun exploring each other.

He watched as Kimmie hesitantly reached out for Cake’s left tit. She weighed it in her hands, and Dewey imagined she was comparing it to her own. He wanted to tell her that yes, Cake’s was bigger, but hers were higher. There was really no need for comparison; both women’s bodies were exactly the way he liked them.

But he had sense enough to keep his thoughts to himself in the moment in case he distracted them. He was content to watch his woman explore her first woman, going over a body that he knew well.

As Kimmie massaged her breasts, Cake took a chance and went in for a kiss. But Kimmie gave a little shake of her head, and Cake got the message that the other woman didn’t feel right about kissing her in the mouth. So Cake settled her mouth on Kimmie’s neck instead, quickly working her way down to the girl’s tit. She agreed with Dewey’s silent assessment; Kimmie was smaller than she was, but her tits still sat up high in a way Cake was aware enough to know that her heavier breasts never had.

Cake put Kimmie’s nipple in her mouth through the see-through bra that matched her thong. But that wasn’t enough, so Cake undid the bra and took it off. Then she did the same thing for herself and invited Kimmie to put her mouth on her already erect nipples. Kimmie did, sucking gently, then giving Cake a little nip when she felt the woman’s fingers caressing her sex through the thong.

Dewey had been watching all this from the bed, getting more and more excited. But he began to think they’d forgotten him and that was not his plan. He slipped behind them and pulled both women’s panties down a bit. Cake still had a finger on Kimmie’s pussy, so the thong got caught before it went very far down Kimmie’s ass. But his girl helped him out and moved a bit to slip them down herself, turning to Dewey and knocking him backward onto the bed as she did so.

He reached for Kimmie, his finger replacing Cake’s. But while the woman had only rubbed her clit, Dewey’s familiar finger penetrated her, hitting all her spots. He knew what she needed, how to get her wet, and he did it with such expertise she was ready for more within seconds.

With no thought to what Cake was doing, Kimmie straddled Dewey and quickly settled on his exposed erection. It didn’t matter to her that he’d not quite taken off the boxers. His dick was sitting up through the slit in them so she climbed on.

He was a little surprised by the move, but not complaining. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feel of her slick, hot pussy surrounding his dick, and let Kimmie set up the rhythm to suit her needs.

But he didn’t forget Cake either. He motioned with his finger, and she scooted up to his side and positioned herself so that he could get two fingers into her while Kimmie continued to ride him. He stuck his fingers as far into Cake as he could, then added a third when he recognized she needed more. After Kimmie got consistent with her rhythm, he matched it with his fingers as he went in and out of Cake.

Before he knew it, the feel of both women at once, their smells mingling in his nostrils and their moans mixing in his ears, put him over the top. He closed his eyes again as they both called his name at the same time, and blew all up in Kimmie while he drove his fingers even deeper into Cake.

This caused Cake to moan his name again, louder[TJ15] , and he felt Kimmie begin to convulse around his dick as well. She threw her head back, and he kept up the rhythm for her until she gave the little laugh she always did that let him know she was done.  

Afterward, Kimmie rolled off him and cuddled up to one side while Cake shifted her position slightly so that she was cuddled up on his other side. They all three laughed a little awkwardly.

“Damn, girl. Dewey told me you had never done this before,” Cake said lazily from her side. “Didn’t seem like you had a problem with it to me.”

Kimmie didn’t know what to say to that, so she said nothing. She felt a little irritated, but knew it was a stupid reaction. After all, she knew Dewey already knew this girl, so [TJ16] of course he had to talk about Kimme when he’d asked Cake if she wanted to come with them to this motel. But she didn’t want to be reminded of them having conversations, especially about her.

Dewey was lying there between the two women, almost asleep already. He was well satisfied, and didn’t really hear them talking to one another. But Cake noticed the lack of response from Kimmie, and wondered if she’d said the wrong thing.

Not knowing what Dewey had told this girl, but not needing any drama, Cake decided to tell her the whole truth.

“Did he tell you we’ve done this before? Been together with the women he dated?” she asked Kimmie. She was relieved when Kimmie nodded, saying she did know that. And Kimmie had known, but technically Dewey hadn’t so much told her as she’d guessed.

“Well,” Cake went on, “they were just play things to the both of us. You are the first person he’s ever told me he cared about. I’m not even sure he wanted me here, to share you with me. But I’m glad I asked to meet you. I had a good time. I hope you enjoyed it too.”

Kimmie realized she had enjoyed it. But she was tired, and wanted to take a nap just like Dewey was. Why blow a good afterglow with talking and thinking and feeling? She’d have time enough for that in the morning.

So she didn’t really answer Cake, just allowed herself to drift off. But Cake could feel the difference in the silence this time, and she was relaxed and went to sleep too.

It was Dewey who disturbed the peace that had descended on the bed when he had to get up to pee. He woke up to find a woman on each side of him, both curled up tight to his body. He could barely move but he tried to get up without waking either of them.

That was impossible, and they ended up both trying to find his warmth while they were half asleep. Of course, all they found was each other, and settled into each other’s bodies instead.

But the feel of soft flesh where they expected hardness woke them up. They were face-to-face, each one confused about how she came to be in the other’s arms. In the split second she figured it out before Kimmie, Cake reached out for her and snuck in a quick kiss. Closed mouthed, nothing too crazy. To her delight, the other woman responded, opening her mouth a bit to deepen the contact.

They both scooted over, closing any space between their bodies. The feel[TJ17]  of another woman’s body against hers was new and slightly uncomfortable to Kimmie, and she stopped moving as she felt her breast rub against Cake’s. Cake gave her some time to adjust, gently rubbing only her back while they lay there. When she felt Kimmie relax under her hand, she used her other hand to gently explore the other woman’s slit.

Cake and Kimmie both smiled as Kimmie’s pussy moistened under the sensation. Kimmie moved her leg a little lower, giving Cake more access to her sex. Cake took the hint, and actually penetrated Kimmie with her two fingers while also guiding Kimmie’s hand to her own pussy. With just a little stimulation, Cake was wet too, and Kimmie’s fingers were going in and out of her. They really got into it when they matched rhythms, facing each other but each arching her back in the opposite direction to get better traction out of the other’s fingers.

At a certain point, Cake’s hand began to cramp and she wanted to try something more. She wasn’t sure how Kimmie would react since she’d only just got the other woman to let her kiss her on the lips. But she’d never know if she didn’t try, and the same was true for Kimmie.

Cake removed her fingers and swiftly put her head under the sheet that covered them. This left Kimmie exposed to the room except for the part where Cake put her head.

It happened so fast, Kimmie didn’t even realize what was going on until Cake was already licking and sucking on her clitoris. Again she hesitated because it seemed a little rude. The other girl could have at least made sure she was okay with this.

But Cake knew how to eat pussy almost as well as Dewey did. She used her thumbs more, and since she had a clitoris of her own, she knew how to maneuver Kimmie’s to make her feel sensations she never had before. Cake loved how responsive Kimmie was to her efforts, and she got on her knees, ass in the air, to really give her some attention.

Dewey had come out of the bathroom, but stood at the door while the two women touched each other under the covers. By the looks on their faces, the smells in the air, and the sounds they were both making, he knew they were discovering each other. And he was content to watch.

But when Cake put her ass in the air as she tasted his woman, he needed to get in there too. Her ass was right there; what man wouldn’t take it when it was being offered so sweetly?

Dewey had just enough room on the edge of the bed to get on it behind Cake, and moved her position slightly so he could enter her. With Cake he knew it didn’t matter which hole he hit, but his dick slipped right into her pussy as she kept on eating Kimmie. She had dried out just a little from the air hitting her bare cunt, so he took a minute to use his own thumbs on her clit to get her as wet as possible.

He wanted to drive Cake, hard, but he didn’t want to knock her into Kimmie. So he settled for long, deep strokes, going in her as far as he could, using his hand on her clit to hold her up while she balanced on her arms.

With Kimmie’s pussy under her tongue and Dewey at last buried deep in her like she’d wanted all night, Cake’s orgasm was strong and quick. She left off Kimmie while she arched her back for Dewey, and Kimmie played with her dangling tits while Dewey rode out her orgasm.

But he didn’t cum as well, and he was still deep in her when Cake’s shuddering stopped. He was close though, and instead of pulling out or changing their position, he simply knocked Cake onto Kimmie and started pumping the one girl as she lay on the other.

Surprisingly, the friction of Cake’s body rubbing against hers as Dewey pumped into her from behind was turning Kimmie on. She could feel the other woman’s mound against her own, and felt the tightness growing. She bent her knees, gaping open her legs so she could feel Cake more firmly rubbing against her clit. And in that way, Kimmie was the next one to cum.

As soon as he heard her moans, Dewey knew what was happening. He felt he’d made both women cum at once, even though he went up into only one of their pussies. A twofer—he was a bad motherfucker. And he congratulated himself by allowing himself to blow, even pulling out of Cake to let some of his stickiness get on Kimmie too.

After all that, they all really slept hard. Dewey was again in the middle, but this time the two women both threw their arms and legs over his body so they were tangled up together. There was no way he could possibly get up to pee again without waking up everybody in the bed.

Cake and Dewey woke up first though. Kimmie had turned to her side in her sleep, as she tended to do. So she was still by his side, but no longer cuddled up so tightly against him. In fact, she had her back turned to him, curled up in the fetal position.

Dewey had ready access to Cake, and she wanted to take advantage of his morning erection. She could tell that Dewey had been right. He and Kimmie were good together. Even she liked Kimmie, and she had no interest in messing up what they could have together by going around with Dewey behind the girl’s back. There were other dicks out there, and she did not need to do that.

But if this was the last time she was going to have access, she felt she should get all she could. Once she saw that Dewey was awake, she knew he’d have to pee soon. But he was hard, so why waste it?

She looked at him looking at her, and opened her legs in silent invitation. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Kimmie was sleeping.

Thinking why not, for old time’s sake, Dewey took the invitation. Moving slowly, trying not to wake Kimmie, he mounted Cake and slowly entered her.

It wasn’t that he wanted to leave Kimmie out of it exactly. He was pleased that they all enjoyed each other so much. He knew Kimmie could get into it and Cake was a good girl. Unlike his old lover, he did think they could all get together some time.

But as much as he loved Kimmie, he and Cake had history. If she hadn’t been more lesbian than not, it might have been her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As he moved gently within her, he was glad it was just the two of them.

Kimmie was, of course, not still asleep. The gentle rocking of the bed woke her up almost as soon as the couple began fucking, as did the quiet moans of Cake and the familiar grunts from Dewey. She almost joined them, but sensed they needed this time to themselves. She couldn’t say she didn’t feel a little bit jealous, but she mostly understood and was content to stay quiet until they finished.[TJ18] 

When the bed stopped moving and the other two were quiet, Kimmie got up and prepared a washcloth with soap in order to clean the night from her body. Dewey jumped up too, needing to go to the bathroom. Both women wished the room had more than one toilet because they needed to go as well. When Dewey finally came out, Cake used the toilet while Kimmie had to content herself with the shower drain. She had no intention of letting the nasty, rusty water get on her skin, and it seemed obvious to her that she was not the first person to pee in there.

The conversation was easy as the three dressed, and the women took some time to try to do something with their hair. Everybody was starving, and Kimmie and Dewey sincerely invited Cake to join them at IHOP. But she said she needed to get to work, maybe next time.

They casually agreed there would definitely be a next time, and everybody kissed everybody as they left the room.



Submitted: March 20, 2017

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