"Little Red Bed"

"Little Red Bed"

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



"Little Red Bed"



"Little Red Bed"


Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



" Little Red Bed "

There's a scary house on a little lonely road, where hardly people walk and it feels so very cold.

It's a pretty big house for a family of four, but I don't wish to live there because of that one red door.

I dreamt a few times of that house every now and than, not sure why, it tends to come into my head.

I dreamt one night that I was inside you see, I don't know how, I don't remember having a key.

Still I was inside and a little bit scared, I was alone, sitting on one single chair.

There was no furniture in any of the rooms, just that one chair, that just didn't move.

The chair was near a huge window on a wall, and all of a sudden, someone's voice just happened to call.

It sounded familiar, but than again I'm not sure, it was so vivid coming through just one little red door.

There it goes again, that sound I am hearing, I should have left, but I remain there just sitting.

I finally made up my mind to leave, headed toward a door, but it was kind of hard to see.

The room turn dark and I was kinda scared, the outside was bright, there were kids playing out there.

I thought for a minute how can it be, so much light outside through a window I see?

Yet inside it was so black,...I have to get out, and never come back.

I ran to the door and in complete disbelief, I saw another door appearing to me.

It was the only red door I saw in there. I figured it has to be the way out, I stood kinda frozen and stared.

It took me a minute to just turn the knob, I felt like I was in a gangster movie, running away from the mob.

I had to get out, I couldn't hardly breathe that house was litterally sufforcating me.

That little red door I went through had some long stairs heading up...

... I said to myself, "Oh my, I'm really *_ucked".

This can't be the way outside,...at that moment, I just wanted to cry.

I had no choice but to go straight up, into a room I know nothing of.

I finally made it up those stairs, and there it was my deepest fear.

So many spider webbs and nothing more, except a little red bed, on a dirty squeaky floor.

The bed had some old red sheets, kinda dusty not so nice, looked across the floor, didn't see any mice.

I felt so weird, like if someone was watching me there,

but it was just me, standing still as can be.

There, I heard it once again, that voice thats scares me, but is it all in my head?

All of a sudden I felt a full force throw me against that red ugly bed, I couldn't move, it held me pinned down instead.

I felt more energy all around me, and I was in complete disbelief, that this was even happening?, or is this just a freakin crazy dream?

Yet I still didn't see anything around, just heard voices, noise of people laughing, a kind of wicked giggling sounds.

I tried to get out of that bed, and than in a quickness, I was naked instead.

My clothes ripped off me still couldn't move, I felt like I was being touch by a spirit, or two.

At times I felt like there were more touches here and there, and I felt something pulled my long hair...

It was kinda crazy that this was happeneing to me, all these hands feeling against my naked body, yet still I couldn't see.

It was touching me in places I couldn't even explain, voices I hear calling my name.

I felt hot in that dirty red bed, not sure why, this was inside my head.

I felt so hot up there inside that room, all of a sudden my body was moved.

Now I was pushed against a wall completly pinned in the air, feeling more touches everywhere.

I felt as though they will not stop, and my body was sweating and turning too hot.

I managed to look towards the wall just to see, saw images of arms were just grabbing me, making sure I did not leave.

It seem to me like I heard some moans, and I felt their hands touching my inside and even my bones, and yet again, it's only me, completely alone.

But it couldn't be, I wasn't the only one there, I felt it again somthing pulling my hair.

Now I know this isn't right, I was the only one in that room, alone on that night.

It wouldn't stop, I was move once more, this time I was moved to the dirty ass floor.

More arms grabbing and pinning me down, but this time I didn't hear a sound.

More movement against me, but this time it had me on my knees,

Pushing my head to go up and down, as though if I needed to take a bow.

I felt I was chocking and needed some air, after awhile of that, I just didn't care.

I shouted, "Do whatever you want with me, I'm liking the passion, u hold the key. "

For I was their door they needed me there, and I started to liked the way they touched me down there.

"Keep touching me and using your tongue, I like it, I love it, I am having some fun."

I didn't want them to stop I was cumming alot.

"Touch me here, touch me there, touch me u may, I'm loving everything and all your Foreplay. "

They had me for hours, seemed like days to me, I didn't want them to stop, or at this moment ever leave.

"Hide me forever continue I plea, keep me wanting more, I'm in so desperate need. "

"Please don't stop, I just want more of that strong blazin C*** making my body rock,... and shake and it's not fake."

"The way your making my body feel, it feels so freakin real!"

"If you're a woman, keep using that tongue, all over my body, and allow me to come."

"*_ick me up, *_ick me down,*_ick me up-side down if you please, I want that tongue all over me!"

At that moment I was completely hooked, that feeling of lust, was just too darn good, and that feeling of cumming they would make it last, I was loving each moment, having a blast.

But than the feeling just came to a stop and I didn't feel a thing, hearing my alarm clock started to ring.

I was up in that moment wishing I could go back, some of my readers may think I'm a little crazy, Why would I wish to do that?

It might sound a bit strange that I was having awesome sex with the unknown, but it's stranger to me, that people can have one night stands with people they really don't even know.

Not knowing a name for some isn't right, almost like having sex with an unknown, but in real life. Something for you all to think about when you are all alone, know who your *_ucking, when your bringing them home.

This was just a dream, something inside my head, about a scary house, and a little red bed!

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