A Post Breakup Rendevous

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is my first erotic story! It's about a couple who are struggling to get over each other, I hope you like it. Fictional.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?
Would love any advice or if you actually want to read another one!
Lunar Daisy xx

I couldn't believe it had actually ended. 

His icon still sat on my screen, us together bundled against the wind adorable. I couldn't stop staring at it. It had only been a day since we broke up. We had been such a happy couple, this picture was just one of many. We had been happy I say but it was hard working around our new schedules, me working in our home town and him at his new university. He had new friends that he wanted to socialize with and sometimes that meant he would have to cancel our calls, I was lonely. And then there was my friend who hated him. It's hard to believe in your long distance relationship when your closest friend has absolutely no faith. They kept telling me he would cheat, and with each missed "date" I worried more. 

Then he messaged

It wasn't much just something about how awful he was feeling, just like me. So we set it. We would meet at 11 that night after our families, who might judge us meeting so close after the breakup, were asleep. He would be there I just had to be awake and willing to open the door. 

Silly as it may seem I went to get ready. Looking in the mirror it was pretty obvious that I needed to. My hair was messy and matted, my cheeks flushed, and the baggy clothes I wore looked as exhausted as I did. Yes, I broke up with him but that didn't mean I didn't cry. I still loved him I just, he was having this wonderful new life, last thing he needed was his little depressed girlfriend constantly pestering him. I couldn't hold him back, too bad that thinking went straight out the window as soon as I had said it. He had always promised that if I got scared and bolted, like all of my trauma screams to do, he would run after me. But when i panicked that I wasn't good enough for him anymore this time he said okay. 

Still after a remorse filled movie day, hot tears, and wondering how it really happened, I guess I had hope from his message. 

I stepped into my shower, it has a broken temperature controller so has only two settings, very very hot, or an alternating stream of boiling steaming water and jets of ice. I went for very hot and so my shoulders quickly turned pink in the heat. 

I remembered the last time he had been in this shower with me. It had been just as boiling but he still had pulled my body close against his. At 6"1 he towered over my 5"4 and enveloped me in his arms with his head resting on mine. He pulled me in so much that the water cascaded around us avoiding the between. When he'd lifted my chin up I had to keep my eyes closed so that the spray wouldn't hurt, but I soon felt his wet lips on mine. They were so warm but still cooler than the water around us. Their softness contrasted with the little bit of rough of his fingers and the scratch of his stubble. The water off of them had tasted sweeter. He had been so careful with me then. Though his mouth devoured me hungrily his hands moved to my waist to steady me gently. The skin of his chest and arms was smooth like paper and the muscles beneath them were practical and so good at holding on to me. 

When he broke our kiss it was to moan, as my fingers had trickled down his body and had begun to stroke the hard dick between us. His hardness that had been pressed so tightly against my tummy now was given space as he inched back to look down on my fingers working their magic. First just the lightest strokes with the very tips, and then as I was allowed the room to move I had grasped it at first delicately, allowing his skin to glide slowly through my fingers as they pumped. As I built up pace i built up pressure. Twisting my wrist slightly so the ring of my fingers spun around his cock as it pulled and squeezed like a light dance. The shower water had helped me in my playing so far, but as his heart rate increased with each pull I felt like I needed more. The pre-cum that had coated his tip with the work of my wrist was enticing and the small nod in his head was all I needed as invitation. He helped me to my knees, my hand still caressing the base of his cock as my lips kissed the pearl of pre-cum most recently formed. I love the flavor, his freshly washed dick on my tongue, the sweetness of his skin and the saltiness of his pre-cum mixed to what can only be described as an erotic flavor. It only turned me on more. I released some of my fingers keeping only the ring my index finger and thumb to join my mouth in a tandem rhythm. My tongue swirled around the underside of his dick, feeling each twitch as my lips and fingers bobbed together twisting in opposite directions. My cheeks sucked in to apply as much suction as I can while leaving enough air to freely move. One of his hands has been curling in my hair as he looks down at me with a smile that frequently disappears while his head rolls back in bliss. Just that site alone could make a girl swoon, or in my case determine myself to do even better. His other hand hits the tile of the shower wall, and the movement slightly back sends water down his smooth torso and over my face. I take my second hand that had been keeping me more securely on the floor of the shower up to his balls and begin to massage them lightly and as I hear the growl at the back of his throat a bit harder. I allow myself to take his cock to the very base of his shaft right in the back of my throat I can only hold it for a short amount of time but I know he loves it and with my hand holding his balls I know it'll drive him insane. His hips start to move with me more as if his body is taking over his mind and the grip in my hair becomes tighter. I squeeze his balls just a little each time my tongue flicks over the head of his cock. His moan is deeper and I know what's soon coming. I wrap my fingers around his shaft with one hand and rub his balls with my other, my mouth and tongue working together to run circles around the head. I look into his eyes and he cums, I keep my lips locked around his dick and add suction, I want all of it. The cum sits on my tongue and I swallow it, making sure to smile looking up at him as I finish it all. 

I stand up and he kisses me, he knows he won't find anything left in my mouth but I'm sure the taste still lingers, he doesn't seem to mind, as his tongue dances with mine. One hand returns to my waist while the other the one that had been in my hair trails down my neck, over my collar bones, and gently teases the breast he holds there. It fits quite easily in his large hand, only a B cup but he says it's useful when he can hold all of it. I reckon at least they're perky anyway. His mouth leaves mine and I whimper a little feeling the emptiness where they were. But the sound is broken quickly as he finds the sweet spot on my neck. It is replaced by a stifled moan as I weaken in his arms. I'm so desperate for him that I almost fall when he moves away. The heat between my legs is unreal. I look at him defiantly, rather than begging, and he puts some of the loose hair behind my ear out of my face. I instinctively snuggle my cheek into his open palm and almost jump when i realize the hand on my waist has moved lower and his Finger is between my lower lips. His grin widens and he kisses my neck again.

This time as my knees weaken and I lean to him for support he lowers us both, him first slowly, and then tucking his lower hand round my thigh he pulls my right leg over his shoulder. My hands that now have no chest to lean against grab to his tousled hair and allow him to move me so my back is pushed against the wall and both of my legs are over his shoulders. One hand on my stomach keeping me pushed back while the other mauls my plump ass cheeks he loves so much for their jiggle. The kiss he places on my cunt is no less passionate than those he allows for me. Starting with small pecks that almost tickle he makes his way around my labia. I moan happily and am glad the running water will swallow some of my noise, as his tongue begins long soft strokes up my already soaked channel. And my back arches against the tiles as he sinks his tongue further inside me, i pull his hair trying to get him further in me, closer to me. He growls deep and I know not to pull too hard but his pace picks up quickly. His tongue flicks over my clit and I almost cry out but I throw my arm into my mouth to stop the scream. The heat begins to build up tingling over my thighs and lower stomach as he nuzzles into my core his nose knocking my clit as his tongue laps at all of my wetness. The fist in his hair has its knuckles turn white as my teeth jam into the arm in my mouth. It ripples out of me. My stomach tightens, my breathing stops, and my legs begin to shake. He continues to lap at me, his hand on my ass holding me secure while the other moves to rub my clit as i orgasm. My juices gush onto his face but he pushes me until I feel I see stars, Im aware that Im saying enough while pushing him deeper into me, but I feel overtaken. Finally the feeling subsides and I am allowed a breath of air. Beautiful, he says, and he lets me fall down to my knees in front of him so we are at the same height and I smash my lips onto his. I taste myself, but it only makes me want to devour him more. Its a lovely taste, the spiciness on his sweet lips. I break it simply for panting and he smiles at me his hands on the little rolls around my waist when I flop like this. He helps me to my feet knowing Im weaker than him after, and we wash each other in the boiling hot water, with lavender soap.


Realizing I may have spent too long in my memory, I hurriedly wash my hair and jump out of the shower. I decide I'll leave it to air dry so it gets a little bit of a curl in it. The outfit I choose is pajamas, I don't want to seem like I dressed up. Its a small cami tank top that is a purple silk and lace, with crochet white shorts for the bottoms. Looking in the mirror it's cute, the material is thin enough that my nipples poke through the shirt a little, and it settles nicely on the curve of my waist. I'm petit so really the curve is all I have to offer considering my tits are small but perky and my ass jiggles but isn't huge or instagram worthy. I decide against makeup, I look ready for bed and it would seem too odd, but my usually pale skin is still flushed in the cheeks from all my upset and my nose has caught a bit of sun. With my blonde hair and big blue eyes it's not too bad despite my worries over my skin. 

I hadn't taken as long as I thought and all of this prep was over by 9:30 daydreaming and all, so I went to make a cup of tea and read with a fluffy cardigan on, saying goodnight to my family members as they drifted up to bed and getting lost in the book.

When my phone buzzed at 11 I jumped, halfway through a sentence my stomach fluttered and my heart skipped. He was outside and waiting. Taking off my cardigan I went to the door and opened it. All he said was wow before our mouths collided, my arms wrapped around his shoulders. It had been so long since he'd held me like this like he wouldn't be able to let go. His hand moved down to squeeze my ass and my legs instinctively came up around him, effectively having me leap into his arms lips still crushing together. One hand on my ass supporting me and the other at my neck he pushed us against the brick wall. It scratched at my back and the thin stuff of my night shirt couldn't protect me but in the moment I didn't mind at all. My lips looped to his ear and suckled on it lightly causing him to gasp before they moved down his neck. I wanted to taste all of him, but he pushed me back a little and said "I think we still need to talk." but his eyes were clouded with lust and his lips found mine again.

What felt like seconds but was probably minutes later of pure lust filled making out and nothing more we were interrupted by the meow of one of my cats escaping the house from the still open door. 

"Do you want to come in?" I whispered hopeful, but he shook his head. 

"If I come in I'll never want to leave," he replied just as quietly.

We both knew that in that moment we wanted, no, needed more and as I looked at his car he already had my hand in his bringing me towards it. We got into the backseat and the intense rush of that kiss felt like it had crashed on us. Instead of leaping straight back lips on each other, I leaned back so my back was against his chest and I could feel his heart beating close to mine. 

"I'm sorry" is all I can think to say, and he replies, "I know, but you wouldn't have left if you thought this could really work." 

I turn to him somewhat confused at what we're doing here together if he doesn't think that we can "I still love you, you know," he says as if sensing my thoughts.

"I love you too" I say and I know that the pain I feel means I mean it.

"No you don't," he continues, "you did, I know you did I'm not doubting that, and maybe you could again, but right now you can't be in love because you're hurting and you hurt me too." 

Tears begin to slide down my cheeks, and he strokes them away, "hey, we have had the best of times and I wouldn't change any of it, but you need to work on you just as much as I need to work on me and we can't keep doing this to each other." 

"Do you ever think well get back together," creeps out of my throat.

He pulls me to him gently were almost lying down in the back of his car now me on top of him and he points out the window, "you see these stars, we always look at the stars, if you miss me you can look at them and know I'm probably looking at them too. When you're thinking of me you know I'll be thinking of you. To the moon and back remember. But I can't make promises, I don't know if I can let you keep hurting me, it kills me."

I nod and turn to kiss what I can of him, just under the collar bone. He sighs and pulls me up so were both sat facing each other, "I love you, and tonight is about you," he says. 

He slides his hand over the soft stuff of my shirt and I lean into him, his hand sits at the hem of it so I pull it over my head. It allows his hand to skim over the surface of my skin raising goosebumps as it goes. His other hand slides up my thigh and into the crochet shorts to play with my core and I moan feeling odd at how somber he is as he plays with me. He's so focused on me, I try to reach for him but he holds my hands down and keeps going until I am riding his fingers, hes opening me up, and I want to be filled. I can't think of his seriousness or his quiet only his fingers and the way his knuckles rub against me as they push inside. He quiets my orgasm against his shoulder and kisses me.

I still feel tearstained but he is finally letting me touch him. I crave to touch him, while my knees are week and my movements clumsy i move so that I pull away at his trousers and am sat in front of him the backs of the front car seats against my back. He takes my hand in his but rather than placing it on his dick he pulls it to his shoulder so I have to move forward and straddle him to accommodate the new placement. When I feel the tip of his cock rub against me I am alert again and I begin slowly to slide my wet core over his hardness. He takes it in his hand to position it properly and pushes into me. I bite his shoulder to stop myself from moaning loudly as I can feel it fill me. I've missed it so much. It stretches my walls despite his earlier ministrations, and my head rolls back a bit in pleasure when he is fully inside of me. We move slowly at first, my lips brush over his neck and chest while he holds my waist to control our speed. I move in small circles feeling his cock swirl inside of me, reaching every corner, it strikes the rougher cells of my g spot and I gasp. It's his signal to increase the speed and he begins pounding into me harder and faster hitting it over and over again, I lean back to let even more of him into me. He continues to carve into me but soon I know it is my turn to take on the movement. I hook my arms around the headrests and bring my knees up so i am squatting over his dick almost completely out of me and then I use the leverage of the headrests to swing on and off of him fast and hard like he likes it but like i struggle with on my own. His hands grab my ass and his pelvis crashes up to join mine. We fuck like this for ages the car probably shaking before he brings me to all fours in front of him on the back seat. One of his knees rests by mine as the other is higher to give even more leverage, now he uses the headrests for support and rams into me. My back arches and I chew into my own arm to stop from screaming his name. Soon enough I am shaking like a leaf below him as my core milks his dick, and I orgasm but he just continues pulling in and out, he presses his chest against my back and takes me like we're animals. As my second orgasm builds his breathing gets quicker and I squeeze my thighs and put as much effort into making him feel good as I can from this angle. Just as I loose control and my pussy clenches on him he cums as well, and we orgasm together quietly in the back of that car.

When we're done, I lick him clean and he does the same for me, but he won't kiss me again. We catch our breath and lay together. Eventually, he tells me we both clearly need sleep, and with that he helps me find my clothes and get out of the car, not bothering to dress himself. He grins at me as he runs naked to the drivers seat and I go back into the house. Not knowing when I might see him again.

Submitted: April 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lunar Daisy. All rights reserved.

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Wow, that's quite a story. Very detailed and graphic, I might add!
So, my first recommendation is that you add some spacing to these huge paragraphs. It gives the eyes relief. I'd like to see more dialogue. You want to intersperse dialogue with your action and description just to break things up and make it feel real. There's a tendency to get into a sex scene and just totally wear it out with narration, a long descriptive diatribe. You want to take a breath with that intermittently.

You have two sex scenes here, both extensively prolonged. I'd tend to more superficially approach the first one (as a memory) and concentrate on the second one as your pinnacle.
I like your detail. You're not afraid to get down and dirty with you language and description. Never forget that the heat of sex is greatly related to circumstance. Just like making love, a little tease and preamble is nice before the main course. Additionally, emphasizing surrounding issues that make the sex hotter (slinking out to the car to fuck when your parents are upstairs asleep) is always worth your time and energy. What about protection? Will we consider that? Are we living dangerously? Could we get pregnant? And who the hell is he? Call him by his name. Your reader needs to get to know him. Give us details. All we know is that he's six feet one and presumably a freshman in college. Has he found someone else? Are there reasons to suspect? What are the issues of the breakup?

So, this is your first erotica? I like it. My best advice....read what you want to write. Get yourself a good book of erotica and read a real professional. Pay attention to details. How do they write? How do they introduce dialogue? How do they describe things? Look at everything they do.

Wed, April 22nd, 2020 5:06am


Thankyou so much for your comments. I'm open to all of your advice, I'm hoping to upload a new one very soon but I'm definitely going to try make it better with your comment.

Would you like to hear more about the same characters?

I always struggle with spacing out my writing in anything, get told it's like I just shove my mind on a page without thinking.

This is my first erotica, I'll try make the next one a little bit easier to read :)

Lunar Daisy xx

Thu, April 23rd, 2020 2:40pm


Yes, here is a quite nice story. This is realistic. Well done!

Wed, April 22nd, 2020 1:59pm


I'm glad you like it thankyou!
I plan on writing some more

Thu, April 23rd, 2020 2:35pm

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