Halloween Party

Halloween Party Halloween Party

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Anna goes to a Halloween party and meets a mystery man.


Anna goes to a Halloween party and meets a mystery man.


Submitted: October 28, 2014

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Submitted: October 28, 2014



~~The first thing that hit me as my friend Sara and I walked into the party was the smell of pot, which both of us knew all too well from past experiences. It was mixed with the smell of chocolate and pumpkin, which automatically made my mouth water. The combination was intoxicating. Because it was a Halloween party most everybody was wearing a costume and some even had a mask. Mine didn’t require a mask. I had decided to be Cat Woman this year, my favorite comic book character. I had flair leather pants with 4 inch peep toe heels. My top was hardly a top at all. I was dressed much like Halle Berry’s take on the character. I was thankful that my hair covered a lot of my upper body. My hair is what some people might call an intense auburn, with long natural waves that reach just above the curve of my butt. And it was THICK. On a night like tonight I was thankful for it, seeing how it was below freezing outside. In my hair I wore a typical headband with cat ears on them.

“Come on,” Sara said, taking my hand, “Let’s go get a drink.”

As we snake our way through the crowd, Marilyn Manson’s This is Halloween started to play on the sound system that was hooked up to the ceiling. With a howl everyone started dancing and Sara and I, rather than nudge past everyone, kind of had to dance past them. It was the easiest thing to do. Once we finally reached the counter of the huge kitchen, I hollered over the loud music for a liquid marijuana, my favorite. The guy smiles at me as he hands me my drink and I take a long swig off of it while Sara gets her usual rum and coke. I was already almost done with my drink when Sara came up next to me.

“Let’s go dance!” She shouted. I smile big and follow her into the crowd of people. I wasn’t sure what song was playing but it had an amazing bass to it, perfect for dancing. We stayed together for a little while but after a few songs, Sara got to talking to a guy, looking at me she told me she was going to go out for a smoke. It was about then that the music started dying for a little bit and I realize that I need to get another drink because mine was empty. I smile at every one that looks at me. There were a lot of people in amazing costumes that I wish I had thought of. Not paying attention to where I am stepping, my heel catches a crack in the floor, causing me to lose my balance.

“Careful!” I hear someone say as they reach out and catch me before I fall.

A little out of breath I look up to thank the man who helps me. I am greeted with big white smile. But that is all I can really make out. He is wearing a mask that cover most of his face and ties around the back of his head. He defineatly has a strong body structure and he stands over 6 feet but that is about all I can describe other than the fact that he is wearing all black. His costume looked oddly firmiliar, but I couldn’t place it. And his eyes! They were a piercing light grey. They almost looked unreal. I came to the conclusion that he must be wearing contacts.

“To whom do I owe my thanks?” I ask with a small smile.

He hesitates for a second before replying with a swift “Jack.” I look at him and my smile grows. I have always been really good at telling when someone is lying.

“That’s not your name,” I state matter-o-factly. He chuckles and holds his hand out to me, leading me off of the dance floor to the counter again.

“You’re right. That’s not my name,” He says smoothly as we sit down on the bar stools, “But what fun would that be?” There was something about his aura that was very attractive to me. I am not sure why but I had this overbearing urge to be alone with him. I met my eyes with his and sat up a little straighter.

“Well, if you won’t tell me your name then I won’t tell you mine,” I argue. But I find myself eating my own words.

“Oh there is no need for that. I know very well who you are.” He teases and leans in a little close to me, reaching up and brushing my hair out of my face. I tense, my pulse picking up at how close he was getting to me. I could feel the heat of his body, even through his clothes. It sent an unfamiliar shiver through my body. He sighs.

“Sorry… You should sit for a while. Wouldn’t want you to have another incident.”

Slowly, he starts to stand up.

“Hey,” I protest. He looks back at me and I can see that his eye brows are lifted behind his mask.

“If you know my name then what is it?” I ask.

He flashes his pearly whites at me.

“Anna,” He says and then turns around and walks away.

I wasn’t sure to be mad or not. He knew my name but I couldn’t know his. It was not fair.

Sara had come back and plopped down next to me.

“I am going to head home with this guy. Do you need anything?” I shake my head and then stop.

“Wait,” I say just as she stands up to leave. I point to the man in black and look up at her.

“Him. Do you know who he is?” I ask. She looks over and stares long and hard at him. Then she slowly shakes her head.

“Nnnno,” She says slowly, “He doesn’t look familiar to me. Why?” She asks. And wave it off.

“Just wondering,” I murmur. She smiles down at me.

“Whatever you say,” She says doubtfully with a smile on her face, “I’ll leave my car for you since we are taking his. Here are the keys.” She hands me her keys and hollars an “I love you” as she takes a guys hands and heads towards the front door.

I watch her leave and turn my head back to look at the man and jumped a little when I see that he was starring right at me, a look of obvious amusement covering his face.

Who the fuck was he?


I had only had one more drink before I got enough guts to stand up and go to him again. I had been sitting in the same stool for almost an hour and  a half, glancing over at the man in black every so often. He didn’t move either and every time I looked over at him, he was looking at me, as if waiting for me. It was almost 1 in the morning when I finally stood up. There was less people to walk through now that some had left the party. As I walked over to him I could practically feel the tension building between us and there was no doubt that both of us felt something. When I came up to him, I swung my leg over so that I was straddling one of his legs. Then I leaned down slowly and pressed my lips to his. Heat flooded through me from the moment our lips touched and he seemed to have felt it too because his hands came up. One of them cupped my jaw while the other tangled into my hair.

His lips were like heaven, soft but somehow rough at the same time. They took control as soon as the kiss started, kissing me passionately. The kiss grew more and more heated and when I let a small moan escape my throat he pulls me away.

“We need to go somewhere,” He says breathlessly. I smile coyly and stand up the rest of the way. He follows and leads me up the stairs to the bedrooms.

“Are you sure these room are okay?” I ask huskily. He looks back at me as he opens a door to an empty room. He doesn’t say anything. Just pulls me into the room and shuts the door behind me.

As soon as the door shuts, his lips are on mine, hard and rough. I gasp at his intensity, not realizing how much he was holding back downstairs. He uses this moment to push my firmly up against the wall and slide his tongue between my lips and into my mouth, deepening the kiss. I moan as his taste floods into my mouth, reaching up and wrapping my hands around his neck. His taste was like a high to me, the most addictive drug you can think of was what his effect was on me.

With a groan, his hands slid down and gripped my butt, his fingertips digging into the flesh there. I open my mouth wider, wanting to taste more of him and I arch my body against his. Using this as my opportunity, I start to slide my hands up to his hair to the knot of his mask. As if knowing what I had planned all along, he reaches back and grabs my wrists, pushing them up and slamming them against the wall above me. I groan, the roughness only making me hotter for him.

He pulls away from me just a little.

“Uh uh uh,” He murmurs against my lips.

“Why can’t I see your face?” I husk.

“Not on a first date,” he teases.

I flex my arms, trying to pull free of him grip and end up moaning when he doesn’t let me budge. I press my pelvis against his, grinding softly against him. He groans against and starts to kiss along my jaw, now holding my hands up with only one of his so that his other hands is free to roam.

“Do you like being held down?” He asks against my skin. I blush, heat rushing between my legs. I can feel that he is smiling.

“You have goosebumps. Is that a yes?”

I groan and rub my thighs together, my head thunking back against the wall. He moans in response and lets his free hand slide down my stomach to the waist of my pants before he slips his fingers inside the material. I flex my arms again as his finger slides between my wet folds and gasp.

“Oh baby,” he moans and brings his face back level with mine, looking into my eyes as he brings his finger up to rub against my swollen clit. My insides tighten as a jolt of pleasure runs through my body like a wave, making my body tense and I let out a needy whimper, my hips pushing out toward his finger for more.

But he pulls his hand out of my pants and brings his finger up to his lips, sucking my arousal off of his finger. I can feel my body start to tremble and I am sure he could too because he lifted me up and took me to the bed, laying me down on my back. Now having my hands free I reach down between us and rub my hands across his cock through the fabric of his costume. He was already semi hard. He leans down and kisses me again as he undoes my shirt and slides it down my body, freeing my breasts. I close my eyes and starts undoing his belt.

A sudden bite of pain on my nipple has me arching my back and moaning loudly against his lips. He pinches just a little harder, drawing out another moan from me before bringing his hands back down to my ass and pulling my groin against his, grinding hard against me. With a growl, he pulls back long enough to pull his shirt over his head and take his belt the rest of the way off before yanking the rest of my costume off, leaving only my black lace thong and heels on.

I lay back into the soft pillows and spread my legs wide for him; giving him a full view of how wet my sex is for him. He smiles at me and situates himself between my legs and starts kissing along the inside of my thighs. I shudder as his soft lips travel closer and closer to my heated pussy. He takes his time and I find myself squirming under him before he has even taken my underwear off.  I feel his hot breath brush against me as he kisses me through the fabric of my thong, the friction against my clit just enough to make me let out a shaky breath.

Giving me a devilish look, he brings one of his hands up and he rubs a single finger against my clit through the thin fabric, making me groan and fist the blankets in my hands. He continues this motion, rubbing his finger in light circles against me. I gasp. I moan. My breathing becomes heavier. My clit pulses as I am being brought closer and closer to a climax. I was so sensitive tonight it wasn’t even funny.

“Oh… Oh god,” I whimper as my pussy starts to shudder. He pulls away then and smiles at me, making me groan in protest.

“Not yet,” he husks as he hooks his fingers into my underwear and slowly starts pulling them down. Once he has them completely off he tosses them off to the side with the rest of my costume and leans back down to my pussy.

“I don’t want you coming until it is around my hard dick,” He growls before sliding his tongue up my slit. I press my hands against his head and thrust my hips against his tongue, gasping at the pleasure that he could give me.

“Then fuck me,” I say.

“You will have to say please,” He says smugly before sucking lightly on my clit. A high moan escapes my throat as my thigh start to tremble, my body just on the verge of orgasm before he pulls away again. I whimper and bite my lip.

“I… I don’t beg,” I say boldly, smiling back at him.

“You will,” He replies without hesitation. Then he brings his mouth back down to my cunt.

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