Draco's Obsession

Draco's Obsession

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Draco returns for his 7th year at Hogwarts only to find that the Mud Blood Hermione Granger has also returned. With him as Head Boy and her as Head Girl, how will they manage to deal with each other?


Draco returns for his 7th year at Hogwarts only to find that the Mud Blood Hermione Granger has also returned. With him as Head Boy and her as Head Girl, how will they manage to deal with each other?


Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016



Just a little something I wanted to try. I have been really into the Draco and Hermione Fan Fiction so I have ben reading a lot of it. Since I am more into the "not so vanilla side of things", that is what this storry between Draco and Hermione is going to be. This is just a short story. I may or may not make a part two because I haven't decided yet. Read and Commet :) Thanks


He hated her. From the very moment he saw Granger’s buck toothed face, he hated her. He hated how she was always better than anyone including himself. He hated how she pranced around the school all high and mighty like she knew she was better than everyone else, like she was rubbing it in his face in particular. While he loathed her with all of his being, he had always found her figure, as she grew into it, quite mesmerizing. After all of these years Draco’s imagination of Hermione began to grow more and more prudent, picturing her in ways he would have never EVER thought of, especially of a Filthy Mud Blood such as her. It was his 7th year and he had been looking forward to spending his last year at Hogwarts as Head Boy in his own common room with his own private bedroom. But as he entered the Head Bunker on the Hogwarts Express, expecting to see Patil Pavarti, he was met by the sharp glare of the mud blood herself, Hermione Granger.

“Fuck me,” I groan as I shut the bunker door.

“I am no happier about this than you are,” She growls and flips her hair, looking out of the window. He hadn’t even been in the room with her for 30 seconds and already he wanted to smash her face into a mud puddle so that her skin would match the dirty blood she had. The nerve she had, to disrespect him the way she did. He wanted to make her pay. He would make her pay. He would like to rip that curly, frizzy, beautiful hair right out of her skull so that she could never flip it at him again.

‘Listen Granger, I am not going to let you ruin my final year and I am sure you don’t want me to ruin yours. Just you do your duties and I will do mine, and mind that attitude of yours and you won’t have to deal with mine.”

“Right. Head Boy and Head Girl have to interact with each other. What are you going to do when McGonagall insists we do a project together, and you know she will Malfoy. We can’t ignore each other for the entire year when we are required to communicate with one another.”

“We aren’t required to communicate shit to each other. All we do is patrol the halls at night before we go to bed and rat out kids who are out past curfew.”

She huffs and rolls her eyes, as if believing him to be acting like a child. The fury burns up the back of Draco’s neck like a snake. How dare she? He needed to get out before he did something he regretted. Regretted? More like before he did something he would be sent to Azkaban for. He storms out of the bunker, unable to stand another moment in there with her, slamming the door shut behind him hard enough to make the bunker itself shake. He walks swiftly to the dining car, where he would very well be spending the rest of the train ride. He couldn’t stand her, he absolutely loathed her, that Granger. And to have to be in the same common room with her made his insides clench. Knowing that it was going to be just him and her sharing the same space, the same air to breathe.

He sat down with a huff in one of the empty chairs next to a window where he could contemplate what he was going to do without any other interruptions. He remembered feeling the heat rise on the back of his neck when she rolled her eyes at him. He remembered the rage he felt when she beat him at the O.W.L.s the year before last, by just a couple of points at that. He knew that she relished in being the best at the school. Now that he thought about her, he guessed that she probably still had her cherry too. Of course, to the mud blood, studies were far more important than anything her physical body would enjoy. Seeing her with that Weasel makes him want to laugh at his attempts to engage her. Always so gentle, the feather light kisses and the shy hand holding. When Draco looks at her that is not what he thinks she needs. No. She needed rough. She needed domineering.

His pants suddenly felt much tighter as he thought about himself being the one to be rough and domineering with her. It would be his life dream to see her quivering lip and big eyes look up at him while he brought her to her knees. He would love to get that body in his hands to do whatever he wanted with. He pulled his robes around him, hiding the not so small budge in his pants. He hated himself for wanting her like this. He hated her for having this effect on him. He hated her. Hated her.


“What do you mean Malfoy is Head Boy?” Ginny was asking Hermione as they followed everyone up to the castle.

“Exactly what it sounds like Ginny. The nerve he has. I don’t know if I can share a common room with him. His arrogance and cockiness will send me to the grave if I don’t get a handle on myself.”

Draco Malfoy? Head Boy? Why was this happening to her?

“Well. It isn’t all that bad is it? I mean, you will have something good to look at, at least.”

“Ginny! As if I would ever-“

“Oh come on Hermione. You can’t tell me that you have put off checking out guys to just solely work on your education.”

“As a matter of fact I have. I can’t waste my time with stuff like that when I have far more important things do.”

“Like what? Passing Potions with Exceeds rather than Average?”

“Exactly,” Hermione replies. And walks up ahead of the group where she was supposed to be with Malfoy. He sneers at her when her robe brushes up against his.

“Careful Mud Blood. Wouldn’t want to get your filthy germs on me.” She rolls her eyes at the remark and continues walking.

“Where is your little Weasel?” He asks, “Why don’t you go walk with him instead of annoying me?”

“Shut up Malfoy,” She spits back before moving over to get distance between them.

“Oh that’s right. They aren’t here right? They left you all alone. Finally figured out that you were nothing did they?”

“You’re such a Prat,” She says back, looking down at her feet so that he can’t see the tears filling her eyes. It wasn’t true. They were just busy that’s all. Harry and Ron would never abandon her. Never.

The castle looked to be in quite good shape considering it was practically torn apart but a couple of months before. She sat down next to Ginny and one of her friends. They were bickering about the classes that they didn’t want to take. Ginny finally turns toward Hermine and smiles at her.

“Looks pretty good doesn’t it. You would never have thought that there was a crazy fight here if it smacked you in the face.”

Hermione laughed and agreed with her.

“How’s Ron?” She asked Ginny, who shook her head slightly.

“He is alright I suppose. He has been trying to deal with Harry for quite some time now. I feel sorry for him. Anyone would go pretty mad if they lost everyone they cared about.”

Hermione smiled sympathetically before her attention is drawn to the front of the room, where Professor McGonagall stood, now Head Mistress.

“May I have your attention please,” She says, her voice carrying throughout the whole room, “While we have had a great deal of misfortunes these past couple of years, I would like to inform all students that Hogwarts will not change their policy of what isn’t allowed within the school grounds. Should any of the rules be broken by any student it will result in lines or detention. Now that the school has been opened up again, any misdemeanor will not be tolerated….”

Hermione looked up from her hands over to the Slytherin table, where, to her shock, she found Malfoy staring at her. She jumped slightly at the look on his face. His eyes brows were pulled together slightly as if he were trying to figure something out. Then, seeing that she had caught him looking at her, he runs his tongue over his lips slowly, almost erotically. She flinches and quickly looks back up at McGonagall, her face heating up in a blush. Who does he think he is?

The night went by slow. After what seems like hours of sorting the new first years into their houses and eating the feast it was finally time to lead the first years to their common room and then she could got to her room and study before going to bed.

“Gryffindor First Years Follow me please!” Hermione hollers over the buzz of the other students. Within seconds, all of the first years were huddled up in front of her. Once they all appeared to have gathered around her, she led all 45 students out of the Hall and towards the staircases leading up to their common room.

“Slytherin Newbies get on with it,” She hears Malfoy yell as she exits. She curls her lip up, completely forgetting about having to be in the same common room as him, just the two of them. After leading the new Gryffindors to their common room and showing them were there corridors were, she gave Ginny a Quick hug before Exiting and heading up to the 7th floor where she knew the Head Student common room was at. She hoped for his sake, Draco had not arrived yet, so that she could study and go to sleep in peace, without the foul presence of the cocky bastard.


Wait Draco, Stop,” A sixth year Slytherin was telling him as he ran his hands up along her thighs, pushing her black cloth skirt farther and farther up her legs. She reaches down and tries to push him away. But Malfoy, being skilled with his wand, quickly casted a spell on her hands, which had them flying up above her head, pinning them there.

“Draco what are you doing?” She asks him, panic running in her voice as he slides his hand down between her legs.

“You said you wanted me didn’t you?” Draco asks her, “Didn’t you say before that you wanted to feel a real man inside of you?” He slides his hand up her center as he trails his lips along her neck.

“Not like this,” She says, her voice high. She starts to struggle, squirming her entire body to try and get away from him. Draco smiles.

“This is the only way I do it baby,” He murmurs, wedging himself between her legs. He was just getting ready to get the party started when he hears someone walk up the stairs, causing the girl to begin to whimper.

“Sensio,” Malfoy hisses, making her go silent, unable to make a noise.

“Who’s there?” He hears Granger call out. He forces himself not to groan. Always ruining his fun.

“Obliviate,” He husks under his breath as he lets the girl go. She fixes her skirt quickly, her face wrinkling in confusion as she walks away from him.

“Angelica? What are you doing up here?” She asks the girl.

“I um… I don’t remember” She replies. Draco walks out of the dark corner then, making Hermione jump.

“Angelica why don’t you head back down to the common room. You aren’t supposed to be up here.” She nods her head and quickly shuffles back down the stairs. He looks away from Angelica’s backside over to Hermione to see her glaring at him.

“What Granger?”

“What did you do to her?”

“Nothing you wouldn’t like I am sure,” he smirks, making her wrinkle her nose.

“Don’t worry,” He says with a smile growing on the edge of his lips, “It doesn’t hurt.” much

She huffs and starts walking quickly towards our common room. Draco follows her, making sure to keep his hard on hidden behind his robes. This wasn’t fair, her doing this to him when he didn’t have the same effect on her. Or maybe he did. Maybe she was just good at hiding it. It’s not like she has anything that made her arousal obvious like he did.

What did it matter how she felt anyway? If his body wanted her, shouldn’t he have her? But the dirty blood… She was nothing. But the image of bending her over his bed and fucking her senseless hadn’t left his mind since he saw her at the Yule Ball 3 years ago with that Git Viktor Krum. Maybe it was because she caught him in the middle of something that he is feeling like this. Even though he wasn’t hard when he was messing with the girl, the moment he heard Granger’s voice was when he became hard. She had sounded scared and that for some reason turned him on more than Angelica’s pathetic whimpering. He wanted to do the exact same thing to Hermione. He wanted to make her whimper like he made Angelica. He wanted to watch her come apart at the seams and then he wanted to throw her away once he had his fill of her. He wanted to make her beg and then deny her what she wanted most.

Once the two of them had entered their common room, Granger went over to the love seat next to the fire place and opened one of her books. The idea of her studying when classes hadn’t even started yet made him want to scream at her.

“Why are you studying?” He asks her.

She huffs and glares up at him, the hatred in her eyes obvious enough to burn a hole through him.

“What do you care?” She snaps back.

“You’re right. I don’t care about you studying. What I do care about though, is why you are here all alone without your precious Potter and Weasel.”

“That is none of your business,” She hisses and stands up swiftly, heading toward the hallway where he assumed the bedrooms were.

“Come off it,” Draco smirks, “They let you come here all by yourself knowing that I would be here too. They let you walk right into the very place where I had you crying many times before and they knew that I would be here to torment and fuck with you once you got here. Did they actually believe you when you said that you could handle yourself? You’re wrong Mud Blood. You are going to be a mess by the time I get done with you.”

Malfoy had moved in front of her, cutting her off from the hallway that lead to the bed rooms, where he knew she desperately wanted to go. Their eyes met and for a moment, he saw the fear that he wanted to see. Then it was gone, replaced by anger, which made him smile smugly.

“You never gave a shit about me before, Malfoy. Why should you care now?”

“On the contrary Miss Granger, I care very much about you. I care about your existence anyway. I don’t understand how such a good for nothing creature such as yourself should be allowed at this school. I care about what Krum and Weasley see in you because unfortunately I don’t know what they see in you. All I see is a mud blood who just so happens to have grown into a very nice curvy body. You wearing baggy clothes doesn’t fool me Granger. For the last 3 years I have felt something that I have been denying myself because of what you are. But I finally realize, why should I deny myself when my body wants it so bad?”

He leans in closer to her, reaching up to her face and biting his lips. Hermione’s face had gone through several different emotions and it triumphed Draco to have caused all of them. Anger, hurt, offence, confusion, and then anger again. She jerked herself away from him and started walking back towards the common room door.

“Go fuck yourself Malfoy,” She hisses.

“Oh the innocent Granger swears,” Draco jokes but the rage that fills his body at her remark has him losing control for just a second. He lunges at her and before she notices, he wraps his hand around her neck and shoves her around and against the wall, pressing his body hard against hers. She gasps and shoves back against him, his grip around her throat so tight it causes her face to go red. Her fingers lock onto his arms and she squeezes as hard as she can, digging her nails deep into Draco’s skin. He groans and pulls out his wand, casting the same spell on Hermione’s hands and he had done on Angelica’s. Hermione’s hands fly up and thunk against the wall.

“I told you to keep your attitude in check didn’t I?” He growls and leans down to her face, “Changed haven’t I? I have always dreamed about pinning you up against the wall and now it’s actually happened.” He lets go of her throat finally and she sucks in a deep breath, jerking her body out against him.

“Let me go Malfoy!” She shouts as she bucks out against him.

“No. I like you like this. It is a real turn on you know, a girl struggling.” He presses his hard on against the side of her leg, making her flinch away from him. But he moves with her, wedging one of his legs between her legs and pressing it against her core. He feels her tense up and almost, almost hears a groan come from her pretty lips.

“You feel that Granger?” Draco asks cockily, “Feel what you do to me. This is what you have done to me for the last three years.”

“I hate you!” she bites.

“And I hate you. But that won’t stop me from taking what I want.”

He moves his hands down across her front, unbuttoning her blouse until her bare skin is open to him. He bites his lip to hold back a moan at what he sees. Miss Granger had a beautiful set of tits, though one wouldn’t be able to tell due to her shirts being so big. He lifted his hands back up, cupping them both and squeezing hard, making her groan loudly in pain. She fit in each of his large hands fully, perfectly.

“Malfoy,” She says and starts squirming again, trying to pull herself away.

Shut up Granger!” He hisses.

“Coward,” She hisses back. He tangles his fingers into her hair and yanks hard, like he had been itching to do since she flipped her hair at him. She screams, making him chuckle and he reaches down and takes her wand, throwing it on the other side of the room before he lets her arms go and jerk her around, pressing her front to the wall instead.

“What was that?” He asks, one of his hands still in her hair while the other travels down her stomach to her core. Hermione reaches down to try and stop him but he is too strong for her to push away. His hand continues down until it slips under the waist band of her pants. She bucks back hard against him, her breathing becoming heavy as the anticipation sets in. Well, Anticipation for Draco anyway. He could feel her heart beating fast and hard against his chest as she pulls helplessly at his arms. He yanks on her hair again, relishing in her pained gasp as he finally reaches the place he wanted.

“Mmm such a natural whore, already wet for me,” He moans into her ear. She bucks again in a last effort to get him off of her but he only presses her harder to the wall while he begins to rub his fingers along her slick pussy. Her breath hitches and she whimpers. The sound of her sweet whimper makes his cock grow harder. He brings his hand up a little and rubs his fingers delicately over her hard clit. She cries out and he feels her start to shake.

“You’re not close already are you?” He chuckles before rubbing her clit vigorously, causing her to make that sweet sound again.

“No no no no no,” She whines as he slides two of his fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out of her at the same pace that he was rubbing her clit.. She feels herself tightening around his digits and whimpers again, squeezing her legs around his hand, stilling his movements, not wanting her first orgasm to be taken from the man she hated most in this world. Draco pulls hard on her hair, causing pain to shoot down her neck as it falls back against his shoulder.

“Spread them mud blood,” He demands. When she shakes her head, he pulls on her hair harder, nearly pulling it out of her skull.

“Shall we see what your filthy blood looks like on your skull?” He asks. She groans in frustration but doesn’t answer. Instead, she spreads her legs just barely enough for Draco to continue his assault. Though her legs were not spread far enough to Draco’s liking, he smiled at his small triumph. He goes back to work, thrusting his fingers in and out of her, continuing their hard, quick pace. He feels her legs begin to shake again when he leans down and slides his tongue up and down her neck and then presses his teeth threateningly against the curve of her throat.

“What if I told you, you didn’t get to come?”

“Then I wouldn’t,” She gasps, hoping that he would actually consider this option.

“That’s a shame. Since I know it would be exactly what you wanted.” With a moan, he presses the palm of his hand against her clit, rubbing it up and down as his fingers continue to ram in and out of her. She screams softly and her entire body stiffens, trying to resist.

“That’s it Granger, Come for me,” Draco husks in her ear, feeling her sweet cunt ripple as the first waves of her orgasm consume her. She cries out, the glorious sound filling his ears as he continues to ram his finger inside of her, forcing her to take wave after wave of her first orgasm. She shakes and bucks out against his hand, unable to control her movements and her hands fly down to his in an attempt to stop his movements. Her pussy gripped and pulsed hard around his finger a few more times before he finally slowed his fingers down, letting her orgasm subside.

“You know,” He whispers, “If you really didn’t like it, you wouldn’t have been able to come like that.” He smirks and rubs his fingers teasingly against her clit, enjoying the quick aftershocks that cause her body to twitch at his touch.

“I don’t want it,” She moans, shoving her back against his chest.

“But you do,” He says, trailing his tongue up the side of her neck again, making her shiver before yanking her around so that she is facing him. She immediately begins to try and push him away, shoving her hands against his chest as hard as she can. But she can’t do much though before Malfoy throws her down on the floor and pins her down, pinning her hands above her head with his physical  strength instead of using his wand so that he can feel her squirm and struggle beneath him.

“Now now. I just made you feel good. I would think a thank you is in order,” Draco boasts.

“In your dreams,” She replies.

“Very well. You’ll be thanking me eventually Granger,” He says before turning her over onto her front, pressing his groin against her ass. Her beautiful, plump ass.

“Why Granger,” Draco chuckles, “I never knew you had such a nice backside.” Then he hooks his fingers into her waist band and yanks her pants down just enough to expose her ass and pussy to him. With a moan, he holds her down by her neck with one of his hands while he takes off his belt and slacks with the other. She would submit to him. If it were that last thing he do. He would make her need his dominance over her like a puppy does its owner. She would know who was alpha.

“Draco,” She whimpers and he hears the panic in her voice, which only makes him groan in response as his cock swells to its maximum girth. She tries to buck away as he slides his thick, long length against her cunt. He leans down and wraps his arm around her neck, bracing himself on his other.

“Remember when I said it doesn’t hurt?” He asks her, his breath, heavy with lust, brushing against her ear. She struggles a little more, trying her best to roll him off of her. He could practically feel the fear emanating from her body.

“I lied. But you know, you deserve it. After all you and your little friends did to me and my family…”

He starts to press the head of his cock against her opening, groaning when he feels her tightness engulf him, trying to deny him what was his.

“It would hurt less though, if you didn’t fight it Mud Blood.” He slides in more, sucking in a gasp when he feels her pussy ripple around him, her body sucking him in deeper until he came to her cherry, protecting what was left of her innocence. And then he thrusts, hard, tearing through her in one smooth thrust, bringing out the most wonderful cry of pain from Hermione’s throat. She bucks hard as her body stiffens, trying to cope.

“Draco please…” She whimpers. He ignores her. He knew in just a few more thrusts she would be writhing in pleasure beneath him anyway. He had left that part out purposefully so that she would actually believe that she would be in pain the entire time. He pulls out and thrusts inside of her again nice and slow, groaning when he hears her suck in a shocked gasp, her pain fading slightly and being replaced with pleasure. She shudders and her squirming begins to get less intense. With a smirk, Draco pulls out and thrusts again, hard this time, chuckling when she groans “no”.

“Yeah Sweet Heart. How does it feel now? Your cunt feels so tight around my dick,” He moans and begins to thrust a little more consistently inside of her, his arms around her neck squeezing a little bit harder as his thrusts rock her up and down on the floor. She groans, pressing her palms down hard against the wood floors. This couldn’t be happening. There was no way she could be getting such pleasure out of this. There was no way Draco Malfoy was fucking her from behind on the hard floor in the Head Boy and Girl common room. She moans loudly because she knows that it IS happening. And there is no way she could make it stop without her wand.

Draco angles himself so that when he thrusts inside of her next, he hits something.

“Oh!” Hermione gasps, tensing. She begins to squirm again, this time because of the pleasure she feels. Draco smiles. He always loved the opportunity to make her feels something she didn’t want to feel. He loved the thought of her being in such ecstasy when she didn’t want to be and it was all because of him. He begins to speed up his thrusts, moving his hips about twice as fast as he was before and he almost lost it right then and there when he felt Hermione’s cunt quiver and pulse around him. She moans loudly and tenses up, not 100% sure what she is feeling yet at the same time, she knew full well what was happening.

“Draco,” She groans and reaches back, attempting to stop his pounding torso from slamming against her rear. Draco, given the perfect opportunity, grabs her wrists and pins them both to her lower back, holding them there while at the same time, using them as leverage to thrust into her harder. She groans again loudly and arches her back, hoping that it would help in subsided the pleasure but it doesn’t. In fact it makes Draco’s thrusting more intense due to the fact that her ass angles up towards him. She can’t hold herself off much longer, feeling the pleasure intensify makes her want to keep her ass up for him. She was dying to bed him to fuck her harder, but she couldn’t manage it. She just couldn’t give him that satisfaction.

“Just let it happen Sugar,” Draco husks down and as if reading her mind, thrusts harder, pounding into her so hard now, she felt like his cock was almost in her stomach. And, as if she had been waiting for him to tell her she could, she comes hard around his length, unable to stop her soft cries of pleasure from escaping her throat at the intensity of pleasure that his manhood could give her. In the moment of her orgasm, she wondered why she had put it off for so long.

Draco, feeling that she had finally succumbed, pressed his body down hard against her and let himself go as well, pounding into her sweet cunt at a ridiculous, savage rate in order satisfy the animal needing release inside of him. Hermione screams softly, shocked by the over stimulation he was causing to her body until, with a growl, Draco gives in to his need, making one final, hard throat deep inside of her as his cock releases his cum.

“Draco!” Hermione screams, panic filling her voice all over again. She bucks hard, but she is held firmly in her position, almost suffocating from Draco’s weight on top of her.

“Don’t worry,” He gasps, his cock still inside of her, “I took an infertility potion before you ruined my fun with Angelica.”

He smiles darkly before sliding his cock out of her, Chuckling when he feels her shudder at the loss of having him inside of her.

“Perhaps, if you hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t be in this situation.”

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