She Was An Orphan

She Was An Orphan

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A dirty fantasy about a priest taking advantage of a girl seeking aid.


A dirty fantasy about a priest taking advantage of a girl seeking aid.


Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



She was an orphan
I was the priest of the Salt Spring Island Baptist Church
She came to me one day looking for a place to stay
I let her sleep in the confessional
No one was using it at night anyways

I slept in that church in the basement myself

One night I woke up hearing some screams and squeals coming from upstairs
I grabbed a flashlight and wandered up the stairs
As I got closer to the sound
I realized it was a woman pleasuring herself
I zeroed in on the noise
It was coming from the confessional

Uh uh uhhhhhh

It was the orphan squealing in pleasure
I turned off my flashlight so as not to break the trance
Then took a moment to adjust to the dim moonlight
Coming in through the stained glass windows

I slowly walked to the other side of the confessional
And unlocked it with my key
I watched the orphan pleasuring herself
Her fingers massaging her breasts
Her ribs, her mound
Teasing herself as her other hand
Rubbed and played with the elasticity of her pussy lips

Her scent filling my nose
Her squeals drilling into my skull penetrating my will
I unzipped my pants
And started rubbing my penis
As I watched the orphan's pale, beautiful naked flesh in the dim light

An idea came upon me
I opened the window in the confessional
The orphan heard the noise and stopped

"Who's there?"

"It is I, Father Luke
I have something for you"

I slid my cock through the confessional window

"I am a vessel of Christ
I am an extension of his body
Take the body of Christ within you
Swallow Christ and fulfill your hunger my child
Open your lips and take me inside your mouth
Don't bite me though
Suck at me until I feed you"

I took off my crucifix around my neck
And passed it to the orphan through the window

"Wear this in honour of Christ
As I give you the body of Christ"

She put the crucifix necklace around her neck
And took me into her mouth
I moaned deep down
She slapped her pussy as she sucked me
Eliciting little muffled moans at each strike

"Forgive me father for I have sinned
And with your help the Devil won't win"

She really seemed to be hungry
The way she was licking at me and savouring my taste
On her tongue
I was going to explode if she kept this up
I banged against the wall like a desperate prisoner in a cell
As in my lust I wanted more of myself inside her sweet mouth

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sacrament cup in the booth
I pulled out of the orphan's mouth

"Let me present my gift properly my child"

I held the cup in front of myself and aimed my penis at it
As I rubbed myself to orgasm
Filling it up with thick jets of my sacrament

I passed the cup through the confessional window
I watched the orphan's face as she licked her lips in anticipation

She slowly turned the cup upside down
And opened her mouth wide

"The body of Christ is given to you
It becomes one with you
You are part of Christ and he is part of you"

She spilled the semen into her open mouth
Getting some on her lips and down her body
Till it dripped off her pussy onto the floor
She even got some on the crucifix around her neck

She gulped the body of Christ down hungrily
Taking the holy seed deep into her body
She slowly licked the sacred cup clean
With long, luxurious strokes of her tongue
Making sure not to miss a drop of her sacrament

She cleaned the last bits off of her lips
And held the crucifix in her teeth licking what had spilled there clean

Finally, exhausted she lay on the floor

I stepped into her side of the confessional
And softly kissed her forehead

"Sleep well my child"

© Copyright 2019 Luke L. All rights reserved.

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